• Access the Sound test

    Sound TestHighlight Two Player Contest and press Down, Down, Down, Down, Down

    Contributed By: Aziz Strife 7777.

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  • Cheat mode

    When you get to the game select screen highlight two player contest and press down 5 times to get to music test and another 5 times to get to cheat mode. Once in cheat mode, press these buttons to activate the cheats:

    50 LivesY, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A, Down
    Hard Mode (No Barrels)B, A, Right, Right, A, Left, A, X

    Contributed By: chimpface, KasketDarkfyre, and Dark Goku.

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  • Beat Screech's Sprint Without Racing

    Once you get half way through "Screech's Sprint" you will transform into the bird, and, normally, you will fly up to Screech and the race will start. If you come up right behind Screech to where the race will not start yet, and you fly upwards (you must have both characters at this point for this to work), you will then hit the the ceiling and hurt yourself causeing yourself to blink. Quickly, while you are still blinking, pass Screech and head off to the rest of the level without having to worry about doing it in good time.

    Contributed By: ArrowDog.

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  • Extra ending

    Deafet K.K.Rool in the secret lost world boss to see an extra ending.
    Additionally, collect all 40 DK coins for an alterate extra ending.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra ending Deafet K.K.Rool in the secret lost world boss to see an extra ending.

    Contributed By: GOLD_sonic.

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  • Lost World

    To unlock the Lost World, you must pass the first world. In the all the other worlds, you will start to find a ''Klubba's Koisk'' in each world. When you visit one, a Kremling named Klubba will ask you to give him 15 Kremcoins to enter The Lost World. If you do give 15 Kremcoins to Klubba in a particular world, you will unlock one particular level of the Lost World.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Animal Antics" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins in "K. Rool Keep"
    "Black Ice Battle" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins in "Krem Quay"
    "Fiery Furnace" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins in "Gloomy Gulch"
    "Jungle Jinx" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins in "Crocodile Cauldron"
    "Klobber Karnage" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins in "Krazy Kremland"
    "Krocodile Kore" BossBeat the game and all 5 Lost World levels.

    Contributed By: Turbo Speed.

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  • 75 Kremcoins

    Enter the game's first stage, "Pirate Panic"-it doesn't matter if you do this in a new game or a saved game. Walk to the right until you see the entrance to K. Rool's Cabin. Watch out for the two bananas on the ground right in front of the door; you must avoid these two bananas throughout the entire sequence or else the trick will not work. Walk inside the cabin, but do NOT touch the red 1-UP balloon; just walk out immediately. Back outside, you must carefully jump over the two bananas without touching them. Now go to the right and grab the first bunch of bananas you see on top of a set of barrels. Next, get back into the cabin without touching the two bananas in front of the door. This time, grab the red balloon and exit. Finally, go back to the barrels again and grab that same bunch of bananas, returning to the cabin without touching the two bananas in front of the door. When you enter, you'll find a spinning coin that gives you an incredible 75 Kremcoins. Now you can access the Lost World through Klubba's Kiosks on any part of the island.

    Contributed By: Marusamei.

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Area/Level Hints

  • Rickety Race - Boost Barrel

    In Rickety Race, when you jump into the minecart, hold left. When the light turns green you will go backwards and hit a hidden "+" barrel which will cause your cart to drastically speed up -- even allowing you to plow through the first three racers instead of having to jump over them.

    Contributed By: Crovax.

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