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by DWA

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FAQ/Walkthrough by DWA

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/12/15


(for Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

by Davy Jones (a.k.a. David Walter Anthony), copyright (c)2015


ALWAYS NOTE: Press Start to pause your game in any level, and Select to leave a previously beaten world. Select doesn't work in Animal Bonus Rooms or Boss fight levels.



Donkey Kong: The main character of the game is Donkey Kong, a walking powerhouse of strength and attack. Most baddies cannot stand up to his jump attack, but remember that Donkey is not very fast, and is a bigger target for ranged weapons. Here's how you control Donkey:

WALK: Press Left or Right on the Control Pad to make Donkey move left or right. This applies to Rambi, Expresso, and Winky as well.

RUN: Hold down Y while walking to run and to jump farther, too. The faster you run, the higher and farther you can jump. This applies to Rambi, Expresso, and Winky as well.

DUCK: Press Down to make Donkey crouch down.

JUMP: Push the B Button to jump. This applies to Rambi, Expresso, and Winky as well. Donkey's jump attack is far stronger than Diddy's. Hold down B when jumping on an enemy to bounce farther and faster in either direction left or right in midair.

THROW: Hold Y to grab a barrel, and let go of Y to throw. While holding a barrel, press Down to set the barrel down.

SWIM: Push B to swim upwards. You can't alter your swimming speed, not even with the Y Button, except to sink down quicker with the Down Button.

CLIMB: Jump toward a rope or vine to grab on to it automatically. While on the rope or vine, use Up and Down to move up and down the rope or vine, and hold Y to climb faster. Jump off with B.

SHIELD: Donkey holds Barrels over his head, making an effective shield from attacks from above.

BARREL ROLL: Press Y to Barrel Roll. While walking, press Y to roll forward once. Keep pressing the Y button to keep rolling. If you're really skilled, you can Roll Jump off a cliff and grab items or reach distant ledges (roll off a ledge, then immediately press B in midair to Roll Jump; use Left or Right to steer).

HAND SLAP: Press Down, then Y to reveal hidden items (if any where you Hand Slapped) or crush enemies close to you (most enemies give you a Banana when Hand Slapped).

TAG TEAM: When dismounted from an Animal Friend, press A or Select to let Diddy take the lead, if you have him on hand.

Diddy Kong: The secondary character of the game, Diddy Kong may not look like much, but he's really skilled in his own way. But being smaller and lighter, Diddy's not that powerful against enemies. Here's his control configuration:

WALK: Diddy, like Donkey, walks with the Left and Right Buttons on the Control Pad.

RUN: As with Donkey, holding down Y continuously while walking increases Diddy's running and jumping speed. Diddy, being smaller and weaker than Donkey, makes up for his physical shortcomings by running faster than his bigger buddy.

DUCK: To duck down, push the Down Button when standing still.

JUMP: Naturally, Diddy jumps slightly higher and farther than Donkey when you push the B Button, especially when running prior to jumping.

THROW: Diddy's controls here are the same as Donkey's.

SWIM: Diddy swims faster than DK, but neither ape can alter their swimming speed, not even with the Y Button. Swimming speed never changes for either Kong, but you can press Down to sink down faster.

CLIMB: Small and agile, Diddy is the better climber by far, and can get through tight squeezes that Donkey can't without hurting himself.

SHIELD: Diddy holds Barrels in front of his body for an excellent side defense. This is very useful for opening Bonus Area doorways, as you can walk into the wall while gripping the Barrel.

CARTWHEEL ATTACK: Press Y to unleash Diddy's legendary Cartwheel Attack. As you walk, use the Y Button to make Diddy start cartwheeling, then repeatedly push the Y button to continue your cartwheel maneuver. It takes practice to successfully Cartwheel Jump off a cliff to grab items or get to faraway places. The controls are just like the Roll Jump, but a Cartwheel Jump launches you farther. The downside? A Cartwheel Jump doesn't dive down as much, making it next to impossible to get items easily captured with a Roll Jump.

TAG TEAM: Tired of the little monkey? Use A or Select when on foot to give control back to Donkey, if he's with you.


Funky Kong: Rightly living up to his name, Funky Kong is the proprietor of "Funky's Flights", a special airline service that, by way of an airplane named the Funky Barrel, will take you to any world you have previously completed just by jumping into the Funky Barrel itself. At the airport, press Left to leave if you didn't jump into the Funky Barrel already.

Candy Kong: Wanna save your game file? Just stop by "Candy's Save Point", run by Donkey Kong's tall and beautiful (for a monkey) girlfriend, Candy Kong. All you have to do is jump into her special Save Barrel (a Continue Barrel, actually), save your file, and you're in business! Press Left to leave if you haven't entered the Save Barrel.

Cranky Kong: The original Donkey Kong from the original Donkey Kong games of old (as well as Country's Donkey Kong's grandfather), Cranky Kong gives you info on some levels, combined with all of the wisecracks he can possibly dump on you.


NOTE: To dismount an animal you're riding, press the A button!

Rambi the Rhinoceros: Tough, fast, and powerful all describe Rambi the Rhino. Hit the Y Button to horn a nearby enemy (or he'll do it in self-defense of his front end) or bash down a Bonus Area entrance in a wall. Just watch your back and hold down Y to run fast.

Expresso the Ostrich: Expresso the Ostrich is not capable of defeating any baddies, but smaller enemies (specifically listed under "Baddies in the Game", sections 1-3a and 1-3c) can scoot underneath him without ruffling his feathers. Not even Rambi can run as fast as this speedy bird! After jumping into the air, keep pushing the B Button to make Expresso flap his wings to slowly descend to the ground.

Enguarde the Swordfish: Only in underwater levels, Enguarde can clear out most of the baddies for you (except for those specifically listed under "Baddies in the Game", section 1-3b). Press the Control Pad to steer him, and B or Y to make him jab with his sword-nose (he'll automatically jab an incoming enemy). You don't need to hold down any buttons to make him swim faster -- his speed stays the same regardless unless you get a short burst of speed from his sword-nose lurch move (B or Y).

Winky the Frog: The worst nightmare of all Zingers, this high-jumping amphibian can stomp on almost any enemy and jump much higher than any Kong can. Press B to spring into the air!

Squawks the Parrot: The one Animal Friend who can't be ridden, but has his own unique way of helping you out. He shines a light in front of you in "Torchlight Trouble" when you break his crate, enter a Bonus Area, or restart from the Star Barrel after losing a life. His flashlight does nothing to enemies (apart from revealing them to you), but it's always good to know where you're going as well as who's coming at you.



Normal Barrel: Use this as a shield or throw it as a projectile, which will roll continuously until it hits a wall. All Barrels you can pick up can break down select walls to find Bonus Areas! Just have Diddy run straight into a Bonus Area wall with his Barrel shielding him, or have Donkey set down the Barrel right up against the wall as close as you can to smash it open. Also, you can throw your Barrel directly at the Bonus Area doorway to open it up.

Vine Barrel: You can use this green-ringed Barrel as a shield or chuck it at a breakable wall or enemy. If it hits anything solid, the Vine Barrel will be dashed to pieces.

Steel Keg: The sturdiest of Barrels, this metal Keg is capable of functioning as a shield and can also be thrown. However, instead of breaking apart upon contact with a wall, the Steel Keg will bounce off the wall and keep rolling until it either falls into an abyss or gets picked up again. While the Steel Keg rolls, jump onto it after it rebounds off a wall to execute the Wild Ride maneuver!

TNT Barrel: This Barrel can be used as a shield or lobbed like a bomb, detonating upon impact. Set down the explosive Barrel while holding it, and it'll self-destruct seconds later, wiping out any enemies who go too close to the resulting explosion! The TNT Barrel is, needless to say, the most powerful Barrel in the game in terms of attack power!

DK Barrel: No buddy? Just break this barrel to free him! If you have both monkeys, this barrel acts like a Vine Barrel when thrown. But be careful not to break an empty DK Barrel hung in midair!

Normal Barrel Cannon: Jump into one of these and fire by pressing the B or Y Buttons on your controller. Be cautious if the Barrel Cannons move or rotate!

Auto-Fire Barrel Cannon (Blast Barrel): Automatically fires when you land in one, so plan your jumps carefully if they move.

Continue Barrel: If you break this special Star Barrel prior to losing a life, you can try again from that point instead of being whisked back to the beginning of the level like you normally would after losing both monkeys.

"Stop" and "Go" Barrel: In "Stop & Go Station", it controls the RockKrocs. When hit, "Stop" disables them, but it will eventually revert to "Go", reanimating the indestructible Kremlings.

"On/Off" Barrel: In "Loopy Lights", it turns the lights "On" when hit, but watch out -- it'll turn "Off" in seconds!

Funky Barrel: See Funky Kong's article in "The Kongs" section 1-1b.


Banana: Collect 100 Bananas to win an extra life!

Banana Bunch: Worth 10 single Bananas, 10 Banana Bunches awards you with an extra life!

"K-O-N-G" Letters: Snag all four of these golden letters to earn an extra life!

Extra Life Balloon: Red is one life, Green is two lives, and Blue is three lives. Sometimes they float away if not grabbed fast enough, so don't dawdle!

Animal Crate: Break this crate to free the Animal Friend trapped inside!

Animal Token: Obtaining three of the same Animal Token (Rambi, Expresso, Winky, or Enguarde) teleports you to a special bonus game in which you play as the animal the three Tokens depicted, gathering as many Mini-Tokens as you can before time runs out. There are four different levels -- each for every individual Animal Friend. Each game chamber has a giant Token hidden somewhere which will, if touched, change into a "x2" Mini-Token formation, and briefly gives you exactly three seconds of doubled Mini-Token value. When time runs out, all the Mini-Tokens collected will be tallied. Every 100 Mini-Tokens gives you an extra life!

Tire: Bounce from one of these to jump higher. Tires are either half-buried in the ground or can be rolled left or right.

Fuel Drum: Fuels the elevator in "Tanked-Up Trouble" with as much fuel as the Fuel Drum indicates. The more dots on the Fuel Drum itself, the more fuel the container has.

Red Arrow Sign: Warns you that the EXIT Sign is very close.

EXIT Sign: Go past this sign, into the doorway ahead, and you've completed the level!


Drum: A cylindrical hazard like this throws out Slippas, Green Gnawtys, Blue Klaptraps, or Armys perpetually unless the number of enemies reaches a certain size. The only way to destroy the Drum is with a Barrel.

Oil Drum: Only a TNT Barrel can blow up an Oil Drum, which will either burn forever or flicker on and off in a pattern.

Millstone: Driven by the evil Brown Gnawtys, these massive obstacles cannot be destroyed or touched.

Mincer: These dark spinning machines hurt you when touched, as they cannot be destroyed at all (not even with Rambi or Enguarde), and are capable of moving around in a select formation like invincible Zingers or mechanical Croctopi.

Arrow Platform: When landed on, it will move in the direction it's pointed, but when it vibrates, be sure to jump off before the platform falls out from under you!



Gnawty: If you think beavers are innocent and harmless, try this little pest on for size. All attacks will take out a Green Gnawty, but you can't defeat their Brown cousins, or the giant Millstones they drive! Green Gnawty can scoot underneath Expresso's legs if you're careful, but I advise just to jump over them rather than risk losing Expresso.

Necky: This large vulture has two methods of ruining your day. Method One is flying around in a pattern, and Method Two is perching in a strategically-placed spot and throwing coconuts at you. Any attack can dispatch Necky, but use caution when he's hurling nuts to defend himself.

Army: An armadillo who curls into a ball and rolls around, trying to knock you down like a small but evil version of a Barrel-Rolling Donkey Kong. Diddy's jump as well as Cartwheeling and Barrel Rolling will uncurl Army, exposing him to a repeat attack which will subdue him. Donkey's jump attack and Hand Slap (the slap delivered carefully) instantly defeats Army, curled up or otherwise. Because Army can roll underneath Expresso's legs and hurt him (Expresso can walk over him safely when the armadillo stands still), it's best, in my opinion, just to jump over him and move on when you're riding the tall bird.

Zinger: One of the most pernicious baddies in the whole game is the infamous Zinger hornet. Nothing but Barrels (NOT BARREL CANNONS!!!) or a jump attack from Winky the Frog can silence his irritating life. Each color Zinger has a different flight pattern. The common Yellow Zingers fly up and down, the pesky Orange Zingers either fly somewhat in place or back and forth, the defensive Pink (NOT Red, I checked closely with DKC Atlas, though they say it's Red) Zingers fly in a complete circle, and the scary Green Zingers fly in an arc.

Slippa: Easy enough to deal with by any means, the Slippa snake really gets dangerous when many of them come at you from a Drum continuously! They can slither under Expresso without any problem!

Manky Kong: This evil orangutan rolls barrels to try and trip you up! A Barrel can shield you once from a rolling barrel, then it's gone (but if you use the Wild Ride method with a Steel Keg, the metal Keg will smash through the rolling barrels and through Manky Kong as well). Though all attacks will work against him, it's best to jump attack him or use Rambi to plow through him and his barrels. NEVER Roll or Cartwheel into Manky Kong unless you see a gap in the pattern of his barrel-rolling.

Mini-Necky: Smaller than his giant Necky counterparts, Mini-Necky has an annoying attack nonetheless. Capable of flying up, down, or in place, he spits small but harmful coconuts at you in a straight line. Though any attack can conk Mini-Neckys out, it is unwise to Barrel Roll or Cartwheel into them unless you're really fast. Mini-Necky, when not spitting a coconut, can be run right through Expresso's body without harm to either of them, but I say NEVER to do that, as it is very dangerous and risky for Expresso to attempt!


Bitesize: This little green fish is only vulnerable to Enguarde's sharp bill.

Croctopus: Not even Enguarde is a match for this odious octopus! When disturbed, the sneaky Purple Croctopus spins around in a pattern perpetually, usually starting from off-screen. In "Croctopus Chase", the creepy Blue Croctopus waits for you to swim by him, then moves forward abruptly, wheeling to a certain point. Truly invincible to any attacks, Croctopus will show no compunction against using his whirling tentacles to smack any unfortunate apes (and swordfishes) who get in his way!

Chomps Jr.: A blue shark that is only beaten by Enguarde skewering him.

Chomps: A humongous green shark who can't be stopped by anyone except your trusty blue swordfish.

Clambo: Uh-oh, ANOTHER undefeatable enemy! Capable of spitting from one to five pearls at the same time, Clambo is best dealt with by waiting for a gap in his pearly salvo, then swimming through as fast as possible without touching a single pearl (not to mention Clambo himself!).

Squidge: You could stab Squidge with Enguarde, but if you're not accurate at this method, just get away from the jerking jellyfish as quickly as you can, as he's a small target and hard to hit without hurting Enguarde in the attempt.


Kritter: The most common of Kremlings, Kritter is vulnerable to any attack. The normal Green Kritter walks around in a set area, the springy Blue Kritters jump around with reckless abandon, the obstructive Brown Kritters jump up and down in a pattern, the athletic Golden Kritters leap back and forth from one point to another, and the sinister Gray Kritter jumps up once after a few short hops, repeating the pattern while moving forward (even if he falls into a pit).

Klump: Their army helmets will deflect a jump attack from Diddy, but any other attack can knock this big purple Kremling out.

Krash: A Green Kritter in a minecart. Never jump on him in "Mine Cart Carnage", but you can stomp on him in "Mine Cart Madness" with a careful jump attack.

Klaptrap: Small, large-jawed Kremlings who CANNOT be Cartwheeled or Barrel Rolled into. Any other attack will work (and Klaptrap can run under Expresso when on relatively flat ground). Blue Klaptraps dart along the ground, but the Purple Klaptrap jumps at the same time you do.

RockKroc: AAAGH!! ANOTHER INDESTRUCTIBLE ENEMY!!! Exclusively in the level "Stop & Go Station", these reclusive Kremlings roam around the stage until you hit the Stop/Go Barrel, which will turn the green light red, and put the beasts to sleep for a few seconds. Keep hitting these special Barrels to keep the RockKrocs under control.

Krusha: Huge, muscular Kremlings who move slowly about the area they're set in. Only Barrels or a stomp to the head from Donkey can crush the Blue Krusha, but watch out: Gray Krushas (found only in "Platform Perils") can only be beaten with Barrels, and don't fall off edges, as their Blue cousins sometimes do. Hand Slapping a Krusha gives you a Banana, even though this won't hurt him. Infinite Bananas! Only watch yourself when harvesting Krusha's Bananas...

D. THE BOSSES: See Section II.


Kritter Head: Displays the next unbeaten level.

Donkey or Diddy Head: If Donkey completes the level, his head shows. Diddy's head shows a level he conquered.

Cranky Head: Marks the location of a "Cranky's Cabin". You can also find it by the painting of the world map you're on.

Funky Head: Go here to access "Funky's Flights". Also, the submap portrait in the background will highlight the airport itself.

Candy Head: Shows where any "Candy's Save Point" booth might be found. Look at the map screen backdrop for more detail.

An "!" appears on the name of a level whose Bonus Areas are all found (NOT COMPLETED). Merely entering a Bonus Area is enough to complete it, even if you fail to get the prize or exit the doorway on the right.


These are some of my strategies for playing this game:

Have Diddy guide you through small spaces, as he's smaller and harder to hit. As such, always give him the lead in underwater levels. Use Donkey's bulk to reach Barrel Cannons faster and to crush enemies that Diddy has trouble with.

Many stages have hidden Banana Bunches underground. Use Donkey's Hand Slap to unearth them. Enough subsequent Hand Slap excavations will give you an extra life instead of a Banana Bunch! I don't recommend Hand Slapping enemies unless you're really desperate for Bananas...

Always have Donkey take charge of bashing bosses unless you prefer Diddy. I like having Donkey at my controls, as he's more powerful and efficient to use in a fight.

To jump up to higher track sections in "Mine Cart Carnage", wait to jump until you're right on the very edge of the track, or you'll fall short and plummet to your doom!

In underwater levels, always give Diddy the lead, as he's smaller and swims faster.

Once you enter a Bonus Barrel, you can't re-enter it unless you complete the level or lose a life. This applies to breakable walls, too, as well as select entrances.

I didn't reveal everything in the entire game in the upcoming walkthrough, so keep exploring to find valuable stuff!


NOTE: This shows the Bonus Areas, Warps/Shortcuts, "K-O-N-G" Letters, Animal Crates and Animal Tokens, but there are many other secrets to find here that I have not listed. After all, I can't show you EVERYTHING, or the game would be no fun! Now, let's begin!


A. "Jungle Hijinks".

"K": Above the first Kritter in the level.

"O": Just past the Continue Barrel.

"N": Three Gnawtys past the Rambi Crate.

"G": Easy enough to find after Bonus Area 1 launches you into the trees or if you totally bypass Bonus Area 1 entirely.

EXPRESSO TOKEN: Watch out for coconuts!

RAMBI CRATE: Right out in the open.

BONUS AREA 1: As soon as you get Rambi, run right, without jumping (you can jump if you're afraid of falling), until you break the first right wall you see.

BONUS AREA 2: At the letter "G", jump down from the tree and smash the right wall with Rambi or the Barrel provided by landing on the weak spot just above the Bonus Area entrance. I say Rambi's my preferred option...

B. "Ropey Rampage".

"K": High up near the first rope. It's best to climb up, crush the Kritter, then jump to the letter from here. Beware of both Armys, so switch to Donkey before getting this letter!

"O": Can't miss it.

"N": At the end of Bonus Area 1. If you missed the Bonus Area, don't worry. The letter is hard to miss in the main stage, if you're careful to avoid the Zinger ahead.

"G": In the trees at the Exit. Watch out for Army as you leap onto the roof of the exit! Once here, jump up and left to land in the tree you seek.

RAMBI TOKEN: Immediately jump up and left into the tree after grabbing the level's third rope (it will swing once gripped).

WINKY TOKEN: After the first Zinger, jump onto the weak patch to uncover a Tire. Roll this up to an Army on a mound. Bounce from the Tire to the tree up and to the left of the mound. When Army rolls off of this mound, smash the mound's weak point with a high jump. There's your Token. You can also get the Tire from leaving Bonus Area 1.

BONUS AREA 1: Immediately after collecting the letter "O", fall straight down, in front of the first Kritter-occupied tree, and land in a Barrel Cannon, which will blast open the right wall. The only downside is that when you leave the Bonus Area, you'll miss the Continue Barrel (uh-oh).

BONUS AREA 2: After vaulting over the second and final swarm of Zingers, the Bonus Barrel is in the last gap, after the final Kritter ahead, and is barely visible. Can you find it?

C. "Reptile Rumble".

"K": Marks the location of Bonus Area 1.

"O": Above a Tire, between two Yellow Zingers.

"N": Guarded by an Orange Zinger. It's risky to snag the letter if you don't take the big bad bug out with a Barrel first, but you can get it without defeating him by bouncing to the "N" and over the Zinger all the way to the other side.

"G": Watch for jumping Kritters, and you'll get this letter no problem.

ENGUARDE TOKEN: When you see it, use either Blue Kritter to bounce up to it.

BONUS AREA 1: Exactly to the right of the letter "K", marked by a right wall. Destroy the right wall with a Barrel of any kind to open up the Bonus Area entrance.

BONUS AREA 2: Use the level's second Tire to bounce up to the top of a tall mound with the second DK Barrel, then jump into the Auto-Fire Barrel up and to the left. You can see the Barrel Cannon's bottom as you approach the mound with the DK Barrel on it, so stay sharp.

BONUS AREA 3: At the third DK Barrel (the first after the Continue Barrel and right after the letter "N"), crush the two Slippas in the crevice ahead, then pick up a Barrel and smash the right wall of the crevice.

D. "Coral Capers".

No bonus areas.

"K": At the top of the first vertical shaft, before the first Croctopus.

"O": In the center niche high above the Continue Barrel, guarded by a Chomps Jr.

"N": At the top of the vertical shaft where you met the two Chomps sharks.

"G": Guarded by the level's final Croctopus, who spins around two small coral formations in a pattern. The letter is in the center of his trajectory -- you can't miss it, but can you get it before he uses his tentacles to send you to Davy Jones's Locker? (Ha ha, get the inside joke?)

EXPRESSO TOKEN: At the first Chomps, swim right into a secret alcove, then swim straight up once inside. Be careful coming back out from the upper left, as the second Chomps will eat you unless you pay attention!

ENGUARDE CRATE 1: Follow the arrow of Bananas after the first Croctopus, and Enguarde will be at the bottom of the chamber below.

ENGUARDE CRATE 2: Guarded by Croctopus 3 (right after the Continue Barrel) in the lower-right corner of his lair. Watch yourself! If you've lost Enguarde permanently, and you already broke the second crate, swim back to the broken crate, and Enguarde will be there waiting for you! Just be wary of the still-spinning Croctopus...

E. "Barrel Cannon Canyon".

SHORTCUT! 1: Hop up to the roof of the entrance, run left and jump up to the Blast Barrel at the top. You'll get the letter "K" en route. Once you land, jump straight up into the Auto-Fire Barrel right below you. You'll get an easy DK Barrel this way!

SHORTCUT! 2: From Shortcut 1's DK Barrel, drop to the ground if you only have Donkey. Use the first trio of Brown Kritters you meet to get back into the trees. Follow the tree line to find a Rambi Token and a Blast Barrel. This Blast Barrel launches you to the Continue Barrel and gives you the letter "O" as well. With Diddy, you can use a long Cartwheel Jump to get above the trees and get to the Auto-Fire Barrel this way.

SHORTCUT! 3: Two Brown Kritters guard a single Normal Barrel Cannon below a horizontally-moving Auto-Fire Barrel. First let the Kritters spring to higher ground. Once they're here, jump into the Normal Barrel Cannon. You will need to fire straight up and hold the Left Button AFTER you're launched (not before); in this way you won't shoot into the left Kritter by mistake as you fire. Make sure you time your shot so you end up above this Kritter as he leaps to his apex. As he jumps, bounce from him to the tall tree on the left as the Auto-Fire Barrel moves to the right away from you. From this treetop vantage point, jump straight up into the Barrel Cannon above. You'll get the letter "N" from this final sneaky path and avoid the hardest sequence in the level. Yay! Now don't forget the "G" before leaving the level!

"K": Fire from the first Normal Barrel Cannon to find this (or take Shortcut 1).

"O": You'll blast right through it with or without Shortcut 2.

"N": Fire from the Barrel Cannon protected by two Brown Kritters. If you land in the moving Blast Barrel, you'll reveal your letter. See Shortcut 3 to find out how to get the "N" the hard way...

"G": In the trees at the very end. Use a Kritter, Shortcut 3, or jump from the top of the exit to get to it.

WINKY TOKEN: Either a Roll Jump or a Cartwheel Jump beyond the first Kritter, over a small gap below the main path, will take you to the Token. Use the Blast Barrel to get back into the fray.

RAMBI TOKEN: See Shortcut 2.

ENGUARDE TOKEN: In Bonus Area 2, to the left.

BONUS AREA 1: A bit after getting the letter "O" the normal way (without Shortcut 2), you will land in a Barrel Cannon aimed at the cliff wall, with a Blast Barrel moving up and down. When the Blast Barrel rises far enough, shoot through the cliff wall, without hitting the Auto-Fire Barrel, to reach the first Bonus Area.

BONUS AREA 2: Upon trouncing the second Brown Kritter after the Continue Barrel, break open the right wall below the third Brown Kritter, using either the DK Barrel or the TNT Barrel in the area (take out the third and fourth Kritters if using the TNT Barrel). Be sure to stomp the Kritters first, or they may break your Barrel before you break down the wall!

F. BOSS LEVEL: "Very Gnawty's Lair".

Very Gnawty: Nice and simple if you're careful and don't attack too fast. Five hits to this gigantic Green Gnawty's noggin will do the trick, but when he stops and chuckles, don't jump on him until he starts hopping around again, or you'll risk getting hit yourself. This is the easiest battle in the game unless you're reckless in your battle plan.


A. "Winky's Walkway".

"K": Stomp a Necky to get this.

"O": Above and to the right of the first Kritter after Winky's Crate. Use Winky or bounce from the Kritter to get it.

"N": In the Bonus Area.

"G": Bounce off the Necky to get this, preferably with Winky. You can also Roll or Cartwheel Jump to it.

EXPRESSO TOKEN: Use Winky to stomp the Zinger and claim this.

WINKY CRATE: Bounce off of either one of two Neckys to get to the crate.

BONUS AREA: When you see a Necky fluttering under an Auto-Fire Barrel high in the air above a vertical line of four Bananas, stomp the vulture to reach the Bonus Barrel. Winky can spring directly into the Barrel without Necky's help.

B. "Mine Cart Carnage".

No bonus areas.

WARP!: Jump over the Blast Barrel at the start and hug the left wall as you plunge into the abyss, preferably with Diddy, since he's smaller in mass and can easily avoid the Blast Barrel as he jumps.

"K": Jump a gap to snag it.

"O": Easy to get, if you jump quickly enough...

"N": Watch out for wrecked mine carts!

"G": Jump at just the right time to get this, but don't get derailed!

ENGUARDE TOKEN: Easy to get.

C. "Bouncy Bonanza".

"K": Between two Kritters.

"O": Watch out for Zinger while bagging this letter.

"N": Roll a Tire onto the first moving platform after the Continue Barrel and bounce up until you jump through the right wall and into the visible passage on the right. You inevitably had to use the Tire to break the Continue Barrel first, or it wouldn't be here with you. Diddy, with the highest jump he can muster, can get up to the passage all by himself.

"G": Three Kritters protect it, so don't get stomped!

RAMBI TOKEN: Above the start. Use the Tire the first Zinger guards for enough lift. Just roll the Tire all the way to the left, where you start out. Be sure to take out Zinger with the Vine Barrel first!

WINKY TOKEN: One of the prizes in Bonus Area 1.

WINKY CRATE: In Bonus Area 2.

BONUS AREA 1: Grab a Barrel, sneak under the first two Zingers that move up and down, and destroy the right wall, all without breaking your Barrel on a Zinger! Good luck...

BONUS AREA 2: From the end of the upper passage where you found the "N", fall down until you see an opening on the right. From the end of the lower passage, bounce from a Tire to land near the same opening. To my surprise, www.dkc-atlas.com declassifies this room as a Bonus Area because it adds no percentage to your game's total, though I haven't tried to prove it yet. I consider that whether or not this is a true Bonus Area is irrelevent, as you need Winky to get to the third Bonus Area much, much more easily. So go get it if you need to...

BONUS AREA 3: Use Winky or roll a Tire to the right spot to reach this visible Bonus Barrel at the very end of the stage.

D. "Stop & Go Station".

WARP!: Go backwards through the starting entrance.

"K": Easy enough to get if you beat Klaptrap before you make your leap.

"O": A Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump (Roll Jump is better) will suffice, but squash the Klaptrap first.

"N": Below a Klaptrap.

"G": Right at the end.

EXPRESSO TOKEN: At the first rising platform with a RockKroc on it, ride it to the top with the lights turned red and jump all the way to the left once you reach the top of the platform's height.

WINKY TOKEN: In Bonus Area 2 on the right side.

BONUS AREA 1: Snatch the Barrel immediately after the Continue Barrel, hit the "Stop" Barrel for protection, and quickly break down the right wall guarded by a RockKroc!

BONUS AREA 2: Right after Bonus Area 1, take out the next five Klaptraps (the sixth one won't interfere), roll the Tire left until you park it directly underneath the vertical line of three Bananas. Now, just bounce from the Tire to the off-screen Bonus Barrel.

E. "Millstone Mayhem".

WARP!: Break the weak tile with the Blast Barrel in the first gap, then roll the Tire you find hard over the gap and to the other side, taking it all the way to where the first two TNT Barrels were. Bounce from the Tire at this point WITH DONKEY to enter the warp. That's right, you can't get it with Diddy, as it won't appear unless Donkey is selected.

"K": In Bonus Area 1, fire through the line of Bananas on the right.

"O": Can you see it while rolling a Tire?

"N": Can't bypass it.

"G": Guarded by a coconut-throwing Necky. Winky is best for this.

ENGUARDE TOKEN: The reward in Bonus Area 2.

WINKY CRATE: Uncover a Tire by jumping on a weak tile from higher ground after avoiding the first Millstone after the Continue Barrel. Now, roll your Tire past two Slippas (squash the snakes first) and near a Millstone moving up and down over a bottomless pit to protect a small platform above the Millstone itself. Spring from the Tire to the platform (first rolling the Tire as close to the edge of the floor as you can without rolling it off the edge) when the Millstone moves downward and immediately leap to the passage above and ahead to the right to find Winky's Crate. Walk off the edge of this upper floor to bag the "N".

BONUS AREA 1: Bounce from the Tire at the start to land on top of the temple entrance, then leap into the off-screen Bonus Barrel!

BONUS AREA 2: Just dig out the Tire by first dropping into the first gap. A Barrel Cannon will shoot you into the air. Land on the rectangular part of the floor to expose the Tire. Roll this Tire up to the Millstone right after the letter "O", then bounce into the Bonus Barrel. Destroy any enemies while rolling the Tire, as they will get in your way.

BONUS AREA 3: Grab the TNT Barrel protected by a Millstone moving up and down, and use it to demolish the right wall up ahead, which is also guarded by a Millstone. Just make sure to jump over the two Krushas ahead so you don't break the TNT Barrel on them. Donkey is the ape for this job, as he holds the explosive Barrel over his head.

F. BOSS LEVEL: "Necky's Nuts".

Master Necky: Whoa... look at the size of that Necky head! You must use the Tire to jump on that huge head five times whilst dodging giant coconuts. When Master Necky spits a coconut from up higher, use the Tire to jump high and avoid it, then hit him before his head disappears. If his head is down low, you may or may not need the Tire to avoid the nuts, but you still need it to attack him back. Don't hit him before he vomits the coconut, or the hit won't count. The trajectory of the flying coconut's path depends on where you were standing when the nut was launched. It takes practice to perfect your evasive maneuvers, so be patient. I had to practice them too...


A. "Vulture Culture".

WARP!: As Donkey, run past the first coconut-throwing Necky in 11 seconds to find this one. ONLY Donkey can reveal this, NOT Diddy.

"K": Smash the first coconut-chucking Necky, then jump left from the Tire on his ledge onto the weak patch to expose the letter "K".

"O": Impossible to miss.

"N": In Bonus Area 3.

"G": Watch out for the last two Zingers when blasting through this!

EXPRESSO TOKEN: The reward in Bonus Area 1.

BONUS AREA 1: Upon getting the letter "K", go back up to Necky's ledge and roll the Tire he guarded to a line of three Bananas in a vertical formation. The Bonus Barrel is directly above the Banana line, and must be accessed by jumping from the Tire to the invisible Bonus Barrel.

BONUS AREA 2: When you land in a Barrel Cannon aimed at two vertically-flying Neckys, bounce off of them, soar over or stomp the Mini-Necky, and slam your body into the left wall below the miniature vulture. If you can't get this to work, just aim for the weak patch instead of the left wall to expose a Barrel. Use this to smash the wall open.

BONUS AREA 3: One coconut-throwing Necky, high on a two-stepped hill, blocks the last Bonus Area, hidden in the shorter wall below the Necky himself. Carefully climb the stairs and dispatch him, then jump left from the summit down onto the weak patch on the ground below. Take the Barrel you find, and break down the Bonus Area entrance with it from underneath.

B. "Tree Top Town".

WARP!: Can you barely see the Tire high up near the first Necky, centered on the second tree? Using Diddy, can you bounce from the first Gnawty to the aforementioned Necky to the Tire? Once on the Tire, spring straight up to find your warp.

"K": Can you get it without falling?

"O": Use a Barrel Cannon to get this by shooting when you move over the letter.

"N": In Bonus Area 2.

"G": You'll get this after the final Barrel Cannon sequence, marked by a single Necky. Just aim high and bounce from the Necky. If you miss, just jump left to get it when on the walkway.

EXPRESSO TOKEN: The final Zinger makes sure you get hurt if you don't execute the correct Roll or Cartwheel Jump when getting this Token.

BONUS AREA 1: Right at the start. Use the first Gnawty as a stair just before he falls.

BONUS AREA 2: Go through the Barrel Cannon sequences until you see a lone Banana on the bottom of the screen. Fire toward it when the Barrel Cannon you're in is centered on this Banana, and you'll be shot directly to the Bonus Barrel via an off-screen Auto-Fire Barrel!

C. "Forest Frenzy".

"K": Can be snagged with a good Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump...

"O": Don't hit Zinger when grabbing this! While on the rope, turn your body to the left as the rope reaches the end of its journey.This will get the "O" for you.

"N": Follow the Bananas, and you'll earn your reward if the Pink Zinger doesn't sting you...

"G": Avoid the two Pink Zingers when getting this letter near the bottom of the screen.

RAMBI TOKEN: Can you get it in Bonus Area 1?

ENGUARDE TOKEN: In Bonus Area 2, at the exit.

BONUS AREA 1: At the giant Necky flock near the end of the level, do you see the barely-visible Bonus Barrel at the bottom of the screen?. Climb to the bottom of the rope, dodge the first Necky, then drop down just as the next bottom-level Necky charges at you, being sure that you can see the Bonus Barrel so you don't drop off at the wrong time.

BONUS AREA 2: Carefully climb up and over the final hill before the exit. Be careful not to lose sight of the Barrel uncovered from the weak patch here, and watch out for the five Kritters as you traverse the hill! Carefully take out these Kritters one after the other, taking your Barrel with you each time a Kritter falls, all while keeping the wooden projectile on-screen and unbroken. Once on the other side of the hill (and all five Kritters are gone), use your Barrel to break the entrance open at the last left wall at the bottom of the steps.

D. "Temple Tempest".

WARNING!!!: The Millstones here pursue you to a certain spot when passed, so watch out! MAJOR TIP: If you outrun a Millstone and it stops making sounds when off-screen, you can backtrack to its starting location without being bowled over!

"K": Cling to the bottom of the first rope to get this.

"O": Seize it quickly while fleeing from a Millstone!

"N": After escaping the first Millstone after the Continue Barrel (or after leaving Bonus Area 2), launch yourself from the top of the mountain and impact the weak tile to excavate the letter.

"G": At the end, drop down the last rope when at the other side of the gap, into the Blast Barrel you find below, to get your golden letter.

RAMBI TOKEN 1: Above the start.

RAMBI TOKEN 2: The prize of Bonus Area 2.

EXPRESSO CRATE: At the end of Bonus Area 1.

BONUS AREA 1: Grab the first DK Barrel you come to, then jump over the Gnawtys until you smash down the right wall on the other side of the gap. Donkey is best for this.

BONUS AREA 2: While the first Millstone after the Continue Barrel chases you, follow the obvious arrow of Bananas straight down, off the rope, to find this off-screen Bonus Barrel.

E. "Orang-utan Gang".

NOTE: If you've read Brother Reed's Bonus Items walkthrough for this game (which I used to get all 101% completion of this game), he suggests you get Bonus Area 2 first, as it, upon spitting you out of the chamber, puts you in great positioning to get all five Bonus Areas with little hassle. I like to use this alternative method to get this level's Bonus Areas. Thanks to Brother Reed (if you're reading this) for helping me beat this game with your FAQ. I love you and your work, fellow brother in Christ!

"K": A Pink Zinger guards this lone letter.

"O": Below two Klaptraps guarding Expresso's Crate. Use a Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump to get to it, but take out the two Kremlings first so you don't get chomped while trying to get back up again.

"N": En route to Bonus Area 2, you'll find this letter.

"G": In Bonus Area 4.


ENGUARDE TOKEN: After Bonus Area 1 spits you out, get off Expresso and bounce from the Tire to the weak patch on the left. Here it is!

EXPRESSO CRATE 1: On the summit of the second hill area with two Klaptraps and the letter "O", right before the Continue Barrel. Get the Star Barrel first, then get Expresso.

EXPRESSO CRATE 2: At the end of Bonus Area 5.

BONUS AREA 1: Go to the Continue Barrel, then take Expresso all the way back to where the first two Klaptraps lurked. Jump from the higher ledge, then glide left all the way to an open doorway right under the start of the level. If not every enemy is wiped out before doing this, it will be harder on Expresso (and you).

BONUS AREA 2: At the letter "N", crush the Klaptraps, then have Expresso transport you right and below the trees (of the main road through the level) on his wings to the second Bonus Area. Jump from the lower ledge to avoid the path onward through the level. Without Expresso, a few extremely skilled Cartwheel Jumps (NOT Roll Jumps, they don't go as far) can also get you there if you start from the lower ledge, landing on platform after platform without falling short of every one of them. Once at the tall cliff wall (with or without the ostrich), take the Barrel and break down the right wall in front of you to expose the doorway to the Bonus Area, but don't aim too high, or you'll miss the entrance.

BONUS AREA 3: Before the last Manky Kong, get rid of Expresso (you won't need him to get these last three Bonus Areas), grab a Barrel and drop down when you see a gap in the evil ape's barrel-throwing, then drop down again into a small crevice. Throw your Barrel at the left wall of this crevice, or simply run into the wall with Diddy while holding the projectile.

BONUS AREA 4: Upon exiting Bonus Area 3, take your Barrel, drop down when you can avoid being crushed by Manky Kong's rapidly rolling barrels and jump over the crevice with Bonus Area 3, and slam the Barrel at the right wall jutting out from the bigger cliff wall.

BONUS AREA 5: There are two methods I have found which enable you to get this last Bonus Area. Method One: After defeating the last Manky Kong (who also chucks barrels much faster than his pesky primate predecessors), smash your Barrel into the right wall just before the exit. Method Two: You can also trick the final Manky Kong into opening the doorway with his own barrels, but since this is more dangerous, I strongly do not recommend this unless there are no more Barrels in the entire level. To get the Manky Kong to do your dirty work, stand to the right of the nasty ape until he throws a barrel at you, then jump onto higher ground (preferably a tree or the ground above the last Bonus Area entrance), avoiding the incoming barrel, and stay where you are until the rolling barrel breaks the entrance open on its own! Just be sure to crush Kritter while you're waiting for the barrel to roll into the wall...

F. "Clam City".

No bonus areas.

"K": With the Enguarde Crate in an alcove up and left from the first vertical shaft. Swim past the first Clambo, then swim upwards, feeling along the left wall until you go through the wall itself to enter this secret chamber.

"O": In a little niche with six Bitesizes.

"N": To the upper left at the top of a large vertical chamber with six Chomps sharks.

"G": Protected by the last Clambo (the only one who shoots pearls downward instead of upward).

WINKY TOKEN: Guarded by the first Clambo that spits five pearls.


G. BOSS LEVEL: "Bumble B Rumble".

Queen B.: A unique boss in her own right, Queen B. can be quite a pain unless you figure out how to take her down. Five Barrels thrown at her large body (as she flies around the room) will do it, but after each hit, she turns red (the Zinger's color of indestructibility). Now, she quickly and repeatedly lunges at you in an attempt to sting you, so get a Barrel and move back and forth to outmaneuver her until she turns yellow again. When she's almost ready to turn yellow again, her body color alternates between red and yellow. The more you smash her with Barrels, the more vicious and speedy her blitzes become. Since he holds the Barrel over his head, Donkey can jump straight up and bean her as she passes overhead, but Diddy has to wait till she flies lower. Just don't drop your Barrel, or you'll be sorry...


A. "Snow Barrel Blast".

WARNING!!!: Watch your footing on the slippery ground!

SHORTCUT!: At the third Barrel Cannon past the Rambi Token, fire straight down. You'll get the letter "G" en route.

"K": Can't miss it.

"O": In Bonus Area 2.

"N": Right where the first Zinger after the Star Barrel lurks.

"G": In the final Barrel Cannon sequence of the level. Easy to see, but can you get it?

WINKY TOKEN: The prize of Bonus Area 1.

RAMBI TOKEN: Watch out for two Orange Zingers when firing the rapidly rotating Barrel Cannon! Once you get the Token, you'll fall right through the Barrel Cannon so you won't have to face the Zingers again.

BONUS AREA 1: Jump atop the igloo at the start, wait for the first Necky to get close enough, then use him as a stair to the Bonus Area above the start.

BONUS AREA 2: Upon hitting the Continue Barrel, backtrack and whack away the Krusha with a jump attack from Donkey, then drop into the gap he blocked. You'll land in the Bonus Barrel waiting below.

BONUS AREA 3: When you're in a rotating Barrel Cannon watched by the first Zinger in the second half of the level, fire downward, then traverse the platforms below until you find the Bonus Barrel. Don't fall off!


B. "Slipslide Ride".

WARNING!!!: The ropes in this level are slippery enough to cause you to slide on contact, as is the floor! Blue ropes slide you upwards, purple ropes make you slip downward.

WARP!: See the ice-colored Blast Barrel just above the entrance to Bonus Area 1? Have Donkey jump in it, since he's bigger than Diddy. Diddy can't get this because he's too small.

"K": Slide up the rope past the first Army to find this. Jump to it just before you reach the top of the rope, as the ceiling will block your jump.

"O": After the Continue Barrel, use the Blue Kritter as a step up to a rope above a weak patch in the ground. Now jump left near the top of the rope to find the letter "O" and two Banana Bunches.

"N": YIKES!!! This is DEFINITELY the hardest letter in the game to get! Slide up the rope swarming with three Orange Zingers to find the letter, two Banana Bunches, and a DK Barrel on your right. To get there without getting stung, let Diddy take the helm first. Now slide past the first Zinger as he moves to the right side of the rope (after he crosses over the rope, not all the way from the left wall; all three Zingers must be passed when they cross the rope itself). Keep pressing Down on the Control Pad repeatedly to slow down and watch the upper two Zingers without being harmed (if you're very careful). Slide upwards when they buzz to the right side, stopping between them to anticipate the third Zinger's movement. Pass this Zinger when he bumbles over to the right side of the frozen rope. After passing these three Zingers, leap to the alcove on the right. Get the "N" and the Banana Bunches, then pick up the DK Barrel. Hold the Barrel, bound over the rope to the left, and time your jump so you crash into the bottom Zinger blocking the left path out to get out of this stinging situation. Even Donkey can destroy the Zinger this way, if he's careful not to hit the top one instead of the bottom one. As such, I suggest using Diddy for the whole procedure.

"G": Be wary of the last Zinger as you jump left and right up the first rope past him to snare the letter "G" at the top.

ENGUARDE TOKEN: In the weak patch. From where you got the letter "O", fall straight down onto the weak patch, staying on the edge of the rope without grabbing it, to excavate your prize.

EXPRESSO TOKEN: At the exit of Bonus Area 3.

BONUS AREA 1: Use a Kritter as a stair to climb the first rope, then jump to the left at the top. Grab the Barrel from the alcove you landed in, and shatter the left wall.

BONUS AREA 2: After the letter "K", slide down the first rope infested with Zingers and jump right into the alcove on the right without getting stung. Grab the Barrel you see, avoid the temptation to smash a Zinger with it, instead smashing the left wall at the bottom of the rope to reveal a Bonus Area doorway!

BONUS AREA 3: This is a toughie. At the first quartet of ropes after the Continue Barrel, jump as fast as you can from one rope to the other, staying on the bottom, then jump from the fourth rope left over a Zinger and slide up into the Barrel! Doing this without hurting yourself is really hard...

C. "Ice Age Alley".

WARNING!!!: Watch your footing on the snow (like the first two levels), as you'll slide and throw off your jumping!

"K": Crush the first Mini-Necky on your left, then jump left to find Expresso and the letter "K". Be careful not to fall short of the ledge when jumping to and from the spot!

"O": First, jump off Expresso, if you have him. Next, beat Mini-Necky, then jump back onto your ostrich pal when ready. Now, jump down to the lower plain and dismount Expresso again once there. A careful Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump will then be enough to get the letter for you.

"N": Get Expresso safely to the ledge with a Steel Keg below (don't go down to it), then flap from the ledge right all the way to a platform with the letter "N" and the second Bonus Barrel! It's hard to get Expresso to this point without losing him, so watch your step! MAJOR TIP: At the Klaptrap on an angled ledge just before the Steel Keg, get off Expresso and stomp the Klaptrap yourself as he charges downward, as Expresso CANNOT walk over him. Now mount your avian friend and continue onward without falling off the slippery slopes.

"G": Watch your step on the small platforms when getting this.

EXPRESSO TOKEN: In Bonus Area 1.


EXPRESSO CRATE 2: At the end of Bonus Area 1.

BONUS AREA 1: Drop Expresso at the obvious stepped formation of twin Neckys, then use them as stairs to reach the Bonus Barrel on a high ledge. Don't worry, you'll get Expresso back in the Bonus Area.

BONUS AREA 2: See "N".

D. "Croctopus Chase".

WARNING!!!: When you get past a Blue Croctopus, NEVER backtrack to his former position, or he'll come roaring out of nowhere and lash you just before you get to him.

No bonus areas.

"K": You'll get this while fleeing from the third Blue Croctopus.

"O": Right after the fourth Croctopus, you'll shoot through a short Blast Barrel sequence. When launched the second time, swim through the right wall. If you have both monkeys, switch to Diddy and swim along the right wall to avoid the DK Barrel. At the top of the small shaft, swim left until you find an alcove with the letter "O" surrounded by four Bananas.

"N": Just after the fifth Croctopus from the Star Barrel. Take as much time as you need; he won't chase you up the shaft.

"G": You'll have to get past FIVE Squidges to get this letter right at the end of the level. Enguarde comes highly recommended here...

WINKY TOKEN: The third Croctopus after the Continue Barrel can be avoided by swimming straight up at the intersection ahead, but when you swim upwards, don't swim all the way. Instead, wait partway up for the Croctopus to pass by, then dart down and give him a taste of his own medicine by chasing HIM to the Winky Token! When swimming up the intersection afterwards, don't swim back to the left, or the evil octopus will get his revenge...

ENGUARDE TOKEN: While being pursued by the first Croctopus following the second and last Blast Barrel sequence, swim down until you get to the bottom, where a small niche can be seen to your left. Swim right, through the middle of the wall, and your token will be in a small nook, flanked by FOUR Banana Bunches!

ENGUARDE CRATE: While being chased by the first Croctopus right after the letter "N", swim through the very narrow passage on your left, and you'll find Enguarde, a 1-Up Balloon, and a very hungry Chomps!

E. "Torchlight Trouble".

WARNING!!!: It's quite dark here. Where's Squawks when you need him?

"K": Have Donkey crush the Klump, then use a Roll Jump to get the "K". You can also get this with Diddy's Cartwheel Jump, but switching to him will just waste time.

"O": Jump carefully with the moving platform to snag this letter without falling to your doom.

"N": Aiiiighh... Once on the moving platform after the second Mincer past the Red Arrow sign, Roll Jump as the platform rises to bag this golden goodie. Due to the Krushas past the Continue Barrel, don't switch to Diddy unless he's all you have; he can then Cartwheel Jump to get the letter.

"G": In Bonus Area 2. Bounce to the roof of the entrance from the Tire, then Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump to the roof of the exit. Don't fall into Klaptrap's shark jaws!

RAMBI TOKEN: Beat Klaptrap in Bonus Area 2 to get this!

SQUAWKS CRATE: Right in front of you at the start.

BONUS AREA 1: At the Continue Barrel, use a Barrel to smash the right wall before Krusha gets you.

BONUS AREA 2: Take the last Barrel, jump over the last Mincer, then break down the base of the left wall with the Barrel.

F. "Rope Bridge Rumble".

"K": On a Tire platform patrolled by a Pink Zinger. Have Winky squash him first...

"O": A single Golden Kritter hops back and forth over its location. Get rid of him first, then jump off Winky (if you have him). Now, Roll Jump or Cartwheel Jump to grab the "O".

"N": Can you get this without falling?

"G": TWO Golden Kritters guard this letter. Destroy them, then Roll Jump to get the letter.

WINKY CRATE: At the end of Bonus Area 1.

BONUS AREA 1: Barely visible and placed craftily at the bottom of the gap after the first Kritter. Just fall directly into the mouth of the Bonus Barrel itself and you're set!

BONUS AREA 2: Jump to the lone Banana in the sky, above the sequence of two moving platforms after the letter "G", to find it. No Zingers here, fortunately, but don't get cocky while you're jumping for the Bonus Barrel.

G. BOSS LEVEL: "Really Gnawty Rampage".

Really Gnawty: Another giant Gnawty? You've GOT to be kidding! Fighting Really Gnawty is just like fighting Very Gnawty, with two exceptions. First, after each hit, he'll jump high and try to crush you, his high jumps increasing by one each time he takes a hit. With a well-timed jump to the head, you can interrupt his high jumps and slow him down, but this doesn't hurt him at all, and doesn't count as a hit (but he'll get a good laugh out of it). If you're not so daring (or as experienced), just run under the big brown beaver when he high jumps. Second, his low jumps (in which he's vulnerable to attack) are much more powerful than Very Gnawty's low jumps ever were, getting farther and more sudden with each hit, so prepare yourself as he's finishing his high jumps. The more you hit him, the farther Really Gnawty bounds across the floor in his short hopping phase, and the more high jumps he'll execute. Five total hits will take down this oversized rodent, but never underestimate his jumping skills, as he out-jumps Very Gnawty in every category. Yikes, he's fast...


A. "Oil Drum Alley".

"K": Not too hard to get...

"O": When the Auto-Fire Barrel sends you skyward, land on the weak point to reveal a Tire! Roll this to the letter "O" suspended high above an Oil Drum. Watch out for Kritters and Oil Drums! Also, you can bounce from a Kritter to the letter "O" if you have no Tire.

"N": In Bonus Area 4.

"G": Stand on the final Oil Drum, then stomp on the weak point to find the last letter before you get scorched!

WINKY TOKEN: One of the prizes of Bonus Area 2.

RAMBI CRATE: In the first gap after the Continue Barrel. Beware of Manky Kong!

BONUS AREA 1: Jump from the first Gnawty with Diddy or jump from the rope above onto the weak part of the floor to reveal a TNT Barrel. Use this to blow up the first Oil Drum, which covers the shaft leading to the Bonus Barrel.

BONUS AREA 2: After trouncing three Gnawtys on a set of steps, use your momentum from the last Gnawty to break a weak part of the floor below. With the TNT Barrel you uncovered from that fall, destroy the base of the tall left wall.

BONUS AREA 3: Get 3 Bananas matched in the Bonus, then have Diddy grab the Barrel you're rewarded. With this Barrel in front of you, jump and hug the top of the right wall as you fall to open the door to the right. Instead of catapulting you out of the Bonus Area after the victory dance, you'll be launched (without the dance) into a super secret Bonus Room!

BONUS AREA 4: Use Rambi to find this obvious Bonus Area marked by a single Oil Drum in midair above the floor. Break down the right wall to enter.