How do I jump higher in Torchlight trouble?

  1. I've been playing donkey Kong country on my phone(SNES emulator). I'm stuck at Torchlight trouble the part where there's a platform wih the two round blades. Ive watched YouTube walkthrough videos where they easily jump high over it but when I jump I keep falling. How do I jump higher? Can't use the roll and jump cause this isn't a gap.

    User Info: Rexnoctis

    Rexnoctis - 5 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I hold down the run button at all times when playing. That should increase your jump height and range. Are you already holding down the run/roll button?

    User Info: dfiggins_runner

    dfiggins_runner - 5 months ago 1   0
  2. No. But I'll try that now. Thanks

    User Info: Rexnoctis

    Rexnoctis - 5 months ago


  1. Above explains it better than I could've, but you need to run as much as possible

    User Info: ender_dragon

    ender_dragon - 5 months ago 0   0

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