Should I break the DK barrel's even if I have both Kong and Diddy already?

  1. I just wanted to know if I should break the DK barrels. Even if I have both of my characters and don't need a new guy. Or should I leave them there because they'll help me out later. Or should I break them and use them for weapons against the bad guys?
    I just wanted to make sure that if I'm breaking them I'm not screwing it up for me for later. If they are supposed to be saved if you don't need them. You know for backup just in case I need them later. Thank u for your time. Danielle Bosang

    User Info: Ittybitty88d

    Ittybitty88d - 7 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If your playing a hard level and the DK barrels are scarce in the level, you should keep it for later if Diddy or Donkey Kong gets hurt. If its an easy level, than just throw it at the bad guys.

    User Info: HersheyChomper

    HersheyChomper - 7 months ago 1   0

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