Review by Kid Einstein

Reviewed: 08/29/03

It's not as good as it's Arcade brethren, but it ain't bad...

Well, I've always liked the Darius games, but this one left me disappointed. It's not bad by any means, but doesn't serve the same quality as the Arcade games (i.e Darius Gaiden) but it still retained good parts.

Graphics 7/10

A bit simple for a SNES system, but detail looks good. It's not the best SNES eyecandy, but it's enough for not thinking that the game belongs to Atari 2600. It's running on quite smoothly, which is a very crucial element needed in this kind of games. The graphics aren't the best, but you're not gonna piss and moan about that all day, are you?

Sound 7/10

Not that I like the music, but I don't hate it. It just melts in the background and you won't really notice it. The sounds are quite so-so. It's not terrible, the sounds do fit, but it lacks variation. SNES can definately handle better sounds than this.

Controls 9/10

Yeah Baby! The SNES control owns us all, and so does the layout for this game! You won't get sore hands out of this title, because of the magnificient controller design and the superb layout! This is the game's strongest point, and it's helluva good point! One little drawback is the minimal usage of the buttons. This game doesn't use many buttons, and that's an element which I think is needed.

Gameplay 6/10

Not quite the same as it's Saturn/Arcade brethren, as it lacks the arcade feel, but I gotta hand it that some levels are still quite fun to play. Many space shooter fans were dissappointed by this title. But it retains most of the fun shooting... uhhmmm... fish...

Plot 5/10

As in most early Darius games, the plot was always too simple. It always ends up that some planet gets saved by Proco and Tiat and co, saves the day. Not that it's bad, but it's far too simple. But what the heck, shooting games, relating fish, maybe shouldn't have a strong plot anyways...

Replay Value 6/10

You will play this a couple of times again, but it gets worse and worse for every play. It simply gets too tedious by time. But that's just me though...

To rent or buy?

You can't really rent SNES stuff, and they are so cheap nowadays, so go ahead and grab if you like shooters. This game could turn out to be a favourite amongst your collection, but it didn't appeal to me too much.

Final Score 6/10

Final Verdict: It's not a bad game by any means, but it lacks the Darius Arcade feel, which I found important. A disappointment in other words.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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