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Reviewed: 12/18/00 | Updated: 05/20/02

For the purposes of getting people to read this, PORNO!

As you may know, Darius Twin is one of the many games in Taito's Darius series. (And maybe I'm extremely smart and bright) It was released at a time when other shooters like this were released. It was unfairly overlooked.

Game Play-

The game play is your average side scrolling shooter game play, only better. Instead of choosing your power-ups like Gradius, or buying power-ups like U.N. Squadron, you get power-ups whenever you shoot the correct line of enemies. You have two weapons in Darius Twin. You have your main, or front weapon, and you have your side weapons, the weapons that shoot 4 ways in diagonal directions. But the real shining part of the game play is the lineup, you usually shoot lines of enemies. And you get many lives. If you get hit, you use another life. You can also choose your path of planets to the main boss. There is even a two player mode in Darius Twin, which makes Darius Twin stand out even more in the genre. The game play is different, once you play Darius Twin for a while. And there are even different endings. Unfortunately, this game came out in the time where 5 or 6 of the same genre were out, and this game should have an FAQ written for it, and more than 3 reviews on it.


No complaints here, unless you can’t hold down 2 buttons and a D-pad at once.


The music is excellent in Darius Twin. Perhaps one of the best soundtracks on the Super Nintendo. Kudos to Taito for putting the sound test mode in the options menu. The music fits every stage perfectly. The best music has to be the last level's music. The boss music is great too. The sound effects could have used a little bit of work, though. The blasting of the enemies was just plain average, but that does not really make a huge difference in this game.


Everything was very detailed in Darius Twin. The backgrounds have to be the best. The live 3-D backgrounds are very realistic, they really take advantage of the Super Nintendo. The enemies and bosses are very detailed. They're not as big as the ones in the Gradius games, but they're pretty big. I like the fact that the bosses look like robotic fish. The ship and the weapons are not that detailed, though. They could have used some work.


You will probably keep wanting to play this game, maybe even with a friend. Too bad Taito did not put a high score save option in Darius Twin, because I keep wanting to break my high score. One of the problems, though is that the game is too easy until the last level. I have only beaten that once. And I always want to beat the game taking different planet paths. Great, huh. This and Gradius III are the only SNES shooters with two-player play


Percentage of Gaming Goodness-88%


Doodleheimer's Recommendationitivity-

The game is really good, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes Gradius or R-Type. I wish this game would come back. I'd love to see a GBA reincarnation of this game. It probably wouldn't sell well, but I'd buy it. It'd be great with 4-player downloadable link capabilities.

Street Price-$4.99

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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