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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vegita

    Version: 3.1415 | Updated: 03/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      (Original Japanese title - "Assault Suit Valken")
    Created for the SNES Game Console 
      by Konami
    General Game FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
    Version 3.1415
    I    - Introduction
    II   - Game Story
    III  - Basics
         A   - The Options Screen
         B   - Controlling Your Character/Mech
         C   - Other Stuff you should know
    IV   - Walkthrough
         A   - Stage 1:  Colony Attack
         B   - Stage 2:  Orbital Hideout
         C   - Stage 3:  Raid on Arc Nova
         D   - Stage 4:  Atmosphere Entry
         E   - Stage 5:  Twilight Persuit
         F   - Stage 6:  Gunfire Mountains
         G   - Final Stage:  Last Stand
    V    - The Weaponry
         A   - The Vulcan Cannon
         B   - Punch (The Big, Bad Fist)
         C   - Missiles
         D   - Laser Beam
         E   - The Napalm Gun
    VI  - Various
         A   - Codes/Tricks
         B   - Revision History
         C   - Thanks
         D   - NO Thanks
    I honestly think I covered everything this time.  Aside from covering every
    single enemy in the game, as well as reproducing the manual and/or every last
    bit of dialog from the game, I don't know of anything else left that I would
    have to do on this guide.  It's fun to be able to make a guide and say that
    it is, as far as you can see, a complete piece of work.  Maybe it isn't, maybe
    I'll have to redo the whole blasted thing in the future...but as of right now,
    there is nothing left for me to do that wouldn't be erroneous or a waste of
    my time.  Thanks for reading...I'm outta here!
    Written by Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
    This FAQ Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, March 2003
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
             -----------------------I:  Introduction------------------------
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
    Welcome!  I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the 
    Super Nintendo/Famicom game "Cybernator", made by Konami.  Well, you've come 
    to the right place, because I have played this game so many times I'm 
    confident I could write this FAQ from memory.  However, I won't (so I don't 
    end up with hundreds of e-mails telling me how wrong I am), so you can have 
    the most accurate information I can give!
    First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try 
    to write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best 
    at everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this 
    FAQ, ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little sentences like "First off, 
    let's get one thing straight), I will destroy you.  I will rip you limb from 
    limb like the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will sue you for
    copyright infringement.  Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, 
    the names of the characters in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership 
    whatsoever of this game (except for the cartridge sitting in my room, that 
    is).  Those are the property of their respective owners.  
    If I find a website with this FAQ on it, and it has been changed in any way, 
    does not give me proper credit, or is selling it without my knowledge and 
    consent, then I WILL have my lawyers contact that site.  Are we clear (this 
    means YOU, Kain!)?
    Hey folks, if you're going to write me about this game, I must insist that you
    put, in the subject header of the e-mail, the name of game that you are writing
    about.  I am tired of having people write me, asking about games that I've 
    written for, but they never tell me WHAT game they need help with.  This will 
    help me in identifying what game you are talking about, and will also help me 
    weed your e-mails out from the Spam I constantly receive.  If you do not put
    the name of the game in the Subject header, then I may not read your e-mail at
    all; I get a lot of spam, and people like trying to send me viruses, so if you
    don't do something that will actually help me in determining whether or not
    your e-mail is legitimate, you can only blame yourself.
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
            ------------------------II:  Game Story------------------------
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
    Note - for those of you whom are having trouble finding information on this
    game, try searching for it under its' original name: "Assault Suit Valken."
    I don't know much about the game past that, though...
    Ok, folks, this is where you get to help me out - I have no idea what the 
    actual plot of this game is!  All I know is that you play the part of Jake, 
    the Soldier drafted into the Pacific States' Marine Corp.  Jake is the pilot 
    of a Mech, a 3-Story Tall robot (rough estimate).  The robot has a humanoid 
    shape, with arms, legs, a torso, and a head.  The mech is equipped with a 
    variety of weapons (see Section V) and other accessories (see Section III), 
    giving it full land and minor air capabilities.
    Ok, onto the story of the game.  There is a giant war going on around the 
    Earth between warring governments over the last of the fossil fuels of the 
    Earth.  For some odd reason, these governments have the ability to go into 
    space and create giant space stations and weapons of mass destruction, yet 
    they are inable to create some sort of space-mining program.  Oh well...
    Because of the war, Jake's group of Mechs is deployed on a variety of 
    missions.  You control Jake in each mission, seeking to complete the mission 
    objective(s).  It is possible to fail these objectives, although I'm afraid I 
    don't know what the outcome of losing these might be.  Anyone want to help me
    out here?
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
             -------------------------III:  Basics-------------------------
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
    This is the part of the FAQ where I tell you about the basics of the game!  
    Now, the title screen gives you 2 options:  Start the game, and options.  If 
    you start the game, then (obviously) you're taken right to the game.  But 
    suppose you don't want to immediately go there?  Well then, let's talk about 
    the Option Screen, shall we?
    _~A~  The Option Screen________________________________________________________
    You are given 3 selections on the Option Screen.  They are:
    ~~Name Change:  You delete letters with the B button and add new letters with 
      the A button.  When you are done, press start to return to the main Options 
    ~~Sound - Stereo/Monaural:  Change the sound from Stereo to Mono (and vice 
      versa) by pressing Left or Right on the Directional Pad.
    ~~Control Setting:  There are 4 control settings, which you can alternate 
      between by highlighting and pressing Left or Right on the Directional Pad.  
      Sadly, you can't customize the controls, but with a little practice you can 
      get used to the ones they have set up for you.  
    When you wish to return to the main screen, simply press the Start button.  
    Now, on to the controls!
    ___~B~  Controlling Your Character/Mech________________________________________
    Your Mech was designed to move like a human - it runs and jumps on its legs, 
    and swings its arms to attack or defend (bringing the shield up).  However, 
    you shouldn't treat it as a human.  Remember, you are a 3-Story Tall (rough 
    estimate) robot!  Some of your movements are incredibly sluggish, so keep in 
    mind what is quick and easy to do, and what is not - and don't confuse the 
    two, especially in a dire situation.
    Now, as for the controls themselves...I will go off of the default setting in 
    the Options screen, and then list the other 3 settings.
    A BUTTON         - Dash.  When your Mech is on the ground (or whatever it is 
                       walking on), by pressing the A button you will propell 
                       yourself forward.  Just like the shield, though, this 
                       cannot be used while in the air (or Zero gravity, unless 
                       you are locked onto the ground).
    B BUTTON         - Jump.  Press this button, and your Mech jumps.  Tap it 
                       lightly and you hop, press it harder and you jump higher.  
                       If you hold down the B button, your mech will use the jets
                       installed on its back, and float upwards.  If you are 
                       falling from a jump, you can use these to slow your decent
                       and make a more precise landing, glide to safer ground, or
                       simply hover enough to take out any hostile enemies below.
    X BUTTON         - Shield.  Whenever your Mech is standing on ground and you 
                       press the X button, it will whip out a giant shield that 
                       covers the upper 2/3rds of its body.  This will protect you
                       from a lot of attacks, but stronger weaponry (large blasts,
                       lasers, missile banks, etc) will still do minor damage.  If
                       you are hit below the shield, or in the back, then you will
                       still take full damage.  Also, you should remember that you
                       cannot use any weapons while your shield is out, and you 
                       can't use it while flying (or in zero gravity, without 
                       locking onto ground).
    Y BUTTON         - Fire Weapon.  This is the button you will be using the most 
                       throughout the game.  Simply put, you press it and your 
                       mech will fire whichever weapon is selected.  Hold it down, 
                       and it will fire more (or constantly, depending on the 
    L BUTTON         - Hold.  By pressing this button, your Mech will hold 
                       whatever angle the gun is at and continue to fire in it, 
                       regardless of which direction you happen to move.  This is 
                       good when you are trying to take out stationary targets 
                       while dodging enemy fire.
    R BUTTON         - Weapon Change.  Press this button, and you change weapons.  
                       While not absolutely necessary (you can beat the game with 
                       just the Vulcan Cannon), sometimes a different gun will 
                       make a situation easier.
    START BUTTON     - Pause Game/Map Screen.  Whenever you press the start 
                       button, the game will pause and a small map of the 
                       surrounding area will pop up in the upper-right corner of 
                       the screen.  Also, while your game is paused you can switch
                       weapons (using the Weapon Change button).
    SELECT BUTTON    - Nothing/Not Used.
     DIRECTIONAL PAD - By pressing UP or DOWN, you can change the angle your arm
                       cannon is aimed.  Firing your weapon is rather...different 
                       in this game.  Your mech has multiple angles it can fire 
                       at, which you can by pressing up or down.  If you wish,  
                       when you are firing you can aim without having to let go of
                       the Y button.  This allows firing at up to 32 different 
                       angles of attack, which, combined with your maneuvering 
                       skills, allows you to really tear through the enemy!
     DIRECTIONAL PAD - By Pressing LEFT or RIGHT, you may move your Mech in the
                       corresponding direction.  This movement is used in 
                       conjunction with your Mech's flying/jumping abilities,
                       allowing aerial movement as well.  Also, you may use LEFT
                       or RIGHT to travel in those paths while in Zero Gravity.
    Now, at the option screen you can change the button configuration between the 
    4 defaults.  The one I listed above are Default #1.  Here are all 4, in an
    easy-to-read ASCII chart.  Also, if you don't like looking things up in THAT
    order, there is a second chart below listing them by the moves themselves.
    Don't complain about filler or anything, it doesn't take up THAT much space 
    and might very well be necessary for some poor bloke out there!  
    |     | Default 1     | Default 2     | Default 3        | Default 4        |
    |  A  | Dash          | Hold          | Dash             | Shield           |
    |  B  | Jump & Hover  | Jump & Hover  | Jump & Hover     | Jump & Hover     |
    |  X  | Weapon Change | Shield        | Weapon Change    | Weapon Change    |
    |  Y  | Fire Weapon   | Fire Weapon   | Fire Weapon/Hold | Fire Weapon/Hold |
    |  L  | Hold          | Dash          | Shield           | Dash             |
    |  R  | Shield        | Weapon Change | Hold             | Hold             |
    |                   |  Default 1  |  Default 2  |  Default 3  |  Default 4  |
    | Fire Weapon       |      Y      |      Y      |      -      |      -      |
    | Jump & Hover      |      B      |      B      |      B      |      B      |
    | Weapon Change     |      X      |      R      |      X      |      X      |
    | Dash              |      A      |      L      |      A      |      L      |
    | Hold              |      L      |      A      |      R      |      R      |
    | Shield            |      R      |      X      |      L      |      A      |
    | Fire Weapon/Hold  |      -      |      -      |      Y      |      Y      |
    Note - The "Fire Weapon/Hold" command is a combination of the "Fire Weapon"
           and "Hold" commands.  Since they are combined you cannot change your
           gun's angle while firing.  I, personally, dislike these a lot, since 
           it forces you to stop firing so you can readjust your targeting line,
           or simply makes you move more and fire less.  I stick to Default 1,
           personally, since I have the greater freedom of control over my Mech.
           If I want to Hold my Firing in one direction, I have a button to do
           that for me without impeeding on my ability to shoot.
    _____~C~  Other Things You Should Know_________________________________________
    Here is where I list the other little tidbits of information that you should 
    ~~When you are low on energy, Crea will call in and tell you that you are (in 
      case you somehow didn't notice).
    ~~When you die, if you have any continues you can press start.  The game will 
      take you back to the last starting point of the game you were in, with 
      however many powerups you had for each weapon.
    ~~When you get the Napalm gun, you HAVE to survive level 2 to keep it.  If you 
      die, then you lose the gun.  Sorry.  It sucks, I know, but there's nothin'
      you can do about it.  Try not dying, that might help.
    ~~You can't use your Shield at the same time as a weapon, nor can you use it 
      while flying.  This goes with the dashing as well.
    ~~There is no aiming with the Punch, other than left and right.  Don't try to 
      aim up, you won't hit anything.
    ~~This game has 3 endings: 1 Good, 1 Bad, and the one you see when you die.  
      In order to get the Good Ending you cannot fail any of your missions.  Fail 
      a mission and you will only see the "bad" ending.  Although I'm not entirely
      sure, I believe the only missions you CAN fail are Missions 3 and 5.  The
      reason I'm not entirely sure of this is because the messages given at the
      end of each mission seems a little open, almost as if there are hidden
      objectives in certain areas.  If there are any, I'd LOVE to know about 'em.
      I guess that's more incentive to replay the game, eh?
    ~~Lost, or just want to see the layout of the level?  Try looking at your
      Map!  When you pause the game, this brings up a map of the close area, 
      showing the landscape and your location.
    ~~Cheese is good.  ::munch::
    If you know anything else I should add in here, feel free to write me 
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
         -----------------------IV:  Walkthrough-----------------------
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
    Here is the general walkthrough for the game.  Please keep in mind that a 
    step-by-step walkthrough for the game is hardly necessary, as you can almost-
    always just look at your map and see where you're headed.  Due to the fact 
    that there are multiple ways to meander through each stage, I will simply list
    any special places/items to keep in mind, and how to deal with the boss(s) of
    each stage.
    _~A~  Stage 1 - "Colony Attack"________________________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "The job of Destroying the enemy battlecraft was assigned 
       to our platoon.  The plan was to use the Versis Battlecraft to force our 
       way into the colony, and to destroy the ship's engine block.  The plan was 
       a difficult one and we knew that some of us would not return."
    Overview:  Waltz your way through this stage, destroying cannon embankments 
       and grabbing powerups, until you work you way all the way to the right.  
       Once there, you'll come across the Engine Bank.
    Items                - There are 5 Power Chips located in boxes around the 
    Hidden/Special Areas - None that I know of...
    Other Notes          - This stage is a cakewalk.  The cannons take such a long
                           time to actually shoot you that you can destroy them 
                           before the get off a single shot.  If they do fire at 
                           you, simply dodge the blast or put up your shield.  As 
                           for the other Mechs, punch the ones with shields (your 
                           fist ignores the shield and goes right through) and 
                           shoot down the ones without.
      Opening Stages are usually simple tasks to deal with, and Cybernator's
    first round draft pick is no different than the norm.  This place really
    doesn't even NEED a walkthrough, only a few points to worry about.  Here are
    those points:
    1)  Learn to control your mech in a variety of situations.  Tackle dashing
        and firing, dashing and firing, dashing and using your shield, using your
        shield on reflex, and alternating between shield-usage and attacking.
    2)  Blast everything.  Hey, it's free points, and you practically have to LET
        your opponents hit you if you want to die.  It's just that simple.
    3)  Hmm...do you go for the Napalm Gun, or instead opt for some points and
        powering up your weapons?  There are enough chips to power up either of
        your weapons (the Vulcan Cannon and the Fist) to the 2nd level, while
        the Napalm Gun certainly is a nice weapon...
    4)  The boss is at the far Right of the Stage.  If you get lost, use your
        map (not that you should end up lost in THIS stage).
    -----BOSS:  Battlecraft Engine Bank-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Any
    Description:  The Engine Bank is being raised into the Battlecraft by 2 
    guidewires on each side.  For protection, 2 sentry guns fly on each side of 
    it, blasting anything trying to harm it.  Make quick work of the ship, before
    it has a brand-new engine!
    Strategy:  To successfully take this thing out, simply position yourself below
    it and fire away until both parts are destroyed.  If the sentry guns present 
    too much of a problem, shoot them down and return to blasting the Engine.  
    Keep in mind, though, that these cannons DO come back after a period of time.
    Ultimately, though, these shouldn't present enough of a problem to stop you 
    from achieving your goal.
    ___~B~  Stage 2 - "Orbital Hideout"____________________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "Enemy manufacture of heavy artillery was very active.  Ore
       mined from the moon was sent to satellite orbit to be processed.  After 
       destroying the enemy ship, we headed towards the sattelite orbit, rife with
       asteroids, to destroy their ore processing facilities."
    Overview:  Jake blasts through an Asteroid Field to gain access to an ore
       refinery plant.  Upon arrival, he drops his Rocket Pack and takes up the
       fight in Zero G's, combatting his way to his battle with the Mobile 
    Items                - There are 4 Power Chips, 1 Healing Chip, and 1 New 
                           Weapon in the boxes in this stage.
    Hidden/Special Areas - None that I know of...
    Other Notes          - The only real problems you will encounter in this stage
                           are the stationary guns, which are hard to hit (due to 
                           the zero gravity fighting), and the Plasma Guns.  Use 
                           the Hold button to lock your gun in one spot and take 
                           out the guns while maneuvering, and do whatever you can
                           to stay out of the way of the Plasma Guns.  I don't 
                           think they can be destroyed, so don't bother trying.
    Another fun note - occasionally, one of the asteroids, floating mechs, or 
    stationary guns will drop a Health Chip or Power Chip.  This is VERY nice, 
    considering you are just beginning to build up your weaponry and can use 
    every last chip you can glom onto.
      This stage starts off at a fairly high speed, sending you rocketing towards 
    the ore processing facilities via a nearby asteroid belt.  This section is 
    played out like a Side-Scrolling Shooter, so select you Vulcan Cannon (or 
    Napalm Gun, if you decided to get it) and blast away!  Do be careful of the 
    larger asteroids, though, as they cannot be blasted out of your way and can 
    smash you to pieces if you're caught between them and the edge of the screen.
    This is instant death, and certainly won't improve your mood if you spent the
    time to get the Napalm Gun (which, frankly, I don't know why you WOULDN'T get
      Upon reaching a certain distance point (whatever that may be), Jake 
    disengages the Rocket Pack and go onward using your boosters and flight skills
    to traverse the null-gravity zone.  There are plasma cannons hidden within the
    rocks, occasionally spewing forth Purple Death Rays at your mech; take care 
    not to hit them.  Also, be wary of the occasional asteroid, as a collision can
    still damage your craft, and the mines, which will activate themselves and 
    detonate when you enter their proximity.  You'll probably be putting good use
    to the "Hold" button, as you'll want to shoot enemies while drifting around
    their projectiles.  Keep a lookout for flak (and the occasional enemy robot), 
    try to snag all the Chips you can without getting hurt too much, and you 
    should do just fine.  At the end of this area, the Mobile Artillery will 
    attempt to put an end to your hard flight.  Don't let him do that.  
    -----BOSS:  Mobile Artillery-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Any except the Punch.  In other words, your UNsuggested
                           weapon is the Punch!
    Description:  The Mobile Artillery isn't REALLY mobile - it just sits there, 
    causing asteroids to fly about (some with cannons mounted on them).  Look out
    for flying missiles, laser fire, debris...if you're not careful, you could get
    bashed and blasted to death!
    Strategy:  This boss is actually a lot easier if you don't worry so much about
    the ship itself, and concentrate your efforts on the asteroids themselves.  
    Position yourself on the rock formation below the ship, just to the left of 
    the ridge, and aim upwards.  When a meteor is moving towards you, target it 
    and destroy it before it gets a chance to do so.  If you have the opportunity,
    use your shield to block the incoming shots from the asteroid-mounted cannons.
    Occasionally one of the destroyed Asteroids will leave a Health or Power Chip;
    if you feel it is worth the risk, go after it!
    _____~C~  Stage 3 - "Raid on Arc Nova"_________________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "The strategic plan to attack the Arc Nova, the power 
       nucleus of the enemy organization, has begun. Arc Nova was a fortress 
       created by a meteor strike, and if we didn't get control of it, safety 
       along the route between the Earth and the Moon could be guaranteed.  Our 
       plan was to gain control of Arc Nova and open up the 'Lunar Route'."
    Overview:  Find your way into the Arc Nova, then proceed through the belly of
       the beast, destroying whatever you can.  Finally, stop its descent into 
    Items                - Outside the Arc Nova:  3 Power Chips  
                           Inside the Arc Nova:  6 Power Chips, 3 Healing Chips.
    Hidden/Special Areas - This stage is full of side-areas.  The more notable 
                           ones are the missile compartments and the side-passage
                           during the long drop (during the explosions withing the
    Other Notes          - This stage is a bit of a long haul, and seems daunting 
                           at a first glance.  Just remember to take out the 
                           homing mines as best as you can, shoot down the men 
                           with guns, and nab those healing chips whenever you 
                           can.  Not to sound like a worrywart, but you might just
                           need them!
      The quickest route to entry of the Arc Nova is to immediately drop down, 
    taking out enemies and cannons while using your shield to deflect any 
    incoming projectiles (including homing lasers, which can be a pain to simply 
    avoid).  There are enemy Mechs gunning for you as well as cannons attached to
    the Nova, both of which you should take out as quickly as feasible.  The most
    irritating of the outdoor-opponents are the Homing-Laser turrets, which pop up
    and down out of the Nova (and in and out of safety).  The trick to dealing 
    with these pests is to block the first shot of their laser with your shield, 
    then immediately start firing.  You don't have to block the entire laser, as 
    only the first hit does damage.  
      Upon entering the fortress, you'll most likely find yourself using your 
    Vulcan Cannon more than anything else due to its larger spread of fire.  Yeah,
    the Napalm Gun is nice, but if you're having trouble hitting the mines that 
    continue to explode into you, it's better to take a slightly weaker gun that 
    CAN get the job done.  The humans an their little guns are a pain to bullseye
    with the Napalm as well and the Fist doesn't connect low enough to be 
    effective; thus, the Vulcan Cannon seems to be the best bet in here.  Aim at a
    Down-Forward angle while walking and you should take them out before they even
    get a shot.
      Soon after your entrance, you'll find yourself in "The Laser Room", a room 
    that contains 2 rotund machines that generate large beams of energy, circle 
    around the perimeter of the room, then do it again.  The quickest way to exit 
    this area is to use your most powerful weapon and simply blast one, hop over 
    them as they move, then continue your fire on the same pod.  After one blows 
    up, the others' laser blows a hole in the lower half of the screen, allowing 
    you to trek further into the 'Nova.  The following area should be taken slowly
    (no need to rush) as you drop Humans and Floating Mines before they can harm
    you.  I would suggest moving to the Upper-Left Portion of the area, jumping
    from Platform to Platform, so that you can grab the Chips up there.  If you
    immediately drop down to the 2nd level, the screen will not scroll back up
    and you won't be able to capitalize on the chips' appearance.  On the 2nd
    level, far right, you will find the Bridge of the Ship, where an enemy 
    General will give the order to crash the Nova into Earth shortly before
    exiting the screen.  Pick up the Health Icon on the floor, then turn and
    start moving towards the Southern Regions of the ship.
      Deeper, you will see large bays with missiles flitting by.  Considering the 
    fact that it IS a quicker route, you can blast the safety doors above the 
    missiles and travel along the firing shafts, ducking into the alcoves 
    whenever an oversized death-rocket shoots past.  Don't forget to nab the 
    Chips in the boxes, too!  After exiting the Tubes and moving to the far Left,
    you will find a sharp drop; jump and land far left, on the small platform,
    then immediately jump and float into the opening on the Right.  Inside this
    hallway, you will not have to deal with the exploding jets of flame, and can
    pick up some power-ups as well.  The hall exits next to the door to the 
    Bay, where you will see the General loading himself into an oversized robot
    of his own.  Follow him outside and prepare for a boss fight.
    -----BOSS:  Arc Nova's Main Engines/General Granbia's Mech-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Any
    Description:  The boss for this stage is really 2 enemies in one.  You have to
    take out the 4 Main Engines that are propelling the Arc Nova towards the 
    Earth, but the real pain is the presense of the General Granbia in his Mech.
    He flies about, firing off a massive "arm" which rams you, doing substantial 
    damage.  If you manage to destroy the arm, he will manually fly his mech into 
    you!  Finally, flying into the exhaust of the engines themselves can damage 
    you.  Remember, you have to destroy those engines in under 2 minutes, or else 
    you're done for!
    Strategy:  There really isn't much to say in terms of how to beat these guys.
    If you want to, you can simply ignore Granbia and take out the engines, 
    completing your mission.  However, if you are low on life and feel you need to
    get him out of the way, I suggest you try to stay a little above or below him
    and fire at an angle.  When he tries to position himself for another attack, 
    move out of the way and lambaste him with whatever weapon you've got (missiles
    are nice and napalm is better, but your vulcan can do just fine).  Remember, 
    though, that you have a deadline, so don't cut it close!  If you're down to 
    your last minute, you'd better concentrate on those engines!
    _______~D~  Stage 4 - "Atmosphere Entry"_______________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "Because the battle with Granbia draged out for so long, I 
       was forced to enter the atmosphere.  Either I'll be trapped in the Versis 
       Battlecraft, or this ship, and me along with it, will be destroyed.  The 
       long ten seconds to death begin now..."
    Overview:  As you quickly reenter the atmosphere, enemy mechs will take hot
       pursuit in your destruction.  Blow up these enemies, nabbing powerups all
       the while (don't bother with the White guy, though, as he can't be harmed).
       After landing down on the Versis, duke it out with Genmark, a rival Mech 
       pilot and recurring villain (1st appearance).
    Items                - Power Chips are left behind by every Mech you manage to
                           trash while reentering the atmosphere (aside from
                           Genmark).  Yay!  Kill kill kill!
    Hidden/Special Areas - None.  
    Other Notes          - This stage is a cakewalk!  Switch to either missiles or
                           your Napalm Gun (napalm, preferably) and trash as many 
                           guys as you can, building up your weaponry.  If you're
                           really good, you can net 10-12 Power Chips before you 
                           touch down on the Versis.
      Uh...what walkthrough?  You drop through the sky, fighting enemies, then
    touch down on the ground, watch some of your friends fly off (only to get
    killed, ::sniff::), then you fight Genmark.  This doesn't need a Walkthrough!
    Heck, it doesn't even need helpful notes like the First Stage did!
    -----BOSS:  Genmark-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Any.
    Description:  He's a rival Mech that likes to fly around and shoot large 
    blasts at you.  Because he is like you, he can walk on the ground, or take to 
    the air and dodge your shots.
    Strategy:  Truth be told, Genmark is a wuss.  Simply wait for him to aid his 
    friend (whom you saved during the descent by NOT outright killing), and then 
    blast him with whatever you've got.  It doesn't take much to outlast him, but
    if you're not careful he CAN ace you.  Since he likes to fly about the screen,
    trying to strafe the ground in an attempt to hit you, my preferred weapon in 
    this bout are missiles (provided I have any left).  Fire off as many as you 
    can, then switch to your Vulcan or Napalm and blow him out off the sky.
    _________~E~  Stage 5 - "Twilight Persuit"_____________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "After the destruction of Arc Nova, the enemy has launched
       shutter after shuttle of troops to suppliment its weaken military forces in
       space.  The ground troups of the Federated States Army, fast becoming the 
       strongest force on Earth, put all their effort in blocking the launch of 
       the shuttles."
    Overview:  Travel through No-Man's Land to reach the enemy complex, then work 
       your way through the twisting complex to the Shuttle.
    Items                - 1 New Weapon, 5 Power Up Chips, and 2 Health Chips can 
                           be found in this area.
    Hidden/Special Areas - The only hidden thing I can think of is the second 
                           Health Chip.  After beating the Mini-boss, travel down
                           and to the left of the area you fought him in.  You 
                           will double back to the right and come to a wall.  
                           While you are walking to the right, fire on the wall.
                           If all goes well, you should see a box fall from the 
                           sky into the next area.  This is a Health Chip!
    Other Notes          - None, really.  For the 2 lower areas where you have to 
                           hover to reach a Power Chip, don't forget to dash 
                           before jumping - you'll get that much more distance out
                           of it.  
      This stage starts off much akin to Stage 2's introductory phase - you zip
    through the skies of Earth, between giant Anti-Aircraft blasts, while smaller
    Missile-Ships target you.  Take them out until you descend further towards
    the ground, then get ready to practically take on an army as you maneuver
    towards the Structures in the distance.  My suggestion would be to Dash along,
    punching anything that moves.  Just short of the structure is a Box, inside
    being the glorious Laser Weapon.  Pick it up, equip it, and promptly begin 
    collecting chips for it.  It's so good a weapon, you'll want to IMMEDIATELY
    power it up.
      The complex contain a variety of enemies, though not quite the sheer number
    of them that was out on the open field.  Be careful as you move along, though,
    as the Guns on top of the structures can seriously tear up your mech.  Shoot 
    them from below and continue throughout the winding areas.  If you wish, you 
    can blow up the large brownish-containers by concentrating your guns on them.
    I don't remember any of them giving any Chips, but it's still fun to shoot out
    your enemy's foothold (for those that are standing on them).  One key 
    location, that often gets novices killed, is an area located at the bottom of 
    the buildings.  You will notice a platform below one of the larger paths, 
    containing a lone box.  I do not believe it is possible (at ALL) to fly to 
    this platform from the Left, which is what most will do upon seeing it.  No, 
    you should move along the upper path, then backtrack to it from the Right.  It
    is a shorter distance to jump/fly, and is infinitely better than floating 
    halfway, realizing you can't make it, then trying to fly back and falling off 
    of the screen (dying in the process).  That's not fun, so make sure you don't 
    play the fool.
      After a short walk through the structures, the music will change and a
    large scaffolding walkway will extend.  Above you, soon to drop upon your
    head, is the:
    -----BOSS #1:  VERY Large Mobile Attack Unit-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Any.
    Strategy:  This boss is big, bad, and bulky.  He slowly walks out, shooting 
    lasers and dropping bombs all over the place.  When he finally hits the 
    ground, he'll walk around, trying to shoot you (while continuing to drop 
    Description:  Switch to whatever weapon you want to use (even the Punch is 
    effective here) and stand directly on him, firing.  When he tries to move, 
    move with him.  The only time you should move away from him is if you're about
    to get nailed with a bomb.  He CAN shoot you if you stand a little off-kilter
    with him, but he won't do nearly enough damage for it to matter.
      After destroying this pesk, pick up a Health Icon and (see "Hidden Areas"
    above) and press onward.  You'll deal with a few more enemies, a couple more 
    items, and enter a hangar.  Inside, you'll find an Enemy Shuttle.  Before you
    can react, however, it takes off, forcing Jake to don his Rocket Pack and go
    skyward in chase.
    -----BOSS #2:  Enemy Shuttlecraft-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Laser, Napalm Gun.
    Description:  This boss is a VERY challenging one, quite possibly the worst of
    the game.  The shuttle comes equipped with 2 mounted cannons, one on near the 
    bottom and one near the top, that fire on you very frequently and track your
    movements.  As if that isn't bad enough, the shuttle also has flying mechs 
    (such as yourself) giving it armed escort!  A pair of these mongrels show at a
    time, filling the air with a bevy of gunfire.
    Strategy:  The best way to take care of this guy is to first take out the 
    mounted cannons on the shuttle, then do your best to dodge the gunfire from 
    the other mechs while firing on the shuttle itself.  To safely take down the 
    cannons, use either your laser to take them out from a distance, or move in 
    closer and use a different gun for more damage.  The only problem with this
    strategy is that you need to constantly move to avoid the Turrets and the 
    Mechs' shots.  Here is where you should use the "Hold" button religiously.  
    The ship itself has 5 points you need to destroy to ground it - 2 on each 
    engine and the top of the shuttle.  Remember that the flying mechs are just as 
    fast as you and can aim just as well, so be careful!  If they get too 
    frustrating, drop one of 'em.  They DO come back, though,  so whatever damage 
    you can while they're gone!
    ___________~F~  Stage 6 - "Gunfire Mountains"__________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "While the enemy's military was weakened, the Federated 
       States Army put into action its final strategy to take control of the 
       enemy capital, 'Operation Soldier Soul'.  While battling divisions closed 
       in on the enemy capital from all directions, Versis headed for the enemy 
       anti-aircraft military base located halfway up the Alps."
    Overview:  Blaze across the snowfields to make your way into the cavern where 
       the anti-aircraft guns are located.  Once inside, work your way along the 
       twisting paths until you find the guns, then travel outside and destroy 
    Items                - 6 Power Chips and 5 Health Chips are located throughout
                           the cave.
    Hidden/Special Areas - The caves are ripe with various "Off the beaten path" 
                           areas, which usually have at least one Power Chip or
                           Health Chip in them.
    Other Notes          - In the caves, you can only use 3 weapons - the Vulcan 
                           Cannon, Missiles, and the Napalm Gun.  Where ever you 
                           point your gun, that is where your light shines.  Be 
                           careful you don't fall off the bottom of the screen, 
                           because this is instant death!  Finally...aren't those 
                           bunnies cute?  Aww....
      The "Skiing" section is yet another shooter-like situation; however, this
    one puts you on the ground, blitzing across the snow, allowing you to jump
    and hover instead of using a full Vertical freedom of movement.  When you
    see large puffs of snow shooting up, you'll know that something is about to
    pop up and attack, so get your weapons ready for a quick fight!  After 
    passing enough slope beneath your treads, you will (as usual) automatically
    drop the Rocket Pack and proceed on foot up the snowy precipice, entering
    the cave.
      The cave has its moments, it really does.  Your entryway is immediately
    met by a boss, in fact:
    -----BOSS #1:  Drill Machine-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Vulcan Cannon, Napalm Gun.
    Description:  This machine appears out of the ground nearby where you are, 
    slowly moving around.  Simply touching it will cause damage to you, and it's 
    long enough to trap you in a corner and severely hurt or kill you!
    Strategy:  How do you take out this boss safely?  The only vulnerable part of
    this boss is the head of the drill, so you have to wait until it is in a 
    position to shoot.  Wait in one area until you see the ground moving where it
    is coming up, then rush away and fire like mad at the protruding head.  If 
    you're lucky, you'll either reflect your shots (Vulcan) back into it, or 
    simply do enough damage to destroy it (mostly likely done with the Napalm 
    Gun).  The main problem, though, is that this villain will usually catch you
    with its movements, shaving your life off relatively easily.  If you get
    caught, it could very well be Game Over for you.
      Once the Drilling Machine is left to rust, you may continue your trek.  In
    general, the higher-up in the cave you are, the safer.  Sure, there are a lot
    of nooks and crannies to be explored, but there are also dark pits to fall
    into, causing immediate death.  Look out for hopping robots that shoot you,
    as well as the powerful mines.  This somewhat-linear path eventually puts you
    in the path of another drilling machine, this one impervious to your whims
    of destruction.  Dash down the corridor in front of it, and when you reach
    the end float up onto the above platform.  It will explode, leaving you to
    finish out the area in relative safety.  Make sure you look before you leap,
    as those mines are still ready to burn the paint off of your mech, until
    you reach a conveyor belt.  What's on the belt?  Why, it's a series of large 
    guns, pointed towards the sky!  Oh no, the conveyor belt is moving these guns 
    outsideof the cave, where they can use their powerful blasts to take down 
    ships!  You'd better do something about that!
    -----BOSS #2:  Anti-Aircraft Cannons/Electro-Magnetic Ship-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Laser, Missiles, Napalm Gun.
    Description:  There are 6 cannons constantly firing upwards, and shortly after
    you enter the area the Electro-Magnetic Ship will arise from the ground.  It 
    generally floats around, dropping charges that damage you, but occasionally it
    will fly right into you, draining you of life.  If you jump, it will force you
    into the path of one of the Anti-Aircraft guns, pretty much doing enough 
    damage to kill you outright.  They ARE designed to take out ships much larger
    than yours, you know, so why even test that theory?  Don't jump!
    Strategy:  This is like the Arc Nova fight in the sense that you don't HAVE to
    worry about that other ship, you can just take out the multiple targets and be
    done with it.  Odds are, however, that this ship will be much more of a 
    nuisance, so you'd best take him out first.  Switch to Missiles or your Napalm
    gun and blast it until it is destroyed.  Take care when dodging the charges it
    drops, so you don't end up getting fried by something else (anti-aircraft 
    gunfire, for example).  When taking out the cannons themselves, use either 
    your Napalm Gun or your Laser to inflict heavy damage on them - the Laser 
    strikes it at multiple points, doing a lot of damage very quickly, while the 
    Napalm Gun simply does MASSIVE damage wherever it hits.  The Anti-Aircraft
    knows this, though, and likes to make a point of ramming you with its nose
    until you jump out of the way - and into the path of one of the guns.  This is
    easily avoided, however, if you ignore him first and destroy the guns...so you
    had best get on that, Sparky!
    _____________~G~  Final Stage - "Last Stand"___________________________________
    Jake's Monologue:  "After joining the other platoons, we were ordered to take
       the National Assembly building at the center of the enemy capital.  This is
       where this meaningless war will end...  The soldiers' hopes are growing 
       steadily.  After this final battle, we will have peace again."
    Overview:  Travel along the streets of the enemy capital, fighting off the 
       hordes of enemies thrown at you.  Once inside the capital, face off with 
       Gunmark again, then escape from the building into the final hangar, where 
       you will do battle with Gunmark one final time - this time against the 
       enemy military's biggest and baddest mech!
    Items                - None.
    Hidden/Special Areas - None.
    Other Notes          - This stage is full of enemies, and there is no easy way
                           to traverse it.  I've found that the quickest way to 
                           deal with the enemies is to fly above the streets with 
                           your laser pointed downward, blazing across anything 
                           that happens in your path.  If an enemy drops a Power 
                           or Health chip, nab it!
      I don't really know what to say about this stage that's specific, really.
    There are 2 ways you can handle the mess o' enemies before you 
    1)  Fly above them, constantly moving right while razing the ground with 
        whatever gun you pick (I liked my Level 3 Laser for its constant firing),
    2)  Walk along (don't dash, you'll rush into something), alternating between
        shielding attacks and returning a little death with your firepower.
      I, personally, like the finesse of #1, but more often than not #2 is the
    way I survive this stage.  Hey, it's up to you.  Upon reaching the end of 
    the first are, you'll enter a large building.  Guess who's inside?  Go on, 
    take a gander...
    -----BOSS #1:  Gunmark Returns-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Vulcan Cannon, Napalm Gun.
    Description:  Gunmark returns in a new Mech, and this one has 2 helper-drones
    accompanying his usual cannon.  He can fly just like you, he can fire just 
    like you, and he's a pain just like you!  Add those 2 drones firing on you as 
    well, and you've got a recipe for danger!
    Strategy:  If you want an easier time beating Gunmark, simply take out the 2 
    drones, then fly around and shoot at him with whatever gun you choose.  
    Because he's moving so much, using the Laser isn't suggested - it's too hard 
    to get a continuous beam on him to do any good amount of damage.  Use the 
    Vulcan Cannon (since it reflects) or the Napalm Gun (the all-purpose 
    destruction weapon) to take him out, and move on to the evacuation sequence.
      The Evacuation sequence is another fast scroller, depicting your mech as it
    homes in on the enemy's last position.  However, there are lots of walls that
    irritatingly appear in front of you, forcing you to frequently train your
    sights on the path ahead instead of the enemies around.  Here's hoping you
    have enough live to survive this scrape and make it to the end, where you
    face off against the:
    -----BOSS #2:  Evacuation Drone-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Any.
    Description:  During the last portion of the Evacuation sequence, a Floating 
    Robot will fly through, spewing lasers in your general direction.  These 
    lasers can do some serious damage, so take care when fighting this adversary!
    Strategy:  How should you go about dropping this guy?  Stand directly on him 
    and fire with any of your weapons.  When he moves, move with him - because you
    are directly on him, he can't get a lock with his lasers, and will constantly 
    be trying to move.  Just keep up the damage until he's done!  After blowing
    its circuitry, you'll move into the final hanger and face off against:
    -----BOSS #3:  Gunmark's Revenge-----
    Suggested Weapon(s)  - Vulcan Cannon, Laser, Napalm Gun.
    Description:  This is it, the final battle.  Gunmark is now piloting a HUGE 
    mech, with several damaging parts:  the roving arm fires multiple shots out 
    and can ram you; the mounted gunbank near the legs shoots 4 large blasts at 
    you; the gun at the torso region tracks you and fires blasts; the head fires 
    tracking blasts AND a really, really big laser at you.  Finally, by flying 
    into the wake of its exhaust (that huge glowing thing at the bottom of the 
    screen), you'll take a lot of damage.  You've gotta destroy it all in order to
    beat the game, so good luck!
    Strategy:  Immediately after taking out the Evacuation Drone, switch to your 
    laser.  As soon as you walk into the final area, start firing your laser - 
    you'll start off doing tons of damage to the Arm-Cannon.  When it takes off, 
    fly a little lower and blast away at the mounted cannon near the legs.  When 
    it fires, move in a counter-clockwise motion to avoid the blasts, then return 
    to firing.  After taking that out, blast the legs off.  You'll find that the
    "Hold" button is now a Godsend, especially when using the Laser.
    Now for the tricker parts...fly up a bit and lure the arm down until you have 
    a clear shot at it, then destroy it.  Now the only way it can harm you is by 
    firing on you - don't get caught in front of it when it stops moving!  Now, 
    use whatever gun you want to take out the Plasma-Shot Cannon, stopping to 
    dodge the Arm-Cannon and blasts it's firing off at you.  Once that's taken 
    care of, you have to drop the head.  You can only harm the head when it 
    raises up - and, coincedently, when the head raises up it uses its ultra-
    powerful laser!  Wait for it to fire the laser at you, then move up and fire 
    on it.  Look out for the Plasma Shots it fires at you, and return fire.  With 
    a little practice, you'll be able to outlast the beast and beat the game!
    ...I wonder what ending you'll get?
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
             -----------------------V:  The Weaponry-----------------------
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
    Here is where I talk about the weapons of the game, the upgrades they get, 
    where you get 'em, and how they are useful.  All righty, let's rock and roll!
    First off, let me talk about the Powering up of each weapon.  Throughout the 
    game, you will come across Flashing chips with the letters "P" or "H" on them.
    The "P" (which stands for "Power") Chips will charge up your weapon one one 
    point.  Each weapon has a number next to it - gain that number in Power Chips
    and your weapon gets upgraded to the next level.  Every weapon (except the 
    Napalm Gun) has 3 levels, each more powerful and useful than the previous one.
    Power up your weapons as quickly as possible, so you will stand a better 
    chance against the enemy forces!
    Your Mech (the Assault Suit Valken, as per the original Japanese title)
    starts off the game equipped with naught but the Level 1 Vulcan Cannon an
    his Fist (both, of course, at their weakest levels).  As you progress, you
    can find/earn the remaining 3 weapons.  Make sure you do; they'll make the
    trek through enemy territory infinitely easier.
    _~A~  Vulcan Cannon____________________________________________________________
    Where do you get it - You start the game with it.
    Upgrade to level 2  - 4 Power Chips Required
    Upgrade to level 3  - 8 Power Chips Required
    Energy Bar Usage    - Infinite Rounds with Reloading.  Each round takes a
                          small portion of the Energy Bar, and when the bar is
                          depleted there is a small pause as you reload.
    Level 1 Style       - Small shot, fair amount of damage.
    Level 2 Style       - Larger shot, does more damage, reflects off of walls
                          and/or floors.
    Level 3 Style       - Largest shot, does more damage, reflects even longer.
    The Vulcan Cannon is your basic weapon.  It has infinite ammo, each shot 
    depleting the charge bar slightly.  When the bar is completely depleted (say 
    that 5 times fast: "Completely Depleted"), there is some downtime while you 
    reload.  After that, it's another full clip of destruction!
    The way the Vulcan Cannon works is simple - you fire, and the bullets spread 
    out into a 3-level shot.  The level 1 cannon is weak, but rather quick.  Each
    bullet fired is roughly the size of a man's head, and moves across the screen
    in under a second.  Level 2 has larger bullets that ricochet off of the ground
    and walls, so now you can bank shots into your enemies!  Level 3 has your 
    bullets grow even larger, do more damage, and ricochet even further.  The 
    level 3 Vulcan Bullet is roughly as large as a man!  This is a great all-
    purpose weapon, which you can use in any situation.  Besides...would YOU like
    to get shot by a shell as big as you are?
    ___~B~  Punch (The Big, Bad Fist)______________________________________________
    Where do you get it - You start the game with it.
    Upgrade to level 2  - 5 Power Chips Required.
    Upgrade to level 3  - 6 Power Chips Required.
    Energy Bar Usage    - Each Punch depletes the bar, which immediately begins
                          recharging back to maximum.  You can continue to
                          punch, but each attack will only do as much damage as
                          the Energy Bar has been able to recharge.
    Level 1 Style       - Mech punches, throwing out a small spark.
    Level 2 Style       - Mech punches, throwing out a larger spark for added 
                          range and damage.
    Level 3 Style       - Mech punches, throwing out a very large spark for tons 
                          of damage and decent range.
    The Punch is a basic, no-ammunition weapon.  Your mech throws out its 
    oversized fist, sending an electrical spark (as well as the fist itself) 
    out, doing quite a nice amount of damage.  However, its short range
    limits its practical uses, so don't think you can use this as a quick 
    replacement for your Vulcan Cannon.  You can't just punch over and over and 
    get the same amount of damage, either - the longer you let the Punch recharge,
    the more damage it will do and the greater distance the spark will cover (on
    the higher levels).
    The Punch, while having a shorter range and no aiming ability, makes up for 
    this downfall with tons of damage per hit.  If you've got the guts to get in 
    close and slug it out, you'll be surprised just how many scrapes you'll end
    up surviving.  The Level 1 Punch does decent damage, but has poor range on 
    the accompanying Spark.  The Level 2 Punch has added damage and range allowing
    you to peg things 1/4-1/3 the distance of the screen.  The Spark around the 
    fist also grows in size, giving you moderately more vertical aim.  The Level 3
    Punch does a ton of damage, the spark covering 1/2 the screen length, changing
    this melee-esque weapon into a formidable mid-range tool as well.
    _____~C~  Missiles_____________________________________________________________
    Where do you get it - Stage 2, in a box on top of an astroid.
    Upgrade to level 2  - 5 Power Chips Required.
    Upgrade to level 3  - 6 Power Chips Required.
    Energy Bar Style    - You have a set number of clips for your missiles.  When
                          you run out of numbers, you run out of missiles.
    Level 1 Style       - Missiles fly in whatever direction you aim them in.  
                          Good damage.
    Level 2 Style       - Missiles home in on a target, doing even better damage.
    Level 3 Style       - Missiles will lock onto a target, doing more damage and 
                          tracking better than before.
    The Missile is a high-damage weapon that rivals that of the Napalm Gun and
    the Punch.  However, you have a set number of missiles to work with, and once
    they're gone there's no recharging (unless you die).  Every time you fire a 
    missile, it takes down the charge bar a little.  Once it's empty, you're out.
    You can aim with the missiles just like you can with the other 4 guns.
    The missile is your last-ditch weapon.  It does a lot of damage, but unlike 
    the other guns in the game you have a limit to how many you get to use.  
    Therefore, you are forced to spend your ammo wisely - you can't just tear 
    through a level with them, as you'll run out very quickly.  The nice thing 
    about the missiles, other than the damage, is the fact that when you've built
    them up to level 2 or 3 they home in on enemies.  It's not 100% effective, but
    you can pretty much fire and forget once you're at level 3!
    _______~D~  The Laser__________________________________________________________
    Where do you get it - Stage 5, in a box on the ground before you reach the 
    Upgrade to level 2  - 3 Power Chips Required.
    Upgrade to level 3  - 6 Power Chips Required.
    Energy Bar Usage    - Continually drains the bar while in usage.  Once it hits
                          empty, your laser recharges for a brief moment before
                          starting up again.
    Level 1 Style       - Tiny laser, continual damage, low power.
    Level 2 Style       - Medium laser, more continual damage, moderate power.
    Level 3 Style       - Large laser, does the most continual damage (better than
    The Laser is simple - where ever you point and fire, a continuous beam of 
    light is shot out.  This beam will stop at walls or objects, but pass right 
    through enemies, continually doing damage.  It has a quick recharge rate, and
    the larger levels do a lot more damage and cover a lot more space, making it 
    one of the best weapons in the game (if not THE best).
    The Laser is a weapon I suggest you power up as soon as you get it.  It starts
    out weak, to be sure - but once it's built up, you can take out multiple 
    enemies with a single beam!  Because it is undaunted by enemies, you can just 
    fire right through them, through the next enemy, and scorch several annoyances
    at once!  The level 1 Laser is roughly as big as your arm cannon itself, and 
    does weak damage.  The level 2 is significantly wider, and does average 
    damage.  The level 3 laser is as big as your shield and does better-than-
    average damage.  Don't forget, though, that once you've got that enemy in your
    laser, they're taking damage very quickly!
    _________~E~  The Napalm Gun___________________________________________________
    Where do you get it - See Codes Section.
    Upgrade to level 2  -  N/A.
    Upgrade to level 3  -  N/A.
    Energy Bar Usage    - Infinite Rounds, each taking a percentage of the charge 
                          bar.  The bar is constantly recharging after each shot 
                          (up to 7 shots on a full bar without recharging).
    Level 1 Style       - Explosive blast, best damage in the game.
    Level 2 Style       - N/A.
    Level 3 Style       - N/A.
    The Napalm Gun is the strongest gun in the game, bar none.  When fired in a 
    gravity-controlled environment, the blast will travel a certain distance until
    crashing into the ground.  If you aim it upwards, it will arc up, then come 
    right back down to Earth.  It is hard to gauge just where you are aiming 
    because of the fire trails left behind, but for the damage it does, this 
    weapon is EASILY the best in the game.
    With the Napalm gun, this game is a cakewalk.  Seriously.  After you get it, 
    you can take out each of the Arc Nova's Engines with just 3 shots.  It takes 
    around 3 CLIPS of the Level 2 Vulcan Cannon to do that damage!  The damage 
    this baby does is nuts!  Because it drains the charge bar a lot quicker than 
    the other guns, you won't be able to go ballistic for long with this without 
    having to let it recharge.  However, this IS a gun you can just walk around 
    with and feel secure.  It recharges fast enough that after nearly any melee, 
    you'll be ready for another fight with a full tank.  It only has the 1 level, 
    so don't bother picking up and Power Chips with it - you'll only be wasting 
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
             -------------------------VII: Various-------------------------
    ================================== Cybernator =================================
    If it don't fit nowhere else, then look here for it!
    _~A~  Codes____________________________________________________________________
    Well, I only know of 2 codes for this game, and one of 'em isn't really a 
    code, it is just an in-game trick!  If anyone else knows any codes for this 
    game (no counting Game Genie, Gameshark, Pro Action Replay, etc), please 
    e-mail me at VegitaBOD@aol.com.  I do NOT accept Game Genie/Gameshark/PAR 
    codes, simply because they are not naturally in the game.  I only accept REAL 
    codes, folks.
    Well, here the codes I know of:
    1)  At the title screen, where it says "Start Game" and "Options", highlight 
        "Options" and Hold L and R.  Now(while still holding L & R), press and 
        hold up so that the cursor moves to "Start Game".  While still holding all
        3 buttons, press start.  Now, instead of just 3 credits to get through the
        game with, you have 6!  Yay, more continues!
    2)  When playing through stage 1, don't attack a single thing.  The trick here
        is, get all the way to the boss without gaining any points at all (sorry,
        this means no powerups either).  The boss has 2 parts, each worth 1400 
        points.  If you manage to blow up just the boss and absolutely nothing 
        else (completing the stage with just 2800 points), then when you begin 
        Stage 2 you will have a new weapon - the coveted Napalm Gun!
    ___~B~  Revision History_______________________________________________________
    03-15-01 (Midnight):   Started writing this FAQ (including the playing through 
                           the game to get certain information, such as boss 
                           strategies and item locations).
    03-15-01 (2:30 A.M.):  Finished writing this FAQ.
    03-15-01 (3:30 A.M.):  Finished the minor spelling errors and such.  All I have
                           to do is finish the "Jake's Monologue" sections, and 
                           I'll be completely done!  Darn it, I can't write as fast
                           as that screen scrolls, and I don't exactly feel like 
                           playing through this game 5 times in a row just for some
                           words!  I'll do it tomorrow, when I finally wake up...
    05-16-01:              Minor revisions and continuity corrections.  Nothing 
                           major, it just looks better and is easier to read now.
    04-21-02:              Yeah, it's been a while, but hopefully I won't have to
                           reformat this FAQ again.  By the way, this update
                           consisted of me...reformatting the FAQ.
    04-23-02:              I got off of work Early today.  In honor of it, I added
                           some specific "Walkthrough" sections to each stage, as
                           well as made a couple of snide remarks to some friends
                           and added some points about the Endings.  Ok, so only
                           2 of those have to do with this guide...so what?  Oh
                           I also (FINALLY) finished off the "Narration" sections,
                           so now you don't have to wonder what [Section Missing]
    03-13-03:              Format revisions!
    _____~C~  Thanks_______________________________________________________________
    ~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.
    ~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having a great
    ~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I 
     stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I 
     now do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do,
     I know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.
    ~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life, because 
     that would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone 
     else (which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role 
     he's taken in my life (Murray, you know who you are).
    _______~D~  NO THANKS__________________________________________________________
    For the love of God, read the FAQ, folks!  If anyone writes me asking how to 
    get past certain areas, or where certain weapons are, or ways to beat bosses,
    I will simply refer you back to this FAQ.  I have already covered all that I
    think is necessary, so there if you can't find your answer here then maybe 
    it's time for you to do some thinking of your own, ok?
    Also, I hate gold-diggers.  I hate, hate, HATE people who say "Uh, you can do
    this easier if you do this.  Give me credit for it."  If you are kind about it
    and I don't actually have that information in my FAQ, THEN you get your name 
    in it.  Otherwise, I will refuse to, simply you were bossy about it.  Do NOT 
    send me 5 e-mails complaining that I didn't add you.  Tough crap, you're not 
    gettin' in for 1 measly piece of information that really isn't important!  
    That's like submitting one single trick for one single character in Marvel vs.
    Capcom 2, then saying "List me 'cause I came up with it." 
    If you write me asking for help with the game, I'll send you a link to my FAQ.
    If you ask for specific help, I'll try to aid you.  However, if you ask me 
    about something that is already covered in the FAQ, I will simply refer you to
    the FAQ again.  I wrote the FAQ so that your questions would be answered here,
    not so I could repeat that FAQ bit by bit through e-mail for the next few 
    years.  If you need clarification about something in the FAQ, ask about it...
    but don't ask me to repeat anything.
                                        End FAQ
    The following are sites that can NOT use my work.  If you see these sites using
    ANY of my FAQs, please e-mail me ASAP.  Each of these websites are sites that
    have plagiarised myself or others in the past, or simply taken our work(s)
    without our prior permission.  Since they do not have enough respect for the
    authors (or an ignorance of the law), I am expressly forbidding them from using
    my work.  I will not promote such sites that partake in these actions.
       911 Codes                     http://911codes.com
       9 Lives                       http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
       Bean's PlayStation Dimension  http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm
       Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
       Cheat Index                   http://cheatindex.com
       Cheat Matrix                  http://cheatmatrix.com
       Cheat Search                  http://cheatsearch.com
       Cheatstop                     http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/
       CNET Gamecenter               http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/
       Console Domain                http://www.consoledomain.co.uk
       Dirty Little Helper           http://dlh.net
       Dark Station                  http://www.darkstation.com/
       Dreamland                     http://kirby.pokep.net
       Games Domain                  http://www.gamesdomain.com
       Game Express                  http://www.gameexpress.com
       Games Over                    http://www.gamesover.com/
       Mega Games                    http://www.megagames.com
       Square Haven                  http://www.square-haven.net
       Ultimate System               http://www.flatbedexpress.com
       VideoGaming.net               http://www.videogaming.net/
       Cheats.de                     http://www.cheats.de
    (Taken from Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin's FAQ Theft Guide, as well as added
    As I stated above, if you want to use one of my guides, I ask that you e-mail
    me to gain my permission first.  I like to keep track of which sites use my
    work, so I know where to send the updates, and it's a little difficult to keep
    you updated if you don't e-mail me.
    This FAQ Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, March 2003

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