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    Game Script by dinobotmaximized

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/30/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Script Version 1.0
    Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione (dinobotmaximized)
    Email: dinobotmaximized (at) yahoo (dot) com
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. Script
    IV. Credits and Thanks
    V. Legal
    I. Introduction **************************************************************
    In this FAQ I have typed up the dialogue and story related text that appears 
    in Combatribes for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The text is 
    exactly as it appears in the game except it's not all capitals.
    II. Version History **********************************************************
    1.0 - July 30, 2005
    III. Script ******************************************************************
    The Combatribes have come to
    New York City, the center of
    all evil in the United States.
    They have heard a rumor about
    a mysterious organization,
    "Ground Zero" who controls
    the street gangs of America.
    Bullova: I wonder if the Ground Zero
             leader is here?
    Blitz: I have an idea.
    Berzerker: Let's go where the action is.
               That's where we can find the
               Ground Zero leader.
    Act - 1
    The Motorcycle
    Fats: Hey you guys... what are you
          doing ?
          These guys are wimps. I'll
          blast them with my slab of 
          lumber. Check it out!!
    After defeating Fats...
    Berzerker: Hey, fat head, what do you know
               about Ground Zero?
    Fats: Nothing. I'm just a slave.
    Berzerker: Well then, who does know
               something you slob?
    Fats: The Demon Clowns know. They
          control Coney Island.
    Act - 2
    The Demon Clowns
    Salamander: Haaa, haaa, haaa... Get out of
                here. You can't defeat my.
                I'll fry you with my breath.
    After defeating Salamander...
    Berzerker: Hey, billiard-head... what do
               you know about Ground Zero?
    Salamander: Not much. I'm just a slave. I
                do know the boss is a woman.
    Berzerker: What?
    Salamander: If you want more details, go
                to the Lexington king disco
                on the lower east side.
    Act - 3
       The Slash
    Skate Screamers
    Trash: Hyaa!
           So you're the Combatribes?
           Salamander has told me about
           I'm afraid you will not learn
           anything from me.
           I will destroy you right here
           and now.
    After defeating Trash...
    Berzerker: So, you piece of "Trash". You
               are not as strong as you think.
               Now tell me about Ground Zero!
    Trash: Not on your life! Even if I
           knew, I wouldn't tell you.
           Go see the barbarians at the
           stadium in Harlem. Defeat
           them and they'll talk. Ha ha.
    Berzerker: This run-around really
    Act - 4
    Wind Walker: I am the famous Wind-walker.
                 If you defeat me I'll tell
                 you everything you want.
                 But I warn you, I have never
                 been defeated. I fight for
                 the honor of all warriors!
    After defeating Wind Walker...
    Berzerker: Now! Tell me about
               the boss of Ground Zero!
    Wind Walker: Ground Zero is the evil
                 organization that unified
                 all gangs in New York City.
                 It is controlled by a woman
                 who appeared one day. She has
                 quickly unified all gangs.
    Berzerker: Who is this woman?
    Wind Walker: ...Her name is Martha. Martha
                 Splatterhead. That's what they
                 call her.
    Berzerker: Ohh. As expected. Where is 
    Wind Walker: Her Ground Zero headquarters
                 is located at 1991 G. Z. ave.
    Act - 5
    M. Blaster: Welcome, Combatribes! Do you
                remember me? I am David, the
                Colonel from the 3rd division.
                Now I am a cyborg and you
                are powerless against me!
    After defeating M. Blaster...
    M. Blaster: Ugh...I...I... was beaten.
    Berzerker: Why did you escape from the
    M. Blaster: The army's biotech lab made 
                Martha and I into Cyborg's
                and we wanted revenge.
                That is why we formed
                the Ground Zero organization.
    Berzerker: Where is Martha?
    M. Blaster: On the roof top. She's
                very powerful!!
    Act - 6
    The Final Battle
    Martha: How have you been? It's been
            a long time.
    Berzerker: We were hoping it wasn't you!
               We've been looking for you
               for a long time. Why don't 
               you come back with us.
    Martha: Back where? To the lab?
            No way. You must 
            eliminate me.
    Berzerker: Is there any way that you
               will come with us?
    Martha: No! I will fight until
            I am defeated.
    After defeating Martha...
    Martha: To tell the truth...I
            was hoping you would find me.
            I can not control myself.
            It is only you that can stop
            my destructive cyborg acts.
    After Martha was defeated,
    the Combatribes left...
    never to be seen again...
    IV. Credits and Thanks *******************************************************
    Thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ. 
    Thank you to IGN for hosting this FAQ.      
    Thank you to Neoseeker for hosting this FAQ.
    V. Legal *********************************************************************
    This FAQ is Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione. This may be not be reproduced 
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed 
    on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
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