Review by Braben

Reviewed: 02/15/04

Acclaim please, stick to crappy movie based games, please…

Here we have the guys from Acclaim sticking their noses in the soccer genre, like if it weren’t enough with their action games. Ok, this game wasn’t designed directly by them, a company called Black I don’t know what did it, but Acclaim was the publisher, and you know Acclaim, before publishing something at least take a look to see if it is at least playable, isn’t it obvious?, bah!

Gameplay (2/10):
The game’s presentation is pretty catchy, there is even a stupid looking TV announcer talking about the match before it starts, but we are into the play field the nightmare begins.

The gameplay is bad, the game is slow, passing and shooting is hard and frustrating, and that is enough to ruin a soccer game. Passing the ball is a nearly impossible task, because to pass the ball the players stop running and take their time to do it, and that “time” is an eternity. Also the way they shot sucks, remember that Simpson chapter in which Mr. Burns tries to throw the baseball ball ands it end up just 10 centimetres in front of him?, the same happens here when you shot, it is like if the players were all stupid weaklings, it is simply impossible for them to perform an action successfully, and needles to say that we can’t pass automatically, and if all of that weren’t enough, there is no real difference between passing and shooting, both movements look exactly the same, really, just play and see.

Then another big problem with the gameplay is that we can only take control of one player, if one of our mates gets the ball of course we will take control of that player, but when the contrary has the ball you can’t switch between you mates, you will have to run like hell from wherever you are to try to slide or tackle, and that is another one, if they were slow passing and shooting, you juts can’t image the way they “try” to stole the ball, there is no way to try to do that, just wait till the contrary does something wrong and if you are lucky enough then one of your players will get it, otherwise don’t bother.

I have to admit that I have played this game for a very short period of time, one day a friend of mine arrived at my house with this game, we started playing and quit in more or less one hour because we were bored, one hour maybe is not enough time to see what a game has to offer, ok, it sure is not enough to see what a game has to offer, but I guess that is not always true, you don’t need one entire hour to enjoy games like Super Mario Kart or Super Mario World, or International Super Star Soccer now the we are talking about soccer games, in fact, five minutes into any of the above mentioned games is enough to consider them instant classics, correct me if I am wrong please.

Graphics (7/10):
Not bad, good actually, the player’s movements are quite realistic, but seeing them running like morons because of the stupidly slow gameplay it is not something very nice. Pretty good anyway, which is very sad because it is the best feature in the game.

About the music I don’t even know why I bother to say something, there isn’t any as you probably guessed, the sound of crowd while playing and the menu theme are ok, I guess, not that I care.

As a result:
So World Class Soccer is a terribly boring and horribly done soccer game, still, it is not as bad as FIFA International Soccer 93, because at least if you try really hard you can have some very slight fun, but with great soccer games such as Super Soccer or the all mighty International Super Star Soccer in our Snes, this one is just a bad joke.

”My lack of vocabulary and grammatical errors (if there’s any) are because I’m not from an English speaking country, sorry about that.”

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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