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Reviewed: 01/03/01 | Updated: 01/03/01

An overall good port of the arca... WHAT?? NO BIG ROBOTS TO RIDE??

I have to say I was kind of disappointed with this game. Captain Commando was one of the most fun Final Fight clones from Capcom. I remember playing it to death when I was about 13. I never managed to beat it with one single quarter though. 4-player games were insanely fun. It was one long and juicy game. If I’m not mistaken, the original arcade game was released in 1991. I have always wondered why Capcom never made a port for the Super NES. Then, in 1995, when the Super NES was dying already, they did this port of an old (yet great) game. Is it bad? Is it good? Let us see.

Story: Your old “salve the world”(tm) plot, we all have seen it many many times already. Not that you really need an elaborate story to beat people up though.

Graphics: The sprites in the SNES game are smaller than the original. Which is understandable, due to the console’s limitations. One bad thing I noticed was that much less colors were used. Probably because of that, the game’s colors seems to be somewhat darker now. Also, because of Nintendo’s non-violence politics, blood is gone. Instead, damage made by blades result in yellow little stars ala Street Fighter II. The heroes, as well as the foes, show a little lack of frames. There are some nice stages though. Not really really bad, just not the same as the arcade. (6.5/10)

Sounds: Ouch! Bad, bad! The music made it very poorly into the console. The BGM is the same from the arcade, but they sound kind of stupid on the SNES. (4/10)

As for the sound FX... God knows why, but whenever you play as Jennety and press ‘jump’ and then ‘punch’, Jennety’s “Aaaaahhhh” seems to be cut in the middle, so that you only get an “Aaa”. The voices overall seem kind of garbled. What the hell is that sound you get when you pause the game? Is that supposed to be a laugh? All of the weapons (bazooka, pistol, m-gun) sound very lame. Also, Nintendo’s non-violence politics indirectly affected the sounds as well. All the blade sounds were replaced by standard punch-sounds, which per se aren’t that good. Oh, wait, Sho’s blades still sound like blades. Yay. (4.5/10)

Control: This is probably the worst aspect in the game. Most of the moves are there, but some are almost impossible to do, like the ‘jump’, down+’punch’ attack. Also, everything seems to happen in a slow pace. It’s not that there’s slowdown (not that I’ve noticed), it’s just that things are slower. The throws, the punch sequences, the jumps… Odd. The response time can give you some problems, too: it’s impossible to do combos on more than 2 enemies at the same time without being hit like it was in the arcade game. Bad control, sadly. (4/10)

Gameplay: The same as the arcades. Final Fight-style game with a bunch of enemies, punches, flying kicks, items, bosses etc.. Too bad the bosses are a lot easier. All of the nine original stages are there, which is good. But, as said before, the action is often slow. I guess most of the stuff that’s missing had to be removed because of memory/CPU limitations. If this game had a PSX port, it would’ve kicked… um, butt.

You can choose among four characters: Captain Commando, the main guy in the game that is somewhat of a super-hero; Jennety – a mummy (?) that fights with knives; Sho – a cool Ninja; and the weirdest of all, Baby Head , who is a genius baby that pilots a humanoid fighting machine. There aren’t many differences among them. Baby is slightly more strong and slower, Jennety is a little faster than the others... The only noticeable differences are their moves. Some of them are useful (Commando’s flaming arm), some of them are not (the desperation attacks make you waste too much health and they don’t hurt the enemies very much). Maybe Capcom should’ve put more effort in the characters. But this game still can provide quite a bit of fun. (7/10)

Replay? Yes. It’s always fun to beat people up (when there’s hit detection. Fortunately Cap. Commando has it). You can play it to the end, and see if you can beat it with only one continue. Also, 2-player games are still fun. Other than that… Well, nothing new was added. On the contrary, some things are missing, like those green, blue and red robots. My favorite was the blue one. [Fissss -- Ka-ching! You’re frozen dude!] (6.5/10)

Overall: It is an enjoyable game, despite its many flaws. If you’d like to have Cap’n’s gang at home without having to buy an expensive arcade machine, buy it if you find it. Or emulate it. Just don't expect an exact port of the original. (7/10 - not an average)

[Date of the review: 04-20-2000]
[Last updated: 12-30-2000]

Rating: 7

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