Review by Fox Fire

Reviewed: 05/19/04

"Go for ba-roke!"

Once again, a review for another very old game!

Story: 8/10

I actually got to read the comic in the original instruction booklet, but it's been about nine or ten years since I saw it, so I'm a little foggy about it. This pig guy, Oinker, was trying to build the best museum in the world, so he had this local genius kid make him a time machine to get stuff from each era in history. However, there was something wrong with the machine, and it's actually stealing stuff from each time period, instead! Meanwhile, Bubsy, his armadillo pal (forgot his name), and his nephew and niece (I think) were just driving by when suddenly, their radio breaks and their car suddenly crashes into Oinker's museum! Bubsy's nephew and niece head on inside out of curiosity, and Bubsy goes in after 'em.

I'll give 'em points for the comic. :)

Graphics: 9/10

Once again, the graphic look great. I especially like the graphics in the music levels. Just like the last Bubsy, there's also lots of animation on all the characters, and nothing looks bland.

Sound: 7/10

Ugh! Okay, the game suffers in the music this time. Everything's in some kind of shuffle that randomly changes its tune. It can get very annoying sometimes, and it's very distracting. However, the game has good sound effects, and it also has an option to turn the music off. I usually just turn off the music and keep the sound effects. Also Bubsy's one-liners before the stage begins are completely randomized this time, so don't worry about getting TOO annoyed by that. ;)

Controls: 7/10

Well, the controls on Bubsy himself feel a bit tighter this time. He can still glide when he jumps, and he still tries to break into a run, but fortunately you'll be spending most of your time jumping instead of trying to slow him down. However, when you go to select of fire weapons, it's easy to get the buttons confused. It's also easy to get the "fire forward" and "fire underneath" buttons in the flying stages confused.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay is a little better in this game because of a few things. First, Bubsy can now take more than one hit! He can take three hits, and you can see in the corner how many hits you've taken by looking at his face. You can also collect bandages when restore your health. Second, you now have weapons! NERF guns turn an enemy into a trading card, Smart Bombs turn all enemies on stage into marbles, Black Holes get you out of a stage (good for when you're running out of time), and Scuba Gear lets you enter water to play a mini game. You can collect weapons in the stages, or buy them at the "gift shop" (the menu comes up after each stage). Third is the different types of mini games. You still enter them from doors, but instead of just sliding down a chute with lava-looking water, you get to shoot frogs at objects for extra lives, or guide an armadillo through a car engine for extra points and items. Fourth is the different kind of levels. While many are the "jump and run" kind of games, there's also a few stages that are shooters instead.

Anyway, the game layout is like this: You choose which wing you want to play in. Each wing has three levels with six stages on each. Five are regular levels that you must complete first, and the last one is a boss stage. The five levels cover ancient Egypt, music, the middle ages (the "jump and run" stages), aviation (the shooter stage), and a stage about space pirates (which is a combination of both types of stages). The stages are very HUGE. After you beat those levels, the boss door opens. Defeat the boss to go up to the next level. There's also a 2-player mode, where you can play as Bubsy and a friend can play as Bubsy's relatives who can shoot pies at enemies.

The game can still be hard and frustrating, though. You don't get as many lives starting out like you did in the first Bubsy, and there's a lot more enemies. Bubsy can still instantly die from falling into water or falling onto spikes. The bosses are very annoying because they consist of five enemies that are up so high and fire things down on you. When try to jump on them (using weapons is too hard here), you usually wind up getting hurt yourself. Not only that, but you have very little time to defeat the bosses. Finally, in that last few levels, it's very easy to get lost in a stage.


Good points:
-Still has nice, colorful graphics.
-Easier than the last Bubsy game. Bubsy now has a health meter that can be replenished, and lives are easier to get.
-A variety of different kinds of levels, mini games, and items to get.

Bad points:
-The music is annoying.
-It can still be pretty frustrating with all the enemies, easy-to-get-lost-in later levels, and tricky bosses.
-No passwords this time.

What should you do?

The game is old ten years old, so it won't be easy to find it. The best way to go is probably rent it first, if your local video game place still has SNES games for rent. If not, the emulate it. If find that you like it enough, or if you just really like a challenge, then by all means, buy it...especially if you can find it cheap!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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