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"Score On These Guys, You're A Hero. Miss It, And You're History."
"Playing with the big boys is simple. Take the puck up the ice, throw a deke on the defenseman, and let it go. If you're quick, you'll catch the goalie napping and put in the five hole. In this game, you're playing against all the same players I do. Oates, Lindros, Messier, Modano, Mogilny, Belfour, and McSorley... Guys who skate fast and hit hard. So if you feel like a hero, go for it. But remember. If they catch you with your head down, you're history. - Brett Hull

- See Brett Hull and over 600 NHLPA stars in 16 Mega-bit, digitized Mode 7 action.
- Use your complete arsenal of slapshots, wrist shots, and full-force body checks.
- Hear pro sports announcer Al Michaels call the play-by-play.
- Shut 'em down on "D" from a realistic, rink-side perspective.
- Spend time in the "Sin Bin" for slashing, cross-checking, holding...all the penalties the refs love to call.
- Play a full 84-game season, half season, 11-game short, exhibition, or even a 7-game playoff for the championship.
- Go against the computer, against a friend, or in a winner-take-all shootout.
- Set up your own lines for scoring and power-plays.

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#12 lowest rated SNES sports game (#78 on SNES, #4330 overall)


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#9 easiest SNES sports game (#64 on SNES, #8261 overall)


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#61 longest SNES sports game (#277 on SNES, #14156 overall)


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