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Once upon a Time in Toontown. . .
Bonkers D. Bobcat, the most popular star of all time, has stumbled upon, what may be the most despicable crime ever committed in Toontown. Some unidentified thief has stolen three Toondom's most priceless treasures:
The Sorcerer's Hat, The Mermaid's Voice and the Magic Lamp!
Fortunately Bonkers is now a cop, so he's on the case before you can say "sarsaparilla." Hollywood and Toontown are both turned on their respective ears as Bonkers tears through looking for clues to the mystery. His trusty friend Fall-Apart Rabbit is here to lend a hand but for Hollywood's sake let's hope the pressure doesn't cause Bonkers to fall apart.
Bonkers must find the culprits and gets things back to normal in Toontown. Or at least as normal as things get because he's Bonkers, totally nuts!

- 6 wacky worlds right out of the hit Disney Afternoon TV show!
- Collect bombs and shields to help Bonkers survive while he searches for clues.
- Excellent fun for the entire family.
- For one player.

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