Bring A Pitching Wedge And You'll Eat It.

So, you like chipped teeth more than chip shots. Alley gangs more than alley-oops. And in your most honest moments, you gotta admit that football is just a little boring.

Wake up and smell the blood. Spectrum HoloByte proudly throws the first punch in the Brutal Sports Series, a new line of futuristic sports simulations created by Millenium. Introducing Beastball, a rowdy ride through the football of tomorrow. Eight teams of man-made mutants, each with their own skills, duke it out for the league title and the Beastball Championship. Pit your favorite team against a human or computer opponent in the arena. And when the door slams shut, heads are gonna roll. Literally.

It's 2089, and a strip of dirt in a pit is home to the game, a fast sport guaranteed to churn the blood. Superb animations and sounds capture all the hits of slambang comedy. And they're really slambang. Stomp the other guy? You catch a cannonball. Try to run out of bounds? You suck wall. Leap high for a kick and you get skewered. The object: put the ball in the goal. How you do it is up to you.

Beastball. Football with a new set of rules. No rules.

- One or two players.
- League or Championship play.
- Special weapons and skills for each team.
- Combatant regenerator after each match.
- Laughs. Blood.

The first installment in the Brutal Sports Series.