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Guide and Walkthrough by WWalker

Updated: 03/29/2001

for Sega Genesis

Copyright William Walker. Any altering, selling or otherwise infringing my rights on this
document without my notification and consent is strictly prohibited and if you use any of the
information in this FAQ to make your own, you MUST give me proper credit for my work.
E-mail address J-D-Walker@worldnet.att.net

Aero the Acrobat is a Sonic clone that is harder than most games, so only buy it if you are
confident you can beat it.

The story is pretty simple - the mad scientist Edgar Ektor is trying to rid the world of amusement
and fun. You've got to stop him.

I made up names for each act! Not like you have to use them - it's just for fun.

There is no violence in this game.


D-pad - Moves Aero and makes him duck and climb ladders.

A button - Shoots a star if you have any, if not does nothing.

B button - If on the ground it makes Aero jump, if in the air it makes him spin. Hold the
directions you want to spin to. You can only spin once per jump, and only in each of the four
diagonal directions.

C button - If on the ground, hold C and a button on the D-pad to look to see further around you.
If you're in the air, it makes you hover for a few seconds. If you're on a tightrope you'll hang
from the bottom. Press up to flip back to the top. When on a ladder press C to slide to the bottom.

Start button - Pauses the game.


Balloons - Jump on them to make them rise.

Spikes - In each world they look different, but they all do the same thing: kill you.

Diving board - Jump on it to dive off and down. Be sure to land in water or you'll die.

Catapult - Jump on the side without the weight and then quickly run to the other side. You'll be
bounced up. Land on it from higher up and you can bounce higher.

Cannon - First push it to where you want to blast up. Then jump on, and press down to go in.
Then press B and a pole appears with a gold ring going around it. Press B again to blast upward.
You'll blast higher the higher the ring is when you fire.

Bubble machine - Makes bubbles that you can ride up, and you can also push it.

Hoop - In some acts going through gives you points, in others you must go through in order to
complete the act.

Fiery hoop - Also gives you points, but if you don't fall right through you'll die.

Blocked hoop - Hit it three times to clear it.

Checkpole - This saves your position in case you die later on.

Star platform - Jump on it 1-3 times to make it disappear. You must destroy enough to be able to
beat some acts.

Gate - You can only go through one way.

Water - Doesn't kill you, but when you're on it all you can do is float left and right.

Star ring - Some send you to another place in the act and appear and disappear, but most end the

Trampoline - Bounces you up, land from high up to bounce higher.

Elevator: Jump on and it goes up. When it stops, jump off.

Screw elevator: The platform goes up around a screw. Jump off when it stops.


Lollipop - 100 points

Cheese - 150 points

Soda - 200 points

Hot dog - 250 points

Cupcake - 300 points

Stars - Make you invincible for a while.

"A" - An extra hit point, if you already have the maximum five hit points 100 points.

Star - Worth 1 star, you can't carry stars over from act to act.

Clock - Extra time (Running out of time doesn't kill you, it just means you get no time bonus at
the end of the act). Worthless if you've already run out of time.

Aero's face - 1 more life (you can also get an extra life for every 20,000 points or collect
everything in an act, and get 100,000 points for BIG lives).

Key - Can only be used once, used for opening doors or cages.

Lightning box - Kept until you lose a life, it allows you to make two spins on one jump, allowing
you to go higher and farther.

Parachute - Allows you to fal slowly to the ground.

Golden snitch - Allows you to fly for a while, brown with wings on each side, like in Harry
Potter. That's how it got its name.

Bonus balloon - Allows you to play a bonus act after the current act is complete.


(This may not be a complete list)

Zombies - Small guys who walk back and forth and sometimes jump, spin into them.

Clowns - Weird guys who are either stationary or sometimes moving, spin into them.

Bullies - These are nasty! They walk back and forth, some of them firing bouncing bullets.
You've got to hit them three times to take them out, and sometimes they put up their fists and
block you. Probably the best defense is to run for it.

Elephants - Some take two hits, others three. Hit them when they're not spinning.

Planes - Fly above you, sometimes diving. Two spin hits does the job.

Balloon guys - Some move in a circle, others swoop down on you. Spin-hit them.

Fire blowers - Can take four hits, and their fire takes away two health points! Either ignore them
or use stars.

Flying goons - Some fly out of the way when you try to hit them, and some drop bouncing
bullets. If you have a lighting box you can beat them, otherwise ignore them.

Ghosts - Walk back and forth, some floating in a circle. Ground ones take two hits, airborne ones
one hit.


Time bonus - 5 points per second left.

Enemy bonus - 50 points for each enemy defeated (you get points each time you beat an enemy in
the act too).

Pickup bonus - 100 points for each thing you collected.

Star bonus - 150 points for each star you collected.

Boss bonus - You get points for beating the first two bosses, I think depending on how well you
did. Does not apply in normal acts.

Bonus act bonus - If you successfully complete a bonus act, you'll get points. You'll get zip if
you died.


Act 1: Circus Cinch

Not much here. You've got to destroy seven star platforms, but they are all out in the open. If you
have any trouble, throw the game away and start playing Pac-Man. Also, when you find the
cannon which blasts you up to four star platforms, you can jump left to a platform with a star
ring. Jump in, follow the path and you'll soon find a 1-UP. Also, you can jump right from the star
platforms to a golden snitch. Fly up between the spikes to get eight stars!

Act 2: Tightrope Terror

You're invincible on the wheels, so kill as many enemies as you can. Also you need the key
before you rescue your girlfriend Ariel, so when you can, go down and when you find a cannon,
blast up high enough to reach the key but not too high or you'll be one with the spikes (push the
cannon right first)! Also on the last tightrope near the beginning hang off the bottom and drop
down on the parachute for some goodies. When you find some trampolines, bounce up/left to a
1-UP. For another two, ride all the way up on one of the balloons after that.

Act 3: Star Platform Perils

At the beginning, grab the parachute and glide down, collecting all the goodies. There's a few 1-
UPS here, pretty easy to find. You must jump on all fifteen star platforms to make the exit
appear, so explore everywhere. Always be on the lookout for secret areas or hard to reach places.

Act 4: Loopy Hoops

Jump through hoops to make them disappear, and you must jump through every one to make the
exit appear. Really straightforward, similar to the last act. When you see a golden snitch, grab it
and fly up through a hole in the ceiling to the left for more goodies.

Act 5: Night Lights

Probably the longest act in the game, you've got to hit four switches to make the exit appear.
Three of the switches have 1-UPS next to them, and near the end another 1-UP is right in your
path. You'll need lightning boxes to get some 1-UPS, so be careful not to die after getting one.
When you find a cannon, blast up in the second column from the left to find the first light switch.
When you find a bubble machine, ride up to the platforms and at the top, go right over a huge bed
of spikes via balloons - when you find two close together, ride the second one all the way up for
another 1-UP.

Then go right, and after the huge pit glide down via a parachute to the second light switch. The
third one is right in your path, just before the nasty section with you swinging on ropes - use stars
on the badniks on some of them, and if you fall, try to grab a golden snitch below. Also, on the
last spiked pit, drop down on the right and go through the wall, then go left until you find a star
ring. Warp to a place with more stuff, including a 1-UP. You can get another 1-UP if you have a
lightning box. On the last stretch with the tightropes, swing down to the bottom of them to cross
below the spikes. Also, at the end, jump through another wall to find a bully guarding a 1-UP,
then hit the last light switch and exit the stage on the right.

Bonus balloon: In Tightrope Terror, bounce up and left on the first trampoline and you'll find it.

Bonus act: Diving Danger

First climb the ladders getting goodies. Then jump on the diving board and dive WAY down. A
guy with a fan will fall with you and try to blow you away from the goodies. The fan turns on and
off, so when it's off, go towards the center. At the very bottom land in the tank in the center and
get in the exit for some bonus points.

Boss: The Stilt Brothers

Unlike most games if you die, you're damage will not be lost. The two Stilt Brothers will attack
by sometimes flaming torches down at you, so keep moving. Spin-hit their stilts (not their
bodies) to make them shorter. When both have only one section left, spin into each one four
times and you've beaten this world.


Act 1: Funpark Freakout

You've got to destroy five star platforms here, all separate. The only things worth mentioning
are: Jump onto ferris wheels to ride around and avoid the enemy hiding in them, and when you
find the tunnel with two clown faces on each side, be sure you've gotten all the star platforms
destroyed first. Little chomping mouths kill you, and when you find the first star platform, go
right and ride the balloon up to a 1-UP and clock.

Act 2: Roller Coaster Rampage

In this act you'll be riding a roller coaster and can only duck or jump. When you see goodies
above the track be sure to jump for only the 1-UPS. If you're really, good, go through once, kill
yourself near the end and then go through again and again until you get everything. Avoid spiked
pillars by either jumping or ducking. Worse are the three breaks in the track where you must be
going fast enough and jump at the right time to make it to the other side. You don't have to duck
to go through tunnels, just don't jump at the entrance.

Act 3: Night Flights

This act has about five or so sections where you ride an elevator, go through an area until you
find a key, then go back to the elevator, hold right to get off, and open the door leading to the
next section. In the secret department, when you see the cannon blast up on the two side shafts
(not too high!) and go into the shafts to the side of them, ride the balloons, and jump to the prize
(a 1-UP or clock) and then jump off before you get impaled. Use the first and only lightning box
to get up to an upper area with some stars on the left.

In the second section, when you see a trampoline with two spikes above the center, jump through
the right wall, grab the golden snitch and fly up to a 1-UP. Near the end is another 1-UP guarded
by some spikes and tine platforms. In the last two sections, you can go through the wall just
under where the elevator stops for in one case goodies and in the other, the route to the exit. In
the tunnel (shortly before the end) climb up on top of it and spin up to get four cupcakes.

Act 4: Rotor Ride

This act consists mainly of three rides on a rotor. Jump into the terminal and then you must get to
the other terminal by quickly flipping below and above the track to avoid the blockers which kill
you. Each ride is worse than the last. Oh, and there's three 1-UPS here, all in plain sight. Also, at
the end of each ride go to the bottom so you don't crash into the top of the terminal.

Act 5: Horrible Hoops

Jump through 25 hoops to make the exit appear. This act is a test of all the skills you've learned
so far. Think carefully about going for 1-UPS, as some are really hard to get. You'll be
challenged in riding swinging platforms, crossing tiny floating blocks, bouncing on trampolines
and riding on ferris wheels. Good luck. I won't say any more.

Bonus Balloon: In Rotor Ride, just before the third ride climb up some blocks on the wall on the
left, beating clowns as you go. At the top, your prize awaits.

Bonus act: Night Ride

Another roller coaster, with no jumps. Just don't touch any spikes and you'll be fine. Grab as
many 1-UPS as you can, and remember that you only have one chance to do it. If you hit spikes,
you'll get no bonus points.

Boss: Mr. Bubbles

This boss is a little tougher. Its main weapon is a mechanical hand that tries to grab you, so when
it extends, GET OUT OF THE WAY! The arena has a lot of platforms stacked up. Jump and hit
Mr. Bubbles's nose when it's flashing and he'll fire off some gray bubbles. Go to the bottom and
dodge them. After he stops firing, hit him again when his nose flashes. After eight hits, he's out.


Act 1: Tree Trouble

First go all the way right, then down the big tree, then all the way left until you find the exit. Near
the beginning, drop down the pit and go through the wall for some goodies. Also climb up the
platforms for even more stuff. When in the tree, go through the different openings for yet more
stuff. If you see a pit, look down - some have spikes, others are not spiked and have secrets.

Act 2: Barrel Roll Bonanza

Enter the log and you'll come out rolling along the ground like a maniac. Jump over pits of water
and spikes, as the both kill you. The trick is jumping when you're about to hit whatever you're
trying to jump over. Also remember what's coming next or make a map, as you don't have much
time to think. There's some goodies on the ground and air, but far fewer 1-UPS. I found this act
to be pretty hard.

Act 3: Bungee Jumping Jitters

In THIS act you'll be bungee jumping. Most of the secrets are easy to find - go left near the
beginning, climb up the platforms above the first bungee booth, and spin up to the golden snitch
past the third door. When you're bungee jumping you'll have trouble controlling yourself. If you
can, get all the stuff down there, mostly sweets (lollipop, soda, etc) but don't feel compelled to.
You'll go farther down the first time and after a while, you'll be pulled back up to the top. You
must pick up the key in each section to open the door to the next, so if you want, only go for that.
after three successful bungee jumps you're done. BTW, don't touch spikes.

Act 4: River Rumble

A weird but easy act. You'll be going down water slides avoiding spiked balls. Either jump over
them, or duck to slide beneath them. If you jump really fast you can climb up slides - 1-UPS are
sometimes at the top. There's three sections, after which you'll find the exit. Decide for yourself
whether to go for the goodies along the way.

There is no act 5, boss or bonus act.


Act 1: Museum Madness

Museum? More of a haunted lab than a museum. Anyway your main concerns here include
spikes (shaped like blades and very common) and other wretched stuff. Jump over pits of lava,
and avoid fireballs. There's a ton of 1-UPS in this whole world, most of which found by jumping
through walls - jump against every one. As for the blades that move up and down, when they go
down jump and spin through. There's screw elevators too, and heads that fire flames recessed
into walls. This place is pure skill, so any more tips wouldn't help much.

Act 2: Conveyor Belt Carnage

This place is full of conveyor belts, which are like tightropes only they move you in one
direction. Jump and spin over the blades. It's very simple, without many secrets, as always jump
through the walls. When you find the exit, get the clock to the left before jumping in.

Act 3: Terrible Tower

This act has you sliding down weird green slides. Duck or jump to avoid the blades, and it gets
tougher the farther you go. Also, some statues come to life, but you can and should run under
them. Ghosts fire little sparkles at you but disappear when you come near. If you see a route
going up or any other way except down, use it to find usually a 1-UP, but you may get killed on
the way, so think very carefully. There's some trampolines on the walls that bounce you really
high upward.

Act 4: Secret Corridor Craze

Some of the walls here are loose and can be broken open by two spins. Sometimes you must do
this to progress but most of the time it leads to secret areas, so always spin into every wall. Also
there's rods of spiked balls, but they don't kill you. There's also two really tough parts worth
mentioning: the lava ride and electric tightrope. The electric tightrope has sparks shooting along
it regularly, so keep jumping, spin over the blades, and time your spins so you won't land on a
spark. The lava ride has you riding across lava on a moving platform, jump over platforms and
blocks or for things like 1-UPS. You must have perfect timing and spinning skills if you don't
want to be a burned bat.

Act 5: Last Laboratory

Might as well save the worst for last. This stage has another much tougher lava ride that is
probably the hardest part of the entire game, chambers with electric beams flashing around in
them - run through at the right time, another and harder electric tightrope, those big blades that
you must spin by, and lots and lots of normal and lethal blades. There's also fire breathing heads,
screw elevators and chains of spiked balls. Meanwhile there's some secrets. At the start, run right
through the wall for two stars.

Then ride the screw elevator up and jump left through the wall for a 1-UP. At another point,
you'll ride a screw elevator up (I forget which one, so keep trying this at every one) and it seems
you should go right. Instead jump left through the wall and keep running left (I think it's just
after the lava ride, but I'm not sure at all) for six lollipops, six cheeses, six sodas, six hot dogs,
six cupcakes, three "A"s, three stars, and four 1-UPS! WOW!!! Finally, don't jump into the exit
when you see it - a free 1-UP is to the left.

Bonus balloon: About midway through Terrible Tower you'll see a lava pit to the right. Instead
of going down on the ladder, cross the pit via the tiny blocks until you find it. You may lose a
few lives trying, but it's worth it.

Bonus act: Trampoline Trove

Correctly played, this takes about fifteen minutes and yields about eight much needed lives.
Bounce up on all the trampolines, primarily wall ones, and get the goodies between them. If you
want to get done really fast, you can skip the goodies, but remember if you get every one you'll
get a 1-UP at the end. Take every possible path, as some lead to 1-UPS. The exit is at the very
top, obviously.

Boss: Edgar Ektor

This boss takes 10-15 minutes and 20-30 lives the first time you play. I hope you make it.
Luckily if you die you'll go back to the beginning of the last phase. First Edgar Ektor jumps into
a giant machine shaped like a monster head. It flies up, and you appear. Now you must reach the
top of what I call the "first gauntlet," a series of platforms, ledges, trampolines and ladders you
must climb. If you touch an electric charger you'll get hit, but there's a lot of "A"s on the way so
you can get lost hit points back. Don't grab any more than you need because you should save as
many as possible for the next life.

There's an electric field coming up from below, so you've got to make it snappy going up. It kills
you (duh!) When you reach the top, the machine will swoop back and forth, firing sprays of
white gas at you. Avoid them and when the mouth opens and releases a clown, spin-hit both and
it takes damage. Killing the clown won't give you any points though. After eight or so hits, the
machine takes off again.

Now you've got to climb up another gauntlet. The first time you climb each stretch the machine
will fire sprays at you and release clowns. Also watch out for the chains of spiked balls shooting
between the pipes which you also must climb. When you reach the next fight use the same tactics
as before, hitting the mouth when it opens. Keep hitting it until the mouth falls off. Now climb
up the third and last gauntlet, with spiked ball chains, electric chargers and beams, and of course
that electric field. If you make it to the top, you'll fight one last time. Jump and spin-hit the nose
as the mouthless machine flies around and fires gas at you. Keep hitting the nose and don't let up
until it takes out a propeller which kills you. Let yourself die and it retracts the propeller, then
keep hitting the nose until it's beaten.


After taking all those bashes to the nose the machine begins to fly out of control and blasts a hole
in the wall on the right. Aero automatically follows, and the machine falls off a ledge but Edgar
Ektor jumps out. Aero spin-hits him and he follows his machine down... down... SPLAT! As all
this is happening the credits are rolling, and after this you'll see your total statistics, something I
haven't seen in any other game - it tells you your final score, how many times you died, how
many stars you used, how many lives you had remaining, and how many spins you used. GREAT
JOB - YOU'VE SAVED THE WORLD OF AMUSEMENT!!! Remember that the next time you
spend an afternoon at the circus or take a walk in the woods. Good luck!

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