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Reviewed: 11/04/03

Addams Family...Zelda STYLE!

First, an opening statement. I love everything about The Addams Family. From the T.V Series (old and new), the cartoons, and the movies, The Addams Family just rule everything else...except for one thing. If not all, most of the video games about them were pretty sub-par. So when I decided to play this, I thought I'd play a few minutes and throw it out. But I was wrong....DEAD WRONG!

The Game plays a lot (if not entirely) like a Legend of Zelda game. You must obtain items, find secret staircases to Dungeons, and defeat some very tough Boss'. The main story is that Uncle Fester's wife Debbie has kidnapped Baby Pubert (how filthy), and has hidden inside her mansion. Now the Addams' look to their favorite uncle/brother whatever in hopes of finding the baby in one piece at least. Throughout the game you search the Gardens of the Addams' residence, the swamps, sewers, ice lands, mountains, deserts....yup, everything goes on at this spooky place. But it's fun.

Graphics: 10/10
For SNES, the graphics are great. The only bad thing is probably the darkness but since its the Addams', it makes sense so no deduction from that department. The enemies and the family members of the Addams Family are all present (including my Favorite, Cousin Itt, the loyal butler Lurch, and even Thing!). Superb.

Sound: 10/10
Most of the game is accompanied by erie, spooky music. This carries on for most of the levels, giving it a nice atmosphere if scary-ness. You can easily hear Fester being hit, and the sound effects from any weapons he throws.

Control: 10/10
The controls are simple enough to handle. The only problem you might have is if you walk into a wall and try walking and shooting lightning bolts at the same time, because you'll still be facing the wall and not your enemies. Other than that, smooth and simple controls all around.

Difficulty: 9/10
This game is HARD. The beginning isn't really, but mid-way through your going to have to do a lot of back tracking, and the map issued to you by Gomez in the start isn't THAT helpful. There are 4 different swamp settings, which is the real icing on the cake. The final Boss' are EXTREMELY Difficult, and you can only carry so many cookies to make you sick to your stomach. If it wasn't for a FAQ on this site, I'd still be stuck.

Replay Value: 10/10
Why so High? Because if you rush through the game, you miss all the cool backgrounds and maybe you skipped over something like a certain Item you'd like to keep. Instead of doing a quick win, simply take your time, save the game and go back to it. It will be there tomorrow.

Final Thoughts: Definitely a game everyone should play. Being a Zelda mark, I love the style adopted for this game, as it gives it a lot more to do than your average side scroller. My only Con is I wanted more Addams members from the movies to make appearences maybe to help out when your a 15 minute game walk trying to find Grand-mama to get some cookies.

Buy or Rent?
Seeing as the game was sold 10 years ago, It's safe to say you could only buy it unless in rare occasions. Either way, Buy it. You'll love it if you love old school Zelda. Otherwise (HA!), don't worry about playing this one.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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