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Reviewed: 01/03/08

The Legend of the Addams Family

My first exposure to Addams’ Family Values came through a Nintendo Power magazine. I was immediately taken in by the overhead view, item collection, numerous locales, and diverse graphics. I don’t remember how Nintendo Power rated the game, but a few weeks later I ended up with the game and have been grateful for that ever since. Normally I don’t give movie based games a second glance, but this is one of the best ever (obviously a bit behind gems such as Goldeneye).

Story (8/10)
Oddly enough, this game hardly follows the movies plot line. Debbie the nanny has kidnapped baby Pubert and taken him to a mansion. You, as Uncle Fester, must travel over the mansion grounds completing tasks and defeating a variety of foes to find a way into the mansion and rescue baby Pubert. Along the way you’ll receive plenty of help from the Addams’ clan. Granny gives you cookies for health and special abilities, Morticia will add to you ill-health, if you give her something in return, and Cousin It will give you the password (although sometimes it is next to impossible to find him), just to name a few. There are also many new characters that litter the game that will either help you or hinder you, but all are pretty interesting.

Graphics (9/10)
The graphics are fantastic in this game (considering the gaming era). The family does mostly resemble their movie counterparts, with a still picture of them being displayed during dialogs with Uncle Fester. This is extremely good considering the console. Each area of the game has a distinct look, although if you are traveling in the same area for a while, things begin to look the same. Overall though, the graphics are excellent.

Sound Effects/Music (10/10)
The sound effects are all well done, with none being particularly exceptional. I do feel that the music in the game is exceptional. In my opinion, the tracks for each area fit that particular area, and each convey a sense of isolation, which is perfect for this game as you are on your own throughout most of it. My personal favorite area, musically speaking, has to be the Wetlands.

Gameplay (8/10)
Pretty standard really. I would sometimes get annoyed in certain areas because it seemed like Fester wouldn’t respond. This usually happened while being hit by an enemy. Other than that, things were fine. Everything worked pretty well, imo, and that in itself is worth at least an 8 to me.

Manual (4/10)
I know, this is an odd category to grade a game on, but I have to mention it here. The reason I give the manual a low score is because it contains info about items you can find in the game, that don’t exist in the game! For instance, I searched for hours for the magical traveling fold-up bridge that supposedly resided in the wetlands. I’ve since learned that no such bridge exists. In addition to this, the manual also leaves out certain items that you can find. Apparently, the writers of the manual never played the game and were just throwing darts blind folded while writing this thing. D***ed fold-up bridge!

Challenge (10/10)
Well, not only is this an interesting and in-depth game, it is also darned hard. I have never actually completed this game, although I did get to the mansion once. This game will have you going for at least a few hours. I’ve played plenty of games, and this one ranks pretty high on the old challenge meter. Unfortunately, some of that challenge is due to game design. Example: Cousin It gives you passwords (very lengthy passwords, I may add), but sometimes it is virtually impossible to find Cousin It. The same goes for Granny to get cookies so you can fill up your health or enhance your attack power.

Replay Value (4/10)
Once you are done, you are done. You can play it again just for the sheer fun, but that is about it.

Overall (9/10)
This is a great game for one of the greatest systems ever. I would recommend this game to those that like action-styled RPG’s or fans of Legend of Zelda type games. Don’t let the fact that this is based on a movie (usually a death sentence for a game), this is a gem that you should be able to find easily enough on Ebay (although I haven’t looked as I already own it) and if you own a Super NES and like this style of game, it is worth your time to check it out.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Addams Family Values (US, 02/28/95)

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