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Footie At It's Finest!
Here's a soccer game that's so hot, your screen is cooking with action the minute you turn on the juice! Super shots! Offsides! Penalties! Substitutions! Cheering fans! This one has it all!

Virtual Soccer is a footie fan's dream come true! More than just a game, it's designed let you experience every aspect of this spectacular sport!
Just look at this:
- A choice of three pitches: Top view, Side view and Flat view.
- An international selection of 24 teams that vary from super tactical to downright dirty.
- Detailed graphics and animations.
- A variety of formations to choose from.
- Variable weather and pitch conditions.
- Player injuries.
- Realistic penalty shoot-outs.
- Intentional fouling.
- Five different referees ranging from blind to spartan.
- Super crowd sound effects.
- Individual statistics including Kick Power, Stamina and Speed.
- An after-match analysis.

Need we say more?

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