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by Black Rabite

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Black Rabite

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/31/10


                                          .-'_..._''.           .---.
 __  __   ___                     .--.  .' .'      '.\          |   |
|  |/  `.'   `.            .--./) |__| / .'                     |   |
|   .-.  .-.   '          /.''\\  .--.. '                       |   |
|  |  |  |  |  |    __   | |  | | |  || |                 __    |   |
|  |  |  |  |  | .:--.'.  \`-' /  |  || |              .:--.'.  |   |
|  |  |  |  |  |/ |   \ | /("'`   |  |. '             / |   \ | |   |
|  |  |  |  |  |`" __ | | \ '---. |  | \ '.          .`" __ | | |   |
|__|  |__|  |__| .'.''| |  /'""'.\|__|  '. `._____.-'/ .'.''| | |   |
                / /   | |_||     ||       `-.______ / / /   | |_'---'
                \ \._,\ '/\'. __//                 `  \ \._,\ '/
                 `--'  `"  `'---'                      `--'  `"

                           '   _    \
_________   _...._       /   /` '.   \_________   _...._      ,.--.    _..._
\        |.'      '-.   .   |     \  '\        |.'      '-.  //    \ .'     '.
 \        .'```'.    '. |   '      |  '\        .'```'.    '.\\    |.   .-.   .
  \      |       \     \\    \     / /  \      |       \     \`'-)/ |  '   '  |
   |     |        |    | `.   ` ..' /    |     |        |    |  /'  |  |   |  |
   |      \      /    .     '-...-'`     |      \      /    .       |  |   |  |
   |     |\`'-.-'   .'                   |     |\`'-.-'   .'        |  |   |  |
   |     | '-....-'`                     |     | '-....-'`          |  |   |  |
  .'     '.                             .'     '.                   |  |   |  |
'-----------'                         '-----------'                 |  |   |  |
                                                                    '--'   '--'


Magical Pop'n (SNES) Walkthrough - Version 1.2
Written by - Camden (Iscalio@Gmail.com)
Copyright 2010, Ryan Blackmore

FAQ History

Last Updated - May 30th, 2010

Version 1.2 - Fixed some small errors, changed a few things around, marked the thing up.

Version 1.1 - Added a map, think I've got most everything done outside of general polish. Never found a heart on the sixth stage, may be missing that.

Version 1.0 - Finished the actual walkthrough. Still need to clean this thing up and finish the map for stage 6.

Version 0.7 - Finished two more stages, started stage 6 but not sure how I want to tackle this one yet.

Version 0.5 - Finished three stages of the game, and from what I've gathered there's a total of six. Half way done?

Version 0.1 - Skeleton FAQ at the moment.


Released on March 10th, 1995, Magical Pop'n is a charming little platformer developed by Polestar and published by Pack In Video. While it never received a traditional English translation, it was translated by a group of fans, I assume, so that the public could play a game that otherwise would be slightly inconvenient to play. There really is very little dialogue, all of which is found before you actually start playing the game and once you finish it.

Basic Controls

A                 -  Attack with your basic magic.
B                 -  Jump.
Y                 -  Attack with your sword.
Start             -  Pauses the game.
Select            -  Attack with your advanced magic.
Shoulders         -  Changes your current magical attack.
D-Pad             -  Moves The Princess.
Y, Y, Y           -  The Princess will attack in a larger arc than usual.
B, Down, Y        -  The Princess will execute a pogo-stick like attack.
Down, Forward, B  -  Slide.


While Magical Pop'n is pretty straightforward through three quarters or so of the game, it does change things up a bit, especially during the final stage. If multiple paths are available to you I've tried to write about each one, but for the most part the game is like a lot of older platformers and beat-em-ups in that you just move from left to right.

Before You Start

The game starts with some still pictures and dialogue. I've wrote down the dialogue below for your reading pleasure.

The Magic Gem... It is said that those who possess it will obtain immense magical power... Because of its incredible power, and to prevent its misuse, it was sealed in To'ahl Castle, in To'ahl Kingdom... Hundreds of years passed, and then there appeared those wishing to awaken that power...

Behold To'ahl, a land where magic flourished... where people knew nothing but peace...
In the castle dwelt a very energetic princess.
Princess: Eeeeehehehe! Gramps! I'm over heeeere!!
Gramps: Princess!! It is time for your magic studies!!
The peaceful days left her feeling rather bored.
Gramps: Magic is hidden away everywhere, all over the world, left behind by our ancestors.
Princess: ***snoooooore***
Gramps: We've recently had word that... Hmm?
Gramps: Gwaah!!
Princess: Huhwuh...?
Gramps: Dear me... This is an ill omen indeed...!!
That night...
???: Hoh hoh hoh! That is the castle, is it not? Wherein lies the treasure of legend? Move out, my soldiers! Capture that jewel! ...so that our great Demon King may rule the world!!

The game then starts with The Princess shooting a beam of energy into the throne room, saving the king and two of his obviously useless knights from a floating demon. After escaping by flying out the window, The Princess does the same, only to fall to her doom...

Stage 1

Apparently not injured by her fall, The Princess is left all alone, out in the rain no less. Walk right, taking out the few green guys along the way. The bats aren't worth bothering with. Before jumping down the chimney, stand on the edge for a cute little graphic of The Princess trying to keep her balance.

From here, go left and open the door. Be careful about jumping here, you can stand on the pots and once there the bats can actually touch you. Fall down the hole in the floor to reach the basement. In addition to a couple of bats, you'll run across some blue slimes down here as well. Climb to the second stationary platform and jump to the moving slab, and make your way to the hole in the wall. Press up to enter.

Going all the way right will lead you to a big blue slime, but don't waste your time. Walk onto the launcher embedded into the floor to shoot into the air. You want to take the platform to the right. Climb the steps to make your way back outside, and take out the bat. Right next to the lizard you see is another enemy hiding in a barrel. Be careful about jumping above the lizard, especially with the pogo attack, or you'll take a blast of fire from the barrel lizard. There's a floor you can fall through here with a handful of enemies to fight, but other than farming for some stars or candy move on to your right. To progress through the stage faster, use the launcher to move yourself up onto the balcony, otherwise head through the front door.

From here, you can go right into the kitchen to encounter a new enemy. This guy will throw all kinds of things at you, but you can easily walk under him and use a jump attack to deal with him. Collect the 8 stars in the room if you want, and head up the stairs from the previous room. There's another lizardman here who you can avoid by going up the right set of stairs, as well as four more stars in between the crates. Once you reach the second floor, go right to find your first treasure chest, a golden bust of The Princess.

Note the bouncy beds, as you can go left to find the entrance you would have entered through had you used the outside launcher. More important is jumping while bouncing on the bed, which will launch you up a level to another treasure chest, this one containing a heart. Yay! Continue up to the third floor to find your first Sub-Boss: Furniture Mage. Once defeated, you'll proceed through the missing wall the boss just blew up.

Beware the new enemy here, as he can be rather annoying to deal with. I like to jump in the air and use your energy beam, as he'll often times jump directly into the attack. After another bomb tossing enemy you'll find a second one. Kill it before it has time to back up into the pit before you or he'll fall into it himself, forcing you to fall and hopefully pogo attack him on the way down. There's also a cannon beyond the pit that will initially launch a generic foot soldier at you before shooting traditional weaponry. If you do take some damage on the way, it's not a big deal. Drop down the pit and go through the second floor balcony to find a full cake in here. Full health! Exit and enter through the front door.

After dispatching a lizard, you'll notice some new blocks. Ignore them for now and don't waste any stars trying to energy beam them into extinction, and instead drop down below and head left. In addition to a handful of bats and a couple of slimes, there's some green electric sparks in here. Ignore them as well, you can't take them out. Enter the room behind you and acquire your second spell, an... exploding wand? If you couldn't guess by how, it will destroy the blocks you've recently been seeing. Don't try them out on the blocks immediately to your left, the room looks interesting what with the treasure chest and all, but you can't do anything in there for now except waste some stars in the process.

Instead, go back up to the first set of destructible blocks. Blow your way through them and use the beds to once again launch yourself to the next floor. A fire and spear lizard are waiting up here as well as a few stars. Once you collect the stars, drop back down and head right.

The combination of fire and spear lizard are here once again, this time with the fire lizard hiding inside a crate. Go right and take out the bomberboy, and enter the house, where you will find three treasure chests! Huzzah, your life wil... oh, it's three Mega Stars. Go ahead and bomb the spear lizard since you should have full magic here in just a second. Head back out and drop down the area right after the bomberboy.

There's three lizards to your left in here, one of the two fire lizards hiding inside a crate. Deal with them as usual and pick up the stars you likely don't need. Before entering the door, head right and destroy the blocks to come across a bomberboy guarding a chest. Inside you'll find your second bust. Only one more for an extra life! Head through the hole in the wall.

After pogo attacking the spear lizard and dodging the green spark, drop down to the lower level slowly. A spear and fire lizard wait below and you can easily fall right on top of one of them. Before destroying the blocks, head left.

In here you can either jump from platform to platform, slaying the bats that get in your way from jump to jump, or you can drop down and take out the slimes, of which metal slimes are now a part of. In the next room, deal with the slimes and bats until you reach another set of blocks to destroy, guarding the treasure chest you saw earlier when you first picked up this spell. Inside is another golden bust, which should give you an extra life. You can either jump over the crates and retrace your steps back to the blocks you've yet to destroy, or backtrack two rooms to get there.

Destroy the blocks and jump into as many of the stars as you can, hopefully making up for the stars you just spent. Before jumping onto the moving platform into the next room, drop down and take out the two slimes. Walk around under there to get a slime to drop from the ceiling, avoiding having it drop on you while on the platform. There's also a false wall directly to your right with some stars at the end, as well as a bat flying around in it. Climb the steps and take the spear lizard out from below and enter the door.

A fire lizard is once again hiding in a crate, and you can see some enemies walking around above you. Jump up and go right, as going left will take you into a room with a few soldiers and nothing else. You should come across a soldier in a tank, who will stop and fire a blast once he gets so close to you. Bomb the tank and move on. After a few more wimps another tank presents itself. Head right into the church, and your character will move forward to watch a statue explode into the Boss: Bluegoyle. Don't worry too much about strategy because it'll be replenished once you win, so if you're at full health you can just go up to him and jump slash him to death. Once defeated, The Princess runs out of the church to see a few grunts and a sunny background. Congratulations, you've finished the first stage!

Stage 2

Walk right to find a new enemy, or at least what looks to be one. Deal with the two soldiers and come at the plant from below for an easy kill. Up ahead are two fish just waiting for a snack, let them jump into the air and go all home run derby on them. Falling into the water doesn't hurt you like in a few other games, The Princess knows how to walk through waist deep water. After another soldier and fish, you'll come across a bunny hopping along. Keep moving right to make it to the next area.

In this screen you'll see a soldier, plant and fish. In addition to the door, if you jump onto the stump you'll see a circular object in the air and a platform you can't possibly jump on to. I wonder what could be on the other side of that door...

Inside the cave you'll find an electric jellyfish. Proceeding further down will bring a few more your way, as well as a plant that you can't get to from beneath. Be careful of the new armadillo like enemy up next, your sword can't hurt him while he's rolling and if you're like me you just took a needless hit.

After moving to the next room, head left first and take out the jellyfish and plant. Enter the door to pick up a handful of stars. Falling down, there's a couple more jellyfish and another plant, as well as two creatures who don't seem to want to be able to hurt you. Go left first for what looks like an empty room, but in actuality is filled with moles hiding in the ground.

Going right takes you to an armadillo and a mole, and dropping down will put you near not only some jellyfish but some nasty looking enemies. Nothing you have hurts them, so move slowly across the area and avoid getting chomped on. There's five coming from the ground and ceiling, as well as a sixth coming from the wall to your right that doesn't come out to play until you get close to it. Remember these guys, because when you fall down on your keester in the next room you'll be fighting a much larger enemy who uses these things for feelers or arms or something. Not a difficult Sub-Boss: Super Piranha Seedspitter will go down easily, allowing you to enter the hole in the wall to get your third magic spell. From here, go left to pick up not only a Mega Star but your next Heart. Now that you've powered up slightly, head right to try out your new spell.

Chain across both of the circles to get to another door, which leads to two rooms that are empty. And identical. They take you back to the start of this cave area, so go north to get back outside. Defeat the enemies again and swing over to the unexplored area. Below the next circle is a section of thorns, so don't fall. Coming up next is a seedspitter and a very bendy branch. Bounce off of it like the beds in the first stage to reach the circle, and swing over to the tree with a door coming out of it. Go into it and fall to pick up some stars, which will just take you right below where the hole in the tree is. Defeat the two armadillo enemies and make your way to the second moving platform. From here, jump right and swing to the end of the area.

The first thing you'll see in this area is a signboard with an arrow pointing right. You'll notice the ground looks awfully flimsy, and with a treasure chest just sitting out in the open this is a badly hidden trap. Of course you have to fall for it. An Ogre will fall down and shake the ground, sending you plummeting to the lower area.

On the first screen, there's a treasure chest directly above you. To reach it, you need to jump across the gap, deal with the archer and jump across one more time. Climb to the top left branch and use your magic chain to swing across two circles, falling right next to the chest. It contains the first golden bust for you. Continuing on, move across the top section as the only thing below you is another archer and a small patch of brambles. You'll arrive at another magic chain section in which either one or two flying beetles will be waiting for you. There tends to only be one, the lower one, when you get there, in which case you can swing right over it. If the second is there, be prepares to jump right as you land.

Before moving towards finishing this section, drop down and move across the lowest platform, killing the two piranha along the way. When you reach the wall, attack it to reveal a hidden door, which leads to a treasure chest containing your second golden bust of this stage. From here, you can either take the easy way or the hard way. The easy way would be to stay down here and use the tree limb to reach the higher moving platform, and from there take a secondary platform to the end of this area. The hard way requires you to chain across multiple gaps with the occasional beetle waiting if you fall, but if you make it all the way across you'll be given your third golden bust. If you've got the hang of the chain or, say, you're using something that allows you to attempt it multiple times without any of the repercussions, go ahead and pick it up. You can never have too many extra lives.

This next area is the first area of the stage where you can actually explore, but it's still pretty straightforward and filled with nothing but the occasional archer. Take the bunny out that starts out above you, as well as the next one when you go down and start moving right. Don't worry about the hole in the cave wall, you can see a treasure chest in there, or not if you destroyed the hidden wall earlier, but you can't get it. Just a bunny on this side. Moving on, jump over the brambles and launch up from branch to branch, and then move left for another treasure chest. There's a bomb in this one so walk away, it takes a while to blow so you should be fine. From here, keep jumping from branch to branch, making your way left and killing the archers you come across. They tend to be sitting on branches you need to land on but pose no problem a simple jump attack won't take care of. You should reach a chest on the top of a tree with a full cake inside, much better than the last chest.

To the right of that chest is a section of ground you can land on. You won't want to stay there, as you can find a fourth golden bust if you intentionally fall off the left edge and, once you do, fall towards your right, landing on a branch stub and jumping to the top of the tree. From here, you can chain over to the chest containing the golden bust. Also, if for some reason you've taken damage from a rogue archer recently, going to the far top right of the stage will lead you to yet another chest, this one containing another full cake. To actually advance further into the game, you need to make it to the top left section of the forest.

The launcher in this room, as long as you jump straight up, will shoot you up through a section of spikes, and at the apex of the jump move left to make it to the next door. A familiar enemy, the Sub-Boss: Green Ogre, awaits you in here, and I guess we can call him a sub-boss even though he's incredibly easy. It's that ogre from earlier! How dare he make you take the long way, acquiring an extra life along the way! Give him what for and move on. Going left will take you to the earlier bridge area that collapsed, so move right. The next screen? The stage Boss: Prickly Fruitcopter. You'll move forwards towards a hut until the boss falls from heaven. Whomp him and get your free healing, and then move on towards stage 3.

Stage 3

You know you're playing a fire stage when the screen uses the heatwave effect, so expect to find some sort of cooling ability here as well. The brambles hazard has been replaced with the fire hazard, which will take off a full hearts worth of health. Jump over it and take the platform up, and then jump to another platform and take it over to the door out of here.

Kill the slime here and move quickly across the platforms in front of you, as they'll fall and disintegrate when you land on them. Or at least they do sometimes, if you move really quick they seem to stay where they are. Once you reach the upper ledge, go ahead and fall down and hug the wall, you'll land right on a treasure chest. Pogo-attack the chest for a golden bust, jump the flame pit and either move back up the ledges or head back to the first room if you need to make them reappear.

The heatwave effect will disappear for now, and you'll face the furry critter from the first stage who loves to move in reverse. Beam him away and move on to the next door. Jump on the ledge and chain twice across to the next area, the only thing below you is a fire hazard to jump in case you mess up your chaining. Wait, Sub-Boss: Skully already? Skully looks a little intimidating but he follows the old adage of a good defense being the best offense.

After defeating Skully, move to the next room and use the launcher. Launch to the left to reach another launcher, and then from there launch to the right to reach yet another launcher. Using this one, you can reach two treasure chests on your right containing a full cake and a mega star, and move left to reach another outside area. From here, you have three different paths open to you. Take the center one first so you don't wonder if you should have went this way or not. It's got a new enemy floating around inside as well as a new block you can't currently pass, though unlike the blocks in the first stage these ones hurt. Exit, and take the path to the right.

Jump over the flame geyser when it goes down. Wait for the flail to pass and fall to the right, landing safely next to the treasure chest. Open it for a second bust and, hopefully, a free life. Jumping back up on the ledge directly above you can be challenging, as if you don't jump just right you'll fall right into the fire, but because of what's coming up don't worry about taking damage. Avoid the flail when you do make it up, jump the second geyser and move into the next room. Happiness! Three treasures! There's two mega stars as well as a full cake, so it's a little disappointing, but you should be at full fighting force now. Head back outside and, finally, head left.

Wait for the spike covered block to make its way towards you, and fall down on top of it. Halfway across the fiery area you'll have to jump off of it or be pushed off to your doom. Ride it a second time and head left for yet another Sub-Boss: Eartheye. He's the most challenging enemy you've faced up until now, but he still shouldn't be life threatening. After he's done dying, head through the left door. There's two ways you can take here, but for now it's in your best interest to take the first door you come across. Head forward and take out the slime and mummy. Travel up, killing the bomberboy to your right before he has a chance to get annoying. Heading up and to the left will take you to a chest containing a mega star, and using the circle you find you can chain to bomberboys ledge and jump to the right to find a full cake. When you're done pilfering the room, head to the left to find your fourth spell, ice! How much are you willing to bet your next spell will be fire related?

Head back outside and continue up to the second door. There's two ogre enemies in this room, but now they're pink and have a few new moves. Try and lure the bats over to the climbable section to your right, and jump up to their level to kill them. If you leave them flying around they're likely to cause you problems trying to chain over to those two chests the second ogre was near. They contain a full cake and a mega star. Continue into the next room where a trio of floating enemies await you. Kill the two jellyfish and try out your new magic. I got hit by a fireball here by not paying attention, try not to. Shouldn't be hard what with the enemy out in the open and all.

Jump across the three gaps once the fireballs go down and kill the mummy, don't worry about taking any damage. Take the two moving platforms up to reach a full cake, and then move left to the platform with the moving energy ball on it. Wait for the next platform to start moving up and jump on it and then jump left to take out the bomberboy. Move over the last platform to take out the other bomberboy and pick up a mega star. Don't immediately start moving once the next screen loads or you'll walk right off the platform, and you wouldn't want to do that because it contains your next heart. Back in this area, you can now enter the upper middle door to continue on in the stage.

Take out both of the enemies in here and enter the new area. Start by going down, where a mummy will be trapped between two fire pits. Beyond him is a treasure chest containing your third bust for this stage. Head back and jump the flail, and wait for the platform to move towards you. When it arrives, get on it and prepare to jump as a face in the wall is ready to blast you once you start moving right. Jump the blast or slash it and head through to the next area.

The next room is full of those faces from the previous room. Head to the right wall and wait for the bottom face to shoot. Jump on to the first ledge and then jump back over on top of the face. From here, jump out and up to move from face to face until you reach a treasure chest, which will contain the fourth golden bust on this stage. From here drop back down and avoid taking a shot from one of the faces, and head up towards the door. Instead of going inside, jump from one falling platform to the next to reach an even higher door. Enter and continue on through one empty room to reach the same outside area from before where you can finally get that other chest, containing a mega star. Go back to the door before the falling platforms and enter.

To reach the stars above you in here you can use your Ice Blast magic to freeze the fire pillars. The stars pretty much cancel out what you use to cast the spell, but it makes traversing the area slightly easier. Beyond the two pillars is a mummy as well as another pillar which doesn't have any practical use for you. Chain across the two circles and hopefully land beyond the second mummy, which you can then knock into the fire to kill him. Beyond is another outside area with even more mummies which are becoming the favorite enemy of this stage, take them down and move on again.

In here, there's a door to your left that leads to the bottom of a shaft, so you can safely ignore it and start moving up the stage. After killing the Ogre, which can be done easily by jump slashing him from below, you can open up two treasure chests, the one to the left containing a bomb and the one to the right containing... a bomb. Okay. Above you is a bat as well as another ogre, who is once again guarding two chests. The rewards contained in these is much better than the previous two, as you'll get a full cake and a fifth golden bust, which should give you yet another free life!

Heading through the top door, you'll be faced with some falling platforms and an open shaft, which is just the upper section from the previous shaft you saw, so falling doesn't send you back too far in the stage. There's a total of twelve platforms you have to work with, and make sure you take the right door first as it contains three treasure chests containing a full cake and two mega stars. These should get you ready for the stage Boss: ElementOre, who is two empty rooms away after going through the door to the right of the shaft. Once defeated, a cloud comes and whisks The Princess away to the next stage

Stage 4

The cloud drops you off somewhere that looks like a pantheon floating in the sky. Head into the second room and move towards the statues. These things are obviously coming to life, so wait under each one and take them one at a time. Beware the cannon coming up in the next room, you can avoid it easily by standing right up against it, and safely jump slash from there to kill the jellyfish. The two treasures contain a full cake and a mega star, so you can go ahead and skip them if you don't need them, just to make sure you don't take a laser to the face. Don't worry about the statues in the next room, those ones don't come to life.

Just like stage 3, you'll get a Sub-Boss: Greengoyle rather early here. Greengoyle looks exactly like the boss from the first stage, but attacks you like the gargoyles from a few screens earlier, plus the drill attack. Defeat him and move on. Start the next room by killing Bob and chaining across to a chest, containing a golden bust. Chain a second time to kill a second Bob to open a second chest containing a second golden bust. Not sure why they placed them so close together, but you can drop down to get four more chests containing two mega stars and two bombs, the bombs being the chests between the others. Continue on to a more cluttered room.

First, take out the jellyfish floating before you. The last thing you need is a stray bolt to hit you out of nowhere. Jump on the spike encrusted moving platform and ride it until you reach the spike wall. Jump off of it and jump over the platform coming at you the other way. On the other side of the wall, there's another jellyfish as well as a gargoyle, they're easiest to deal with by getting to dry land first.

In the next room, drop down and get rid of the two piranha in the shallow water, I didn't give them a chance to try and bite me while I was chaining across to the next area. Drop into the first hole and toss a bomb to get rid of the penguin in the next hole. Don't worry about taking spike damage, but by barely tapping the jump button while pressing up against the wall, you shouldn't connect with the spikes when you jump. Move up and open the chests, which contain a full cake and a mega star, to reach the next door.

Drop down and kill the penguin first. Go back up and chain across. Be doubly wary as not only do you have to kill the mummy hovering around the edge of the platform, it will also fall so move off of it to make it to the treasure against the wall, containing a mega star.

This next room can be a little tricky. There's two large jellyfish you should probably take out before doing anything else, and then stay down and move under the two flails. Up next are two pairs of bouncing balls, which you need to quickly move under. A hit from them will take off a full heart. Before doing anything else, kill the third jellyfish. You can leave the two piranha below alone, as heading back and then up will only cause them to respawn anyway. Move to the fourth platform right before the circle, and time the jump so you'll be moving forward on the swing as the face shoots. This should allow you to land and move on again without being knocked off of the platform below. Even if you go a little early, The Princess should swing backwards right into one of the shots, which should knock her right to the platform you want to be on. Move on, hopefully with most of your hearts intact.

There's two more faces in this room, wait for the one shooting at you to attack and drop down. There's a treasure chest on both the left and right sides you can access by jumping up into a hidden path. The right chest contains a mega star, and the left contains your heart piece for this stage. When you enter the next room a gate will close behind you, but the expected sub-boss never appears. Walk forward and step on the button to cause four penguins to fall down on the above platforms. Kill all of them to open the gates blocking the two doors.

The next room contains four pots, three of which contain flames. Huh. Move forward to the next room. Head forward through the stream and jump on the two ice blocks, which unlike the frozen fire from the last stage you can't destroy just yet. Jump up and take out the mini dragon and then land on the platform itself. There's three sets of floating platforms that move in a kind of circle, and a face shooting a beam at you from the left side for each platform. There's platforms you can land on to the right, all of which are guarded by mini dragons, but it's easiest to just move up quickly and ignore them. Take the left door as you can't proceed through the right at the moment.

Before moving to the right, kill off the jellyfish floating in the room. The button on the floor in this room will open the gate only if it's being held down. Push the cannon sitting to your right on top of the button and head into the next room. The button in here will cause a dozen stars to appear around you. Head into the next room to fight a pair of gray ogres, and drop down through the ground to pick up your fifth spell, fire! Try out your new spell if you want, there's two treasures in the room containing mega stars, which just so happen to refill the exact amount the advanced version of your new spell costs to use. Leave the room to find yourself behind the ice cubes from one of the rooms I told you to skip. Don't ever tap to use the fire spell as it's never going to be worth it, so hold down and melt those cubes. Proceed down, I just jumped and managed not to fall right into a laser, and melt the cubes blocking the door to your right to see two dragons putting together the next Sub-Boss: Sir Frosty. Hey, he has a painting of himself in the background!

Drop down, but make sure you move forward or the current will push you back into the spikes. Take out the plant and move forward. There's another two plants ahead, as well as some icicles that will fall from the ceiling. Walk forward slowly and they'll fall harmlessly in front of you. Ignore the piranha below you and ready your magic chain. Jump on the platform that disappears and chain across to the door.

In here, wipe out the jellyfish and get ready to do some jumping. Don't worry about taking a hit or two, just don't take too many that you lose a life. The balls of ice never end so you need to jump over them until you reach the safety of the ice. You'll have to deal with some more jelly fish as well as a Cubespitter sitting on a treasure, which contains a mega star. After that, you'll have to move forward and jump a few more times, as well as dodging some falling ice cubes. You can move against a wall and the snowballs will roll over you. At the end of this area is another plant sitting atop a treasure, this one with a full cake inside.

In here there's four moving platforms with spikes on the side. Jump on the small ledges on the side and then onto a platform. Move up to the fourth platform and ride it to the door. Before you do anything in here, move around and get the feel of the stage. There's a spike platform you need to ride, as well as two spike platforms with the spikes on the top and bottom you need to move under. Pressing the button will cause four platforms to appear, but you have a limited amount of time to get to and use them before the button depresses and you have to head back.

You start the next room directly under a face. Stand still for a second and let it fire, if you start this room moving forward you'll get blasted. There's three treasures in the top left containing a mega star, a full cake and a golden bust, enough to give you a seventh life if you have yet to die. Jump to the top right and kill the mummy, then move down to the bouncing balls. Move between them to get to the button, which is times just like the last one. Press it and slowly move back, you should have plenty of time to reach the door. Don't worry about the opening above you, that's just where the mummy drops into the stage from.

This room has six icicles, but being able to see them clearly makes avoiding them a cinch. Kill the three penguins and move on. Use the launcher here and move up to a third timed button. Before pressing it, use the chains to move slowly up and to the right to pick up a fourth golden bust. If you jump just right you can start on the second circle from the bottom, making the process a lot easier to accomplish. There's a mummy waiting for you, thankfully he doesn't toss his rock while you're out there swinging.

You need to kill the four penguins and the jellyfish in this room to open the gated door. The two chests contain a full cake and a mega star. Jeez, if this just doesn't scream boss room coming up next I don't know what does. And... then there's no boss room next. Well played. The gargoyles from early in the stage are here, deal with them one at a time again. Move on to the next room and finish the penguins. There's three chests in here with two mega stars and a full cake. I'm not sure how much magic they expect you to be using in this game, but they throw a lot of mega stars at you. A few rooms after my initial prediction, and you've reached the Boss: Waterwocky. Finish Waterwocky off to move on to the fifth stage.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is somewhat convoluted, as there are multiple paths open to you right off the bat. Start by going forward and killing the lizard on top of the elevator. You can go either way from here and they both end up in the same place. If you're going to take the elevator skip the next paragraph, otherwise move on.

Route A: Skip the elevator and move forward, killing the peon and ignoring the mech riders. Inside, head up the platforms and just ignore any damage you take. The two treasures above you contain the obvious mega star and full cake combo. Enter the next door. Head across the area, killing the two kinds of foot soldiers you encounter. In the next room, head down and get the treasure containing a full cake. The bomb blocks, returning from the first stage, only guard two treasures containing a mega star and a bomb, so move on. The moving platforms raise up high enough to crush you in the spikes, so move from one to the next while they're still ascending. Jump and take the stars if you wish, and then fall down and ignore the passage to the left, that's where you'll come out if you take the elevator at the start of the stage. Skip the next paragraph if you didn't take the elevator.

Route B: Take the elevator down and head right. Kill the two foot soldiers and avoid the mech riders. Enter the door and move left. Chain over to the moving platform, grabbing the stars next to you if you need them. Hop across the two platforms with electric balls moving around them, and jump attack through the platform above you to kill the spearman. Take the platform and head right, ignoring the first door you come across. It just leads to a platform with a spearman and a dozen or so stars. Drop down and be ready to deal with the two foot soldiers below you, and then take the door outside. Head forward and kill the bomberboy and take the elevator up. There's a foot soldier to your right and a bomberboy on top of the elevator. There's a mega star to your left guarded by a peon if you chain across. When you're ready, head right and go in the door. There are two spearman waiting for you when you drop down, avoid them for now and go left. The door here leads to an enclosed area with a treasure, containing a full cake. Eat up and move back in, killing the two spearmen. Destroy the bomb blocks, take the moving platform up and pilfering the chest of a mega star along the way, and enter the door. Fall down and ignore the area above you, that's where you'll come from if you skip the elevator at the start of the stage. Move on to the next paragraph no matter which route you took.

There are a handful of enemies in this room, a spearman, a bomberboy and a rocket grunt. The two chests contain your favorite combo and mine. In the next outside area, move forward until you reach the elevator and take it down. Now you have a number of different elevators available to you. Take the one to the left and then move right to kill the golden head, and enter the door here. It contains three chests behind a pair of bomb blocks and fire blocks, which will also unleash four electric balls. If you don't need either stars of life just ignore these as you're likely to take damage getting to the cake and use stars getting to the stars. Back outside, drop off the ledge and go right. Freeze and destroy the fire blocks and enter the door. There are a lot of spikes in this room, and the treasure on the other side of the launcher has a golden bust in it. I took a hit getting to it. The launcher shoots you up to two more launchers, which both shoot you into a grouping of stars. The door is on the right.

Move up a platform or two and destroy the bomb blocks. In here, avoid the two flails and open the chests to the left and right, containg a mega star and full cake. The middle chest has a bomb. The hole in the wall might look a little menacing, but it contains your final spell. Head back to the room with the moving platforms and continue up, jumping to avoid being pushed into the spikes. The chests at the top contain a mega star and a golden bust. Head outside and defeat the head to drop down to arrive back at the screen with all of the elevators. If you take the elevator at the far right, and you shouldn't, it leads to a room with three spearmen and a floor you can drop through. When you do, some spikes to your left start moving and you have to move forward, kill a head, drop down again and repeat three more times. This leads you to a launcher you need to take, move over between some spikes and finally head out, killing a head and dropping down, right to where the third elevator will take you to begin with. It's a hassle for nothing.

So take the third elevator and haed right and enter the door guarded by a spearman. Use your Sonic magic to roll up the wall and reach the other side of the cannon. Push it off the side to hold the button down, and enter the door. There's two small doors in here which feed foot soldiers to you, which are used for magic and health purposes. Go to one side and kill the foot soldier already there, and then jump into the wall and roll up it. A Sub-Boss: RhinOgre, is waiting for you here. A few seconds after dying, his door opens up to a purple palace.

Move forward and chain over the fire below you. The four moving platforms ahead of you go far enough down or up to either engulf you in fire or crush you under the spikes, so move across them while they're in the middle of their paths. The first and third will take you into the fire and the second will crush you in the spikes. The fourth is supposed to crush you under the spikes but on the left quarter of the platform is actually under the spikes so it's safe to sit on that one. If you want to grind a few stars or some candy enter the door, it's a single room containing about eight foot soldiers for you to kill. When you're done, move on by rolling up the right wall. Hold right to safely land on a small section here. Jump left and roll up the left wall now, but hold right so when the jump ends you fall to another safe section.

The treasure on the other side of the bomb block contains a golden bust. Roll up the right wall, collecting the stars and holding left to fall near the door. Ignore it for now and move left. Take the rotating platforms left, avoiding the fireballs on the way, and enter the door here to find a pyramid of treasures. From top to bottom and left to right, the six chests contain a golden bust, a mega star, a full cake, a second golden bust, a second mega star and a bomb. Awesome room! Leave and fall of the ledge to land safely below, and roll up the wall to the left to reach a pair of chests. These contain a full cake and a heart. I was beginning to think this stage wasn't going to have one of those. Drop back down and head right, don't bother with the launcher for now. Head into the door and move under the flail to get a treasure with a full cake. Keep dodging the flail and take the platform, but don't stay on it or it will smush you into the ceiling. Chain across the gap and take the door outside.

You'll see two mech riders out here doing something to the elevator, which you can't currently use. They can't hurt you or you them, so move past them and enter the door to face off with the next Sub-Boss: Rocket Knight. Defeating him leads to a room you need to roll up, except there's some crystal like spikes that will pop in and out of the wall. Starting from the left, roll and you should barely go up the second wall, with the roll ending before the spikes there can come back out and hurt you. Roll again and enter the door. The only thing to do in here is press a button which opens the door on the other side of the wall. To get here, you need to backtrack to the door just before the rotating platforms that surrounded a couple of fireball shooters. Or, you could just take the elevator which is now usable! Directly to the left is the room you'd have gone through had you backtracked all the way, and it doesn't contain anything except two of the hiding, fire lizards from the first stage. Head right and enter the door. Here's the room you just unlocked the door in, as well as a spearman and three bats.

After entering the door, slowly move right through the corridor to avoid the crystal spikes. When you get to a patch of them all in a row you need to roll to safely avoid them. The launcher right after allows you to take the middle door or move up through the stage. The middle door is another room filled with foot soldiers and a single chest, containing a mega star. Exit the room and drop back down on to the launcher and move up, defrosting the fire blocks in your way. Move left and kill the two foot soldiers and then roll up the left wall. After picking up the stars on the way up you'll land next to another foot soldier. Take the first rotating section right and defeat another goon to get a treasure chest containing a mega star. Go back and make your way to the second rotating section and head to the top right, where you can get another treasure combo. The door you need to get out of here is to the top left.

In here, along with a couple of foot soldiers, is yet another three chests with a full cake and two mega stars. It's too bad you can't stockpile these things, I never need three quarters of them. Head right to meet the Boss: Automatavian. He makes a grand entrance by utterly destroying the room you're in, except the floor and the two spots you can jump onto at the edges of the screen. Can't have a fight without those! Finish him to move on to the sixth and final stage.

Stage 6

Stage 6 is a hundred times more confusing than the last stage, so I've decided to create a simple map. The rooms don't line up perfectly either, so I needed to chop the map up and use lines to connect certain sections together. It looks terrible, I know.

Stage 6 Map

Instead of the start to end structure, I'll just be explaining every room individually, as labeled in the above map. I've added the exits section in case the map stops existing, so you can still follow from one place to the next.

Room 1

Walk forward and kill the spearman, and watch out for the guy above you. He's not the usual bomberboy and can toss boomerangs much more efficiently than bombs. Keep going to take out a few more spearman, and you can walk across the windowsills to pick up two chests, containing a full cake and a mega star. The top section of windowsills will have another boomerboy on the next to last one.

Room 1 Exits

Take the bottom door to go to Room 2 and the top door to go to Room 10.

Room 2

A short room with a couple of new foot soldiers. Approach cautiosly as these guys are packing heat.

Room 2 Exits

Take the left door to go to Room 1 and drop down to go to Room 3.

Room 3

Another short room with three fire lizards hiding in the ground and three jellyfish floating around.

Room 3 Exits

The only direction you can go is right, which leads to Room 4.

Room 4

Move forward and take out any bats that are within reach. When you drop down there is a launcher which will take you over the spikes and some water. The water is a hazard and will take a full heart away from you. Try to launch safely over the spikes, swing when you reach the apex of the jump as bats will almost assuredly pop out and try to get a cheap hit in, and take the next launcher to reach the midpoint of this room. A slime is hiding around this spot but I can never be sure where he comes from, he often times falls on me when I launch over the spikes. After the second launcher there's another two with a second set of spikes in between.

Room 4 Exits

Exit to the left to go to Room 3 and right to go to Room 5.

Room 5

In the first area you'll need to kill a bat and either kill or jump the metal slime. Drop down for another bat and a set of zombies. These guys take two hits to kill but don't pose any sort of threat. The third section has a few more bats as well as two more metal slimes.

Room 5 Exits

Take the top door to go to Room 4 or the bottom door to go to Room 6.

Room 6

A room with three doors and an elevator, nothing else.

Room 6 Exits

Take the bottom left door to move to Room 5, the bottom right door to go to Room 7 or the top door to go to Room 13.

Room 7

Move forward and kill the bats right off the bat. Wait for the floating platform to come to you and float to safety. Safety happens to be home to a colony of mummies, though, so once you land crawl towards them and slash them down. Continue onto the next floating platform and jump slash the bats along the way. The next section has a single mummy on it. After a few more bats and two more floating platforms you'll come to a door.

Room 7 Exits

The two doors to the right, the top one which you can reach via the moving platform, both lead to Room 8. The door to the left leads to Room 6.

Room 8

You need to proceed through the top section to get through here, but if you go all the way to the right on the ground floor you'll come to a chest containing a golden bust. To get there you need to take a pair of floating platforms with a mummy in the middle, all the time dodging or slashing the energy circles being shot at you. From the top, you should chain once or twice and move back to attract the jellyfish to you. They're the last thing you want to deal with here. You need to chain three times, and the third one will leave you in danger of being hit with energy circles. After the third chain, you'll land on a platform that will fall once you've been on it for a second, so quickly jump across to a solid platform and from there across again to the door.

Room 8 Exits

The two doors on the left lead to Room 7. The door to the right goes to Room 9. The ceiling hole leads to Room 19, but can only be accessed from the other side.