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Digital Devil Monogatari 2 Walkthrough by RoslolianGarr

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 12/11/2010

Super Family Computer
Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei: Megami Tensei II - Quick Walkthrough

Written by Fernando Garcia (aka the Last Cetra, aka Roslolian Garr), who owns
exclusive copyrights.

Any question/advice regarding this guide may be sent to me
For information on how to contact me, refer to my contributor page on GameFAQs
(Just click back on your browser and follow the link on my user name)
Please contact by email and not private messaging, since I do not check
GameFAQs very often.

Created on July 31th, 2009
Current version: 1.03 (Jul 11th, 2014)


This document is exclusive property of the author.
It is protected by International Copyright Law. Violating any of the rules
stated herein may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

This is intended for private & personal use only. It may not be reproduced in
parts or in its entirety in any form (be it electronically or physically),
especially for commercial purposes, as it is completely free of charge.
As of this writing, GameFAQs is the only site hosting this document.

Lastly, all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.


   Table of Contents:

   1. Getting started  [MT100]
   2. Some random tips [MT200]
   3. Walkthrough      [MT300]
     3.01. Devil Busters                         [MT301]
     3.02. Keihin Shelter                        [MT302]
     3.03. Shinagawa and Ariake                  [MT303]
     3.04. Tokyo Tower                           [MT304]
     3.05. Roppongi, Shibuya and Ginza           [MT305]
     3.06. Kourakuen, Ikebukuro and Ueno         [MT306]
     3.07. Shinjuku and Nakano                   [MT307]
     3.08. Taishidou and Zaratan                 [MT308]
     3.09. Bael's Castle and the Collision Site  [MT309]
     3.10. Sorrow Valley                         [MT310]
     3.11. Crazy Plains                          [MT311]
     3.12. Wrath Land                            [MT312]
     3.13. Lost Woods                            [MT313]
     3.14. Mount Fear                            [MT314]
     3.15. Frontier Island and Lucifer's Temple  [MT315]
     3.16. Suzuki Company                        [MT316]
   4. FAQ              [MT400]
   5. File history     [MT500]
   6. Closure          [MT600]

1. Getting started [MT100]

First and foremost, though Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei is a remake of both Digital
Devil Story: Megami Tensei and Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II, this
guide only covers the second half of the story (Megami Tensei II). In case
you need help with part 1, the only other guide currently available on
GameFAQs (as of Dec. 2010) will help you exactly with that, as it only covers
part 1.

Anyway, despite the huge popularity of the Megami Tensei series in Japan,
Western audiences still seem to not know much about it, save for the Persona
games. While I didn't quite like the first Megaten, the second caught my
attention as being one of the best Famicom/NES RPGs.

For that matter, I wanted to write a walkthrough for it in order to help other
people appreciate this forgotten gem. Seeing my overall lack of time, though,
and the huge amount of things involved in writing a full walkthrough for the
game, I restrained myself to writing a quick guide, which should be of much
help nonetheless.

As this is a quick walkthrough, I won't bother compiling list of items, spells
or monsters, or even detailed strategies for beating bosses. I will, however,
try to list every step you should take to proceed with the story of the game,
and leave the planning itself to you, the player. Of course, I will give some
hints here and there about what you can expect inside one dungeon or another,
but that shall not be the focus of this guide.

With that said, I feel obliged to provide a general explanation on what the
Megami Tensei games play like, in case you're a newcomer to the series. First
of all, this is a dungeon-crawler RPG, which means dungeons are navigated in
first-person perspective (a la Phantasy Star). Secondly, and what's more
peculiar about it, is that your party will never be larger than two people
(sorry for the small spoiler); you can, however, recruit demons to fight
alongside you. These demons may be recruited via special events or, more
frequently, via persuasion. Whenever you're in a battle, you'll notice the
option "Talk" available on the menu. By talking to some demons, you may
try and persuade them to join you. After talking and showing yourself
friendly to them, you can always offer them something in exchange for their
help (money or items). Of course, this doesn't work with all demons, since
some of them can't even talk. Knowing who you can persuade or not is a matter
of trial and error.

After you've persuaded some demons, you can also join two of them (or three,
later on the game) into another one, in the hopes of creating a more powerful
demon. Once again, combining demons is a matter of trial and error, but you
can always see the statuses of the resulting demon before you choose to
actually perform a combination. Anyway, you'll find yourself doing experiments
quite often, since demons DO NOT GAIN EXPERIENCE IN BATTLES. That is, while
your characters will evolve gradually as you traverse the dungeons, your
demons will eventually become too weak to be used, forcing you to either try
to join them into more powerful ones, or recruiting new ones.

One final note about this demon-summoning system is that, in order to use the
persuaded demons in a battle, you need to have a special energy, indicated by
the label MAG on your screen. This energy is drained by your demons as you
walk, and replenished a little after each battle. If it's empty, your demons
return to your computer and you won't be able to summon then again until it
is replenished.

Well, I guess that pretty much covers what you need to know beforehand about
the game. Now, let's go to the guide itself.


2. Some random tips [MT200]

* Note that buying equipment in this game is a must! No matter how much you
level up, since high statuses alone won't help you with stronger enemies. Most
of the armor and weapons in the game are expensive, but, if you see something
that seems like it's worth buying, be sure to do some battles and get the
money for the purchase. Later bosses, mainly, could kill you with a single hit
if you have no armor equipped. Be sure to buy, specially, every protective
gear you find on Hell, on the second part of the game.

* When you level up, you could avoid assigning bonus points to the hero's
intelligence, since he can't cast spells. A low INT will cause him to receive
more damage from spells and recover less from healing magic, I believe, but
such effects are not so significant as to justify raising this attribute.
Note that in order to equip one of the game's strongest weapons you'd also
need an intelligence equal to or above 20, but I don't think that's enough
reason either.

* The game has two possible endings, depending on some choices you make along
the way. Be aware of the places I've marked with an ">>>IMPORTANT<<<" tag,
which will tell you which options you should take to be able to see both
endings in a single run through. They will actually lead you to the "good"
ending, but, since you can ruin the "good" ending right before the final
boss, it's easy to see both endings as long as you keep yourself on the
"good" route.

* A useful link to a site with further tips on the game:
Though it's all in Japanese, this link goes straight to the maps section, which
shouldn't need much explanation.


3. Walkthrough [MT300]

                       3.01. Devil Busters [MT301]

You start the game already in a dungeon, though you may find it strange you
can see your characters in a third-person perspective (with this being a
dungeon-crawler and all). This dungeon is called the Deadalus Tower, which
may sound very familiar if you've played Megami Tensei I: this is the same
name of the first dungeon in that game.

Your mission here is to defeat the Minotaurus, which lurks in the end of the
tower. Simply explore the whole of the dungeon (it's not that big), while
you do the necessary grinding to power up and kill it.

Once you've defeated the boss, take the Jewel you got from it to the statue
lying in one of the tower's rooms, and the demon Pazuzu will appear.

                       3.02. Keihin Shelter [MT302]

After talking to Pazuzu, you'll find out you were but playing a computer game
until now. However, you now got the power to summon demons just as the hero
of the game, a power which you should use to help rid the post-apocalyptical
Tokyo from the demons which inhabit it, along with your friend.

One of the rooms nearby the computer room you just left should be a weapon
storage, which you can enter to gain your first weapon, a Walther PPK. Your
mission on the shelter is to also just kill the boss on B1, a feat which will
require some more grinding, this time in the real world. Since the demons in
the shelter can't be persuaded, it's recommended you first go outside and
get some demons to your party. On the shelter's B3 there's an infirmary, for
when you need healing.

Once you've managed to defeat the shelter's boss, go to the Save Terminal
to proceed with the story. You'll have to leave for Shinagawa. First, talk
to your friend's girl on B4 and get from her the Flame Tally and the
Autopilot (Automapping in the SNES remake). Go outside the shelter once
more, and towards the bridge. With the newly-acquired tally, you'll be
granted passage to Shinagawa.

                       3.03. Shinagawa and Ariake [MT303]

Once in Shinagawa, enter the Hotel Princess and be sure to buy a UZI in the
weapon store, on 1F. Also on 1F, you shall find the demon Orthrus in the
northeastern room. Talk to it in order to recruit it (if you can't seem to do
it, wait for the moon phase to change).

Once you leave Shinagawa, search for a tunnel in the ground to proceed to the
next place. In the tunnel, be sure to defeat another boss to retrieve the
"Solomon's Ring", a proof that you and your friend are the Messiahs destined
to save the world from the demons.

                       3.04. Tokyo Tower [MT304]

After you cross the tunnel, you should come to Tokyo Tower. In order to enter
the tower, Orthrus must be in your active party. On the tower's last floor
(which happens to be the second... not quite the Tokyo Tower we used to
know...) you'll find a witch, which will try to convince you you're following
the wrong way. You'll have to choose between thrusting in her or in your
friend. Well, whatever are your choices in the dialogue, you must eventually
ditch your friend in favor of her. Just be sure to not make her angry during
the conversation, or you'll enter a battle you can't win. She seems to be
extremely powerful as long as she's still not your partner...

                       3.05. Roppongi, Shibuya and Ginza [MT305]

Once you've got a new partner, head northwest of Tokyo Tower and enter
Roppongi. Nothing to do here but some grinding, in order to level up your new
companion a little, and buy her some protective gear in the armor store.

After you feel powerful enough, head through the passageway to the west and
enter Shibuya. On the first floor, you can find the boss Balaam, head of the
church. In order to enter his precincts, however, you'll need to have your
intelligence status above 7. Defeat Balaam to retrieve the Earth Pillar, one
of seven pillars you'll eventually need. On the second floor, be sure to talk
to an old man in order to get the Water Tally. Also make sure to visit the
fifth floor and open the treasure chest for the item Anamiran.

With the Water Tally in hands, head to Ginza, northeast of Ariake. In Ginza,
there are three entrances to the dungeon: the western-most one leads to a
separate floor with facilities such as stores and the Cybernetic Lab. Be sure
to remember this place, because the lab will be important in the future. The
other two entrances both lead to the dungeon itself.

On the dungeon's B1F, be sure to get the Suzuki's Business Card around the
southeast corner. Find the stairs to B2F to defeat the boss, Basilisk.

                       3.06. Kourakuen, Ikebukuro and Ueno [MT306]

Once you defeat the Basilisk, go back and SAVE. Talk to a person in one of
Ginza's houses to get some non-key item. Then go back to the place where you
killed the Basilisk and take the stairs on the southwest corner of the same
floor (B2) to go to B3. On B3, you will find another stair back to B2, which
will finally lead you to a new place. On this second section of B2, find one
last set of stairs to go to the corridors leading to Kourakuen.

One of the corridors will have two entrances on the right wall. Enter only the
first, for a treasure, and avoid the second at all costs. Tiamat is there,
and it means certain death at this point in the game. You'll eventually come
to a petrified demon, Atlas. If you wish to recruit it, you'll have to enter
the door just south of it, the one leading to the west, and find a scientist
who can make you an item for healing petrification, if you give him the item
Anamiran which was found in a treasure chest in Shibuya.

Once you're past Atlas, whether you recruited it or not, enter the next door
leading south to reach Kourakuen. There are two things you can do here.
First, search the houses to find a man boasting about his pet demon. Make
fun of him, and he will start a fight. Defeat his demon to get the Earth
Tally. The other thing you could is win the arena tournament, but only demons
may apply, and none of your demons should be strong enough at this part of the
game, so leave it for later. Leave Kourakuen (not back through the tunnels,
but out onto the world map) and head west, towards Ikebukuro.

Before entering Ikebukuro, though, go a little bit further southwest to
reach Shinjuku, where you can save your game, thus creating another
teleportation checkpoint. Once you've done it, go to Ikebukuro.

Enter Ikebukuro's dungeon, and go to the last (5th) floor. In the center of
the floor you'll find an opening in the wall, and will be prompted to insert
your hand into it. Your arm will be chopped off if you do, but you must.
Once your arm is chopped off, you'll have to go all the way back to the
Cybernetic Lab, in Ginza, to have a new, robotic one attached to you. While
you have the status "LOSARM", you can't use the computer (that is, you can't
interact with your demons); on top of that, the hero won't be able to do
anything on battles, and will lose HP with each step.

With your new arm, you'll also be able to recruit more demons (holding a
total of ten at once). Go back to the opening in the wall in Ikebukuro's 5F,
insert your new robotic arm into the hole and safely retrieve the Mercury
Pillar this time. While still on Ikebukuro, search for the boss, Apollion,
and defeat it to retrieve the Inverted Cross.

With the Inverted Cross in hands, go back to where you killed the Basilisk,
in Ginza. This time, instead of taking the southwestern stairs to B3, take
the long corridor to the east and find some other stairs back to B1. These
will lead you to Ueno.

In Ueno, enter the building in the northeast and proceed to the place with
an hexagram on the floor. Wait for a full moon and step over the hexagram.
Defeat the enemy there to get the Jupiter Pillar. After that, go once again
to Ikebukuro's 5F and find a nurse, who'll then give you the Wind Tally.

                       3.07. Shinjuku and Nakano [MT307]

Leave Ikebukuro and head west on the world map once more. Instead of going
straight southwest to Shinjuku, head northwest to find a cave, where Mammon
will ask you for Pazuzu's head, since he's a traitor to the demons. Mammon
will give you Bael's Claw. With it, you should go back to Kourakuen, enter the
tunnels once more and head west. Keep following the corridors until you find
a wall like those blocking the entrance to the dungeon back on Shinjuku.
With the claw in hands, you'll tear a hole through that wall, and finally
enter the Shinjuku dungeon.

Your job there is simply defeating Pazuzu and retrieving its head for Mammon.
You can take the elevator straight to the 6F for that, but it would be good
to explore the dungeon for some treasure hunting, and grinding. Once you
defeat Pazuzu and retrieve both its head and the Mars Pillar, before going
back to Mammon go to B1 of Shinjuku's dungeon, where you'll find exits to
Shinjuku itself, and also a passage to Nakano. Go to Nakano, where some guy
will tell you the password for entering the Intelligent Building, back on

Going back to Shibuya is optional, but I recommend doing it, since there
you'll be able to recruit Cerberus, which can be used to win the arena in
Kourakuen. However, you need to be on level 40 or higher to recruit it, so if
you're still far from that, leave the following part for later.

Whenever you're on level 40 or above, go back to Shibuya and enter the
Intelligent Building. On its last floor you'll find a computer where you can
play Devil Busters once more.

Back on the Deadalus Tower, explore it all over again and you will find
Cerberus. Talk to it and it'll become your friend. There's still one more thing
to do in the tower before leaving, though. In one of the rooms on 4F, if I'm
not mistaken, you'll find a man saying one of his four kids has been taken by
a demon. He'll ask you to find out who the demon is. This is a little puzzle.
Each of his four kids may be found on the last floors of the tower, and they
will say something about the honesty of each other. The one who's lying is
the one caught by the demon. Once you've found out who is the liar, go back
to the father and tell him so. He'll ask you to bring that kid back to him.
Go to the same kid once more, and then back to the father, to gain a key
which will open the locked door in the last floor of the tower. There's no key
item there, but once you've cleared this side-quest you'll also receive the
Devil Analyzer, which can tell the status of the last five demons you've
fought against.

After you've befriended Cerberus, go back to Kourakuen and enter the
tournament. Cerberus should be able to defeat the 5th and last monster, which
is the strongest, and you'll then get the Sun Pillar.

                       3.08. Taishidou and Zaratan [MT308]

After you've got the Sun Pillar, show Pazuzu's decapitated head to Mammon and
he'll let you through the cave north of Shinjuku. Follow the long path across
the desert, and you should find a temple on the other side, before the
poisonous swamps. Enter the temple, Taishidou, and a man will ask you if you
wish to face a challenge. Say yes, and he'll teleport you to a place with
awful visibility. It's a single floor, though, so you won't have a chance to
get really lost. Wander around until you find a room with a boss fight,
retrieving the Venus Pillar from it.

With the Venus Pillar in hands, follow south through the poisonous swamps,
until you find a Save Terminal. I now recommend teleporting back to Shinjuku
and buying two or three Core Shields from Rag's Store (Shinjuku's B1), if
you have enough jewels you can trade them for. The next dungeon is full of
traps, and the Core Shields can protect you from taking damage.

Anyway, once you reach the Save Terminal in the swampy land, search a bridge
to the west and ask to be taken across. A sea demon called Zaratan will
appear halfway through your sea trip and eat you alive. His stomach is the
dungeon I told you about, the one filled with traps everywhere. Explore the
place (which is a single floor) trying to reach the northeast corner first,
where you'll find the Saturn Pillar. Then, make your way to the northwest
corner, where you'll find the exit.

After you're out Zaratan, you'll be just outside the castle of Bael, the
demon you long ago had set forth to defeat. Before entering, go to the Save
Terminal a short way to the north and go back somewhere you can heal.

                3.09. Bael's Castle and the Collision Site [MT309]

Enter Bael's Castle, and make your way up to the fourth floor, where you'll
find the demon king himself. Before battling him, though, try some random
encounters if you're good on health. The demon Loki is a common enemy on this
floor, albeit a rare one. He's worth fighting against, since he's rather weak,
and gives LOTS of experience. Anyway, when you feel ready for Bael, defeat
him and he'll turn into a frog.

You will be prompted to smash the frog, killing Bael for good. However, choose
NOT to do this. Then, you'll be prompted to take the frog along with you. This
time, choose YES. With the frog in hand, you can later on see both of the
game's endings.

Along with the frog, you'll also get the Sorrow Jewel. Exit the castle and go
back to Shinjuku. Save, enter Shinjuku's dungeon and heal yourself on B1. Go
to 1F and take the stairs which would take you to the corridors linking Ginza
and Kourakuen. Remember the corridor where I told you you could find Tiamat,
just before you crossed with the petrified Atlas? Go there now, and try to
kill Tiamat.

If you manage to defeat it, you'll gain access to the Collision Site. Proceed
to the center of it, and the seven pillars you've gathered will become one.
Circle the pillar in a counterclockwise maneuver and a portal to the other
world will appear. Enter it, and you'll go to hell to fight against Lucifer
himself, in the hope of ridding the humans forever from the menacing demons.

                       3.10. Sorrow Valley [MT310]

Hell is a whole new world. You'll start off on a small island, with a castle
to go back to Tokyo, and a small shrine from where you can teleport to each
of hell's sections, depending on the Jewels you have. Since, for now, you
only have the Sorrow Jewel you got from Bael, off to Sorrow Valley we go.

Before that, however, we ought to first go back to Tokyo for some mandatory
demon recruiting. There are two demons we will need in hell to proceed with
the game: Undine and Gnome. In case you don't have Undine already, you should
teleport to Haneda (just outside the shelter from the start of the game) and
first recruit a Harpy. Mixing a Harpy with a Troll (found on Sorrow Valley
itself) will give you an Undine. While you're on Haneda, be sure to also
recruit a Kobold in the world map around it, which can be mixed with an Earth
Spider (recruitable in the Ikebukuro dungeon) to get a Gnome.

Once you have both Undine and the Gnome, finally go back to Hell and head to
the sorrow Valley (just enter the shrine near the castle and you will be
prompted about being taken elsewhere).

When you arrive on the valley, you'll notice every dungeon is pitch black.
You'll have to use automapping quite a lot here (if you're playing the SNES
version), or draw maps yourself, to find your way around. I recommend
exploring all caves you find here, since there are many good items to be
found. I find the Sorrow Valley to actually be the most difficult part of
Hell, so you may have to do some grinding in order to clear it. Don't worry,
though, battles will be a lot more rewarding later on.

I'll leave the treasure-hunting for yourself, and only tell you what to do
to proceed with the story: from the valley's starting point, you'll find
two caves to enter. Take the one to the southwest. Find an exit from this
cave, and you'll reach another section of the world map, with two more caves.
Take the southwest one once again. In this second cave, there will be an exit
into a village where you can mix demons (good time to create Undine, if you
still haven't). This exit is the one to the west. To proceed further, though,
take the exit to the south.

In this new area, there will be two more caves: one to the south, and another
further south. Enter the first one, and search around the east wing of the
cave's only floor to find a room with an obligatory combat. Defeat the
enemies and you should be thrown out of the room. Summon Undine, and enter the
room again. Undine will say it could dive into the bottomless lake and
retrieve its treasure for you. Let her. You'll be prompted three times about
going away and forgetting about Undine, but don't do it, just wait. After a
while, it will return and bring you the Sea-Filling Jewel, a key item. With
such jewel in hands, exit from the same way you came, and go to that cave
further south.

Explore B2 of this cave to find a boss, Asmodeus. Defeat it to get the Crazy
Jewel, and go back to Hell's entrance.

                       3.11. Crazy Plains [MT311]

Back on Hell's central island, enter the shrine once again to teleport to
the Crazy Plains, now that you have the Crazy Jewel from Asmodeus. You'll
notice there's a sea of fire encircling the plains' only castle. Use the
Sea-Filling Jewel which Undine had retrieved for you on one of the northwest
walls of fire (if you simply approach the right wall, you will be prompted
about using the item). With the fire cleared, enter the castle.

Your task here for now is going to the last (fifth) floor and defeating
Belial to get the Wrath Jewel. Before this, however, I'd recommend you take
your time to do some random battles on the last floor, if you're good on
energy, since you can now and then find Seth, who's easy to defeat and gives
a whole lot of experience.

On the castle's B1 you may find the goddess Izanami's spirit, but there's
nothing you can do about it now. Just remember the place for later. With the
Wrath Jewel in hands, go back to Hell's central island and teleport to Wrath

                       3.12. Wrath Land [MT312]

Just a little way north of Wrath Land's starting point, you'll find Mora, the
aquatic demon that used to take you across bodies of water back on Tokyo. In
order to ride it now, though, you'll need to feed it. Enter the nearby cave
and follow a long way to the east, across some poisonous swamps, to find a
village. In this village there's a store where you can buy Mora some food.
Buy him the Dainty Dinner (Chinmi Dinner). Also, be sure to hear some of the
villager's complaint about his kid being kidnapped.

Go back to Mora with the Dainty Dinner in hands and he'll let you through to
the other shore. There you will find a locked gate. If you have the demon
Gnome, as I had advised earlier, summon it and it'll open the lock for you.

Enter the cave beyond the unlocked gate and find your way to B1, where you'll
meet another boss, Echidna. Defeat it to get the Uncool Jewel. Past Echidna's
room you'll find a long bridge. Cross it due east to get to another cave's
B1. Find your way out through the first floor (a floor filled with
teleportation spots) and you should find Molech's Temple, a single-story,
simple dungeon.

There are three things you can do on Molech's Temple: retrieving the
Revivifying Incense, in the northwest corner; saving the kidnapped kid, in
the northeast corner; and, finally, defeating Molech himself in one of the
central northern rooms, to get the Lost Jewel. Once you've done all three,
leave this place.

If you want to do some side-quest in order to get the Vajra Sword (not
necessary, but some extra dungeon can't hurt you either), go back to the
village in the far east of Wrath Land to talk to the demon which had its kid
kidnapped (the same kid you found on Molech's Temple). He will thank you for
saving his child and give you the Tower Key, which can be used to enter
Belphegor's Tower, way south from the village. Search the tower for treasure
and Belphegor himself, who, after defeated, leaves behind the Vajra Sword.

After you're done with Wrath Land, go back to Hell's central island and
teleport back to the Crazy Plains. Enter the castle again and search for
Izanami on B1. Now that you have the Revivifying Incense, you can bring the
goddess back to life (as strange as it sounds). In return, she will give you
the Izanami Clothes. It's not equippable, but a key item which will protect
you from all damaging traps and from poisonous swamps. That'll be of much
help, but even if it doesn't seem as a good enough reward for you, help her
anyway, since this would be necessary to follow with the story later on.

When you're done saving Izanami, go back to the central island and, this time
around, teleport to the Lost Woods.

                       3.13. Lost Woods [MT313]

In most of the Lost Woods caves, you'll suffer from computer malfunctioning,
which will prevent you from summoning new demons or using Autopilot
(Automapping on the SNES version). I wouldn't really recommend searching
throughout all of Lost Wood's caves and dungeons for treasure, since there's
not much to be found. Anyway, I'll once again tell you only where to go in
order to proceed with the story, leaving the option of treasure hunting for
you to decide. Note that in one of the woods' caves you'll find a frozen
Sword Knight, a powerful recruitable demon. Only a Sylph can free him,

Thanks to Chris Kern for providing information on how to create a Sylph:
It is possible to create a Sylph by fusing an Aero (found around Ginza) and
a Okyupete (found around Ueno). After you bring the Sylph with you and free
the Sword Knight, she will ask you to fuse her with the knight. This is not
recommended, however, since the resulting demon (an Angel Cherubim) is
level 27, while the Sword Knight himself is level 60.

Now on with the game. From the Lost Woods starting point, you'll see a bridge
to the west and another to the east. Cross the west one and enter the cave
you'll find right after it. In this cave's B1 lies the Sword Knight, so you
might want to pay a visit in case you have a Sylph with you. Anyway, exit
through an opening to the south, in the first floor.

Back in the world map, you should see a field of flowers and Astaroth's
Castle on an island. Do not approach the castle just yet. Though it's not
necessary, I'd recommend you first go explore the Northwest Tower. Before
proceeding, though, notice there's a village to the south of the castle.
No events there, but a good place to heal yourself.

To reach the Northwest Tower, enter the cave to the east of Astaroth's Castle.
The cave should be pitch black at first. Take one step east and another south
to find a corridor leading to the exit, in the northeast corner. After you've
left the cave, follow the only possible path in the world map to reach the
tower. Get to the tower's last floor (5F) to defeat its boss, Mitra, who'll
give you Lucifer's Armor, the best piece of armor in the game.

As pointed out by Chris Kern, however, there's a trick to this armor: in
order to equip it, your Vitality must be at least 30, and your Knowledge
at least 25. Bonus from equipments will also count towards the minimum
points necessary, however, so you might be able to equip it as long as
you have other good defensive items with you.

When you feel strong enough to proceed with the story, approach Astaroth's
Castle and he'll kidnap your partner. Yep, you'll have to solo his dungeon,
so be sure to stock on healing items and to have at least one demon capable
of healing. There's nothing special about Astaroth's Castle, simply search it
for some treasure and defeat the boss on the fourth floor (after descending
from some stairs on 5F) to get the Fear Jewel.

With the Fear Jewel in hands, teleport yourself back to Wrath Land. Go back
to the restaurant where you had bought food for Mora, and this time order
a Gorgeous Set. This will be necessary for the next part of the game. After
you got the set, go back to Hell's central island and finally teleport to
Mount Fear.

                       3.14. Mount Fear [MT314]

There's only one cave you can enter on Mount Fear. Go into it, and find its
other exit to reach the Village of the Flies. Talk to the one of the village's
inhabitants to trade your Gorgeous Set for a Palace Stone. Afterwards, leave
the village and proceed to the next cave, also finding the only other
existing exit, on B1.

After you're out the second cave, which should've been pitch black, you'll
be back on the world map, but noticing it's also completely dark. Don't
panic, but follow these directions, from your starting point:

- go north as long as you can;
- once you've hit a wall, take some two steps to the west;
- take three more steps to the north;
- go all the way east to find Beelzebub's Maze.

Beelzebub's Maze is quite simple, though it also has some areas with no
visibility. Once you find Beelzebub, Bael, who had turned into a frog and
was being carried along by you (assuming you followed my advice earlier),
will prompt you to let him join with Beelzebub.

Let Bael join himself with Beelzebub. Both will become Baal, a powerful
healing demon, which will join you and allow you to see both of the games
endings in a single run-through.

Once Baal is in your party, leave Mount Fear back to Hell's central island,
and teleport to Frontier Island. Notice the Palace Stone you had has been
now transformed into a Palace Ring.

              3.15. Frontier Island and Lucifer's Temple [MT315]

Frontier Island contains a very simple dungeon. Proceed to the third floor to
find a room where you'll be teleported to Lucifer's Temple, as long as you
possess the Palace Ring, and have saved Izanami.

Save for the third floor, which is completely dark, Lucifer's Temple is not
a complicate dungeon. Once you've found your way onto the last floor (4F),
you'll find Lucifer himself.

If you've got Baal in your party (and you should have), Lucifer will offer
to fight alongside you, telling you you two must unite to defeat both Satan
and God, ultimately freeing the humans from serving as puppets to the gods.
Choose YES, so as to keep yourself on the "good" ending route.

Lucifer will join you and give you Lucifer's Sword. He's _extremely_ powerful,
a very good addition to your party. His sword, though, however strong, has a
trick to it just like his armor: you need to have your base intelligence
points (without stat boosts from other equipment) equal or above 20 in order
to equip it. Since it's only for men, you'll probably not get to equipping it,
seeing as how raising the hero's intelligence so much might be a waste of

Upon befriending Lucifer, you must go back to Ginza, in Tokyo, so, teleport

                       3.16. Suzuki Company [MT316]

Back in Ginza, go once more to the place where you had defeated the Basilisk,
long ago, on the dungeon's B2. Proceed to B3 via the nearby stairs (in the
southwest corner), and then find another set of stairs back to B2.

On the second B2 section, you may find a room labeled "Suzuki Company', enter
it and, if you already have the Suzuki's Business Card with you, one of
Suzuki's henchmen will ask you if you know whose room you're stepping into.
Answer YES, and he'll throw you out the backdoor, into a completely new area
of the dungeon. This is an EXCELLENT place to level up, seeing as how the
enemies give quite a lot of experience, and Baal and Lucifer should be enough
help to keep you alive.

Anyway, in this new part of the dungeon, find your way to B3 and don't leave
this floor before finding a room with a decapitated head. The head will want
to say you something, answer YES to hear what it has to say. It'll hint you
that Suzuki, the head of Suzuki Company, is a very suspicious fellow. With
that new info, find your way out of this dungeon, wandering around until you
spot an elevator, which should take you back to Suzuki Company entrance.
Before leaving you'll have to face Ashura, but Lucifer will persuade him,
so let him join your group. He's not very strong, but there's no point in
fighting against him either. Also, I'm not sure whether killing him would
ruin the "good" ending.

Enter Suzuki Company once more, and the henchman will ask you the same
question. Answer YES, and, now that you've heard what the head had to say,
the man will reveal itself as Belphegor, which by now should be easy to

With Belphegor done with, Suzuki himself will show up, and offer you
something to drink. Do NOT accept it, or your entire party will become
paralyzed. Either way, he'll reveal himself to be Satan, and a battle will
take place.

After Satan is killed, the Suzuki Company room will become a teleport to a
hidden area in the new parts of the Ginza dungeon. At first you'll be
automatically teleported to this area. The room to your side will teleport
you to a corridor where you can retrieve Megiddo Flame, the most powerful
gun-type weapon (I'd still stick to swords, though, as long as you're not
fighting enemies which are weak against guns). The door right behind you,
in the other hand, will take you to a corridor where you can face God

I recommend you go back and save before talking to God, seeing as how this is
the last part of the game where you can choose between the "good" and the
"bad" ending.

Once you've saved your game, go back to Suzuki Company, teleporting yourself
to the corridor where God is, and talk to Him. If you have Lucifer with you,
you'll be given two options: fight God, or unite with him, betraying Lucifer.
If you chose to follow God, you'll be taken straight to the "bad" ending. If
you choose to fight God, you'll have to fight him for the "good" ending.

Either way, you'll finish the game, congratulations!


4. FAQ [MT400]

Q: Why can't I equip Lucifer's Sword even when my intelligence attribute
is 20 or above?
A: This condition is based on your base stats, and therefore any intelligence
boosts gained through other equipment is disregarded. Level up and raise your
base attribute if you would like to equip the sword.
*Thanks to user ninto55 for the question.

Q: If my based stats are maxed out, do I still get boosts from equipment?
A: Yes, stats do stack up.

Q: Is the Autopilot function available both in the NES and SNES versions?
A: No. The NES version has Autopilot (you can mark the current spot you
are standing at in a dungeon and then use the autopilot function to return
automatically to the same spot). This function was known to be very unstable
and bug-prone, however, so it was removed on the SNES and replaced with the
Automapping function (the game will automatically draw a map for sections
of the dungeon you have already visited).


5. File history [MT500]

V 1.04 - Jan.29.2015: added more details about Lucifer's Sword and an FAQ
V 1.03 - Jul.11.2014: added more details about Sylph and Lucifer's Armor
V 1.02 - Dec.13.2013: added more details on how to recruit Atlas.
V 1.01 - Dec.11.2010: added an introduction explaining this guide is for the
Super Famicom version of Megami Tensei II, Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei.
V 1.00 - Aug.02.2009: finished typing the whole thing.
V 0.00 - Jul.31.2009: started typing the whole thing.


6. Closure, or just some laconic file coda [MT600]

I'd like to once again thank GameFAQs for hosting another of my guides and, in
the old-fashioned Capcom way, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING (reading?).

And, do like Megaman: fight! For everlasting peace!


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