Review by Wardemon

Reviewed: 05/30/04

Good Game, but with some flaws.

This is a very interesting RPG due mainly to its Insane Stats.


The Graphics are kind of disproportional in my opinion. The characters look bigger than houses at times. The graphics aren't really that great, but get the job done.


The storyline is probably the same old tired storyline. You have to save the world from evil, blah blah blah. There is basically no character development except for the main character. I didn't understand what was going on half the times. But, for an beginner RPG, and a 20 hour game, the story doesn't need to be that deep.


INSANE STATS. The battle system is similar to the likes of Lufia, but the stats are tenfold that amount. I was over 50,000 HP before I defeated the final boss. Levels probably show to be more significant in this game than in any other game. Two levels is the difference between getting wiped out from a boss, to completely owning him. Despite, the game's insane stats, the game is still proportional. Monsters hit for 10,000 opposed to 1,000, so the huge stats aren't really a big problem to the game.

A unique concept is the level capping this game introduces. Basically, you can only train so much in an area, before the experience and gold is lessened severely, until the monsters themselves disappear completely. This makes it hard to train and make money but it keeps the game difficult. Plus, passing through dungeons are much better without having to worry about the frequent random encounters.

Magic is kind of non-existent in this game. Sure theres your basic spells, but this game is not revolved around magic. Your magic MP level probably won't exceed 500. I probably beat the game without having to cast a single offensive spell. All the characters are strong. Even the supposed magic users deal out good damage compared to the likes of other RPGs. You do get magic levels though which I found neat. Basically, magic in this game is a Cure and Life show.

This RPG is very linear. Its not difficult and you won't really have to search long to know what your supposed to do. The dungeons are equally as linear. There's no secret items and hidden items. You won't get lost, which is good for beginning RPG players.

Gaining Gold is probably the hardest aspect of the game. It's near impossible to keep up to date with the best equipment for every character. There's 9 playable characters to worry about as well. Your party carries 5 people at a time, as opposed to 4 or 3 in other RPGs. Spells are high costing, but there's really no point to using them at all.

The last two bosses are insanely easy.. even though its 1 on 1's with your main character.


Probably the shortest ending I've seen in a RPG game. Nice, and short but since I don't really get the storyline anyways thats ok.


Sound is Ok, it gets the job done. It's not annoying and doesn't get tired which is pretty good. Sound effects are pretty nice.


I don't find much replayability in this game. There's no side quests or anything. Basically, this game is a one stop show. Its fun while you play it, but you won't want to beat the game again.

Probably try to rent this game. I think its in Japanese so you might have to find a translated patch for it .. on the internet .. and play it using an emulator. Of course you have to actually own the game, *cough*.


Basically, beginner RPG game. It shouldn't take any hardcore RPG gamer over twenty hours. The story is kind of short but you don't have to think much. Good game for a rainy day.


-Insane Stats
-Good Beginner RPG
-Level Capping, if you like training and breezing through dungeons.


-Characters the size of towns?
-Poor Storyline

All in all, good game, few flaws, but still a good game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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