How do I continue the game after the third quest?

  1. I'm sure this is a simple answer and I'll be smacking myself on the forehead when I find it out, but I can't trigger act 4. I just finished the level with the dog and everything. The walkthrough says I have to go to the temple and try to talk, no one is there, and then you enter anyway. I've asked for information a thousand times and there is just no one. This game is kind of infuriating with how pedantic it is to trigger events. Does anyone know how to continue?

    User Info: Langchester

    Langchester - 2 years ago

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  1. I understand what you are talking about and I have had the same issue. This is a very tough game. It seems to have a "repressor" function that if you gain too many levels, it will prevent you from going to certain scenarios and will skip you ahead to the next more difficult scenario.

    I have found some work around to get past some of the difficult aspects of the game, such as using ranged weapons, Hit & Way, and other tactics to avoid getting hit, and fighting zombies for extra gold, etc...

    But it is not as straightforward as people think. The issue with skipping scenarios due to leveling up is a tactical flaw that I am sure the game developers regretted after the fact. I am stuck in the same place and I have like 6 levels pending, so I am likely just not going to rest until i complete the scenario with the Teardrop.

    I will check back here and report any new info I find out. But i think the key is to control how you level up, and time your "rest" so as to not pass the levels for each scenario.

    The real fix for this would be two fold: #1 allow players to have access to all the scenarios, regardless of levels, and #2 increase the availability of monsters. The battle system is super cool, but you don't get a chance to use it quite that much unless you are like me and you run back and forth in the same room of the cave fighting the same monsters for 17 hrs (no joke)

    User Info: Fredflintsone

    Fredflintsone - 1 year ago 1   0

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