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Guide and Walkthrough by Aryuze RV

Version: Final | Updated: 11/11/2001

不思議のダンジョン2 風来のシレン
The Dungeon of Wonder 2 -Shiren the Wanderer- (fuurai no shiren)
For Super Famicon (SNES)
By Aryuze RV <katsuizutani@juno.com>
Version Final November 11, 2001
Japanese EUC (Extended Unix Code) encoding

<-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 78characters -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=->


Fundamental Knowledge

Here are all the basics to this game.

-First of all, this game has something like auto-save.  The game remembers
everything up to the point when you interrupt the game or reset.  Which means
if you had a good item and then lost it, then even if you reset the game, the
game will resume at the point after the item was gone.  So the save and reset
trick won't work in this game.  Furthermore, if you die in this game, you lose
all items and return to the beginning at level 1.  It is severe, which means
it requires you, the player, to level up instead of the character, unlike
other games.

-Basic Controls
Cross Key = 8 direction movement, moves the cursor in menus
Y button = Hold this button and use the Cross Key to change direction without
moving.  This costs 0 turns.  This button also sorts your item list, putting
them in order.  This is useful when you have lots of items.
X button = Opens and the Status Menu and acts like A button for items.
B button = Hold this along with the Cross Key to dash in one direction.  This
costs more turns though.  Holding this button also allows you to step on items
without picking them up.  Also, this closes the Status Menu.  This button also
is used when switching places with someone.  Hold B and push up against
someone.  Usually they will switch places with Shiren.
A button = Then enter button.  Also swings your fists or weapons if equipped.
Plus you can talk to people with this button.
L button = If you have arrows equipped, then this button will shoot them one
by one.  If you are in monster form (by eating meat), then this button will
use that monster's special ability if they have one.
R button = Holding this button down will allow only diagonal movement with the
Cross Key.  This is useful when trying to save turns.
Select button = Nothing
Start button = Nothing
A+B = Pass turns without moving.  This allows natural healing of HP.

-All actions in the dungeon are turn based.  For every turn Shiren takes, the
monster also take a turn.  So if the monster is one space away from you, then
swing your weapon once.  The monster will come to you so you can get the first

-All the dungeons in this game are randomly generated.  So are the items that
can be found inside.  Monsters are somewhat random, but for each floor, the
same type can be found (if you meet a certain monster the 3rd floor, then the
next time you visit the 3rd floor, that monster will appear).

Menu at start-up

Go out on the adventure
-Continue the adventure = Continues where you last interrupted.
-Return to Canyon Inn Town = Return to beginning to level 1, all items gone.

Create Wanderer's Diary
-Wanderer's Diary 1 = The save files.
-Wanderer's Diary 2
-Wanderer's Diary 3

Duplicate Wanderer's Diary = Copies your existing save file.

Erase Wanderer's Diary = Deletes your existing save file.  There is a
comfirmation before deleting.

Change Name = Allows you to change the name you set at the beginning.  The
default name is Shiren.  This is useful if the ranking board is filled with
the same name.

Ranking of Wanderers
-Kobami Valley = The Main Dungeon
-Small Shrine of the Food God = Secret Dungeon #1
-The Cave Behind the Hanging Scroll = Secret Dungeon #2
-Fei's Final Problem = Secret Dungeon #3
You can view more specifics on the top 50 wanderers by pressing A on that
person's name.  You can see the score, the farthest level reached, how
they died, their status, and equipment.  The Secret Dungeons won't be
available until you clear the game and meet some conditions.

Reminiscence = Allow you to pick a save file, and view what happened the last
floor that you were on.  If you hold select or start button while picking a
file, then you can view a demo to help you get a feel of the game.  There are
six total demos, 2 for each save file.

Sound Establishment

Hiragana Chart

カタカナ  すすむ  もどる   おわり
あ い う え お  は ひ ふ へ ほ
か き く け こ  ま み む め も
さ し す せ そ  や   ゆ   よ
た ち つ て と  ら り る れ ろ
な に ぬ ね の  わ を ん ゛ 。
ぁ ぃ ぅ ぇ ぉ  ゃ ゅ ょ っ ー
1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9 0
+ − ? ! /  ( ) [ ]

Katakana    Advance     Return      End
a   i   u   e   o       ha  hi  fu  he  ho
ka  ki  ku  ke  ko      ma  mi  mu  me  mo
sa  shi  su  se  so     ya      yu      yo
ta  chi  tsu  te  to    ra  ri  ru  re  ro
na  ni  nu  ne  no      wa  wo  n'  "  .
+a  +i  +u  +e  +o      +ya  +yu  +yo  +tsu  -
1   2   3   4   5       6   7   8   9   0
+   -   ?   !   /       (   )   [   ]

Katakana Chart

ひらがな  すすむ  もどる   おわり
ア イ ウ エ オ  ハ ヒ フ ヘ ホ
カ キ ク ケ コ  マ ミ ム メ モ
サ シ ス セ ソ  ヤ   ユ   ヨ
タ チ ツ テ ト  ラ リ ル レ ロ
ナ ニ ヌ ネ ノ  ワ ヲ ン ゛ 。
ァ ィ ゥ ェ ォ  ャ ュ ョ ッ ー
1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9 0
+ − ? ! /  ( ) [ ]

Hiragana    Advance     Return      End
a   i   u   e   o       ha  hi  fu  he  ho
ka  ki  ku  ke  ko      ma  mi  mu  me  mo
sa  shi  su  se  so     ya      yu      yo
ta  chi  tsu  te  to    ra  ri  ru  re  ro
na  ni  nu  ne  no      wa  wo  n'  "  .
+a  +i  +u  +e  +o      +ya  +yu  +yo  +tsu  -
1   2   3   4   5       6   7   8   9   0
+   -   ?   !   /       (   )   [   ]

Status Menu

-Drink = For herbs and seeds.
-Throw = Toss the item in the direction Shiren is facing.
-Put = Places the item on the floor.
-Explanation = A short description of the item.
-Eat = For Sushi and Monster Meat.
-Equip = To equip weapons, shields, and bracelets.
-Remove = To unequip weapons, shields, and bracelets.  If Shiren is cursed,
then he can't unequip.
-Swing = Allows Shiren to swing a staff.
-Read = Read a scroll
-Name = Allows you to input a name for unidentified items.  The items that
have been named by you will be displayed in green.
-Write = Allows you to input a name for the Blank Paper Scroll.
-See = For certain pots, this lets you see the contents of that pot.
-Push = For certain pots, the effect varies, depending on the pot.
-Put In = For pots, this makes you put items inside of pots.
-Take Out = For the Preservation Pot, this allow you to take items out.

-Pick Up = Take items off the floor
-Exchange = Allows you to switch items from the inventory to the one on the

Special Skill = For monsters only, uses that monster's special ability.

-Step On = Doing so will trigger the trap.
-As Is = Leaves it alone and does nothing.

-Go Up = Goes up the stairs.
-Go Down = Goes down one floor.
-As Is = Stay on the current floor.

Return = Only when in monster form, this returns to human form.

-Advance = Move forward to the next level.
-As Is = Stays put.

Map = Turns the mini-map on and off.

Interrupt = Saves your current progress.  If you want to continue right where
you left off, then make sure to pick Continue the Adventure at start-up.



Attainment Degree = This shows how deep in the dungeon you have made it to.
It usually goes up to around 30, but if you can clear Fei's Final Problem,
then this will jump up to 99!  (This means clearing 100 floors of the 3rd
Secret Dungeon).

Power of the sword = The attack power of the equipped weapon.

Power of the shield = The defensive power of the equipped shield.

Glut Degree = This shows your hunger level.  For every 10 turns, this will go
down 1%.  This starts at 100% and can reach up to a maximum of 200%.  If this
hits 0%, then for every turn taken, 1 HP will be lost.

Strength = This affects attack power of weapons and arrows.  Poison Herbs will
cause this to lower.

Experience Value =  This determines your level.  The maximum is 999999, which
would be Level 70.

-Some more basic techniques.  Fight enemies one on one.  If you are surrounded
by more than one monster, for every turn that is taken, you will get hit more
than once.  To avoid this, try to move to the nearest corridor.  That way,
you can fight them one on one.

-Against arrow shooters, move in a zig-zag pattern.  Monsters like the Bouya
class shoot arrows in a straight line.  Use the R button for diagonal movement
to get close to them.  If you walk in a straight line, you will receive big

-Use diagonal movement to save turns.  This can help from becoming hungry.
You can move in a diagonal across the corners of water patches, but you can't
do so across corners of solid walls.

-About Monster Houses.  Certain times, when entering a room, there is a whole
army of monsters waiting for you.  These are Monster Houses.  If you try to
fight normally, you will probably lose.  Try to escape to a corridor if there
is one.  If you have a Blank Paper Scroll, use one of the effects like the
Sacred Precinct Scroll.  Sometimes the Monster House is one huge room, so
there is no escape.  There are also a few different types of houses, filled
with a specific class of monster.  The Power House has heavy hitters like the
Mintauros and Remlas class monsters.  The Drain House has a bunch of enemies
that attack your status.  The One Eyed House has a bunch of Piitans and other
one eyed monsters.  The Robber House has a whole lot of Gamaras and Sea Lions
that want your Gitan and Items.  I think there are a few more, but I forgot
what they were.  Most of these special houses only appear in the Secret
Dungeons, however, so chances of seeing them are small.

-Theif Techniques.  Along the journey in the dungeon, you may randomly run
into shops.  Sometimes they sell good items, but some goods can be expensive.
You would like to buy it, but your Gitan says no.  It is possible to steal
from a shop, but in doing so, there will be some pursuers trying to catch
you.  To steal from a shop, just pick up an item that is for sale and step
out of the store without paying for it.  Now when you pick up an item, the
shopkeeper will move over and cover the exit, so you can't get out.  You will
have to find a way to move the shopkeeper, or find another way out.  Once you
do steal, the shopkeeper will attack you with a powerful blow if he gets
close.  Also a whole army of Thief Watchmen and Watchdogs will chase after
you.  They are powerful too, so it's not a good idea to fight them.  The
main purpose is to get to the next floor.  If you do, then they will stop
chasing you.

-A 100% safe way to steal is to use the Sea Lion's Pot.  First find the item
you want to steal.  Pick it up and place it on the floor in front of the
exit.  Now talk to the shopkeeper and he will move out of the way.  Since the
item is still in the store, this is not stealing.  Now step outside of the
shop and face the item that you just put there.  Now push the Sea Lion's Pot
and it will jump out and take the item and return to the pot.  The shopkeeper
will not notice and no pursuers will come after you.  This only thing you
can't steal in this way is a pot, since a pot cannot be inside another pot.

-You can use scrolls and staff together to help raise the success rate of
stealing.  First get the items you want, then read the Large Room Scroll.
This will cause the whole floor to be one big room, and cause the shopkeeper
to move to the stairs to block it.  Put some distance between you and the
shopkeeper, then swing the Place Exchange Staff at him.  You will switch
places and if you were far away enough, the shopkeeper's counterattack won't
reach you.  Now just climb the stairs and you have succeeded in stealing.
Other good staffs are the Substitution Staff, Blow Off Staff, Binding
Paralysis Staff, and the Temporary Tiding Over Staff (use on a weak monster

-The Pickaxe can be used for stealing.  If the store and stairway are close
to each other, then use the Pickaxe to dig a path from the store to the room
with the stairs.  Now use whatever items you have to push away the pursuers.

-If you stay on one floor too long, a sudden gust will blow.  You will have
a short warning gust twice before the big gust comes.  If that happens, then
Shiren will return to Canyon Inn Town, back to level 1, and lose all items.
The wind will come after about 2000 movement points have been used.
1. Take one step, swing your fist once, B button dash once, use and item once.
= 1 movement point.
2. A+B step, Exchange Items = 2 movement points
3. Rename an unidentified item = 11 movement points






The legendary divine bird,
the Golden Condor.
That Golden Condor's
living place...over there is
the Golden Homeland of illusions...that place
exists as told by tales.
As soon as people began to seek this legend,
one young wanderer was encountered.
The name is Shiren.
He inherited his friend's dying wish,
and called a stranger
by forming a combination called the Traveler's Glass.
They have been together for about half a year.
They frequently have quarrels, however...
(The sound of sitting down)
Hey, Shiren, look over there!
It is Kobami Valley, Shiren.
Finally, we made it here.
Right in the middle, you can see
a large tower-like mountain, right?
On the summit of that is the "Solid Earth of the Sun".
Now, let's go!

Oh, yes,
I'm late with the self-introductions.
I'm Koppa.
I'm one of those [talking weasels], which are scarce
in numbers right now.  I'm also the one who invited
Shiren to Kobami Valley.
The reason is because I heard of the rumors of the
Golden Homeland.
However, making it all the way here was a difficult
task.  Well, you might say that I just sleep inside
of the bag...
Hey, wait up Shiren!
(Shiren just ignores Koppa, and walks ahead)

(Afterwards, both of them spend the night at an inn.
During the night, Shiren sees a dream of the Golden
Condor.  When morning comes, Koppa wakes up Shiren.)
We both had a good night's rest, didn't we?
Just a little more and we'll arrive at Canyon Inn Town.
Let's do our best, what do you say, partner?

From the opening demonstration

Capture Chart

Here are all the places that must be visited in order to clear the game.

Kobami Valley

This is the Main Dungeon, the objective being to find out if the legend of
the Golden Condor is true or not.  In order to do so, Shiren must make it to
the 30th Floor, and overcome the challenges that await him there.

出発地点 渓谷の宿場[しゅっぱつちてん けいこくのしゅくば]
Starting Point  Canyon Inn Town

This is where it all begins.  Here is a list of the buildings.

酒場 煙とオヤジ亭[さかば けむりとおやじてい]
Bar - Smoke and Old Man's Pavilion
-Talk to the shopkeeper behind the counter to get a free Large Sushi.

-Here you can store up to 25 items which will stay here even if you die.
Just put the item you want to store on the floor.  There are some Carriers
that will send one item here if you talk to them.

宿屋 旅ガラス[やどや たびがらす]
Inn - Traveler Glass
-This is where you start for every game.

Ranking of Wanderers
-This is the top 50 list of Wanderers, with their place, score, name, and
deepest floor reached.
-There is a building behind the board which is the residence of Fei.  Talking
to him allows you to challenge his problems once per game session.

To get out of town and begin the adventure, to the the right part of town, and
you will see two people blocking the way.  Talk to the cowboy, and he will
say that after clearing 4 terrain (4 floors) there is a village that awaits.
There is a blacksmith and shop over there, which are useful.  He then calls
you the tailwind of the Travel God, Klone.  The guy on the right is the
Conventional Practice Mugura.  He will ask if you know how to switch places.
Say no, then he will teach you.  Press and hold B and press against someone.
Usually they will switch places, but some won't.  Now practice on him, and you
will change places.  Now begins the exploration of the Dungeon of Wonder.

-After progressing deeper in the game, a cartwright will open in this town.
It will allow you to go straight to the Village of the Bamboo Thicket, but
your level will still be at one, so be careful.

-After using the cart to travel to town for a while, then a new one will open
up, allowing you the choice of traveling to the Village of the Bamboo Thicket,
or the Town of the Mountain Summit.

1. Ex-Highway of the Avenue of Cedars
-Here you may randomly run into a chef who wants the meat of a Mamul.  He will
give you a Staff of Bufu [0].  Throw it at a Mamul monster and bring the meat
to him.  The chef will make some Mamul Tail Roast.  Say yes when he asks if
you would like a bite.  It is delicious, plus it will raise your Max Power by
3, Max HP by 5 and make you full.  He will introduce himself as Naoki.  He is
known as the wandering chef.  He will then say they shall meet again.  This is
the first step in getting the Bufu Staff.
-You can run into Naoki for a second time also.  This time he says he got a
job offer from the restaurant at the Mountain Summit.  He is on the way there,
but the monsters are a nuisance.  Now he asks if you will accompany him to the
Mountain Summit.  Say yes, and Naoki will join.  Now you will have to make it
to the Town of the Mountain Summit without losing him.
-Once you get to Level 2, most monsters can be defeated within two blows.
Until then, fight in a corridor so you won't be surrounded.

2. Ex-Highway of the Avenue of Cedars
-Here, you can randomly run into the Masseur Kechi.  He will ask if there is
something wrong with your body.  He will ask for 200 Gitan for a finger
pressure massage.  Say yes, (that's the first choice) and he will attempt to
heal you, but he will push the wrong point, which will make Shiren lose 10 HP,
Power down by 4, and lose 30% Glut Degree.  This is the first step in getting
this guy to join you.  If he presses the right spot, your HP and Power will be
recovered, but that seems rare.
-Sometimes you will run into a mysterious woman.  The first time you talk to
her, she will say she is impressed by you.  She will do something good for
you, but she asks you to close your eyes.  Say yes, and she will blind your
eyes, making it hard to see what's around you.  If you have an Eyedrop Herb,
then you can see again.  This is the first step in getting the "Blinding Eye
Dragon" to join you.
-The second time you run into the mysterious woman, she will says the blinding
eye was the work of her elder sister (she is lying, it's really herself).  She
says they are twin sisters, but her elder sister has a bad personality, and
is causing trouble.  Then she says, the least she can do is to take this!
She will blind your eyes once again, and she disappears.

3. Ravine Mountain Stream
-Sometimes when you are about to eat some Hand Rolled Sushi, an old man
appears and beg you to give him that food to eat.  If you refuse and say no
twice, then he will perish.  On the next floor, that old man will get his
revenge and call a whole bunch of Revolving Polygon Monsters to attack you.
These monsters can reduce your Glut Degree in a hurry.  So it is better to
give your food to him so he won't counter with this attack.

4. Ravine Mountain Stream
-Watch out for the Ghost White Radish.  They will throw Poison Herbs from a
distance.  When poisoned, Shiren will lose Power, and move at half speed for
a short while.  Also look out for the Bouya monster.  If the arrows it shoots
hits and kills another enemy, then the Bouya will level up.

中継地点 竹林の村[ちゅうけいちてん ちくりんのむら]
Relay Site - Village of the Bamboo Thicket

The first rest stop.  Here are the buildings of this village.

雑貨 青竹屋[ざっか あおだけや]
Dry Goods - Green Bamboo Shop
-Random items are sold here.  The first time you enter, Pekeji will run around
and trip, causing a pot to break.  Okami will scold him for doing it again.
Now talk to him, and he will ask if Shiren is your name.  Say yes and he will
introduce himself as Pekeji.  He will claim he is your younger brother (I
don't know if that's true or not).  He will say he is busy working right now
and he will meet you at the bar.
-On the second time you talk to Pekeji right here, he will ask for a
consultation.  He will ask of you to wait at the bar again.

かじ屋 不動[かじや ふどう]
Blacksmith - Motionless
-For a 1000 Gitan, the smith will forge your sword (Wooden Clubs don't count)
once per game.  He won't take shields, however.

Make the offerings to Bufu, the Food God, here.
-Right now, there is nothing, but later on...

酒場 酔いどれ亭[さかば よいどれてい]
Bar - The Drunken Pavilion
-If you talked to Pekeji in the Dry Goods, shop, then talking to the keeper
behind to counter will make Pekeji rush in.  He will ask you if he can
explain why he is your younger brother.  Choose the top choice, which is,
Explain to me!  Pekeji will explain that at the time of her death, his
mother said, "You are not my real child.  Long ago I saved a little child
from a hawk.  That is you.  The name Pekeji is for good luck.  Understand?
Even if I die, you are not alone."  After that, she passed along.  Pekeji
then says that later on he looked inside the good luck charm and found a
sheet of paper that read, "The Younger Brother of Shiren, Pekeji".  He then
goes on to say, the moment he saw you, he knew it.  He says that both of
their faces are similar.  Everyone calls him "sandal head", but he asks
you if you get called the same.  Say yes, then he will agree and mention
that for sandals, one is not enough, and that there needs to be a pair.
Pekeji will then ask if he can call you "Aniki" which means "elder brother".
Say yes to the question, then he will immediately do so.  He will think it
is embarrassing at first.  Then he will say he must return to work soon.
He is tell you to visit him again the next time you pass through the
-Now the second time you visit here, (after talking to Pekeji at the Dry Goods
store) go to the shopkeeper behind the counter.  Pekeji will come again.  The
consultation is about money.  Pekeji will say he has been dating some woman
since a while ago.  She wanted to open her own shop with him.  The problem is
that they don't have enough money to do so.  Pekeji will ask you for some
money.  Now select the second choice, which is "how much do need?"  He will
say 1000 Gitan, but then he has second thoughts, thinking you don't have the
obligation to give him that much money.  He will say he is sorry and forget
about what they just talked about.  Pekeji will leave, but now you have a
choice.  Pick the second choice, which is "Wait, I have the money!"  Pekeji
will come back and be surprised, but then realizes that it would make sense
that the older brother would have that.  He will then take the 1000 Gitan.
(At this point I had 1000 Gitan, I don't what happens if you don't have
enough).  Pekeji then says he will do his best to create a splendid shop.
-The Third time you visit this place, the shopkeeper will kick Pekeji out and
tell him never to return.  Now you have three choices.  I picked the third
one, "what happened to the money that I gave you?"  He won't answer
truthfully, since he is drunk.  He tricked you and used that money on booze.
Now pick the first choice, "what happened to your store?"  He will say that
the building of a store was just a dream.  Now pick the remaining choice,
"what happened to your girlfriend?"  Pekeji will say that she was bad, and
that she tricked him.  While he is still in his drunken stupor, Shiren
has a choice, either punch him or stay silent.  Pick the top choice, which is
to punch him.  Pekeji will mention what a powerful punch you have.  It will
sober him up.  He will apologize, then he will ask if he can travel with you.
Pick the top choice, which is to punch him again.  Now Pekeji will join the
party.  This only lasts for the current game.  If you start over, then Pekeji
will be gone, but he will be wandering somewhere in the dungeon.  Talking to
him again will make him join again.  This also applies to the other two who
can join, the "Blinding Eye Dragon" and the "Masseur Kechi".

車屋 ノラネコ抜き足便[くるまや のらねこぬきそくべん]
Cartwright - Stray Cat Removed Convenience Feet
-The shop opens up once you used the cartwright from Canyon Inn Town several
times.  This allows you to go immediately to the Town of the Mountain Summit.

-After you get blinded once by the mysterious woman, there is talk amongst a
few other people who got their eyes blinded too.  Next time, they won't be so

-After a few massages from Kechi, you will find him here, surrounded by a
group of four.  The will try to attack Kechi, but he defeats them all by
himself.  Talk to him, and he will recognize Shiren.  He mentions it is a
dark night, left and right, but to the people who can't see, it doesn't make
much of a difference.  He hopes you will forget what you just saw.

-After getting blinded by the mysterious woman twice, then she will show up
in this village.  Right by the Blacksmith, she will be cornered by the two
guys who got hit by her blinding eye.  The woman will ask for your help.  Pick
the first choice, which is to help her.  Now the Strong Looking Man and the
Slightly Fat Man will attack you.  They are not too strong, so you shouldn't
have too much trouble beating them.  Now talk to the woman and she will be
surprised you helped her, after all, she tricked you twice.  She thanks you
and promises not to do any more mischief.  She asks if she can be a comrade in
your journey.  Say yes and then the Blinding Eye Dragon will join.  Her
specialty is blinding eyes.  She will blind your eyes once again, but it will
wear off in time.  Probably the best out of the three that can join (you can
have mulitple people join at the same time), you can let her do most of the
fighting, since you still gain experience even if your friends slay a monster.

5. Pegasus Mountain Pass
-The Plowed Field Lay to Waste monster appears here.  This annoying monster
will seek out items on the floor and turn them into Weed.

6. Pegasus Mountain Pass
-After defeating the Devil Faced Warrior, the Ghost Warrior will appear after
5 turns.  If this ghost gets near another monster, that monster will level up,
so beware.

7. Forest of the Mountain Summit
-This is an dangerous place, since there is a high chance of the monster to
level up, due to the Ghost Warrior.  Watch out for the Death Messenger, which
moves at double speed.

中継地点 山頂の町[ちゅうけいちてん さんちょうのまち]
Relay Site - Town of the Mountain Summit

The second rest stop.  Here are the places worth visiting.

宿屋 とまり木[やどや とまりぎ]
Inn - Perch
-It costs 500 Gitan to stay overnight.

3料亭 峠屋[りょうてい とうげや]
4料亭 峠屋は、つぶれたんだニイ。
1. Under Reconstruction
2. Grand Opening
3. Restaurant - Mountain Pass Shop
4. The restaurant Mountain Pass Shop has gone out of business.
How regrettable.  Cooking Leader
-At first, this shop is under construction.
-After meeting Naoki, then this shop opens up along with a competitor on the
edge of town.  All the customers line up at this shop, since the other one
has horrible food.
-Later on, the master behind this shop, Sagi, will leave after teaching the
chef here.  Shiren finds out that they tricked customers, since they don't
know the difference in taste in the food.
-After you pay Naoki 10000 Gitan, then this shop will close, since all the
customers will flock over to the other restaurant on the Edge of the Cliff.

山頂料理 かげっぷち[さんちょうりょうり]
Eating with a peace of mind
Mountain Summit Cooking - The Edge of the Cliff
-This restaurant opens up once you have talked to Naoki.  The first time you
visit, an old woman named Tome will kick someone out.  Then a chef named
Toshio will say it is not Suzuko's fault.  They all agreed on putting this
building up.  Suzuko says it is her fault, since they have been taken over
by the Mountain Pass Shop, their rival restaurant.  Toshio says it can't be
helped since they never expected their head chef to betray them.  Now their
reputation is that of a restaurant that makes bad food.  Then they finally
realize a customer (Shiren) is waiting.  Suzuko will ask what would you like.
I picked the third choice, the Sea Lion's Back Bake for 500 Gitan.  Shiren
eats it, but it tastes horrible, your Power goes down by 3, and HP down by
10.  Plus your Glut Degree goes down to 10%.  Koppa asks if he is okay.
Tome will say that Shiren's face does not look like that of someone who is
eating delicious food.  After they see Shiren holding his stomach, they
realize that they are amateurs at cooking.  Only if they had a experienced
-If you sucessfully bring Naoki the chef to this town, then he will go to the
restaurant at the edge of the cliff.  When you visit the place, Naoki will
come out and say he won't cook for loose change.  Suzuko says she has heard
of the Wandering Chef.  One that will create a heavenly taste for a high
price, but they plea for Naoki's help.  Toshio says at least give us some
advice on their cooking.  Naoki says no.  He will not do any work that won't
make any money.  Naoki's asking price is 10000 Gitan.  He says if they can't
provide the money, then someone else has to give.  Here is Shiren's chance.
If you have some Gitan, then offer to pay off the debt.  Pick the first
choice, which is "I'll pay for it".  Naoki will be surprised at first, but
then he will get money so he won't care.  Naoki will tell you that you don't
have to pay 10000 all at once.  Most likely you won't have that much money,
but pay what you have.  He will ask if that is all right.  Say yes and then
Naoki will say that it is decided.  The rest of the group will thank you for
your donation.  They will repay Shiren in some way.  Naoki then says, what
are we waiting for, let's go.  They are competing with the Mountain Pass Shop
Restaurant across town.  Now go inside and talk to Naoki across the counter.
Naoki will give you some choices.  The first one is to give all your Gitan.
The second one is give half your Gitan.  The third one is not to give at all.
Pick the one that you like.
-After you give a total of 10000 Gitan to Naoki (it may take a few games),
then go here the next time you are in town.  You will see a whole line forming
around this shop.  Even Gaibara and Saruyama will eat here.  Now talk to
Toshio, who is across the counter, and he will say that Naoki has left to
continue his travels, since they don't need him anymore.  Naoki left a gift to
give to Shiren.  Toshio will hand over the Bufu Staff.  With this staff, now
you can swing it at monsters and get their meat.  Also, now the Bufu Staff
will appear randomly inside the dungeon, so it is worth it to clear this
optional event.

Parcel Place
-Here you can store up to 15 items that will remain here.  Just becareful of
placing pots here, since the contents of a pot will disappear if you do store
it here, or the Warehouse.

かじ屋 鬼に金棒[かじや おににかなぼう]
Blacksmith - Devil with the Metal Rod
-The same as the one you met before.  1000 Gitan to forge a weapon to make it
stronger.  Usually it will increase by +1, but sometimes you can get a +3 in
one sitting (random).

ガイバラ窯元 一般展示場[がいばらかまもと いっぱんてんじば]
Gaibara's Pottery - Place of General Display
-At the beginning, there is nothing, but later on you can buy pots here.
-There is Gaibara's Mansion right beside here.  The first time you visit him,
Gaibara is not satisfied, and throws his pot against the wall.  His assistant,
Saruyama, says that is the 99th production that was a failure.  Then Gaibara
notices you, then ask who you are.  He doesn't like the fact you are wearing
shoes in his mansion.  Then he says the pot you are holding is something he
has never seen before.  He will ask if he can see that pot.  Say yes, then
he says it is well polished and well made.  However, that doesn't satisfy
him, and he takes the pot and throws it against the wall.  Gaibara then says
he is sorry, that was a bad habit of his.  He laughs then says wait for him
to complete his new work, and he will give it to you.  (At this point, I had
the Transformation Pot, so I don't know what will happen if you have another
type of pot).  If you don't have a pot, then he will kick you out.
-The second time you visit Gaibara, he will just baked his new product, the
Ridiculous Pot.  Gaibara will say it does have that feeling to it.  He will
laugh, then he will get serious and throw the pot against the wall.  Gaibara
says this is not the pot he is looking for.  He will tell Shiren to wait a
while longer for his new product.
-The third time you visit, Gaibara will say he is still not done with his
new product.  Come back another time.
-The fourth time you visit this house, Saruyama says he is done baking a new
pot, the Unbreakable Pot.  He mentions that this has a different flavor than
Gaibara's previous works.  Gaibara agrees and says he used different materials
this time around.  After looking at it for a while, Gaibara says it doesn't
have a good feel to it and it has no gloss.  A complete failure.  The blood,
sweat, and tears that crystalize into this failure?  Gaibara throws the pot
against the wall, but since it is unbreakable, the pot just bounces away.
Now Gaibara doesn't know where to put his anger.  Then he swipes a pot from
Shiren and is about to throw it, but he stops himself.  Gaibara then says he
won't make the same mistake twice.  Then Saruyama gives him three of the
Gaibara's Pot and then Gaibara takes them all and throws it against the wall.
-The fifth time you visit Gaibara and company, he will ask Saruyama if this
time, for real is a good product.  Saruyama will say, don't worry, this is
the best one yet.  Just off the oven, Gaibara's latest creation, the
Resentment Dispel Pot.  Gaibara will comment he's never seen such a pot ever.
Now this is it, the pot he has been seeking all along.  Gaibara tells Shiren
that this is the day they have been waiting for, and that he shall give Shiren
this pot.  Then he notices what a mysterious pot, and that he feels like
throwing it.  Gaibara takes the pot and throws it against the wall.  The pot
explodes on contact.  Gaibara stoops over in shock.
-The sixth time you visit Gaibara, Saruyama will be waiting outside.  Now
Gaibara is satisfied with his work.  He will give you the illusional
masterpiece, the Synthesis Pot.  Talk to Gaibara, and he will explain how
this pot works, however it is going to be long, so he asks if that is okay.
Say yes and he will begin.  The Synthesis Pot can combine weapons with
weapons, shield with shield, and staffs with staffs.  You can't combine
anything else, so beware.  First the weapon synthesis.  The first weapon put
inside will become the base.  The next weapons put inside will be absorbed
by the base.  For example, puttng in a Club, then a Bewitching Sword
Whirlwind Cutter +3.  When put inside this pot, it will show Club +3.
However, this is the part that makes this pot great is that it also absorbs
special abilities.  This Club +3 is different than an ordinary club in that
it has to power to attack in three directions in one swipe (that is the
special ability of the Bewitching Sword Whirlwind Cutter).  Next is the shield
synthesis.  It is the same as weapons.  The first shield put in is the base,
and the next one put in will be absorbed.  Special abilities will also carry
over to the base.  Finally, the staff synthesis.  This is a little different.
The staffs in question have to be of the same type in order to combine.
Example is the Place Exchange Staff can only combine with another Place
Exchange Staff.  For staffs, the amount of times that it can be swinged will
be combined.  So a Place Exchange Staff [2] and a Place Exchange Staff [3] put
inside the Synthesis Pot will make a Place Exchange Staff [5].  Then Gaibara
asks if you would like to try it for yourself.  He mentions if you want to
break the pot let him have the honors.  However, this is valuable pot, so if
you don't have anything to combine, then save the pot.  After this event, the
Synthesis Pot will now appear randomly in the dungeons, which makes the travel
easier.  It is worth it to go through this optional event.  Another thing,
after this event, the pots will now be open to the general public, so now you
can buy pots in the house beside Gaibara's Mansion, including the Synthesis
Pot.  The pots are unidentified, though.

-After you witness the Masseur Kechi in the Village of Bamboo Thicket, you
will meet him here.  Once again he is surrounded by people.  When you get
near, people complain about him.  One woman says Kechi was looking in the
bath where she was, claiming to be a blind man, but she doubts that, since
he was drooling.  Another kid says Kechi had a faint light in the eyes and
stole his friend's snack.  They have proof Kechi is lying about his
blindness.  The shopkeeper complains about his finger massage technique.
The all attack the masseur.  Now talk to Kechi, and he will ask for your
help.  Koppa will ask why he acted like he was blind.  Kechi thought he could
get away with mischief.  He promises not to do anymore bad things.  He asks
for forgiveness.  The villagers wonder what to do.  They forgive him, and tell
him never to do it again.  Then they leave.  Kechi has nothing to say to you.
He asks where you are headed.  He will ask if he can come along.  Say yes and
the Masseur Kechi will join.

A panoramic view of Table Mountain
This is truly a magnificent scenery to behold

8. Neburi Mountain Abandoned Mine
-You can find a Pickaxe item here, allowing you dig through walls.  The
Pickaxe can break, so don't rely on it so much.

9. Neburi Mountain Abandoned Mine

中継地点 二面地蔵の谷[ちゅうけいちてん にめんじぞうのたに]
Relay Site - Two Surfaced Receptacle of the Earth Valley
-Just a straight path over a bridge.  There is a rumor that this place was to
be used as a Bungee Jumping Site during the production of the game, but that
idea was removed in the final product.  That's too bad.

10. Cliff Cavern

11. Cliff Cavern

12. Cave of the Mountain Guardian's Deity

13. Cave of the Mountain Guardian's Deity

14. Cave of the Mountain Guardian's Deity

中継地点 奇岩谷[ちゅうけいちてん きがんだに]
Relay Site - Valley of the Strangely Shaped Rocks

The third rest point.  Here are the places worth noting.

Parcel Place
-You cannot access this place at first.  In order to do so, you first must
find the owner's daughter, Surara.  She appears randomly between the 8th
floor to the 14th.  Talk to her and make her join.  Now you have to safely
make it to this valley while she is still in the party.  This is easier said
than done, as there are many ways to lose her during the trip.  If you are
successful, you can store some items here.  This place can hold up to 8 items.

宿屋 岩影[やどや いわかげ]
Inn - Boulder Silhouette
-This inn costs 1000 Gitan for one night.

-There is a random event in the top right corner of the village.  Sometimes
there is girl and her mother standing outside of the house instead of inside.
The girl wants one of your items.  If you agree, you give the item she wants
in exchange for a Time of Worry Scroll.

15. Waterfall Marshy Grasslands
Another dangerous floor.  There are a majority of level 2 monsters, some which
can drain your status.

16. Waterfall Marshy Grasslands

17. Table Mountain (First Part)
-A lot of powerful monsters like the Mintauros appear here.  On the other
hand, this can be a place for a quick level up.

18. Table Mountain

19. Table Mountain

20. Table Mountain

21. Table Mountain

中継地点 地下水脈の村[ちゅうけいちてん ちかすいみゃくのむら]
Relay Site - Underground Water Vein Village

-The fourth rest stop along the way.

店屋 清流[みせや せいりゅう]
Shop - Clear Stream
-A small store that sells random items.

宿屋 白滝[やどや しらたき]
Inn - White Waterfalls
-It costs 2000 Gitan for one night.

-You are close to the Solid Earth of the Sun.  There seems to be three trials
that await you before you can reach there though.

22. Table Mountain (Latter Part)

23. Table Mountain

24. Table Mountain

25. Table Mountain

26. Infinite/Fantasy Deep Ravine
-The Skeleton Devil and Death God appear here.  The Death God moves at double
speed and can move through walls, which is really annoying.  Try to get this
monster's meat, so you can do it too.  That way you can hide inside a wall and
attack monsters without fear of getting hit.

27. Trial of the Phantom Demon
-Dragons can appear here as well as the Mad Remlus monsters.  The same with
the next two floors.

28. Trial of the Dragon's Wail

29. Trial of Conclusion

中継地点 太陽の大地[ちゅうけいちてん たいようのだいち]
Relay Site - The Solid Earth of the Sun

-Koppa will say we are finally here.  Doesn't it feel lonesome?

中継地点 黄金都市[ちゅうけいちてん おうごんとし]
Relay Site - The Golden City

-When you pass a tablet, Koppa tells you to wait and read it.








The Golden City of Amteka

Here is the Golden Capital of Amteka.
The Golden Condor becomes the divine bird,
and by the Guardian Deity, Rever's arrangement,
the city will be built upon this summit.

Counting 300 nights of the month, all of a sudden, a monster
that could eat into gold appeared.  The Golden Condor was
sealed inside the Thread of Hell.  Then the city, which lost
the power of the divine bird, got hit with a destructive blow.

We the people, also shall submerge along with this city.  Furthermore,
the monster, before long will eat up the gold and die soon.  After
that, we don't know how many months counting, but to the person who is
looking at this right now...  That is one who crossed over the valley,
and also climbed over the three protective terrain to make it here.
That is the elected one.

For that elected person, we have a wish that we
want you to hear and comply with.
We want you to set the Golden Condor free.

The Golden Condor is residing in the Cave of the Waterfall Basin,
which is in the interior of the Origin of Rainbows.

If the monster's thread is cut, then the Golden Condor will be free,
or so we think.  However, that is true only if the monster is dead.
Koppa says, "Hmmm, this looks to be stories of long ago.
Right now, that monster, or whatever you call it, is probably
not alive, don't you agree?"

中継地点 虹の根もと[ちゅうけいちてん にじのねもと]
Relay Site - The Origin of Rainbows

-A simple path to the waterfalls.  When you enter the falls, Koppa gets a
shiver down his spine.  As you might have guessed, the monster is still alive,
and you must fight it to death.

30. Cave of the Waterfall Basin

-Here you will have to fight the Demon Eclipse Insect, the boss of Table
Mountain.  He has 250 HP, so fighting him normally is not a good idea.  If
you have a Blank Paper Scroll, then type in the effect of the Genocide Scroll.
じぇのさいど ジェノサイド
Throw it at the insect and it will kill it in one hit.  The other monsters
around will die too.  An Ether Devil Meat also helps, since it makes you
invisible to monsters.  Getting that meat is difficult, though, since the
Ether Devil only appears in the Table Mountain area, and is invisible unless
you drink the Eyedrop Herb.  Plus this monster will reflect the effects of
staffs, so swinging the Bufu Staff won't work.  You have to throw the Bufu
Staff at it in order to get the Ether Devil Meat.  While invisible, the
monsters won't attack you, since they can't see you.
-There may be other ways to defeat the Demon Eclipse Insect, but since this
game has infinite possibilities, I can't cover them all.  Another way to beat
this monster easily is to throw a weak monster meat at it.  Now it will be
snap to beat, but you won't the 9999 experience if you killed it in it's
original form.

-Once you defeat the Demon Eclipse Insect, and free the Golden Condor, it
won't appear ever again, so the second time around the game may be a little
easier.  After defeating the insect, the surrounding monsters will die too.
Now go up and cut the threads.  The Golden Condor will be free.  It will offer
Shiren to ride on it's back.  It will take off and leave a golden feather
behind.  Congratuations, you have just cleared the game!  The Condor will make
it's flight, and a lot of people will see it.  People will begin to make their
wishes, as legends say that wishes will be granted while the Golden Condor is
in flight.  Gaibara will mention that is the legendary condor, how beautiful.
Saruyama will tell his teacher to hurry up and make a wish, as everyone else is
doing so.  Gaibara thinks for a while, but he can't think of a wish.  What
will happen now?  Gaibara asks Saruyama to bring it out.  Saruyama will take
out a pot, thinking Gaibara means bringing out a pot, but Gaibara tosses it
aside and tell him, not that!  He meant for Saruyama to make a wish for him.
The Golden Condor will drop off Shiren and Koppa at a forest.  As they start
their walk back to Canyon Inn Town, the Condor will fly away, leaving behind
a golden shimmer.  Now sit back and watch the credits while you see a shadow
of Shiren and Koppa walking towards you. Once you clear the game, you will
have a Condor Mark on your save file to prove your worth.  If you clear the
game a second time, then the Condor won't be there, but it's feather will be
there to pick up.  There won't be any credits the second time around and
above.  When you clear the game a second time, Shiren will return to Canyon
Inn Town, keeping all items he had at the time of completion.

-After clearing the game, the things people will say to you will change.  They
will praise you for your efforts in freeing the Golden Condor.  Now you will
notice Gaibara's Fourth Apprentice waiting for you.  He seems out of breath.
He will ask of Shiren to help save their teacher, Gaibara.  He will tell you
to talk to Saruyama for more information.  When you get to the Town of the
Mountain Summit, go to Gaibara's Mansion.  Saruyama will greet you.  He will
say that Gaibara has went inside the cave for some materials for his pots.
Gaibara hasn't come back.  Where is the cave?  Well the hanging scroll of the
"Heart of the Pot", behind that scroll a cave has appeared.  Saruyama will
give you a warning.  Any items brought inside to the cave will disappear, so
store the items away at the Warehouse or Parcel Place before entering.  Then
he will ask if Shiren knows the "Way of the Trap".  Say no, then Saruyama will
explain that Shiren must have been mortified by the many traps during his
journey.  Even further is that monsters were immune to traps.  The Way of the
Trap is an art of self defense, using traps in a unexpected way.  When this
cave is entered, for some reason you will always start with the Trap Master
Bangle.  With this bracelet, the wearer will become immune to traps, at the
same time, make monsters able to become caught in traps.  This is the key to
going deep inside this cave.  Koppa will ask how does he know so much.
Saruyama will say that Gaibara was also the teacher of the way of the trap.
Gaibara wrote a book, "The Way of the Trap, In a Straight Line."  Saruyama
will wish you luck, and hopes the God of Traps, Kaka-Lue is smiling at you.

-If you visit the Village of Bamboo Thicket, a farmer will tell you that
thunder fell on the backside of the mountains, and he is going to check it
out.  Go to the place where the offering was, and now you see a group of
people surrounding the hole.  Apparently, someone went inside, knowing that
a rare meat is waiting for him inside.  He called himself the Wandering Chef.
Koppa will tell Shiren that is must Naoki, the one who help build a new
restaurant in the Town of the Mountain Summit.

The Small Shrine of the Food God

-Secret Dungeon #1.
-Entrance = At the Village of the Bamboo Thicket, at the place where the
offering to Bufu was.  Now the large rock has vanished, and a huge hole is
in the ground.
-Conditions to enter = Clear the game, and helped Naoki the chef and got the
Bufu Staff.
-Any items brought in to this dungeon will be gone, so don't bother.
-Level will be reduced to 1.
-The Floor, LV, HP, and Gitan will be displayed in Blue color.
-Shiren will always start with Bufu's Kitchen Knife, and a Large Hand Rolled
-This dungeon is devoted to using monster meat.  The starting equipment, the
Bufu's Kitchen Knife, will allow defeated monsters to drop their meat, but
not always.
-Not many items appear here, but if you can find the Disposable Shield, then
that is the most powerful defense, since while in monster form, that shield
will not weaken.
-To clear this dungeon, you must find and talk to Naoki the chef who is
wandering somewhere on the 25th Floor and above.  He will reward you with a
Facade Soldier Meat, which is a rare monster meat.

The Cave Behind the Hanging Scroll

-Secret Dungeon #2
-Entrance = The Town of the Mountain Summit, Gaibara's Mansion.  You can use
the cart to take you there quickly.
-Conditions to enter = Clear the game, and helped Gaibara the potter to create
the Synthesis Pot.
-Any items brought inside will be gone.
-Level will be reduced to 1 if above 1.
-The Floor, LV, HP, and Gitan will be displayed in Green color.
-Shiren will always start with a Trap Master Bangle and a Large Hand Rolled
-This dungeon focuses on trap useage.  The starting equipment, the Trap Master
Bangle will make Shiren immune to traps, allows Shiren to see the location of
traps, and will make monsters get caught in traps.
-A fair amount of items appear here.  There are just a few items with negative
effects, like the Monster House Scroll.
-To clear this dungeon, you must find and talk to Gaibara the potter who is
somewhere on the 16th Floor and above.  If you do find him, he will reward you
with a Resentment Dispel Pot, which will explode on contact if thrown.

Fei's Final Problem

-Secret Dungeon #3
-Entrance = Canyon Inn Town, behind the Ranking of Wanderers Board, where
Fei lives.
-Conditions to enter = Clear the game, which is Kobami Valley, Clear the Small
Shrine of the Food God, Clear the Cave Behind the Hanging Scroll, and Clear
all 50 of Fei's Problems at least once.  After all conditions are met, then
talking to Fei will allow you to challenge the Final Problem.
-Any items brought inside will be lost.  Same with any comrades brought in.
-Level will be at 1.
-The Floor, LV, HP, and Gitan will be displayed in Red color.
-Shiren will always start with a Large Hand Rolled Sushi.
-This dungeon is more like the Main Dungeon, but now the Scrolls, Herbs and
Seeds will now be unidentified as well as the Pots and Staffs.  Just about
every monster will make an appearance.
-Just about every item will appear here, including the ones with negative
effects.  Since a lot of items will be unidentified, it is risky using an item
to identify it.
-To clear this maniac dungeon, you must make it to the 100th Floor, where the
Reverse Side of the Earth awaits you.  The secret of Fei is waiting here too.
Making it here is extremely difficult.
-If you clear this dungeon, then you will get a Mamul Mark on your save file,
right beside the Condor Mark.  This Mamul Mark is a sign of complete mastery.

The thing that exists at the 100th floor of Fei's Final Problem

Here is the Reverse Side of the Earth

Mamul:  The faster one is the winner.

Mamul:  Mr. Shiren,
Together, let's have a commemoration photography shot.
Ready, yes?  Cheese!
The photograph you just took,
send it to Chun Soft, okay?

Mamul:  It is no good to use Flash Photography.

Mamul:  For the shutter speed,
it is better to use a slower speed.

Younger Sister:  I hope big brother will return soon.
I'm looking forward to some souvenirs.

Younger Brother:  Mother, I'm hungry.

Mother:  Our eldest son is the proudest son.
He is researching the Dungeon of Wonder, and for that,
he has traveled far away to a distant land.

Father:  This place is the village
where we reside.

When you have solved the Final Problem, then Fei will say the following.

なんだか マムルくさいアル…
ビックラ コキマロッ!!」
Natural Calamity Scholar Fei:  Mr. Shiren,
somehow, you smell of Mamul...
What?  This dungeon is a path that goes straight
to my house?
(he is surprised at what you have done)

Fei's Problem Compilation

Here is the walkthrough for the 50 Fei Problems.  While it is not necessary to
clear these problems, clearing all 50 is one of the conditions in accessing
the 3rd Secret Dungeon.  Once you clear all 50 problems, it starts all over at
problem 1 and repeats.

U = Up
D = Down
L = Left
R = Right
some number = move that many steps.
face a direction = Hold Y button while pushing that direction.

Ex. U3, DR4 means move up 3 steps, then go down-right (diagonal) 4 spaces.
Note that there could be more than one solution to each problem.  Don't bring
any items into the problems, since they will just disappear.  You can't
challenge the next problem until you Interrupt the game and start over from
the beginning.  The items received for clearing a problem may be random and
different for your game, so beware.

1. This problem makes you practice walking diagonally across water.  Begin by
going D2, DL1, DR2, R2, UR1, UL2, UR1, R2, DR2, DL1, and D2.
Get Item = Poison Erase Herb

2. Practice finding secret passages by striking the wall.  Begin by going R1,
then A button to open the way.  Go R5, D3, A, D5, Face R, A, R6, Face D, A,
D1, Face L, A, L3, D5 and done.
Get Item = Poison Erase Herb

3. There is a Mamuun monster across a patch of water.  Begin by U1 to pick up
a Dragon Herb.  Go R1, Face U, and Drink the Dragon Herb.  This should do
about 70 damage to kill the monster.  Shiren will go up to Level 3.  Now go
DR1, R5, U4, L9, and done.
Get Item = Club

4. Here, we have monsters separated by columns of water.  Begin by going R1,
and pick up a Place Exchange Staff [3].  Now Swing this staff at the monster
across the water, and do it two more times.  Go R2 to reach the stairs.
Get Item = Sea Lion's Shield

5. There is one Gather monster across the water.  Go L1 to pick up an
Identification Scroll.  Go R2 for an unidentified staff.  Now Read the scroll
on the staff.  It is a Blow Off Staff [1].  Face D, and Swing the staff at the
monster.  Go R2, D2, L6, D3, R3 and done.
Get Item = Plating Scroll

6. Here you will have to run from a Mamuun in a field of traps.  Go D1 for an
Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it so you can see the traps.  Go R4, U4, R2, D4, R2, U4,
R2, D4 and done.
Get Item = Leather Carapace Shield +1

7. There are nine monsters, with a lot of Gitan laying around.  Begin by going
R1 for a Deep Sleep Scroll.  Read the scroll, then go R3, U1 and done.  The
Gitan are just a distraction.
Get Item = Leather Carapace Shield +3

8. This is more of a random problem.  Go U1 for an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it.
Go U1 and step on the Coiled Spring Trap.  Shiren will randomly warp to
somewhere else in the room.  Just keep stepping on the traps until you reach
the area near the stairs.  If you're lucky, it will take you there in 1 shot.
Get Item = Long Roll Up

9. There are six monsters in an enclosed space by water.  Go D1, DL1, L1 for
a Binding Paralysis Staff.  The Piitan will have escaped, but since it tries
to run from Shiren, don't worry about it.  Now go L3, UL1, U3.  Face R then
swing the staff.  Now the monsters can't get out.  Go UR1, R1 and done.
Get Item = Otogirisou

10. In this problem, Shiren will have to make it to the stairs while avoiding
the arrows shot by a Cross Bouya monster.  Begin by going D2, U2, R2, DR1,
R2, UR1, DR1, UR2, D1 and done.
Get Item = Japanese Sword +1

11. This is a scroll reading and writing practice.  Go R1 to pick up a Vacuum
Kill Scroll.  Read it to kill all 5 monsters.  Shiren will now be at Level 4.
Now go R11 to pick up a Blank Paper Scroll.  The rest of the directions will
depend on what you decide to write onto the scroll.  There are 5 choices to
write, listed below.
Vacuum Kill = After reading, go R3 and done.
Time of Worry = After reading, go L1, D2, R3, UR1, U1, and done.
Deep Sleep = After reading, go L1, D2, R3, UR1, U1, and done.
Suicide Bombing = After reading, go R3 and done.
Sacred Precinct = Put this scroll on the floor instead of reading it.  While
on it, monsters can't attack you, so just keep attacking with your fist until
all monsters have been defeated.  Then go R3 and done.
Get Item = "Rest in Peace" Sickle

12. Shiren will be surrounded by monsters.  Go D1 for an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink
it and you can see a Large Scale Land Mine Trap where you started.  Go U1 and
the resulting explosion will wipe out everything.  Go R10 and done.
Get Item = Mamul Meat

13. A wall digging problem.  Go R1, UL1, and R1 for a Pickaxe +1, Pickaxe, and
a Clairvoyance Bracelet.  Equip these and then press A to dig the wall to the
right.  Go R4 while digging, then D1 for 511 Gitan (may be a random amount, so
your game may be different).  Go R2, U1, R3, and D2 for another Pickaxe.  Go
R1, continue to dig to the R12.  Go D1 and done.
Get Item = Otogirisou

14. Use traps to move across water.  Go U1 for an Eyedrop Herb and Drink it.
Go DL1, L1, UL1, then R1 and step on the Log Trap.  If it doesn't trigger, do
it manually from the Status Menu.  Now go D1, L2, DL1, DR1 and step on the
trap.  Go D2 and done.
Get Item = Bronze Carapace Shield +1

15. Here you can use items and a monster to help you move across water.  Go
L4 and get a Sea Lion Pot [1].  Face D and Push the pot.  The Sea Lion will
jump across the water and grab the Place Exchange Staff [1].  Face U, then
throw the pot against the northern wall.  Go U1 and pick up the staff.  Go
R3, then Face D and Swing the staff.  Go DL1, D1 and done.
Get Item = Ghost White Radish Meat

16. Go L1 to pick up a Back of Body Pot [6].  Go R2 for an Eyedrop Herb.
Drink the herb.  Now you can see a Land Mine Trap.  Go UL1, U6.  You will see
3 Bean Bandits.  Hit A button to swing your fist once, then go D5, then R1 and
step on the mine.  Then swing your fist once, then trigger the trap again.
This should kill all three bandits.  Now Push the pot to recover lost HP.  Go
L1, U13 to see 3 Ghost White Radishes.  Swing your fist once, then go D5, R1
and step on the mine.  Swing the fist once, then trigger the mine.  Push the
pot to recover HP if necessary.  Swing your fist until the third monster
appears then trigger the trap once more.  After all are dead, go L1, U8, done.
Get Item = Wood Carapace Shield +1

17. This is a simple scroll reading exercise.  Go L1, then R2 to get 2 Vacuum
Kill Scrolls.  Read one of them to kill the 3 Mamuuns.  Shiren will now be at
Level 6.  Go R7, D1.  Read the other scroll to kill another set of 3 Mamuuns.
Shiren will now be at Level 7.  Go D3, L7, DL1 and done.
Get Item = Otogirsou

18. In this problem, use traps and items to lure a powerful monster away.
Begin by going DR1 for an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it to see a row of traps.  Go
U2 for a Confusion Avoiding Bangle.  Equip it.  Go UL1, L4 (the bangle will
protect you) DL1, D1.  Go L6 to meet a Nishikin monster.  Go R6, UR1, U1, R4,
D4, L4, UL1, U1, L8 and done.
Get Item = Ghost White Radish Meat

19. This problem has you throwing the Genocide Scroll to kill monsters.  Go L2
to pickup 2 Genocide Scrolls.  Face D and throw one at the Death Messenger
monster.  If it hits, it will kill all of that type of monster.  Face UR, then
throw the other scroll at the Mamuun.  This will kill all the Mamuuns.  If you
miss, then there are two more Genocide Scrolls to the right.  Now go L1, DL1,
DR1, R3 and done.
Get Item = Japanese Sword

20. Here, you can see how the Time of Worry Scroll works.  Go D1 for a Time of
Worry Scroll.  Go D3 and three different traps will hit you.  Shiren will be
poisoned, can't see clearly and confused.  Now read the scroll that you just
got.  HP will be restored, can walk straight and Shiren will be able see
correctly.  Now go D9 and get another Time of Worry Scroll.  Shiren will be
surrounded by 5 Gather monsters.  Read the scroll and then all 5 will be
paralyzed.  Go UR1, DR1, D, DL2, D1 and done.
Get Item = Blessing of the Earth Scroll

21. Here you will use items to cross over water, and keep an enemy at your
back all the way to the stairs.  Begin by going L1, DL1, DR1 for an
unidentified staff and a Identification Pot [1].  Take the pot and put the
staff inside.  The staff turns out to be a Place Exchange Staff [1].  Now
Face R and Throw the pot at the wall.  Go R2 to pick up the staff.  Now go
DL2, L3, D8.  Face R and swing the staff at the Mamul.  Now go R16 to face a
Mamuun while picking up a Wooden Arrow.  Now go L3, D3, L4, U3, R11 and done.
Get Item = Poison Erase Herb

22. This problem has you avoiding Pitfall traps while using two different
staffs to help push away a pursuer.  Go D1 for an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it.
Now press A twice to swing your fist twice.  Depending on which side the
Mamuun goes, go to the opposite side.  In my case, I would go DR1, DL1, D8,
L2, D4.  Now go DR7, D4, R6 for a Blow Off Staff [1].  Go R3 for a Place
Exchange Staff [1].  Now go R3 to reach a dead end.  Face L and swing the
Blow Off Staff at the monster.  Now swing the Place Exchange Staff.  Now go
L2, U4, UR1, U6 and done.
Get Item = Poison Erase Herb

23. Here you will learn what will happen if two monster are sent to the stairs
via the Temporary Tiding Over Staff.  Begin by going L1 to get a Temporary
Tiding Over Staff [2].  Swing it at the Mamul in front of you.  Now go L10 and
swing swing the staff at the Mamuun.  Now go L10 and both monsters will be
paralyzed.  Attack only Mamul (the cute blue one) that is on the stairs, since
that is the weaker monster of the two.  It should go down in two hits.  Go L1
and done.
Get Item = Club +1

24. Here you will use weapons to fight some monsters.  Begin by going DL1, for
an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it.  Now go R2 for a Bronze Carapace Shield.  Equip
this shield.  Go D1, DL1 and U1 and step on the Log Trap.  Go L1 to pick up a
Bewitching Sword Whirlwind Cutter +5.  Equip this weapon, which has a three-
way attack.  Swing it once and it should defeat 2 Bean Bandits.  Go U1, Face R
and swing the sword.  It should kill to more bandits.  Now face L and swing
again.  It should kill one bandit.  Face R and swing the weapon twice to kill
the remaining bandit.  Now go R4, D1, R7 and done.
Get Item = Mamul Meat

25. The problem is, there are stairs that are surrounded by water and all
staffs have 0 uses, so swinging it will do nothing.  Begin by going UL1, R2 to
get three Bufu Staffs [0].  Go UR1, U2, UL1, L1, U6.  Now just keep swinging
your fists until the Pakorepkin monster is in front of you (the monster moves
about randomly).  Now throw one of the staffs at the monster.  Now go and pick
up the meat that was left behind.  Now eat the meat and Shiren will transform
in the Pakorepkin monster.  This monster can pass through walls and walk over
water, things Shiren can't do in human form.  Head down to reach the stairs.
Get Item = Long Roll Up

26. This lesson shows the characteristics of the Flame Priest monster.  Begin
by going D1 for a Far Throw Bangle.  Go DL1, U2 for three Dragon Herbs.  Equip
the Bangle then Face L and Drink the herb.  You will see that fire will cause
the Flame Priest to level up.  Now throw the other two herbs at the monster.
Normally the Flame Priest will burn up any thrown items (or in this case level
up), but since you have the Far Throw Bangle equipped, throwing items can
damage even this monster.  Now go U1, UL1, DL2, L4, D1, L5, D1 to get two more
Dragon Herbs.  Now face L and throw the herb across the wall to kill the
priest.  If you miss (thrown items have a small chance of missing the target)
then start the problem over from the beginning.  Now go U3, L3, D2 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Bracelet

27. This problem has you running from a Father Tank monster.  This problem can
be random.  Begin by going UL1, U2.  If the monster follows, then go L1, A
button once (to make the monster shoot the cannon) L1, Hold B and go UL1 to
stand on the Gitan.  Face DR, and press A until the monster comes right in
front of you.  Now Throw the Gitan at it, and it should kill the monster in
one hit.  If it misses, then go L1, DL1, L1, D2, DL1 and done.  If the monster
did not follow, then go L4 and if it follows now, go L1, A, L1, DL1, D2 and
Get Item = Escaping Piitan Meat

28. Here, you will learn the characteristics of the Healing Rabbit.  Begin by
Facing R and press A to open a secret passage.  Go R4, Face U, press A.
Go U1, Face R and press A.  Go R6 for 20 Iron Arrows.  Go D1 for a Power Up
Scroll.  Read it, then equip the arrows, face R and press L button to shoot.
Now the rabbit will warp in to heal the injured monster.  Go for the rabbit
first (the monster's position varies) and it should take about 3 shots by the
arrows to kill it.  Now shoot the remaining Death Messenger until it's killed.
Now go to the stairs.
Get Item = Plating Scroll

29. Here is one of those random problems, so directions may not apply in your
case.  This method usually works, though.  Begin by going UR3, R1.  The
Skeleton Heresy monster across the river will swing a staff with random
effect at Shiren.  There rest varies depending on what happens.  Try to make
it to the stairs while avoiding the monsters.  If you are lucky, then you
will be teleported near the stairs with double speed, which makes it easy.
If not so lucky, then start over from the beginning.
Get Item = Unidentified Pot [4]

30. This problem requires Shiren to do some fighting.  Begin by going UR1 for
a Medicial Herb.  Go L1 for a Heavy Attire Shield +10.  Go L1 for a Curse
Avoidance Bangle, L1 for a Long Roll Up +12.  Equip all three of these.  Go
R3, UR1, U1.  Face UL and swing the weapon until the monster dies.  Keep
attacking until all three monsters are gone.  Use the herb to recover HP if
need be.  Now go UL1, L3, UL1, U1, UR1, DR1, R2 to get a Long Roll Up +18,
a Heavy Attire Shield +20 and an Otogirisou.  Equip the new stuff, then go
UR1, U2.  Now fight until all monsters are dead.  Even if the Gedoro keeps
muliplying, just keep fighting.  Now go UL1, L4 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Staff

31. This problem has many monsters, but of the same type.  Begin by going
DL1, R2 to pick up two Genocide Scrolls and a Skeleton Heresy Staff [7].
Throw the Genocide Scroll at the Mamul after facing D.  Then throw the other
scroll at the Mamuuns.  If you miss, then Interrupt and start the problem over
again.  Go DL1, D6 and done.
Get Item = Stomach Expansion Seed

32. This problem has you using a trap to help escape.  Begin by going UR1, U6,
L4, U1 to get a Brightness Scroll and an Eyedrop Herb.  Use both of these
items and then go L2, D1 and step on the Log Trap.  This will defeat the
Darkness Owl that is blocking the way.  Now go D3 and step on the trap again.
You will end up on the stairs.  Choose Stair from the Status Menu and go up.
Ignore the two other monsters that are nearby.
Get Item = Power Herb

33. This problem makes you run to the stairs while the monsters are
distracted.  Go R1, D1 for a Substitution Staff and a Pickaxe.  Equip the
Pickaxe, face R swing the staff.  Now swing the weapon once, then one of the
monsters will kill the substitute and level up.  Now swing the staff at that
leveled up monster.  Now go U3, dig R, go R4 and done.  If the substitute
moves near the stairs, then wait until they move away before dashing for the
Get Item = Deluxe Hand Rolled Sushi

34. Here you will have to distract the Plowed Field Lay to Waste monsters
before they ruin the items that are laying on the floor.  Go R1 for a Weed.
Face L (that's hold Y and press left) and throw the weed.  Now go UR3, U3 for
a Blow Off Staff [2] and a Pickaxe.  Go L1, D1, for a Place Exchange Staff
and a Pickaxe.  Go UL1, face D, then swing the Blow Off Staff at the enemy.
Now swing the Place Exchange Staff.  Go DL1, L1 and done.
Get Item = Darkness Owl Meat

35. This is another random problem, so the solutions could differ.  Go R2 for
a Brightness Scroll.  Read it, and go DR1, R1 for a Far Throw Bangle.
Equipping it is optional.  Go DL1, L1 for an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it to see
an Alarm and Coiled Spring Traps.  Go DL1, L1 to trip the alarm.  Go D1 and
step on the Spring Trap.  Now chase the Thieving Sea Lion monster and attack
it until killed.  Since this monster won't attack you, it is safe.  Pick up
the Pickaxe that is left behind.  Equip it and dig to the right and up and
make your way to the stairs.
Get Item = Power Herb

36. This problem has you using the double speed of a certain monster to help
escape from other monsters.  First go U1, L1, D1 to pick up 3 Bufu Staffs [0].
Now face R and throw the staff at the Death Messenger.  Now go DR2, UR1, U1 to
pick up the monster meat.  Now eat the meat, which will give you double speed.
Go UR3, U6.  Now go R4, then L4 to lure the monsters out.  Now go U2, UR3,
R2 and done.
Get Item = Long Roll Up

37. This problem has you fighting monsters one on one.  First go U1, R1, UL1,
L1 to pick up a Disposable Shield and an One Eyed Murderer, a pair of each.
Equip the cursed ones, as you will see why in a moment.  Now go R1, U4, R1,
U5.  Go UL1, R2 for Two Life Herbs and one Medicinal Herb.  Drink the two Life
Herbs, then hold A & B buttons until Shiren's HP is full to 25.  Now go R1,
then DL2 to lure out one Gaze monster.  Now face UR and swing the sword to
make it come to you.  Keep swinging the weapon until you kill it.  It will try
to hypnotize you, but because the equipment is cursed, it can't unequip it for
you, but it still gets a free turn.  After leveling up to 2, then hold A and B
until your HP is full.  Go UR2, then DR2 to lure the second Gaze out.  Now
repeat as above by facing UR and swing away until dead.  Now Shiren will be at
level 3.  Hold A and B to recover HP, then go UR2, face U and swing away until
the third monster is killed.  Now go U2, UL2 and done.
Get Item = Identification Scroll

38. Here is a practice in avoiding the Dancing Polygon Monster.  Go D5, R1,
D3.  Now follow the path of the sushi.  DR1, DL1, DR1, DL1, DR1 for a Place
Exchange Staff [1].  Now go L1, R1, UL1, UR1, DR1, U1.  Now go R8 to pick
up a Blow Off Staff [1].  Face U, swing the Place Exchange Staff at the
Healing Rabbit.  Now go R1, U5.  Face D and swing the Blow Off Staff at the
annoying Dancing Polygon monster.  Now go UR1, R2 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Pot

39. This problem has you using the power of some shields to help you clear
this session.  Go UR1, for a Land Mine Nabari Shield.  Go L2 for a Sea Lion's
Shield.  Equip the Land Mine Nabari Shield.  Now go UR1, U7, UR1, U1 for a
Far Throw Bangle.  Equip this bangle.  Now the Flame Priest will move to the
bottom side.  Go UR1, R10.  Now go R1 to trigger an invisible Land Mine Trap.
Now there will be two Flame Priests.  Go DR2 for a Dragon Herb.  The Sea Lion
will steal something from you, or just stare at you.  Go DR1, R3 for another
Dragon Herb.  Now face L and throw a Dragon Herb at the priests, who should be
lined up in a row.  If one misses, you're dead, so start over if that happens.
Once both are gone, go L4, UL1, and done.
Get Item = Identification Scroll

40. Here are the last 11 problems.  These are some of the more harder ones, so
get ready.  In this problem, you will be moving in diagonal to help save
turns.  Go U1 to get an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it, and you will see a pattern of
Circular Board Traps.  Now go D6, R5, DR1, D3, DL1, L3, UL1, U1, UR1 for a
Dragon Herb.  Go DR1 for another Dragon Herb, then R1 for a Blow Off Staff.
Now face DL and Drink one of the herbs.  This should kill the Death Messenger
in one blow.  Now Face L and drink the other herb.  This will kill the Mamuun
in one blow as well as level up Shiren to 4.  Now face D and swing the staff
at the remaining monster.  Now go UL1, L1, DL1, D1, DR1, R3, UR1, U3, UL1, L5,
U6.  Now go UR1, U2, UL1, L1, DL1, DR1 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Bracelet

41. This is an exercise in meats and staffs.  Go D1 to pick up a Bufu Staff
[0].  Face U and throw the staf at the monster.  Go U2 and take the meat.
Now eat the Darkness Owl Meat.  Doing so also lights up the room, opens secret
passageways, and makes Shiren's presence unknown to monsters in a room.  Now
go U5, UL1, U2 for a Temporary Tiding Over Staff [1].  Go R2 for a Place
Exchange Staff [2].  Now go U1, UL1, U1.  Now change back to human form.  Now
swing the Temporary Tiding Over Staff up at the Gather monster.  Now swing the
Place Exchange Staff.  You will end up right on the stairs, so you're done.
Get Item = Unidentified Bracelet

42. This problem has a shop that you can buy from, for a change.  Begin by
going U1 to face 2 Gamaras.  These monsters won't attack you, but instead they
try to steal Gitan.  Keep swinging your fists until you defeat one.  Now hold
B, then go U1 to step on the Gitan.  This way, the other Gamara won't be able
to steal from you.  Now face R and swing away until the second Gamara is gone.
Now take the Gitan that is underfoot, (pick it up) then go R1 for the other
sack.  You should have about 2000 Gitan (numbers may vary).  Now go U6, R8,
U5, and L2.  Shiren is now inside of a shop.  The shop sells these stuff.
A Large Hand Rolled Sushi for 200G, a Dragon Herb for 500G, a Happiness
Bracelet for 10000G, another Dragon Herb for 500G, an Invincible Herb for
3000G, yet another Dragon Herb for 500G, a Doutanuki +55 weapon for 7800G, yet
another Dragon Herb for 500G, and a Deep Sleep Scroll for 200G.  Go DL1, L2
and pick up a Dragon Herb and a Deep Sleep Scroll.  Go R3 and Face U and talk
to the shopkeeper.  Pay the 700 Gitan for the items, then go U1, R6 to reach
a room with three monsters.  Read the scroll, then drink the herb to kill the
Father Tank.  Go R3 and done.
Get Item = Genocide Scroll

43. This problem has you circling around some rooms while fighting some status
suckers.  Begin by going U1 to get a Drain Buster +5.  Equip it, which will
cost a turn.  Now go UR1 (there is a Hunger Switch Trap), R6, D9 for another
Hunger Switch.  Go L2, then U6, L4.  Go UL1, L2 to get a Blank Paper Scroll.
Now type in
without the brackets to get the effects of the Sacred Precinct Scroll.  Put
this scroll on the floor (don't read it), so the that the monster will now
just circle around you.  Take your time in defeating the two monsters.  Once
that is done, go UL1, U1, L4, U6, L2, D9, R6.  Now go UR1 to step on the
Sacred Pricinct again.  You are safe from harm, so just slash away until both
monsters are dead.  Now go UL1, U1, L4, U7, UL1, and done.  You will be
hungry by now, but don't worry about it.
Get Item = Kalacloid Meat

44. Here is a general monster lesson.  Go DL1, U2 to pick up a Temporary
Tiding Over Staff [1], and Eyedrop Herb and a Blowoff Staff [1].  Drink the
herb, then you can see the Ether Devil monster, which was once invisible.
Go D1, and if the monster is not lined up with you, then swing your fists
until so.  Face L and swing the Blow Off Staff [1] at the monster.  It will
reflect the effect back at you.  Shiren will take 5 damage, but no matter.  Go
D5, R1 for some Gitan, then DR1 for a "Hitting the Target" Sword +6.  Equip
this sword, so it doesn't get stolen.  Now let one of the Gamaras steal your
Gitan, by facing R and swing away.  Now go R1, DR1, and let the Sea Lion
steal one of your staffs.  When nobody is behind you, go R6 to see Six Bean
Bandits.  Go L1 back into the passage.  This way you can fight them one on
one, instead of being surrounded.  The weapon you have will never miss, so
just Face R and swing away until all six are dead.  Now go R4 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Staff

45. Here is a large room practice.  Begin by going L8, U3.  Go UL3 and pick
up a Large Room Scroll along the way.  Now go U4, R19, D3.  Go DR3 and get
another Large Room Scroll.  Now go D4, L19, U3, UR2.  Now read the Large Room
Scroll.  Go R6 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Staff

46. This is one of the harder problems, making you escape from four Doremlas
monsters until you get enough staffs to retaliate.  Begin by going DL1, UL2
for an Eyedrop Herb.  Drink it (the monsters will not move).  Now go DL2,
UL1, L2, DL1, L6, D6.  Now go R3, DR1, DL2, UL1, L1, D1 for Two Bufu Staffs
[0].  Now go UR1, DR1, UR1, DR1 for a Place Exchange Staff [2].  Now go D3,
DL1, L6, UL1, U1 for a Binding Paralysis Staff [2].  Face R and swing the
Binding Paralysis Staff at the monster.  Face D and press A once to swing
your fist to lure another monster closer.  Now swing the Binding Paralysis
Staff at the monster that came close.  Now go U4, UR1, R6.  Face L and throw
the Bufu Staff at the monster.  Now Face D and throw the other Bufu Staff at
the remaining monster.  If it misses, then start over from the beginning.
Go L4 to pick up the Doremlas Meat.  Eat it to become this monster, which has
a special skill in shoving the opposition away like a Blow Off Staff.  Now go
L2, DL1, D4.  Now press the L button to pull of this monster's special skill.
Now return to human form and swing the Place Exchange Staff at the monster
that just got shoved.  Now go DR1, R3 and done.
Get Item = Unidentified Staff

47. This is a coin throw practice.  Go DR1 for a Temporary Tiding Over Staff.
Now swing this staff at the Mamuun.  Go DR3, R4, UR1.  Now hold B button while
going UR1 to step on the Gitan.  Face R and throw the Gitan at the monster.
It will go 1/10 the amount of Gitan worth of damage.  In this case, about 50
damage (the amount of Gitan varies).  This should kill the Mamuun in one blow.
Now go R3 and done.
Get Item = Kalacloid Meat

48. This problem has you making the monster fight each other.  Go UR1, L2 to
get three Kiguni Tribe Seeds.  Now face U and throw one at the Mamuun.  It
will begin to attack it's friends.  Now face UR and throw another one at the
Mamuun.  Press A to spend turns until one dies.  The other will level up into
a Nishikin.  Now go L1 and keep pressing A until the Nishikin is the only
monster left.  Press A until the Nishikin gets within one space of you.  Now
go R4, UR1, UL3, U1 and done.
Get Item = Kalacloid Meat

49. Here is another random problem, so this might take a few tries.  Go D2 for
a Place Exchange Staff [1].  Now go DR1, R2 for some Gitan.  Now go UL1, U1.
If the Gamara steals your Gitan, then fine, but if not, then press A and B
buttons until it does steal.  It will randomly warp somewhere and move at
double speed.  It needs to be an even number of steps away from the stairs,
otherwise it will never stop on the stairs exactly.  Look at the mini-map to
determine the position.  If it is an odd number away from the stairs, then you
may want to reconsider restarting.  Now face DR and keep pressing A unitl the
Gamara is right over the stairs.  Swing the Place Exchange Staff and you are
done.  If the Gamara appears in the same room as Shiren, then you may want to
consider restarting, since it will just run back and forth in the same place.
Get Item = Huge Hand Rolled Sushi

50. The last problem.  You would think it would be the hardest problem yet,
right?  It is actually one of the easiest.  Go R1 to pickup a Passing Through
Bangle.  Equip this and go U2, R1, U1, R3, D1, R1, D4, L1, D1, L1, D6, R9,
U12 and done.  Notice the mini-map in that the rooms form a ? ! shape.
Another way is to unequip the bangle while standing over water.  This will
sometimes warp you straight to the room with the stairs.  This can be a faster
way, usually.
Get Item = Unidentified Staff

Data Compilation

This section has information on items, monsters, and traps.

1. Item List

AP = Base Attack Power of that weapon, plus minus zero.
Characteristic = Special powers that can be used with the Synthesis Pot to
combine effects into one weapon.
Description = What the weapon does.

AP = 2
Description = Will not rust, but this weapon cannot be forged.

Long Roll-up
AP = 3
Description = A spear like weapon.

Bufu's Kitchen Knife
AP = 5
Characteristic = Can turn defeated monsters into meat.  You always start with
this weapon in "The Small Shrine of the Food God".

Japanese Sword
AP = 5
Description = A favorite weapon among most wanderers.  If you can forge this
weapon to the extreme, something good may happen.

Dragon Killer
AP = 7
Characteristic = Does double damage to the Dragon Tribe.

Doutanuki (Bronze Raccoon?)
AP = 8
Description = It's high attack power makes it ideal for the base weapon for

Sturdy Sword Manji Kabura
AP = 12
Description = A powerful blade created by the master swordsmith, Kabura.

"Rest in Peace" Sickle
AP = 4
Characteristic = Does double damage to the Undead Tribe.

AP = 1
Characteristic = Allows digging through walls.  It will break after several
uses.  If this weapon is combined with another weapon, then the new weapon
will also have a chance to break.  There is a way to get an Unbreakable
Pickaxe, but that's a Secret...

"Hitting the Target" Sword
AP = 2
Characteristic = Always hits the target, which means no missing.  Missing the
target costs one turn, so this weapon is great to combine with another weapon.

Mintauros Ax
AP = 4
Characteristic = Has a chance for a "Congeniality Blow", which in Dragon Quest
terms, means a critical hit for double damage.  The Tauros Family sometimes
drops this weapon upon defeat.

Bewitching Sword Whirlwind Cutter
AP = 3
Characteristic = With one swing of this weapon, it can hit monsters in the
front three positions.  This 3-way attack is useful for groups of monsters.

One Eyed Murderer
AP = 5
Characteristic = Does double damage to, not surprisingly, one-eyed monsters.

Drain Buster
AP = 5
Characteristic = Does double damage to Status Suckers.  That means monsters
that attack your status rather a direct blow.

"Fire Swift Wind Demon Sword"
AP = 30
Description = A rare weapon that cannot be found anywhere.  It must be
created from another weapon.  Hint: This is a type of Japanese Sword.

Secret Sword Kabura Stegi
AP = 50
Description = Another rare weapon that must be made from another weapon.
There is another weapon with a similar name...

Description = What the items does.

Wooden Arrow
Description = Can attack from a distance.  After equipping, press L button
to shoot.

Iron Arrow
Description = Does more damage than the Wooden Arrow.  Actual attack power
of an arrow depends on your level and strength.

Silver Arrow
Description = Has the attack power of the Iron Arrow, plus it can penetrate
through anything.

DP = Base Defensive Power of the shield, plus minus zero.
Characteristic = Special powers of that shield that can be used by the
Synthesis Pot to combine effects into one shield.
Description = What the item does.

Leather Carapace Shield
DP = 2
Characteristic = Reduces the hunger by half and this shield won't rust.  This
shield is very useful to combine with another shield.  This will make you last
longer before starving (the Glut Degree will go down 1% for every 20 turns
instead of the normal 10 turns).

Bronze Carapace Shield
DP = 4
Description = A standard shield.

Wood Carapace Shield
DP = 3
Characteristic = Will not rust.

Iron Carapace Shield
DP = 7
Description = High defense.

Dragon Shield
DP = 7
Characteristic = Reduces the damage done by fire by 1/2.

Wind Demon Escutcheon
DP = 12
Description = A rare shield that has a whirlpool mark sealed inside...

Battle Counter
DP = 5
Characteristic = About 1/3 the damage taken will be returned to the enemy.

Heavy Attire Shield
DP = 10
Description = This shield has high defensive power, but it will make
you twice as hungry while equipped.

Mountain Echo Shield
DP = 5
Characteristic = Has the power to reflect magic attacks.  It is useful against
the Gaze Family of monsters and the Skeleton Heresy Family.

Forsaken Shield
DP = 5
Characteristic = Increases the chance to avoid the attack of monsters.

False Impression Shield
DP = 3
Description = It's a weak shield, despite the high price tag.

Disposable Shield
DP = 30
Description = Has high defensive power, but for every attack taken, this
shield's defensive power is reduced by 1.  After taking many hits, it
becomes too weak for any use.  There is a little cheat, though.  If you eat a
monster meat while this shield is equipped, then as long as you are in
monster form, every attack taken will not decrease the DP by 1.  This keeps
the shield at a high defensive power, so it's more like a huge cheat.

Land Mine Nabari Shield (I don't know what Nabari means)
DP = 3
Characteristic = Reduces damage done by explosions by 1/2.

Sea Lion's Shield
DP = 3
Characteristic = Prevents you from being stolen from.  This is useful against
the Gamara Family (which steal Gitan) and the Sea Lion Family (which steal

Spiral Wind Demon Escutcheon
DP = 30
Description = The strongest shield, but you can't find it dropped anywhere.
It's a Secret on how to get it, but the hint is that there is another shield
with a similar name...

Herbs and Seeds
Description = The effect of using these items.

Medicinal Plant
Description = Recovers 25 HP, if at Max HP, then drinking this will increase
Max HP by 1.  If this is thrown at Undead monsters, then it will do 25 damage.

Otogirisou (Younger Brother Cutoff Grass)
Description = Recovers 100 HP, if at Max HP, then this will increase Max HP
by 2.  Throwing this at Undead monsters will cause 100 damage.

Happiness Herb
Description = Increases your level by 1.  It is best to drink it at higher
levels, or just after leveling up.

Eyedrop Herb
Description = Drinking it allow you to see invisible monsters and traps.  It
lasts only on the floor that it is used at.

Dragon Herb
Description = Shoots fire in the direction facing for about 70 damage.  The
range is about 5 spaces.  This item can be thrown at monsters for about 30

Invincible Herb
Description = For 20 turns, all damage received is 0.

Angel Seed
Description = Drinking this rare item will increase your level by 5.

Revival Herb
Description = If HP = 0, then you will automatically revive to Max HP.  Don't
drink this herb, otherwise it will be a waste.  Also, if this item is inside
a pot, then the auto revive will not work.  Just hold it in the item inventory
and it will work automatically.

Wriggling Body Herb
Description = Drinking this will cause you to lose 1 level.

Sorrow Seed
Description = Drinking this will cause you to lose 3 levels.

Ultra Sorrow Seed
Description = Drinking this will reduce HP and level to 1!

Kiguni Tribe's Seed
Description = Makes the target go into an uncontrolable rage.  It is best to
throw it at enemies, but watch out for the monsters leveling up.

Life Herb
Description = Raises Max HP by 5.  If you find one, drink it right away.

Stomach Expansion Seed
Description = Raises the Max Glut Degree by 10%.

Stomach Reduction Seed
Description = Reduces the Max Glut Degree by 10%.

Power Herb
Description = Recovers Power by 1.  If at Max Power, then Max Power will
increase by 1.

Poison Erase Herb
Description = Recovers lost Power due to poison.  If at Max Power, then
using this has no effect.

Poison Herb
Description = When hit by this, HP goes down by 5, Power down by 1, plus it
will cause the target to be slow footed.  Slow footed meaning they can only
move once for every two turns.

Confusion Herb
Description = Causes the target to be confused.  While confused, the target
cannot attack in the correct direction.

Sleep Herb
Description = Causes the target to sleep.  While sleeping, the target cannot
move or make any action.  The target will be open to attack while sleeping.

Description = Drinking this will recover 5% Glut Degree, and throwing this at
enemies will cause 1 damage.  Other than that, it doesn't do much else.

Description = What the scroll does when read.

Purification Scroll
Description = Removes the curse, if there is one, on equipped items.

Identification Scroll
Description = Reading it will allow you select another item on the list to
identify.  The unidentified items are the ones listed in yellow.  Sometimes
there are some lucky scrolls that will identify all items in your inventory.
You can't tell the difference between the lucky ones and the normal ones, so
just keep reading this scroll.

Brightness Scroll
Description = Gives a full map of the floor that it is read on.  The monsters
are the red dots, while the blue dots represent items or Gitan.  The yellow
dot is Shiren, and the blue square represents the exit.

Pot Enlargement Scroll
Description = Reading it allow you to choose another pot.  The pot that
receives it will be able to hold one more space inside.

Vacuum Kill Scroll
Description = Does about 30 damage to all enemies inside a room.  When read
after reading the Power Up Scroll, it will do more damage.  Be careful, since
this can damage any friends that may be following along.

No Mouth Scroll
Description = For the floor that this is read on, you cannot use any scrolls
or eat any herbs or seeds.  A big disadvantage.

Trap Scroll
Description = Reading this will cause more traps to appear on that floor.  It
is best used with the Trap Master Bangle.

Time of Worry Scroll
Description = Helps you in a time of need.  It has many effects, depending on
situation.  If HP is below max, then it will recover to Max HP.  If 2 or more
monsters are surrounding you, then all of them will be paralyzed.  If Max Glut
Degree is 0%, then Max Glut Degree is increased by 2.  If Current Glut Degree
is 0%, then it will recover to 100%.  If Power is less than Max, then Power is
restored to Max.  If current equipment is cursed, then this will remove all
curses.  If you have 0 Gitan in possession, then this will give about 5000
Gitan.  If you fall in mulitple categories, then it can help fix all of them.
Some effects have priority over others, so look carefully at the situation
before reading this scroll.

Enemy Double Speed Scroll
Description = As the name suggests, reading this will make the monsters move
at double speed.  This will last the entire time you are on the that floor.

Deep Sleep Scroll
Description = Reading this scroll will make all enemies in a room fall asleep.
Even if you hit them while asleep, they won't wake up.  However, after 20
turns, the monsters will wake up and move at double speed.  Before that
happens, try to find the stairs, or exit to escape.

Power Up Scroll
Description = Reading it will increase the attack power.  Multiple readings
on the same floor will increase it even further.

Suicide Bombing Scroll
Description = A big explosion occurs and any surrounding monsters or items
will disappear.  This also leaves you with 1 HP.

Large Room Scroll
Description = When read, the floor will transform into one big room.  The
advantage is that finding the stairs to the next floor is easy.  It can help
when trying to steal items from a shop.  The disadvantage is that monsters
have a better chance to surround you, and enemies with long range attacks
can hit you from off the screen.

Monster House Scroll
Description = Turns the current room into a Monster House.  If you are not in
room, it will randomly warp you to a room.  The monsters also get a free turn.

Confusion Scroll
Description = When read, it will confuse all monsters within a room.  Confused
monsters may still attack you, so it is not that reliable.

Genocide Scroll
Description = When thrown at a monster, that monster and the other levels
that monster has will not appear again for that particular session.  You can
only genocide one type of monster.  If you hit another monster with this,
then the first one genocided will be back.  It is best used on the Dragons,
since they have that long range fire breath attack.  If you read this scroll,
it will do nothing, so don't waste it.

Blank Paper Scroll
Description = By typing in the name of other scrolls, it can mimic the effect
of that scroll.  An all-purpose tool.  Look for the list of what to type in

Lost Scroll
Description = Reading this will cause you to forget the places walked and
traps discovered.  You will have to find them all over again.

Blessing of Heaven Scroll
Description = Increases the level of the weapon that is equipped by 1.  If the
weapon is cursed, then reading this will remove that curse.

Blessing of the Earth Scroll
Description = Increased the level of the shield that is equipped by 1.  If the
shield is cursed, then reading this will remove that curse.

Plating Scroll
Description = Reading this will put a rust-proof gold plating to the currently
equipped weapon and shield.  It is represented by a star symbol after the
weapon or shield level.

Draw Out Scroll
Description = Reading this allows you to pick a pot.  After that, this scroll
will suck out the contents of that pot.  This is very useful, as it allows the
pot to be reused.  Normally, the pot has to be thrown against a wall and
be broken in order to release the contents of that pot (other than the
Preservation Pot).  The only problem is that this scroll rare.

Cannot Pick Up Scroll
Description = While on the floor that this read on, items cannot be picked up
from off the floor.

Words to write on the Blank Paper Scroll
Here are the letters to type in the scroll to get the effects of the different
scrolls.  It is all right to type in either Hiragana or Katakana.  Towards the
bottom are the special words that are exclusive to the Blank Paper Scroll.




Pot Enlargement

Vacuum Kill

No Mouth

わな ワナ

Time of Worry

Enemy Double Speed

ばくすい バクスイ
Deep Sleep

はわーあっぷ パワーアップ
Power Up

Suicide Bombing

Large Room

もんすたー モンスター
Monster House


じぇのさいど ジェノサイド


Blessing of Heaven

Blessing of the Earth

めっき メッキ

Draw Out

Cannot Pick Up

Special Scrolls
Description = The effects of these special scrolls.

Sacred Precinct
Description = Putting this on the floor will create a save haven from monster
attacks.  As long as you stay standing on this scroll, you are safe from
attacks, except for long range attacks.  Monsters cannot step on this scroll.
Once placed, it can't be moved, unless the Sea Lion's Pot is used.  Pushing
this pot will allow you to move the Sacred Precinct to another location, but
after placing it on the floor, it will cling to the floor and cannot be moved

Description = When read, a huge skeleton will appear with a red magical symbol
in it's mouth.  Then it will swallow up all monsters inside of a room.  There
is a condition, however, that must be met before you are allowed to use this
scroll.  First you must clear the game (Table Mountain) without using the
Warehouse.  This includes no use of the Warehouse Pot, not entering the Parcel
Room, and not talking to any of the Couriers that are wandering about.  Once
that condition is met, then this scroll can be used.  There is no confirmation
of any sorts that this condition is met.

Description = What the staff does when swung.

Sealed Staff
Description = Prevents monsters from using their special attacks.  If the
monster moves at double speed, then this staff will cut that in half.

Blow Off Staff
Description = Pushes a monster back 10 spaces and causes 5 fixed damage.

Happiness Staff
Description = Causes a monster to gain a level.  Monsters usually have 3

Sorrow Staff
Description = Causes a monster to lose a level.

Substitution Staff
Description = Changes the target into a confused, fake Shiren.  Other monsters
will attack the fake instead of the real one.  If the fake is defeated, then
the monster that did it will level up, so be careful.

Place Exchange Staff
Description = Swinging this at a target will cause them and Shiren to switch
places in a instant.  Good to use with the Blow Off Staff when trying to make
an escape.

Bufu Staff
Description = Turns monsters into tasty meat.  When you eat the meat of a
monster, you will turn into that monster, with a temporary drop of level
to 1, 2, or 3, depending on the mosnter level.  You can use that monster's
special ability if it has one by pressing the L button.  The Naoki event must
be cleared first before this staff will appear in Kobami Valley.

Skeleton Heresy Staff
Description = Does random effects of other staffs (not all staffs).  This
staff is sometimes dropped by the enemy family of the same name.

Binding Paralysis Staff
Description = Swing this staff at a monster, and it will freeze in place.
As long as you don't attack it, the monster will be unable to move forever.
A good staff against powerful enemies, but the Alarm Trap can wake then up,
so be careful.  If you use the Substitution Staff first, then use this
staff on a monster, then the monster will stay as the fake Shiren forever.
Now just paralyze another monster beside the substitute, and that will create
a 'wall' to prevent monsters from attacking the substitute.

Temporary Tiding Over Staff
Description = Enemies hit with this staff will be sent to the stairs to the
next floor in a paralyzed state.  Since two monsters can't occupy the same
space, first send a weak monster, then send a strong one.  That way you only
have to deal with the weak one when going to the next floor.

Pain Sharing Staff
Description = When you take damage, any enemy that got hit by this staff will
also receive the same damage.

Description = Effect of that bracelet when equipped.

Passage Through Bangle
Description = Allows passage over water and it can find secret passages
just by walking near.  If this is unequipped while stepping over water,
then Shiren will randomly warp somewhere else on that floor.

Bargain Dealing Bangle
Description = When buying items from a shop, when the shopkeeper tells the
price, say no once, then you can buy at half price.  It doesn't affect selling

Trap Master Bangle
Description = Makes you immune to traps and allows monsters to get caught in
traps.  You always start with this item in the "Cave Behind the Hanging

Level Fixation Bangle
Description = Wearing this will cause the level to stay the same, meaning no
level ups, but also no level downs.

Recovery Bracelet
Description = Allows faster natural recovery in HP, but it also makes you
twice as hungry.

Rust Avoiding Bangle
Description = Prevents equipment from rust.  When rusted, the level of the
weapon or shield drops by 1.

Congeniality Bracelet
Description = Allows any weapon a chance for a "Congeniality Blow".  It is
like equipping a Mintauros Ax.

Regretful Bracelet
Description = Gives the enemy a chance for a "Regretful Blow" for double
damage to you.

Curse Avoiding Bangle
Description = Protects from the curse of the Norojoe Family.  When a piece of
equipment is cursed, you cannot unequip it.

Far Throw Bangle
Description = Any item thrown will penetrate through anything.  It's effective
if the monsters are lined up in a row.  However, when trying to break a pot,
don't have this equipped, otherwise the pot will fly away into oblivion.

Happiness Bracelet
Description = For every turn that passes, 1 experience point is gained.  With
this, Shiren can level up just by walking for the early levels.

Incontinence Bracelet
Description = This causes unequipped items in the inventory to be dropped on
the floor every few steps.  Bad times if this bracelet is cursed.

Clairvoyance Bracelet
Description = Gives you X-ray vision, allowing you to see the position of
monsters and items on the mini-map.  The monsters are the red dots, items and
Gitan are the blue dots, Shiren the yellow dot, and the stairs are the blue
square.  If you see a bunch of red dots close together, then you can be sure
that room is a Monster House.

Confusion Avoiding Bangle
Description = Prevents confusion from certain traps and certain enemies.
While confused, you cannot fight very well, since you end up swinging in the
wrong direction.  While confused, it is better to just pass the turns by
pressing A+B. together.

Identification Bracelet
Description = Items picked off the floor will automatically be identified.
Useful, but it's an extremely rare item.

Hand Rolled Sushi
Description = What the food does when eaten.

Hand Rolled Sushi
Description = Recovers 50% of the Glut Degree.  If at Max Glut Degree, then
this will increase Max Glut Degree by 1%.

Large Hand Rolled Sushi
Description = Recovers 100% of the Glut Degree.  If at Max Glut Degree, then
this will increase Max Glut Degree by 2%.

Rotten Hand Rolled Sushi
Description = Recovers 30% Glut Degree, but with some side effects.  They can
be any one of the following.  Blind Eye Status = Cannot see for more than 1
space around Shiren.  Confusion Status = Cannot attack straight.  Fall Asleep
= Shiren cannot move.  Power Down = Power reduced by 3.  Level Down = 1 level

Huge Hand Rolled Sushi
Description = Recovers Glut Degree to Max.  Plus it adds 5% to the Max Glut
Degree, up to maximum of 200%.

Deluxe Hand Rolled Sushi
Description = Recovers 30% Glut Degree, with some benefits.  Here is a list.
You will get one of the following.
- Will not fall asleep
- Immune to poison
- Sleeping monsters will not wake up
- Will not get hungry
- Auto identification of items just by picking them up
- Complete recovery of Hit Point
- Raise Power by 1.  If at Max Power, then raise Max Power by 1.
These effects will last until you move on to the next floor.

Description = Things the pot can do.

Preservation Pot
Description = Able to freely put in or take out items at will.  This pot
allows you to hold more items, since this item takes only one space.  Normally
you can only hold 20 items total, but a Preservation Pot [6] can hold six
items while taking only one slot.  Also, any Hand Rolled Sushi stored in this
pot will prevent it from becoming Rotten.

Go Past Pot
Description = If used, Shiren will hide inside the pot and attempt to hide
from the monsters.  If thrown at a monster, the monster will be stuck inside
the pot for a short period of time.

Division Pot
Description = Any item put inside this pot will split into two.  The second
item is an exact copy of the first one.  Used with the Draw Out Scroll, this
can lead to infinite item creation.

Strengthen Pot
Description = After putting in a weapon or shield, go down to the next floor.
The weapon or shield will have gotten stronger.

Identification Pot
Description = Any unidentified items put inside will become identified.

Back of the Body Pot
Description = Pushing this pot will completely recover HP, Status Disorder,
and Power.

Warehouse Pot
Description = Any items put in here will disappear and get sent to the
Warehouse in Canyon Inn Town.

Weakening Pot
Description = After putting in a weapon or shield, go down to the next floor.
The items inside will have gotten weaker.

Bottomless Pot
Description = Putting in an item will cause it disappear forever.  Breaking
this pot or using the Draw Out Scroll will cause a Pitfall Trap to appear.
You can use this trap inside a dungeon store and use that as an escape when
attempting to steal.  This is a sure way to successfully steal.

Monster Riding Pot
Description = Pushing it will cause Shiren to be surrounded by monsters.
It is better to throw it at the wall, which will make monsters appear, but
in a confused state.  Since it begins as an unidentified item, it is risky.

Transformation Pot
Description = Items put inside this pot will randomly change to another item.
This is the only time that a pot can be inside of another pot.

Synthesis Pot
Description = The same type of item put inside will be combined into one,
retaining any special properties either one had.  For weapons and shields, the
first item put inside becomes the base.  The second item put inside will
combine with the base.  For staffs, put two of the same staffs to increase the
number of times you can swing the staff.  You must clear the Gaibara event
first, before this pot will appear randomly in Kobami Valley.

Sea Lion's Pot
Description = Pushing this pot will cause a Sea Lion to rush out and grab any
item in front of it.  Once done, it returns to the pot with that item.  This
can be a useful tool for trying to steal.  Use it just outside the entrance to
a store, and the shopkeeper won't notice.  If you throw this pot, a group of
Sea Lion monsters will escape from the pot and attempt to steal any nearby

Gaibara's Pot
Description = Created by the master potter, Gaibara.  Has no real purpose.

Ridiculous Pot
Description = Has no special properties.  It's just a pot for Gaibara to throw

Unbreakable Pot
Description = Throwing it will cause it to bounce around, then disappear.  Any
items inside will be gone too.

Resentment Dispel Pot
Description = Throwing this pot will cause it to explode upon impact.  Gaibara
gives you this as a gift if you find him in the "Cave Behind the Hanging

Unidentified Item List

Herbs and Seeds

White Grass

Black Grass

Red Grass

Blue Grass

Yellow Colored Grass

Green Grass

Purple Grass

Crimson Colored Grass

Vermilion Colored Grass

Light Blue Grass

Sky-Blue Grass

Deep Blue Grass

Gray Grass

Light Brown Grass

Rainbow Colored Grass

Black and White Grass

Red and White Grass

Brown Grass

Pea Green Grass

Flesh Colored Grass

Colorless Grass


Picture of a Mouse Scroll

Picture of a Cow Scroll

Picture of a Tiger Scroll

Picture of a Rabbit Scroll

Picture of a Dragon Scroll

Picture of a Serpent Scroll

Picture of a Horse Scroll

Picture of a Sheep Scroll

Picture of a Monkey Scroll

Picture of a Rooster Scroll

Picture of a Dog Scroll

Picture of a Wild Boar Scroll

Picture of a Deer Scroll

Picture of a Rhinoceros Scroll

Picture of a Giraffe Scroll

Picture of a Lizard Scroll

Picture of a Lion Scroll

Picture of a Bear Scroll

Picture of a Sparrow Scroll

Picture of a Crane Scroll

Picture of a Japanese Nightingale Scroll

Picture of a Frog Scroll

Picture of a Tortoise Scroll

Picture of a Cat Scroll


Pine Tree Staff

Bamboo Staff

Plum Staff

Stone Staff

Willow Staff

Chestnut Staff

Bone Staff

Fang Staff

Cedar Staff

Paulownia Staff

Cherry Tree Staff


Turquoise Stone Bracelet

Coral Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet

Jade Bracelet

Amber Bracelet

Emerald Bracelet

Agate Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Opal Bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet

Ruby Bracelet

Sapphire Bracelet

Zirconium Bracelet


Round Pot

Triangular Pot

Square Pot

Oval Pot

Diamond Shaped Pot

Star Shaped Pot

Cresent Moon Style Pot

Half Moon Style Pot

Tumbling Doll Shaped Pot

Gourd Shaped Pot

Slender Pot

Fat Pot

Shallow Pot

Deep Pot

Neck Shaped? Pot

Distorted Pot

Rugged Pot

Tilted Pot

Item Valuation List


名称          買値 売値    入手
棍棒         240 80    有有_有
長巻         500 200   有有_有
ブフーの包丁    2000 800   __有店
刀          800 300   有有_有
ドラゴンキラー   3600 1200  店__有
どうたぬき     1200 400   有有_有
剛剣マンジカブラ 15000 7000  変__有
成仏の鎌      2000 900   有__有
鶴嘴         240 100   有有_有
必中の剣     10000 5000  店__有
ミノタウロスの斧  6000 2400  落落落落
妖刀鎌鼬      5000 2000  有__有
一つ目殺し     3600 1500  店__有
ドレインバスター  4000 1800  有__有
火迅風魔刀    30000 12500 鍛___
秘剣カブラステギ 40000 17500 鍛___

名称  買値 売値 入手
木の矢 10 2  有有_有
鉄の矢 40 10 ___店
銀の矢 80 20 ___店

名称          買値 売値    入手
皮甲の盾      1000 350   有_有有
青銅甲の盾      300 100   有有有有
木甲の盾       600 200   有有有有
鉄甲の盾      1800 750   有有有有
ドラゴンシールド  5000 2500  店_店有
風魔の盾      5000 2500  変__有
バトルカウンター  5000 2500  店有有有
重装の盾      3000 1000  有_有有
山彦の盾     12000 6000  店_店有
見切りの盾     7500 3000  店有店有
見掛け倒しの盾  10000 2500  店有店有
使い捨ての盾    2000 750   店有店有
地雷ナバリの盾   4000 1500  店有店有
トドの盾      2000 800   有_店有
螺旋風魔の盾   50000 22500 鍛___

名称        買値 売値   入手
薬草        50 25   有有有有
弟切草      100 50   有有有有
幸せ草     1000 500  ___有
目薬草       50 25   有_有有
ドラゴン草    500 200  有___
無敵草     3000 100  店__有
天使の種   10000 1500 ___店
復活の草    5000 2500 店__有
くねくね草    200 50   ___有
不幸の種     200 40   ___店
超不幸の種    200 30   ___店
キグニ族の種   200 100  ___有
命の草      500 200  有有店有
胃拡張の種   1000 500  有有店有
胃縮小の種    200 60   ___有
力の草      500 250  店店店有
毒消し草     650 250  店店店有
毒草        50 25   落落落落
混乱草     3000 1500 落落落落
睡眠草     5000 2500 落落落落
雑草        50 25   落落落落

名称             買値 売値   入手
御祓いの巻物        500 250  店有店有
識別の巻物         300 150  有有店有
明りの巻物         300 250  有有店_
壺増大の巻物       1000 500  有_店_
真空斬りの巻物      1000 500  有___
口無しの巻物        500 250  ___有
罠の巻物         1000 500  _有_有
困った時の巻物      1000 250  有__有
敵倍速の巻物        100 50   ___有
爆睡の巻物         200 100  有___
パワーアップの巻物    1000 100  有__有
自爆の巻物         500 100  ___有
大部屋の巻物        400 200  有有店有
モンスターハウスの巻物    80 40   _有_有
混乱の巻物         100 50   有___
ジェノサイドの巻物   50000 750  店__店
白紙の巻物        3000 1000 有__店
迷子の巻物         200 100  ___店
天の恵みの巻物       800 400  店店店有
地の恵みの巻物       800 400  店店店有
鍍金の巻物        1500 500  店_店店
吸い出しの巻物      1500 750  店__有
拾えずの巻物        300 300  ___有

名称        買値 売値  入手
封印の杖    1000 500 ___店
吹き飛ばしの杖  500 250 有有店有
幸せの杖     500 250 __店有
不幸の杖     500 250 有_店有
身代りの杖   1000 500 有_店有
場所替えの杖   700 350 有有店有
ブフーの杖   2000 500 有_有有
骸骨魔道の杖   300 150 落落落落
金縛りの杖   1000 500 有有_有
一時凌ぎの杖   500 250 有__有
痛み分けの杖  1000 500 有__有

名称          買値 売値    入手
通過の腕輪     2400 1200  ___有
値切の腕輪    10000 5000  有__有
罠師の腕輪     5000 2500  _有_店
レベル固定の腕輪  2400 1200  ___有
回復の腕輪     5000 2500  店__有
錆避けの腕輪    2400 1200  有__有
会心の腕輪    10000 5000  店__有
痛恨の腕輪    10000 5000  ___有
呪い避けの腕輪   2400 1200  有__有
遠投の腕輪     1200 600   有__有
幸せの腕輪    10000 5000  店__有
垂れ流しの腕輪   2400 1200  ___有
透視の腕輪     3600 1800  有__有
混乱避けの腕輪   2400 1200  有__有
識別の腕輪    30000 15000 ___店

名称      買値 売値 入手
御握り    100 25 有有_有
大きい御握り 200 50 有有_有
腐った御握り 100 25 有__有
巨大な御握り 300 75 有有_有
特製御握り   50 10 店__店

名称         買値 売値   入手
保存の壺     1600 600  有_有有
遣り過しの壺   1000 400  有店_有
分裂の壺     3000 1500 ___有
強化の壺    10000 5000 ___有
識別の壺     1000 500  有__有
背中の壺     1500 700  有_有有
倉庫の壺     2500 1200 有店有有
弱化の壺     1000 200  ___有
底抜けの壺    2500 400  __有有
魔物載る壺    2000 300  __有有
変化の壺     1000 500  有__有
合成の壺     3500 1500 有__有
トドの壺     1600 600  有__有
ガイバラの壺  15000 1500 ___有
阿呆臭い壺    7500 1500 ___有
割れ無い壺   10000 1500 ___有
鬱憤晴らしの壺  7500 1500 ___有


2. Monsters

HP = Amount of Hit Points the monster has.
EXP = Amount of Experience Points the monster has.
SP = Any specialties the monster has.

HP 5

Cellar Mamul
HP 5

Cave Mamul
HP 5
EXP 1000

Death Messenger
HP 25
EXP 30
SP Undead, moves at double speed

Hell's Deceased
HP 45
EXP 130
SP Undead, moves at double speed

Death God
HP 65
EXP 950
SP Undead, moves x2 speed, moves through walls

HP 50
EXP 135

Killer Gather
HP 60
EXP 500

Hell Gather
HP 120
EXP 2000

HP 7
SP Shoots Wooden Arrows

Cross Bouya
HP 20
EXP 35
SP Shoots Iron Arrows

Child Tank
HP 25
EXP 40
SP Shoots Iron Arrows, moves at x2 speed

Dwarf Tank
HP 25
EXP 65
SP Shoots Silver Arrows, moves at x2 speed

Father Tank
HP 30
EXP 70
SP Shoots cannonball for 20 damage, 1/2 speed

Stubborn Tank
HP 40
EXP 300
SP Shoots cannonball for 30 damage

Inflexible Tank
HP 50
EXP 1000
SP Shoots cannoball for 40 damage, moves at x2 speed

HP 10
SP Steal Gitan, then run away at twice the speed

HP 40
EXP 40
SP Steal Gitan, then run away at twice the speed

HP 50
EXP 800
SP Steal Gitan, then run away at twice the speed

Debuuta (Debu = Chubby)
HP 25
EXP 23
SP Throws rocks with a 2 space range

HP 50
EXP 200
SP Throws rocks with a 5 space range

HP 105
EXP 1000
SP Throws rocks with a 10 space range

Fog Hermit
HP 30
EXP 30
SP Casts a special HP spell (cannot naturally recover Hit Point for a limited
time), range of 1 space

Straw Raincoat Hermit
HP 65
EXP 150
SP Casts a special HP spell, range of a straight line

Mist Hermit
HP 90
EXP 1000
SP Casts a special HP spell, range of a whole room

Flame Priest
HP 35
EXP 60
SP Any items thrown at it will burn up; fire will cause a level up; explosions
will cause it to multiply in numbers.

Flame Priest 2
HP 65
EXP 170
SP Same as above

Flame Priest 3
HP 70
EXP 300
SP Same as above

HP 12
SP Puts a rust on shields

HP 35
EXP 90
SP Puts a rust on weapons and shields, will multiply in numbers

HP 60
EXP 200
SP Removes Plating and Synthesis as well as rusting weapons and shields; will
multiply in numbers if hit

Thieving Sea Lion
HP 35
EXP 20
SP Steal items, then run away

Green Sea Lion
HP 51
EXP 50
SP Steal items, then run away; will multiply in numbers

Iron Sea Lion
HP 70
EXP 60
SP Steal items, then run away; will multiply in numbers

Kiguni Tribe
HP 40
EXP 45
SP Will attack friend or foe

Kiguni Tribe 2
HP 60
EXP 100
SP Will attack friend or foe

Kiguni Tribe 3
HP 70
EXP 150
SP Will attack friend or foe

Wriggling Honey
HP 30
EXP 40
SP Will lower your level; Status Sucker

Ether Devil
HP 50
EXP 50
SP Stays invisible; will reflect any staffs swung at it; Undead

HP 50
EXP 12
SP Disguised as items or stairs, they will attack if Shiren gets close

HP 50
EXP 25
SP Disguised as items or stairs, they will attack if Shiren gets close

HP 50
EXP 500
SP Disguised as items or stairs, they will attack if Shiren gets close

Iron Head
HP 15
EXP 20
SP One-Eyed Monster

Chain Head
HP 60
EXP 500
SP One-Eyed Monster

Giga Head
HP 65
EXP 1200
SP One-Eyed Monster

Ghost White Radish
HP 8
SP Throws Poison Herb, Undead

Eye Spinning White Radish
HP 45
EXP 80
SP Throws Confusion Herb, Undead

Sleeping White Radish
HP 50
EXP 120
SP Throws Sleep Herb, Undead

Suction Larva
HP 40
EXP 30
SP Reduces Power by 1; Status Sucker and One-Eyed Monster

Suction Insect
HP 40
EXP 50
SP Reduces Power by 2; Status Sucker and One-Eyed Monster

Suction Adult Insect
HP 80
EXP 500
SP Reduces Power by 3; Status Sucker and One-Eyed Monster

Cell Armor
HP 20
EXP 30
SP Knocks away equipped shields, Undead

Chromium Armor
HP 65
EXP 650
SP Knocks away equipped shields or weapons, Undead

Titanium Armor
HP 80
EXP 1200
SP Knocks away equipped shields or weapons, or bracelets, Undead

HP 90
EXP 2500
SP Breathes fire in a straight line for 30 damage, Dragon Tribe

Sky Dragon
HP 100
EXP 5000
SP Breathes fire, whole room range for 40 damage, Dragon Tribe

Arc Dragon
HP 120
EXP 8000
SP Breathes fire, whole floor(!!) range for 50 damage, Dragon Tribe.  This
enemy is a prime candidate for the Genocide Scroll.

HP 12
EXP 15
SP Chance for Regretful Blow

HP 45
EXP 300
SP Chance for Regretful Blow

Mega Tauros
HP 100
EXP 1200
SP Chance for Regretful Blow

Healing Rabbit
HP 6
SP Will warp in and heal any injured monsters.  Make it a priority to get rid
of this monster first.  If you don't, this monster will constantly heal other
monsters, making for a long battle.

Devil Mask Warrior
HP 10
EXP 15
SP When defeated, after 5 turns, a Ghost Warrior will appear

Wisdom Warrior
HP 16
EXP 50
SP Same as above

HP 40
EXP 50
SP Same as above

Ghost Warrior
HP 4
EXP 10
SP Will possess other monsters, causing them to level up; if hit by attack, it
has a chance to randomly warp somewhere else; Undead

HP 4
EXP 200
SP Runs away with double speed

Master Chicken
HP 50
EXP 400
SP When HP gets low, will transform into a Chicken

Great Chicken
HP 90
EXP 1000
SP When HP gets low, will transform into a Chicken; moves at x2 speed

Darkness Owl
HP 4
EXP 15
SP It's presence will darken a room, so if one of these monsters are inside a
Monster House, consider yourself lucky, since monsters inside the house won't
attack Shiren unless they get real close.  The darkness prevents monsters in
the house from seeing you from far away.

Knife Gator
HP 7
SP None, but if you have this monster's meat and eat it, Shiren can attack
three times in one turn.

Sabre Gator
HP 40
EXP 80
SP Can attack twice in one turn.  If Shiren eats this monster's meat, then
he can attack four times in one turn.

Blade Gator
HP 100
EXP 1000
SP Can attack three times(!!) in one turn.  If Shiren eats this monster's
meat, then he can attack five times(!!) in one turn.  With this meat, most
monsters will go down in one turn.

HP 5
SP Run away at x2 speed, will drop Hand Rolled Sushi upon defeat, One-Eyed

Escaping Piitan
HP 10
EXP 50
SP Run away at x2 speed, can warp away; will drop Large Hand Rolled Sushi upon
defeat; One-Eyed Monster

Flying Piitan
HP 10
EXP 150
SP Run away at x2 speed, will warp away if Shiren gets too close; always will
drop a rare, random item; One-Eyed Monster

Facade Soldier
HP 50
EXP 200
SP Has high defense on front, but weak defense on the side and back

Facade Fighter
HP 100
EXP 2000
SP Same as above

Facade Master
HP 250
EXP 6000
SP Same as above

HP 20
EXP 30
SP Can summon another level 1 monster

HP 30
EXP 50
SP Can summon another level 2 monster

HP 70
EXP 1000
SP Can summon up to three level 3 monsters(!!)

Block the Way Dragon
HP 12
SP If another monster is behind it, it will slide under Shiren and create a
sandwich attack; Dragon Tribe

Dragon Head
HP 75
EXP 500
SP Same as above

Through Dragon
HP 80
EXP 1000
SP Same as above

HP 27
EXP 30
SP Can walk through walls, Undead.  If Shiren eats this monster meat, then he
can also walk right through walls and over water.  Just don't change back to
human form while inside a wall, otherwise you will die.

HP 60
EXP 250
SP Same as above

HP 60
EXP 1500
SP Same as above

Monster Grip Ghost
HP 10
EXP 10
SP Can change any item in the inventory in a Large Hand Rolled Sushi

Monster Grip Master
HP 15
EXP 75
SP Can change Shiren into a Hand Rolled Sushi

Monster Grip Manager
HP 50
EXP 200
SP Can change any item in the inventory in a Hand Rolled Sushi

HP 27
EXP 40
SP Puts a curse on any equipped shield.  Eating this monster meat will remove
any curse on any equipped shield.

Norojoe's Elder Sister
HP 40
EXP 100
SP Puts a curse on any item that is equipped

Norojoe's Mother
HP 75
EXP 300
SP Puts a curse on all equipment in the inventory

Skeleton Heresy
HP 23
EXP 15
SP Swings a staff with random effects

Skeleton Devil
HP 39
EXP 70
SP Same as above

Skeleton Devil King
HP 70
EXP 400
SP Same as above

HP 20
EXP 15
SP Casts hypnotism, which forces Shiren to use an item; One-Eyed Monster

Super Gaze
HP 51
EXP 300
SP Same as above

Hyper Gaze
HP 110
EXP 2000
SP Same as above

Revolving Polygon
HP 20
SP Sneaks to your front and reduces current Glut Degree by 10%

Dancing Polygon
HP 80
EXP 400
SP Sneaks to your front and reduces current Glut Degree by 30%

Singing Polygon
HP 80
EXP 1200
SP Sneaks to your front and reduces Max Glut Degree by 10%

Demon Eclipse Insect
HP 250
EXP 9999
SP The boss of Table Mountain.  Once defeated, it will not appear for a second

Soldier Ant
HP 18
EXP 10
SP Digs through walls.  If Shiren stays far away, then it will ignore Shiren.
Eating this monster's meat will allow Shiren to dig through walls too, just
like equipping a Pickaxe, but without the fear of anything breaking.

Commanding Officer Ant
HP 45
EXP 50
SP Same as above

Admiral Ant
HP 80
EXP 100
SP Same as above

HP 50
EXP 250
SP Immune to traps, can create it's own traps and moves at double speed.  If
Shiren eats this monster's meat, then he will be immune to traps (as with all
monsters), but in this form, other monsters will be able to be caught inside
of traps, like the Trap Master Bangle.  Shiren can even create his own traps
while in this form, but the trap will be random, so it may take a while to
get the trap you want.

HP 45
EXP 100
SP Can knock Shiren back, causing items to be scattered about

Mad Remlas
HP 70
EXP 1100
SP Same as above

Hard Remlas
HP 130
EXP 2000
SP Same as above

HP 11
EXP 10

HP 25
EXP 50

HP 70
EXP 700

Plowed Field Laid to Waste
HP 12
EXP 12
SP Changes items on the floor into Weed

Pots Laid to Waste
HP 15
EXP 15
SP Will throw Weed into any pots you may be holding

Objects Laid to Waste
HP 20
EXP 20
SP Will transform any item in the inventory into Weed

Bean Bandit
HP 6

HP 12
EXP 15

Bandit Chief
HP 12
EXP 20

Youngster Long-Nosed Goblin
HP 6

Crow-Billed Goblin
HP 6

Long-Nosed Goblin Teacher
HP 7

Thief Watchman
HP 250
SP Appears when you steal from a store

HP 75
SP Appears when you steal from a store; moves at x2 speed

HP 250
SP Will attack if Shiren steals from a store

General People

Old Person

Little Girl

Strong Looking Man

Slightly Fat Man


Warehouse Guard


Second Apprentice

Third Apprentice

Fourth Apprentice

Fifth Apprentice




Old Woman

Overnight Guest







Bar Shopkeeper

Ranking of Wanderer Dealer

Mountain Pass Shop Cooking Leader


Wanderer from a Foreign Country

Old Man




The Dragon

Sagi Expert


Masseur Kechi

A Group of Four




Old Woman








Cartwright Goro

Crossroads Fortuneteller




Town's Grandfather

Courier Tobi


Bar-Room Daughter

Sneaky Thief


Historic Ruins Invader


Pot Old Man

Natural Calamity Scholar Fei

Cartwright Gara



Castle's Heiji






Younger Brother

Younger Sister

Conventional Practice Mugura

Spinning Senzou

Oblique Jirokichi

Dwarf Biee

Drunkard Tage

Stereotype Hanzaki

Throw Technique Tsubute

Straining Ear Sabu

Kind Old Man

Vagrant Shijima

Bridge Assaulter Yamake


Blacksmith's Daughter

Moustache Man

Gourmet Old Man

Pot Mania

Casually Appearing Customer

Bringing Up Kanji

3. Traps

L = What the trap looks like
S = What happens if Shiren steps on the trap
M = What happens if a monster steps on the trap; only happens if Shiren eats
the Kalacloid Meat, or equips the Trap Master Bangle.

Tripping Stone
L = A grayish rock.
S = Items will scatter about, and pots have a chance to break.
M = Does 1 damage.

Log Trap
L = A brown circular switch.
S = Pushes you back 10 spaces and causes 5 damage.
M = Pushes the monster back 10 spaces and does 5 fixed damage.

Falling Rock Switch
L = A grayish circular plate.
S = Rocks fall, causing 5 to 10 damage.
M = Same as Shiren.

Poison Arrow
L = A green square with a white arrow.
S = Power reduced by 1, does about 5 damage.
M = Does about 10 damage.

Hunger Switch
L = A white hand rolled sushi shaped switch.
S = Glut Degree drops by 10%.
M = Instant death.

Dirty Hot Water
L = A green onigiri (sushi) shaped switch.
S = Any Hand Rolled Sushi in the inventory will become Rotten.  If the sushi
is inside of the Preservation Pot, then it is safe.
M = Instant death and the monster becomes a Rotten Hand Rolled Sushi.

Sleep Gas
L = A gray circular plate with a black hole in the middle.
S = Sleep for about 5 turns.
M = Same as Shiren.

Hallucination Gas
L = A green circular plate with a black hole in the middle.
S = Monsters and friends will look like ladies, while items and traps will
look like flowers.
M = They get scared and run away from Shiren.

Deceleration Switch
L = A white footprint.
S = For 20 turns (from oneself, it seems like 10) movement speed will be cut
in half.
M = For 10 turns, the monster's movement speed will be cut in half.  During
this time, you can use hit and away tactics to kill them with no damage.

Turning Board
L = A circular white plate with green arrows in a circle formation.
S = Shiren becomes confused for about 10 turns.
M = The monster becomes confused.

L = A squarish gray board.
S = Falls down to the next floor, taking a little damage.  Any comrades that
are following along will be gone.
M = Instant death.

Tiger Scissors
L = A circular metal device with ragged edges.
S = Cannot move for 5 turns.  Shiren can change direction or swing a weapon.
M = Same as Shiren.

Coiled Spring
L = A gray plate with four green dots in a diamond shaped pattern.
S = Randomly warp somewhere else on the same floor.
M = Same as Shiren.  Note that there are some Coiled Springs that monsters are
immune to even if Shiren is equipping the Trap Master Bangle.  These only
affect Shiren, the reason being the rooms are completely separated, and the
only way to move between rooms is by this type of spring.

Equipment Remove
L = A green board with many needles sticking out.
S = Unequipps everything Shiren has equipped, even cursed items.  If you find
this trap, you can try to equip some unidentified items.  Even if it is
cursed, just step on this trap to unequip it.
M = Monster's special attacks will be sealed, so this can be useful for some
of the more annoying monsters.

Tarnish Snare
L = A white teardrop surrounded by green.
S = Will reduce the strength of equipped shields by 1.  If the shield is
Plated, then the shield is safe.
M = Will reduce the defense power of monsters.  This only monster to watch out
for is the Midoro class (Gedoro and Odoro) monsters.  This trap will cause
them to level up!

Land Mine
L = A circular yellowish plate.
S = This will cut Shiren's HP in half.  Any monsters or items surrounding it
will be destroyed by the blast.
M = Instant death.  Any other monsters or items surrounding it will be
destroyed by the blast.  The only enemy to watch out for is the Flame Priest
Family.  The explosion will cause them to multiply instead, so watch out.

Large Scale Land Mine
L = A large circular yellow plate.
S = HP will be reduced to 1.  Otherwise, the same as the regular Land Mine.
M = Same as the regular Land Mine.

Alarm Switch
L = A black device with a red dot in the middle.
S = All sleeping monsters in the floor will wake up and look for Shiren.
M = Same as Shiren.  When monsters constantly step on this trap, it becomes
really annoying.

Summon Switch
L = A triangular shaped orange switch.
S = Causes four monsters from that floor to appear.
M = Same as Shiren, except this time, the trap disappears, so it can't be
stepped on twice.

Trap of Traps
L = Three small white circles surrounding a yellow circle.
S = Causes random traps other than this one to appear on the floor.
M = Same as Shiren.

Secrets Compilation

1. How to create the "Fire Swift Wind Demon Sword".  First you must have a
Japanese Sword +99.  Then take it to the blacksmith and pay the 1000 Gitan to
have it forged.  Then Japanese Sword will transform into the "Fire Swift Wind
Demon Sword".  It will lose any special abilities that may have been combined
due to the Synthesis Pot, so have a spare ready.

2. How to create the Secret Sword Kabura Stegi.  First you need the Sturdy
Sword Manji Kabura +99.  Then take it to the blacksmith and have it forged.
He will take it and then it will transform into the Secret Sword Kabura Stegi.
It will lose any special abilities, so add those after you get this sword.

3. How to create the Spiral Wind Demon Escutcheon.  First you will need the
Wind Demon Escutcheon +99.  Then take it to the blacksmith in either the
Village of Bamboo Thicket or the Town of the Mountain Summit.  Normally the
blacksmith will not accept shields, but this is the only time he will take it.
Then the shield will have the whirlpool mark inside of it released, making it
stronger with a spiral.  Just like the other two above, it will lose any
special abilities after transforming, so do the combining afterwards.

4. The Unbreakable Pickaxe.  Clear the game first.  Now take a regular Pickaxe
to the blacksmith, and he will forge it so that it can be used to dig without
breaking.  You will have to give the Pickaxe to him, then the next time you
visit him, he will have the Unbreakable Pickaxe ready for you.

5. Unlimited Item Reproduction.  You will need these items.  Division Pot [4]
or higher, and two Draw Out Scrolls.  Put one Draw Out Scroll into the
Division Pot.  Then put whatever item you want to reproduce next (other than
a pot).  Then read the other Draw Out Scroll on the pot.  Now you will have
two Draw Out Scrolls again and the other item will have doubled.  Repeat the
process for unlimited item production.  The only problem is that the Division
Pot only appears in Fei's Final Problem, the 3rd Secret Dungeon.

6. Unlimited Gitan Technique.  You will need these items.  A Temporary Tiding
Over Staff and a Place Exchange Staff.  Now go to the Town of the Mountain
Summit.  You must have cleared the Gaibara Event to get the Synthesis Pot, so
that the pot shop opens up beside Gaibara's Mansion.  Now go to that shop and
swing the Temporary Tiding Over Staff at the shopkeeper.  He will warp to the
exit of the town on the far right end.  Now talk to the shopkeeper there, and
he will give you Gitan based on the items that are stored in the Parcel Place.
Now enter any building, then go back out and talk to the shopkeeper again.
He will give you Gitan once again.  Repeat this process for unlimited Gitan.
To get out of town, keep your distance from the shopkeeper and swing the Place
Exchange Staff at him.  Now you can exit the town safely.

7. The Annihilation Scroll.  To be able to use this scroll, you need a Blank
Paper Scroll, and type in the appropriate letters.  However, before you can
use this, you must meet these conditions.  Clear the game without using the
Warehouse, without using the Parcel Place, and without talking to the Carriers
that wander about.  After that, you can use the Annihilation Scroll.  This
means you have to clear the game without using any powerful items that are
grown in the Warehouse.


1995 Chun Soft Corporation

They created the best game I've ever played.

What? You're still reading this? Hurry and go play!

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