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Reviewed: 09/12/00 | Updated: 09/12/00

The real Chrono Trigger 2?

Many Squaresoft and Chrono Trigger fans are not even aware of this short lived title. The game was released in 1996, for the Satellaview, (a Super Famicom add-on) released in Japan. The add-on was an uplink that connected via-satellite, which in turn connected to a system called St GIGA, a digital system which allowed gamers to download full games and demos.

Radical Dreamers (which didn't make much of an impact at first), until Chrono Cross was released then questions started to rise and rumors began to surface of a real Chrono Trigger 2.

The truth is that Radical Dreamers is indeed the sequel in this 3 game series and perhaps Chrono Cross, should have been titled Radical Dreamers 2? Chrono Cross is basically a continuation of both the original Chrono Trigger and of Radical Dreamers.

RD features well known characters, such as Serge, Kid, and Gil (who is Janus/Magus from Chrono Trigger.) The 3 characters quest is to steal the ''Frozen Flame'' from Yamaneko's (Lynx in the US Version) lair. Radical Dreamers continues the story from Chrono Trigger, where as Chrono Cross continues the Radical Dreamers' story. Perhaps Chrono Cross, should have indeed been titled Radical Dreamers 2.

Gameplay: 3/10

This is a Text-Only game, OK so there are a few pictures (like backgrounds), other than that it is pretty lame since you have to use your imagination!


Perhaps the best part of RD is the story, because of Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross the story isn't all that bad.

Graphics: 1/10

What GRAPHICS!? There are none, oh expect the dull backgrounds that appear in the introduction and on some screens, it is TEXT ONLY so I have to give it a 1.

Music and Sound: 7/10

The music & sound is a lot like Chrono Trigger and a few songs from Chrono Cross (the main battle theme is the same), I am not sure who did the music for this game….but it is good.

Replay Value: 10/10

There are plenty of different endings to the game (if you can get through all the text), different endings like CT & CC.

Overall: 4/10

It is not terrible, but it is not that good (I guess this is why it didn't make an offical release?) This is NOT in anyway a demo (like many rumors have suggested), it is by all means a full RPG but lacks the colorful graphics that CT & CC have.

(+) Part of the Chrono series and a Squaresoft game!

(-) A text only RPG, no graphics, not a very strong story…is nowhere as good as CT or CC. Pitiful for a 16 bit game!

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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