Review by snes_fan007

Reviewed: 07/16/07

Surprisingly, this is the correct game for me, but it still has its negatives.

Story: 9.5/10
It starts out very boring, but it gets exciting when you bump into the old lady in the Clocktower Storeroom, and -then- it gets intresting. There's the Frozen Flame, fate and all those others MAN!! But the fact that it is boring at the beginning made me feel bored at first... And the way you can choose scenarios is just cool. There is one where you must play to activate the others, one that is grostique, one that is humourous, one that is scary, and much more than that. They are supposedly trying to find the 'Frozen Flame', but they encounter MUCH more. I liked all the endings!

Gameplay: 5/10
This needs to be tweaked up a little. It is a text adventure but it is hard at times (like the goblin battle). And, there is an invisible timer and invisible health points and relationship points, and that's what I hate. The only thing I like about this bit is the way you can have diffrent endings. But I like the battle-system, however. Choose and whamo! either miss or hit the goblin. BAWAM! And I like Kid better, she slaps Serge when he disagrees with her. It is slightly crazy though...

Music: 7/10
I like the 'music', but sometimes the 'music' isn't really 'music'. You hear ambients most of the time in Radical Dreamers, but I like this part anyway. The only music I find is one where you find the Frozen Flame, the one where you fight Lynx, and the 'before Lynx' music and all that. Overall I only find 6 pieces of 'music' in this game. And it has a nice horror theme in it.

Graphics: 9.5/10
Great for an SNES-format Satellaview game. The part I like best is Pollon 'talking' until Kid slashes him like crazy. And Esmeld's tea smoke actually 'move'. There are 'moving pictures'. FABULOUS! It is great.

Overall: 9/10
Overall, it is a great game and a must-play. It is such a great game and that is all that I can say!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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