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Storyline FAQ by Zelda Dude

Updated: 05/14/01

			Radical Dreamers Storyline FAQ
				Started on 03/09/01
				By Zelda Dude:

Table Of Contents:
1. Permissions Information
2. Introduction and preliminary information
3. Full Storyline Translation
     1. Scenario 1- The Magical Jewel Kid Compilation
     2. Scenario 2- The Gil Love Running Falling Compilation
     3. Scenario 3- The Free Extremely Kid Compilation
     4. Scenario 4- The Intense Fighting Eradication Space Criminal Compilation
     5. Scenario 5- The Share Love of Homecoming Compilation
     6. Scenario 6- The Large God Weopon Paradise X Compilation
     7. Scenario 7- The Goddess Of Kingdom Death Shadow Contract Compilation
4. Huge Plot Spoilers and In Depth Explanations
5. The Guile/Magil/Janus/Magus Truth Exposed
6. Feeback Section
7. Other FAQs by Me
1-Updated Feedback and added numerous Guile Theories.
2- Created preliminary bestiary.
3- Made minor corrections updated Bestiary.

-------------------PERMISSIONS INFORMATION------------------------

******This guide can not in anyway be reproduced or redistributed without
consent of the original Author, the Authors original name printed, and the
credited people who worked hard on this project mentioned and are copyrighted
2001. Please regard all of the following, or copyright infringement and
otherwise laws will be legally pursued.******

				Credits for this FAQ
			The Sage Of Time- furfur@citynet.net
			For help with a lot of the spoilers and getting
			a translator/translators which helped on big

			Lights Out- wuzzers@hotmail.com
			For providing the Radical Dreamers ROM, the very
			first one officially one hundred percent
			intact for this near impossible endeavor

			Guru Of Light- For helping be one of the first to learn
			all about the game Radical Dreamers, and give
			us an edge up.

			Leebot and xMIRRORWRAITHEx- DASHRLEbot@cs.com
			for helping do the hardest part there is for Radical Dreamers:
			Translating the game from beginning to end. Through	
			all our struggles the guide had been in production since last year
			nor march as this states, which was when we first initiated this
			project to fully bring Radical Dreamers to the USA.

			romhacker- For providing a link to a site which had a full intact ROM
			dump of the Radical Dreamers ROM LightsOut uploaded. This
			helped us compile and complete everything much faster.
			M52- nomalla@aol.com For being of support throughout the endeavor

			And finally Zelda Dude- jays_29@hotmail.com for starting the project
			and launching the worldwide global blowout to become the first to 	
			ever fully translate Radical Dreamers for the USA, with all corrections
			and become a part of history in the process.

Guide Holders Who Have Permission To Distribute This FAQ:
1. www.esperonline.com

More will be added as accordingly however, this is a special FAQ so I only ask
some certain requirements be followed. First email me including your site
location/URL and of course the credits included wherever you do decide to add
it. Second of all I request that none, absolutely NONE of the FAQ is
changed/altered in anyway shape or form, as do all the authors of this FAQ and
that it is kept intact, in its original format, with no one forgetting to
mention who translated the game and also helped make it possible.


	First of all let me explain to you all what Radical Dreamers actually is.
Radical Dreamers is a game which was released on Japanese Satellite View in the
Super NES format to follow off the first game of the series, Chrono Trigger.
Radical Dreamers is like a pseudo sequel to Chrono Trigger, in the sense that
it keeps some of the elements and other areas the same but changes just about
everything. Radical Dreamers is actually a side story which was created for
gamers who like text based adventure RPGs in Japan. Another game which was only
released on Satellite View, BS Zelda is actually a SNES version of Zelda 1. A
very popular game in the days when Zelda was just starting up especially in the
Japanese market. There are many confusions and discrepancies regarding the game
'radical dreamers'. First let me be the first to say that this is not a game
which in ANY WAY represents what really happened in the Chrono Trigger saga,
but a side story of sorts created with them in mind for the purpose of
entertainment. A reason it might not have been released overseas is the often
comical and silly way the game would go on in sections, as well as its mature
themes in some instances. Radical Dreamers had about the same graphical
interface and bits on map as Chrono Trigger did on the SNES. It had a funny
comical character named Magil, a heroine Thief whom many recognize from Chrono
Cross, named Kid, and a silent and often dubiously withholding protagonist
Serge. Serge was to be the main character in the sense you are playing his
part, so you are speaking for him most of the time. When he does speak, however
it is hilarious. The main idea was to focus the text based game around the
player, so they never got bored, mostly in the way little kids laugh, however
it hooked some adults too. Basically Radical Dreamers was set up like Chrono
Trigger, but it only had 7 different scenarios. You chose a scenario, and
basically stuck with it, until the end. Depending on what one you chose, the
entire game, was completely different, and the way it ended, was also this way.
Had Radical Dreamers become a full fledged RPG with the regular attributes you
see now adays on the PSX, it would have been a true sequel to Chrono Trigger.
It was made around the same time the developers were working on Chrono Cross,
however, and this in that instance ruined its purpose. Really Radical Dreamers
is in many ways like the game Zelda: Majoras Mask is to Ocarina Of Time. It
technically isn't a sequel, but a funny scripted basically comical side story,
which could have happened, and indeed did happen in a different dimension. For
those who have played the game Chrono Cross, you will recognize many
similarities between the characters, the journey to obtain the Frozen Flame,
and side characters like Magil/Gilbert and Serge. Serge is a different
alternate Serge however from the one you're used to in Chrono Cross. To explain
what I mean let's take a look back through the history gamewise of the series.
During the time of 1000 AD, Serge lived in a timeline he should have
technically died in. Because of this a future where Lavos won was created, and
from Lavos, it spawned chaos across the worlds manufacturing alternate split
dimensions in every sector. Suddenly, time traveling was not as important as
dimension traveling. Because of this incident Crono and Co were stopped from
succeeding in destroying Lavos during the events in Chrono Trigger. At the same
time it caused the Time Crash, which swallowed up their entire future in one
world, and caused chaos in still another. The dimensional split however caused
by the Time Crash, triggered an alternate dimension which does not exist. The
setting in which Radical Dreamers is played in, is that dimension. When the
Time Crash occurred, a doppelganger of Serge was made in another reality not
his own, one where Serge was a thief all his life, and grew up with Kid near
the Zenan Mainland. At the same time, another doppelganger was created in the
form of Lynx, whom owned a large spacious mansion which was totally different
looking then the Viper Manor of today. However, the similiarities still
paralleled eachother, things like General Viper, Lucca Ashtear, all of these
things were still set in stone. But the reality of Radical Dreamers was an
event, created by the Time Crash, which never even happened. At the end of
Chrono Cross when the Chrono Cross itself is used, it causes all of the
dimensions and preceeding alternate parallel worlds to unify back into one
continuous flow. If you've ever watched Sliders, when they slide from dimension
to dimension they use special devices which can split space. Serge travelled
across dimensions in much the same way they use these devices, and as Crono
uses the Time Egg to hop from Era to Era. However, without the Astral Amulet,
much like the Time Egg it is not possible for Serge to cross dimensions. If you
remember in Chronopolis during Chrono Cross, it states as they touch the white
plate that there exists dimensions outside their own that they visit. This is
accurate, in fact, the time plate Serge touches is reciting the words from an
alternate dimension, as Kid calls forth Serge and a man named Magil to fight
Lynx, however, they are in a large Manor, not in Fort Dragonia. This dimension
is the setting of which Radical Dreamers transpired in. This is the paradox in
it all: Radical Dreamers never happened, it occurred in its own world however,
when the Chrono Cross undid the damage that Lavos had intentionally sourced, of
the Time Crash, all dimensions, including the Radical Dreamers one ceased to
ever exist as they were erased from the timeline and ingrained back into one
single domain. Thus the characters you see, are not the actual forms of the
characters you may remember. Only Schala/Kid who wears the mythical Astral
Amulet always has transcended space and time to cross into this dimension, but
her memory is erased from the past which she comes from. She is Schala of Zeal
after all. Lynx himself, dies in one dimension during the course of Chrono
Cross, in this other dimension, Lynx is fully intact. In fact he's a vicious
beast with intentions to kill all nations. General Viper also has died in one
dimension, but now, in this dimension, General Viper is fully alive, leading
his troops against demon sunflowers and other such obstacles. General Viper is
no friend of Lynx, however, indeed in this dimension. He hates him with a
vengeance, which apparently shows. Karsh Zoah and everyone else are not alive,
they are apparently dead or "not a part" of General Viper's direct family line.
Therefore the Serge you play as in this game is not the same Serge you are in
Chrono Cross. He is very different, and even acts differently. This is the
Serge of a world where Serge had no choice but to steal to survive, he made his
life up as this way, his father had passed away long ago and died, his mother
was no where to be found in the game. Kid's Aunt takes care of her in their
house, and Radical Dreamers is based on the book which her grandfather owns as
she writes these adventures down. Kid/Schala crosses back over to the dimension
of Another world in Chrono Cross, after she is done with the Radical Dreamers.
She ***SPOILER***retires her colors as a thief forever at the end of the game,
and even Kid is not really Schala anyway, just her clone if you remember. When
she leaves, she meets Serge again in the other dimension, which is why she
seems to remember you clearly, as you've met before twice (the other time was
in another event no explained)of course Serge has no idea who this girl is, not
our Serge. He's never seen her before at least he recalls. So without further
ado, let's take the story away with a bang and start you all off. This first
prologue begins in the way Chrono Cross does, with the book, of her aunt,
opening for the first time, and everything else. And of course you may ask, "if
there are doppelgangers of these characters out there then are there
doppelgangers of other characters???" and I will respond to read past it all,
to the last section almost below for the answer. And now, enjoy the read.

1. Mars Daio - Was put in charge of protecting the Frozen Flame from intruders
in the "space like section" of the enormous manor, in most instances can be
2. Lynx's Daughter/LuLu - An adopted girl of a rich family whom Lynx
intentionally captured after killing her father, whom Gilbert remembers held
the Frozen Flame heirloom.
3. Sunflower/Death Misquito-  A funny monster whom resembles a sunflower, used
to scare off invaders of the garden, however its disguise does not keep, and a
special power is released from inside it.
4. Octopus/Lynx- It is a strange rather ugly space creature who resembles Lynx,
and has been traveling the galaxies for many ages avoiding Tow Van John Space
Detective, a deplorable cosmonaut whom Gilbert is during his raid across space.
He is a wanted Criminal.
5. Technique Teacher- A strange being from an outer realm between the planes of
reality. He teaches Serge how to use a crystal which gives him the ability to
unleash an unknown power within.
6. Ghost of Girl- She is an odd looking woman whom leads her captors onto the
Frozen Flame intentionally, she sets up a trap for them to be courted by Lynx.
7. Horseman- A ancient surviving member of the Acacia Dragoons, whom holds the
secret to an unknown legend...(a form of Radius?!?)
8. Lee Lith(Lilith)- A devil's guardian being the goddess of death and
protector of the shadow kingdom, a demon world where Gilbert originates from as
a darkened traveler. Protects the haunted ball room
9. Ghost of Old Woman- A strange form which later is seen in physical world,
whom leads the travelers on to ultimately court the troops of General Viper to
kill them!!
10. Corpse of the Deep Sea- It is a monster, simply, terrifying to the extent
that you would have to be brave to journey into its hardest depths. Guards the
Frozen Flame inside the warehouse.

Big Insect
Possessed Door
Evil Vase
Devil's Pot
Evil Wraith

		---------FULL TRANSLATION------------

				Scenario 1:  Part 1
"It was just that sort of Radical day..............One where you could expect
anything to happen..............My mother, had left with me her diary and
there..........deep in the dark of the storeroom, with all the mold growing on
it still, it laid. It was the same Diary her father had passed down to her, my
grandfather who had died.....
You still remember...
You probably remember or do you??
All our encounters....
All our numerous ventures....
Everything was like a dream,
every day life reminded us of that distant summer....
We were able to pull and be pulled out like the wind......
It fell from the sky like a star.....
One fragment shining bright above us......
....It had all been about....that one night of destiny....which started, slowly
in an unknown land.....
..It had been about Lord Lynx's mansion, 3 steadfast thieves would come creep
in. Our hero, the protagonist, Serge A Magical Traveller, Gil, and her, their
Thief Partner no one can forget, Kid. Those of which were the three thieves
after a valuable item called "The Frozen Flame." The value of it was known
throughout the world, as Sir Lynx's crowning treasure. The fearsome Sir Lynx
had ruined many countries, gathering everything in his path. It was their
mission, however so dangerous, to creep into Lynx's Manor dispite the fact that
it's rumored no one has ever returned. Further more, the one who seeks the
"Frozen Flame" is the one Sir Lynx will surely destroy, and ruin. Their blood
boiled, and their hearts raced as they breathed continuously in and out. They
knew that those who succeed invading the manor, must have a general idea of
where to begin to search.
And I set my foot in slyly. The one known as kid who has the grace of a cat,
but gallantly advances at the side of a shadowy figure, whom is none other then
"The Woven Hand of Destiny" had been expanded, to in so much the hand of both
of them that touched it would gain unforseen powers.....
The enormous manor towered over them, suspiciously quiet with no sounds to
speak of. For some reason, Sir Lynx himself, was not home at his manor that
night.The corridor which had not been treaded on in many days, kept being
searched by us as we moved from room to room. The large hall, gave way down to
the Library Study, across from which was the old pipe organ. Besides this,
sometimes a monster like skeleton would appear, where there was no shadow to
those that move disturbing the manors sleep. It was still, but the calmness is
short lived. One must pass the guards it says, where on the other side lies the
secret. We could sense something in the air dispite there being nothing. Even
though Sir Lynx wasn't home, there was no welcome mat put out for us.....
Very recently, something started to stir south of the hall, and started moving
towards us, after entering the secret code....
While hiding under the desk in the library, the monster reaches out before our
eyes, its body unable to crouch, in the same way we watch its lips which have
the same shape as Kid's body, which is under the desk we were relieved to

Gil: "Stay back monster!!!" comes the abrupt voice of Gil. Suddenly, without
much warning, a ferocious fireball is sent off. The possessed door stumbles
back, falling near the tapestry.

At that moment, Kid seemed to be hiding in the understudy of the desk still,
the monster had grabbed a hold of Gil, it seems. Gil was struggling to get free
in the underbelly of the possessed demon door. All of a sudden a shot was heard
and the monster dissipated!

The far cry! The wandering talents of the one and only grear Serge!! He had
done it!! He had destroyed the evil demon and saved Kid.

Congradulations were in order, it seemed.
Gil: "Serge!!! I never knew you had such powers!!! You should have told the
truth a long time ago instead of being so shy!!!!"
Serge: "It was nothing, it was something which came from my own ambition...."
Kid:"Thank you Serge!!! You are a great powerful being!! You show your true
nature before our eyes"

With that the three began to search studiously the library study of Lynx.
Searching and reading through books, scouring for clues which might lead the
heroes to the Frozen Flame...

				Scenario 1: Part 2

Falling into a ruined dream, the second volume of the country which insanely
for that shell was created for breaking hearts. Those who grasped that snake
bone........now have become the adopted daughter of Lynx. Serge read this in a
strange book of the study, while being depressed. The idea of the novel seemed
to pinpoint Lynx's Daughter(Riddel) was in bondage here, taken in captivity.
Novel: "As for the Frozen Flame, Lynx himself carries this. It is an object of
immense value."
On the reverse side of that quiet word, Serge read something else.
Novel: "As for that stone, it was generally heralded in generations of the
kingdoms to the north.....
The person leads, and history itself is changed, because it has strange power.
Even after the kingdom collapses, it still comes full circle, wandering from
the hand of person to person, taking on many different roles. Lastly it lands
in the fathers hands, where before you were born. The god of heavens, seems to
watch. However, Lynx knowing the value of the stone, takes it from the father
as if acting like his friend....
Some people think they know but the real intention of Lynx is all for not......
And in that same destiny, all was damaged and lost!!"
Novel: "I do not know.....such that no one knows, the stone of this calibur
which is cursed! We would like to find out! Simply picking up the stone before
Lynx, and smashing it to pieces!"
Gil: "We will find out, if at all possible"
as Serge read these words aloud out came the voice of Gil himself.
Serge: "I don't know, it doesn't seem possible that we three are destined, to
take some stone from the hand of some demon we do not know"
Unless perhaps, they can rescue Lynx's Daughter from her bondage, perhaps the
execution room where they hold her but that plan is dangerous Serge knows.
Thinking about it, throwing your own life away for someone you don't even know
doesn't seem right. And in that instant, your mind closed off.....
Novel: "If the intention is entering that room, you must first obtain the
ancient sword, the one that I lu, drove through the grand Lyon with red
finesse. It was forged by the wiseman of ancient times, the culmination of
which was white. I Lu, narrowly escaped death several times, and at one moment,
the user of the sword an acacia dragoon horseman, wielded it under the light
skies like a star shining...."
Serge: "Like you, there may be a power in me....However the power to rescue
someone trapped inside I doubt is possible..." I say as I bite my lip.
Kid then stamps her foot down hard.
Kid: "There is a power in you Serge....One you don't know, but a power
nonetheless....We should find this sword and rescue LuLu.."
You go away from the room which holds Lynx's Daughter in an act of good faith,
and pretend as if you were Lu, to find the sword of destiny. You find yourself
in the clock tower and there glimmering in the light, is that sword.
Inspecting the sword, Gil reads the words:
"Sword of ancient times...White coming from its exterior, (Einlanzer)holy
saintly sword I Nu ran it through the GrandLion(MasaMune) demon..."
Serge: "It is what I think it is Gil??? You are thinking of using that, to slay
the monster and rescue..??"
Gil: "........"
Gil: "You know the owner of the sword......???"
Serge: " Well yes....I read about him in the novel inside the study.....he
slayed the demon with it."
Gil: "You also know the owner?!?"
Gil: "And that enemy?!?!?"
Serge: "Well yes......."
There they all three entered the execution room again. Under blade of the
suspended ceiling which starts to move, I Serge, uses Lu's sword to lunge into
the barricade with power. In that instant the movement stopped. At the same
time, Kid finds a crack hidden in the wall, one which shows the proof of the
acacira dragoon horseman. The beautiful ring which lives to its name, of the
underground horseman the three thieves visit this day.
The ring of the horseman is worn, and his old eyes can't seem to directly
pinpoint you. But as he leans back in his chair, the sanity of his mind seems
to clarify when he realizes the three figures standing before him.
Horseman: "It is not what you think, you can not exchange here! Leave now"
Serge: "We're not here for that, we are here to hear the story of distant
former times. We wish to rescue the step daughter to Lynx. "
Horseman: "It is not like it was in the past....the times have changed, Lynx
has moved all his people in different places, in doing what you just did, it
decided the fate"
Kid: "What do you mean?!?! And where is the Frozen Flame!!! It has to be
somewhere here, just give us a hint old man! Where is the Flame?!"
Kid says impatiently.
Horseman(Zalbedor): "The Frozen Flame....???"
The old man asks back again with a scewer of all that is done. He smiles again.
Horseman: "And as for your mystery girl, it is Lynx's Daughter which you
seek......It is all the way around to the end.....It is the lampholder which
you seek, in the first hall out on the left...Turn this to gain access to the
secret room...."
Kid shook the old man consistently.
In which he replied with a trembling voice of fear.
Horseman: "I've told you everything I know, please leave me be!"
Kid: "Well?! Tell us exactly where it is!!!"
Alrady the old man began to cry
Horseman: "I showed you as much as I could! You permit yourselves, go enter..."
Obtaining the last and final hint, Serge reaches the main hall in the first
Suddenly the secret room opened.
Serge: "Wait what happened!?? Who did..??"
Kid had turned the lampholder.
Then suddenly like an enormous gear forming the whole hall starts to quake and
Kid: "........!!"
Everyone is shocked and bewildered.
Kid: "What is going on...it feels like we're going down!!!"
I stagger off my feet by accident.
Suddenly the whole room starts to move downward, like a large elevator....
Insecurely I thought to myself what was going on this is not right! When
finally at the bottom we were surprised to see a familiar sight. The Frozen
Flame!! So we had made it to the end of this adventure?? As expected we had
found what we came for, or is this just beginning...??
The face of course on everyone was that of strain and concern, after all we
felt this might be a trap. Facing the bottom area the large hall continued, we
decided to follow Kid down its sturdy rapports. Occasionally we'd worry about
getting into fights, as it was somewhat of a concern....
Kid: "We don't have to worry. Nothing down here is dangerous, we destroyed most
of the enemies already. After all when the possessed door was to eat me, you
destroyed it beautifully Gil."
Kid says as she smiles slyly.
Of course what you knew she meant was far more complex. "By all means" or
"without fail" were not words to live by at this point in time.
Kid: "So thank you Serge...."
She laughs as she smiles towards me. But something's troubling me. It is not
Kid, already she stands over there but something to the right of my person....
And suddenly this strange feeling overcame me, and I was attacked!
And as this happened Kid looked back with surprise, That was the usual Kid...
Kid: "Why were you attacked??"
Serge: "Well it is not anything really..."
Kid: "........?? Serge what..?"
She said as she tilted her neck to one side.
Gil: "It is because he got near the Frozen Flame...."
The voice of Gil is low and distraught. He forms in the shadows making it
Kid: "It is because of that???!"
Kid looked back at Gil suspiciously, one eyebrow raised.
Gil: "The truth of it all is he went forth by himself, not beside you or I,
therefore the Frozen Flame did not want his intention and erased it...."
The puzzle of it all was probably the instant someone tries to touch the Frozen
Flame by his/herself it reacts accordingly to keep the intruder back, as a
group of at least three should aproach the flame at any time or so Gil thought
of Serge.
The room suddenly stops going downward, abruptly. The organ is heard playing,
echoing around the resounding room. The passage past the long stonework
continues out to somewhere you do not recognize. Three thieves are depressed in
the passage of silence. Though the form of two people it is not intended, Gil
and Kid are together, which is strange. Until then, speaking of their distant
past, worrying about the ones they help, or seeking out the valueable Frozen
Flame it could be said. For the first time, Serge starts to ask Kid and Gil.
They want to obtain the Frozen Flame...but why??
Kid: "I am the older sister to someone who I knew a long time ago......the
Frozen Flame must be buried near her grave...."
Serge: "Where is this place?"
Kid: "It is not of my older sister, but the grave of a friend...."
Staring at their feet Kid continues.
Kid: "I was picked up when I was young, losing my memory, and also my sister,
whom died.....You don't know what happened, but because of our lives, we had
little time to know eachother it was the man of my childhood friend...And being
that as it may, he died those same days.......The Frozen Flame says that they
should not be neglected neither should the older sister.....However we have
learned that this is the way it goes, and one can not change things from going
to the other side......
The older sister is to be carried off and never return, it starts my quest of
stealing the stone from Lynx, over and over again."
A determined look is on Kids face. Gil stays silent. Feeling more awkward than
ever, Serge only advances his foot once lightly. The Frozen Flame sleeps in the
last room.
When the last trap that was set up is broken, the enormous door appeared before
their eyes. One which you step into from the north....something in the mountain
like the center of a trash heap seems to deteriate into red and turn many
colors, was none other than the "Frozen Flame".
Gil steps in with one foot and in the room he is in moaned densely and
Gil: "Never have I seen a sight such as this...."
Gil: "So, it must be the remains of a once magical kingdom here which was
The echoes fell from above.
The expression on Kid which you look back to see.
Kid: "He's coming!!!! It's Lynx!!!"
Kid pulled out her knife flashing it daringly. She drew it out and threw it
with speed and finesse!
The dust where the Knife hit seemed to repel it deflecting it downward. Where
as the knife was thrown back.
Lynx: "Ahhh as usual, the small girl known as Kid. Greetings fool, is it you
who come to think of taking the Frozen Flame??? Perhaps to avenge your
sister...??? Or is it something else...?"
The man, whom was Lynx, stared onward...
The main cause of all the deaths in this Manor....
The one who killed her older sister and held the snakebone colonel of the
father and whom murdered him for the Frozen Flame, and took his daughter which
is now his own as well as control of the Acacia Dragoons........
While his prescence shook the hall he steped forward approaching Kid. Kid who
was seeking the Frozen Flame who had invaded the Manor, in hopes of capturing
it and taking Lynx. On the other hand, from the expression of his face, it
called out the point of this was a trap, to set her up and get her to come to
him. With this expression Lynx narrates to Kid.
Lynx: "It's understood, Kid, you have the same weakness as your sister. You
want the Frozen Flame, and now I have you right where I wanted you. Two deaths
for the price of one.."
Kid: "Some kind of thought tells me ya ain't ready Lynx!!"
Kid eyes Lynx, and the others begin to laugh.
Lynx: "Ahhh it does seem to be your last stand foolish girl, and your last
oppurtunity to beg for your life....It is obvious you are as Naive as my
daughter....So give it over, you will hand the Egg of Time!!!"
In that word which is heard for the first time, you can only look back at Kid
wondering what she's thinking. As for Kid naturally, she does not hear the
meaning of Lynx's request, and clasping her knife, prepares to face him head
Kid: "Serge and Gil....you and the others try and free Lynxs Daughter and stay
Of which Kid gets in front of Lynx directly, and gazes straight into his eyes
preparing the knife. She takes one more step.
Serge: "???!?!?? Your sister was killed, the grudge of Lynx's Daughter,......we
aren't leaving the others shall stay!!"

				Scenario 1: Part 3

Finally the one on one contest between Kid and Lynx had started. It seems like
a cat which is fast, it walks up and all around her, refusing Kid's attacks. It
turns to gold and pulls out its saber, ready to cut her to pieces. But still
one could not underestimate the abilities of both. Kid is constantly getting
cornered everywhere she goes. The inferior size she has matched to Lynx is a
disadvantage, but her speed and reflexes plus that some! She flies into the
air, reaching above the pillar while Lynx cuts his scythe down in all
directions. Lynx constantly tries to follow her, as her movement is fast and
swift before his sight! Either one comes down to meet in the middle and trade
blows, neither taking much damage. Freely using the magic of the darkness, it
is a state which neither Gil nor Serge can see it, and Lynx himself has trouble
following her pace. But at that moment they were given two choices....Shall
they take the left path or the right...??
Serge: "Gil let's go right!!! All the way come now!!!"
Serge: "As for Kid, don't worry she'll be alright!!! Let's go!!"
In the distance of that instance Gil twisted his face to moan.
Gil: "With out kid?!? We can't leave her...?"
Gil: "??!????"
Behind them the scream of Kid is heard!
Gil: "Run on ahead ......Serge!! You are probably about to lose us....."
The diolated eyes of Gil look ahead at me.
Serge: "The same error we have repeated!! Protecting Kid...."
Serge sprang out instantly in order to protect Kid. But at this point, any
attack does not serve well. Simply because Serge was too different from Lynx.
As for preventing the fatal wound Kid may get although possible, it was not
smart. Lynx had Kid by the throught, the scythe all the way up to her neck,
holding her hostage and one movement would mean the end of her life. Any
decision made would forever be a threat. And with that Lynx stated
Lynx: "If the Egg of Time is not given to me, she dies!!!!!!!"
In that instant Kid is confused. She in order to defeat Lynx, has become the
sacrafice for his own intention. Even if assuming she took the shield, that
oath would not save her....
Serge shouted back at Lynx with clear intention:
Serge: "Ok I understand!!!! Stop this let her go!!! You'll get it we'll give it
to you!! The stone is over there!"
Lynx chuckles to the answer, and holding Kid goes forward to the area and looks
down tending to it he removes the Egg of Time.At this time Kid has camaflouged
herself in Lynx's bosom and attacks!!
Instantly she scrapes the inside of his eye with her sharp thin nails. Lynx
throws Kid away in pain, tending to the scratch. The last amount of power she
had had been used up, and she was now victim to the land.
In seeing this strike, Lynx becomes upset. The hand of the beast is directed at
Serge which has not been recovered yet from the carving accident.
Kid:"You spill the blood of the priests just as my older sister!! All suffering
you think is justified!! And with Lynx's Daughter you said that in the same
Kid's limp body spoke, on the floor of the temple. And in the same moment she
picks the object up! Suddenly it reacts. Lynx is blinded temporarily in the
pupils of his eyes.
All of a sudden they become blood red, as he angrily raises his hands in fury.
Kid who had the object in hand, rises slowly binding the tooth together!
Lynx: "What?!?!?!?!!"
The light blew out from the Frozen Flame!
The chest of Kid can repel light!
The spectrums of the light which begin to climb, easily to heaven!
It undoes itself, spreading largely the souls of which it carried
Kid: "It's working!!"
Lynx stands exhausted, and prepares the time Egg in this way
Kid: "The Time Egg!!! It can be wrapped in the Frozen Flame!!!! Everyone
Like night suddenly, it becomes deeply quiet the voice...
Kid: "After all, so was this....That is the day I lost my memory.....A distant
heirloom, to an old kingdom....."
The Frozen Flame turns in the darkness. The shadow starts talking, the distant
past, however it has not ended yet....The story of certain tragedy......
The daughter of course desired that it dissapears...
You denying your past, and the future, of which it requested, to be drank in
certain darkness......It shows, in the end of time......
Your own present you refuse to see, to hear, you see it, you curse, this is not
But the stone desired the fact that you live in that daughter.
To make the time of the daughter retrogress, memory is disjointed, time
unveiling......Now the chance to do it all over again was given......
There was the power of the will of the stone the daughter had at those
times....Because she had fallen into them......Becoming the young child who
loses memory.......
The Egg Of Time it hits and scatters, the fragment conventing the sorrow, hate
which has taken the whole world. Covering it in disjointed pleas, in the
darkness of a dream which is overturn and spread by Serge.....
That time.....
The scream of the girl echoed in darkness...
As for the voice being Kid???
Quite possible it seemed....
Kid: "Well good I guess?? This being the end of Black Air???? Stopping the
cycle of life...."
It is though a distant promise.....
Kid: "Well.........As for here, being where? Losing everything I drift....The
world flows, time dissolves, the strange sea, satisfies
everything.........There is a start of time and there is an end of
time....There was sincerity all our lives........
You snapped countlessly, and in the world where it piled up in life, saw that
Well I am easily eternal.....
In this way, I throw away everything in the sea of this dream.....
That time calling easily it starts, our song.......
My voice is heard by her!
Serge: " Kid!!!!!!!!!"
Finally reality returns. For Serge, and for Kid. As for the echo of the melody,
it continues to play in their chest....
Kid: "...........Serge? It is strange here....??"
Serge: "Kid! Don't you think that the air was bad???"
Kid: " A song was flowing....a very easy song.... a melody I shall never
The older sister, it is who liked that song.....
Closing her eyes, Kid smiles quietly.
Serge: "It is because of this song...??? The song I heard...??? It makes you
cry, the sound resonates....."
Serge: "The air was strange Kid.....So when it did, unintentionally the song
flowed throughout our minds... We had memorized every word to it, and it came
like a gentle breeze the tune of which, would come from a musician we
discovered..... Therefore it was like the truth of what we might see...."
As for Kid, she said nothing, you nodded calmly.
Kid: "So....you called me.....that is, you called my name...."
Serge which looks at Kid has returned to the world which was originally set.
And there, was Lynx who had his left eye crushed by blindness!! In a fit of
rage, Lynx burned his saber and lunged towards Kid's shoulder!! Protecting Kid
Serge gets in front. Lynx having been weakened, was nowhere near through. He
laughed ferociously as he was about to cut straight through Serge and then into
Kid. Suddenly the voice of someone resounded.
Voice: "So it is Lynx who can not see!!"
I and everyone else turned around to the figure.
Voice: "As for you then we shall finish you off!!!!"
There was the form of that Old Woman, who wears a big hood there. As for the
old woman however...
Kid: "Demon derived prime minister of General Viper, are you ready to die????
As Lynx moaned, you shouted.
Old Woman: "Don't you ever think about what you do?? Perhaps you are the large
demon with finesse of a cat, but you killed my husband, and many others, you
chose to slaughter them you evil Lynx!!"
The Old Woman who catches Lynx's gaze from the front.
Lynx: " As for the Frozen Flame, it was rightfully mine. Your husband spilled
his blood well, and for that reason, I can continue on my mission! To reclaim
the powers therein, I am the real owner, I own your daughter you see????"
Following the voice of the Old Woman, the Army of soldiers came out of General
Viper simultaneously. In appearance of the rash governmental army, Lynx seemed
put to a disadvantage so he hissed at Kid wildly and fled into the darkness.
The Old Woman who is leaning against the wall even floating a smile says.
Old Woman: "When we want the Frozen Flame, we can steal it anytime. But as for
the stone itself, it is cursed with evil. And for that reason no one else
should touch it! We have seen enough of the evil deeds of Lynx, we wish not to
see another! Army take them out away from here! Runaway now or else children!"
With Gil's shadow technique, all escaped somehow the Manor of Lynx, with
everyone intact and unscratched.
But even as, the soldiers of General Viper had ran out into the forest abruptly
searching every straw. It was clear they were surrounded. Kid claims that we
should divide, and Serge and Gil go one way while she goes the other. As for
Serge, being a thief, staying this way it was expected generally of the people.
Unless for some reason, this had not happened in this way.
But the fact that Kid is hurt, means that escape is not very possible. So Serge
hung on, but Kid shook her head in uncertainty.
I remembered and waited there....Already alone during the distant of day.....
Kid looking up remembering, and peering into the dark night sky.....
Kid: "If I really could see the line up there....."
It moved the sky to her viewpoint, and with a faceless expression, she looked
Serge: " Kid......"
Kid: "Do not worry about me......I'm alright......in addition we can meet at
the exit..."
So as you say, and to Kid you smiled.
Kid: "Once upon a time....long ago....certainly it seems this way...."
She says as she closes her eyes.
Serge: "You could not steal the Frozen Flame.....The revenge of your sister???
It is empty what you got.....you also lost the Egg of Time...and after that you
So already it was calling you.....
The new jewel where, it shines in my chest as this lives....
The most important jewel in the world..."
So as you say this Kid opened her eye, staring at me motionlessly. Keeping her
gaze straight...
Kid: "As for that jewel...I can not be taken by everyone.....I'm living, those
are the things to be grateful for....."
Kid: " I do not need it anymore at all...I don't have the desire of any of
those things! Now the clock in this instant could have stopped our lives be
While staring at Kid, I had just asked that...
In that way, Kid and Gil keep going out to the other side of darkness.......
Perhaps among their adventures, they can not meet anymore, dispite the
foreboding will being strong....among them of course being Serge. However,
chasing after the jewel did not serve Serge, and in a way was their mission,
one where Kid's vendetta and the lives of those who had already passed, took
priority in that continuation. But anything was possible
It echoed in the starry night that evening, the calling of Serge......
So in that way one story ended while another began.....
Sometime later, Kid and Gil will most likely go on adventures with Lynx's
Daughter perhaps likely....
But in another time, another world.....
When in such perhaps it was not....
But that is another story..........
One which we will assume you finish writing."
I closed the book of my Grandfather, quietly.
The voice of my mother was calling my name from downstairs...
The footsteps could be heard coming up the staircase..
And the door was being opened as well..
And as the handle was turned, the girl was alone jumping strangely........
Kid: "Serge!! The wheather today is good. The Manor of Lynx is opened today,
youu can find it in the north of the forest. We should probably go to explore,
and get Magil too! Go get them quickly, I'll meet you outside!!"
Kid: "Just a minute Auntie, can't you get a ride some other way. I'm to be at a
bloody meeting and I'm going to be late!!!!"

					Scenario 2:

The 3 thieves seeked out the frozen flame, Serge Kid and Gil as they
dissapeared into Lynx's spacious Manor. They headed into the Library, where
Serge saw the monster creeping up towards Kid. He stops the eye and a small
portrait which is suddenly engraved on the desk, appears to come to live. She
is the adopted Daughter of Lynx it insists and has been here alone for many
years. Kid watches the portrait with disgust. Gil looked on in astonishment at
the woman's face.
Lynx's Daughter: .....................
Gil is shocked and surprised, but in a good way as he eyes the portrait
Lynx's Daughter: How is the oak looking Gil???
Gil stares blankly with no expression as the question was asked.
Gil:"It looks plan as nothing"
Afterwards the room goes silent, and no one expects anyone to say anything
Lynx's Daughter:"It's more valuable then that surely, after all tarnished Oak
becomes wasteful. The other area of my wood will deteriate."
Gil stares doing basically nothing, and begins to face the door.
Kid looks back at Gil with a gaping eyed expression on her face as they
exchange glances.
Lynx's Daughter: "Or what about my Red Sandal wood, it shines right now doesn't
Gil looks on towards the door with a weird reaction, he either is not thinking
about this, or doesn't care at all.
Of course, that's not unusual as this has been an unexpected night all around
for our travellers....
They meet again as Serge begins to search all over the desk area, and under the
floor until he has eventually stumbled across a secret in the door.
The sharp smell of a sun flower drifts from beyond the door. As they enter, the
collected furniture which is bright with color greets them just as Lynx's
Daughter, continues to speak to them in the room. This apparently, is the room
of Lynx's Adopted Daughter. At that moment not everyone can be seen in the
interior, as they are quickly searching throughout the entire room. The young
Lynx's Daughter calls from inside challenging them. Everyone scatters to their
Lynx's Daughter: "Don't you think it's on that side?? Over there in the empty
part of the room??"
Lynx's Daughter does not realize my prescence in the already empty room. As I
sigh a relief, I glance upon the room and witness something by accident.
A mysterious shadow is flickering in the room continually!!! Could it be
Even still, from what we could see the shadow appeared from Gil's direction.
However this man whom we could not identify, seems to know Lynx's Daughter and
is quite handsome.
Gil's form frightens everyone, as Serge and Kid huddle over to the other side
of the room to observe. They can see, that Gil is clearly not himself, and even
being but "thieves who broke into Lynx's manor" this alter ego of Gil is
cheating the searching game which his allies are a part of. Lynx's Daughter
seeing Gil's new form, screams in horror and tries to escape.
Serge however is confused, and he temporarily binds the young woman and tries
to gag her but Gil approaches from the side. Lu Lee who is Lynx's Daughter, is
captured. Naturally, Kid becomes angry and approaches Gil, telling him there is
no need for a kidnapping on this mission.
Gil laughed and said that Lynx's daughter was in the way, and that this was
destined to take place as she is the richest.
Lynx's Daughter: "It's you??? I remember you Gil, you and me were Childhood
friends. Do you remember???"
Gil stands there and stares, trying to think of what she means, after all they
had come here to get the Frozen Flame.
Lynx's Daughter: "You mean you don't remember me....?? Gilbert...??"
Lynx's Daughter: "We got acquainted long ago, you know me..??"
Gil shouted out loud in an angry tone at Lynx's Daughter, Kid was surprised at
his reaction.
Gil: "I am no one but Gil, the one and only Gil!!! I don't know what you think
you mean"
Lynx's Daughter took the hand of Gil intimately in hers and spoke to him. As
their hands touched, Gil was immediately warped with emotions, and changed from
his shadow form.
Gil: "Please stop being so sudden..... We have enough worries and problems
It was the real Gil talking to her, the Gil who had loved her.
Remembering all their circumstances, Kid with a shocked look on her face turned
Gil: "Our purpose here is to obtain the frozen flame!! Nothing else, you woman
are persuading me right now....."
Lynx's Daughter: "You wish to touch the Frozen Flame????"
Her voice had changed to a sharper tone.
Gil: "Well this way, we will make a whole bundle of money, after all we are
But the way he said it seemed to come from the other Gil, not the kind generous
Gil and Lynx's Daughter continued to talk, growing increasingly enthusiastic
already their impression was very strong. It seemed they would be talking for
Kid remembered when Serge had called her outside, they had decided Gil had gone
away. However in doing so, whether he lost his sanity or not was still unknown.
However, we could not take this as a setback, and three human thieves was now
down to two, two could definitely make it, but as they entered the main hall
the tenstion escalated.
Gil: "Yes I remember you, we knew eachother since we were Children, I've always
loved you......"
Lynx's Daughter is shocked and overwhelmed, becoming overjoyed
Lynx's Daughter: "Why Propose so suddenly?? We just met again, so fast too.."
Gil: "Please promise me, Lynx's Daughter, that you will marry me!! I love you
so much!!"
It is completely serious. The proposal seems to keep getting confused, and
denied in the process, making Gil tremble. Never has he loved anything more in
his life as a man.................Or a thief, being that as it
were.............Gil of course who is hasty, where Kid of course is never
As Kid, who happens to still be on the hunt, randomly searches looking for and
to the Frozen Flame. After checking the usual spots, she cuts back around as
she requires nothing but logic, where as Gil relies on persuasion.
When looking at the two of them, Lynx's Daughter seems to be in a
misunderstanding, which poor Gil can't correct. After all he advances
consistently, instead of sticking to the task like Serge, and makes it a very
complicated path that of a woman's heart........
Gil: "It's just how long I have been waiting for you, I haven't seen you in
ages, you are that dream girl whom I've loved since I grew up!!! You make me
Gil explains quickly
Lynx's Daughter: "I knew you as a friend, and a companion, but this?! I don't
know if I can marry you!"
The advances were worsening, as Gil who talks too eloquent, is unlike Kid who
is very pushy.
Lynx's Daughter: "It's just that you were always swooning to the women and the
beauty of the future, yet you take it so trivial, it's the reason I'm having
second thoughts"
Gil: "My dear it was wrong!! They were all incompatible women!! I love none of
them now, I only love you!! I want to be with you for the rest of my days!!"
Kid on the other hand was transmittedly placid with little sincerity, and on
her hand lay a tooth mark...
Lynx's Daughter started to become more joyful, and sway into his mood which is
good for Gil, because he depends on swooning.
A samurai woman comes from the east, and seeing the little love affair becomes
disgusted, as she appears to be middle aged. Looking towards the form of Serge
the thief, you have no choice but to drive on towards her dispite being
Lynx's Daughter: "This is not the time I'm surprised, Gilbert. This is the
expecation I have always known. "
The Samurai woman, eyeing Lynx's Daughter put Gil particularly on edge, and
nervously timid
Lynx's Daughter: "Well Gilbert, as an adult you have gotten better. Aren't you
unbelievably nice...??"
Lynx's Daughter: "Well I already knew this would happen..."
Kid ducks and hides her head from view
With the intrusion of the Samurai woman, already the situation seemed to have
worsened. The age of Gil and Lynx's Daughter was now known, as she announced
and started detailing their entire story they had as children.
Kid starts glaring nervously at the woman standing next door, it doesn't help
they're intruders here, but the fact that Gil and Lynx's Daughter are oblivious
to it, and soon there will be fighting and yelling just destroys the whole
While this is going on, Lynx's Daughter talks about their relations and the
idea of marriage, getting more and more interested as the two propose a
marriage, this of course excites Gil greatly.
But just as they were getting to the end of the story; it was abruptly cut off
as kid shouted
Kid:" I am the theif Kid!! And tonight I raid this residence, searching for the
Frozen Flame itself!"
The samurai woman was not impressed and cut her off.
Samurai: " You get the girl and wait for the other to come! We'll close in on
them in the foyer!"
Samurai: " What is this misunderstanding?! You two are in love?!? I have no
need to interfere!"
Gil glares at them nodding his head in agreement
Samurai: "It is alright....We Protect Lynx's Daughter..."
Samurai: "Gilbert is it??? We shall protect you!!!!"
As they continued Gil called Kid to the warriors
Samurai: "We will leave you alone for right now...."
Kid and the Samurai look at eachother
Kid was thinking about something the Samurai knew
Kid: "It keeps carrying on forever, Lynx's Daughter that is!!! She never stops
Samurai: "She sucks the air right out of this room!!! I agree such a big mouth"
Gil and his new bride continue to chat. And everyone escapes the conversation.
Kid runs and falls down on the floor. Gil runs and falls.
Lynx's Daughter: "You run and fall, how romantic!"
The Frozen Flame is near!! Kid gets angry and breaks off from the group
Lynx's Daughter who was being ignored, thought Gil was being selfish and got
mad at the swooner.
Soon they were arguing over what house to have and how to divide the costs.
Lynx's Daughter: "We shall be poor...?? I can not allow that!! I have always
been wealthy!!"
Gil: "You worry too much!! In marriage we shall split the house payment and
make sure all of our funds are saved properly. You can celebrate all the
traveling expenses even and cover the world with me!!"
Seeing that he was back to thinking about money, it was the old Gil
Gil: "We will make it!!"
All of a sudden the entire area echoes with the sound of an urchin, someone's
coming very quickly. Because the samurai informs them of the situation,
everyone begins to retreat for now. The noise grows louder. Even in the
circumstances, Lynx's Daughter is temporarily relieved to be with Gil.
Lynx's Daughter: "Don't you think we better leave?? I mean, if Lynx finds me
here with you, a low thief, he will never approve!! He never knows I loved you.
Gil moaned excessively and looked at her.
Gil: "Well then we must flee!!! Come with me!"
Serge ran around the corridor outside which he was searching, getting ready to
Serge: "We better hurry out of here!!!"
Once Kid urged Gil to escape at a nudge of his shoulder, and was ignored Lynx's
Daughter persuaded him to get going.
Gil: "It's coming!!!"
Lynx's Daughter: "From where does it come Gil????"
Kid stands in the middle, which is less crowded
Lynx's Daughter: "It comes from below, look out Gil!!"
Lynx's Daughter was frightfully upset
Lynx's Daughter: "It's here!!!"
Gallantly just as it was too late, Gil ran out.
A Scream of Lynx's Daughter is heard from inside as the monster pulls its taile
Gil: "What is it doing Kid???"
Gil: "I thought it was retreating, it's coming again!!!"
Gil bravely enters the fray again, and with his Spell scatters the monstrosity
to pieces all over the park. The spell destroys the gate and like strong wind
it dashes after them, out into the forest, they are short on breath at this
But then the fireworks rose over the mansion all of a sudden!!
High up on the balcony, though, still safe was Lynx's daughter, singing
Gil goes up to meet her.
Lynx's Daughter: "I'm so glad you're ok!!! Welcome home!!!"
Kid pulls up a concerned face and points to the roof. There Lynx himself comes
out of his canopy to investigate the disturbance and his form is seen.
Gil: "I'll finish marrying you, even if Lynx is the father of the bride!!!!"
Each eye eachother, and Lynx's Daughter who is crying now pulls her face
towards Gil
Gil: "Don't cry my lady...."
Gil: "You can stay with me forever....."
He says as he wipes her tears from her cheek
Gil: "It seems once again we are in trouble...."
Lynx's Daughter can't help but just laugh.
The distant sky began to light up.
Gil: "The night has turned to day my love....I just realized"
Kid sighs and points up. "To the Frozen Flame we must go!!!"
Gil points his finger in that direction speaking inquisitively.
Gil: "Seeing so much as we have....it is the dawn of a new day....and we must
finish our quest, my love....."

				Scenario 3: Part 1

Seeking the treasure of "The Frozen Flame" 3 thieves, Kid, Gil and Serge, crept
into the largest part of Viper Manor.
It was extensively thick, all the green, and otherwise tainted brush and trees
of the forest. It was immense, and during the month of June. It lines the
horizon, which is quickly turning down to the evening stars.
Right there, Viper Manor can clearly be seen, and Kid stops all of a sudden in
front of it.
Kid:"This is it guys, we're in front of Viper Manor???"
Kid looks on suspiciously to the inner grove which is now lined with light.
Kid: "Well we're here, this is the place!! It's so bright"
Kid: "I think I can almost see something moving, out over there. Is it
Gil lines up at the side of kid and looks on ahead at what she is seeing.
Gil: "................"
Kid looks on towards the inner part of the forest, all is silent.
Kid: "Something is moving over there can't you tell???"
Gil gazes back at Kid with a look of concern
Kid's eyes get wide as she stares at the lawn and eventually moves around to
the inner grove. She lines up next to Gil
Gil: "This is most likely only one way in the manor, I'm sure if we keep on
going we can find ourselves another path. Do you want to try that??"
Kid is afraid of the large luminous trees....she runs quickly through the
darkened forest.
Serge realizes just in time what is going on and chases her to where the road
divides, he goes with Gil after her.
Kid is walking looking on towards a sight of incredible awe, it seems to hit
the golden sunrise and her face turns to one of delight. Towards the place she
views, a strange and beautiful gold light peers out.
Kid: " A golden Sunflower?!?!?"
All of a sudden Kid runs out to it, and begins to climb its stems coming to the
top like a professional mountain climber.
It shines out in ominous gold, with rays of light going everywhere, however
with it comes a certain sense of danger.
Kid: "Is this too good to be true???"
While Serge follows on alone to far to see what she's doing, Kid has already
climbed up the roots of the flower. Serge gets into the tree to spy on her and
watches Kid get into the Petals. All of a sudden a strange noise is heard, a
odd looking bug flies out, she tries to keep her balance, but as it escapes and
flies away Kid's hand slips off the corner and she falls off!!
Kid: "I was right, this is dangerous!!"
Serge just in time catches her fall
Kid starts turning the corner to go back
At this time you feel a sense of danger, and escape to her side. Kid's fall was
broken, but in the same instance the insect had flew away frightened and
cautiously avoiding them in the wind.
Serge: "Kid....."
Kid: "Wait! My insect! It got away!"
Serge unfortunately chases after Kid as she chases the insect far out into the
distance. Kid looks back at Gil.
It was the worst sight in history
3 random thieves chasing the insect, of what was it to prove?? As they make
their advances, the desolate forest seems to grow quiet, and when they step on
the land you can hear silence....
It was a Sunflower worn on by the wheather....
It towered high above the grove, high into the air, whoever saw it could tell
the Insect would have gone inside. It seemed like a golden sunflower, one of
immense size and proportion alive and vigorous, all the way to the root....
Watching the Sunflower cautiously, it could be seen that it was about to bloom,
and would take the entire area by its beauty.....
But all of a sudden the Sunflower started to move! Its intent was unknown but
it seemed to be violent. Serge stares at the flower, to his mind it is
The inside of the sunflower tainted a color of purple, kind of torn like when
you'd be drunk....It's high eagle nose was thick and pink.......The face
reminded them of someone who put on makeup as it seemed to emerge from its
The strange face looked towards them
Staring on towards the Sunflower, Serge got a bad feeling.
While just to the right, Kid threw up in the grass.
As for Gil, he just reacted like a comedian. To him this thing was a joke, he
laughed at its demeanor.
Gil: "It's immense alright. It reminds me of some kind of trickery or sorcery"
Gil calmly looks on towards the sunflower, remembering things he had learned in
his life. The Sunflower's demeanor was very unusual, almost like a anicent
plant which was alive during the dinosaurs....
But in that way, it seemed to look completely bleached.....
Gil: "LuLu, who is this your uncle????"
The Sunflower was opening its gaping mouth taking its jaws after Kid. It was
intent on eating her. All of a sudden the tension of the grove got a lot worse.
The backbone of the Sunflower seemed to stick up straight.
Gil: "Someone help!!! Is this your uncle??? It must be!!! It's a metamorphosis
Kid dodged the flower, not willing to be swallowed and it spit out something.
Gil: "Is this your uncle LuLu??? You never told me about your mother those
years ago, do you notice any resemblance??"
Lynx's Daughter: "What Gilbert why you!!! My profile looks nothing like it, I
would like to know the reason you say these things!!!"
The Sunflower then replies almost cheerfully, acting and brimming with a grin.
Kid's shoulders tremble, in the space of a moment she takes out her glimmering
knife to chop it.
Gil: "Well since the social status of the Sunflower is obviously not important,
perhaps we have to worry about it eating everyone!!!!!"
Gil: "This metamorphosis sunflower guy!!!!!"
In the sunflower world, breeding is done by pollen and carrying through the
Serge looks upon the Sunflower with a heavy heart, wondering what is so bad
about it, when Kid looks at it intently, ready to punish it with her knife.
Pulling out her knife, Kid cut down the Sunflower at one of its roots tearing
it off as it fell
Screaming in pain, the sunflower fell looping over as its branch hit the ground
and rolled downard.
It can't be caught by the eye what happened next
With almost little care of it being cut down, in a matter of seconds it had
encased its mouth around Kid.
With its unfortunate condition the Sunflower after being ridiculed starts to
Kid continually slashes and cuts, slashes and cuts and it continues to regrow
around her. Constantly as the blood inside it freezes, the Sunflower seems to
revive continually, which now fills the air with the smell that Serge can sense
from far away.
Gil: "I remember! The monster can not be killed by normal means! The more you
cut it the more it indefinitely regenerates"
Gil had rememberd at last. So the way it was going was very slow, the Sunflower
would never let go of Kid...
Gil: "It's time to change!!"
Gil begins to transform into his super shadow as Kid grips the stalk of the
Sunflower firmly.
The Sunflower laughed, grinning heinously.
The Sunflower focusing on the ground begins to open up the earth around Kid,
and pulls them all in as it deteriates.
Gil: "Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The trees around the grove collapsed, and the earth swallowed kid instantly.
Gil takes Serge outside just in time as the earth explodes in dust.
Chasing Kid and the monster, Gil and Serge follow underground. As the Sunflower
sees gil, it lashes out its tongue causing him to lose his balance. Calming
down, the dust seems to clear and Serge peers down while Gil recovers, the
smoke begins to clear up.....
The Sunflower demon person as the smoke cleared away, showed an enormous
sillhouette in the clearing.
The shadow looming out all of a sudden, you could see the full monster....
Gil: "...........Kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I found the form of Kid, I shouted!
As for the shadow it was 7 to 8 times my normal height it was enormous, you
could see it how it closely resembled a gorilla, its true form as I had
thought. The entire body starts to peel and ithas its ivy suddenly covered in
muscle and extending its hand out to beat the ground.
And the golden form of the Sunflower stays. It has everything but a neck in its
new form.
Gil: "Your pollen gives me a nosebleed man"
I scratched the inside of my nose with my finger
Gil: "The juice, it is its blood...."
But surprisingly there is no head for the monster there! It instead takes on
the form of Kid, for its entire upper body....
Well on the chest are two sunflowers.....
Gil: "If we do not help Kid quickly, it will absorb her and we'll never see her
again Serge!!!!"
Gil shouted this abruptly
In it Gil mentions to Serge, that if the form of the Sunflower becomes too much
like Kid's in the upper body, it has absorbed her completely into its very
nature and we are too late....
Gil: "I'm serious!!! We have to help her, I will not tolerate your whining!!
Why are you giving up like this?!?!"
Gil: "Serge!!!! We have to help Kid damn you!!! If we do not get her
deattatched from that monster, then I will forever hate you!!!!"
As the creature unifies with Kid, your blood boils and you realize that time is
short, and not much else can be done unless a miracle happens
Unfortunately all attempts have yielded useless to get Kid seperated from the
monster, Serge waits on Gil for their course of action solemnly.
Gil: "We have to use our love...."
Serge: "That doesn't seem right I disagree..."
Gil: "Love is the only way!!! Help me prepare, protect Kid's body, show the
love you have"
You ask again what Gil means, it was rather prompt. Showing the love...?? How
exactly would they accomplish that. Gil made his change into his true form in
Serge didn't understand what he meant, but stood by ready to "show his love"
From the echoes comes an audible voice which can barely be heard......
It is small, and can not be heard well.
The person is obviously far away and not in the direct area
Were they foolishly losing their minds?!?
Was everyone foolishly losing their minds?!?
Gil, Serge, the whole group?!?! Where were they!??
The monster who had unified with Kid bellowed in anger, lifting and stomping
its foot to the earth!
The Serge who could feel the stomp close by his shoulder, quickly ran and
escaped into the forest. He wanted no part of this
Meanwhile the voices grew louder, several soldiers from Viper Manor had come
out to investigate the disturbance. Serge continues to run with heavy breath.
Meanwhile a fireball is shot off, Kid's glow of red initiates and the fireball
hits the Sunflower. The Soldier is swalloed completely by the monster in an
instant, armor and all. The fireball is not normal magic, it is a bewitching
power Kid gained from assimilating with the Sunflower....
Showing the love. You just don't understand what it means, but regardless you
decide to execute it.
Gil: "The feelings Serge!!!! Use your feelings it's the only way to save Kid
Serge: "I can't do it, it's too hard. I can not shine I can not show them and
save her. I'm sorry."
All of a sudden a shadow blocked the moonlight.
Gil: "Just a little longer I know you can hold out!!!!! Come on!!"
Without hesitation in the vacant forest the monster stepped, quaking the earth.
Confused and bewildered Serge ran, far into the forest. He continued to ride up
the road. He kept running until he collapsed by some trees and a stump. In such
a forest how does a garden grove grow with such evil and monstrosities!!!
Serge: "How can it be possible there is a garden here?!?!? An evil Sunflower in
the garden and it swallowed Kid?!?! What have I done I've run away!!!!"
You say this as you face towards no one in particular, and shout your lungs

				Scenario 3: Part 2
At that time fear began to come again.
The forest all of a sudden took two different paths. As for Serge, he was
confused now bewildered. All of a sudden he saw a huge cannon, 4 times his size
and a soldier preparing to fire it. It fired off a shot you could hear all the
way in the background, and in front of Viper Manor. The shot leveled the
forest, heading on towards the monster it would hit.
It hit in exactly the right spot on the monster and Kid was let go temporarily.
The captain of the soldiers clings to the cannon, and notices Serge off to the
side. In desperation the stare of the soldier loosened on Serge.
Soldier: "We hit the monster, we had no choice, the monster spared your life."
Soldier: "You should not try to interfere, the monster can not be reasoned
Yet you thought somehow it could, that maybe the monster did have some sort of
Serge: "I just want Kid back .."
Sunflower: "Kid can't get away, it is our destiny to intertwine she shall feel
the wrath of the death misquito!!!!"
The voice had come from the Sunflower!!
As the captain glanced at it, the lights on the cannon started glowing
meanderingly. It closely resembles a green monster with hair high above its
head. It wears a mantle of purple, dressed in vertical stripes of red and
Looking towards the face I shout.
Serge: "Sunflower!!!! You leave Kid alone..what is it you want"
Serge: "Sunflower of the death misquito!!!"
Unintentionally without thought though you shouted. After all the Sunflower
seemed like a human or at least it once was, perhaps it could reason. But the
soldier doubted this and wished to arrest the creature.
Sunflower: "As for you, Kid is my companion, we together create the dead moth,
also known simply as death misquito which you have not seen"
Serge: "So you underwent some kind of metamrophosis...?? This I would like to
see again!!"
Serge: "Show me the metamorphosis!! Sunflower, go!!"
But as Serge calls out, the soldiers attitudes do not change. The monster
easily has absorbed kid and caused a disturbance that can't be ignored as the
shells go off. The cannon is not normal however, somehow it is entwined with
magical energy and not gun powder shells. It had an unknown power, a "demon
derived gun" of which they prepared beforehand, and as they mounted it Serge
became pale.
But the monster all of a sudden attacks the cannon! The entire area becomes
Soldier: "Captain!! The sunflower monster appears!!!"
A soldier shouts like the sentance of capital punishment, it pierces my chest.
The soldier asks his officer before the captain orders.
Captain: "Fire on that monster, now!!!"
Soldiers: "Yes sir!!!"
Serge: "No stop!!! Please stop!!! The monster meant no harm, it absorbed Kid to
make its metamorphosis!!! Please dont do this!!"
I tugged on their arms but the soldiers pushed me back pulling me away by my
hands, and the pain overflowed me.
Soldier: "This is not the time we would like to hear this, please do not
interfere again!!!!"
So Kid after all is not harmed, one could reason that the death misquito is not
bad, that it has left its evil shell behind.
Two choices:
Tell Kid she is fat
Tell Kid she is slim
Followed by asking her if she likes her new form.
You can't use either magic power without saying one of them.
Serge: "Kid are you alright up there...."
Kid and the monster seem to remove a hankerchief to wipe the tear off their
Sunflower: "We are very impressed with your courage to save us! Now we wait,
their cannon of hell is preparing to fire..."
But Serge's happy moment is quickly destroyed, the captain who is directing and
charging the demon derived gun began to raise it. Suddenly the cannon started
firing burning flames at the monster!! The flames of the muzzle were enormous!!
The monster and Kid are blocked by the blast so nothing can be seen.
A roar of laughter of which the soldiers are convinced the monster is dead
ensues with the idea of victory is at hand. Grieving Serge bends to the ground
on both knees.....
But all of a sudden a scream of surprise comes from all the soldiers as they
look on and see that behind the blast, the monster and Kid are still very much
intact!! Even the mark of the burn does not remain in the figure which stands
there. Of course Kid was also fine.
Captain: "How in the?!?!? Why is the death mistquito still standing?!?! This is
not possible you are no death misquito!!"
The sunflower makes no smile, there is no sweat and it laughs meanderingly at
the man.
Sunflower: "Why?!???? The woman only used some kind of magic, for I am still
just a death misquito!!!"
The soldier grasps a hold of Serge, which the nature of the beast badly replies
in a dismal tone.
The instant it happened the scream of the woman came, howling out loud.
In that tremendous impact, something is kept silent as burning flame which came
from the cannon quickly flickers out to nothing by a mysterious energy. The
entire area is riddled in fear.
Also Serge is surprised and shocked. Also it seems though not certain, that was
the voice of Kid, which erupted in full force just then. In the darkness of
night which was wrapped in silence, the voice of Kid echoes once again. This
time however it is not a scream, it is a permanent chant of a long spell.....
Gil: "??????! God damn! I never thought in my wildest that Kid could use some
technique like that!!! Hah!!!"
The faces of everyone began to turn from red to blue, as you sat there and
pondered, exactly what it is you think.
Serge: "Kid has that type of power....???"
The death misquito flew away to the far side of the sky.
Fleeing and running the soldiers all of a sudden went off into the forest, with
tribal panic. The captain even dumped the cannon and he himself fled, and did
not care, going back to Lynx's Manor to evacuate everyone.
Serge who is left puzzled and bewildered thinks his thoughts. The way Gil said
to show his love for Kid just doesn't make sense. How do you do this so that
she is taken from the belly of that monster...?? The spell which Kid had did
not go off without Serge first helping her. Could this be, or is it not right.
It clearly was a brave move................and the spell hit directly.
Serge: "How should it have been done, Gil it is you!!"
Gil: "Don't wait around, we need to catch up to her!"
I turned around to witness Gil coming up right behind me.
Serge: "It is you Gil!!! Where were you when this happened!?!?"
The form of Gil hops over the bush wearing the muscles of a monk warrior, and a
speckled sparkling outfit to boot which glittered in the sun.
Gil: "I was over in the canopy when it happened.....but that's all past now,
what do you think of my new outfit?????"
In that instant you forgot everything, and responded to the simple question
that the man in the mask had asked you. Gil continued to be silent. The gaze of
the masked man faced that of Kid over yonder.
Serge: "I don't know what to say???? It's quite fitting of you I like it!!"
I suggested strongly. Now of course Kid was more important.
Temporarily as they look at eachother, neither says a word. The arguing stops,
all of a sudden Gil takes flight with little effort, and is carrying me across
the valley under the gate of Lynx's Manor, and stops under the sky. All of a
sudden the spell "Phantom Break" is released, going all the way out across the
ground as it complets its move.
The pale odd wave increasing in volume attacks everything in its path, taking
the light all around Lynx's Manor and covering it in darkness, like ice
dissolving, it dissipates. Every beast which stays on ground, after feeling the
spell bored deep into the earth and retreated.....
In the remainder of the land Serge glances catching his breath, as for the
ground around Lynx's manor, it begins to split apart like a giant chestnut, and
the ripping of the bottom is carried on into the darkness of the abyss.
The monster has wriggled into the edge of that hole. While there is no where
for it to go, Gil kindly informs Serge of this situation. The union with the
monster of where it can have its anger and feel, will cause kid to have no more
magic. The time left which they have is limited.
The origin of Kid...
Show the love! Suddenly Serge knows what to do. Serge runs near to Kid and the
monster. The Kid regards Serge as the enemy, and comes tightening around the
grip of his neck. Suddenly it is shaking his body!
Serge shakes himself desperately to get free, Kid comes out with her fist
first. The offense continues to pummel the defense.
You grab the arm which is from Kid that has come out, to get near to her face.
You hit her! Her eye becomes black. Suddenly Serge takes something from his
waist. It is shining, a Knife!
Gil had given Serge the knife to cut away the attatchment. Serge gleamed the
knife behind the monsters back. The glue which bonded them was tightening.
This is the last chance!
If you don't do it here, she is gone forever!
Your left arm is near Kid's shoulder, your right arm is holding her jaw.
And the lip was bent in
You help Kid throwing the Knife inward, cutting the bisection out.
Kid returns into the monster never to be seen again
You bond into the monster and join Kid.
(Choice is selected here)
Afterwards Serge went and.............
Losing power, Serge let go limply. The voice of Gil echoed out. After you leave
in the full moon light, something golden shines. It is Gil in his new form.
Suddenly Gil could repel the monster and shooting on towards its center, it
dodges to the side, and Gil falls straight through into the abyss.
The month ends....the Princess calls...
The demon calls, taking his life...
Borrowing the power of Princess LuLu, it ends..
The power she holds attacks the demon....
Now! The shots ring off and fly towards the monster
The ring around the back started to shine brighter, all of a sudden it stomped
its foot. Kid and Serge flew under the eye.
And the demon started shooting at them!
Suddenly a crack of gold spreads across the monster. An unknown figure holds
Kid and Serge in the sky, as they are carried off. The body of the monster all
of a sudden instantaneously explodes.
Not any part of the monster is left, as it starts to flicker out and dissapear
into the sky....
After they formed a circle. Kid safely sleeps in Serge's arms. No longer
assimilated into the monster, Kid was back to her normal form again. When Gil
put her cape around her, she breathed heavily and began to regain
Kid: "Serge.......Gil......Bloody hell what happened..."
Still as she moved her head about drowsily my name was murmered. And the lawn
we sat in had been indented by her prescence.
Kid: "You two are seeing me naked?!?!? ..........."
Quickly like a sharp bell hammer it came, we felt an object hit our heads for
this incident.
Kid who had awoken wrapped the cape around herself, and was looking towards me!
However Gil was no longer there he had dissapeared.
Serge: "How does he dissapear so fast?!?! I want the power of the shadow!!!"
The sleepy eyes of the Kid stares at me who is left.
Kid: "Wait a second....you are the one who kissed me...."
Your mind went blank.......
Never did you remember such things. Kid began to stare at you with her wide
eyes pupils open wondering what went on during the time she was attatched to
the Sunflower.
You have two choices
Yes.....I kissed you..........there on the stripes......
No Kid...it was a dream which you had......
(you choose)
Kid: "How dare you do such a thing!"
Kid extended her arm grasping my chest violently.
Her hand brushed the side of my face, on both sides, carressing my skin
carefully. I wondered what would happen.
Of course answering the question honestly, the result was the same....
Kid: " Still! Why did you kiss me in front of everyone! You should never have!
I shall never forgive you! Never forgive you never forgive you ever ever
She raises her voice, confused and slaps my cheek across the face, while she
Finally she stopped. Her hand went down. The end result was my nosebleed still
hanging down....
Kid: "Serves you right!!"
Of course the nosebleed wasn't the end. Kid's fist came crashing into my face
and I hit the ground with a large thud.
Kid's cape she wore fell to the ground, and she quickly retrieves it covering
her body back up.
Kid was angry the kind of anger of how she got attatched to that sunflower, and
all of a sudden without warning started stomping the ground, destroying land
and shooting off spells which she could not normally do. The one which she got
attacked by from soldiers, where she was wrapped in her own magic unable to
move. Somehow Kid who had assimilated with the monster, got a special kind of
magic power bestowed in her for that time, but when the Sunflower started
chaning its emotions, the magic power left and would decrease. Gil approaches
from the east and calmy gives an explanation.
Kid naturally looks on towards Gil, who of course she is ready to deck. She
begins to charge her energies as though she is going to send off another
permanent kind of powerful spell, but suddenly Gil just utters one word, very
sheepishly and out of bounds.
Gil: "That kind of Sunflower is worth at least 10 million gold!!! Why didn't we
capture the thing?!?!?"
I do not know whether the face of that sunflower was even real. It seemed when
Kid assimilated with it, such that she gained all its powers and emotions, she
could use powerful magic. But as you look at Kid from the rear, that sight
doesn't seem to amazing. So if you were to combine the two together, you can't
say they'd be worth that much.
Gil: " Kid!!! You realize that you were able to use magic, that monster allowed
you to bring out a whole new part of your character!!! It is surely going to be
worth every penny we could get!! Onward to the Frozen Flame!!!"
So Gil encouraged Kid, steadying his hand on her shoulder. Kid looked back
slowy towards him and began to cry. It went on like that for a while....
In this way one story ended while another began..
While there certainly more adventures between Kid and Gil, the idea of them
happening were in another time, another world.....
Where so mututally you may not ever know, but its not to be lost...
But that in itself is another story...
One we assume you finish writing.....
				Scenario 4: Part 1
Seeking the Frozen Flame 3 thieves of dastardly calibur, Serge Kid and Gil
dissapeared into Lynx's Manor. They enter the main library which is unguarded.
While inspecting the book which supplies the details of all of the mountain,
suddenly Serge was attracted to the picture on the wall. A very strange scene
of a red desert was put on the wall. You can see the horizon extend beyond the
mountain of a blanket of red sky. As you stare on, Serge remembers something
uneventful which he does not want to. It begins to make him depressed, as he
sags back staring at the picture all alone. The area looks quite strange.
Suddenly as you look back, Gil is staring at the same picture. Serge begins to
speak, staring at the picture, while Gil continues to stand motionless.
You could not understand very well what the Gil thinks in his mind about the
Even this evening was like this up until now. But all of a sudden then, you
understood clearly.
Gil was angry.
If you looked at it from a different perspective, as in Maxwell's demon, the
indulgence of therodynamics second law had been transferred into Gil...
Well, the round part of a neutrino atom of the helium and hydrogen which drift
cause thermonucleur fusion which may occur even in the water glass without
Gil was really angry.
Serge and Gil exchanged glances and cold stares across each other.
Temperature of the room had risen to a higher climax, seeming to reach over the
boiling point when Gil asked:
Gil: "Serge, there is a matter that we, REALLY need to discuss, and Kid will
you come here???"
SCENERY!!!!!!!!! Where in the hell are you people looking?!??!"
Serge: "I'm not worried about finding it, how are we going to be obtaining
Gil was almost foaming at the mouth, as what he had seen was such a foolish
question he could not contain himself.
But as he seemed to blow his temper, shouting, all of a sudden a strange glow
came from the picture he was staring at earlier.
Gil: "Finally, you found something!!!"
As gil stared at the picture, it seemed to resemble the exact Manor they were
standing in. With every last detail shown and provided, down to the shining sky
and thin horizon overlooking the wonder. Strong sculptures were placated all
over the manor in different places. But the high peak, was shining brightest.
Afterwards Gil lost it, as Kid stood by, and suddenly stuck his high toed steel
boot into Serge's side, knocking him down very abruptly. Somehow Serge regains
his consciousness and keeps balance just long enough. Then Gil all of a sudden
starts burning up in rage, his clothese seem to fall off at the seams, and all
of a sudden he is in his normal outfit.
Kid and Serge didn't seem to worry about it, in fact they were more worried
about Lynx, who was going to use his hand and the Frozen Flame to rip them to
pieces if he caught them on the edge of his balcony!?
Gil: "Now who has ideas of where to start looking for the Flame....
It was a treasure house of stupor. Three misfits finally find themselves in the
warehouse continuing their search of The Frozen Flame.
The warehouse was very quiet, with many strange sounds and a bunch of odd
looking locked doors. As they approached instantaneously the handle of the door
seemed to melt away as Gil touched it. Inside the place felt like it needed
insecticide after being left for 3 years.
Gil: "I always thank the stars I have the powers I do, very convenient for such
situations as this...And quick...."
Kid slyly creeps into the treasure warehouse like a cat checking the area. The
edge where Gil melted the lock is smooth. It hasn't even fallen apart.
Gil: "Heh, I have the skill of a wizard and the delicacy of a craftsman, the
lock just scraped off...."
Something about the way Gil talks is very sure of himself and completely
content. Nevertheless Serge wonders, as he marches off into the warehouse.
Around the area, is a good amount of treasure, the kind you could fit your feet
in easily.
"The hero cuffs of the interplanetary(Powerful being, someone who knows magic)
strike in the name of LuLu, resembling a mirror and shape of the chosen one,
where insects pass through summer and on towards winter, and the creator of the
crystal, a source of destiny, found under the grave of those who are worthy, is
the one who possesses the finesse and skills to obtain that power, of the
Frozen Flame"
The markings on a treasure which read with much detail.
Gil: "I was just thinking, whomever can understand this entirely and get a word
of it, is the person who can touch the Frozen Flame..........That might be me,
Of course the meaning which the treasure described, is what really couldn't be
told offhand. And the burial, where this treasure was rested, was argued
between the 3 of them, Serge Kid and Gil, in a comical tone you might find in
comedies. Finally, Kid discovered something.
Between the treasure of the mirror of LuLu, covered in a vibrant crimson aura,
a beautiful jewel stood turning in air it seemed. Kid reached her hand out
coercively, touching the jewel and bringing it back towards her off the
pedastal. This must be the "Frozen Flame" !!
While this is going on, the rotating pedastal seems to shine, giving off an
intense light beam where my hand was off to the side, as if Kid was looking at
us with a look of concern in her eyes. Because they don't have everyone, the
idea of escape, is going to be useless.
Gil: " What are we thinking??? Is it possible we've obtained the FAKE Frozen
Flame designed for humans??!??"
What Gil says makes sense, but as far as Kid hearing it, it does no good.
Gil: " Don't you think there is a REAL Frozen Flame somewhere!!! We're in the
wrong place I'm telling you!!"
Kid: "Oh bloody hell!! Just shutup Magil, we got what we came for. Let's get
out of here before the alarm goes off!!"
As the alarm sounded, all of a sudden shooting started, LuLu, Gil Serge and Kid
began to run, Kid tightened the grip on the Jewel while Gil floated over the
area.  Suddenly a Goblin appeared! The goblin charged towards Gil in a harsh
Goblin: "Humans who have thought they could break into our lair, no longer
shall they be aware!!!!"
Suddenly the Goblin chanted something which was a spell aimed at Gil!!
Gil: "What do you think you're doing??"
All of a sudden Gil started to get confused!
Goblin: "Now you die human!"
But as such, Gil hadn't totally lost concsiousness it seems.
Gil: "Your spells make me laugh...take this!!!"
Gil charged up his sword and suddenly many swirling blades of energy shot off!!
Gil: "Black Wind!!!!!!!"
The Goblin stumbled back exploding around the room!!
In all the confusion Gil headed after the others.
Kid with her tired arms, accidently released the Jewel and continued onward, as
their voices trailed off.
Gil: "It's obvious somehow somewhere............the real Frozen Flame is in
another place..."
Gil grabbed LuLu and ran with her out of the warehouse.
A sign stated: "Those who seek Mars Daio will die"
Serge: " There is no way that is the real Frozen Flame, the treasure warehouse
was a fake, I suggest we go searching elsewhere...."
And so the search continues
Three people enter the next room which is in the decoration of a yard, and hear
a low groan coming from the south. Kid suggest they go and investigate the
disturbance. As for Serge, he doesn't see it as a concern and stays behind. In
the corner of the room seems to be a large machine, which is still presently in
operation it seems. The lighted fire continues to smoke and burn. As for the
atmosphere in the room, it gave Gil and Serge the impression that it resembled
strongly the picture they had seen earlier. The Voice of Kid is heard trailing
off, as she locates the source of the disturbance. What it is is a box, with a
door on each side, the front and the back.
Kid: "What in the world are you??? Some kind of refridgerator?!? This is
It can be seen very clearly.
However Kid is selfish to think it cares
Box: " There is no treasure, what you seek isn't what you think....That's the
way it is, how it is..."
Kid kicked the box with her left foot hard.
Box: "OWWWW!!! Why did you go and do that?!?"
At the same time the faint groans and low sounds seem to increase.
Kid stands upright, and puts her two hands around the box like a vice, staring
into the enormous eyes which are located in the Square tundra of its face and a
mouth just as large.
The attatched head begins to spin around and round like an antenna.
Box: "What do you see? What do you seek? "
As Kid tries to maintain herself, she quickly throws up all over the ground.
As the Box continues to shake, all of a sudden the doors on the robot opened
up, bringing two long appendages out of itself with curious nozzles.
Of which were attatched to two left and right gattling guns which seemed to
change color and irritate the eye. The robot itself, started to shoot at the
three mischevious theives.
As it rotates around, moving quickly the robot shoots, of which Kid skillfully
avoids. Instantly, Gil fires off a shot at it, which hits directly!
Gil: "As for Mars Daio's weak point, I think it's the head above his torso.
Shoot for the head!!!"
As it flashes, the small head is destroyed!
You jumped off from the ceiling and onto the back of the robot and clinged onto
the battery box, as Gil fired off his perfect shot, hitting it directly the
impact exploded beautifully!
Somehow, the trio had defeated Mars Daio and in the wreckage, something very
white, which could be overlooked, shines as Gil starts to pull on it. Serge
inspects the object. Just what could this be...???
The Search of the stupor continues....."

				Scenario 4: Part 2
Mars Daio
Serge kept wandering around the corridor of the mansion, in which there was an
eerie white glow, in route of the corridor shining?! Apparently Mars Daio had
been built to prevent intruders or those who use magic.
Usually in order to use magic one would have to be attatched to another
creature or animal, just as Kid was attatched to the Sunflower, unlike Gil. But
Gil did not do the magic here, instead it came from the chest of Kid, the white
rabbit substituting for the new found powers and of which she removed.
It was vacant now where Gil looked and Kid which had used the magic, Serge
could see the white rabbit, the shiny object they found in the remains of Mars
Daio, of which he had pulled out of from the wreckage.
Kid: "It's like a bear. Mars Daio is like the replica of a toy. He must have
been built to protect the Frozen Flame from intruders..."
From there Gil glances over to Kid glaring seriously. The tail of the rabbit
and its blue eye seem to glow as it is handed over to Gil and covers his hand.
It comes in the form of his hand very quickly Gil inserts it, it has been made
ready for use with his magic of which he is fully self confident. In this way,
Gil used it to launch a spell and released it with much finesse!
What it does is light a magical opening, causing a new path to emerge from thin
air! The road opens up to continue.
What happened though Serge does not understand whatsoever.
Gil: "Serge....."
Gil motioned to him as he leaned up against the back of a wall, leaning out he
opened his hand which contained the rabbit (the remains of Mars Daio???) the
tail of it, and it was put into my hand.
Gil: "Serge.......I'm entrusting you with this....Now you can use magic as me
and Kid do, and anytime you want!!! Just squeese the white rabbit and use its
power inside!!!"
It doesn't make sense? But regardless you keep the bond and take it from Gil.
Suddenly you find yourselves in the place of the deciding battle.....
Three thieves, Kid Magil and Serge, are found in the deepest part of Lynx's
Manor, in a room resembling outer space. Everyone is equipped inside of the
immense room, for the atmosphere resembles space itself which you may not have
seen nor heard.
And in the center a man in black sveldte stood.
Lynx: "You fools came......you fools looking for the Frozen Flame!!!!! You
shall die you foolish monkies!! Hahahahaha!!"
In his hand he holds an enormous crystal, one which seems red and black
reflecting, it is the Frozen Flame and all can see it........
After seeing the enemy, Kid immediately pulls her knife and jumps towards him
throwing it in that direction intent on killing Lynx. However, he dissapears
scattering Kid as she heads first into the floor! Lynx is no longer visible!
Somehow the room has administered a change in the environment, it seemed. Lynx
was convinced of victory and started grinning and laughing at Serge and Kid
whom were at his mercy before him. Kid and Serge which wait...all of a sudden a
sound is heard that of Gil doing a strange technique! Gil was using a guitar
and there, in the vacant window sill, he appeared holding it stationed above.
Serge glanced over at his new form.
He was dressed in a musician outfit, head to toe, you could tell he wore what
he meant and included a guitar around his shoulder. It made long sounds which
quaked the hall. Like a sly fox, he stood there ready for anything.
The entire area started to quake from the resounding sound of Gil's guitar and
suddenlt Lynx held his head in agony. He got a splitting headache and started
to go insane. All of a sudden his body became huge, and large tentacles came
out sticking into the arena. He was an octopus now that had been reawakened.
The metamorpohsis was complete.
Gil: "My god no impossible.....this guy taught me magic!! It has been 500 years
or more!!! I remember it from the trip around Mars, it is what is responsible
for making me who I am!!!!!!"
Which you question what it means, Gil jumped down from the window sill above,
onto the area below ready as he shouted.
Gil: "Kid it is not Lynx!!! It is an evil space criminal, one which I have
chased forever, from the planet H and back for over 500 years!!!!"
Kid: "500 years?!?!? But Gil you just were created I thought....I don't
Gil: "You bear, you thought you could hide, but you have not!!! I have caught
you, and as for my name, it is Tow Van John Space detective!!!!!!! You foul
After the pause of the shock, Gil cheerfully laughs and begins to change
clothes into a metallic set of space armor which is recognized by the monster.
Octopus: "Well, Tow Van John."
His hair glows in the background.
Of course now Tow Van John, not being an idiot, prepares himself equipping his
armor he charges his weopons for slaying the evildoer and begins to turn around
to face the Octopus monster head on.
Octopus: "Tow Van John....Finally we meet again......After the explosion you
chased me here, escaping Mars, and going by the meter, ran into the floor as
you watched the boat burst into flames as our reactor burned out. You came
Apparently what Kid had chased after all that time, the natural shape of The
Frozen Flame was the atomic fusion furnace of the mothership of the octopus. As
it aims towards the furnace in order to destroy it, Gil stands in and attacks.
However the Ocopus is smart, it applies the Light Ray enlarger gun and as you
fire into it it enlarges, getting bigger.
As you look back at the vacant spot, the Octopus has become enormous instantly!
The Octopus as it was parallel with the boat, you completed the Enlargement
Light Ray to increase its size. And now the Ocopus had grabbed Gil, as the
young Tow Van John Space Detective, and it tightened its grip around him!
The Octopus gets a huge face which has become enraged. While destroying all of
the facility around them, it corners Gil and the others. Gil boldly gives
himself up as a decoy for Serge, naturally for Serge to escape all of a
sudden....then something hits Gil directly which comes from the octopus,
knocking him out!!
Serge: "Gil! Gil !!!! Are you alright Gil?!?!?? Gil!!!"
Being shocked I shake Gil.
This is not funny. No matter what Gil does not respond....
While a strange white fume comes out around his head, Gil seems to be down.
Kid: "It will escape then???!"
Kid says with a serious look.
Serge: "We can't worry about that we have to escape, Gil is down..."
Serge: "Well somehow..."
Serge: "..............."
Kid: "We can't just let us three be cut down to two, we have to save Gil
Kid says somewhat severely.
Serge: "You mean escaping with him?? It is not reasonable. We can't get out
anyway, our exits are cut off...."
Suddenly the hand of the armored Tan Van grabs Serge's heel, clasping it. For
that matter, it was Gil himself which obviously had not been heard, not to this
Octopus: "You have the replica of Mars Daio himself???? Somehow you defeated
it! The toy! How did you ever get that?!?"
What he means by such a thing, is anyone's guess, especially Serge who is
confused. But looking back at the rabbit of which Gil gave him, he does not
know whether he should use this or not.
Kid hides back looking at Serge, she sends him encouragement. Just
Serge looks at his hands wondering what to do as he sticks out his white lucky
charm, he tries to focus his mind on the Octopus.
Serge: "What am I doing?!?? The love? Show the love???? Taste my hand
The octopus screams falling backward.
Serge: "Go forth, and destroy the furnace and kill its creation!!! Go!!!"
The Octopus which seems to lurch back, is hit in surprise. The spell hits the
Octopus who is flown backwards.
Serge: "It works it really works!"
The boat is seen exploding, the furnace lights up in a blaze of magic...
Serge: "But how did I do it....??? The rabbit?? Gil????"
Gil: "Mars had a machine which was controlled by remote control......"
Serge: "Mars Daio???? You don't mean he was a human?????"
When the boat exploded it caused single detonation of the manor itself! From
the Manor which is collapsing, 3 theives run hurriedly getting out of the way
and into the sun!
The minute we make it outside, the entire Lynx's Manor collapsed, to the black
hole like an exploding star.
Serge: "We obtained the rabbit of Daio!!"
While grudging on that sentance, the group flew away far from the waste.
On both sides we were of Gil's shoulders, me and Kid.
Serge: "Don't you think we did good Gil??? Also Lynx wanted to see Vigor..."
Serge: "Who is that??? That looks like our getaway vehicle. It's a small
aircraft just big enough for us..."
In the dusk, they looked back at the sky of the Mansion, now visible just
barely flickering.
We probably wouldn't have made it home without Gil.
Kid: "Tomorrow however, in addition, Lynx may be searching from east to west
for us......"
Kid says this keenly.
So as funny as it sounds its true.
So in our adventures and travels, there is no end.
So in a way one story ended, as another one began.
Sometime later, there will also be adventures between Kid and Gil and the Mars
people, most likely....
Another time however, in another world....
When so much you think its over, but perhaps, it is not....
If so, its an addition to another story....
One we will assume you finish writing...."

				Scenario 5: Part 1
Seeking the Frozen Flame, three thieves of decidedly different origin began to
infiltrate the large spacious Manor of Lynx, they were Serge, Magil and Kid.
Three people who invaded inside the terrace of the mansion who were troubled
with what to do next, and as you ponder, you take the left and right searches
on either one of the corridors......however at this time Serge, was gazing
casually aware of something stirring in the background.
It was visible, a blue light, a strange transclucent blue light in the
decorative window which was above. Serge had gazed at it unintentionally, but
the light which was there became invisible. And the air feels out of place,
Serge reconsiders. Already being shocked, you chase Kid who has already gone on
head first. While once more, you glance in the decorated window from a far....
There was a light.
The kind of light you see in a strange place without the tint of sky. However,
the starlight was not the reason you could see it. Even when it was completely
dark, you could see it in spite of this. Strange circumstances, it has shown in
detail yet you misunderstood. But when you looked closer, the result could not
be directly distinguished by the eye, directly. It stood there wearing old
fashioned monks clothes....In the form of a girl.....
Old Woman: ".....................You came, you are the travelers which seek the
Frozen Flame??? Finally you have arrived...."
It was not a dream or vision or hallucination and so on. Also Kid and Gil
became startled unknowingly, and also Serge began to draw breath as it shocked
all of them to see it......
It was a ghost........
It was not that much of an unusual thing. During Kid's life as a thief, she had
had many experiences tightrope walking and come across very numerous unusual
experiences of looking at the forms of the deceased. Gil however had a
different thought, that magical sorcery had made this trick possible and that
there was some techniques behind that.
And even that role they were accustomed to was changed, her body was hard
looking with the strong feelings of a woman, and they were amazed at the depth
of the thing.
The form of the woman went straight out directly, it was strange, and felt
unlucky or foreboding.
Old Woman: "It is you, you know the truth of the Frozen Flame..."
Suddenly Kid's face turned pale white. As for the ghost, her figure seemed to
dissipate in the moonlight to the point it was hard to distinguish....
Strangely a stone which caused death was mentioned. Serge kept searching the
inside of the enormous mansion. At the warehouse like room in the yard, the old
woman started at Kid puzzled, talking strange things.
It was Kid's past. She had lead away the person like her older sister. And you
dissapeared into the mansion in order to confront Lynx yourself, as a vow of
revenge for when you were 10 years old and had no place to go. Why such a thing
she could know, Kid interrogates, is anyone's guess but just then the figure
The Manor which all of a sudden sinks to silence.After she had gone away, Serge
simply arrived at the treasure warehouse with litthe or no guidance from
others. There were strange doors around it, but Kid just naturally without
worrying about a key, used her hairpin lockpick to pick the door. In response
it is discouraging however, who ever sets foot in the warehouse. It was thought
ususally that "treasure warehouses" and "treasure yards" but that was the space
where it was hidden.
As for the room it was an enormous Diorama......
In other words, the model formed the picture of the Minute sea which held the
The wave front of the crystal is broken white, as though it is in a valley, the
wave of the shores it hilts to and stands.
The rocks of the jade and the others have a hard light shine to them. It was
from that, which seemed to float a smile, there was the scale of the mica, and
the hair of the platinum, as well as the white of the pearl. And there it sinks
between the waves of the peak and is hidden. As for this material it is
unknown, or what it is doing there. It is the kind of superb article which
makes haste of the stormy sea, crystallized into one, but at the same time
compared to the other jewels it is gruesome and conspicuous. But as for its
station, it seems to be wrapped under the base of the eye the stone. The jewel
compared to the others was crusted like the stain of flower in blood.
Kid which becomes excited viewing the Frozen Flame, runs hurriedly. Right away
giving foothold in the diorama she starts to capture the Frozen Flame.
Serge however can't help too much, he has a foreboding thought and a drifting
feeling which he can't pinpoint, something is wrong here with this. However Kid
is already fully motivated. While holding down the unlucky foreboding will he
surpresses his concern. Uniting them Kid has easily climbed the Diorama finding
her foothold and rises to the top. She places her hands around the Frozen Flame
inside the pearl and takes it out. The instant she does, the arm extends,
locking her into place, and all of a sudden everything is frozen. After all,
the Diorama itself was a trap.
The keeper of the jewel and chestnut setup which can make the blood run cold,
in order to carry out its mission comes face to face to its intruders and
attacks it with the mineral.
Like wheather simultaneously, the entire Diorama moved, and the Frozen Flame
seemed to dissolve, and converted into the sea as it all got sucked in.
The wave front of the water breaks against the rocks ready to peel off Kid in
the process. In the accumulating sea revolution, Kid falls into the water. My
gaze all of a sudden is drawn away to it, the strange ones. But that was just
the hand! The real story was the owner of all parts and in that origin, was one
whole corpse.
Perhaps the corpse had already setup this trap in advance, ready for any
unsuspecting traveler to fall directly into its trap.
The hand grabs Kid pulling her under which has already begun to be drownd by
the sea of the Diorama. Gil started shooting the silver of the needle, of both
eyes the color of chestnut which is not portruded. In the center of it all, is
an outrun. Intuitively you know as you begin to search.Serge after all had the
original strange feeling about this Diorama, there was something there. The
corpse however had already sunk Kid half way underwater with everything else.
While it was the corpse from the beginning, the arm extended from sea that
freezes to grab the jewel.
Serge: "Gil!!! That is it!!! It is the corpse!!!! Shoot the head of that
As for Gil, he needn't not ask again, he started shooting the silver lining
underwater and instantly a sonic boom! The head of the corpse and seawater
going every which way scatters!
To remember it was amazing, furthermore it was dramatic. The sea returned to
its original jewel, all of a sudden it all stopped exactly. The spell which was
put on the diorama, to lure in unsuspecting victims had itself been stopped and
become the key of this large scale setup once again. Furthermore, the eye of
the center of the game which triggered the trap, and the role which it played
in setting up returned to normal. Gil admires courageously, but Serge was still
thinking about how the chest was bad or this treasure.
Somehow Kid whom is saved, spitting up water painfully had clasped the Frozen
Flame securely in her hand. You had obtained any intended things. Quickly you
three began to leave the Lynx's Manor. However already at this time the Manor
had undergone a transformation....
It was closed. Three people continued to walk around the corridor meanderingly,
already above this it was not neccesary to remain inside the Manor. By passing
through the way they came in it steps back from the terrace into the garden
once again. With the intention of getting out directly you are walking the
corridor. Although this, is the proper place, the terrace does not exist. The
corridor of stonework, instead continues on as you wander meanderingly....
Meaning you do not understand and are confused, and as you walk Serge wonders
and Kid begins to get angry.
Kid: " And here it is....this is what we came for?!?"
As Kid said angrily.
So before anything happens, they walked up ahead, there was a tree they
recognized at long last. Of course, the terrace it now seemed you'd see that
Kid: "What!! This is rediculous!!!! Why did we come all the way out here?!?!?
For this?!?!?! Now we're lost!!!"
Kid shouts hysterically.
Kid: "This is rediculous!!! We are going in circles!!!!!!!! We never should
have come here, we never should have done this!!!!!! Now we're lost god dammit
what do we do now?!?!?"
Closing one corridor, the path seems to go in circles, leading nowhere but back
to where they began..In addition its confusing to a man as they can not see it
delicately....it would cause one to go insane....
Me and Serge seem to stray off, and Gil pushes a pot out of the way with his
hand, so it fell.
I instantly feeled better. As you see already Kid has regained her composure,
and looks down wretchedly........
Gil: "We can't go back through the mansion the way we came in, its no longer
possible...so somehow we have to go another way, we have to go through the
south side of the mansion...."
Which Gil murmured and Kid glared back lifting her face, eyeing him and she
Kid:" It shall be done then, let's go this way........after all we want to meet
Lynx right.....??? And Kick his but???? So if we are going to meet, it will be
from this way.....Lynx must pay so we go!!!"

				Scenario 5: Part 2
You stop this time inside the residence which if not coming out, you must go
in. The south side of the mansion is riddled with mystery. Serge begins to
search this area vigorously. The stairway went downstairs first, the vacant
area holds a fountain in the center. In the shallow end a shadow is shown, a
fish swims along. It looks casually and is packed when Kid scoops up the water.
A scream is heard.
Serge however looks back with doubts in his eye. Smearing with blood Kid stood
there, partly exhausted. Whether it came from the water in the fountain or the
fish, he could not determine? But as Serge looks on, he sees red in the water
like crimson dyes.
Kid: "Fish .......Fish......"
While deep red, both hands swung, handling the water the eye not catching it
from this angle. Which it seems if you look into the water, the entire area is
full of deep red now. The fish seems to spit painfully in deep red body fluids.
It probably is the fish???
It is very painful...the teeth the eyes and mouth....you can tell the fixture
is strangely vividly human.....
Kid: "Demon derived fish...or Pirrahnas it looks like......it has a mind of its
Kid: "It eats human flesh...stay away from it......we cant control one let
alone a school!"
As for me, that was enough to hear and I leave the pond.
Serge: "Well it seems to be inclined to eat humans....it is dense, yet vivid,
it does not have fear of death when it causes death all the time...."
Th red water was dyed with the color of Kids blood. With the idea that her
wound itself is healed, of course it isn't but she wishes it was. The fish
begin to spit the blood facing towards Kid manning their next strike. Gil
points out that in the water is a dead person and that they best be moving on,
splashing the last remains back to the demon fish with the feeling which
includes both desperation and raw torment.....
Holding the feeling back, three thieves advance further inward.
The first open space, which was the old underground prison of Lynx's Manor. Its
quiet but also mysterious here, those remains of ones long gone, may provide a
clue, or even a signal to find a way out since nothing is left and no past
As for the human in Lynx's Manor not staying? Such things are of little
If you are in Lynx's Manor, you're concerned about meeting Lynx, and having him
turn you to goo...................
With that strange horrific sound, suddenly the ghost of the one who attacked
appeared in the strange atmosphere!! With that, everyone started to think it
was too late. And with that saying, it overhangs the entire body of Kid. You
realy do not understand. And Gil of course was not up to speed with his magic
I did not think, and as the arrow shot out and hit Kid she fell. The wound
gushes with blood.All of a sudden the ghost drastically changed. As for the
insanity, everyone's eyes went wide instantly making everyone panic.
Ghost: "You seek the treasure which will be your foundation.....the cracks will
witness the way out......do not forget the secret....."
After everybody was frightened, the ghost dissapeared.
Just I and the others stood there with a blank expression on our faces, looking
out towards what happened. Without quite understanding what this phenomenon
meant, the trio continues on to achieve their quest. As for the immense Manor,
no where at all did it seem there ot be such a person. The bedrooms were used
for women it seems, those which show a trace of life left. At one time when
someone had lived there, you could see the tattered shapes of the curtains and
the decorations therein. With all the dust it was clear it had not been seen in
many many years.
Serge: "Kid it is alright. We will make it out"
When I used this voice, you could tell the wall and by the way it entered,
seemed like peering into that chest
I being hung to your peer.
The monk clothes seem to fit accordingly with not any problem on the figure.
Ghost: "Share..........Share the wealth!!"
Serge: "Share?"
The words she heard were not those she was accustomed to at this time, it
seemed strange.
What is the ghost referring to??? What does it mean??? For the very first time
Kid ponders
Ghost: "It is not anything. Your wealth goes. It goes..."
While it had a hard expression facing her, Kid returned it candidly.
It became silent, you can wander about, as a soul
Kid: "This is strange. What the hell is this ghost talking about?!? Serge!???"
Ghost: "Something you know not of? When it is strange, then we are laughing! If
not helping already you to find the path."
Kid: "And what the hell is with the dissapearing act?!?! And the weird
voices?!? And the strange puzzles?!??! What do you want and what do you
Ghost: "Hahahaha being ghosts we have to be careful. We simply dislike the
atmosphere, so we choose to stay out of view like this."
Kid was cut off with the speed of electricity. Almost puzzlingly she stared at
the ghosts, wondering what their intention was, what the purpose of their visit
or accomplice were, and returned the faceless expression once again.
Kid: "Entering the mansion, we moved on past the security, and one or more
people do not see any humans which still live, that is they don't believe in
ghosts. What you say you are is that, the old woman in the machine room.....I
remember that...she told me pieces of my past...Was she a human??? What
happened here, and what about my past...?? What is all of this about....???"
Kid said with an unusual expression.
As for me, this kind of strange voice stirred the nerve endings and I felt the
kind of air where you would hesitate to answer, and in doing so you nodded in
While it tells you the objective from the mouths of others, again it seems very
Ghost: "This is Lynx's Manor. When you meet Lynx, then you will know....."
Gil scooping up his jaw, showed everyone clearly the main things of this new
room, the area was covered in rose, and in it it stood black.
But as they looked onto the room it seemed desolate and deserted where they
would have encountered Lynx lord of the Manor. Short of breath, three thieves
enter into the interior. However......as for how these people were welcomed, it
was a spectacle that was even more unexpected...
As for Lynx, he most certainly was in this room. However the thing which is the
corpse that had been left, was not known. You had become the owners of the
burial shrine, and below you stood two corpses, which had been mummified over a
long period of time. All who came in sat vacantly. Lynx was the lord of this
prestiged manor. While we could assume something happened to the body, there is
no expectation of that rumor. Furthermore that corpse has rolled into Lynx's
residence itself. At least so it can understand the quantity of the corpse, as
for that being the notion it is not suitable to dwell on such things. After all
they do not know the person.
Kid: "That is....that can't be Lynx....these must be victims of that
monster!!!! The atrocities and villagers he killed, all their bodies....the
source of the slaughter.....Long ago it died, which it now is wrapped and
mummified inside this case......"
Kid murmured this in blank surprise.
Kid: "Until now everyone there has been no way to find this corpse.....do you
really think it's Lynx???? I hope not!!!!"
Voice: "The person who was found just did not return, everyone is one person
after all"
It shook the atmosphere from Kid and Serge as it stood out in front, but it had
been the counter result of what they expected.
Serge and Kid as they ponder what the voice said, either do not reply to it or
say nothing.
Gil inspected the corpse of the person and of Lynx, and much doubt began to
arise. You say in the corpse a spirit does not remain.
When the person dies the soul naturally leaves the flesh. You can say a spirit
for the whole time remains in the body, the corpse collapses slowly spreading.
However in this one, the spirit was not scattered, it was taken completely,
what can you say of such a feeling.
Gil twisted his neck, reasoning you would understand the circumstance, is the
circumstances which make knowledge mobilize. It was Serge and Kid, who already
were quick, came out of the Manor with full wit and feeling.
Kid: "We obtained the Frozen Flame. Also Lynx himself has died. Already the
purpose for being here is small! I was to kill Lynx, to get my revenge. The
return of which we shall make swiftly!"
Kid shouted frequently.
Kid: "It shall come...."
The form of Gil which answered was directed to the big mirror on the wall of
the inner part.
Gil: "Kid...it has come....don't you think it is finally???? She is....that
daughter !"
As for that, it was the ghost who had been wrapped in monk clothes who we saw
by the window. She had stared from the farside of the mirror, sadly with no
stake for expression. Quite often it tries to keep them stopped, Kid, and Gil
and Serge. Empty Kid still looks on towards the mirror.
Serge: "Kid???? As for this daughter what do you mean what she knows....???"
Serge: "........share tell me!!!"
But Kid has the kind of expression that clings, the girl is scrutinized. She is
studying the mirror...
Gil steps forward towards the girl in the mirror.
Gil:"For what?? Is there something you'd like to convey....?"
Girl: "It is painful.....very very painful....cross your heard and swear not
tell a soul!!"
Suddenly it revealed itself....the form of Lynx!! The mirror smashed with a
large metal crash.
Lynx: "Hahahahahaha young fools thinking you could steal the Frozen Flame from
my abode!!!"
Gil at this time released a spell, with swirling crimson light all around. Lynx
is moaning echoes painfully. Considering a very high calibur spell was used it
still does not mean its effects will be permanent. Following the indication of
Gil, Serge and Kid are taken from the room just then to escape. Kid fainted,
her complexion became pale. But the Frozen Flame still clasped in her hand.
In the hidden truth which escaping from Lynx's room although you did, the area
you came out from is not familiar. It is the main hallway. Serge and Kid and
Magil eventually get out to the Large Hall.
The organ instrunment was visible at the end of this saintly hall which could
be discerned as no one had played it in years. But Gil gets catchy of this
room. Rather then look at the shape of the room which was done quite average,
calling it saintly hall on the other hand seems quite the opposite. It is
suitable for doing holy songs that is its place.
Accordingly Magil starts to inspect each area of the keys on the organ looking
at each one of them as he goes. However Serge, unknown to Magil and Kid is
accustomed to the keys of an organ and therefore musician. He inspects the keys
and starts to hit them one by one in order. all of a sudden to much surprise a
right note strikes!!! All of a sudden a hidden stairwell path to the bottom is
opened up around the edge, and it continues down into the darkness.
When it had gotten off the stairway, it had become an immense hall. Rather then
the large hall above, and probably staying with the same principles, was the
same exact width also. It qas quite large extending down the entire hallway.
And it continues to show light which seem to make a path, it was in a magical
position. Gil whom knows about the magical position he sees. He explains to
Serge that the girl/Lynx had a monk outfit you would wear to real spirit livind
dead meetings.
Gil: "So as for Kid you brought up certain there that it is the problem, the
monks outfits..."
In the past Kid had lived a life under the church, the sister of a founder of
spirit meetings. It was her who was an orphan originally, raised by Lucca
Ashtear, and had been attatched to their home. However, then Lynx came to the
church and killed her friends, tormenting her childhood when she was 10 years
old. But this was the same in every village across the continent, it was the
same as every church faced this.
Always when Gil entered the church it looked like the mummies, the bodies of
those dead individuals they found here. A watchful eye was looking upon Lynx's
Manor with worthy thoughts.
Until Kid reaches the point where you speak, and Gil informs you that Kid had
one required year to go through with this....and that even then she still
cried, over the loss of her friends....
All of a sudden the time of magical position turned again!
A color of spirit changes from red to purple, something is in the air, it rises
to attack. Down the hall it rages. And in respect of the magical position which
can be wrapped in that light, he displayed his "form".
Kid: "Lynx....."
From that statement Kid closed her mouth staring coldly you could tell she was
ready to fight ignoring her true intentions.
I do not know the face of Lynx until now
So I understood.
It is dense, the wall of the corpse, made from that I can see.
And they all seem to be moving.....very much alive not dead as one may
Lynx: "Hahahahaha you believe in such things??? That you can defeat me...??
Come child, I'll execute you just as I did your friends those years ago...come
face your destiny!!!"
Kid this time shoots at Lynx intentionally roaring.
Kid: "You bastard!!!! You killed my family and friends I will destroy
you!!!!!!! You will not suvive I'll kick your arse so hard you'll kiss the
Just as the blood reached boiling point, all feelings were surpassed, he had
controlled her.
But this time she could serve the exultation of her heart, it is a great new
feeling made to give great fun to the cause.
Kid: "Say your prayers Lynx....Not that it'll do ya any good!! Cmon Serge,
Magil......We're going to finsih Lynx off once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!"
Lynx extended his arms in a cold manner shooting off a flaming ball towards Kid
which knocked past her shoulder and uttering in a darkened tone:
Lynx: "Return the Frozen Flame to me...it is a part of my soul.....I shall not
let your insolence take it from me!!!"
Lynx:"Don't you think??? The wax which you saw was a false lead to throw you
off.....as for me being defeated, in the fight with the assassins, who aimed
for me.......I know the secrets of ancient times.....Life is hard, don't you
understand, maggots??? Life takes on the form of any jewel......Now it is in
the pitiful body which can not be left in any magical position......Already my
power is gone......The Frozen Flame must be returned to my soul......"
Lynx talks in the rather heavy hearted tone you might expect.
Kid who clasps the Frozen Flame from her chest, glares at Lynx. She places the
Frozen Flame down on the ground. Being Lynx's voice constantly going on to buy
sympathy, it redoubles her anger again and again. The idea and meaning behind
the transfer had none.
Kid flun the Frozen Flame all of a sudden up into the air. The power which is
released goes crashing down to the floor, and the instant it does it stops the
voice of the person who is coming, complicating things. As for one person Gil.
It ws the voice of the girl in monks clothes. Already this person
surfaced....on the body of Lynx..which flickers magically.
Girl: "Shattering that throwing bare to the feeling...........
Kid............Your heart like mine belongs a portion to Lynx.....it means to
lend the hand to that revival...."
Gil: "So is Kid!!! For her it can help many!! You read the answer of magical
position!? Is its duty to take on the souls of others and bury them!?!? Just to
solve the seal to reanimate!!!"
This time Gi shouts at the top of his lungs!
And at this time all things in the head of Serge were being fit, all the pieces
into one.
The Frozen Flame was locked up Lynx's Manor for a purpose. A purpose to sustain
his being as one. Inside the residence where a human lived, he tried to view
the Frozen Flame and it cost him his life, he rotted away. The very thing was
to take the Frozen Flame from the statue was like giving your life away as the
intruder. And others to lie. It is at this time Kid's voice echoes. The voice
of Lynx changing from Hatred, to Longing.
Share the light.
Kid: "Shea! It gave to me....it received from me....It did this for me and by
me....the Frozen Flame!!"
Until now her voice had not been so giving, at this time it was the voice of a
mother, someone clinging to her baby, one which is soft to the ear.
Shea is what she thought....
She had been attatched, other sisters in the church, whom she knew.....
Certain people by certain name......
To shea.....she would....have to.....
The sharing came out into her bosum as it fluctuated, the Frozen Flame
completely taking over her body again you roar, and Lynx is surfacing but is
extinguished. Sharing holds the consciousness of Lynx. It probably will return
together when Sharing causes the combination of all consciousness. It is the
Voice: "Kid I must share your burden as well, the crime and the game you
Kid: "Father....???"
Voice: "I am your father, who always feels the sense of danger or emptiness, in
a way that which I can take a hold of you...."
Share continues to spin the Frozen Flame.
Holding down the great Lynx, it seems to break the entire backbone.
Kid: "That is counter soul?! One of which steals another soul in order to
survive onward?!?"
The meat of the parent of which Kid breathes, is the Sharing part of the Frozen
Flame. Like the child to her mother, the Frozen Flame reacts by the soul of
that individual.
Kid: "It had been hidden...but I now know the truth about that cold hearted
man...my father, whom met my mother, he was a good man....I should have known
Being in the room of Lynx the horseman who has died, the assassin, and everyone
else, the instant it kills Lynx, it ceases, as for the soul of Lynx, it goes
into the Frozen Flame to Share with the others as one nucleus. As for the soul
of Lynx, the human, and the souls of many others, they are all Sharing, put
into the same Frozen Flame. Giving off life and glows of their own. Further
more to revive her father there would have to be more souls. The thief who
stole the Frozen Flame, and all of them, and many more.
In the form of this Sharing which continued to talk, neither uttered a word,
not Kid nor Serge.
Father: "Already it can not hold Lynx down and keep me...Go quickly my child,
and live your life....never forget me..."
Kid: "No father!!! Sharing!!! The ability of all souls right??? The way to
revive!!! We can't let you go away!!!!"
Suddenly calmness is torn, the voice between Gil's torso echoes!
What you se is now the devotion of a smile in magical position it seems.
And very dubiously floats as it inquires about it....laughing
Kid: "I am grateful Gil...after all it becomes your real self when you
release...The Frozen Flame sharing!! Don't you think????"
As for Gil he answers with a smirk on his face that you know for a fact is
beautiful which you have not seen until now.
Gil: "About a hundred or so years, and I'm still waiting! The extent which
reanimates itself to be back for that time....with Serge!!!"
I who had become a matter of concern jumped up all of a sudden.
Serge: "From now on counter soul?!?! What is that???! I demand to know
mandatorily!! Soon the soul of Lynx is to be released, in a rugged body which
preperation is not ever done!!! Therefore...."
Serge: "Gil?!?? When it does such a thing, how does it share?!?!?"
Kid becomes aware of Serge's confusion wittingly and laughs.
Kid: "Therefore Serge, you do not interfere or disturb us! The Frozen Flame is
severely held down keeping Lynx at bay!"
After that I do not think too much.
The glitter of magical position in my eye.
The large body where Gil ties a sign in black.
The smiling faces that belong to Sharing.
The tears of Kid
When perceieved, it looks as though Kid had just been tired out.
In here and there our clothes were ripped or in a rift, and at the same time
cut or bruised my body was severely torn.
Gil runs out and has fallen asleep on the floor of the other side, or taken a
spirit, and seen his destiny of which is done.
On that floor already nothing is drawn....
After all until the month ends and Gil and Kid stay awake, I had slept there on
the cold hard stone floor....just as they were
Though it makes little sense, three distant thieves who came from the mansion,
looking back from the forest lastly, and the Lynx's Manor finally, the entire
area had for the very first time been wrapped up in true calmness. To the
extent where Kid slept there with the Frozen Flame palmed in her hand,
continually as the Sharing continued, to that night it dissapeared, just
leaving the marking in the palm of her hand as clean as butter.
And so another story ends, and another begins.
Some time later, Kid and Gil will go around to share, most likely it is
Another time and in another world.....
When so mututally, perhaps you know what may come, or.....
But as for that, you will have to wait for another story.......
As this one you must finish writing on your own..........."

				Scenario 6: Part 1
Seeking the Frozen Flame, Serge invaded the large spacious Manor. Now also at
this time, it seems his approach had reached the final stage. The trap in the
treasure warehouse, the encounter with the strange ghost, the soldiers and
patrol captain, the sighting of Lynx's adopted daughter and the saintly sword,
whom Gilbert calls LuLu, and finally Serge had obtained the keyword which opens
the final door. It is the key in order to make "the door of this area open"
The rear is only left, facing the Frozen Flame, but before that it faced the
large hall which was the possessed "door of the area" the three thieves found
out as they started to try to enter Lynx's private room. It is placed in a
fashion which covers Lynx's room, Serge looks on at the "silent mirror" of
where the magic spirit resides and is packed. Suddenly the wall case and the
scenery of this room started projecting on the mirror.
Three theives tried inspecting the wall of strange origin, pushing it, kicking
it, pulling it, and getting ready to throw things at it, however all this
yielded no results.....
With that you stop your eyes on the feather pen, which Kid is picking up off
the desk.
Serge: "What is that, what are you planning on doing so immediately??"
Kid took the feather pen in hand, coming out quietly and looked at the wall.
What she does, it twists it into the hard wall, it seems to move all of a
Serge: "What the heck is that??!?! Does anyone know??!?"
The voice suddenly is audible, a strange low voice coming from the wall.
Wall: "Hahahahaha you fools try to disrupt the path of The Frozen Flame!!"
Wall: "A mistake which You shall not survive"
Kid then takes out the feather pen and stabs it into the wall twisting it until
its in far.
In order to get away, the wall trembles....
Suddenly unable to repel the attack, the wall bellows a loud cry, all of a
sudden becoming sand it runs into the floor.
After which, the door returned to normal and they could open it.
The mysterious voice comes out and runs away as Kid and Serge walk inside the
room has little like the tasteless hall. No furniture pieces are found, nor a
window, of any sort. The space was like the underground prison, in so much it
had little decoration or space therein. Standing in the middle was a desk of
lithography. Kid climbs on the lithography to inspect the center. On the
pedastal of the lithography the large crystal is embedded attracting their
The crystal is ingrained into the lithography, it is is polished seamlessly, on
the front just half is displayed. The letter which does which you cannot see is
completely engraved on the lithography but the part around the crystal is
surrounded in a circle.
Serge: "Don't you think this Crystal is beautiful??"
Kid: "Well it is large, and has a lot of shining surfaces so it should go for a
lot of money..."
As Kid said so she extended her hand to the crystal. The hand touched the
crystal and at that instant, the shine of the crystal turned a bright
white....all the way across the front.....
When they opened their eyes, they were in a colliseum!
The vision technique teacher stood by as they finished teleporting after
touching the jewel which initiated this puzzle
It seemed to be a trap. Kid and Serge stood exhausted in the scorching heat of
the colliseum. This being the roman colliseum where knights of Rome and
Gladiators battled, killing beasts and lions for the sake of prizes and wealth.
As for the stadium the seats are empty, no one is even in the field. Simply the
rising sun.
Somehow now when Kid had touched the jewel on the lithography, it had
transported them through the space of time to the Roman Colliseum, now where
Magil was searching the room far east of where they had been and would not be
Perhaps in reality this place does not exist, and the obscured vision they see
is just a hologram. With that, in the same tone suddenly the Colliseum came to
life, laughter could be heard.
I tried to run facing the shadow of this person. But my body did not move.
Kid: "Who is that...??"
Also Kid is not able to move at all.
Technique Teacher: "Well, without startling you, please hear my story
travelers. I am called the Technique Teacher, and as for this place, it is not
real the girl is right, it is a vision which you can not seperate from the
boundary of reality."
When it is said, the Vision Technique Teacher floated up over the shadow you
had seen to about the same height as your waist.
Technique Teacher: "As for the colliseum, this is a place to prove your worth
and fight. Only those who are the strong shall survive and return back to the
boundary of reality!!"
Kid: "What??!!"
Technique Teacher: " In other words, this time it is both of you. You must
prove yourselves."
He says pointing to Serge and Kid.
Technique Teacher: "Two people must become enemies, and fight eachother to the
bitter end for you to receive the way back"
So whoever wins the tournament can return......Serge is confused at the
Teacher's words and Kid gets angry. Such is like a game, there is no justice in
war for no reason. Kid pushes it down away from here to try to turn off the
Vision Boundary itself. But the Teacher stares at kid's anger, and tries not to
Technique Teacher: "You must search within your inner strength to win this
The instant of which the entire colliseum glows with life and it fills with
people the crowd begins to cheer. This is a part of the puzzle that he is
referring to...?? Suddenly everyone is watching
Technique Teacher: "When you continue, you will be fighting eachother in a
different appearance. Also the fighters will change, you Serge the warrior with
your sword, and you Kid the god with your specter! With it then you will fight,
to the bitter end!"
As he said this the Vision Technique Teacher dissapeared.
Kid: "How in the world is this happening...."
All of a sudden Kid's body was shining bright white and changing.
Serge: "What the....???"
Kid's body was growing twice her size, and she suddenly had robust muscles like
that of a god.
At the same time Serge also changed form, all of a sudden donning armor and the
shining silver sword of which Vision Master talked about. A large shield
suddenly appeared in his hand.
The voice of the teacher then instructs to start the battle.
Serge, who tries talking to Kid not understanding the purpose of this battle,
walks toward her temporarily to her new god form. There is no answer.....
Instead, Kid smashes Serge back with her enormous god like fist!
Serge runs as fast as he can and turns to face her. Somehow he attempts to
persuade Kid's god like form not to fight but in the first place it seemed
Serge's voice was not heard by her.
Then she picks up Serge in the dawn of the light, and throws him to the ground
with much force.
Serge: "Kid....please stop it now....."
I threw the sword and shield to the ground and looked at her.
Serge: "Kid!!!!!! Please stop!!!!! We don't need to fight!!!! This is a
At first it looks as though she doesn't have the intention to fight you. Her
hands extend from her body outward. I stared at the face of Kid's God form
desperately trying to find her. When being beaten, the God had a scar, one that
was hard to see and deep in the forehead as she glared back. But she does not
try to stop attacking.
When you look back her enormous fist shakes the earth as it lowers.
Serge: "It is useless......Kid will not listen...."
It was unavoidable. I closed my eyes, taking place fearfully.
Serge: "Kid why are you doing this?!?!?"
The punch of Kid had not reached me. It was caught and stopped.
Serge: "Gil it's you!!!! Where have you been?!???"
Gil had caught Kid's fist in midair.
Serge: "Gil why?!?! Why did you save me?!?"
Gil: "Something wrong has happened. I will not sacrafice the life of my friends
for this sorcery!"
Gil: "At this time, it seems Kid has lost her personality"
Gil: "You can trust me, we will get her back...."
So with that being said by Gil, I felt rejuvenated. I stood up and faced Kid
head on.
Suddenly the fact that three people were fighting in the arena was noticed
immediately by the Vision Technique Teacher, and unexpectedly the entire crowd
began to vanish, and the tournament abruptly ended. Kid's god form suddenly
collapses, returning to its original state on the floor. Relieved, Serge pleads
to the teacher, to leave her alone and let them go.
Vision Technique Teacher: "Please continue your journey, you don't need to be
my entertainment any longer. I'm letting you go. When you return to the
boundary of reality, please place the crystal back, as it was what caused you
to come here. If you don't place it back, it will continue this game and
unneccsarily keep you here for all eternity, to place this game of gods. Please
leave now, of course, all three of you."
So after he says this, the front of their eyes became white.
When the air had cleared, they were back in the room where they found Lynx's
As for Kid she recovers consciousness, quickly looking in the room at the
lithography. For this reason the crystal had been exciting them, bringing them
cheer and happiness. Yet at the same time, such an object had taken them out
past the boundaries of reality. Was the crystal really worth keeping...?? The
warning that the Teacher had told seemed to ring clear. Furthermore, it was
decided that returning it to its original state was best, and so the crystal
shined again deep in the growing hearth of the lithography. In that way when
you removed it, it caused you to be sucked through time and space, and thus was
more trouble then it was worth.
While looking at eachother strangely, you decided with Serge and Gil who had
moved on and chased after the treasure of which they seek......................

				Scenario 6: Part 2
Bringing in the battle of the century!
Serge finally arrives at the final corridor, and the door is opened, leading to
the deepest section of the Manor. When the door is opened at the end of the
long corridor, there is........
Kid: "Who is that?!??!"
Looking in the room, with Kid as her increasingly odd voice it trails off.
I come forward to the center of the room.
The man of a strange hair type stood in front.
Lynx: "You found me at last, fools!!! And with me I hold "The Frozen Flame"
which is the key to all things......"
Kid: "Say your prayers Lynx! Not that it'll do ya any good.... Cmon, Magil,
Serge let's go stop Lynx once and for all!!!"
He steps forward swirling his scythe, preparing to knock the attacker back. Kid
lunges forward with her dagger and knocks Lynx down to the ground. Lynx
declares he shall keep it. But the effect does not last long, as Lynx begins to
float above the precipuce!!!
Lynx: "Hahahahaha you fools are no match for me!! I can fly circles around
you!!! For I am lord Lynx!!!"
With that voice all of a sudden the floor opens up beneath their feet, and a
giant mechanical robot of immense size comes up from below! The mechanical Lynx
pierces the ceiling of the room, making the backdrop of the moon clear as day!
The area is vacant and empty, as Serge looks on. This is not a good sign,
little could be done against such a mechanical monstrosity, as there were only
2 of his partners. Serge began to breathe heavily, shocked in fear. Suddenly
Kid brought up the crystal, and with that a strange voice began to speak.
Voice: "Serge....You must rely on your inner strengths that of a God to defeat
the beast....."
The crystal said accordingly.
Serge: "I understand..."
The light where the crystal glared shot out and surrounded them glaring in
their face. When the light had stopped, I stood there in front of the large
mechanical Lynx decked out in armor, head to toe.
Serge: "I feel incredible!! The armor is heavy!!"
Kid was surprised.
Technique Teacher Voice: "The armor of which you have taken on is the armor of
the ancient romans....It is the Paradise of God's weopons....Having created you
Teacher Voice: "The armor is heavy, and sturdy for your defense, however it is
only temporary...my friend..."
Teacher Voice: "Even so the main point is the awesome weopon which you
wield....the sword which can cut anything in two...The almighty Paradise X!!!
You must go, go slay the beast!!!"
Opposite of you is the steel giant Lynx covered in metallic plates.
Lynx: "Hahahahaha this is amusing....destroy them!!!!"
Lynx boards and embarks in his place inside the mechanical monstrousity
preparing to pilot it to victory. He sets the "Frozen Flame" as its power
But as Serge yields the almighty God's weopon, he cuts down into Lynx's
contraption!! The guns of the mechanical Lynx fell to the ground in pieces!!
Serge: "Alright Paradise X lets see what you can do, go forth and punch!"
Reacting to my voice, the armor lashes out punching the mechanical Lynx in the
chest. Suddenly the Mechanical Lynx sucker punches Paradise X with its right
Serge: "What is this?! Kick it back X!!"
Suddenly Paradise X extends its foot kicking the Mechanical Lynx.
Lynx: "????????????"
All of a sudden a scream of pain comes from Paradise X!!
Serge: "Darn it!!! Its protected with a shell, use the left punch!!"
Paradise X this time knocks it back with the left hand.
Serge: "Now kick it with the left foot!!"
Paradise X this time kicks it back with the left foot.
It hits directly! The Mechanical Lynx reverses and stumbles backward!
The Mechanical Wildcat is not even dented.
The left foot of Paradise X is bent however.
Kid: "Serge I don't think it's going to work. He has to strong of a shell, it
protects against all those kind of attacks."
Kid said with admiration.
All of a sudden the mechanical Lynx sent out missiles!! Both of which hit
Paradise X knocking Serge backwards towards the wall. Serge was safe but as for
Paradise X it had suffered a horrible blow. At this time Serge searched the
controls, which might have been destroyed and finds the ultimate weopon which
is left under the guidance system.
Lynx: "What is that fool doing...He's going to die!! Mwahahahahaha"
Serge: "Paradise X!! Shoot the beam!! Fire the beam!!!"
As for Paradise X however it seems it can not discharge the beam.
Serge: "What?!?! You have to do this come on X, I know you can!!"
Serge: "What is wrong with you!?!? Come on!!!"
Everything stops, the armor suit rests.
Gil: "There is no ginger."
Serge: "What Gil?!?!"
Gil: "There is no ginger, not to Paradise X's hearing!!! He can't hear you!!"
The mechanical Lynx setup to attack and obliterate Paradise X.
Serge: "Paradise X!!!!!! It is neccesary for you to shoot the flame, to the
head of that cockpit!!!!!!!"
From the mouth of Paradise X, the flame of hell was discharged ramming towards
the Mechanical Lynx. That hit directly on.
The mechanical Lynx was destroyed, exploding in flames.
The journey had finished! The new Serge in Paradise X had destroyed the
Mechanical Lynx! While everyone thanks him and is in gratitude, the large god
light dissapears. It returns to the origin of the Vision Technique Teacher. In
the burning cockpit Kid searches the wreckage and near the seat of Lynx is a
crimson burning jewel, brighter than ever seen by the eye.....
The Frozen Flame had been obtained!! They had done it!
As for the jewel which shoots the white crimson light, which made Serge his
true nature can not be thought of as beautiful.
Crystal: "You don't even show just a little thanks to me??? I saved you Serge.
I am who made you your true power!"
The voice said
Serge: "Sorry for comparing you to the Frozen Flame...You are the true hero of
this event..."
As for Gil, as you say that they bring the Crystal before the Frozen Flame.
Crystal: "It seems like a distant relative of mine, to go in search of such a
stone, you must have been crazy, but I in the end accompanied all of
you....thank you..."
The voice of the Crystal seems to tremble because of it.
Crystal: "I must go now...."
After that last word, the Crystal shattered naturally. The pieces scattered
Just one fragment of the crystal remained in the hand of Gil.
Serge: "No just wait!"
Gil: "Serge what's done is done, don't you get it?? It expended all its
energies calling Paradise X forth....it did it to save you and I from that
mechanical monstrousity...It is sad, but it served its purpose. We got what we
came for...The Frozen Flame."
Voice: "It is in that manner of which you describe..."
The voice does not come from the crystal shard, no but from a different
distance some palce else.
Voice: "It was helpless, it was destined to die....When it moves from the
prescence of another stone, live passes on from one to the next..."
From where they can tell it comes from the Frozen Flame the voice which
Voice: "As for the Vision Teacher, it seems he knew the abilities of the stone,
and had it placed there on purpose, to call those with none to reason. For that
purpose it has a stronger power than I, one that will bring out the ability to
protect those in need. I can only shows those who wish to see the truth the
truth. From that power, you were able to extract a new life, one which created
you into the god weopon that could destroy evil. The Vision Teacher taught you
this when you met him in the other world."
But the idea to them was the profit the Frozen Flame would give, this is what
Kid mentioned to the Vision Technique Teacher. But Kid knew this was wrong, and
with that, took a nail and drove it in, breaking the crystal. She knew that
because it was not striped or uniformed, the Frozen Flame would be free because
what they had done was obtain the Frozen Flame out of greed, for the whims of
their own desires. And Lynx who had been defeated, all was set right again. Kid
for this purpose had completed her two goals.
Kid: "We did the right thing..."
Gil: "So those jewels.....you think we can't get any value for them...???
Surely we couldn't travel this far for nothing..."
Gil: "Also perhaps it's not a total loss, sure we did lose it, but in the end
there are plenty of other precious jewels in the world. The point of this to me
was traveling with my friends, you and Serge!!"
Gil: "After all we are Radical Dreamers, we deserve the chance to dream! Let's
go on another journey some time..."
Kid: "You can count on it! My stealing carreer shall never be finished!!"
In this way, one story ended while another began...
Some time later there were other adventures with Paradise X, which went onward
most likely.....
Another time, in another world.....
When in this way you may not know, or perhaps you might.....
But that is a story for another time....
One that we assume you shall finish writing."

					Scenario 7
Seeking the Frozen Flame, 3 thieves of opposite origin Serge, Gil and Kid
invaded Lynx's large spacious Manor. First to begin with, you start by
searching the library. Where you find to much surprise, an odd malicious demon
book on the shelf closest to you. Even then you open the book, carelessly and
look inside not knowing what will happen......
in that instant Serge is bewildered, Kid stays back who believes the book is a
To this, Gil puts his hand on the book which has skin covering the binding, it
aparently is the book of the deceased, with it is an old demon road book. The
facts are it was lost a long time ago, and somehow the strange book became
possession of Lynx.
Gil: "Well you tried opening that already???"
Gil said, seeming a little perplexed, but when you nod eventually in silence,
the cover of the book began to be opened.
The plain book, it has no writing????
Somewhere in the world, it seemed to have the same gears which operate a outer
space fiction scene, where strange sounds advance......
But that time, the air just flowed through....
Nothing was recorded on any of the pages.
Kid: "That is all??? Nothing is written on any of these pages!!!!???"
There was a lot of dissapointment in the voice of Kid, as you peer between the
Gil tries opening another page.
Everywhere there is white blank paper.
Serge: "What the...This is not funny!!!! Try scribbling something on, put
anything in!!!!"
From the side you said as Kid began to scribble things into the book.
"Bark of Lynx's pet..."
Stopping on that page you examined closely "Inside the bucket..."
This time you were confused and thought the devils book was full of garbage!!
And neither Kid nor Serge nor Gil knew the expectation of the results of this
unbelievable situation.
The ballroom of the deceased.
When inside the residence three thieves who loitered, entering the large hall
came to see. The spectacle was not so unexpected..they had expected it in fact.
Everywhere the Manor lied deserted, devoid of life or intelligence, having
everything unmanned yet the music was cheerful, as you could tell the many
shadows of the persons which came and had gone.
The countless candles littered the hall, fascinatingly. The rose of the flower
is decorated, the beatiful huge flower growing hoarse in the floor.
Serge: "This is depressing!! Just what is that??!?"
Suddenly the arrival of many gentelmen and ladies to the dance floor wearing
elegant attire unfolds. They begin to dance the waltz. Of which I and the
others try to proceed to the exit, just as the door closes and shuts.
While the situation is clear, three thieves are locked in the ballroom and no
one especially Kid is pleased by this event. Kid getting angry, runs into the
crowd, trying to hurt the many sprawling dancers. But as these circumstances
go, no one even becomes aware of Kid being there. At this time the air began to
smell funny. Serge and Kid could tell it was throughout the ballroom.
The nobility which continues to dance, pays no attention as a waiter comes up
who has transparent feet offering them orderbs. But that is, everyone.
Everyone's a ghost. This is just the only gathering of dance for sport which
reaches all the ghosts of the Manor.
Before the eyes of Serge, the ghost which seems to be there dissapears in an
instant after the faint scream of someone from nearby.
Kid: "What the what happened...??? The part all of a sudden ended...??"
Laughter begins to echo in the large hall
There was a decoration on the crystal glass, the one in the chandelier. Kid
observed it.
Kid: "It is up there??? What is going on..?"
When she says so, softly the girl wanders off.
Kid: "It is no person that is a ghost!!"
The Kid looks off towards with doubt.
Voice: "As for the straw??? Like Lee lith of death the goddess, it is recalled
to Lynx, that this lass, is the one he adopted....None other then Lynx's
Voice: "With the goddess of sun of the death who died, that is how you shall
be!! You must Serve Lee Lith now for eternity..."
Voice: "Gratitude will help you in the longrun, the hand of Lynx started
helping her, he serves her to this day, in the current form of her soul, Lynx's
Daughter sleeps. But in that form, is their name recorded in the book of the
deceased!! And now shall you forever help Lee Lith!!"
It was in the library study of Lynx, where the book of the deceased lay! That
was how she was turning them into her slaves. The names which was written upon
the devils book condemns their lives to Lee Lith, the goddess of Death!!! Just
as it took on the imprisonment of Lynx's Daughter!!! It is also written, in
Kid's scribbling, that Lynx himself shall execute them with ease!!
They turn to see Lee Lith remove the crimson flame from her bosom, beautifully
in the formation of the jewel.
"It is The Frozen Flame!!"
Both me and Kid shouted.
Lee Lith: "It is sufficient enough to encompass the souls, that of which are
the straw riddled dummies you see, that of the current form of Lynxs Daughter!!
Also it is glossed in beauty, one which significantly increases the leash on my
In trance the black fog keeps deepening around Lee Lith forcing their eyes to
The fog gradually becomes the shape of a crescent, in the crimson moon.
The crescent moon flashing back towards the darkness.
The Frozen Flame breaking in the powder of dusk
A hideous mechanism where Lee Lith controls that Straw corpse of Lynxs
Daughter, by the power of a leash and as she dissapeared the leash went away
with it.
As of now, you don't know if Lynx, Lynx's Daughter and Lee Lith all have a past
connected somehow. Simply Serge has been vacant, the soul of Lynx was
shattered, and the Lee Lith who had done these deeds smiled cooly at Kid.
The large sickle held in the right hand in the same way of the shadow of
darkness, from the book of the deceased, where Lee Lith was created of.
Simply by that book which records their name, passions desires, it gave Lee
Lith Kid, to tow on her leash. You say this, in gratitude which releases her
from the hands of Lynx.
The book of the deceased, the devils book you stare through to Kid. In that
form, Serge was afraid. From Kid's hand, came the book of the deceased, which
plundered towards him.
Kid: "Serge....Give in to the darkness....come this way and experience it!!"
Came the voice of Kid which settled lower than before.
Serge: "Even so Kid, to that end I would not go after it.."
Kid reaches her fist up in silence.
This time the large sickle came crashing down towards me and her, coming onto
Kid. She reaches up to grab it and extends the weopon.
Kid: "What makes you say that? Motivation..?"
Lee Lith: "You desginate force through the hatchet. We don't simply live in the
straw. Souls must be collected and your gratitude is not appreciated..."
The body of Lee Lith said floating above.
Lee Lith: "As for hunting and putting souls into the straw. It is not directly
possible, not without killing you first. Then we can extend and trade our
souls, you will no longer be living, a vegetable inside the straw like Kid and
Lynxs Daughter!!!"
The book was good at one time when not the book of the deceased, but beacuse an
evil individual used, it turned into a dastardly trick of treachary it seemed.
Justice however might be completed, as Lee Lith flies away to the sky with
this. The intention of which was to have more freedom to move it seemed.
Serge is driven into insecurity. It probably will be possible to shoot the
"goddess of death" but is this really the way to end this world?? It may be
but, its no difference as its only one step to stop her. Trying to request
Gil's opinion, you become aware Gil is no longer there and has dissapeared. The
form of Lee Lith was now in the distant sky far above but all of a sudden it
stopped for no reason. From the midst of the shadow came a tug and pull
strangling her foot, the arm of someone who had caught the Lith in her ankle.
Gil: "Lee Lith you shall not get away so easily this time!! In fact tonight,
you will accompany me to the Shadow Empire and return!!"
Gil sprang out from the shadow.
But his wording is usually different.
Lee Lith: "Gil of the shadow??"
The Lee Lith twisted her beautiful face around to look at Gil and laughed
Lee Lith: "Also it seems you overestimate yourself, and your shadow disguise.
Honestly is this what you are...??? Pathetic. In the coming of the straw you
will make a nice addition to the restless souls!!"
Gil: "Coming to this arena for several hundred years, also the power of your
ladyship weakening!! That is what was expected!!"
Lee Lith: "The weakening...?? So you think??"
The sickle tears the sky, you blew by the kid through the wind pressure and
were thrown.
Trying to run, you see the place to go is less crowded.
Light of the aurora is leaking from the chest of Kid!!
Lee Lith: "How did it? Unless this works quick, it will freeze the soul of the
companion. Gil!! "
Trap of the Kingdom, shadow of death, mistress of death. The cruelty, of the
"goddess of death" quickly changes the circumstances, with only life being more
important as the benefactor which would triumph. Holding her light which spills
from her chest, Kid crouches down. The soul falls back down from the Lee Lith.
How it will do now, is depending on Serge.
The Lee Lith responds gouging the large sickle into Gil, who reacts and fires
off a fireball which engulfs the area, a type of magic flame. Both meet in the
middle and explode causing an erupture. Without warning it starts shaking the
excess energy around the whole room, even where Kid and Serge are, to which
Serge gets in front to protect Kid.
Gil: "Being now that you believe you can find the Lee Lith way, there is no
salvage value in you. Life is always greater than death!!!"
The coldhearted Gil spoke. As for Kid she raged with anger.
Kid: "Even then the life of all beings is important as usual!"
Kid said as she clasped her chest and fell.
Lee Lith has not at all shown its threat. You would give your life for Kid as a
shield, and therefore Gil not being modest, will track down the demon huntress
yourself! In that instance it was told that all souls would be brought back to
the kingdom of shadows, a place darkened by evil and hate which humans could
not normally enter. The Lee Lith prepared to take Gil with her when all of a
sudden the light broke through! Kid was glowing, the light burning from her
chest, sent out in rays of energy to fry in strokes the Lee Lith!
The flame with that complexion of Kid deteriates....instead replaced by the
shining light and already without warning had floated. Serge then grasps the
hand of Kid without power.
At my opposite back the flame burns itself up.
Being able to return to the kingdom of shadow, the Frozen Flame attatches
itself to the Lee Lith stubbornly.
Lee Lith: "The straw bodies are defeated....Such will be the last call of lives
which remain.."
The black it is chased from the body, and densely, the shadow springs straight
The shadow which has the shape of a woman falls to the ground. The form does
not move.
Retracting the shadow easily, you put it back into Gil which his chest absorbs.
Kid: "If you do not go away from this world already, at least to recharge, this
light overflows it will harm you, you need to recharge at least it is possible
for you to be this one, as they implied...."
Kid: "Please leave.. The majesty which sits and waits, is not pleased with
those circumstances...."
Gil which then went and put himself back into the shadow.
Serge: "Wait!! You saved Kid her life with that magic!!"
I pulled Gil aside into the shadow, where his power was leaving and he
reimbursed himself.
Gil: "That is all your work, Serge. The freezing of Kids soul, was thawed out
by your heart....It's true.."
Gil said in his shadowy form.
Serge: "I threw myself in...?? I did that....??? Me...? I did that...."
That was the last word Gil said before he left. Accompanying the Lee Lith to
the shadow world and forever leaving.
The one person left is Serge, whom collapses, and stares at the Frozen Flame
vacantly afterwards.....
And.....The journey was over..? I wrapped the soul of where Kid froze in both
hands and thought desperately.
But if you think that, those were how it floats in the heart to which are
thought to go on dispite Kid's terrible condition.
Being selfish, with the thoughts of a troublemaker, I had not done what I could
to keep things safe for her....I held the palm in my hand and felt the air come
So why I love her, I love Kid, I do not know. I began to cry all of a sudden.
Then the tears which fell onto her body, the palm of the hand became suddenly
hot!! And the fire of which had frozen the Frozen Flame, began to tear away...
The Frozen Flame was dissolving!!
The Frozen Flame kept flickering, like the aurora of seven colors, flowed into
her chest dissolving into one. And in that instant, Kid recovers her breath
slowly. Serge whom jumped with relief excessively had done it. He had
accomplished the miracle, and what was in store??? Kid had returned, completely
to the world and was alive again.
Gil had returned to his country of shadow, where he did not bestow his form
before me and the others again. Kid after losing her partner, resigned forever
as a thief.
The lines of that time, had returned the girl to normal, however I never
believed it for a minute.
But as for what you thought it was the real difference.
I returned to being a musician, because she had become normal again.
But I did not ever find the word.
In addition tomorrow, I will most likely go on another adventure.
So it was never my intention of returning forever, I plan on going ahead alone
to see as many discoveries as possible.
But when you remember that time, you promised to reply to me because........It
was us.....all the way since the start....and all the way to the
end......Goodbye Kid, I enjoyed our adventures......"

				Miscellaneous Funny Additions:
"At that moment Kid had arrived at the gate to Viper Manor. We had thought she
was never going to get here!!!
All: What took you so long Kid?!?!?
Kid: I was tied up with something...
Then as we all three stood around, we wondered if we should really enter past
the manors foreboding walls......"
"General Viper: The Frozen Flame!!! It must be captured!!!
Solt:  Sir the Frozen Flame is not here hither here!!!
Peppor: I do not decided see it I decided lord!!!
Solt: Lynx seems to have run he has run off to the hills my lord!!
Peppor I do believe he took the Frozen Flame with, I do believe so my lord!!
Solt: My lord the Frozen Flame it is away in the land!!!
General Viper: I do not care you idiots!!!! Fools who left the state of
mind!!!!! I want the treasure returned to me is that understood?!?!?
All of the mansion quakes with much certainty."

-------------------HUGE PLOT SPOILERS AND IN DEPTH  EXPLANATIONS-------------

	During the course of Radical Dreamers you learn Lynx had an adopted daughter.
This adopted daughter is named LuLu and was trapped both in a large room on the
first side of Lynx's bedroom and the execution room (but it depended on what
scenario you took) and knew Gilbert from long ago. She lived as a rich girl who
made an independant life outside of her father, who controlled "The Frozen
Flame" the most powerful artifact in all the land and countryside. During the
reign of their kingdom, much peace was declared through out. Her and Gilbert
met at an early age, and instantly became childhood friends. She was a little
perplexed though when he showed her his shadow form and told her he came from a
shadow kingdom underworld far in the abyss. LuLu and Gilbert made an oath to
get married, if they ever met eachother again, but Gilbert had to survive and
ran off to become a thief. He joined Kid's gang, Radical Dreamers which
consisted at the time of just her and Serge. Through a long life as a thief he
had many adventures, but when Lynx, killed LuLu's father, LuLu was heartbroken
and Lynx adopted her forcably taking her within the manors foreboding walls.
The reason for this was because Lynx's Daughter would always be a good
treasure, Lynx felt he could keep her there forever, and the Frozen Flame
itself. Lynx conquered many nations and countries with the Frozen Flame
(familiar to Chrono Cross..??) and became the richest most powerful man in all
of the land. However when you find out that he now holds the Frozen Flame, the
Radical Dreamers decide to go after it. You are thrown into this adventure by
the will of that, and Gilbert, meets her during the course of the adventure and
the two proclaim to get married. And with the Frozen Flame which he steals,
they will live a life abundant in riches and never ever grow tired again in
this way, they will use all the money to buy the largest estate and never ever
worry about money. Gilbert will retire as a thief, and quit the game so that he
can live with LuLu. This happens during one scenario of the "gil happy falling
running in love" ending.
	Mars Daio is a failsafe protector of the "Frozen Flame" because it is actually
the thermonucleur generator for the Octopus's ship, whom is in the form of
Lynx. Gilbert is the one and only Tow Van John the space detective(Who'd have
thought this guy has this many different forms?!) and has chased Mars and the
Octopus across space for ages in his ship. When they originally crashed, with
Mars, Gilbert went out on a bounty hunting search for it. The Octopus had
escaped the world which was quickly being used up of all its resources, and
Gilbert/Tow Van chased the beast all the way back to Lynx's Manor, where they
fought face to face once again. He touted his unbelievable sleek grin and made
sure the Octopus went home in a casket, once and for all as well as destroying
his ship and engine. Among identites that he has are: Gilbert/Tow
Van/Magil/Gil/Shadow Gil/Spike Gold/Super Gil he's seen a lot of action, all
across the galaxy.
	The Sunflower/Death Misquito actually needs Kid for a metamorphosis. This way
it can grow and she will grow in power as well. General Viper and his troops
wish to destroy the beast and everything with it, because it is disrupting the
Manor. However, Kid is attatched to it and is learning magic spells from being
attatched to it, it is at this point they all learn holding/attatching to
animals grants them the ability to use magic. Magil takes out his great spell
Phantom Break and makes the entire area quake while the monster flies down the
pit, where he then turns into Gold Spike and flies up finishing it off once and
for all. Kid is saved from the beast, which would have permanently assimilated
her had Serge not kissed her in time.
	Kid finds out about her past early on in the game, realizing she escaped
narrowly a burning of the villages/churches which Lynx came and did himself.
Lucca Ashtear was no where to be seen, she barely escaped and survived the
massacre. She learns that she has memories of being the princess of Zeal
Kingdom, however she is not a doppelganger because Kid is already a clone. It
is not possible for Kid to have doppelgangers because she is a clone of a
schala, and she constantly wears the Astral Amulet which allows her to
transpose the dimensions. In fact, she even still has the Time Egg which Lucca
gave to her, it all is still the same. She learns during her trials with the
ghost that the reason she is pursuing the flame is to extract revenge for the
death of her older sister (whom is believed to be Lucca, however game tie ins
can not directly mention her name)by Lynx in the burning of a church, a large
spacious church she remembers where she had stayed in. However, it also is the
orphanage, place of refuge she had been taken to in order to escape the evil
forces which plagued the land. And Gilbert helped her in the church, saved her
from flames which engulfed the area. However Serge, does not know what she
means, because his past is not in anyway related to hers. He is confused by
these statements.(facts revealing he isn't Serge we find in Home world)
	The "goddess of kingdom shadow contract" compilation reveals that Gilbert
comes from the long lost kingdom of shadows, of where he originates as a
Shadow. However, Lee Lith, somehow correlates she can control Gil, and prepares
to take her back to the Shadow Kingdom with her. After Lee Lith is destroyed,
Gil says a final farewell to Kid and Serge, and transposes to Shadow form
completely to run back to the underworld of Shadow Kingdom(an alternate world
of the long deceased race of sorcerers???) Interestingly there is no sign of
other past characters, during this stage of the game it abruptly ends,
remaining the last words of Serge to Kid that he enjoyed their many adventures
and will continue his life as a thief.


	The last part of this FAQ will be the main objective which is to clear up all
confusion regarding this long overdrawn incident once and for all. First of all
in the end of CT, during the new FMV's Magus is shown going into the forest to
search for Schala, but the game never says anything else. Unfortunately it took
the script writers to get a clear explanation of what happened. Magus goes off
with Alfador, who seems to ignore everything and heads to look for her. However
Magus says he is going to go back into the past to find Schala. The funny thing
is what the scenario writer says on it is very confusing:
"While we intended for Guile to be Magus, we did not make this intention clear
enough and changed his clothes to make people no believe he was Magus. Guile is
actually based off a character in Radical Dreamers which is believed to be
Magus, and guides Kid through the game. However while we made it so Magus was
to be the one doing the time hop, we decided to rework the events so that Janus
was the one. This is how the area of Radical Dreamers turns out in the end."
While he states they in fact intended Guile to be Magus, the way they word it
is not something that any right hand gamer can just off the fly understand.
When decoding the real wording and intention, here is what is so:

During the time Magus left to go search for Schala, was during the exact
incident where Janus is supposedly going to go through dimensions crossing
over. However, when this event transpires, it is at the exact same moment which
the Time Crash occurs. Janus instead who can not time hop, does get spliced
into the dimensional vortex creating a rupture which makes several unconscious
Time Doppelgangers, which are not aware of anything because those dimensions
themselves have been created. The same time Janus stepped through the portal,
all of a sudden the Radical Dreamers dimension was created off of an alternate
split reality. Janus then was lost in that space of the momeny, creating an
alternate time doppelganger in a reality never his own. Because Janus in this
instance never went through the dimensional gateway, and did not ever become
Magus later on, he stays the same.

Thereofore Janus of Zeal, who at that moment of the Time Crash, was lost into
another being. Alfador on the other hand did not travel anywhere near the
present time, he instead got lost in the chaos. The other being washed up on
the shore in 1000 AD with no memory whatsoever of his origin, a "spawn" of
another lifeform. This being quickly became a traveling magician, called Guile
by the people of Termina. He did whacky fortunes, and told funny stories while
he collected his weight as a magician to take on an even larger stake: That of
discovering the truth which was hidden from him like a black veil. He learned
the trains of a magician, however, knew no such special spells, only little
magic tricks. He met up with Serge and CO who were off to defeat Lynx, and
needed something to pass the time. He went with them, never deciding to take
off his mask because he liked his enigma qualities, and when he reached the
Frozen Flame, he stumbled back. Unaware that such a power could have existed in
him, perhaps, but never will. He exclaims in the game if you have him in the
front of the party "I am not that ...No....It's not possible....I am not
that!!!" and indeed he is correct, he is not that. Guile is a ripoff time
doppelganger of Janus, he has no correlation to Magus whatsoever.  He only had
the appearance of that of Janus, not Magus, nor even knew what the Mystics
were. He was born, and bred, an idiot. After that event, he seeked to repay his
gambling debts, perhaps Sneff knew what his life was really like hmm??? Or
perhaps the mask he takes off in front of Kid which produces no reaction when
he loses his 'bet'. Guile always wished to be something he's not, something he
could never be.

At the same time Magus was in that moment traveling backwards across that plane
and in the Time Crash, spawned himself into another "lifeform". This life form
was simply known as Gilbert. One day Gilbert arrived in the form of a young
earnest side show traveler, who was quickly adopted by parents, met his
girlfriend, and became a great thief. He went on through his life to discover
he might hold untapped powers, ones that could shake the heavens. Or maybe he
just liked his life as a thief. He decided one day long ago that he would go on
an adventure, and with Serge and CO joined the Radical Dreamers to become a
part of this adventure and live it to the last day. But when they traveled into
Lynx's Manor, and he had grown attatched to his friends, he realized the truth
about his life. Something he could not ever attain, something he could not ever
be. He wished to be something more than a thief, who traveled and stole the
Frozen Flame. Perhaps the first thief to steal the Frozen Flame??? Or maybe the
last..?? Still, he dreamed of fighting the wars of chaos, and learning from his
shadow powers he inherited automatically from his real birthmother(who lies
across dimensions) decided to make his life the fullest it could possibly be.
He went on and wished to marry LuLu, the had several daughters, and in that
life, lived happily and as rich as can be. He could never ever say that he knew
what the strength of his abilities were, but he traveled the stars and cosmos,
running across mischief and adventure, where he styled his name after a rock
star, and became well known throughout for hunting space criminals. He never
knew the truth which birthed him, he never could accept that. He instead gave
his life into the card tricks which a thief will play, and learned And as a
wandering thief he was remembered by those who cared in the land.

Flash forward to 1020 AD> The Chrono Cross is used. All of a sudden every
dimension which existed outside of home ceases to exist, Guile, Magil, and all
incarnations of Serge, General Viper and every character are wiped completely
out. They were never born. Just as in sliders if you were to look at one of the
dimensions where Quinn found out he discovered the theory of relativity. It
never happened, he isn't that smart, and that dimension after everything else
ceased completely.

Because of this one can not say that Mars Daio, the Old Woman, or any of them
were in fact real. As Kid learns, at the end of her story, she will never be a
thief again. And in that sense, she can not. After all, Magil, Serge, those
people are who made the game fun. As for the cat alfador, he does nothing but
follow Magus, who is at this moment, unaware of everyone, dwelling in the past
looking for Schala, and watching over her through the dimensional gateway he
travels. He knows nothing of the strange bygones, and may, as it were not ever
realize what truely happened. Yet in the same sense, his play in the role of
the events caused those with imagination to wonder, would Magus really come
back....??? The answer is Nay, not until the writers of the Chrono Sequel
decide to put him in. Though maybe everyone's favorite Mystic raised brat is
not present, the world goes on. And in that same sense, people in the games
like Glenn and Frog, are distanced by hundreds of years making it impossible
for them to even have the same blood line, much less exist in the same moment.
But those who will dream, may say some day the fateful Frog returns to his
human form, and comes back to the world to slay Lynx. There's nothing wrong
with a dream.


       Here are theories I have received myself on Magus and the whole enigma
surrounding his prescence. While none of these are in any way close to logical
fact, they are nonetheless probable in the sense they could have happened. Read
on below.

"Well from what i read it seems like Guile could be Magus but not like ppl say
u see i think that Gilbert could have been Magus and lost his memory. Listen so
i explain. Magus lands in dimension by accident he then loses his memory (due
to time crash) and does not know anything but then at end of game he says he
goes back to shadow kingdom underworld, he instead floats to El Nido w/out any
memory. U see what happened was he losts his memory twice that causes u to not
recognize him as Magus. When he talks to fortune teller lady he talks about his
thief experiences not just magician, so Guile is Gilbert and lost his memory as
Magus and when he removes his mask Kid no longer recognizes because he losted
his memory. U see the reason I think this is because Guile has LigtninRod spell
and Gilbert has Phantom Break both very similar to some of Magus's dark magic
but maybe i could be wrong anyway thank u for listening" by cronogst

"I think Wazuki (Serge's father- Yamaneko) is the representation of Magus. I
mean he has the blue hair, red eyes. It is very possible that the strongest
magic user ever could create beings and send them off throughout time to find
some reminents of Schala or even Schala herself. If you look in Serge's face
when he is fist pulled through the dimensions, he looked like what I though
Janus would look like at that age." by TwoD
"My opinion is that just because they said that they didn't get the chance to
make Guile Magus doesn't mean he isn't Magus: It means they didn't have time to
make him Magus. Whether or not they make him Magus in another game, make it
clear he's not Magus, or just leave us hanging, is completely up to them." by

"What I believe happened, is the creators of the game stopped the sidequest
where you find out Gilbert and Guile are Magus, simply because the games were
rushed. Therefore with all the pointing clues they could still be Magus. Magus
timehopped dimensions and exists in all of those worlds, and therefore, Guile
is Magus and Gilbert is Magus. Also I don't think he got amnesia it just
doesn't fit. He seems to be hiding, that is all that is why Kid gives no
reaction. He changed his spells from Dark Matter to other different spells and
therefore he still watches over Kid, but she never knows it. Basically, if I
was to travel through time and space myself, I would in turn see many different
clones of me. So the idea of Magus being able to be in seperate dimensions all
at the same time, is not a propability, it is a reality. And the man changed
his appearance over time. And perhaps Magus does not want to stay to his
character?? Perhaps he wants to live his life the way he wants to live it. And
perhaps, we fans are being too rigid on what Magus's desires and feelings may
be??? In the end it is all up to preference. " by One That Was

 --------------------FEEDBACK SECTION-----------------------

From lordofdeath71@hotmail.com "Can you make a list of all the monsters?

Your request has been taken. The bestiary is not complete yet, however, you
should find what you seek.

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