Survivor's list?

  1. Is there a list of all the survivors?

    User Info: ReyVGM

    ReyVGM - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is the list of survivors taken from inside the ROM:

    Capris Wisher
    Redwin Gardner
    Luke Heinz
    Jeffrey Howell
    Ismay Carl Townsend
    Amy Markarson
    Stella Adams
    Harry Adams
    Adela Howell
    Kelly Nelson
    John Rattler
    Jimmy Akers
    Cooper Smith
    Pamela Smith
    Stacy Smith
    Mary Maxwell
    Francoise Maxwell
    Alan Gebres
    Richard Cunningham
    Miller Strisers
    Tender Johnston
    Katherine Meibrus
    Michael Burnings
    Anna Tamaro
    Frank Coney
    Henry Abrahams
    Jack Hamilton
    Katherine Clayton
    Angelica Snow

    Kleiver Mathews
    Barbara Sinclair

    Brian Dickster
    Anthony Pains

    Wins Laney Reiton

    As you can see, the last five names are really obscure. Kleiver and Barbara can be found to the far right of where Capris starts. But they are only there after the ship capsizes.
    Brian and Anthony are only in the Japanese version. They are inside a bar, but the entrance to that bar is locked in the USA version.
    Wins Laney Reiton is unknown. Not even Japanese sites mention him, so I would assume that the character never made it into the final game.

    User Info: ReyVGM

    ReyVGM - 9 years ago 0   0

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