• Password Cracks

    The passwords in Kunio Tachi no Banka consist of Four digits. The first and third digits is the game's stage. Here's the a list of all the passwords for each level. The second digit is used for the Bike Stages. In order to go to a Bike Stage, the first and third digit must be 0s, while the second digit must be one of the following numbers. The fourth and final digit is to determine the difficulty level. Even Numbers are for Normal Mode (0,2,4,6,8), while Odd Numbers (1,3,5,7,9) are for Easy Mode. This is quite meaningless if you try to go to any scene beyond the first conversation with Sabu, as the game will always be in Normal.

    1X0X00 - Reset
    2X0X01 - Beginning of the game
    3X0X02 - Entrance to Cell
    4X0X03 - Vs. Gouji
    5X0X04 - Cell 1
    6X0X05 - Hiroshi visits
    7X0X06 - Cell 2
    8X0X07 - Escape
    9X0X08 - Vs. Cops
    0X1X09 - Title Screen
    1X1X10 - Vs. Takayama
    2X1X11 - Entrance to Nekketsu
    3X1X12 - Swimming Pool
    4X1X13 - Nekketsu High School, 1F-3F
    5X1X14 - Vs. Taiki
    6X1X15 - Entrance to Hanazono
    7X1X16 - Hanazono High School, 1-3F
    8X1X17 - Roof of Hanazono
    9X1X18 - Vs. Ryuuta
    0X2X19 - From Hanazono to Amusement Park
    1X2X20 - Amusement Park 1
    2X2X21 - Caraban
    3X2X22 - Park 2
    4X2X23 - Jet Coaster
    5X2X24 - Park 3
    6X2X25 - Cart Tracks
    7X2X26 - Vs. Shinji
    8X2X27 - Bike Cinema
    9X2X28 - Docks
    0X3X29 - Warehouse
    1X3X30 - Warehouse 2
    2X3X31 - Warehouse 3
    3X3X32 - Vs. Shinji, Round 2
    4X3X33 - Conversation
    5X3X34 - Docks
    6X3X35 - Bike Cinema
    7X3X36 - Vs. Joe and Lisa
    8X3X37 - Conversation
    9X3X38 - Vs. Kinji
    0X4X39 - Pub Exit
    1X4X40 - Pachinko Parlor
    2X4X41 - Vs. Hitmen
    3X4X42 - Inside Parlor
    4X4X43 - Vs. Misuzu
    5X4X44 - Inside Parlor 2F
    6X4X45 - Conversation with Sabu
    7X4X46 - Outside Parlor, Bike Cinema
    8X4X47 - Bridge, Lake
    2X5X48 - Cave
    3X5X49 - Villa Entrance
    4X5X50 - Inside Villa
    5X5X51 - Basement
    6X5X52 - Inside Villa 2
    7X5X53 - Vs. Misuzu, Round 2
    8X5X54 - Inside Villa 3
    9X5X55 - Conversation between Ken & Sabu
    0X6X56 - Vs. Ken
    1X6X57 - Vs. Sabu
    2X6X58 - Ending
    050X59 - Bike Stage, Park to Warehouse
    060X60 - Bike Stage, Warehouse to Pub
    070X61 - Bike Stage, Pub to Pachinko Parlor
    080X62 - Bike Stage, Pachinko Parlor To Bridge

    Contributed By: Godai-Kun.

  • View the ending

    At the password screen.


    Contributed By: real_mukimuki.

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