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    FAQ/Walkthrough by _archayanami_

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                                           Fire Emblem Thracia 776
                                               by archayanami
    Table Of Contents
    0. Legal Stuff
    1. Walkthrough
    2. Character Stat Growth Information
    3. Character Bio
    4. Weapons and Items
    5. Credits
    0. Legal Stuff
    This guide is under copyright protection. You cannot copy it. You cannot use it
    in your site. You cannot distribute it to anyone, certainly you cannot rip off
    and use this as your own guide or generate any profit from this.
    General Tips to making you into a pro in no time
    -- Only Leif can clear the chapter.
    -- This game has capturing command which is no doubt a pretty cool option.
    -- Use the terran to increase their evasions.
    -- There is never a 0% or 100% chance in the attack generator. Only random
    from 1%-99%
    -- Thieves are one of the most useful units in the game. The more BLD that
    they gain the better they can get at robbing things. Get a Thief' BLD to
    14 and up and they will be able to steal almost anything.
    -- Use the forts to heal your troops.
    -- The Weapon Triangle
    Swords beats axes
    Axes beats Lances
    Lances beats Swords
    Rock paper scissors indeed.
    -- Use the Elite Mode code to make the game easier. (See cheats section
    for more details.)
    -- Only Torches and or Torch Staves can pierce the darkness in the Fog Of
    War maps.
    -- Characters cannot be revived in this game. If they die in combat you
    probably would want to restart the chapter.
    -- Statuses NEVER goes away unless cured.
    -- Gold can only be made by selling equipment or the *Gasp* Arena.
    -- This game can get really cheap.
    -- Weapons cannot be stolen if a Thief' BLD is under the enemy unit' BLD.
    -- Only Leif can use the Blagi No Ken.
    -- Use support often as this will increase the chances of your succession 
    in battles.
    -- Use Kill weapons when capturing enemies as this is by far the easiest
    way to capture them. Sleep Swords do nicely as well.
    1. Walkthrough
    Chapteer 1 Fiana Braves
    Starting Characters
    Leif (!!!)
    Eyvel (!!)
    Fin (!!!)
    Othrin (!!!!)
    Halvan (!!)
    New Characters
    Tanya (!!)
    Joins automatically on Turn 2.
    Joins automatically on turn 2.
    Joins automatically on Turn 2.
    Upper Left-Life Ring
    Far left village-Medicine
    House outer village down south-Pugi Axe (Have Othrin visit this 
    House far east down south in village-Hero Axe(Have Halvan visit this 
    Middle Village-Iron Sword
    okay it begins as Leif and his army escapes south away from Thracia.
    Eyvel and her army starts to show them the legend of the Fiana Braves
    army. Well this chapter is certainly a great warm up for the tougher
    chapters dead ahead. Okay I have to say this but do not use Dadgar
    or Eyvel because they gain very little EXP and Dadgar isn't really a
    good unit. And as for sweet Eyvel she will hardly gain no EXP right
    Guard the entrance of the town and begin waiting for them to come to
    you first before picking each of them off. Do not rush in or they 
    just might get the best of you. This is almost a no no in a 
    strategy/RPG. I would advise to capture these enemies so that you
    can begin to sell their equipment because in this game you do not 
    start with any gold. Take this opportunity now as the enemies here
    are very easy to capture. Especially kidnap the enemies that are
    holding Medicine.
    Try to tread everyone except Eyvel and Dadgar some EXP. Hopefully
    everyone will be at LV 2-3 by the end of this chapter. Have Othrin 
    visit the village outside the village to get a Pugi Axe. And have
    Halvan visit the east village down south to receive a Hero Axe.
    And visit the other remaining villages to get everything else.
    About the Life Ring I would recommend giving this to Leif as he
    will really need this. Keep 1 of everything and sell the rest of
    the captured enemies weapons for some gold. Hopefully you'll make
    at least 2000G by the end of this chapter.
    Time to deal with the first boss fight. Use any distant weapon
    such as the Light Sword or the Fire Sword and he should be toast
    in no time. You can possibly have Tanya beat him up for some EXP.
    Have Leif conquer the castle to begin the next chapter.
    Item Store
    Medicine 600
    Chapter 2 Iss Shore
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Visit the NW village.
    By Start-Medicine
    NE Village-Speed Ring
    Note: To access a secret chapter save all the villages. Prevent
    any of them from being destroyed.
    This chapter is rather smooth sailing. Surely you'll want to level
    anyone that has not reached LV3 yet. Don't use Dadgar unless for 
    capturing. And for Eyvel don't use her at all because she will almost 
    gain no EXP whatsoever. See because this EXP should be treaded to the 
    other characters. Be sure to save the villages as the wandering ho of 
    the seven seas will try to plunder the villages and destroy them.
    Be sure to save the NW and NE ones as it won't be long until they 
    destroy them as Pirate reinforcements will start coming. Be sure to
    capture any enemies with Medicine. Make sure that every character has
    one of these if not then give them to anybody who can be downed in a 
    hit or two. Okay for the boss surely you will want to use the Light/Fire
    Sword on him. I would advise that you get to this secret chapter.
    Chapter 2 Gaiden Pirate Island
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Capture him and do not release him or
    take his stuff.
    Well well well this chapter is dark isn't it? To tell you the truth the
    Fog Of War maps on Advanced Wars was invented from this game. Yep! ^_^ 
    Continue to pick off the enemies as well as capturing them. Especially
    the Warrior as he has a torch. Enemies do not die when they are captured. 
    Capture the enemies that are holding Steel weapons. Some reinforcements 
    will be coming but there really isn't much strategy that is worth 
    mentioning to defeat them. Don't rush up north as it has Shiva and some 
    Swordfighters nearby.
    If Shiva does go after you then you will want to disarm someone like
    Eyvel see this way she won't retaliate. Trap Shiva with Eyvel and Dadgar
    disarmed. Give them both a Medicine with full 3 uses because Shiva carries
    a deadly weapon called the Kill Sword. Heal them if they have gotton hurt.
    Whatever you do do not kill him because he is a recruitible character you 
    just cannot recruit him right now. A Warrior will be coming up north. But
    he should'nt be any difficult to defeat. Some Swordfighters will be coming 
    but they should'nt be any difficult to defeat. Capture Rifis and do not
    release him or take his stuff. Quickly have Leif conquer the castle to
    get the hell out of here.
    Chapter 3 Kelbeth Gate
    Starting Characters
    Lifis (!!!!!)
    If you have captured him from
    last chapter.
    Saphy (!!!!)
    Left One-Armor Killer
    Right One-Meteor
    This chapter isn't hard at all. To tell you the truth this chapter is
    actually easier than the last one. Oh Yeah! Try not to get Rifis much
    EXP right now because you will want to try to get him to grow some
    BLD later. But try to gain him a few levels now so that he can perform
    better in battle. Some robber thieves will be coming on Turn 11 so be
    sure to fend them off as they are on a mission to plunder the villages.
    Have your weakest characters kill them as they are rather weak.
    The Bishop will most likely take the treasures. You will have to capture
    him in order to get them. Kill the Robber thieves quickly so that they
    don't destroy the villages. You do not want to rush in the castle as you
    will want to bait the Bishop into wasting his Meteor spells. But be sure
    to defeat the enemies in the castle keeping out of range of the Meteor'
    distance. Bait him into wasting his Meteor spells then save the children
    and rescue them and send them to their homes to get rewarded with some
    very useful stuff. Even without anything this is still the right thing to
    do anyway.
    Okay for the boss you can just use someone like Eyvel to kill him. She
    should hold a league of her own. ^_^ Try to capture the Bishop but he is
    quite hard to capture though. If you could'nt capture him then that's okay
    these items aren't any important at all anyway. Then the Bishop would
    otherwise die at the ends of your blade otherwise.      
    Note: Have Saphy heal anyone who is hurt with the Live Staff that she
    starts with.
    As for the Shield Ring you can either give this to Leif or Eyvel. Oh
    and I am simply going to tell you right now but be sure to take Eyvel's'
    equipment and either store it or keep it in some elses inventory. DO NOT
    GIVE HER YOUR SCROLLS. Now clear the chapter.
    Note: There is actually one way to level Eyvel up and that would be to
    allow her to get attacked by the boss. But doing this will make it so
    that you will be spending many turn here affecting your tactics ranking.
    So unless you don't mind this then go ahead but otherwise just have her
    use the Fire Sword on him to kill him otherwise.
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Door Key 500
    Chapter 4 Underground Prison
    Starting Characters
    Machuya (!!!)
    New Characters
    Have Leif speak to him.
    Your Belongings
    Note: To access a secret chapter here all the civilians must escape.
    I'm going to simply tell you right now but this chapter will likely
    fustrate the hell out of you as I would have to say that this has to 
    be the 3rd hardest chapter in the game. Okay it starts as Leif has
    been captured by the evil General Leidrick. In case that you are
    wondering who he is the father of Lex and that he was the 2nd boss
    in chapter 5 in the first generation of FE4. Yep in this game he is
    back and now he is plotting for revenge.
    Officially now Leif and his friends have been thrown in prison and
    it's up to Machuya,Brighton,and Lara to free them. Begin by having
    Machuya take out one of the guards. If your luckly she can score a
    critical blow and kill him. If not then finish off that soldier with
    Brighton. Keep Machuya and Brighton by each other to get them their
    support bonuses going. This will greatly help out in chapters such
    as this.
    The other remaining guards will be coming after you but they 
    should'nt be much of a problem. Now as you do this have Lara unlock
    the doors with the treasures and Rifis. Have Machuya open some of
    the treasures with the Cheast Key that she has on her. Free Rifis
    and 3 Mountain Thieves will also be joining the frey. YAY! ^_^
    Okay have Rifis free Leif and the others but be sure to grab those
    treasures quickly because some reinforcements will be coming very
    Be sure to give each character a weapon otherwise do not put them
    in range of the Soldier reinforcements because most likely they
    will otherwise just be captured and taken away. I would advise to
    gain each troop a level or 2 before proceeding any further. 
    Note: If you are worried about the NPC Mountain Thieves units they
    are most likely going to be doomed to die anyway.  
    Be sure to capture some of these enemies as they are holding 
    Medicine. As you are holding them off send a couple of units to
    grab the remaining treasures up north. As you are trying to free
    the citizens I would highly advise to block the reinforcement
    areas. Keep them blocked until the civilians escape. Hopefully
    everyone should be around LV4-6 by now. DO NOT open the upper door
    yet unless that you are absolutely ready.
    Be sure to have Leif equipped with the Light Sword as he will
    really need this now. Open the door as you see some Armors and 
    Clerics in there by the exit. O_o Now the toughest part of the
    battle is about to begin now. Quickly have Leif talk to Dalshin
    to have him switch sides. Now have him and Leif guard the way.
    Make sure that Leif ONLY uses the Light Sword in this part. He
    won't have much trouble holding them off.
    Capture the Clerics and take their Live Staves as well as killing
    the few remaining enemies with your other troops. Now I am simply
    going to tell you this right now but DO NOT HAVE LEIF EXIT FIRST
    extremely important I'm not capping all this for nothing you know.
    I'm just telling you this for your own good so that all of your 
    efforts won't be for nothing.
    Now making SURE that everyone else escapes first BEFORE Leif does
    now then have Leif escape to begin the next chapter.
    Chapter 4 Gaiden Hero Of Winds
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Asvel (!!!!)
    Have Leif speak to his buddy.
    2.Hero Sword
    3.Life Ring
    Sety-Have Karin speak to him to receive the
    Sety Scroll.
    Now this is a pretty straightforward chapter. Have your Thief Lara
    light the Torch to see the farthest. Put your stronger units in
    front of your weaker ones behind the others. Have Rifis steal the
    Fire Mages' books. This will allow them to get disarmed. Have Leif
    use the Light Sword/Rapier to take out the Armors. When the enemies
    are picked off block the side rooms as this will prevent 
    reinforcements from coming out so you can free the children and 
    allow them to escape. Have Rifis/Lara do this.
    After the children have escaped safe and sound now it is time to
    make your getaway. Sety and Asvel should'nt really have no problem 
    taking care of the soldiers up north. Open the upper gate and have
    Leif speak to Asvel and have Karin speak to Sety to get the Sety 
    Scroll. Open the left gate to the treasure room. Have Dalshin try to
    capture the Armor Knight with the Devil Axe. If the Axe backfired on
    him then go ahead and laugh as that is really funny.
    They also have a Thunder Mage which can be easily taken care of with 
    Leif (Light Sword). I would consider doing this before opening the 
    door. Grab the treasure and head east. Have someone like Leif block
    the narroway in center to prevent the enemies down south proceeding 
    north. And as for Sety he can handle a league of his own. Watch out
    for the exit area as it has quite a few enemies and the Elfire Bishop.
    Capture the Bishop if need be otherwise just kill him and forget that 
    I've said anything about it.
    Reinforcements will not stop coming but don't worry about Sety. He's
    the all powerful Wind God here these enemies are just mere fleas 
    compared to him. Have everyone else escape first before Leif to begin 
    the next chapter.
    Chapter 5 Mother & Daughter
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Outer Fortress-Magic Ring
    Left One-Thief Key
    Right One-Skill Ring
    Oh my. I hope that you have the Light Sword because this is a chapter
    where you will really need it. You may want to capture some enemies
    here since that by now you are very likely going to run low on weapon
    supplies if you haven't done so already. Move Nanna at maximum range 
    east and move Eyvel just right next to her. END TURN. Eyvel may kill
    the General instantly. If she did kill him then you otherwise will be
    having and easier time. Next move Nanna up by the left sided wall by 
    the door and have Eyvel move a space just in front of her.
    If Eyvel got hurt then otherwise move her a space just before the door
    and have Nanna go behind her and heal her. Finish off the remaining 
    troops and capture the Priest and take his Pure Water. Eyvel should 
    hold a league of her own but she won't last long out there so be sure 
    to get to her quickly. Because some really deadly enemies including 
    Mareeta will be coming. Just hope that a Barbarian with a Kill Axe 
    doesn't come. If he does then aha ha ha don't worry just leave it to 
    me to get you out of this mess. ^_^
    Anyway some Thunder mages from Manster will be coming. Have Leif use
    the Light Sword as you put him by Nanna to get his support with her 
    started. Yes support is good enough to even conquer this very difficult 
    game. Leif (Light Sword) should be able to take care of them easily.
    If you do not want to waste your Light Sword uses then otherwise just
    have someone like Karin (Using Pure Water) to take them out. Use
    Medicine if they seriously got hurt. Oh and don't worry about the 
    soldiers Armor Knight Battle Axe as strategies for them aren't even
    worth mentioning.
    Note: You can have Asvel help out Eyvel by having him hit the enemies
    on the side wall.
    Note: Eyvel will not retaliate when Mareeta attacks her. Do not kill
    Note: Save the Bishop with just a Live staff to have Lara nick at him 
    to provide her with lots of EXP needed to level her. You can possibly
    get her to level 20 this way. But I would advise to turn the battle
    animation off so that it'll take lesser time to level her up. 
    Have Leif get a Door key as I would recommend him to unlock the door.
    As Eyvel and Leif has a brief chat Beldo comes in and spoils all of
    the fun. Eyvel immediately gets teleported to him as he turns her into
    stone. -_- Poor Eyvel. There is no way to prevent this from happening
    to her. After the evil wizard Beldo and the Iron Clad Leidrick gets
    away teleporting Mareeta with him. If Galzus does come don't worry 
    about him and do not kill him. He teleports away after Mareeta is taken
    I think.
    I'm pretty sure that happens though. Oh great Eyvel becomes a bird bath 
    now and they leave you to their Kill weaponed soldiers. Oh great just
    hope and prey that their criticals doesn't activate. If the Kill Axe
    Barbarian didn't come then you will be having an easier time. Leif
    should be equipped the Light Sword and next to Nanna. This is the only 
    surefire way to defeat the Kill weaponed soldiers. If the critical did
    activate Oh no. =( I know that this game is very hard but not impossible.
    If not then Yippie. =D
    Have Asvel bean them kill soldiers with Excalibur along having Leif use
    his Light Sword on them. This is the only surefire way that I have found 
    on how to defeat them. Take out the soldiers by the General one at a time
    and as for the General use Iron Cutter/Hammer to defeat him. Be careful
    not to move any low Mag Def units west as they have a Priest that knows
    Meteor which that's bad. Have Leif with Light Sword take out those 
    soldiers on the following turn so you can quickly capture that Bishop.
    This Bishop will get captured automatically as he has nothing on him.
    Just go up to him and capture him. Simple as that. Finish off the
    remaining enemies and do not send any slow moving units like Machuya
    and Dalshin down there because the Sniper down there will slaughter them
    rather easily. Machuya is too slow right now. Trap the Sniper and capture 
    him. Kill the Thunder Mages and as for the Dark Mages have Leif 
    (Light Sword) block the entrance way and put Nanna 1 space below them.
    Leif should be able to take care of them rather easily. Grab the 
    treasure and whenever that you are done leveling Lara to your liking
    Capture that Bishop and take his Live Staff. Have everyone else exit
    first then Leif to begin the next chapter.
    Note: Do not worry about Eyvel as she cannot be saved. =(
    Chapter 6 Escaping
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Save the Center Top Village.
    Left Upper-Elite Manual
    Left Bottom-Odo Scroll
    Center Top-Hicks (comes with Pole)
    Center Bottom-Knight's Proof
    Right Top-Rapier
    Right Bottom-Pure Water
    An easy chapter. Leif and his army are now on the virge to escape 
    Manster. The evil Baron Leidrick (Lex' pops) now is on their trails.
    As he is watching them as if this is some spectator sport or something.
    Mount everyone then have Rifis and Lara unlock the doors. Have Karin go
    south below the 2 soldiers guarding the gate by the center exit. Have
    everyone else head south having an elemental weapon Light/Fire Sword
    doesn't matter. If Leif's' Light Sword broke then otherwise have him 
    use the Fire Sword otherwise.
    I would highly advise not to capture anyone here as this is really not 
    a chapter to do that. And you certainly do not want to be diddly 
    daddling around either as I'm going to simply be telling you this right 
    now. Reinforcements will be coming on Turn 13 along with Galzus. THIS
    GUY SHOULD NOT be approached as he has the power of an endgame boss.
    Some Elfire Mages and Armor Knights will be coming by have Leif by
    Nanna and have him use the Fire Sword and watch as he tears these 
    jokers to pieces.
    Put Machuya by Brighton to give them support making this easier for
    them. After this wave of enemies is defeated continue saving the towns 
    getting only rewarded by saving the childern from chapter 4 Gaiden.
    After getting the villages saved sell any unwanted items. If you weren't
    able to capture any enemies from last chapter then you may want to buy 
    some Iron weapons here. Now hurry and get these errands done because it 
    won't be long now before the Social Knights and Galzus will be coming.
    Now escape!
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Door Key 500
    Fire 2200
    Weapon Shop
    Iron Sword 2200
    Iron Spear 2200
    Iron Axe 1100
    Iron Bow 2200
    Chapter 7 Thracia Shield
    Starting Characters
    Finn (!!!)
    Saphy (!!!!)
    New Characters
    Have Saphy talk to him.
    Left (top)-Antidote
    Left(bottom)-Knight's Proof
    Bottom(by Arena)-Pure Water
    Ooh an easy chapter. Recruiting Shiva okay here's on how to recruit him.
    Well for starters Leidrick will be sending some Social Knights after you.
    Kill the Paladin boss this will stop from having more enemies coming from
    north. Hvae Rifis steal the Social Knights' Rapiers. To defeat the Paladin
    use Magic Swords/Magic/Rapier. Hicks' Pole may also work well. Now Shiva
    and his group will now start coming after you. Have Karin move by Finn & 
    Saphy. Move Finn & Saphy by the castle. Have Karin lure Shiva away from 
    his group.
    But just prey that she doesn't critical him and kill him. Once Shiva is by 
    quickly have Saphy talk to him in order to recruit him. And he comes with
    a Kill Sword too. Try to capture the Swordfighters that have the Silver/Kill
    Sword. There is an Arena here you can battle in it if you want. Store your 
    rare stuff then whenever that you are ready escape! Oh and as for the brigands
    west don't really bother with them as they really have nothing that is worth 
    mentioning except for the Thief Key but other than that I really would'nt 
    bother doing this. NEXT!
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Live 2200
    Chapter 8 Purple Dragon Mountain
    Starting Characters
    Carrion (!!!!!)
    New Characters
    Have Othrin/Halvan speak to him.
    1.Knight's Proof
    2.Luck Ring
    Note: To access this secret chapter you must beat this chapter 20 
    turns or less.
    Wow your going to say to yourself. Oh this is so easy. ^_^ Your quite right
    this is easy. If you haven't been battling in the Arena then I would advise 
    to capture some enemies here and take their equipment and sell them. It's
    rather weird when you take their Poison equipment as they turn into Iron
    equipment when you get them. -_- This chapter is so easy that there really
    isn't any strategy needed for this. Just have Othrin/Halvan talk to Marty
    to get him to rejoin your cause.
    Now to capture this boss have Leif use his Light Sword on him as well as
    having Finn using his Hero Spear on him putting them by each other for 
    support. Once that you capture him be sure to take his belongings as he
    REALLY does have some REALLY GREAT STUFF. Especially the Knight's Proof.
    You could also have a Thief steal it before battling him to get it. Well
    take everything that he has on him but DO NOT RELEASE HIM. Visit the towns
    as you do this buy whatever that you need or just head out to begin the next
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Antidote 1500
    Torch 500
    Door Key 500
    Weapon Shop
    Iron Axe 1100
    Steel Axe 1700
    Hand Axe 1000
    Hammer 1200
    Chapter 8 Gaiden Dagdar's Mansion
    Starting Characters
    Tanya (!!!)
    New Characters
    NW Area-Leg Ring
    NE Area-Pure Water
    East Area
    1   2
    x   x
    2.Neir Scroll
    West Area
    1   2
    X   X
    1.Wrath Manual
    2.Devil Axe
    Another easy chapter. I hope that you have some Medicine for Tanya and
    Dadgar. If not then pretty much that they will be by the Bandit' hands
    otherwise without the use of Libro Staff uses. Annyway just have Tanya 
    in the lefthand corner with Dadgar above her protecting her. This is a
    Straightforward chapter pretty much. Dadgar should easily take care of
    the bandits. But there is a thief that will open the door but 
    mysteriously will not take any treasure.
    Now is your chance to get them. Hurry to save Dadgar and Tanya. Now 
    begin by taking out the reinforcemets. Don't be afraid to get the others
    some EXP as EXP is especially important. To defeat Gomes put Leif by 
    Nanna supporting him as Leif should be using the Light/Fire Sword to
    defeat him. Gomes should go in a few turns. Anyways grab the remaining
    treasures taking out the remaining enemies. Watch out though as these
    enemies can poison you. Then have Leif pursue the throne to get out of
    Chapter 9 Nova Crest
    Starting Characters
    Roberto (!!!)
    New Characters
    North-Fala Scroll
    South-Stamina Bag
    This chapter should'nt be too hard. Surely you'll want to bring
    Rifis and Asvel and anyone else that you plan on training in the
    Arena. But using it is certainly a must. Begin moving everyone west
    towards the mountains. Bring along Leif to increase his evasion and
    defense towards the mountains. Putting Finn and Nanna by him to give
    him support bonuses. Surely you'll want to take out those Thracian
    flyers. Especially Mark. Have Leif use the Light Sword and Asvel use
    Excalibur is by far most effective against him. You really will want
    to defeat him quickly before he causes alot of problems for you. Some 
    Thracian flyers will be attacking Selfina' group making sure to have
    them snipe them off. Have Othrin and Asvel move down by the mountains
    by Selfina' group having Othrin use the Pugi Axe and Asvel using
    every spell but Excalibur on the oncoming soldiers. Because you'll
    want to save it's uses for other chapters.
    This is all that it takes to taking out this squadren. Raise Leif's'
    Mag Def and bait the Meteor Mage into wasting the Meteor uses. They
    will start charging at you now. Have Rifis steal the Wind book taking
    out the remaining enemies. Go back to the Mountains area by the exit 
    to have an easier time to taking them out. Visit the villages and now
    I've got a really nice tip to tell you.
    Note: Give Rifis the Odo/Neir Scrolls to increase his chances to grow 
    BLD. As BLD is very imporant for Thieves if you don't want them to 
    suck. Which nobody does. Give him the remaining scrolls to make his
    growths go nuts. I would highly advise to use savestates if your
    playing this on an emulator whenever Rifis doesn't grow any BLD
    during his LV gains. You can actually max out a Thief' BLD by doing
    Note: (If playing this on the actual cart)- Otherwise don't level 
    Rifis much until you get to this chapter. Hopefully he will grow
    some BLD anyway if you haven't leveled him past LV15 during the 
    chapters. Max him out in the Arena along with the promotional gains
    to get him to grow as much BLD as possible. Now if you are playing
    this on the actual cart you may want to consider stopping there.
    If you are playing this on an Emulator then go ahead and max everyone
    out with the 6 scrolls that you have right now if you feel like it.
    Note: You will get much better scrolls later in the game. Training
    them in the Arenas much later on will grow them some much better 
    stats. Whatever that you choose is completely up to you. Whenever that
    you are ready buy some Medicine/Stamina bags with your new gold. Now
    Weapon Shop
    Iron Spear 2200
    Steel Spear 3200
    Thin Spear 2000
    Steel Bow 3200
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Torch 500
    Live 2200
    Thunder 3200
    Stamina Bag 5000
    Chapter 10 Noel Valley
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Upper One- Rescue Staff
    Bottom One-Magic Staff
    My my this is certainly a pretty hard chapter. See you will be 
    attacked by several distant attackers. This is already bad enough
    as they will have some thieves that will try to plunder the booty 
    from the villages. Good luck trying to stop them as it is pretty
    hard though. You have to hope to get lucky that the computer AI
    doesn't move them for at least one turn or having another turn
    done by movement stars or else it's very likely the the thief up
    north will get to that village before you will.
    A Thracian with a Silver Lance will be coming and he is quite 
    hard to kill because of already having your hands full with the 
    ballistes and the thieves. Kill the Thracian soldier with magical
    element sword attacks and or pelt him with bow attacks. Be sure
    to send Karin and Rifis down south as you are doing this so that 
    you can catch him down south. Do not worry about Olwen or Fred
    coming as they will automatically leave after 2 turns.
    I would recommend bating them into wasting their balliste fire
    and the Bishop with the Storm book. Be careful with this spell as
    it has a high chance of perfoming critical strikes. The enemies
    west does not move except for the ones by the boss. The ones
    that do not move is perfect for some capturing. As for the boss
    the only surefire way to defeat him would be for Asvel using
    Excalibur on him. Otherwise if a Social Knight is left alive you
    can steal his weapon then then it'll go and take one of the boss'
    weapons. Repeat this till the boss has nothing to fight then just 
    capture him and release him.
    Note: This boss has a Knight's Proof. Either steal it or capture
    him when he has nothing to fight with.
    These are the only surefire methods on how to defeat this boss.
    Destroy the ballistas to whomever needs EXP. Have Lara hit them
    until she reaches LV20 because you really would want to promote 
    her right now as this is rather of small importance. Anyway once
    that you are finished with your errands. Conquer the castle to
    begin the next chapter.
    Weapon Shop
    Iron Sword 2200
    Steel Sword 2900
    Thin Sword 2600
    Claymore 2000
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Live 2200
    Torch 500
    Thunder 3200
    Chapter 11 Daii
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Joins at the start of the chapter.
    Lone one-Torch Staff
    This chapter is so easy that it's so pathetic. Hardly much strategy
    is required for this. Use anti armor weapons on the armors. This
    would be Armor Killers and Hammers. And use Asvel for back up. But
    do not use Excalibur as you will need it for the other chapters.
    And be sure to keep out other characters to just be in range of 1
    Balliste rather than both of them. And don't worry about Kempluf he
    leaves after you attack him just once. Get the treasure. 
    Note: Beat this in under 30 turns to access a secret chapter.
    Chapter 11 Gaiden Mandarhores
    Starting Characters
    Fred (Joins automatically on Turn 2.)
    New Characters
    Have Fred speak to her.
    Ahh nooo they will have lots of Thunder Storms and Meteors coming
    down upon your units. I would recommend having some Libro Staves
    for this chapter as this is 1 chapter where you will really need 
    them. Fire Swords will help out greatly in this chapter as it has
    a +5 bonus into raising Mag stats. Use a Pure Water on that person
    and that character should'nt take any DMG from the spell attacks.
    This is actually by far the easiest way to taking out those mages
    lined up in the walls. Archers works well as well into taking them 
    Fred should come out by Turn 2. Hurry now Olwen won't last long
    out there. Have Fred guard the gateway as some reinforcements will 
    be coming out of the doorways. You want to get him to stand by
    Olwen so that she doesn't get hurt. As for the Gate DON'T open it
    yet. Because the childern will get attacked by them long distant 
    spells and or from the reinforcements which you CERTAINLY do not 
    want that.
    Ahhhhh I know you want to free them so badly. Have Fred pick off 
    the reinforcements with the Thunder Sword. He's immitating that he
    is immitating I am the hero of light or something. Bwa ha ha. As for
    the Javalin users pelt them with Bow users' attacks. Cover the
    reinforcement areas and bait the boss into wasting his remaining 
    spells so that you can finally free the children. Once that his
    spells are used up FINALLY free the children and allow them to 
    Have Fred talk to Olwen to recruit her. Leif cannot do this even 
    though they say that she can be recruited with him but he cannot
    recruit her as I myself has already tried that already. Take out
    the walled archers with distant attackers. Watch out as they can
    poison you. Use a Torch to see the throne room area. Kill the
    remaining enemies to your style then conquer the throne rather
    quickly as there really isn't no point in sticking around here 
    anymore as it has no treasure here whatsoever. Really what on
    Earth is the point in coming here as it has no treasure. =/ Oh
    well Olwen and Fred will make up for this then.
    Chapter 12 Dakia Thief
    Starting Characters
    Mareeta (!!!!)
    New Characters
    Capture him and do not release him.
    SW area-Medicine
    NEarea-Silence Staff
    Start area(south)-Heim Scroll
    Note: To access a secret chapter you must capture Slaem and finish
    it under 20 turns.
    This chapter is very easy. Just ensure to bring in some torches or 
    the Torch Staff. And bring in any other units that are under LV7.
    Because the enemies here are quite weak. Currently the only problem
    would be that Salem will be putting 3 of your units to Sleep and
    that there is absolutely no way to prevent this either. And also
    there is no way that you can remove the status right now.So anyway
    be sure to save the eastern villages before the bandits will destroy
    them. And as for Mareeta keep her in the bushes after saving the
    village. This will get her another well needed Medicine.
    Keep Mareeta in the bushes as you advance her up north to Salem's'
    hideout. Some Mountain Thieves reinforcements will be coming but
    they should'nt pose too much of a problem. The mini boss will have
    a Priority Manual to steal. Have a Thief steal it then have Karin
    rescue that Thief out of the way. During this time that mini boss
    should'nt go after you. Quickly have Karin carry Leif over the river
    as you have Mareeta to try and capture Salem. She should easily be
    able to do this due to her high Crit of the Mareeta Sword.
    Hopefully she should be at LV 6-7 by now. Once that she captures
    him DO NOT RELEASE HIM. And another thing the Salem does not attack
    during enemy phase either even though that he is an enemy unit. 
    Strange. SERIOUSLY you will want to do this chapter very quickly
    because you REALLY will want to go to this secret chapter as it
    has several recruitible characters as well as some really good
    treasure. And as for the arena just pretend that it isn't even 
    If you need any items quickly send someone by the shop to buy them 
    just be sure that you do not pass Turn 20 or else your efforts will
    pretty much be for nothing. Have Leif conquer the fort to begin the
    next chapter.
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Door Key 500
    Wind 2200
    Fire 2200
    Torch 500
    Chapter 12 Gaiden Dandy Lion
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Either have Pahn talk to him or capture him and do not release
    Have Saphy speak to her.
    Have Salem,Rifis,or Lara speak to him
     1  2
     X  X
    1. Duel Manual
    2. Shield
    3. Reserve Staff
    4. Armor Killer
    5. Knight's Proof
    Note: I hope that you have some torches because this is another
    Fog Of War chapter.
    This is probably the most annoying chapter in the game. You can
    expect your stuff to get stolen many many times. Do not bring 
    anything that is irreplacible or rare here. Epecially do not 
    bring any scrolls here. Bring Iron Weapons as that is easily
    replacible and that you really do not need anything beyond that
    here anyway. Send Saphy or anyone else who is in need of 
    Note: I'm going to tell you this right now but if your planning 
    on making Lara a Dancer this is your only chance in doing so. Be
    sure to have Lara speak to Pahn instead of Rifis or Salem. This
    feature will allow her to promote into a Dancer. Making sure
    that she is a LV10 Thief Fighter which that's she should be into 
    by now. I would not recommend killing any of the Archers or Dancers.
    Because they can be spared shortly. This is rather a souless thing
    to do by killing them.
    Go ahead if you must but would'nt it feel better to spare them 
    rather than killing them because they aren't really bad guys. But as
    for the Thieves that's a whole different story. Seriously you
    would really would want them to die as they are just going to be
    taking everything. Tina will also start stealing your stuff with
    her Thief Staff. But just be absolutely sure that you have a weapon
    in the end for each character because otherwise it is very likely 
    that the Thief reinforcements will just capture them and take them
    Oh great I really hope that you have the Warp Staff otherwise there
    is no way in hell that you will be able to get these treasures here.
    Go right ahead and use the Warp Staff because you will get several 
    more later in the game. If you don't have it then there is really
    nothing that I can do to help get some of these treasures otherwise.
    Otherwise it's very likely that the Duel Manual,Reserve Staff,and
    Shield Ring will otherwise be most likely in the hands of the Thieves 
    Okay here's on how to get these treasures. And that is having Saphy
    use the Warp Staff to Warp your best Thief to the Reserve Staff
    treasure. Have that Thief collect the treasure immediately. If your
    Thief has 13+ BLD then this chapter will be alot easier. Move someone
    east to block the way so that the Thief doesn't try to get away. If
    you have brought Mareeta otherwise have her fight off the Thieves.
    END TURN. Now Warp Leif by the Duel Manual treasure so that the thieves
    do not get this one. If anyone has under 12 BLD the Thieves are just
    going to have fun robbing you.
    If your Thief has at least 10 BLD you can otherwise steal Trewd's'
    Silver Sword. This will allow him to be disarmed. But be sure to block
    his ways so that he doesn't try to get away when you try to have Pahn 
    speak to him. If not then otherwise capture him and do not release him.
    Okay be sure to block the eastern corridor staying out of the Thief' 
    range so that he doesn't try to get away with the Shield Ring. Steal
    the Dancer' sword if she is in the way this will allow her to escape.
    Have Leif kill those Thieves that are by him. If he could'nt down them
    quickly send someone up there to kill those thieves otherwise without
    a weapon Leif is going to likely get captured and taken away.
    Anyway take out the reinforcements watching out for the right area as
    they are Thieves that will be coming out in that area. If the Thief
    got away with the Armor Killer then that's okay as you will still
    have other chances to get many many of these. Have a Thief steal the
    Shield Ring first before getting Lara or Rifis/Salem to speak to her.
    Grab the Duel Manual treasure. Anyway once that you get Saphy to speak
    to Tina and Lara,Rifis,or Salem to speak to Pahn.
    Now the remaining enemies will be running away now. See doesn't that 
    feel better in letting them go. Especially the Dancers. Killing them
    is just a souless thing to do anyway. Steal the Dancer's' Thin Sword
    that is by the throne. Now then grab the remaining treasure and have
    Leif conquer Pahn's' throne to begin the next chapter.
    Note: If you didn't get the Armor Killer and or the Shield Ring then
    just let them go as they aren't really important items anyway.
    And congrats on finishing one of the top #5 most difficult chapters 
    in the game. And congrats on finally getting through 1/2 of this
    very difficult game.
    Chapter 13 Fort City
    Starting Characters
    His compatriets
    New Characters
    Upper One-Hammer
    Bottom One-Armor Killer
    Side One- Knight's Proof
    Hero Bow- Have Selfina talk to Glade in order to receive it.
    This is a pretty straightforward chapter. Prepare to get bombared by a 
    crapload of reinforcements. Surely you will want to bring Fin,Karin,and
    Selfina. Because for Selfina she can receive the Hero Bow by talking
    with her husband Glade. Hurry up and save him as he does not have much
    time. And don't worry about his soldiers. Even though that it is rather
    strange that they are blue colored men rather than NPC green units. As
    for them there is no way to save them.
    Most likely they are going to be defeated after a few turns. And that
    there is nothing that you can do to stop it. This will be a tough battle.
    You will want to send them over there fast as it won't be long before List 
    and his men will get the castle and take it. Watch out for List as he has
    a Kill Lance. Send Karin west watching out for the Balliste' ranges. 
    Dismount her by the mountain and have her destroy it. Have Asvel (Excalibur)
    defeat List as this is just about the only surefire way to defeat him. Block
    the reinforcement area NE because they hardly shell out any EXP and they are 
    just there to be a nuisence.
    Okay the moment that List and his army gets defeated then I'd advise to block
    the upper area's reinforcements by the castle as those reinforcements DO NOT
    STOP COMING when they first show up. When the other soldiers starts leaving
    that's a sign that they will start coming. Have the person who used to block
    the reinforcement area go to save the village with the Hammer in it. Have 
    Karin go to save the villages down south. See by blocking the upper 
    reinforcement areas will allow you to buy the precious time needed to save
    those villages and allow everyone else to escape.
    Do not get off of those reinforcement areas until everyone else has escaped 
    first as they do not stop coming. Now allow the ones that blocked the 
    reinforcement areas to escape then have Leif escape to call it a day.
    Note: Have Finn speak to Glade to activate a support. And have Selfina talk 
    to Glade to get the Hero Bow.
    Chapter 14 Entire Attack
    Starting characters
    Dean (!)
    Eda (!)
    New Characters
    Homer (!!!)
    Have Nanna visit the 1st village up NE.
    1       67
    X 3    5XX
    2 X   4X
    X     X
    7    8
    X    X
    Note: The other villages are just to trigger the secret chapter.
    Visit every village in the town and have Homer on your team.
    1. None
    2. None
    3. None
    4. None
    5. None
    6. None
    7.Dragon Lance
    Now this is a fun chapter. Oh great I hope that you have some 
    highly defensive troops as this is a chapter that will start
    pushing thier limits to no end. Bring ONLY your most formidable 
    units here as this is certainly not a chapter to gain any rookie 
    units any EXP. The evil army Freeji will stop at nothing to
    conquer Lenster Castle. Have Nanna visit the first NE village to
    recruit a very good unit named Homer. Put Nanna at the Arena to
    increase her evasion.
    Anyway once that he is recruited get him out of the way because of
    those darned Balliste's. Anyways as you are trying to defend the
    castle if you brought Glade in this battle then put him by Finn to
    activate a support. Put Nanna by her father to increase the support 
    bonuses. Now if your a Fin fanatic like me he has gotton the Hero 
    Spear from his close friend Cuan in FE4. This is pretty much a 
    memento thing. Play that game as that game rules anyway. Plus
    that this game is much harder anyway.
    To defeat Balzec have Asvel (Promoted) use Excalibur on him and he
    should be toast in no time. As the enemies by Balzec gets defeated 
    send Dean,Karin,and Asvel down there. Leif should come with them as 
    well. Have a flyer go east to the eastern village to get the Rizaia
    Spell. But be sure to get this as this is probably the best spell in
    the game. Not kidding use this baby and see for yourself. Now if you
    want to get the Dragon Lance getting this will be harder than it 
    Because many enemies down there will carry Kill Lances. If you haven't
    used the Arena then getting this Lance will be alot harder otherwise.
    Send Dean to that village to get the Lance. But first you must battle
    some enemies and a boss first though. Have Leif use the Light Sword 
    along with Asvel by him putting them in the trees. This is by far the 
    surefire way to defeat them. Plus an Iron Balliste will be attacking you. 
    Getting this Lance isn't really worth your time as only Dean can use it
    and he will not be able to use it after chapter 23 anyway.
    Anyway some NPC soldiers from Thracia will be coming as the evil Dragon 
    Master Trabant orders some Dragon Knights to attack them. AND despite
    the fact that they are green units DO NOT be fooled as THEY ARE NOT ON
    YOUR SIDE. Believe it or not. They will attack anyone that is in their
    distance. Some Loputo Mages will come on Turn 9. Hopefully they really
    should'nt be a threat as this chapter ends after Turn 10. Anyway once 
    Arion comes and speaks to with Lionan this chapter will end after that. 
    Be sure to buy at least 3 Stamina Bags as this is YOUR last chance to
    buy these at all.
    Weapon Shop
    Thin 2600
    Claymore 2000
    Silver 4200
    Steel 3200
    Item Shop
    Thunder 3200
    Live 2200
    Medicine 600
    Antidote 1500
    Stamina 5000 (BUY THIS!)
    Chapter 14 Gaiden Freedom
    Starting Characters
    Lionan (!)
    New Characters
    Stamina Bags- Allow the civilian to sucessfully escape.
    ARRGH! This chapter will be very annoying. Bring Leif' Light Sword
    for sure. If it broke have Saphy repair it because you will need it.
    Bring anyone else that is in need of leveling. Especially Mareeta
    and Eda because right now they start at a rather low level right now
    and that they are really good characters. Bring a bow user or 2. I
    would recommend Robert or Tanya or both. Also bring sword users.
    Anyway your assignment is to escort Leif and his army to the upper
    part of the map. This is not as easy as it sounds.
    Surely you will want to pass Lionan's' staves to someone else as they
    are REALLY good staves that will prove to be very helpful in the later
    chapters. She will most likely be captured many many times. Because
    surely the enemies that capture her will take those nice staves that
    she has on her. Pass the healing staves to whomever can heal the
    characters then take that staff back to another user. This is so that
    the staff doesn't get taken away when your Clerics gets captured.
    Don't worry about the Repair Staff as that rare staff doesn't seem to
    get taken away. Capture some Dark Wizards as they hold some Yotsumung
    books which this is the only way to get Salem any spells at all. As
    well as some Rewarp Staves. Have Dean use a Kill Lance to capture
    them. Advance Leif on the second bush up north. The Pegasus Knights
    indeed are very annoying bitches.
    Cod will start attacking Leif with Fenrir the dark cold god spell of 
    death. Wait until his Fenrir spells runs out before heading up north.
    But watch out as they have a Kill Axe Mercenary up there. Put him on
    the mountains with the Light Sword to have your best chance at besting
    this very deadly enemy. Once this deadly enemy is dead you get a Stamina
    Bag for each civilian that escapes. Some will most likely get captured
    and taken away. Defeat as many enemies as you can as they try to get
    away. As for Cod I really would'nt bother with him. Escape now!
    Chapter 15 Two Road
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Have Leif talk to him.
    1   5
    X   X
    1.Ulir Scroll
    2.Kill Lance
    3.Skill Ring
    4.Armor Killer
    5.Rest Staff
    YAY! An easy chapter for once. This chapter is great to capture alot
    of enemies and sell thier equipment for a small sum. Bring any weak
    units here as the enemies here are quite weak. Be sure to bring Mareeta,
    Dean,Eda,Karin here as you need them if you are going to expect to save
    the villages in time as it won't be long before the bandits destroys
    them. DO NOT ENTER the church at the start of the battle as the chapter
    will end automatically if you do. Okay wait until Turn 20 and Shanam
    should come out of the fort.
    Do not block the reinforcement areas until after Shanam shows up. Have
    Mareeta talk to this guy to get her to learn the SHOOTING STAR!!!!!
    DO NOT leave this chapter until Mareeta learns this technique. Don't
    worry about Amalda she won't die.
    Note: Amalda will not die because even down to 1 HP the Attack Generator
    will surely make it so that she never gets hit since she is a storybound
    Immediately have Leif talk to Ralf to get him to join your cause. Some
    Swordfighters with Kill Swords and Warriors will come out if you take
    too long. Have your Thief steal some of those Kill Swords if you can.
    Note: This is actually a way to get unlimited Kill Swords that's if your
    Thief has good enough BLD that is.
    Now you simply have two choices of which route that you would want to
    take. Go west if you would like the A Route and east for the B Route.
    The A Route has some rather nice stuff but this is a rather harder route.
    Choose the B Route for an easier route with some rarer items. Whatever
    Route that you choose is completely up to you. Either route is self
    rewarding really.
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Antidote 1500
    Door Key 500
    Torch 500
    Chapter 16A Nohrden Rain
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Have Karin speak to him and that you cannot
    have Olwen either.
    Have Leif save the upper village to the east.
    1  X   3
    X      X
    1. Pure Water
    2. Bridge Key
    3. Sleuf (Relieve Staff)
    4. Knight's Proof
    Ugh! >_< This chapter is quite hectic. Seriously! You can find yourself
    having to restart the mission many times. As many foes here have really
    good things to steal this chapter is going to be a headache because of 
    this. This chapter is going to require a really sharp mind to be able
    to steal most if not all of the good things that these enemies has on
    them. Start by selecting Karin,Dean,Eda,Rifis,Lara,Tina (Definitely).
    Bring in anyone else that needs leveling. Bring Saphy if Tina's Thief
    Staff is broken. If the staff doesn't select 2 of the 3 Social Knights
    with the Sleep Swords RESTART! Because you would want to get all 3 of
    these swords. They will be incredibly helpful for capturing in the
    later chapters. Start by having Tina steal the Sleep Swords. You will
    really want these as this is your only chance in the game to get these.
    Start by giving Karin some Medicines with at least 4 uses total. Send
    her east over the mountains keeping out of range of the ballistes as
    well as sending Dean to secure the NW village. Forget about saving
    the other village as there is no way that you can save it. It only has
    an item in it that isn't really worth mentioning. I doubt that you can
    save it without getting a dismounted flying unit killed. Let it get
    destroyed as it has nothing worthwhile to speak of in it.
    Keep everyone else far away to the left having Karin bait Eyrios into
    wasting his Thunder Storm spells. If an enemy took Eyrios' Master
    Sword after taking their Sleep Swords which is most likely going to
    happen then otherwise have Tina steal it. This will actually make it
    easier to take Eyrios' Torron especially the Sunblade Manual. You
    should be able to steal the stuff from him as he has really low BLD
    Sleep the Social Knight with the Sleep Sword if Tina wasn't able to
    take all three then capture the slept foe and take it from him.
    Viola all 3 Sleep Swords shall be yours now. Have Karin or someone
    else that you've sent to the east. Karin is most recommended though
    because of her high Mag Def. Have her save those villages quickly
    as it won't be long when the wandering ho of the seven seas will
    show up. Dismount Karin and have her block the village by the arch
    as only Leif can save that one. But it'll certainly take some time
    to get him there.
    If you have Olwen then steal the stuff that Eyrios has on him then
    he will run away after he has nothing to fight with. If you do not
    have Olwen then have Karin speak to him otherwise in order to recruit
    him. And oh yeah move Dean south of the southeastern town at the
    mountains as some Pegasus Knights from Syria will come. Dean should
    handle them easily. Heal him if he is seriously hurt. Be sure to
    move everyone else east as it has some Social Knights and a Paladin
    from Alster that will be coming on Turn 20.
    Hopefully everyone should be at east by then when this happens. Well
    they have come to polish their spears red with glory. Look in
    Conmoore's' inventory as you will see an Awareness Manual on him. And
    that this is your only chance to get this. If your afraid to get
    this then keep out of Conmoore' range. He is quite lethal. Have a
    good highly defensive unit defeat the Social Knights. After a few
    turns Conmoore and the rest of his remaining army will retreat. This
    chapter is easier without getting the Awareness Manual.
    Anyways wear out the arches and start stealing/capturing these foes
    by Kempuf. These enemies do not move. If Olwen is with you have her
    talk to Kempuf to initiate the funniest conversation in the game.
    Kill the Kill weaponed Armor Knights with someone like Asvel with a
    Wind spell on the fort as he should have no trouble killing them off.
    Kempuf should be taken care of with a high magic defensive character.
    As for the boss oh great just hope and prey that Asvel doesn't get
    killed. Have him use Excalibur on him with Nanna by him. If he dies
    ohhh -_- this will just want you to put this game away for awhile if
    this officially happens. Have Leif visit the village to recruit
    Sleuf. Battle in the Arena if you would like.
    Chapter 17A Lenster Gate
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Misha (!!!)
    Have Karin speak to her and sleep her and capture her and DO NOT
    Secure the church with any unit.
    Oh my! =o You have yourself a nearly impossible battle here. Surely
    you will want to bring your most durable units here as this chapter
    is completely insane. I really do mean it. This has to be the second
    hardest chapter in Fire Emblem history. I really do mean it. *Sigh* -_-
    I really do not have much strategy to give folks as it is very likely
    that you will lose some units here unless that you have been using the
    Arena like heck and that there is almost no way to prevent it either.
    If they managed to make it in one piece then that's great. =) But 
    that's very unlikely even with the Arena training. =( If you absolutely 
    have no way to beat this without losing people then sacrifice 
    characters that your not really plan on using or that is rather useless 
    at fighting. No I cannot pick them for you. This is the only surefire
    advice that I can give to you to beating this chapter. Okay I'll do
    absolutely the best that I can to help you out in this one. That's
    what I'm here for. ^_^
    Okay start by moving everyone east. Send Dean by the boss with the
    Fenrir. You really would want him to waste his Fenrir spells quickly.
    Try to get him to waste his Fenrir spells quickly before Turn 10. Make
    sure that none of your sacrificial characters has anything rare and
    important on them. Finish off the remaining enemies before Turn 7.
    Now lure the Silesia Pegasus Knights and do not get into Misha's
    range until Karin and Leif with the Sleep Sword is by her. Finish off
    the Pegasus Knights quickly with bow users.
    Seriously you will want to kill them all before Turn 9 or else they
    are just going to cause alot of problems for you. Have someone like
    Sleuf get into Misha' range without anything on him so that she'll
    capture him making this alot easier to sleep her with the Sleep Sword.
    Make sure to have Karin speak to her first before putting her to sleep.
    Have someone like a flyer capture her and DO NOT RELEASE HER.
    Make sure to put the characters that you are planning to sacrifice by
    the bridges. Dammit now that bastard Cyas will come starting on Turn 10.
    Crap this is where the real fear of this chapter starts. It even makes
    the music of when you lose a character in battle. BE VERY AFRAID of
    these enemies as they now all of a sudden start going on a full assault
    on your army. They will receive 40% extra bonuses to Hit and Dodge
    making this alot more difficult. -_-
    Yep Cyas' leadership is offering them these bonuses. Crap I know! =(
    The NPC pirates are nothing to worry about as these units will not
    receive the leadership bonuses for Cyas. But for everyone else though.
    Try to back away NOW! Hold them off for 5 turns. Hopefully the
    characters that you are sacrificing will hold them off. Those Torron
    Mage Knights will likely kill these sacrficial characters outright yes
    but this will hold them off long enough until Cyas leaves by Turn 15.
    These 5 Turns is crucial with him around though.
    Once that this red haired bastard leaves Ishtar tells him that Yurius
    isn't felling well as Cyas agrees to help her out as they teleport
    away. YAY! ^_^ He's gone. Now have Leif,Finn,and Nanna by each other
    in the trees by the town west have them equip these following
    Leif Light Sword/Hero Sword
    Finn Hero Spear
    Nanna Earth Sword
    They should'nt have much trouble holding off the Mage Knights. After
    they eventually kick the dirt now the easy part of the chapter begins.
    Use the Reserve/Libro Staves to heal them if they got hurt. You will
    want to warp someone to the area where the Dark Mages comes out this
    is to prevent them from spawning out. Send Dean to the village to
    recruit Sara. Quickly use the Rescue Staff to save her from those Dark
    Mages. Once she is safe and sound wear out the arches. Steal the Kill
    Axe Armor Knight' Weapons. Kill the other one if your not able to
    steal both.
    Now to show Nicluf what he's got. Put Leif by Finn and Nanna 
    equipping him the Light Sword. Hack him with it until he dies at from 
    a distance because he beholds a Kill Axe also. =\ Asvel works good on 
    him making sure to put him by Nanna using Excalibur and ONLY Excalibur.
    This is only the surefire way to defeat him. Kill off the arches for
    some easy EXP then buy whatever that you need then have Leif reclaim
    his castle to finally get the heck out of here. ARRGH! Finally I know
    what a pain! >_<
    Note: I seriously doubt that you can do this chapter without at least
    losing a few characters. =\
    Weapon Shop
    Iron Lance 2200
    Steel Lane 3200
    Thin Lance 2000
    Silver Lance 4000
    Item Shop
    Medicine 600
    Antidote 1500
    Live 2200
    Relieve 2300
    Chapter 16B Dark Forest
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Shanam (!!) !!-Because of the Bargain Skill.
    Have Homer speak to him.
    Have Salem speak to her first for support. Then
    have Leif speak to her to have her join your cause.
    Miranda (!)
    Have Leif secure the fortress.
    Oooh an easy chapter. Bring Salem,Homer,Tina definitely. Bring in
    anyone else that you want. Make sure to steal the Pugi Axe,Wind 
    Sword,Sleep Sword,Master Bow,Master Sword,and the Moonlight Manual. 
    Have Tina do this. Anyway if Tina cannot steal the Pugi Axe,Moonlight
    Manual,Wind Sword and  the Sleep Sword then restart the mission until
    that she can. Go slowly until Reincok uses up the Berserk Staff.
    Treat the Berserk immediately.
    Spread out Leif's' troops once that Reincok has used up his Berserk
    Staff rounds. Surely you will want Asvel (Promoted) take out these
    Dark Mage pests. Have him take out any enemies that you don't want
    the equipment for. Anyway once Sara teleports by the Barbarians have
    Salem talk to her to activate a support for these 2. Now have Leif
    speak to her to have her join. YAY! ^_^
    Don't really waste your Antidote here as quite a number off Dark
    Mages will be coming. Reincok should'nt be difficult to defeat. Have
    Leif visit the castle to recruit Miranda Princess of Alster. I would
    recommend having Tina steal the Claymorre from Shanam to get Homer to
    speak to him. Block the way so that he doesn't get away as you are
    trying to get Homer to talk to him. YESSS! He is the only one to have
    the Bargain Skill (Cut prices 50% in any store!!!!!) Don't bother with
    the village as that it only provides information. Kill the remaining
    enemies then begin your getaway.
    Chapter 17B May Rain
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Knight's Proof-Visit all of the villages and then you
    will receive it by clearing the chapter.
    Wow this is a very easy chapter. Not much strategy is required for
    this one. Have Asvel by Nanna and have him wear out the arches. This
    chapter is absolutely perfect for capturing. Absolutely! Anyway be
    sure to steal Amalda's Master Sword and her other things. Especially
    the Blagi Scroll. If not then otherwise just steal the Blagi Scroll
    then I would advise killing her now. (No there is no way to save her
    if you took this route.) So might as well finish her off now otherwise
    chapter 19 will be ALOT harder.
    As for Pablos I don't even have to discuss this. This is so easy that
    no strategy is required for this fight. Now when your finished buying
    things simply visit all those villages and then have Leif claim his
    home Lenster. You receive a Knight's Proof upon visiting all of the
    homes here (Which that you should of already). Now then time to begin
    the next chapter. Wow wasn't that real easy. =D
    Item Shop
    Fire 2200
    Elfire 3200
    Medicine 600
    Antidote 1500
    Weapon Shop
    Iron Bow 2200
    Steel Bow 3200
    Silver Bow 4000
    Silver Axe 4200
    Chapter 18 Going Capitol
    Starting Characters
    New Characters
    Must turn all 8 of his men into NPC's and then have Leif speak to him.
    This is not as easy as this sounds.
    1       4
    X       X
       2  X
    1. Noba Scroll
    2. Door Key
    3. Silver Sword
    4. Body Ring
    Character Stat Growth Information
    Will be coming soon.
    Character Bio
    Will be coming soon.
    Will be coming soon.
    CJayC Of course for creating and running one of the best gaming sites 
    on the net. And of course for posting this guide!!!!! Definitely 
    deserves major thanks!!!!! ^_^
    Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
    For creating one of the top 10 greatest videogames in the world. 
    Special thanks to SSBM (Super Smash bros Melee) game that got us
    including me introduced into Fire Emblem series. The SSBM staff
    definitely deserves major thanks!!!!!
    For creating this guide of course!!!!!
    For reading this. I have worked very hard on this masterpiece. Hope
    this guide helps you.
    More Credits will update later.
    Copyright 2006.

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