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There was once a hero in the small country of Leonster on the Thracian Peninsula in the early days of the Yugdral Unification War, which was later called the "Era of turmoil." He was a prince who descended from the bloodline of the Holy Warrior Nova, his name was Quan.
Quan and his wife, Ethlyn, lead an army to Eid to rescue their distressed friend Sigurd, but were annihilated by a Thracian ambush. In that battle, which has come to be known as the "Slaughter of Eid," Leonster's hope faded, along with Quan's short life with his beloved wife.

Thracia's entire army attacks Leonster Castle. After fleeing from Thracia, Prince Leif, the bereaved child of Cuen, who survived the slaughter, arrives at Fiana, a small developing village on the east coast, while being protected by the knight Finn.
--And, in the year 776 of the Grand calendar, Leif is 15 years old. The grown-up Leif sets out after his hideaway Fiana village is attacked. His holy war begins, gathering those who suffer from Grannvale's oppression and the remnants of his former allies, aiming to revive Leonster.

For this title, the parameter "physique" was implemented. The higher the physique value, the easier it is to handle heavy weapons, and you can also perform actions such as "Capture". There are also unique features such as "reaction" that allows the unit to move again with a certain probability, and "fatigue" that makes it impossible to battle when accumulated.

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