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Reviewed: 04/17/06

Nintendo's Greatest Series Yet

This is another game that will get you to play this over and over again. Unfortunately this game was currently only released in Japan and has never made it to the United States or Europe. But that doesn't mean that this wonderful game should NOT be ignored from your collection. Import this it'll certainly be incredibly worth it.

Story 9/10
The story is rather great but unfortunately I give this only a 9 cuz you need to understand Japanese in order to know what's going on in it. Or you can simply go to ( Paola's Site ) to know what's going on in it. And there are no good translation patches for the ROMS of this wonderful game either. Well in Marth's 2nd game ( Book 1 ) was a remake of the original NES game. Play both of these versions as it has different features in it. Play the original NES Version of this to unravel the full story of it. Okay the story starts as you play as the Prince of Arteia named a young pure hearted man named Marth. ( Book 1 ) he's 16 years old in his first 2 games. And 21 in his 3rd one ( Book 2 )
In ( Book 1 ) it's about that he must liberate his home of Arteia when he was forced into exile by being forced to leave his land after Medeius was resurrected by the evil wizard named Garnef. After the land is plagued in darkness it's up to Marth and his friends to put an end to their madness. ( Book 2 ) Marth's' 3rd game it starts as Hardain Mysteriously turns evil and has conquered several territories and it's up to Marth and his army to put a stop to Hardain's madness ( Which it's actually the work of Medeius. ) The story is great no doubt about it if you either understand Japanese or go to to unravel this wonderful story.

Control 10/10
The controls here are rather easy going. What more can I say.

Difficulty 9/10
The challenge is rather straight forward. Well the game gets rather more challenging if to keep all of your units alive.

Gameplay 10/10
Well you begin as your on a map battling the evil armies of Gruneia, Macedonia, Dolua, and Akaneia. And unlike the first 2 Fire Emblems when you can't see yours or the enemies movement starting from this one you can. And unlike the NES game of Marth's' Dragon stones do break after 18 uses and the arena's have a withdraw button. In Marth's' NES one there wasn't =( And yes believe it or not this game HAS support. but be careful with the bow users around your flyer's cuz unlike FE2 where it didn't have the arrow dmg. But unless you have the Aiote's shield your flyer's will most likely die in one hit. Oh and in the Fire Emblem series if the lord perishes your game will be over. and other units will be lost forever. ( gotta restart to get them back ) well in Marth's' first 2 games you can revive one unit by the 2nd to the last chapter in the game. And in Marth's' 3rd one you can revive only 5 units by the last battle against Medieus by putting Yumina on the circle of warning with the Oum Wand. But these revivals are only useful if you lost your units during the final chapter. Anyway this is a nice game that is great for all ages to play.

Music 7/10
The reason why I give this a decent score is due to the fact that the music in ( Book 1 ) during 19 of the 20 chapters are enough to get you to wanting to turn the music off. In ( Book 2 ) the music is rather self improving as they have several nice tracks. Especially the last two ones. And yes this music is certainly enough to change your outlook on Nintendo forever. Anyway that is why this music score gets rather a decent score.

Graphics 7/10
Well the graphics are rather better than Marth's' NES game. The graphics are rather nice enough for SNES style anyway. But the graphics don't really matter in a video game not if the story in it is rather great enough. ( Book 1 ) of Marth's' game has better colors and great grassland and water texture than his NES one did. Oh and when you use a thunder spell or Thunder Sword in chap 12 and the final one of ( Book 2 ) the design of the skies is great enough to certainly change your outlook on Nintendo forever once you play this game. And that's why this gets a decent solid score.

Final Recommendations 10/10
To buy or not. BUY!!!!! This game is certainly a collectors classic in Japan as for elsewhere you have got to import this. But importing this will certainly be incredibly worth it. This is a collectors classic elsewhere ever since the release of SSBM. Seeing this series ahs certainly changed ours and certainly my outlook on Nintendo forever. The Computer AI designed by Intelligent Systems is something to write home about. This is a wonderful game that certainly CANNOT be ignored from your collection of video games. Emulate/ROM it if you have to. This game is quite easy to import as lots of sites such as E-bay and has this. But once you can get this game it'll certainly be the one of the best buys that you've ever spent your money on. One of my top ten favorite games you bet!!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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