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It has been roughly one year since Mars defeated the Dark Dragon Medius in the "Dark War".

Oreluan hero Hardin announces engagement with Princess Nina of Akaneia, and Mars returns to the Kingdom of Alitia to announce engagement with Princess Ceda. The people arose to rebuild their war-torn homeland, and the world finally seemed to regain peace.
One day, a letter from Hardin arrives for Mars, who is about to get married. It was an order to subdue the rebels of the Kingdom of Gurnia. Moreover, it is said that the rebellion is led by his former ally Lawrence who once fought alongside him in the Dark War. Mars, who pledges allegiance to his ally, Akaneia, raises soldiers with doubts.
It was the beginning of a long war, which would come to be known as the "Hero War".

Included in two parts: Dark War, which is a refinement of "Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light", and Hero War, which is the sequel to it. For this title, a support effect which increases the hit rate and evasion rate has been introduced, and multiple new occupations such as Dancers have appeared. The riding unit has been altered so that it always dismounts indoors.

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