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Walkthrough by Justumaru

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/12/00

                               THE DARK HALF WALKTHROUGH
                                     BY JUSTUMARU
                                       Ver 0.5

Table Of Contents

1. Revision History
2. Introduction
3. Disclaimer
4. Overview and Pointers
5. Spell List
6. Walkthrough
7. Special Thanks

1. Revision History
Ver 0.5 
First public release.
Completed the file. 
Added everything that wasn't in the first version. 

Ver 0.01 
First Version!

2. Introduction
Hi! I'm Justumaru, writing my second FAQ (that has actually been released, i mean. :P). 
Dark Half is an odd and very difficult game. It was made by Enix in 1995, and isn't all that bad.
This FAQ came to be when a bunch of us were shooting the breeze on Yoink's MB, and Ziggy asked
Yoink for a walkthrough. I said, let's leave Yoink be, and we try to write a WT as we play.
Ziggy kinda shrugged at this, but, actually, made the first breakthrough this game had. Meaning,
an FAQ was now not only possible, but it made sense.
In case any of you are wondering what happened to Blue Pattern, your reading the fruits of his
labor. That's right, i am Blue Pattern. Why was i Blue Pattern on the MB, but Justumaru here?
No real reason, i just switch handles so often, its not funny. This is the first time one of my
suggestions has forced me to use two handles tho. :)
This thing will continue to be written as developments are made, and as the translation effort
marches on. Contributions are welcome. However, as i have beaten the game, *crack of thunder* 
i'd like you to make certian that your not telling me something i already have in this file. 

3. Disclaimer
Hi. Dark Half is copyright 1995/2000 by Enix. 
This FAQ is my property. You may read it, print it out, save it and even send it to a friend, so 
long as:
1) You DO NOT alter the content of this file in any way at all.
2) You do not post it on your webpage. You MAY NOT post this file on your webpage. DO NOT EVEN 
ASK ME to allow you to post this file on your page unless your name is Al Alamoo. 
SirYoink has permission to post this at Klepto Software. Ziggy has permission to post this on
his page, if he has one. Likewise, Davin also has my permission to post this file on his page
if he has one and so desires. Otherwise, i only want to see this file on gamefaqs.com. Comprende?
3) You do not make a profit off of it. 
4) You don't use any info in the file in a file of your own creation witout giving me credit. 
This action is better known as PLAGARISM, and should not be done. Besides being against the law,
its also very sucky. And you don't want to suck, do you?

           Light turns to darkness, and the
           darkness gives birth to light.
           Everything begins with that and someday
           will return there.

           In the day when heaven and earth were parted 
           and life was born on earth, 
           Rukyu already existed.
           Rukyu controlled the great powers
           of darkness, and eventually came to
           be known as Satan.
           Satan's power was absolute,
           Humans feared him, and prostrated
           themselves before his might.

           But then there appears one who
           would change this fate-
           The hero-god Roda and the
           six paladins of light.

           They challenged Satan in battle
           and were able to spectacularly
           trap him. The era in which humans
           lived in fear became a thing of the
           past, and a new sun arose.

           ~This Is The Legend Of Satan~

4. Overview and Pointers
This game is an RPG, but a very odd one. You control two charachters in an alternating fasion.
One is a heroic knight named Roda, the other is a demon named Rukyu, whom people call Satan.
There are only two unifying factors between them. One, if they die, the game ends. Period.
Two, is they are both fueled by Soul Power. Soul Power is shown by the meter at the top of the
screen, and decreases as you walk about, and increases when you kill enemies and the like. 
If Soul Power ever reaches zero, the game ends. This is fairly easy to avoid, but stay alert

General Tips:
-Stay healed at all times. Keep any companions above half their HP, or completely healed, at 
your discression.
-Killing enemies nets you Soul Power. Generally, not enough that you gain more than you lose for
walking around, but it helps. Don't be a chicken!
-Saving is accomplished by talking to the red-robed man that appears now and again. He gives you
500 Soul Power, heals all your party members, and saves your game if you say 'Yes', the first 
option. The second question is if you want to keep playing, again 'Yes<<>>'No'. Note that you 
can ONLY save at these times... But, if you playing on an emulator, which i'm pretty sure you 
are, no biggie, as thanks to the magic of save states, you can save at any time...
-CHECK THE WALLS. Those bastards over at Enix designed these levels with cheese-eating grins on 
their faces. All sorts of stuff is hidden behind walls where you can't see it. 
-From time to time, you may find hidden houses on the overworld map. For Rukyu, these are not 
very important, although sometimes you get an ally from them. For Roda, these are very important,
as you find treasure chests within some of them. If you reveal them with one charachter, they
stay revealed, so you can always find them later. 
-Cure kills undead monsters instantly! For this reason, Rukyu should avoid using them...

Rukyu is the stronger of the two charachters, hands down. Unlike Roda and crew, he does not need
spell books, instead using Soul Power to cast his spells, plus, he gains HP for every battle he 
wins, plus, he can kill townspeople for Soul Power. Also, he gains monsters as companions, which 
tend to be stronger than anyone Roda gets. 
Rukyu's main power, however, is his absurd spell casting ability. Instead of using books to cast
spells, he uses Soul Power. This is not as bad as it sounds, as most spells are fairly cheap to
cast, and later on, you are heaping in Soul Power. This gets even more insane at the start of 
Chapter 2, when he gains Dark Gate. Dark Gate is a spell that seems to suck... Until you realize
what it does. When you cast it, a symbol appears under the target you choose. If the spell works,
the enemy vanishes. If you win the fight, the afflicted enemy will join you! Plus, if it knew 
magic, you will then gain a spell it knew. If you already knew this spell, it gains a level. 
You can see what i'm getting at here. Capture the same enemy again and again, for more spells
and spell levels. Maximum spell level is 5. This increases the chances of learning another 
spell the enemy knew...In the case of enemies that are just spell collections (Werewolves, 
Dragons, Giants and the like), you can gain A LOT of spells, QUICK. 
When preparing to fight bosses, get strong allies, like Dragons and Golems, and put them in front
of you. That way, the enemy can't run up to you, get five free turns for some inexplicable reason
(CHEAP!!!), kill you and end the game. Also, Rukyu can just sit back and fry the enemy with 
magic, or heal his friends. Isn't evil great? You'll wish you could play as Rukyu all the time, 
but no. You cannot. Every so often, you'll need to trade off to...

*sigh* Enix, why hast thou forsaken us? Roda stinks. Pure and simple. I know he's the game's 
real hero, but this does not prevent him from sucking. Actually, he's not that bad. But, anyone
whose seen my ranting on SirYoink's message board can tell you, i hate Roda. All of us do...
Ok, first off, Roda does not use Soul Power for spells. Instead, he (and anyone else in his party
that can use your spells) needs spell books, which are consumed after being used. This isn't as
bad as it sounds, as enemies drop spell books a lot, and you just find them lying around in 
treasure chests. Also, unlike Rukyu, Roda can open treasure chests. Inside, he will find... 
Stuff. I'll elaborate shortly. Also unlike Rukyu is that Roda has access to Faita. While i'm 
unsure what Faita really is, i do know its kind of like spiritual currency. Indeed, its the only
currency used in the game. You can use this in one of two places found in towns. In Churches,
you can trade Faita for Soul Power, at 500 Soul for 1 faita. Not a bad trade off. You can also
trade Soul Power for Faita at the same exchange rate, but i don't suggest you do it.
In Shops (denoted by having a sign by its door), you can trade Faita for spells and weapons.
Again, not vital, but it helps to buy some Cure books now and again. You can also sell off spells
and weapons for Faita. Also useful.
Sometimes found in chests and after battles is an item that enables you to increase the power of
an ally. Only Roda, the first ally he gets, and an ally he gets later may increase their power in
this way. Since your using Save States, i suggest you do this- Save when you get one of these.
Give it to Roda, if its an HP, AP, DP or DX bonus, keep it, unless your friends are lagging on 
HP. If its a spell level or MP up, reload and give it to one of your friends. 
Also, any place that you first see as Rukyu with treasure chests, or you killed people there, you
can go back there as Roda to open the chests and also to gather Faita and such. Just remember 
that you can quickly wear down your Soul Power, so be careful. You can always buy more in 
churches, so think ahead! 

5. Spell List
The maximum level for any spell is 5. The higher the level, the more targets you can aim at. 
Change the size of the area of effect by using L and R. 
Fireball- Hits the enemy for Fire damage. 
Ice Storm- Hits enemy for Ice damage.
Lightning- Hits enemy for Lightning damage.
Windblade- Strikes the enemy for wind damage.
Magic Arrow- Hits enemy for Soul damage. This means that this spell will do LOTS of damage to 
ALMOST ANYTHING, and is the best spell in the game.
Death- If it succeeds, kills the enemy. Almost always misses, tho.
Heal- ???
Cure- ??? One heals damage, the other restores status ailments, but Yoink currently has the names
flipped. The item he has translated as Cure should be called Heal... This will all be fixed 
Dispell- Gets rid of effects such as Shield, Strength and Counter. Also breaks seals. 
Shield- Targets are immune to physical damage (but not magic).
Counter- Targets are immune to magic (but not physical attacks).
Strength- Target's attack power increases greatly.
Confusion- Might make the enemy attack its allies.
Paralysis- Makes the enemy stand in one place, doing nothing.
Poison- Not sure. I think it drains HP.
Undead-Makes the target an undead. This makes them vulnerable to healing magic...
Dark Gate- Makes a single enemy join you. If they do join you, you gain a spell they knew, or a 
spell level if you knew this spell already. Roda CAN access this spell, but it costs 200 Faita,
more than you'll ever have.
All Dead- If a fight is going on for too long, you'll do this attack. It kills everything 
onscreen, but drains a crippling 3000 Soul Power. Be quick about it!

6. Walkthrough

Walk up the stairs. These battles are easy, so don't worry. See the scene, then get ready for the
almost real game. :P

Chapter 1- Rukyu
Now, your Rukyu. Watch the scene. Now, go until you reach a road that branches out to the left 
and right. Go left first, and enter the town. One of your 'friends' appears with a werewolf 
person for you. Talk to him and say the first option ('hai', 'yes'), and he will join you. 
There's a guy in here that will give you 500 magic and save your game. Now, enter all the 
houses and greet all the people. Did i say greet the people? I'm sorry, i meant EAT the people...
Anyway, once you've had your meal, leave the town and go right. Follow the path until it 
branches again, and go left. You'll see a cave. Enter it. Walk onto the red sigil in the center 
and your friend will appear again and give you a Cerebus-looking thing. Talk to it, say yes.
Now, save at the old man, and walk back onto the sigil. Call up the magic menu, go to DISPELL,
and press A. Now, choose the first option and the sign will vanish, creating a set of stairs!
Go down them, and follow this route. Do the same thing for other sings you see on the floor.
Pay attention to the sound they make, there are some you can't clearly see, but CAN hear. 
Once you find another set of stairs going down, use them. You'll find yourself in a room with a
lot of terraced platforms and many symbols on the ground. Make your way to the thieves on the 
left side, and kill them. Dispell the center of the three sigils, then the one on the right,
and proceed down and to the left. Dispell this sign, and then go back to the center. Go into the 
slightly higher door on the right, have a meal and then zap the sign outside the door. Then go 
down, into the door here, step on the pannel in the right-hand corner, and fry the sign that 
appears, then go back to the highermost door on the left side of the main room. Enter this door 
and go down the stairs. You'll fight a boss.This guy isn't that hard, repeatdely fireball the 
golden-suited werewolves, then kill the normal werewolves the same way, then use Lit on the main 
guy until he bites the dust. 
And now... Let the real game begin!

Chapter 1- Roda
Ok, you wake up in a village as Roda. Apparently, you were not killed in the opening sequence.
Anyway, talk to everyone in the town. Enter every house. Open treasure chests, etc, ect... There 
is a treasure chest hidden behind your house, and one between the two houses on the left-hand 
side. When your done, save and exit the town. Go Northwest to another town. You don't have to go
right away, as there are hidden houses all around here, but don't get sidetracked. Once in the 
town, there is a chest hidden behind the first house to your right, and one hidden behind the 
corner house. Buy all the Cure spells you can with any avaiable Faita, and then leave. Go 
southeast until you can't go any further  in that way, then go NE and then NW until you enter a 
Inside the temple, your goal is to step on the tiles that make the other tiles in the patterns 
all go down. The correct tile for each one corresponds to its location, so for the SW one, step
on the SW tile, for the NW one, step on the NW tile and so on. But, you should also step on the 
wrong tiles, as you'll find treasure this way. Anyway, when you've done this, go to the center of
the center room and fight an enemy, then step on the center tile and go downstairs to finish the 

Chapter 2- Rukyu
One note- You now have the Dark Gate. Use it to get magic! It'll be the first spell on your 
combat list. Just follow the trail for awhile, stealing monsters to join your little group. 
Proceed NW until you reach a town, kill everyone and then go to the town where Roda started in. 
Kill everyone here and then go into the stairs. Follow this path. Its not difficult. You'll have
to fight some knights torwards the end. But they are easy. Then go up the stiars and enter the
tower. Inside this tower, use Dispell, and you'll see little squares appear over some tiles. 
Step only on these tiles, or else the stairs will close, and you'll have to go back and step on 
the switch again. You'll have to do this a few times. Step on the button, then go back to the 
ground floor, and go up the stairs in the lower left corner. Go up the stairs and proceed the 
same was as before. Sully up some good allies (Armored Werewolves and brown Lizards make good 
allies), and face a boss. Put your allies between yourself and him, and this should be no 

Chapter 2- Roda
See the scene. Now, search the town and search all the skeletons. Many give you Souls (not sure 
what these do... Or even what they're called...) and Faita. If your up for an act of daring do, 
enter the tower Rukyu was just in and rait it for items. When your ready to leave, talk to your 
friend at the enterance. Then do the same for the next town. Don't forget to save. Now, proceed
southeast, torwards Roda's first town. From here, go SW, and enter the cave. Go through it. 
Torwards the end, you'll find a Golem monster. To beat it, put Roda in one bottom corner, and his
pal in the other. Then zap the thing with spells. DO NOT try to go hand to hand with it, as it 
will CREAM you at this point. Once you exit the cave, go SE until you find the castle, and enter 
it. End of Chapter.

Chapter 3- Rukyu 
Go southwest, then follow the path. Enter the town and kill everyone. Make sure you take out the 
guy with the dogs. Then exit and go NW, then follow the path SE, until you find a cave slightly 
NW of you. You can bypass this floor by simply following the path after the save man, or you can 
go through and kill some people. Whatever you do, proceed onwards. After exiting, you'll be able
to see a temple. This is your next goal, and god is it ever annoying... I'm still unsure of its
pattern, but basically? Step on a tile to make stairs appear. Your looking for the four red signs
so you can Dispell them. Once done, step on the switch that's three from the left, two down from 
the top, and fight a boss. No sweat. The boss i mean. Your gonna drown in sweat getting through 
this temple. Unless i'm overlooking an easy method? Am i? Please, tell me if i am...
(Possible order to the temple, all starting from the left, any further directions regard after 
going downstairs: 
First row, second tile from the left. Dispell the sign.
First row, fourth tile. Go through.
Second row, second tile. Right button, then left button.
Second row, fourth tile, leftmost button, topmost button, bottom button, right button.
Third row, first tile. 
Third row, second tile.
Third row, fouth tile. Dispell the sign. 
Fourth row, first tile.
Fourth row, second tile. 
Fourth row, third tile. Dispell the sign.
Fourth row, fourth tile. Dispell the sign.
Third row, third tile. Kill the boss.)

Chapter 3- Roda
See the scene with the king, then wander about the castle and open up some chests. Then look 
about the town and do the same. You can also pick up a few allies. Then leave and go NW, and find
a cave different from the one you were in before. There's a night here, talk to him, then step
on the spot where he was to open the gate. When you reach the next gate, go left and up the 
steps. Follow this short trail to a dead end, the switch is at the end of this hall. Go back and
through the gate. Go down the stairs, through this hall, and down again. To your left, along the
center wall is a secret passage (you can see it if you look). Go in, and open the chests, then 
walk about in this small room until you find the switch. Then move on. Say yes to the question,
open the chests and proceed out of the cave. You can go back to the areas Rukyu cleared before 
(Chapter 1), if you like. But you don't have to. Go SW, until you find a tower, say yes again. 
Step on the switch, then go up the stairs. In this tower, the floor collapses. You must reach the
stairs before they vanish. At the top floor, fall down the center hole and fight three dark
cerebus. Now you'll be in the town where Rukyu fought the dogs. Look about before you go there,
then prepare to fight a tricky boss. Use Strong on your party members. Heal constantly. Your
heals will miss him, so don't sweat it. He's not that hard. 

Chapter 4- Rukyu
Go SW. There's a hidden cave along the north face. Go through here and then enter the forest just
as you exit. Dispell the signs, and step on the teleporters. The last one looks like an 'Enix' 
symbol. To kill the boss, destroy his spirits first. Then kill him. He's annoying, but you should
be able to handle him easy. 

Chapter 4- Roda
Back at the castle, there are a few places open that were closed off before. Enter therein for 
some nice stuff, then go the the west side of town. In a large house is a strange machine that 
creates a barrier against Rukyu. Exit the castle and go SW until you reach the shore, tne NE 
until you reach an orange-tinted cave. Finding the secret passages in here is a pain, pay 
attention to the walls. The first one is along the middle of the right-hand wall. In these next 
rooms, you need to pay attention to the secret floors it shows you. Otherwise, you'll fall in the
pit. It does help to fall in the pit, however, as there are things down there for you to get. 
You must also step on the buttons on each floor. None of them are that hard to find, just be
throuogh. On the second floor, on the far right wall, enter only the third passage from the 
bottom, and the fourth. The other two just have people in them... BUT, between the first and 
second is a secret passage. Say yes to the question after the scene for another permanaent 
companion. Don't forget to push the button in this room. Just beyond is a passage with narrow
floors. If you pushed all the buttons, you will be able to cross. Once beyond, you can play 
around in this room for lots of stuff, but if you just want to fight the boss, walk off the next
to last platform on the far left. The boss is easy, either use Strong to take him out quick and
Dispell to cancel his Strongs, or use Shield to avoid damage. 

Chapter 5- Rukyu
Go southeast until you reach a town. Its one where all these evil signs are burned into the 
earth. Kill everyone, and then enter house with a secret door. Its facing NW, so apprach it from
the NE side. Kill the guy inside, then leave the town and go NW until you reach a cave. Enter 
this cave, and use Fireball on any torchlike objects you see. Note that the Chimera monsters in
this area have Magic Arrow- Use Dark Gate on them to get it, for as my friend Davin puts it,
'Magic Arrow kicks arse'. :) 
In a room with a LOT of torches, light them all and then enter the now-open doors. use Dispell
on the little red signs on the floor to make passages open and proceed onwards. Do not go into
any of the doors  on the far wall in the room with narrow floors, except the door in the far 
right corner. You'll know its the right door if you see little monster statues after you enter. 
(Note that it might not be the far right door... I tried it again and it didn't work that way.
But, once all the signs are dispelled, just keep trying until one works.)
Prepare to fight a boss. This guy will use Undead on you, so use the status restore spell. 
Otherwise, not too hard. 

Chapter 5- Roda
Explore this town. Enter the large building. After the conversation, talk to everyone, someone
will ask to join you. There's another person in town who will also join you. There's a treasure
chest hidden to the left of the enterance to the large house, and one hidden in the shadow of 
one of the smaller buildings. When your done, leave. Head in a southeastern direction until
you find a cave. Enter it. Go downstairs for an ally, then upstars and follow the path. There's
a hidden switch near the gate that makes it open. Exit this cave. Now, follow the path and
enter the tower you find. Kill the knights that attack you and go upstairs. Then, fall down the 
hole so you land near the switch below. Hit it and go back upstairs. Hit the switch that has
appeared now, and go upstairs, hit both buttons this time, go upstairs and walk along the 
invisible floor to the next button. You can see parts of it flash in and out of sight, so its 
easy. Go upstairs. Step on the button. Enter the passage. Fight the boss. He's not too hard, 
you can pretty much ignore the knights, concentrate on killing the robed guy before he 'casts'
you into oblivion. 'Strong' spells are your friends. Don't be afraid to catch him in your Strong,
he never does anything but defend and use magic. 
Once he dies, you'll be in a cave. Follow this path. ... Hit the 'A' button until it will let you
proceed. When it asks you a question, say 'no'. I think. More on this when i get a clue. :P

Chapter 6- Rukyu
Go into the castle and go before the king. He'll resurrect a few familliar faces to try to kill
you. This is an annoying battle, just take out the non-spellcasters first. Why? Because, your 
minions are likely to get wiped out, BUT, you are immune to all attack magic at this point. 
Bototm line? War of attrition, which you will win. Afterwords, go into the baement of the castle.
In this area, you must walk about until you step accross the section of floor that causes a 
symbol to appear. Once this is done, the teleporters will lead you to another place. In the last
of these rooms, there is a sign hidden next to the wall just to the left of the fourth sign.
Step on it, and then keep going, and you'll face the king once more. No contest, if you have 
minions (you should have grabbed a few by habit), cast Strong on one and he will no doubt 
slaughter the king, espically if its the multi-headed dragon. But wait! There's still more!
The king turns into a giant... thing. Now you have to kill this... thing. The only way to win is
to cast Shield on Rukyu, and keep it up, while you use Magic Arrow on him. Don't bother to save
your minions. Its not going to help. Keep it up, and he will die. 

Chapter 6- Roda
Follow the trail and meet your friends again. Walk into the far left of this room, then onto the
platfrom as it falls, then go across to the door. Then, go to the right of where you are to rise 
up, then go left to make a path, then go up. Go to the right, DO NOT go near that door. You'll 
have to fight a murderous boss otherwise. In the room with the save man, go NW for a shop! 
There is a LOT of junk you can buy for Roda. Sell off all your attack spells and get them! Then, 
go NE in the room where the save man was and you'll meet up with... Some REALLY STRANGE woman. 
She'll do something to Roda, and its time for the end...

Chapter 7-
Just a scene... ATTENTION, EVERYONE! BEAR WITLESS! As i long suspected, you have a choice of who
to go to the final battle with, Rukyu or Roda. Left is Rukyu, right is Roda. Choose... 

Finale- Rukyu
You knew this was comming. And you knew it'd be TOO easy. Simply use Magic Arrow until Roda is a
crispy crtitter. If you somehow lose this fight (um, sure), use Shield first and then fry Roda.
Ok, that's it. Let's go home. 

Finale- Roda
Ok, if you bought the gear i told you to in the previous chapter, this is possible. Yes, all of 
it. Yes, liquidate all your spells except 15 Cures, 20 or so Counters, and a few Heals. Simply 
keep Counter up at all times, and it'll be over soon.

7. Special Thanks
Me, for writing this.
Ziggy for ALL his help.
SirYoink for all HIS help. 
Davin FOR all his help.
Akujin for his cool translation of the intro.

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