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Guide and Walkthrough by Ice84

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/16/2001

                    Cannon Fodder FAQ/Walkthrough
                          Done by: Ice84
                     e-mail: jezg_84@hotmail.com
                            Version 1.0

1.- Version History
2.- Introduction
3.- Controls
4.- General Tips
5.- Mission Tips
6.- Credits & Acknowledgements
7.- Credits

1.- Version History

Version 1.0 (21/VII/2001) - Started with the guide about Cannon Fodder for
Super Nintendo. The General Tips and the Mission Tips up to the third mission
are completed.

Version 1.5 (16/IX/2001) - Continued wit the guide. Because now I'm limited in
time, I will make the tips in some areas very general for all the stages and
missions. When I have enough time, probably I will improve the tips. Also, I've
changed my nick.

2.- Introduction

Welcome to my Cannon Fodder Faq/Walkthrough! Cannon Fooder is a strategy game
that has come for many systems, althogh this guide covers the Super Nintendo
version. Playing Cannon Fodder is not very difficult. It is like Starcraft,
Command & Conquer, or Age of Empires, but not as complete as these ones because
of the capacity of the system. Considering this, Cannon Fodder still has a good
challenge because with just a few units you have to complete each mission.

So, if you have problems in any mission, continue reading.

3.- Controls

As I said before, the controls are very easy. With the control pad you move
your units and the pointer. With A you move your units and with B you fire. In
order to see the map you can either select the worldmap picture from the screen
or press Y. If you press A + B, you can shoot grenades or missiles you have
found in boxes through the game.

Pressing Start will take the cursor to the menu to the left. Now, if you are at
the screen where the soldiers are entering the building (before the mission
briefing), you can press select to gain access to a secret menu where you can
save a game, load a game (using password) and change some options. Later on I
will post the passwords for each mission.

Although you begin your mission with all your units joined, you can select
which unit or units you want to control. This can be really helpful in certain
missions. In order to do this, press Start. Then, on the screen, select the
units and then click on the eagle picture. With this, you can control part of
your whole "army". For joining them together again, just go to the rest and teh
army and click on them.

4.- General Tips

-In order to shoot to an enemy, the pointer doesn't have to be exactly above
the enemy. While the enemy is in the fire range, he can be killed. The same
happens to buildings. They must not be completely seen in order to fire at

-Be careful when shooting at barrels or grenade boxes. They can create chain
reactions that could kill some of your units besides destroying the nearby

-Use missiles and grenades only when necessary, specially when destroying
buildings and high level units. Note that when you want to throw further a
grenade, just put the pointer farther than the objective.

-In some missions, it is better to work with just a part of your units,
specially in dangerous areas or in mission where you have to control many

-Control is very important. In practice missions, try to practice with the
control and learn how to control units and miss enemy shots in a secure way.

-You and enemy soldiers cannot fire in water. Take note of this when selecting
your strategies.

5.- Mission Tips

Mission 1 The Sensible Initiation

-It's a Jungle Out There

This mission is very easy. Just kill the three enemies that appear in the upper
part of the map and it will be all. Perfect to learn some of the basic
strategies and movements in the game.

Mission 2 Onward Virgin Soldiers

-Bridge Over the River Pie

A very easy mission also. Just kill all the soldiers that are around.
First kill the enemies that are swimming. Then kill all the enemies in the
south part of the map. When all of this is done, go over the bridge and kill
the rest of them.

-Trash Enemy HQ

Another training mission, but a little more complicated than the last one. Just
go south and kill all the enemies in your way. When arriving to the enemy base
in the southweastern part of the map, first kill the enemies, and then go after
the barrels beside the house in order to destroy the base. If you see a box
containing armament, take it and use it to destroy faster the base.

Mission 3 Antartic Adventure

-Blast, It's Cold

Things are getting worse. First go to the building to the east and take the box
containig grenades, being careful of not shooting at it because it is veru
necessary for you, besides that the explosion could kill some of your few
units.  Kill all the soldiers in the way. After obtaining  the grenades, go to
the rest of the buildings. When all the way is cleared, destroy the buildings
with the grenades. A building is destroyed if its door is destroyed, so take
note on this.

Mission 4 Super Smashing Namtastic

-Beachy Head
Go to the SE of the map and take the grenades from the building there and use
them to destroy the buildings. Also, if you need more grenades, there are some
in the NW in the building there.

-Pier Pressure
In this mission, you just have to go to the end of the pier opposite to the
enemy buiding and destroy it with grenades. Be carefull, because you only have
2 grenades per soldier.

-Village People
Just focus your attacks to the buildings that have doors. The natives won't
attack you unless you attack them. Be careful with the quick sand in the SE and
with the foxhole in the W. It has a lot of soldiers that may emerge from it.

Shoot the trip wire that is located near the quicksand patch in the NW and the
near line of trees. Don't ener think in steping over it. As a suggestion, the
quicksand patches may be used for your advantage. The bazooka barrel is not
reachable, so don't lose your time.

-Coming more in next updates-

6.- Credits & Acknowledgements

This guide was written by Ice84.

If you have any doubts, comments, suggestions, or contributions, you can make
them by sending an e-mail to: jezg_84@hotmail.com

Thanks to:

-Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com), for publishing my guide.

7.- Copyright

Copyright (c) 2001, Ice84. All rights reserved. This work may not be published
without my permission. It may only be used for personal purposes.

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