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FAQ by Nanaki

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/2001

      Cannon Fodder- A strategic war game for the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System (SNES).

---Table of Contents

1.	About me (Skip if you want ^^)
-The Author
-This Guide
2.	Cannon Fodder
-Things you should know
-Hints and Tips
3.	Credits
4.	Things to update

About me (Skip if you want ^^)

~The Author

Well, where should I begin... My name is Jerome Paul Esteban, but I
prefer the alias Nanaki Sanomura Himusuke. This Guide is my very first
and may well be my very last if I see it as a failure. Saying this, I
hope this Guide helps you to understand and master the greater aspects
and mastry of the finesse of Cannon Fodder.

e-mail me at; neo_nanaki@edsamail.com.ph
AIM; Neo Nanaki X500

That was a short and boring biography of my FAQ life...

~This Guide

This, as I stated before, is my first Guide/FAQ. It's about an amazing
game for the SNES, Cannon Fodder. If you bought this game from a site
such as eBAY, or if you downloaded it as a ROM, then chances are the
game didn't come with an official instruction booklet. Like mine... Well,
this Guide is supposed to be your "instruction booklet" for Cannon
Fodder. But with the Walkthrough part and FAQ, think of it as an
unofficial guide.

Current Version: 1.0
Date: April 30, 2001

Past versions/dates: None

Cannon Fodder

~Things you should know

Cannon Fodder is a real time strategy war game, which means this isn't
for people who detest war. Even if Cannon Fodder is just a game, it has
strikingly realistic features. Like the blood, explosions, blood,
recruits, blood, rankings... And Blood.


Graphics: 6/10

"Well... Graphics don't matter, it's the gameplay that counts... Right?"
If you vomit at the sight of stick men being five to seven pixels big,
bullets the size of heads, and explosions being yellow and orange
boxes, then quit this game. Now. I mean it. That's what the graphics
are like.

Sound: 7?/10

"Ahhh! My ears! Wait a minute, I'm deaf..."
The first time I played Cannon Fodder, I thought my speakers were
broken. There's no background music. But, in order to compensate, the
game has sounds that fairly resemble real time war... Gunshots, grenade
explosions, and the revving of a jeep all sound fairly decent.
Unfortunately, after about round 3, my speakers really did break... So I
can't give an accurate rating for the sounds...

Control: 9/10

"Run, Forest, run!"
Although using the SNES Mouse is _MUCH_ more convenient than the
controller, it takes very little time to get used to either one of the
peripherals. There are very few buttons to use which is a one up for
me, however this can spell danger to those who are used to binding a
key to a certain function for many functions...

Gameplay: 8.5/10
"This just keeps getting better and better..."
The gameplay itself is what makes me keep coming back for more. It's so
vast, so fluent, and even if you're Japanese you can understand almost
every aspect of the game (Although it took me a while to find out how
to use grenades and rocket launchers). It's fun, violent, and
explosive; everything a game needs. To me.

Overall: 8/10
"Pretty damn good... Go go go!"
Ok ok, so the average of the scores is 7.6, but that doesn't live up to
what I think this game is worth. Even if it's on the SNES (Which was
one of the most successful systems of it's time; the 16 bit era), it
feels like you're on an N64. I think there is a computer version of
this game, but this is what started the whole Cannon Fodder fad... I


This game can be played using the SNES Controller or Mouse.

D-Pad: Moves cursor. Soldiers face that direction.
A button: Move to cursor.
B button: Fire at cursor.
X button: No function.
Y button: View map.
L & R buttons: No function.
A+B buttons: Toss grenade/Fire rocket
Select: Bring up the load screen in main menu.

Slide mouse: Moves cursor. Soldiers face that direction.
Left mouse button: Move to cursor.
Right mouse button: Fire at cursor.
Left+Right mouse buttons: Toss grenade/Fire rocket
To view map with the mouse, click on the quarter globe near the bottom-

Separating members
To separate a member(s) from the pack, click on their name(s) on the
left and choose whether you want to give him grenades/rockets. A box
around the grenades/rockets means he will get all of them, a dotted box
means half, and no box means none. When you're finished arming him,
double click on the bar above the picture of the two soldiers. He is
now out of the main group. To switch between groups, click on the bar
above whichever group's names. To put a man(men) back in a group, move
the man(men) to the group you want him to join.

Double-click on the white flag on the bottom left to surrender.


Q. How do I get more soldiers?
A. After every mission, more recruits come to your station to be
trained as a full-fledged soldier. If you want more soldiers to join
you during an actual mission or phase, you'll just have to lose or win
the mission/phase.

Q. Does ranking affect how your soldiers perform?
A. I believe that ranking affects how often your soldier ducks and
rolls during movement... It seems that soldiers with higher ranks are
often put on point (The man at the front).

Q. Why don't my grenades go where I want?
A. In addition to the position of your cursor, your troops must be
facing the direction you want to throw the grenades, and if you want
your grenades to go farther, place your cursor a little farther than
the destination.

Q. Your FAQ section sucks arse!
A. Is that even a question...? If you want it to be better, than submit
your questions to me... I'd gladly put it up here.

Q. How do you bring up the load screen?
A. Press SELECT in the main menu. Thanks goes to Jill Metzler!


Mission 1
You start with two soldiers... That's more than enough in this mission.
Go up to the two enemy soldiers and shoot them. Then, go right and
shoot the other soldier. Mission complete.

Mission 2 Phase 1 of 2
An enemy soldier might swim to your position from the river above you.
Shoot him. Then, swim up to the opening in the forest through the same
river. Kill the two enemy soldiers that run to you, then kill the other
soldier hiding to the left. Proceed upward and kill any soldier you
meet. Proceed down the bridge and kill anyone you see. Or, you can do
the inverse, down the forest then up the bridge.

Mission 2 Phase 2 of 3
Swim down the winding river or walk along the edges. You can't shoot
while in deep water (Dark Blue), so try to stay along the edges as much
as possible. If you're in the water and see an enemy swimming to you,
swim to the edge and shoot him. When you get to the bottom of the map,
You can either pick up the box of grenades to manually throw them at
the house, or shoot the box to blow up the house.

More To Come Soon.

~Hints and Tips
When doing combat against a soldier with a rocket launcher, zig-zag
your way into firing range. Never stay stationary. You'll get blown to

If you think you killed everyone in a certain mission but didn't get
the mission complete sign, walk around to see if any soldier is still
alive. Even if you shoot a soldier, he could still be alive bleeding
from a wound.

Be careful of quicksand. If you do step in it, keep moving. Your
chances of living are slim, but you can escape if you keep moving.

Watch out for claymore mines on the battlefield (They're shown as
white/gray dots). If you see any, shoot them to avoid stepping on it.

In difficult missions, send out one of your soldiers to be a scout.
That way, if he dies, the rest of your men are still alive and won't
make the same mistake. This is especially good on missions that have
men with rocket launchers. If you send out your whole troop on one
rocket launching soldier, chances are the explosion of a rocket will
kill any unlikely soldier in the back of the line.

Remember, explosions kill anyone. If you see a man with a rocket
launcher, try to get him to blow up some of his own men; or even

When bombing a building, watch out for flying debris/roofs. Watch the
shadow, and if you think the debris/roof is going to hit your soldiers,
move them out.


-New- Jill Metzler for explaining how to bring up the load screen for 
      me when nobody else would. Thanks Jill!

Myself for being bored enough to make this guide =P

My cousin, Peter, who was stuck in a level asking for help; I came
along and wrote this guide.

GameFAQs FAQ Authors for their FAQs. They're helpful.

CjayC for his excellency in maintaining GameFAQs

CjayC's wife for making him have little breaks from maintaining
GameFAQs; His brain would've fried if he keeps maintaining 24/7...

Things To Update

The FAQ section needs feedback, and the Walkthrough could do some

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