Why?Was that a fish.What?Why?

  1. So....I'm having alot of fun playing slayers. Then suddenly I went back to cliff's lake. I got on the boat. That's when i fought this enemy. There were 3 fish(I don't know its name).I used Gourry's ability (that can instakill) and killed all of them and the reward was 394k experience....I took a picture of the experience if needed, but why put that in there. It leveled Lina up 13 times. I know I should be great full........Now this fun easy game is suddenly ridiculously easy..........I wanted to share my experience and I was hoping someone could find the name of this enemy and update the gamefaq. PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?

    User Info: mcrazy96

    mcrazy96 - 2 years ago

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