Review by kain50bc

Reviewed: 10/24/05

The absolute best text-based rpg I've ever played so far

After hearing a lot about this game i decided to finally grab it and play it. I am so, so, so glad i listened to their advice. This has got to be the best investigation game I've ever played.

Graphics: 10/10
For a text based RPG this has astounding graphics! The intro movie is absolutely magnificent in its design. You have proper flashlight flashes when it is directed towards you, dynamic action sequences, no jerky movement. Character designs are good, area designs are great. I have absolutely no complaints at all.

Sound: 10/10
As a change I'm going to give you a bit more length in my sound section this time. First of all I like the music. It suits the mood of every scene well (and I do mean EVERY scene). But what I liked most was the hints you picked up through the sound. Every time you get a new clue or new information about your case there will be a chime of sorts to let you know of this. No voice acting but it isn't really needed.

Gameplay: 10/10
Oh my god how am I meant to put this in words? First of all you are a trainee detective, hired by Utsugi someone (I'm not very good at remembering Japanese names). You are investigating the case of a murder of a schoolgirl named Yoko who was found washed up on a riverbank. Progressing from there it is your job to ask questions and discover exactly how this could have happened. As you progress through the story you find that this girl may have ties to a ghost story floating around the school called "the girl in the back". overall the story is just astounding with many twists, some humor and even a bit of romance. It's even scary in some places! The game is linear... it won't let you do something you can't in the options you're given and there is always a place to go. But this is not a problem as you won't be continually going to any place you want, you know what you need to find is in that area.

Replayability: 5/10
This is always going to be a problem with these sorts of games. There are two things you can alter in the ending but I won't spoil anything. You might play it to alter these or just because its a great story but probably not for anything else

Overall: 10/10 the absolute GREATEST text based RPG I've played so far.

Rating: 10

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