Review by Z3RO SoE

Reviewed: 05/18/07

HABUREDO!! ...Or did he say Super Alpha Blade?

First I want to clarify that Ruin Arm is not a good game. It has its highlights, but gameplay is certainly not one of them. Yes, it start is really cool. The game opens up with a very quaint song and a view over a fairly good looking forest. The first thing that hits you is how well composed the song is. Many different phrases in a elegant harmony. Thumbs up. After a few words of dialogue you take control of the main character, Jack (No I'm just kidding, I don't know the real name). If you experiment with the controllers, you see that by attacking un armed you do a punch or kick combined with a voice sample. More of these samples later.

After walking around a bit you find a companion who can be controlled by player two. Yes, it is a two player game, Action RPG. How can you fail such concept you might ask? Well, mostly because the fighting aspect of the game is not the major part. It's much like in Lord of the Rings for SNES, how fun is it to play 5-players at the same time if there's only walking involved?

There are enemies in the game, and the first look might fool you. Yes there is a left and right-hand system, you can weapon clash, use shield, shoot from distance and use magic. But the game sucks anyway, because you have no practical use of these cool features. The easiest way is to swing your blade twice to kill your enemy, IN EVERY SITUATION. There is a advanced weapon system which I absolutely think is the best part of the game. By bringing ore to a smith, you can have him forge various different weapons. Sword, Lance, Sabre, Bow and Arrow, Mace, Spear, Crossbow, Whip, Axe and more. Fabulous! But these are too expensive and hard to get, and they break if you use them too much. And while all combat in this game is a child's play, the nice weapon system is completely unnecessary.

Player one does always control Jack, and player two have different characters along the way. First you take the control of a magic-using girl. Yes her spells might be cool, but here as well you have no use of these due lame combat situations. And the AI just can't handle magic. The AI is embarrassingly bad. Getting stuck on 1 pixel obstacles and use up all mana on the first enemy (Without a single hit). So magic is totally useless unless you play with a friend.

Another character can use the axe, another can shoot with a big gun, the third can travel under water, the fourth can use the lance etc. There are also horses you can ride for better movement which is cool, but these are only available like 5 min during this 30h game. Duh...

The game is filled with annoying puzzles. Withouth Ritchie's FAQ for this game, it's almost impossible to beat the dungeons. You are supposed to walk around and collect stars so you can jump further. Yes, jump. Jump so you can reach items you otherwise couldn't. This is a weak part of the game because it's so unrewarding to go trough all the mazes. But the worst parts of the game must be the jumping parts. Some jumps are so damn hard it's only possible to make it with a Game Genie. For one jump I've must have tried like a 100 times before I could reach a box. A box which I thought contained a key, but no, it's content was a few healing plants... Worth a few hours of practise?

I've really tried to have fun with this game, I have. But that seems impossible. It's not even fun playing in co-op with a friend. The boring parts just take too much time. Everything feels lousy programmed and the whole game is unrewarding, including the ending. The story though might be good because there is a lot of dialogue, and some songs are great, but the game as a whole is not worth the money.

Oh, I forgot to mention the definite highlight of the game. It is when charging the blade with the first player and to listen to the poorly converted voice sample which is supposed to say Super Alpha Blade but more sounds like HABUREDO!!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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