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Reviewed: 08/20/02 | Updated: 08/20/02

The best 2-D Spiderman game around

Wow. This is an awesome game. Usually, most Spiderman games suck. Think of, for example, Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six; Spiderman & X-Men: Arcade's Revenge; Maximum Carnage; and the list goes on. Most of those games just don't capture the Spiderman spirit as they should. But this little known game - Spiderman: Lethal Foes - is a real gem. Here's why:

Graphics: 9/10
Sure, the graphics aren't up to par with games like Donkey Kong Country or Tales of Phantasia, but the Graphics in S:LF get the job done. The backgrounds are detailed and colorful, and the character sprites all look exactly like who they're supposed to portray (except Dr. Octopus - He look's kind of weird).

Sound: 7/10
The music is nothing special, but it doesn't get annoying either. Nothing sticks out in my mind. The sound effects are fitting, but kind of weird. For example, when you punch, it makes the same ''whap'' sound whether you hit an enemy or not. Also, the sound Spidey makes when he gets hurt sounds EXACTLY like Samus' hurt sound in Super Metroid.

Control: 10/10
This is where the game really shines. This is also where most other Spiderman games fall short. Spiderman actually moves fast in this game, which is a big plus. The control is quite responsive, and swinging on a web is easy, fast, and fun. It's also easy to cling to any wall or ceiling, and sometimes even the background wall (I've done it, but I couldn't quite get the hang of it). Unfortunately, the ease of use of the web swing kind of messes up the learning curve, because outdoor levels are a breeze with that particular move. Also, you can fight enemies by pummeling them with the punch button, or by shooting webs at them.

Story: ?/10
Well, this game does appear to have a good story, in fact it has a cutscene between each level, but I have no idea what the story is, because the game is in Japanese. That's right, the game was never released in North America (shame, really), and as far as I know, there's no fan translated ROM of it. However, hence the name Lethal Foes, you do get to see many of Spiderman's familiar enemies, including Lizard, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Carnage, and others. There's also friendly cameos from The Human Torch, some guy who's name I forget (he has a blue uniform and weird floaty balls around his head) and Iron Fist. Venom also lends a hand while fighting the final boss.

Buy or Rent:
Well, if you could some how manage to find an imported copy of this dated game, you might as well get it. Also, unless you live in Japan and know of a place that still rents out Super Famicom games, it's impossible to rent. You could also download the ROM, but I'm not going to mention where.

Rating: 9

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