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Reviewed: 08/14/06

Unknown games are often fun. This is one.

Eien no Filena is a game set in a place where outcasts are looked down upon and are sent to battle, like the movie Gladiator. Your name is Filena, and you want to escape this evil society and want to right its wrongs.

Gameplay - 9/10
This game seems to run like an average RPG, with equips, skills, and all that jazz. However, the game seems to play somewhat like something from the SaGa series, although the story is much more important. You can equip multiple weapons, and by equipping different weapons(Knives, Swords, Spears, Axes, etc) you learn weapon-specific skills. You level up like most other games through experience won from battles. One complaint I have about this game is that it's very easy in the beginning, and it's not at all hard to get money to buy the best (at the time) equipment for your characters. The battles with the other gladiators are very easy, and with the skills you learn after a few battles, everything is a breeze, unless you make a wrong turn and head out into places you're not supposed to be. Then you will surely get manhandled, but aside from that, the difficulty is medium-low. There aren't really any gameplay features like a Sphere Grid or Item Creation that make things even funner, but Eien no Filena still has solid gameplay.

Graphics and Sound - 8/10
The graphics for this game are slightly outdated, and don't really push the SNES limits like Star Ocean, Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy VI. The graphics are more than decent, though, and the backgrounds and level designs are fairly good. Sound for this game isn't really stellar, but the music really fits the part and helps make the game even better. Overall, not the game's best quality...

Story - 10/10
The story for this really caught my attention, because it shows how people can be looked down upon by skin-color, religion, or just being a "Clechia" in this game. Clechias are forced to fight to their death in the first town you're in, the place Filena grew up in, training under her grandfather. Her grandfather, no different from other Clechia, is also forced to fight battles, and teaches her well. Filena, a girl, is forced by her grandfather to pretend she's a boy, because surviving as a man is much better than a woman. All gladiators get a woman to sleep with the night before their fight, and when Filena meets another girl in bed, things get pretty awkward. However, the girl remains loyal to Filena and acts as her "wife," and later fights along side you in the field of battle. Filena meets a reporter in the first town who doesn't like the Empire's treatment of Clechia. The reporter helps her find the truth out about herself, and also joins you in your quest. Overall, the story is very well done, and will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Duration - 9/10
The story of the game really takes over, moreso than the gameplay itself, but it helps add to the duration of the game. The dungeons can get fairly long, and if a party member or two get knocked out, the challenge greatly increases, and so does the time playing it.

For any downisde this game may have to it, there's an even stronger upside to it that makes this game a great game to play and enjoy. You probably won't find a cart of it anywhere, but just like many Japanese SNES games, there's someone out there like you who wanted to play it so bad that he translated it...

Rating: 9

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