• Passwords

    At the title screen choose the second selection down and enter the following combination.

    BEAR Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Fox, Bear, Tiger
    BEAR Area 02 IcecapFox, Mole, Bear, Frog
    BEAR Area 03 DesertMole, Monkey, Bear, Bear
    BEAR Area 04 BeachMonkey, Tiger, Bear, Chicken
    BEAR Area 05 SpaceBear, Monkey, Bear, Kangaroo
    CHICKEN Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Mole, Chicken, Tiger
    CHICKEN Area 02 IcecapFox, Monkey, Chicken, Frog
    CHICKEN Area 03 DesertMole, Tiger, Chicken, Bear
    CHICKEN Area 04 BeachMonkey, Frog, Chicken, Chicken
    CHICKEN Area 05 SpaceBear, Tiger, Chicken, Kangaroo
    FOX Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Tiger, Fox, Tiger
    FOX Area 02 IcecapFox, Frog, Fox, Frog
    FOX Area 03 DesertMole, Bear, Fox, Bear
    FOX Area 04 BeachMonkey, Chicken, Fox, Chicken
    FOX Area 05 SpaceBear, Bear, Fox, Kangaroo
    FROG Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Kangaroo, Frog, Tiger
    FROG Area 02 IcecapFox, Fox, Frog, Frog
    FROG Area 03 DesertMole, Mole, Frog, Bear
    FROG Area 04 BeachMonkey, Monkey, Frog, Chicken
    FROG Area 05 SpaceBear, Mole, Frog, Kangaroo
    KANGAROO Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Monkey, Kangaroo, Tiger
    KANGAROO Area 02 IcecapFox, Tiger, Kangaroo, Frog
    KANGAROO Area 03 DesertMole, Frog, Kangaroo, Bear
    KANGAROO Area 04 BeachMonkey, Bear, Kangaroo, Chicken
    KANGAROO Area 05 SpaceBear, Frog, Kangaroo, Kangaroo
    MOLE Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Frog, Mole, Tiger
    MOLE Area 02 IcecapFox, Bear, Mole, Frog
    MOLE Area 03 DesertMole, Chicken, Mole, Bear
    MOLE Area 04 BeachMonkey, Kangaroo, Mole, Chicken
    MOLE Area 05 SpaceBear, Chicken, Mole, Kangaroo
    MONKEY Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Bear, Monkey, Tiger
    MONKEY Area 02 IcecapKangaroo, Chicken, Monkey, Frog
    MONKEY Area 03 DesertMole, Kangaroo, Monkey, Bear
    MONKEY Area 04 BeachMonkey, Fox, Monkey, Chicken
    MONKEY Area 05 SpaceBear, Kangaroo, Monkey, Kangaroo
    TIGER Area 01 grasslandKangaroo, Chicken, Tiger, Tiger
    TIGER Area 02 IcecapFox, Kangaroo, Tiger, Frog
    TIGER Area 03 DesertMole, Fox, Tiger, Bear
    TIGER Area 04 BeachMonkey, Mole, Tiger, Chicken
    TIGER Area 05 SpaceBear, Fox, Tiger, Kangaroo

    Contributed By: Tropicon.


  • Special level access

    The game ends after the beach level but if you wait through the credits and the end screen you’ll be sent to the final level Space.

    To get a whole different set of levels for the entire game hold L an R when you turn the game on. If done correctly the start screen will be red.

    Contributed By: Tropicon.

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