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Move List and Guide by bitman16

Updated: 03/17/2004

Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling '94 BattleField
by Varie for Nintendo Super Famicon System (SNES)

A brief review and finishing move list written by bitman16 

This a New Japan Pro Wrestling game released in 1994. It has a simple
engine with strikes and grappling based on timing and input like Fire
Pro wrestling games.The game is easy to play with win by pinfall, submission
or countout. Pretty basic stuff.
Some moves look awesome like the powerbombs and german suplexes.
Vertical suplexes and any move off the top rope look stupid. The action is
fast. It features 20 performers, tournaments, tag matches, singles matches
anf usual fight for the belt modes. The graphics are clear with the wrestlers
being easy to identify. The ring and arena are nice looking. The sound is
a mixed bag. The music is OK but the sound effects are at best average.
The crowd noise is poor and sometimes the ref forgets to count out loud.
 It isn't game to take to a desert island but it is a nice addition to an import
wrestling game collection. To garbage rasslin' fans; there is no blood or chairs.
Muta does spit mist for the player that must cheat  :)

Rating- 6/10 - Interesting but don't trade in Super Fire Pro Wrestling X for it!

Here's a little FAQ for confused importers.
Basic control-
L/R = taunt or pin
X= lift fallen opponent, enter/exit ring, tag ,block
Y= run, or whip opponent from grapple
B= punch, strong grapple
A= kick, weak grapple ,kick out off pins

Special Moves= A+B or Y+B in a certain situation. These moves use energy
from your Power Meter (yellow bar). Some need a lot of juice like the Steiner

Roster with Finishers. The bracketed number refers to the page in the game
manual. The wrestler are listed in order of select screen in the game.

Top Row- left to right

Riki Choysu (p11)
A+B -Sharpshooter- fallen opponent at feet
B+Y -Big Lariat- running  attack
Hashimoto (p13)
A+B -DDT- front grapple
Y+B -Heel Kick- running atk
Great Muta (p15)
A+B -Moonsault- tope rope
B+Y -'Rana- opp running in
A+B -Handspring elbow- running atk
Koshinaka (p17)
A+B -Butt Bump- running atk
B+Y -Dragon Suplex- back grapple
Nogami (p19)
A+B -Swan dive splash- tope rope
B+Y -Heel Kick- running atk
Warrior Hawk (p22)
A+B -Power Slam- opp running
B+Y -Doomsday Line- top rope to standing opp
Scott Norton (p23)
A+B -Power Slam- opp running
B+Y -Choke Slam- front grapple
Rick Steiner (p25)
A+B -Power Slam- opp running
B+Y -Release German suplex- back grapple
Jushin Lyger (p27)
A+B -Lyger Bomb- front grapple
B+Y -Shooting Star Press- top rope
Tiger Mask (29)
A+B -Tiger Suplex- back grapple
B+Y -Spin Splash- tope rope
A+B -Flip Kick- running atk

Bottom Row- left to right

Fujinami (12)
A+B -Neck Wrench- fallen opp head
B+Y -Dragon Suplex-back grapple
Chono (p14)
A+B -STF- fallen opp feet
B+Y -Shoulder Dive- tope rope standing opp
A+B -Mafia Kick- running atk
Hiro Hase (p16)
A+B -Airplane spin- fallen opp head
B+Y -Northern Lights Suplex- front grapple
A- Uranage Suplex- back grapple (not a special)
Saitoh (p18)
A+B -Heel Kick- running atk
B+Y -Booker T Side Kick-  opp running
Iiuzuka (p20)
A+B -Hennig Plex- front grapple
B+Y -'Rana- front grapple
A+B -Dragon Suplex- back grapple
Power Warrior (p21)
A+B -Power Slam- opp running
B+Y -Power Dog- opp running
Hercules Fernandez (p24)
A+B -Power Slam- opp running
B+Y -Power Bomb- front grapple
Scott Steiner (p26)
A+B -Press Slam- front grapple
B+Y -Frankensteiner- opp running
B+Y -Steiner Screwdriver- front grapple
Wild Pegusas- Chris Benoit (p28)
A+B -Dragon suplex- back grapple
El Samurai(p30)
A+B -Jack Knife Power Bomb- front grapple
B+Y -'Rana- front grapple

Hope this helps !

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