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FAQ/Walkthrough by Arcadia

Updated: 04/11/04

Samsara Naga 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
by Arcadia

Questions? Comments? Corrections? Flames?
Email them to me at arcadia@despammed.com

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Table of Contents:
0. General Comments
I. General Game Advice
II. Frequently Asked Questions
III. Item lists
 1. Items
 2. Weapons
 3. Armor
 4. Helmets
 5. Shields
 6. Gloves
 7. Shoes
 8. Capes
 9. Accessories
IV. Haratama locations
V. Haratama prizes
VI. Mantra lists
 1. White dragon Mantras
 2. Blue dragon Mantras
VII. Store stock
VIII. Walkthrough

----0. General Comments

I should note that this game was directed by Mamoru Oshii, who is more 
well-known for directing many cool anime films.

There are some item names that I couldn't find a decent translation for. 
If you know what thay really mean, please tell me.

This file is best viewed using a fixed-width font.

If you're looking for the answer to a specific question, but don't want to 
risk spoiling the rest of the game, check the "Frequently Asked Questions" 
section first to see if it's there.

In this game, you can choose the gender of the main character. I wrote 
this walkthrough using the female hero. I don't think the hero's gender 
affects the story, but keep this in mind. If you notice any differences 
using the male hero, feel free to tell me.

In the Store Stock section, if I've listed something as a "store", it 
means a guy standing behind a counter. If it's listed as a "vendor", it's 
a guy walking around.

And just because I'm a stickler for details, I'll explain the origin of 
the name. "Samsara" is a Buddhist term for the world around us, the world 
of illusion that we can only escape by achieving enlightenment. Nothing in 
this world is real, but we are reincarnated here over and over until we 
escape the cycle. Keep this in mind when you're playing the game. It 
actually is relevant.

----I. General Game Advice

You can talk to people by pressing the R button, and search by pressing 
the L button. You can find out the name of the area you're in by pressing 
the Y button.

You can earn extra money in this game by selling monsters you've defeated 
to the local Haratama noodle shops. Geez, I wonder what's in those noodles!
You don't want to sell all your monsters, though. Your dragons need to 
eat. At the end of a battle, your dragon(s) will ask if they can eat the 
monsters. You can then decide to let them eat it now, or save the monster 
to sell. If you let them eat the monsters, they will regain some HP and MP.
Just a hint- in the early part of the game, you'll probably want to keep 
more than you sell. You'll need them later.

At world 6, you have to change currency. Save up some monsters to sell 
before you do.

Unlike most RPGs, in Samsara Naga 2 your equipment will eventually wear 
out and break. It's a good idea to hang on to your old equipment unless 
you're desperate for cash or you can't hold any more items. Even obsolete 
equipment is better than none at all.

There are 8 worlds in Samsara Naga 2. You start at the lowest one and work 
your way to the top. Once you ascend to a higher world, you can't go back 
down. Make sure you've finished everything before you leave.

The little towers you see are called "Stoupas". Search them. Sometimes 
something strange will happen... 

Occasionally, you will see different colored dragon tiles on the floor. 
These are called "Taos". These have different properties.
Yellow Tao: You can save your game on these. If one of your dragons is 
dead, you can revive it for a fee.
Green Tao: These heal you completely.
Blue Tao: Use these to travel between worlds.
Red Tao: These are 
special-event Taos. What they do varies.
White Tao: These are Taos that have lost their power, or are out of order. 
They don't do anything.

Prices for items and equipment vary slightly between shops. Generally, the 
higher a shop is in its world, the more expensive it will be. Buy your 
stuff early!

----II. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the pig in the hero's status screen mean?
A: At some points in the game, you can buy pigs. If you have the right 
equipment, you can cook the pigs to restore HP.

Q: What do the icons in the upper right corner of my dragon's status 
screen mean?
A: They show what abilities a dragon has. A wand means it can use magic. A 
fish means it can swim. A bird means it can fly.

World 1:
Q: How do I open the colored doors in Rereku Cave?
A: Try going through the other side, NW of Mushufushu village. Search the 
stoupas to unlock the doors.

Q: What do I do with the Turtle Meat I found in the Mushufushu warehouse?
A: Use it in the Rainbow Spring to find the Back Door key.

Q: I finally got past Mushufushu, but it's a dead end! Where do I go?
A: Search the stoupas and caves will appear in the mountains nearby.

Q: How do I go east from Puri?
A: Get the Leviathan Scale from Nagi, then search the stoupas east of Puri.

Q: How do I get to Naga Cemetary from the springs?
A: Stay at the inn three times and call the masseuse each time. On the 
third time, the masseuse will tell you to talk to her friend, who will 
show you the way. The friend is in the SE corner of the spring. Talk to 
her and she'll give you the Drain Key. Use it to open the spring's drain. 
Go through the drain to the cemetary.

Q: I got to Naga Cemetary, but where is Al Sinha?
A: Buy a Youkan from the vendor on the west side of the springs. Search Al 
Sinha's statue and you will be asked to make an offering. Use the Youkan 
there and Al Sinha will appear.

World 3:
Q: What do I do with the Sisilla Drops?
A: Use them next to the lava flow, and it will freeze.

Q: I'm at a dead-end in Asura's Dungeon. Where do I go?
A: Search the walls. Sometimes the statues will come to life and fight 
you. If you win, a passage will open.

Q: How do I open the locked door in Asura's Dungeon?
A: Go to the Dragon Guild HQ through the blue Tao with a green Tao next to 
it. Get the Asura's Key from a man in the basement.

World 5:
Q: How do I use the Dragon Catapults?
A: Get the Flight Helmet from Sukanda and equip it. You won't be able to 
use them without the helmet.

Q: How do I get out of the Haratama in the tree?
A: Talk to the person who looks like you to get some noodles. Keep eating 
until you fall alseep. When you wake up, you'll be able to leave.

World 6:
Q: How do I beat the enemies at the colloseum all by myself?
A: You don't! After you register for the fight, you can go get your 
dragons and bring them into the colloseum with you.

Q: How do I get stamps from the empty Haratamas?
A: Search behind the counter.

Q: What do I do after I find the king in the harem room?
A: Get the Secret Key from the girl in the NE corner, then use it in the 
room where you found the king. A staircase will appear.

World 7:
Q: I can't go through the blue Tao! Where do I go from here?
A: Back where you came from. The Haratamas have more to offer...

World 8:
Q: I don't get the ending! Huh???
A: There is no ending. Everyone is reincarnated (you as your dragon, your 
dragon as you, Amurita as a random bystander, Al Sinha as a cow, one of 
the young dragons as a Guild clerk), and the cycle begins again.

----III. Item Lists

---1. Items

Name:                      Purpose:             Where to get:
-----                      --------             -------------
Akama Bug..................Heals dragons........Item shops / 370R
 (Akamamushi)               but dangerous to humans
Amazing Medicine...........Cures a plague.......Dealer in Boole
 (Sugoi Kusuri)
Angel Harp.................Confuses 1 enemy.....Item stores / 330R
 (Tennyo no Haapu)
Application Form...........Use to increase rank.Dragonrider Guild
Asura's Key................Opens door in........Suvarloka Guild's
 (Asura no Kagi)            Asura's Dungeon      Haratama
Back Door Key..............Opens door in........Rainbow Spring
 (Uramon no Kagi)           Mushufushu
Back Room Key..............Opens door in Alta...Alta
 (Oku no Heya no Kagi)
Bank Key...................Opens doors in.......Kankaara Town
 (Kinkoshitsu no Kagi)      Kankaara
Bath Drain Key.............Use to get to Naga...Woman in Naga
 (Furo no Sennuki)          Cemetary             Springs
Bathroom Key...............Opens door in Boole..Beggar in Boole
 (Benjou no Kagi)
Blue Charm.................Use to get a blue....Naga Temple / 500R
 (Ao no Omamori)            dragon
Blue Herb..................Medicine ingredient..Lighthouse near
 (Aoi Yakusou)                                   Puri
Blue Jewel.................Opens a passage in...Dragons' Lair
 (Aoi Houseki)              statue room
Blue Key...................Opens door in Nagi...Nagi
 (Aoi Kagi)
Bomb.......................Use to move heavy....Haratama #34
 (Bakudan)                  rocks
Bombers....................Toy for baby dragons.Alta Hospital/800R
Boss's Room Key............Opens door in Egg....Egg thieves' lair
 (Bosu no Heya no Kagi)     Thieves' lair
Box Lunch..................Heals hero's HP......Item stores / 80R
Candidate Badge............Use to enter Dragon..Colloseum
 (Minarai no Wappen)        Knights' base
Cat's Footsteps............Use to awaken the....Mid-air Gardens
 (Neko no Ashioto)          silver dragon
Cooking Oil................Use to cook pigs.....Chests
 (Gama no Abura)
Dangerous Ticket...........Treat yourself to a..Radon Spring
 (Abunai Chiketto)          massage!
Diving Suit................Use to swim in deep..Macara Lighthouse
 (Sensuifuku)               water
Electric Capsule...........Cures petrification..Item stores / 260R
Fire Capsule...............Fire attack against..Item stores/1500R
 (Kaenbin)                  all enemies
Fudou Rope.................Petrifies 1 enemy....stores / 300R
 (Fudou no Roopu)
Green Charm................Use to get a green...Naga Temple / 500R
 (Midori no Omamori)        dragon
Green Herb.................Medicine ingredient..Lighthouse near
 (Midori no Yakusou)                             Puri
Green Jewel................Opens a passage in...Dragons' Lair
 (Midori no Houseki)        statue room
Green Key..................Opens door in Nagi...Nagi
 (Midori no Kagi)
Hamikon....................Toy for baby green...Alta Hospital/600R
Ikketsu Charm..............Sometimes kills an...Item stores
 (Ikketsu no Fuda)          enemy
Indoanko Sphere............Restores HP and......Chests
 (Indoanko no Tama)         status
Kaibataihotou..............Revives dead dragons.Chests
Kinpun Rice Ticket.........Trade for special....Various Temples
 (Kinpunsobaken)            food at Haratama
Lego.......................Toy for baby blue....Alta Hospital/600R
 (Rego)                     dragons
Letter.....................A letter for the.....Radon Spring
 (Tegami)                   Guildmaster
Leviathan Scale............Use to get to........Nagi
 (Revaiasan no Hire)        Naga Cemetary
Lhasa Water................Decreases encounter..Item stores / 500R
 (Rasa no Mizu)             rate
Light of Kumuda............Use to awaken the....Haratama #37
 (Kumuda no Hikari)         silver dragon
Mambo Drum.................Calls monsters.......Kankaara Town
 (Manbo no Taiko)
Mandrake Root..............Restores MP..........Item stores / 500R
 (Mandarake no Mi)
Membership Card............Get into a club in...Grand Bazaar
 (Kaiin Kaado)              Grand Bazaar
Order Form.................Order food from the..Training Center
 (Chuumonsho)               Haratama
Pannaga's Key..............Opens the door to....Sagara Sea
 (Pannaga no Kagi)          Pannaga's Temple
Pig Cooking Set............Use to cook pigs.....Naga Cemetary or
 (Buta Ryouri Setto)                             Asura Dungeon
Private Room Key...........Opens door in Boole..Boole
 (Tokubetsushitsu no Kagi)
Red Charm..................Use to get a red.....Naga Temple / 500R
 (Aka no Omamori)           dragon
Red Herb...................Medicine ingredient..Lighthouse near
 (Akai Yakusou)                                  Puri
Red Jewel..................Opens a passage in...Dragons' Lair
 (Akai Houseki)             statue room
Red Key....................Opens door in Nagi...Nagi
 (Akai Kagi)
Registration Form..........Needed to register...Dragonrider Guild
 (Tourokuyoushi)            dragons
Rice Ball of Truth.........Restores HP..........Kankaara Haratama
 (Shinjitsu no Sobadama)
Rotten Helmet..............Not much use.........Haratama in Ryuen
 (Kusatta Herumetto)
Rubber Ball................Toy for baby red.....Alta Hospital/600R
 (Gomu no Chikubi)          dragons
Safe Key...................Opens the Guild's....Kankaara Oasis
 (Daiginkou no Kagi)        safe
Secret Key.................Opens a door in the..Palace harem room
 (Naisho no Kagi)           harem room
Seirogan...................Cure poison..........Item stores / 200R
Sigh of Night..............Use to awaken the....Mid-air Gardens
 (Yoru no Toiki)            silver dragon
Sisilla Drops..............Use to walk over.....Sisilla Cave
 (Shishira no Shizuku)      lava
Sorrow of Oiran............Kills all enemies....Chests
 (Oiran no Nageki)
Spring Seeds...............Use to awaken the....Mid-air Gardens
 (Haru no Ubuge)            silver draogon
Tao Key....................Opens a door in......Kankaara Town
 (Yobitao no Kagi)          Kankaara Town
Tao Room Key...............Opens a door in Wind.Janaloka Guild HQ
 (Taobeya no Kagi)          Maze
Turtle Meat................Use to get...........Mushufushu
 (Kame no Niku)             Warehouse Key
Warehouse Key..............Unlocks warehouse....Rereku Cave
 (Houmotsuko no Kagi)       in Mushufushu
Water Gate Key.............Opens a door in the..Boat in Sagara Sea
 (Suimon no Kagi)           Water Gate
Watercat Catnip............Repels monsters......Kankaara Town
 (Mizuneko no Matatabi)
Wind Oil...................Use to teach dragons.Critica
 (Kaze no Kouyu)            to fly
Youkan.....................Al Sinha's favorite..Naga Cemetary

---2. Weapons

--A. Melee weapons

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Broom......................+10 ST...........Asura's Dungeon
 (Tawashi)                 Can be used as item in battle
Souvenir Staff.............+20 ST...........Boole / 50R
 (Omiyage no Tsue)
Razor Blade................+30 ST/+5 AG.....World 6 stores
Wooden sword...............+40 ST...........Has in beginning
Bamboo Spear...............+50 ST...........Boole / 60R
Copper Staff...............+50 ST/+6 AM.....Alta / 200R
 (Akagane no Tsue)
Karukara Claw..............+60 ST/+10 AG....Haratama Prize
 (Karukara no Kiba)
Rusty Sword................+80 ST...........World 1 stores / 320R
 (Sabita Tsurugi)
Tigerfish Knife............+100 ST/+15 AG...Haratama Prize
 (Torafugu no Naifu)       Poisons enemies
Bronze Sword...............+120 ST..........World 2 stores / 900R
 (Seidou no Tsurugi)
Mandala Whip...............+120 ST/+15 AC...Kankaara Town
 (Mandara no Muchi)        +15 AC/+15 AG
Copper Sword...............+135 ST..........World 3 stores
 (Akagane no Tsurugi)
Iron Sword.................+140 ST..........World 3 stores
 (Kurogane no Tsurugi)
Ahab Harpoon...............+140 ST/+20 AC...World 6 stores
 (Eihabu no Mori)          2-handed
Sodegarami.................+150 ST/+10 AC...Egg Thieves' lair
Silver Halberd.............+150 ST/+15 AC...World 6 stores
 (Shirogane no Hoko)       2-handed
Assassin Katarrh...........+160 ST/+30 AG...World 5 stores
 (Asashin no Kataaru)
Silver Sword...............+180 ST..........World 4 stores
 (Shirogane no Tsurugi)
Al Boomerang...............+180 ST/+20 AC...Egg Thieves' lair
 (Aru no Buumeran)         +20 AM/+20 AG
Dangerous Needle...........+180 ST/+20 AG...Kankaara Town
 (Kiken na Hari)           May heal enemies!
Sansetsukon................+200 ST/+10 AC...Haratama prize
                           +10 AM/+10 AG
Shiva's Halberd............+220 ST/+30 AC...World 6 stores
 (Shiva no Hoko)           2-handed / Half damage is healed
Kurikara Sword.............+250 ST..........World 6 stores
 (Kurikara no Tsurugi)
Asura Sword................+350 ST..........Chest in World 8
 (Asura no Tsurugi)        Sometimes attacks multiple times
Kuriko Staff...............+10 AM...........World 3 stores / 2500R
 (Kuriko no Tsue)          Casts Kuriko when used as item
Kurikora Staff.............+14 AM...........Kankaara Town
 (Kurikora no Tsue)        Casts Kurikora when used as item
Ouroboros Staff............+18 AM...........Wind Maze
 (Uroborosu no Tsue)       Casts Gurikon when used as item
Baramon Staff..............+22 AM...........Harataa prize
 (Baramon no Tsue)         Can be used as item
Meda Staff.................+26 AM...........Haratama prize or
 (Meeda no Tsue)                             win in battle
Watercat Staff.............+30 AM...........Haratama prize
 (Mizuneko no Tsue)

--B. Bows and Arrows

You need to equip arrows in order to use a bow. Equip arrows instead of a 
shield. Arrows can only be used once, so stock up if you plan to use them.

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Willow Bow.................+10 AC/+10 AM....World 1 stores
 (Yanagi no Yumi)          +20 AG
Copper Bow.................+2 ST/+20 AC.....World 2 stores
 (Akagane no Yumi)         +20 AM/+40 AG
Iron Bow...................+5 ST/+30 AC.....World 3 stores
 (Kurogane no Yumi)        +30 AM/+60 AG
Silver Bow.................+8 ST/+40 AC.....World 4/5 stores
 (Shirogane no Yumi)       +40 AM/+80 AG
Tartar Bow.................+15 ST/+50 AC....World 5 stores
 (Tataaru no Yumi)         +50 AM/+100 AC
Rudra Bow..................+50 ST/+100 AC...World 6 stores
 (Rudora no Yumi)          +100 AM/+120 AG

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Bamboo Arrow...............+5 ST............World 1/2 stores
 (Take no Ya)
Copper Arrow...............+50 ST...........World 2 stores
 (Akagane no Ya)
Iron Arrow.................+100 ST..........World 3 stores
 (Kurogane no Ya)
Tigerfish Arrow............+200 ST..........World 4/5 stores
 (Torafugu no Ya)
Basilisk Arrow.............+250 ST..........World 5 stores
 (Bashirisuku no Ya)
Lindblum Arrow.............+300 ST..........World 6 stores
 (Rindoburumu no Ya)

---3. Armor

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Meriyas Clothes............+15 AC/+5 AM.....World 1 stores
 (Meriyasu no Fuku)        +3 AG
Leather Armor..............+30 AC/+10 AM....World 1 stores
 (Kawabuta no Haramaki)    +6 AG
Copper Breatplate..........+35 AC/+20 AM....World 2 stores
 (Akagane no Katabira)     +9 AG
Senzankou Shell............+40 AC/+40 AM....World 3 stores
 (Senzankou no Kawa)       +15 AG
Iron Armor.................+60 AC/+55 AM....World 3 stores
 (Kurogane no Yoroi)       +18 AG
Silver Armor...............+100 AC/+95 AM...World 4 stores
 (Shirogane no Yoroi)      +27 AG
Kujaku Armor...............+120 AC/+95 AM...World 4/5 stores
 (Kujaku no Yoroi)         +27 AG
Seiroga Armor..............+140 AC/+110 AM..World 5 stores
 (Seiroga no Yoroi)        +30 AG/Protects from poison
Kankaara Shell.............+160 AC/+125 AM..World 5 stores
 (Kankaara no Kawa)        +33 AG
Dharma Armor...............+180 AC/+140 AM..World 5 stores
 (Daruma no Yoroi)         +36 AG
Immortal Armor.............+200 AC/+155 AM..Dragon Knight HQ
 (Fujimi no Yoroi)         +49 AG
Panzer Armor...............+220 AC/+170 AM..World 6 stores
 (Pantsaa Aamaa)           +42 AG
Tamasa Armor...............+240 AC/+180 AM..Ganesha Temple
 (Tamasa no Yoroi)         +46 AG
Haratama Armor.............+260 AC/+200 AM..Chest in world 8
 (Haratama no Yoroi)       +50 AG

---4. Helmets

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Turban.....................+5 AC/+10 AM.....World 1 stores
Al Sinha Helmet............+7 AC/+15 AM.....Naga Cemetary
 (Arushinha Heru)
Dragonrider Helmet.........+10 AC/+15 AM....World 2 stores
 (Ryuutsukai no Herumetto)
Shachihoko Helmet..........+20 AC/+20 AM....World 3 stores
 (Shachihoko Heru)
Snail Helmet...............+25 AC/+25 AM....World 4/5 stores
 (Maimai Herumetto)
Flight Helmet..............+40 AC/+30 AM....Varshana
 (Hikoubou)                Needed to fly
Kankaara Helmet............+55 AC/+35 AM....World 6 stores
 (Kankaara no Kara)
Haratama Helmet............+70 AC/+40 AM....Dragon Knight HQ
 (Harama Herumetto)

---5. Shields

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Pot Lid Shield.............+10 AC/+10 AM....World 1 stores
 (Nabebuta no Tate)        +4 AG
Leather Shield.............+15 AC/+20 AM....World 2 stores
 (Kawabuta no Tate)        +8 AG
Copper Shield..............+20 AC/+40 AM....World 2 stores
 (Akagane no Tate)         +12 AG
Iron Shield................+25 AC/+60 AM....World 3 stores
 (Kurogane no Tate)        +16 AG
Silver Shield..............+32 AC/+80 AM....World 4 stores
 (Shirogane no Tate)       +20 AG
Dragon Shield..............+38 AC/+100 AM...World 5 stores
 (Ryuu no Tate)            +24 AG
Patari Shield..............+40 AC/+120 AM...Haratama Prize
 (Patari Shiirudo)         +28 AG
Ring Shield................+50 AC/+160 AM...World 6 stores
 (Hourin no Tate)          +36 AG
Haratama Shield............+60 AC/+200 AM...Haratama prize
 (Haratama no Tate)        +40 AG

---6. Gloves

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Leather Gloves.............+2 ST/+2 AC......World 1 stores / 60R
 (Kawabuta no Tebukuro)    +2 AM/+5 AG
Copper Gauntlets...........+5 AT/+5 AC......World 2 stores / 600R
 (Akagane no Kote)         +5 AM/+10 AG
Iron Gauntlets.............+10 ST/+10 AC....World 3 stores / 1800R
 (Kurogane no Kote)        +10 AM/+15 AG
Silver Gauntlets...........+15 ST/+15 AC....World 4 stores
 (Shirogane no Kote)       +15 AM/+20 AG
Wraith Gloves..............+20 ST/+20 AC....World 5 stores
 (Reesu no Tebukuro)       +20 AM/+20 AG
Kaara Gloves...............+25 ST/+25 AC....Haratama prize
 (Kaara no Tebukuro)       +25 AM/+30 AG
Haratama Gauntlets.........+30 ST/+30 AC....Dragon Knight HQ
 (Haratama no Kote)        +30 AM/+40 AG complete with chopsticks!

---7. Shoes

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Leather Sandals............+1 AC/+5 AM......World 1 stores
 (Kawabuta no Sandaru)     +20 AG
Mole Spike.................+5 AC/+10 AM.....World 2 stores
 (Harimogura no Supaiku)   +80 AG/Makes hero walk faster
Haratama Clogs.............+10 AC/+15 AM....World 3 stores
 (Haratama no Geta)        +80 AG/Makes hera walk faster
Chonchon Sandals...........+20 AC/+15 AM....Chests
 (Chonchon no zouri)       +200 AG/Makes hero walk faster
Happiness Shoes............+30 AC/+20 AM....World 6/8 stores
 (Shiawase no Pokkuri)     +250 AG/Makes noise when you walk
Iron Sandals...............+40 AC/+30 AM....Chests
 (Kurogane no Sandaru)     You can't move while wearing them
Haratama Sandals...........+40 AC/+34 AM....Chest in world 8
 (Haratama no Sandaru)     +300 AC

---8. Capes

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Cloth cape.................+8 AC/+10 AM.....World 1 stores
 (Kami no Manto)
Momonga Cape...............+15 AC/+40 AM....World 2 stores
 (Momonga no Manto)
Sleeping Cape..............+20 AC/+80 AM....World 3/4 stores
 (Nebukuro no Manto)
Hagewashi Cape.............+25 AC/+70 AM....World 4 stores
 (Hagewashi no Manto)
Silk Cape..................+30 AC/+100 AM...World 5 stores
 (Shiruku no Manto)
Ice Cape...................+35 AC/+150 AM...World 6 stores
 (Himuro no Manto)
Rudra Cape.................+40 AC/+100 AM...Chest is world 8
 (Rudora no Manto)

---9. Accessories

Name:                      Power:           Where to get:
-----                      ------           -------------
Flower Earring.............+10 AM/+5 AG.....Naga Cemetary store
 (Hana no Piasu)
Speed Barrette.............+10 AM/+5 AG.....Naga Cemetary store
 (Tsurukusa no Kamikazari)
Speed Bracelet.............+10 AM/+5 AG.....Boole item store
 (Tsurukusa no Udewa)
Speed Necklace.............+10 AM/+5 AG.....World 1 stores / 260R
 (Tsurukusa no Kubikazari)
Red Coral Hairpin..........+30 AM/+50 AG....A girl in Boole
 (Benisango no Kanzashi)
Silver Barrette............+40 AM/+20 AG....World 3/4 stores
 (Shirogane no Kamikazari)
Copper Bracelet............+50 AM/+5 AG.....Chests
 (Akagane no Udewa)
Glass Hairpin..............+50 AM/+10 AG....Kinkini store / 760R
 (Garasu no Kanzashi)
Silver Earring.............+50 AM/+20 AG....World 3/4 stores
 (Shirogane no Piasu)
Ruby Necklace..............+60 AM/+20 AG....World 6 stores
 (Rubii no Kubikazari)
Gold Barrette..............+70 AM/+30 AG....World 4 stores
 (Kin no Kamikazari)
Silver Hairpin.............+75 AM/+20 AG....World 4 stores
 (Shirogane no Kanzashi)
Ruby Earring...............+80 AM/+40 AG....World 5 stores
 (Rubii no Piasu)
Silver Bracelet............+90 AM/+30 AG....World 5 stores
 (Shirogane no Udewa)
Ruby Hairpin...............+100 AM/+30 AG...World 5 stores
 (Rubii no Kanzashi)
Ruby Barrette..............+100 AM/+40 AG...World 5 stores
 (Rubii no Kamikazari)
Skull Necklace.............+110 AM/+40 AG...Chests
 (Dokuro no Youraku)
Kurikara Hairpin...........+115 AM/+40 AG...World 6 stores
 (Kurikara no Kanzashi)
Tintamani Earring..........+120 AM/+50 AG...Haratama prize
 (Chintamani no Piasu)
Pearl Barrette.............+130 AM/+50 AG...World 6 stores
 (Paaru no Kamikazari)
Poison Bracelet............+130 AM/+55 AG...World 6 stores
 (Dokuja no Udewa)         Protects from poison
Shiva Bracelet.............+150 AM/+60 AG...World 6 stores

----VI. Haratama locations

Haratama is a take-out noodle restaurant. If you buy something there, they 
will stamp your card. If you collect enough stamps, you can get prizes. 
You can also sell monsters you've caught to raise money.

World 1:
1. In Ryuen, behind the pyramid
2. In Rereku Cave, SE of Mushufushu
3. South side of Boole (doesn't have a sign)
4. Ferry between Puri and Nagi
5. West side of Naga Cemetary
6. Monastery on west side of Sangaku
7. Male dragons' lair, behind a statue
8. Third floor of Naga Temple

World 2:
9. Lhasa, at entrance to World 2
10. Egg thieves' base, under Alta
11. Between Alta and the hospital
12. Alta Hospital
13. East side of Buvarloka Dragon Guild
14. Shushuka
15. Luz Spring
16. Shiva Temple

World 3:
17. Cave west of Kinkini
18. Asura's Dungeon, level 1
19. Asura's Dungeon, level 2
20. Basement of Suvarloka Dragon Guild
21. Asura's Dungeon, level 3
22. Kankaara Town
23. Dharma Chakra monastery
24. Asura Temple

World 4:
25. SE corner of Varshana
26. SE corner of Rainy Plains
27. West side of Macara
28. Maharloka Dragon Guild (underwater)
29. First floor of Water Gate
30. Between Sagara Sea and Radon Spring
31. SE corner of Radon Spring
32. Rudra Temple

World 5:
33. Cave east of Sukanda
34. Floating continent, east of Wind Maze
35. Wind Maze
36. Janaloka Dragon Guild HQ
37. Mid-air Gardens (level 1), behind the tree
38. Mid-air Gardens (level 2)
39. In a balloon near Vayu Base
40. Malto Temple

World 6:
41. Grand Bazaar
42. Colloseum (first floor)
43. Colloseum (second floor)
44. Cave south of the Training Grounds
45. Tavoloka Dragon Guild
46. Dragon Knight HQ (search behind the counter)
47. Under the palace harem room
48. Ganesha Temple (search behind the counter)

World 7:
49. 1st level after the entrance
50. Ryuen's counter
51. Buvarloka's counter
52. Suvarloka's counter
53. Maharloka's counter
54. Janaloka's counter
55. Tavoloka's counter
56. Top counter

World 8:
57. At entrance
58. Minotaur Maze
59. Door Maze
60. Tao Maze
61. Trap Maze
62. Invisible Maze
63. Twilight Zone
64. Chaos Dragon Lair

----V. Haratama prizes

When you've collected enough stamps, you can get prizes from the Haratama 
chain. Sometimes, there is a choice of items. Choose carefully, because 
you can't switch.

Stamps:        Prize(s):
-------        ---------
8..............Karukara Claw or Tomahawk
16.............Tigerfish Knife or Copper Axe
24.............Broom or Sansetsukon
32.............Dangerous Needle or Tintamani Earring
40.............Meda Staff, Assassin Katarrh or Kaara Gloves
48.............Watercat Staff or Baramon Staff
55.............Patari Shield or Bajiri Axe
64.............Haratama Gauntlets, Haratama Shield,
                Haratama Armor or Asura Sword

----VI. Mantra lists

---1. White Dragon Mantras

Name:              Effect:                 MP used  Level gained:
-----              -------                 -------  -------------
Kuriko.............Restore HP of 1 (low)...20.......3
Seiroga............Cure poison.............30.......6
Haratama...........Paralyzes 1 enemy.......40.......9
Kurikora...........Restore HP of 1 (mid)...40.......14
Kankaara...........Petrifies 1 enemy.......50.......15
Daruma.............Raises party's defense..150......18
Kurikogen..........Restore HP of all (low).100......22
Kiyotama...........Paralyzes all enemies...120......24
Maya...............Silences enemies........100......26
Sukkiri............Cure confusion..........120......30
Patari.............Puts enemies to sleep...140......32
Gurikohn...........Restore HP of 1 (hi)....140......35
Harahoro...........Confuses enemies........140......36
Babaria............Raise attack power of 1..60......40
Ripode.............Cure blindness..........120......42
Gurigon............Restore HP of all (hi)..200......45
Mukkura............Revive dead dragons.....300......53

---2. Green Dragon Mantras:

Name:              Effect:                 MP used  Level gained:
-----              -------                 -------  -------------
Kuriko.............Restore HP (low)........20.......3
Seiroga............Cure poison.............30.......6
Kurikora...........Restore HP (mid)........40.......14
Amadare............Cure petrification......70.......17
Kurikogen..........Restore HP of all (low).100......22
Sukkiri............Cure confusion..........120......30
Washawasha.........Summons monsters to.....130......34
                    fight for you
Gurikohn...........Restore HP of 1 (hi)....140......35
Gurigon............Restore HP of all (hi)..200......45
Mukkura............Revive dead dragons.....300......53
Samsara............Changes monster into....240......60
                    something else
----VII. Store Stock

World 1:
Inn: 100 rupees
Armor store: Rusty Sword, Meriyas Clothes, Leather Sandals, Cloth Cape

Inn: 30 rupees
Item store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root
Armor store: Souvenir Staff, Bamboo Spear, Rusty Sword, Willow Bow, Bamboo 
Arrow, Turban, Meriyas Clothes, Leather Armor, Pot Lid Shield, Leather 

Inn: 50 rupees
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug

Naga Cemetary:
Armor store: Box Lunch, Tomahawk, Angel Harp, Yokan, Cloth Cape, Leather 
Gloves, Flower Earring, Speed Barrette, Pig Cooking Set
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug

Sangaku Monastery Haratama:
Armor store: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Leather Sandals, Cloth 
Cape, Rusty Sword, Speed Barrette
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug

World 2:
Lhasa Haratama:
Armor store: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Speed 
Necklace, Speed Bracelet, Leather Sandals, Cloth Cape

Alta Market:
Accessory vendor: Flower Earring, Speed Barrette, Speed Brooch, Speed 
Necklace, Speed Bracelet
Armor vendor: Dragonrider Helmet, Copper Breastplate, Leather Shield, 
Copper Shield, Copper Gauntlets
Weapon vendor: Rusty Sword, Bronze Sword, Tomahawk, Copper Staff, Willow 
Bow, Copper Bow, Bamboo Arrow, Copper Arrow, Iron Arrow
Item vendor: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Mole Spike

Alta Hospital:
Toy store:
Item store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Armor store: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Mole Spike, 
Momonga Robe

World 3:
Armor vendor: Copper Sword, Iron Sword, Kuriko Staff, Iron Bow, Iron 
Arrow, Shachihoko Helmet, Senzankou Shell, Iron Armor, Iron Shield, Iron 
Item store: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Mole Spike, 
Momonga Cape, Sleeping Cape, Glass Hairpin, Silver Barrette
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 

Haratama #17
Item vendor: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Fire Capsule, 
Ikketsu Charm, Haratama Clogs, Sleeping Cape, Silver Barrette, Silver 

Asura's Dungeon:
Item Vendor: Box Lunch, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Fire capsule, Ikketsu 
Charm, Haratama Clogs, Sleeping Cape, Silver Barrette, Silver Earring, Pig 
Cooking Set
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 

Asura Temple:
Medicine vendor: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 

World 4:
Armor vendor: Box Lunch, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Fire Capsule, Ikketsu 
Charm, Haratama Clogs, Sleeping Cape, Hagewashi Cape, Silver Barrette, 
Silver Earring
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 

Medicine store: Box Lunch, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Item vendor: Box Lunch, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Fire Capsule, Ikketsu 
Charm, Haratama Clogs, Sleeping Cape, Gold Barrette, Silver Hairpin
Armor store: Silver Sword, Barbarian Axe, Kurikora Staff, Silver Bow, 
Tigerfish Arrow, Snail Helmet, Silver Armor, Kujaku Armor, Silver Shield, 
Silver Gauntlets

Water Gate:
Item vendor: Box Lunch, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Ikketsu Charm, Mambo 
Drum, Haratama Clogs, Sleeping Cape, Gold Barrette, Silver Hairpin

Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 

World 5:
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Armor store: Barbarian Axe, Silver Bow, Tigerfish Arrow, Snail Helmet, 
Kujaku Armor, Seiroga Armor, Dragon Shield

Item store: Box Lunch, Angel Harp, Lhasa Water, Ikketsu Charm, Wind Gem, 
Haratama Clogs, Hagewashi Cape, Silk Cape, Silver Bracelet, Ruby Earring

Nishada Base:
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Armor store: Assassin Katarh, Kurikora Staff, Tartar Bow, Tigerfish Arrow, 
Seiroga Armor, Kankaara Shell, Dragon Shield

Haratama #34:
Item store: Box lunch, Fudou Rope, Angel Harp, Fire Capsule, Mambo Drum, 
Indoanko Sphere, Chonchon Sandals, Silk Cape, Ruby Hairpin, Ruby Barrette

Vayu Base:
Item vendor: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Armor vendor: Assassin's Katarrh, Ouroburos Staff, Basilisk Arrow, 
Kankaara Shell, Dharma Armor, Wraith Gloves

World 6:
Grand Bazaar:
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Item store: Fudou Rope, Fire Capsule, Sorrow of Oiran, Ruby Necklace, 
Kurikara Hairpin, Tintamani Earring, Poison Bracelet, Fallcap, Pearl 
Spear store: Silver Halberd, Ahab Harpoon, Razor Blade, Shiva's Halberd, 
Panzer Armor
Sword store: Copper Sword, Iron Sword, Silver Sword, Kurikara Sword, Ring 
Axe Store: Tomahawk, Copper Axe, Barbarian Axe, Kankaara Helmet, Happiness 
Bow Store: Tartar Bow, Rudra Bow, Basilisk Arrow, Lindblum Arrow, Sleeping 
Cape, Ice Cape

Training Center:
Medicine store: Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Akama Bug, Mandrake Root, 
Item store: Box Lunch, Fudou Rope, Fire Capsule, Lhasa Water, Sorrow of 
Oiran, Happiness Shoes, Ice Cape, Red Coral Hairpin, Skull Necklace, Shiva 

World 8:
Haratama #57:
Armor vendor: Panzer Armor, Ring Shield, Happiness Shoes, Ice Cape, 
Indoanko Sphere, Kaibataihotou, Akama bug

Haratama #61:
Armor vendor: Panzer Armor, Ring Shield, Happiness Shoes, Ice Cape, 
Indoanko Sphere, Kaibataihotou, Akama Bug

----VII. Walkthrough

---0. Intro

Once upon a time, a genius Dragonrider named Amurita took in a foundling 
baby. Together, they resolved to solve the mystery of the dragons....

The story begins 10 years later.

---1. World 1

--A. Ryuen

As you begin a game, you'll be asked to enter your name (sorry, no romaji 
this time), and select your gender.

You begin in the village of Ryuen, home of the Dragonrider Guild. The man 
next to you tells you that the Elder wants to see you. The elder is on top 
of the pyramid in the center of town. Walk through the pool to get there.

10 years ago, the elder found you by the village gate, crying and 
clutching an egg. Now, at long last, a dragon has hatched from your egg. 
It's a white dragon, a rare occurance. And what's more, she can talk!
Next, he tells you about Amurita. Amurita found you 10 years ago and 
trained you as a Dragonrider. But now she has betrayed the Guild. She set 
fire to the Guild's warehouse and has fled Ryuen with her dragon. The 
Elder asks you to go after Amurita and bring her back. However, before you 
can go, you need to find a Dragonrider helmet. It is against Guild rules 
to walk with a dragon unless wearing your helmet, and all the helmets they 
had were destroyed in the warehouse fire. Bureaucracy rules, even in video 

Talk to the man standing near the eastern steps into the pool. He still 
has a helmet that he used in his younger days. It's kept in the "Haratama" 
store. Haratama is a take-out noodle restaurant with franchises all over 
the Samsara world. If you buy noodles, you'll get a stamp on your card. 
When you have enough stamps, you can get prizes. Check sections II and III 
for Haratama locations and prizes.

Go down the stairs behind the pyramid to find the Haratama. Talk to the 
man behind the counter and have some noodles. He'll stamp your card and 
give you the Rotten Helmet. Unfortunately, it's too old and worn to use, 
but it's the best you can find. Talk to the man by the pool again. He'll 
tell you about the only other helmet available. The helmet of the 
legendary Dragonrider Al Sinha is hidden in Naga Cemetary. If you ask the 
Elder nicely, he might let you use the blue Tao in the pyramid to go to 
Naga Cemetary.

Talk to the Elder again, and he'll agree to make an exception to the rules 
in your case. He tells you to talk to the recordkeeper. The record-keeper 
is the brown-haired woman behind the pyramid. She'll ask you for the name 
of your dragon. You are now recognized as a apprentice Dragonrider. In 
order to progress to being a Master Dragonrider, you'll have to visit 
other Guild locations. Go back to the Elder. He'll move out of the way, 
and your dragon will finally join you. Step on the blue Tao to go to the 
next world.

---B. Mushufushu / Rereku Cave

The blue Tao leads to the village of Mushufushu. The mayor is in a house 
in the NW corner. The red door behind him leads north to Naga Cemetary, 
but he won't open it. However, if you get rid of the Electric Catfish 
infesting the village's Rainbow Spring, he'll let you though.

The villagers all seem dissatisfied with the way the mayor runs the 
village. Everything is so expensive, and they have to work every day just 
to make ends meet. As if the stingy mayor weren't enough, his son is just 
as greedy, and won't let anyone but him do business in the village. He 
keeps his wealth in the warehouse in the north, but he won't let anyone in 
without the key.

Go south from Mushufushu. The Rainbow Spring is to the SW. Look for a pool 
with 4 stoupas. Once you get there, the Electric Catfish monsters will 

After you defeat the Electric Catfish, go see the Mayor again. Now he 
reveals the real reason he can't open the door- Amurita was here and stole 
the key. Perhaps someone in Rereku Cave can tell you where she went. One 
entrance to Rereku Cave is to the SE of the village.

There is a Haratama franchise in Rereku Cave. One of the patrons there 
says that Amurita did come to the village, but the Mayor is the one hiding 
the key. The Haratama vendor tells you to go to the four different colored 
rooms in the cave. To the NW is another entrance to Rereku Cave. You'll 
need to go there first. 

Go NW through the river to the other entrance to Rereku Cave. In the first 
room are four stoupas. Search one and they'll all glow red. Now you'll be 
able to open the red doors. To the north is another four stoupas that 
unlock the blue doors. The stoupas for the yellow doors is in the south. 
The stoupas for the green doors are in the NE corner. Once all the stoupas 
are activated, you'll be able to go to the center room and get the 
Warehouse Key.

Items to find in Rereku Cave: Meriyas Clothes, Box Lunch, Warehouse Key

Once you have the key, go to Mushufushu and talk to the Mayor's son in the 
north end of town. Even though you have the key, he won't let you into the 
warehouse unless you fight him. Fortunately, his bark is worse than his 
bite, and he's easy to beat. Use the key in front of the door to get in.

Items in the warehouse: 100 rupees, Turtle Meat, Box Lunch, Seirogan, 
Cloth Cape

One of the items you find is the Turtle Meat. The Mayor's son thought 
perhaps it was used as fish bait, but wasn't sure. Go back to the Haratama 
and talk to the man who told you about Amurita. He'll now tell you he saw 
the Mayor feeding Turtle Meat to the fish in the Electric Catfish's 
spring. Go to the spring and use the Turtle Meat. 2 huge fish will appear. 
Be careful fighting these. If your dragon doesn't know the Kuriko mantra 
yet, I'd advise leveling up some more before fighting them. After you 
defeat the fish, you'll find the Back Door Key at the bottom of the spring.

Show the key to the Mayor. After nearly having a heart attack from shock, 
he'll let you through. Use the Back Door Key at the red door to open it.

North of Mushufushu are 4 stoupas. Search them and a cave will appear in 
the mountains nearby. The blue Tao inside leads to Boole.

---C. Boole

Boole is a commercial center, and has a large market. All kinds of people 
come here, and not all are friendly. Some will attack you if you talk to 
them. Some people here were originally from Mushufushu, but came to Boole 
to escape the corrupt Mayor.

A man in the SW corner will sell you a Rusty Sword for 100 Rupees. Another 
man there will give you a Box Lunch because he thinks you look emaciated. 

Some of the people here have seen Amurita, but she's already left for the 
next world. She seemed to be in a big hurry.

There is an item store on the west side of town and a armor store in the 
NW corner. They weren't kidding when they said Mushufushu was expensive! 
The prices here are less than half of what the stores in Mushufushu were 

A woman in the SW corner will beg you for 10 rupees. If you give it to 
her, she'll give you the Bathroom Key. Use it to unlock the red door 
nearby. The woman inside has a favor to ask. Her sister is locked in the 
private room in the hotel, and the key is buried near where they keep the 
baby dragons. She asks you to find the key and free her sister. Search 
where the baby dragons are standing to find the Private Room Key. Use the 
key to get into the room in the NE corner. However, the girl there says 
she locked herself in here. She's decided to become a nun, and went there 
to meditate. She tells you to let her sister know, and gives you a Red 
Coral Brooch for your trouble.

Items to find in Boole: Speed Bracelet, Seirogan, Fire Capsule, Box Lunch, 
Kaibataihotou, 200 rupees, Cloth Cape, Red Coral Hairpin

---D. Puri

Go north from Boole to find another 4 stoupas. Search these and another 
cave will appear. The blue Tao there leads to the fishing village of Puri.

Some people in Puri fled here from Nagi, a village across the bay. 
Recently, Nagi has been infested with monsters. One boy tells you he left 
his dog in Nagi. The Leviathan Scale is supposed to be in Nagi.

Puri's mayor lives in a house on the east side of town. He tells you that 
an epidemic has spread among their sailors. They could make an antidote if 
they had the right 3 herbs. A woman to the south tells you that 3 herbs 
are rumored to grow under the 3 lighthouses.

The lighthouses are NW of Puri. Search by the three lighthouses to find 
the Red Herb, Green Herb and Blue Herb. It is possible to walk through the 
shallow water near the shore. After you've gathered all three herbs, take 
them back to Puri's mayor. He'll tell you that a man in Boole can make the 
medicine they need.

The man you're looking for is just SE of Boole's entrance. Unfortunately, 
he says he's now too old to make the medicine. He had an apprentice who 
has since become a black-market dealer. The dealer is standing to the 
north. He'll agree to make the medicine for 100 rupees. Give him the 
money, and he'll tell you to come back the next day. Go stay at the inn. 
When you return, a boy will be standing where the dealer was. He'll give 
you the Amazing Medicine.

Take the medicine to Puri's mayor. He'll ask you to take it to the boat 
where the sick sailors are. The boat is in the shallow water south of 
where you found the Green Herb. Take the medicine to the Haratama vendor 
in the center of the boat. In return for the medicine, he'll let you use 
the boat to travel between Puri and Nagi. When you want to travel, talk to 
the orange-haired man at the south end of the boat. If you talk to the 
sailors after they've been cured, one will mention seeing a scary person 
named Amurita.

Go back to Puri and talk to the mayor again. He'll thank you for curing 
the sailors, especially since the boat's captain is his childhood friend. 
He tells you that Amurita headed east. To open the path east, you'll need 
to use a Leviathan Scale at the stoupa SE of town. To help you, he'll give 
you the four treasure chests in the locked room nearby. They contain a 
Seirogan, 200 rupees and a Leather Sandals.

--E. Nagi

To get a Leviathan Scale, you'll need to go to Nagi. Take the ferry there.

Most of the people have already fled to Puri. The boy's dog is still 
there. A man there warns you about going in the water, saying he's only 
been able to survive because he avoided it.

To get through the colored doors here, you'll need a similarly-colored 
key. The Red Key is in the pool to the SW part of the first floor. The 
Green Key is in the NE. The Blue Key is in the SE.

Once you have all the keys, go down the stairs. Use the keys at the 
approproate doors. The stoupas will activate automatically as you go 
through. The Leviathan Scale is behind the green door.

Items to find in Nagi: Red Key, Green Key, Blue Key, Lhasa Water, 
Kaibataihotou, Leviathan Scale

After you have the Leviathan Scale, search the stoupas to the east of 
Puri. A path leading east will appear in the water.

--F. Naga Cemetary

Follow the path east, south and finally north to Naga Cemetary.

Naga Cemetary has a hot spring. Some people come to see Al Sinha's tomb, 
some come for the baths.

One of the men in the spring says he saw Amurita. She went straight to the 
cemetary without using the hot spring. How unusual. Another tells you she 
closed off the way to the cemetary as she went.

A man in the spring tells you that he heard the spring and the cemetary 
were connected.

An old woman claims to be an old friend of Al Sinha and says his favorite 
food was Youkan. A man in the Haratama asks you to buy him a drink. If you 
do, he'll tell you to bring a Youkan if you go to Al Sinha's tomb.

If you stay at the inn, you can have a masseuse come to your room. The inn 
costs 100 rupees, or 200 if you call the masseuse. The masseuse is a woman 
named Doraupadi. If you call her three times, on the third time, she'll 
tell you she's really a priestess working at the cemetary, and that Al 
Sinha is calling you. A friend of hers in the spring knows the way to the 
cemetary. Doraupadi's friend is standing in the SE corner of the spring. 
If you talked to her before, she asked you to bring her some wine. You can 
get to Naga Cemetary through the spring's drain. The woman will give you 
the Drain Key, which will allow you to open the drain.

Before you go to see Al Sinha, buy a Youkan from the vendor on the west 
side of town. Use the Drain Key in front of the drain, and you'll end up 
near the stairs to the cemetary.

Search the statue just north of the stairs. When you search the statue, 
you will be asked to make an offering. Answer yes. It will tell you make 
your offering. Use the Youkan and Al Sinha will appear. He'll tell you to 
search the 4 stoupas in the NW and come back. Go the the NW stoupas and 
activate them. You'll have to fight a Dragon Zombie. After you defeat it, 
a man will appear in the room. He'll tell you that there are many kinds of 
dragons in the world, but they all decended from a single egg.

Go back to Al Sinha. Now he tells you to activate the stoupas in the NE. 
You'll have to fight another Dragon Zombie. This time, a woman appears. 
She tells you that the many different kinds of dragons were only created 
in order for the Final Dragon to be born.

Next, Al Sinha tells you to activate the stoupas in the SW. Yet another 
Dragon Zombie. An old wizard appears. He tells you that the Final Dragon 
has already been born. What could that mean for the rest of the dragons?

Finally, Al Sinha sends you to the SE stoupas. Fight the Dragon Zombie and 
talk to the man who appears. He says that Amurita is no longer in this 
world. She's already ascended to the next world. You need to hurry if 
you're going to catch her.

Go talk to Al Sinha again. He says that as soon as he saw your dragon, he 
knew the "time" had come. He also knows about Amurita, and how she tried 
to seal off the cemetary's entrance. You may not be able to stop her, but 
you must pursue her anyway. Only you and your dragon have any chance at 
stopping her. Al Sinha gives you his helmet and disappears. Now you don't 
have to worry about cheesing off the Guild bureaucracy!

Items to find in Naga Cemetary: Rusty Sword, Leather Armor, Pot Lid 
Shield, Kaibataihotou, Al Sinha Helmet

--G. Naga Temple

Go down the stairs to the west of the springs and through the blue Tao. 
This leads to Sangaku. To the west is a small monastery where you can heal 
and save your game. The monks there tell you about Naga Temple. In order 
to successfully raise dragons, you'll need a "Charm". There are three 
kinds of charms. You can get them in Naga Temple. And of course, even the 
monastery has a Haratama franchise. If you want to get a look at Naga 
Temple, go east to the telescope and look for the huge dragon statue.

One of the women in the Haratama says that you can sometimes here a 
dragon's voice if you listen by the statues in the wall. A Dragonrider 
there tell you that all the dragons used by Dragonriders are female. No 
one has ever seen a male. Supposedly, there are male dragons living in 
this area, but no one knows where. The Haratama vendor tells you that the 
entrance to Haratama #7 is in one of the statues.

Items in the monastery: Leather Gloves, Rusty Sword

Go NE from the monastery, past the row of statues. You'll find one that 
looks darker that the others. Search it and a staircase will appear. This 
leads to a passage past the dragon statue to where the male dragons are 
supposed to live. However, there don't seem to be any dragons here.

Go down the stairs in the SW corner. Your dragon will ask you to wait for 
her at the bottom of the stairs and leaves. She's very insistent that you 
NOT follow her. So go down the stairs to the Haratama. Several other 
Dragonriders are there, and they're in the same boat you're in. Their 
dragons have all left them there, too. Even though no one has ever 
actually seen one, the male dragons are supposed to be living in the cave 
above. So maybe...

Stay that night at the inn. The next morning, all the other Dragonriders 
will be gone. They've all gone to look for their dragons. Some of the 
dragons who vanish here don't come back. Hopefully, yours won't be one of 
them. In the NE corner of the cave, you'll find one of the Dragonriders 
you met in the Haratama the day before. His dragon, Shakuntala, is nowhere 
to be found. When you return to the Haratama, your dragon will be waiting 
at the stairs.

Head back through the passage, and follow the path to Naga Temple. 
Haratama #8, the last franchise in this world, is on the thrid floor of 
the temple. Talk to the priest at the top of the stairs. If you've been to 
the male dragons' lair, he'll let you in.

Talk to the woman in the western hall. She'll tell you that your dragon is 
pregnant- with twins (so that's why she didn't want you following her!). 
You'll need to buy 2 Charms, one for each baby.

There are three types of Charms- red, blue and green. The Charm will 
determine what type of dragon a baby grows up to be. Each Charm costs 500 
Red Charms: Get them in the western hall. Red dragons can use Breath 
attacks, which attack all enemies at once, but are not good fighters.
Blue Charms: Get them in the center hall. Blue dragons are very strong 
fighters and have lots of HP, but they don't learn spells.
Green Charms: Get them in the eastern hall. Green dragons are okay 
fighters (about the same as your white dragon), and learn lots of spells.

One of the Dragonriders says Amurita came through here, and bought a Red 
Charm before proceeding to the next world.

Once you've bought charms for both babies, you'll be able to use the blue 
Tao in the center of the temple.

----2. World 2 (Buvarloka)

--A. Alta Market and the Egg Thieves

You'll arrive at (what else?) a Haratama franchise in Lhasa. The 
Dragonrides there are talking about the dragon hospital to the east, where 
everyone takes their dragons when they give birth. However, recently there 
have been theives coming to steal dragon eggs. Apparently, they come from 
the north.

The caves around the Haratama are home to some Dragonriders who've decided 
to raise their dragons there instead of at the hospital, out of fear of 
the thieves. They offer you the use of an empty cave at the far west end 
of the mountains, but your dragon doesn't want to give birth in such a 
dangerous place. You'll just have to get rid of the egg thieves and make 
the hospital safe again. Go north to a cave and take the blue Tao to Alta 

A woman in the center of town sells accessories. Merchant nearby sell 
armor and weapons. A woman on the second floor sells items.

In the SW is a small cave called the "Rabbit Hole" where dancing girls 
hang out. In the NW is a small cave where a boy raises cows.

Inside Alta, a man tells you that he thinks he hears dragons' voices 
coming from the ground. A nun tells you she heard footsteps inside the 
pillars. A girl in the inn in the NE says she's waiting for Amurita to 
return, and seems pretty infatuated with her. The dogcatcher in the south 
says that the number of stray dogs has been increasing, and he can hardly 
keep up with them.

There are some stairs you wont be able to go down just yet. The guards 
tell you to go to either "Taj" or "Mahal" if you want to get through. Taj 
and Mahal used to be part of the same company, but split when the 
company's president disappeared. There's been a feud brewing ever since.

Taj is inside Alta, to the east. One of Taj's dancers tells you that the 
company president disappeared just after he met a dragonrider named 
Amurita. Taj's chef complains that troublemakers from Mahal have spiked 
his special soup with dog urine. Taj's manager, the daughter of the 
missing Taj Mahal president is in the SW corner of Taj. She hints that 
she'd like Mahal's manager "taken care of".

Mahal is to the west. A merchant there complains that there aren't any 
black-market dealers here or at Taj. There used to be plenty, but they've 
all disappeared. Mahal's chef also says his soup's been spiked with dog 
urine and blames Taj. A dancer tells you that Mahal's manager really likes 
dogs. Hmm. Mahal's managel also asks you to get rid of Taj's manager. 
However, one of the dancers says that the one who really runs Mahal is the 
shop manager out in front.

The shop manager (the green-haired guy in the SW) says he doesn't know 
anything, and tells you to talk to the woman in the bathroom, or the old 
man in Taj's bathroom. The woman in Mahal's bathroom tells you to talk to 
the Market's boss. If you tell the guard she sent you, they'll let you 
through. Go outside to the market and talk to the green-haired guy by the 
south staircase. He'll let you through. According to the Market boss, 
"someone" told him that keeping Taj and Mahal feuding was in his best 
interest. He asks if you have a problem with it. Say you do. He attacks 
you. After you beat him, he'll tell you that the egg thieves are also 
working for this "someone".

After talking to the Market boss, go the the inn in the NE corner and talk 
to the old man in the back room. He asks you to talk to his granddaughter 
and gives you the key to her room. Unlock the door and talk to her. She 
says that she's been wanting to talk to smeone, but her grandfather 
wouldn't let anyone in. She says her grandfather is in league with one of 
the market bosses, and she saw them collecting dog urine. She asks you to 
find out what her grandfather and the boss are doing. If you tell the guard
 she sent you, he'll let you through.

Go talk to the green-haired guy by the western stairs. The market boss 
there (the cousin of the first boss) admits to manipulating Taj and Mahal 
behind the scenes, but claims not to know about the egg thieves. He 
attacks you to try to avenge his cousin. After you beat him, he tells you 
to talk to the shop manager in Mahal about the egg thieves.

Mahal's shop manager doesn't know about the egg thieves, either, but tells 
you to talk to the managers of Taj and Mahal. Mahal's manager tells you 
that his dancers have been kidnapped from the Rabbit Hole. He blames Taj 
for the kidnapping. Taj's dancers have also been kidnapped, and Taj's 
manager blames Mahal. Go to the Rabbit Hole in the SW. One dancer remains 
there. She says some strange people suddenly came and took everyone, but 
she doesn't know where they went. Maybe the cow-farmer saw something. Go to
 the cow farm by the blue Tao in the NW. The boy tells you he saw the 
kidnappers, and says to search where the shadow of the tower falls. He 
always thought the dog hanging around there was suspicious, and now he 
knows why.

Go to the far south, where the shadow from the telescope tower falls. 
There will be a dog there. Search at the tip of the shadow and a staircase 
will appear. It leads to the theives' hideout (complete with a Haratama!). 
According to the thieves, not only do they steal eggs, but dragons, too. 
The "someone" who told them to steal eggs was none other than Amurita! One 
of the thieves thinks you're her.

The kidnapped dancers are in the western side of the base. The boss's 
bodyguard is in the next room, but he apparently doesn't want to fight. Or 
does he? Open the chest and he'll attack, telling you to beware of people 
who seem to speak kindly. Once you beat him, you'll get the Boss's Room 
Key and 1000 rupees.

Use the Boss's Room Key to unlock the red doors nearby. The thieves' boss 
is inside. Don't bother attacking the underlings. Concentrate on the boss 
himself. Once you've done about 400 HP of damage, both the boss and the 
underlings wil run away!

The boss begs you to at least hear his reasons for doing what he did. The 
thieves' boss is actually the missing Taj Mahal owner. He had gotten bored 
running Taj Mahal, and Amurita told him this was a way to make a bigger 
profit. He promises not to do it again. Now you can go loot his treasure 

Items to find in thieves' lair: Boss Room Key, Copper Gauntlets, Mole 
Spike, Momonga Cape, Speed Necklace, Al's Boomerang, Copper Shield, Copper 
Breastplate, Dragonrider Helmet, 500 rupees, Sodegarami

If you go back to Alta, you'll see the dancers have all returned to the 
Rabbit Hole, and Taj and Mahal are one company again. Mahal is now "Taj 
Mahal #1" and Taj is "Taj Mahal #2". The shop manager in Mahal tells you 
that the president has left on a journey and intends to become a monk. A 
dancer says that Mahal's manager and Taj's manager are going to be 
married. But all is not well- the cooks tell you that they haven't been 
recieving any shipments of spices from the lower world recently. What 
could have happened?

Go see the old man's granddaughter and she'll give you the 500 rupees that 
her grandfather got from the market boss.

---B. Dragon Hospital

If you try to leave Alta, your dragon will suddenly tell you that her eggs 
are about to be born, and you need to get to the dragon hospital at once. 
Take the blue Tao in the NW to Saqqara. Stop at the Haratama and have some 
rice. The vendor will ask you to stay and talk a while, because he doesn't 
get many customers. You can chat if you want, but your dragon will 

A nurse will greet you at the hospital entrance and take you inside. The 
receptionist insists that your dragon be admitted immediately. The next 
day, the eggs are laid. Your dragon is too tired to move, so you might as 
well explore the hospital until the eggs hatch.

The doctors and nurses in the hospital tell you a horrific tale. Amurita 
was here with her dragon. Her dragon was pregnant also, and gave birth in 
this hospital. However, the baby wasn't born as an egg like most dragons. 
The baby was a black dragon, and literally tore its way out of its 
mother's body. The floor was literally stained red with the mother 
dragon's blood. The doctors who attended the birth were so traumatized 
that they never want to deliver another dragon. Later, Amurita took the 
baby and fled.

As if that weren't enough, they've had several baby dragons die from 
Dragon Dystemper. Dragon Dystemper is a common childhood illness. They had 
a vaccine for it, but Amurita stole it.

Items in the hospital: Momonga Cape, Cooking Oil, 1000 rupees, Copper 
Breastplate, Lhasa Water, Bombers

Leave the hosital and enter again. When you come in, the nurse will ask 
you to come back to your dragon's room. The baby dragons have hatched. Now 
the babies need food so they can grow. They'll also need toys to play with.

Toys can be purchased at the store near the hopital's Haratama. There are 
4 kinds of toys: Bombers, which are good for all dragons; Legos, which are 
for blue dragons; Hamikon (probably meant to be a pun on Famicom) for 
green dragons; and Rubber Balls for red dragons.

As for the food, this is potentially one of the most aggravating parts of 
the game. It's also why I advised people to hang onto your monsters in the 
General Advice section. Dragons eat monsters, so you'll need to go catch 
some for them. The best place to find them is in Lhasa, to the south. 
There are oases with green Taos, so you don't have to use up your Box 
lunches. You'll have to fight without your dragon, so be careful. To feed 
them, talk to the babies, and them select which monsters to feed them from 
the menu that appears. To give them toys, stand in front of the baby and 
use the toy like any other item. After feeding them, talk to the nurse. 
When you've fed them enough, she'll tell you that they're ready to be 
released, and to see the receptionist to pay the bill. The hospital bill 
comes to 2000 rupees. Pay the bill and talk to your nurse again. The last 
thing to do is register the babies at the Dragonrider Guild. Bureaucracy 
still rules. Your dragon will join you again.

---C. Dragonrider Guild

The blue Tao on the tower in the center of Alta leads to a Guild HQ. There 
is a warehouse on the first floor, where you can store unneeded items.

Apparently, Amurita came here, too. She was seen talking to the 
Guildmaster. Not only did she not register her dragon, she had all her 
records here erased.

Several people you that the Guildmaster lost a key in one of the Lhasa 

Go to the second floor and talk to the receptionist at the far left. She 
tells you that Dragonriders of your rank are only allowed 2 dragons, so 
you'll have to increase your rank before you can register the babies. Talk 
to the receptionist next to her. She tells you to buy an application form 
at the next window. It costs 500 rupees. Now you have to have it filled 
out. Talk to the woman on the right side of the counter on the first floor 
and she will fill it out. Take it back to the second floor. Now you'll be 
promoted to 7th-level Dragonrider. So now you can register your dragons, 
right? Nope, you'll need another form.

Buy a Registration Form from the woman at the right-hand window for 
another 500 rupees. Take it to the first floor and have it filled out. 
Take it back to the second floor, and the woman will tell you you'll need 
a second form, since you're registering two dragons. Buy another form. By 
the time you get back to the counter, they will have closed for the day! 
Arrgh! Go to the Haratama through the door at the far east. The vendor 
there will let you stay the night of you buy something. Go to the 1st 
floor window and have them fill out the second form, then take it to the 
second floor. Now you can finally name your dragons and register them with 
the Guild.

Once they've been registered, go back to the hospital and pick up the 
babies. They'll start out small, but they'll grow (and their pictures will 
change) as they gain levels.

If you want to increase your rank some more, go through the whole process 

---D. Kankaara Wilderness and Luz Spring

Go south to Lhasa and check the oases for the Guildmaster's lost key. One 
of the Dragonriders there suggests the Guildmaster might really have lost 
the key in Kankaara Wilderness. There is an oasis there that in nearly 
identical to those in Lhasa. Another Dragonrider tells you he saw Amurita 
heading to Rainbow Cave. A Dragonrider in the northernmost oasis says that 
Al Sinha's dragons were twins, just like yours.

The blue Tao leading to Shushuka is to the SW. A man near the entrance 
asks you to buy him a drink. If you do, he'll tell you about Luz Spring. 
Bathing in Luz Spring supposedly cures any disease, including Dragon 
Dystemper. Unfortunately, the way to the spring is closed off. The way to 
open it is supposedly in a big safe in the Dragonrider Guild. The key that 
the Guildmaster lost was to this safe.

Go outside Shushuka and you'll be in the Kankaara Wilderness. South of 
Shushuka is an oasis. A man there tells you that he saw a woman carrying a 
strange baby dragon stop by there not long ago. She dropped something in 
the spring. Search the northern end of the spring to find the Safe Key.

Take the key back to the Dragonrider Guild and use it to unlock the door 
in the safe. Activate the stoupa inside. When you try to leave, your white 
dragon will tell you that there seems to be something wrong with the 
babies. You need to get them to the hospital at once.

Once there, you find out that the babies have come down with Dragon 
Dystemper. Fortunately, the doctor says he can cure them. Leave the babies 
in his care for a while and explore the hospital. Wander around for a 
while, then go see the doctor. He'll say they're cured and send you to the 
receptionist to pay the bill. This time, the bill comes to 4000 rupees.

Go back to Kankaara Wilderness. Head east from Shushuka. If there's a 
yellow stoupa blocking your way, you need to go activate the stoupa in the 
Guild's safe. Go through the maze to the blue Tao. It leads to Luz Spring.

The man standing next to the blue Tao offers to show you the way through 
the desert for a fee. Don't waste your money. The spring is just north of 
the Tao.

Go through the cave until you reach the red Tao in the center of the pool. 
Step on the Tao to have your dragons bathe there. However, that's not 
enough to protect them from disease. According to a woman in the Haratama, 
you'll also need to recieve a blessing from the Shiva Temple.

A man in the Haratama sells pigs. You can buy white pigs for 200 rupees or 
black pigs for 1000 rupees. You can only keep one color of pig. If you 
have the Pig Cooking Set and Cooking Oil, you can cook the pigs to restore 
HP and status.

Take the blue Tao in the SW corner to Shiva Temple

Items in Luz Spring: Indoanko Sphere, Bronze Sword, 1000 rupees

---E. Shiva Temple

Talk to the nun and she'll let you into the temple.

In the basement below the Haratama, a woman tells you that Amurita came 
through 2 or 3 days ago.

Talk to the priest in the center to have him bless your dragons. He'll ask 
you to make a donation. If you give him 3000 rupees, he'll give you a 
Kinpun Rice Ticket.

When you get to the blue Tao leading to the next world, Al Sinha is there 
waiting for you. He tells you the reason you can't go back to the lower 
worlds- they no longer exist. As soon as you ascend to the upper world, 
this world, too, will cease to exist.

Nevertheless, you have to catch Amurita, so go on the world 3.

Items in Shiva Temple: Indoanko Sphere, 1000 rupees

----3. World 3 (Suvarloka)

---A. Sisilla Cave

You arrive in World 3 at Kinkini Village. The village is in bad shape. 
It's in the middle of a volcanic region. They'd been able to control and 
travel through the lava using "Sisilla Drops", but ever since Amurita 
stole the drops, they've been stuck in the village. The lava has blocked 
the way west.

The entrance to Shoyana Plains is a cave just east of Kinkini. It's not 
much more than a passage under the lava flow.

Items in Shoyana Plains: Copper Bracelet

Once on the other side of the lava flow, go north to Sisilla Cave. The 
Sisilla Drops are on the bottom floor of the cave.

Items in Sisilla's Cave: Tigerfish Knife, Sleeping Cape, Sisilla Drops, 
2000 rupees

Use the Sisilla Drops next to the lava and it will freeze. Now you can 
walk over it. To the west of Kinkini are some more cave entrances. An 
eastern cave leads to a Haratama. People in the Haratama tell you about 
the Baramon Sea Monster. It's supposed to bring happiness to anyone who 
sees it. Actually, if you defeat one, and let your dragons eat it, it will 
heal them completely.

The cave in the far north leads to Asura's Dungeon.

Items in the caves: Sleeping Cape, Iron Gauntlets, Haratama Clogs, Iron 
Armor, Shachihoko Helmet, Copper Sword, 1000 rupees

---B. Asura's Dungeon

The walls of Asura's Dungeon are lined with statues. However, not all are 
ordinary statues. Search the walls, and occasionally one will come to life 
and fight you. If you defeat it, a passage will be opened.

The stairs lead to a Haratama. You can also buy items, stay at the inn and 
save your game there. A merchant there says he heard a rumor that the 
world will crumbling. Some of the patrons report seeing a sad-looking 
Dragonrider with a black dragon passing by. The Haratama vendor says she's 
actually staying at the inn, but has just stepped out. Perhaps if you 
stay, too, you'll catch her.

Stay at the inn. The next morning, you see Amurita and her black dragon 
leaving their room. She left a note behind. It simply says "You mustn't 
follow me."

In the western part of the dungeon, in a field of statues, you'll find Al 
Sinha waiting by a green Tao. He warns you that the monster up ahead are 
much harder than before, and disappears.

Take the blue Tao to the next level of Asura's Dungeon.

Items in Asura's Dungeon (level 1): Sleeping Cape, Ikketsu Charm (2), 
Kaibataihotou, Electric Capsule, Mandrake Root, 2000 rupees

The walls on level 2 work the same as on level 1. Fight the minotaurs and 
rake in the experience points. There are three red statues. Two have blue 
Taos under them. One has a staircase leading to Haratama #19. The vendor 
there will give you free food, because he gets so few customers that the 
noodles will go to waster otherwise.

The blue Tao with the green Tao next to it leads to the Suvarloka Dragon 
Guild. The blue Tao with 4 big statues around it leads to the next level 
of Asura's Dungeon.

Items in Asura's Dungeon (level 2): Mandrake Root, Karukara Claw, Fire 
Capsule, Haratana Sandals, Broom, 1000 rupees

---C. Suvarloka Dragon Guild

Take the blue Tao next to the green Tao to Suvarloka Dragon Guild. The 
guild HQ here is in ruins. The Guildmaster is still on the second floor, 
and he can raise your rank or store items in the warehouse. According to 
the Guildmaster, it was Amurita who destroyed the guild building. Before 
she did, she was checking something in the guild records. Check the 
shelves in the room next to the Guildmaster. Baramon Sea Monsters appear 
from the shelves.

There is a Haratama in the basement. All the people who survived Amurita's 
attack fled here. After destroying the Guild, Amurita fled to the upper 
world. One of the men says he hasn't eaten since yesterday and asks you to 
buy him some food. If you do, he'll give you Asura's Key.

---D. Asura's Dungeon, part 2

Go back to Asura's Dungeon, and take the blue Tao with 4 large statues 
around it. Use the Asura's Key to open the locked door.

The stairs west of the entrance lead to Haratama #21. If you buy food 
there, you can also stay at the inn. A vendor there sells white pigs for 
400 rupees and black pigs for 1500 rupees.

The blue Tao in the center leads to Kankaara Town.

Items in Asura's Dungeon (level 3): Electric Capsule, Iron Shield, Iron 
Gauntlets, Indoanko Sphere (2), Kuriko Staff, Iron Armor, Box Lunch, Iron 
Sword, Seirogan, Tigerfish Knife, 1000 rupees

---E. Kankaara Town

You arrive in what's left of Kankaara Town. Most of it has been washed 
away by lava. A priest is still there, and he tells you that Asura Temple 
is just ahead.

A man in the Haratama in the SE corner asks you to buy him some food. If 
you do, he'll give you the "Rice Ball of Truth". It'll restore HP like 
Haratama noodles.

Go to the upper level of Kankaara, and there is a yellow Tao there. Get 
the Bank Key out of the chest in the SW corner. There's only one key, and 
two doors. You can only unlock one.

The stairs to the blue Tao is guarded a vicious cow. Really. If you defeat 
him, he'll give you the Tao Key. Use the key to unlock the doors to the 
blue Tao.

Items in Kankaara Town: Tao Key, Bank Key, Lhasa Water, Fire Capsule (2), 
Kurikora Staff, Dangerous Needle, Barbarian Axe, Mandala Whip, Ikketsu 
Charm (3), Sorrow of Oiran, Electric Capsule, Mambo Drum, Watercat Catnip

---F. Dharma Chakra and Asura Temple

The blue Tao leads to a monastery. The monastery is also falling apart. 
The Dharma Chakra region is also a volcanic area, and the earthquakes 
caused by the volcanoes are very strong.

One of the stoupas near the monastery opens the path to Asura Temple. But 
some of them are trapped. If you search some of the stoupas, Baramon Sea 
Monsters will appear. Searching some of them will cause earthquakes, and 
you'll have to flee back to the monastery. The first one you're looking 
for is in the far west, surrounded by mountains. The second is in the 
north, between the two caves. The third is in the east, in the middle of a 
row of stoupas. After activating these three stoupas, you'll be able to get
 to Asura Temple.

If you have the Kinpun Rice Ticket from Shiva or Asura Temple, the 
Haratama vendor will give you his special Kinpun Rice. There is an item 
vendor in the Haratama's basement.

Talk to the priest to give your dragons the Fire Blessing. He'll ask for a 
donation. If you give the maximum, he'll give you a Kinpun Rice Ticket.

Al Sinha is waiting for you in front of the blue Tao. Yes, it is Al Sinha, 
despite the costume change. He tells you that Amurita is in Varshana.

Items in Asura Temple: Silver Gauntlets, Silver Armor

---4. World 4 (Maharloka)

--A. Varshana

The blue Tao leads to the village of Varshana. Varshana has recently been 
flooded. You can still see pools of water around. Rumor has it that the 
flood was caused when the Water Gates were suddenly opened. The main road 
to the Rainy Plains in the east has been washed out. There is a staircase 
in the northern part of town, but you can't go down it because of the 

Amurita has stolen the key to Pannaga's Temple. Pannaga is the guardian of 
the village. An old man asks you to get the key back. Unfortunately, the 
temple is also underwater. You'll need to be able to dive into the water 
to see Pannaga. An old woman tells you that she heard about the existance 
of equipment that lets you dive, but she doesn't know where it is.

A man in the Haratama tells you he saw a Dragonrider and a dragon living 
in the cave to the NW. Go NW from Varshana to Amurita's Cave. Amurita is 
gone, but she left a message in the north wall. It says "Rainy Plains, 
Shelter Tree". Maybe that's where she is now.

--B. Rainy Plains

Go south around the lake. There is a cave on the eastern side. the blue 
Tao inside leads to Rainy Plains.

There is a Haratama in the SE. The vendor there tells you that he heard 
the flood had emptied out the Sagara Sea so much that the bottom was 
visible in some places.

The Shelter Tree is in the NE. Amurita is waiting there with her dragon. 
She asks you if you still intend to take her back, even though Ryuen is 
gone and there's nowhere to take her back to (it doesn't matter how you 
answer). She says that she doesn't want to fight you, but she has a 
responsibility to continue her journey. If you want to know what kind of 
journey would make her betray the Guild, go to Pannaga's temple. The key 
is hidden in the Sagara Sea to the north.

--C. Macara and Maharloka Guild HQ

Go back through the cave and go west. The stoupas blocking the way should 
be gone. To the north is a blue Tao leading to the town of Macara.

Macara is flooded even worse than Varshana. The water from the Sagara Sea 
suddenly burst its banks and flooded the town.

A man says they used to have diving equipment there, but some rogue 
Dragonriders took it. The rogue Dragonriders are supposedly living in the 
lighthouse to the west.

There is a Haratama on the east side of town. A blue Tao in the Haratama 
leads to the Maharloka Guild HQ. The first floor is deserted, but the 
clerks on the second floor can increase your rank. The Guildmaster tells 
you that Amurita opened the Water Gate. He offers to increase your rank 
even ore if you close the gate.

There is a Haratama on the east side of the Guild. It's been flooded, 
which makes it hard to cook noodles :). The vendor tells you that there is 
a ship running somewhere near Macara, and the captain has some kind of key.

--D. Macara Lighthouse and Sagara Sea

The lighthouse is west of Macara. The water in the Sagara Sea is shallow 
enough for you to walk through.

Thee is a woman on the first floor. She's worried about the light, and 
tells you to check on the creature that makes the light if you go upstairs.

There are weak spots in the floor on the upper floor. Step on them and 
you'll fall to the floor below. You'll need to do this to get all the 

Some of the treasure chests have Baramon Sea Monsters inside them.

The creature at the top of the lighthouse is too hungry to move any more, 
but it tells you that a crevice in Sagara Sea is shaped like a dragon, and 
a woman dropped something near the tail.

Items in Macara Lighthouse: Kaibataihotou (2), Iron Sandals, Silver 
Gauntlets, Glass Hairpin, Silk Cape, Silver Shield, Mandrake Root, 
Electric Capsule (2), Box Lunch, Sleeping Cape, 5300 rupees, Diving Suit

Once you have the Diving Suit, go south from the lighthouse into the deep 
sea. Go east and talk to the swimmer to dive to the sea floor.

You'll see a crevice in the floor that does indeed look like a dragon. 
Follow it to the end of the tail. Pannaga's Key is there, along with 
stairs leading to the Water Gate. Nevermind the Water Gate for now. You 
need to see Pannaga first.

--E. Pannaga Temple

Take the key back to Varshana and show it to the old man. He'll tell you 
that the stairs in the room next to him lead to a shortcut to the temple. 
There are two staircases below. The one on the left leads to Pannaga 
Temple. The one on the right leads to a cave north of Varshana. Follow the 
line of stoupas to the door to Pannaga's Temple.

Use the Pannaga's Key to open the door to the temple. Remember to re-equip 
your armor once you get out of the water and remove the Diving Suit.

Pannaga is in the giant pool. He says he talked with Amurita. She asked 
him why the dragons were born, and what their true purpose is, but he 
couldn't answer. Amurita decided to find out for herself, and so began her 
journey. If you follow her, you may learn the answer, too. She left a 
message for him to give you. "If you find yourself before the Water Gate, 
remember this word." The word is your name. Why would she be telling you 
to remember your own name?

Pannaga grows tired and goes back to sleep.

Talk to the old man again after returning to Varshana, and he'll give you 
a pig in gratitude.

Items in Pannaga Temple: Sorrow of Oiran (2), Sleeping Cape, 2000 rupees

--F. Water Gate

Go back through Macara to the Sagara Sea. There will be a ship there. It's 
crew are all farm animals! Talk to the chicken in the back. It's actually 
Al Sinha. He disguised himself to hide from Amurita. He gives you the 
Water Gate Key and disappears.

Talk to the swimmer to dive into the water. Follow the crevice to where 
you found Pannaga's Key. The stairs to the Water Gate are just south of 
the chest.

On the first floor of the Water Gate is a Haratama and a boy who sells 
items. The Haratama vendor tells you you need a password to operate the 
gate, but Amurita changed it, and only she knows what it is.

Use the Water Gate Key on the door on the second floor.

Go to the top of the Water Gate and turn the wheel. When you search the 
wheel, it will ask you to choose from 4 words: Samsara, Amurita, your name 
and your dragon's name. Remember Amurita's message- remember your name. 
She used your name as a password! Why would she use your name as a 

Go through the door to the north and talk to the swimmer to take a 
shortcut back to the entrance.

Go back through Macara to the Guild HQ. He thanks you for closing the 
gate, but now has another problem. Since the Water Gate was closed, 
several animals have gotten stuck in the hot springs nearby. He wants you 
to do something about the animals.

Items in the Water Gate: Silver Gauntlets, Silver Sword, Iron Sandls, 
Silver Armor, Fire Capsule (2), Kaibataihotou (2), 5000 rupees

--G. Radon

The passage to the Radon Springs is in the Sagara Sea, north of where you 
dive down. There is a Haratama along the way that will givei you free 
food. The blue Tao leading to the Springs is in the Haratama. The vendor 
won't let you through unless you've talked to the Guildmaster (he thinks 
you're too young to go there).

The indentations in the walls are actually doors.

Several people have come to the springs because they heard it can make you 
younger. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, but they say the fun 
can only last as long you have money. Rumor has it that the spring is 
connected to the Water Gate somewhere underground. That must be how the 
animals got washed here when the Water Gate closed.

A woman in the rooms below the tavern will ask you to massage her 
shoulders. If you do, she'll give you a Dangerous Ticket. Another woman 
there says Amurita was here, but left without using the hot springs.

A man by the waterfall sells pigs. The Haratama is in the SE corner.

If you want to use the springs, you can use the outside pool for free, or 
pay 700 rupees to use the inside pool. The inside pool is divided into a 
mens' and womens' section but you can go in both.

Talk to the man behind the counter in the tavern to stay at the inn. You 
can call a masseuse for 500 rupees. If you have a Dangerous Ticket, you 
can acll her for free. Call one. After hearing that you want to do 
something about the monsters in the spring, the masseuse suggests that you 
shut off the pipe leading from the Water Gate.

The pipe is on the west side of town. Talk to the man there. He says that 
shutting off the pipe means closing down the spring. It's better to leave 
the monsters there than close down entirely. He writes a letter to the 

Take the letter to the Dragon Guild. Unfortunately, the Guildmaster has 
been replaced! The new Guildmaster claims not to know about the promise 
his predecessor made you, but tells you that Amurita has gone to Sukanda. 
Sukanda is in the next world. Fortunately, the previous Guildmaster let 
his clerks know about his agreement with you. Talk to the clerk outside 
the Guildmaster's office and she'll promote you to Master Dragonrider.

Go back to Radon and talk to the man standing in front of the door on the 
north side. With the old Guildmaster gone, there's no reason for him to be 
here any more, so he lets you through.

--H. Rudra Temple

The door leads to a monastery. There is a Haratama below, but it's 
abandoned. There's nothing to see here. Take the blue Tao to Rudra Temple.

Talk to the priest to have your dragons recieve the Water Blessing. The 
priest will ask for a donation. If you give the maximum, he'll give you a 
Kinpun Rice Ticket.

The Haratama is in the east side of the temple. If you have a Kinpun Rice 
Ticket, the cook will give you special rice there.

Items in Radon Monastery: 4100 rupees

Items in Rudra Temple: Kaibataihotou, Indoanko Sphere

---5. World 5 (Janaloka)

--A. Windy Valley

Rudra Temple's Tao leads to Sukanda Village. According to rumors, flying 
dragons used to live nearby, but lately the wind has been too strong for 
them to fly.

Amurita has apparently been causing havoc in Sukanda, too. Sukanda is 
plagued by fierce winds, and the people believe that they were caused when 
Amurita broke the seal in the Wind Maze.

A pair of treasure hunters have come to Sukanda looking for loot, but one 
of them refuses to leave the hotel. His partner thinks its because he's 
trying to take all the treasure for himself. He's partly right. The hunter 
is looking for the Flight Helmet, and doesn't want his partner to find 
out. The Flight Helmet in a chest in the armor store, along with 4000 
rupees. You'll need the Flight Helmet in order to use the Dragon Catapults 
to travel.

A Dragonrider in the inn saw Rudra Temple crumble just after you arrived, 
and is afraid it means something awful will happen.

A man in the SE corner is worried about his friend in the village of 
Critica. Critica is to the south, but no one can get there because of the 

A man in the NE corner sells pigs.

Check a crate to find a Sorrow of Oiran.

The only way to get to the other village is by the Dragon Catapult north 
of Sukanda. Equip the Flight Helmet, and buy a ticket at the counter, and 
talk to the man by the door. Your dragon tells you that something is wrong 
with the two younger dragons. The man by the door is surprised. He thought 
that there were no more winged dragons in the world. However, they won't 
be able to fly until the proper ceremony is performed. For that, you'll 
need the Wind Oil from Critica. The man says he'll take care of the two 
young dragons while you go to Critica to get the oil.

The Dragon Catapult will launch your dragon into the sky so it can fly. 
Your can fly wherever you want, but you can only land at other Dragon 
Catapults, at least for now.

Fly south from Sukanda to Critica. There is only one person there, and he 
runs an item store. You can buy Wind Oil there for 3000 rupees.

There is a well in the center, but it's clogged.

Items in Critica: Watercat Catnip (2), Sorrow of Oiran (2), Dangerous 
Needle, Kujaku Armor, Dragon Shield, Sleeping Cape, 8000 rupees

Go back to Sukanda and talk to the priest in the north room. Your other 
dragons will be waiting there. He tells you to take the dragons and stand 
at the red Tao in the center of town. After that, they'll be able to fly 
as well.

--B. Nishada Base

Go west from Critica, through the mountains. You'll find a row of minotaur 
statues. If you searched them before, they would say that those without 
wings are not allowed by. Now that all your dragons can fly, you'll be 
able to pass. The blue Tao in the cave leads to the aerial fortress of 

Some of the soldiers in the base says that the well in Critica is 
connected to the Wind Maze. If you can open the well in Critica, its 
effects might weaken the winds coming from the Wind Maze. Someone else 
says that the guy who runs the Haratama really likes bombs. Hmm.

If you want to fly, step on one of the helipads.

Items in Nishada base: Chonchon Sandals, Silk Cape, Skull Necklace, 
Seirogan, Electric Capsule, Indoanko Sphere

Go the Haratama to the NE. The vendor tells you that the toilet is broken. 
Check the stall on the right. A bomb is stuck in the toilet.

Go back to Critica and use the bomb at the well. With the rock gone, wind 
will come rushing out of the well.

--C. Wind maze and Janaloka Dragon Guild

Fly NE from the Nishada Base to the Wind Maze. Now that the wind has been 
diverted to the well, you'll be able to get in. There is a Haratama on the 
first floor, and a man there asks you to buy him some food. If you do, 
he'll tell you that the key to the Tao room isn't in the maze. The Guild 
has it.

The minotaur statues here work just like in Asura's Dungeon. Fight them to 
clear a path. Sometimes there will holes in the floor with wind coming out 
of them. If you get rid of the statue in front of them, it will blow you 
back to the other end of the hall. That only happens the first time, 
though. After that, you'll be able to walk past them normally.

Items in Wind Maze: Indoanko Sphere (2), Electric Capsule (2), Fallcap, 
Dragon Shield, Ouroboros Staff, Kankaara Shell, Assassin's Katarrh, 
Mandrake Root, Lhasa Water, Sleeping Cape, 13100 rupees

The Tao leading to the Dragon Guild HQ is in the NW corner of the Wind 
Maze. It appears that this guild has been wrecked, too. However, it 
appears that the dragon did all the damage this time, while Amurita tried 
to get everyone to safety. One of the Dragonriders suggests talking to the 
silver dragon in the garden to see if he knows anything about Amurita's 
dragon. Another man in the Haratama wants you to buy him some food. If you 
do, he'll give you a message from Amurita- "Search by the dragons facing 
each other" and "One of the Taos is a trap". A clerk on the second floor 
can increase your rank. Search the dragon statue to the right of the front 
door, and you'll find the Tao Room Key.

Use the Tao Room Key at the red doors in the Wind Maze. The Tao on the 
right is the trapped one. The Tao on the Left leads to the Mid-air Gardens.

---D. Mid-air Gardens

Step on the grey tiles and you'll hear messages:
"When the dragon awakens, so will the Tao."
"The Sleeping Dragon dreams of its memories."
"The light of Kumida comes from 3 items."
"Sigh of Night, Cat's Footsteps, Spring Seeds"
"Step in the shadow of the tree that rises from the dragon's back."

There is a Haratama behind the big tree. Once you've collected the three 
items mentioned, bring them to the vendor and he'll use them to prepare 
the Light of Kumuda.

Use the Light of Kumuda near the dragon's eye, and it will wake up. 
Amurita was here before you. She asked about the fate of the world- when 
did it begin, when will it end, and what happens after that? 
Unfortunately, the dragon has no memory of what happened before the world 
began. She decided to find out for herself. If you follow her, you may 
learn the answer, too.

Items in Mid-air Garden (level 1): Spring Seeds, Sleeping Cape, Wraith 
Gloves, Sigh of Night, Cat's Footsteps, 10000 rupees

The blue Tao in the south will be working now. Take it to the next level 
of the Mid-air Gardens. This is the top of the tree you saw growing out of 
the silver dragon's back.

As you enter, your dragons will suddenly get sleepy, and decide to take a 
nap there at the Tao.

Go into the Haratama in the south. If it won't let you in, walk around and 
explore some more. Have some food and get your card stamped. The vendor 
laughs and says he's been waiting 38 years for someone to come and now you 
can stay here in his place. You can't go through the front door. Try to go 
out the back.

You end up back in the Haratama! But wait, "you" are now the store owner, 
and the real you is in the back room. The people in the side rooms will 
talk to you now. They say that a strange Dragonrider just came in, and 
they don't like it. Talk to the you in the back to buy some noodles. Keep 
eating noodles until you start to feel sleepy. When you wake up, you're 
back to normal, and everyone else is gone.

When you go outside, everything has changed. The grass is dead, the water 
is muddy, and all the people have gone. Go get your dragons. There is now 
a blue Tao in the SE corner. Take it to Vayu Base.

--E. Vayu Base

The people of Vayu Base have all become disillusioned with the Guild. 
There has been an increase in monsters recently, and the Guild hasn't done 
anything to help. Many here sympathize with Amurita. Adding to problem are 
several rogue Dragonriders who terrorize the skies around the base.

The Mayor asks you to fly to Haratama #39 and ask them to start delivering 
food to the base. Apparently, the cook here isn't quite up to snuff, and 
the soldiers are getting restless. The Dragonriders around the base have 
made it impossible for anyone to fly there themselves. If you do, he'll 
let you use the Tao leading to the next world.

Items in Vayu Base: Poison Bracelet

Fly east or west from Vayu Base. The Haratama is in a balloon floating 
around in the sky. Talk to the vendor and he'll give you some food for the 
base. You can buy pigs there, too.

Go back to the base and talk to the Mayor. He'll unseal the cave to the 
Tao. The cave is on a floating island west of Vayu.

--F. Malto Temple

The Tao leads to Malto Temple.

Talk to the priest to have your dragons recieve the Wind Blessing. He'll 
ask you for a donation. If you give the maximum, he'll give you a Kinpun 
Rice Ticket.

Al Sinha is waiting for you at the Tao again (in drag!). He tells you that 
Amurita has gone to the Colloseum.

Items in Malto Temple: Indoanko Sphere, Kaibataihotou

---6. World 6 (Tavoloka)
--A. Grand Bazaar

The Tao leads to the Grand Bazaar. Two of the Taos are not working right 
now. Dragons aren't allowed in the rooms to the west. If you want to go 
there, you'll have to leave your dragons in the room below.

Go down the stairs and talk to the priest. He'll keep your dragons for you.

Inside is the fabled Grand Bazaar. Here, you can buy anything you want. 
Unfortunately, they don't use rupees here. You'll have to change money 
before you can buy anything.

In the west is what passes for a Guild HQ here. Support for the Guild 
seems to be waning. However, you can store unwanted items by talking to 
the clerk on the right, or change money by talking to the clerk on the 
left. The exchange rate between rupees and megarupees changes often. Talk 
to the person several times to try to get the best rate.

Many people talk about becoming a Dragon Knight. They've come to fight in 
the colloseum upstairs to try to earn an invitation to join.

South of the guild is a private club. If you don't have a membership card, 
you can go in the northern room. To get a membership card, stay at the 
inn, and have them call a masseuse. She(?) will give you a card. There's a 
man in the south room who'll challenge you to a fight. If you win, he'll 
give you 300 megarupees (plus you'll win 200 in the battle).

Items in Grand Bazaar: Tartar Bow, Bajiri Axe, Dangerous Needle, 160100 

--B. Colloseum

The middle Tao leads to the Colloseum. After seeing the Grand Bazaar, talk 
to the nun and she'll activate it. Be sure to get your dragons back before 
you go there.

There is another place to leave your dragons to the west of the entrance. 
Go downstairs and talk to the pig. It's really Al Sinha. He tells you that 
you need to get an invitation to join the royal knights.

You won't be able to bring the dragons into the colloseum, so leave them 
with the clerk there.

Amurita has been here, too. She beat all 8 opponents, and is now headed 
for the palace, presumably to join the Dragon Knights.

Go downstairs and talk to the clerk in the south to register for the 
battle. It costs 150 megarupees. Once you've registered, you can go get 
your dragons and bring them with you. Go through the door and up the 
stairs to the arena. After each battle, you can choose to continue or 
quit. If you die in a battle, the game doesn't end. If you die or quit, 
you don't have to start from the beginning. If your equipment is wearing 
out, go ahead and replace it before continuing.
Battle #1: Mijinko-rider and 3 Mijinkos
Battle #2: Catfish-rider and 3 Electric Catfish
Battle #3: Gama-rider, 2 Electric Gama and 1 Gas Gama
Battle #4: Reiyou-rider and 3 Reiyou
 (The Reiyou-rider here is a Dragonrider you met previously. He wanted to 
be a pig farmer, but the Guild wouldn't let him, so he rebelled and became 
a Reiyou-rider.)
Battle #5: Shachihoko-rider and 3 Shachihoko
Battle #6: Bug-rider and 3 Panzer Beetles
Battle #7: Bird-rider and 3 Kuramingos
Battle #8: Watercat-rider and 3 Watercats

After you beat all 8 opponents, you'll be recognized as a Dragon Knight 
and given a Candidate Badge. Now you can use the other Tao in Grand Bazaar.

--C. Dragon Knight Base

Talk to the nun in front of the far right Tao and she'll activate it. Take 
it to the Dragon Knights' Base.

The Dragon Knights are an arrogant bunch. They're quick to point out how 
much better they are than Dragonriders, and how their specially-bred 
dragons are far superior to yours. One of the knights in the north end 
will challenge you to duel because he doesn't like your face. Kick his 
butt! One in the SW corner will ask you to trade dragons. When you refuse, 
he'll challenge you because he thinks you've dissed his dragon.

On the second floor are the cannons, and the Dragon Knights manning them. 
They've disabled their Tao, so the only way to attack the base is by air.

Go through the red door on the east side (is using the female hero ) or 
the blue door on the west side (if using the male hero) to see the 
Captain. He/She tells you to go to the Training Center and build up your 

The Training Center is through the mountains to the west. Here, the Dragon 
Knights fight captured Dragonriders to build up their skills. They treat 
the Dragonriders as little more than slave labor, figuring they can always 
go catch more.

The Dragonriders always attack from the south. They've tried sealing off 
the Tao cave with stoupas, but they keep breaking through.

A Dragonrider in the NW corner asks you to get him some food from the 
Haratama in the world above, and gives you an Order Form. The Haratama is 
in a cave to the south. The vendor will fill the Dragonrider's order and 
give you some food for free.

Bring the food back to the Dragonrider. He'll tell you that Amurita was 
here, and if he'd known what would happen to him, he would have gone with 
her. If the other Dragon Knights knew you were kind to him, you'd get in 

Go back to talk to the Captain. She heard about the food you brought to 
the Dragonrider and isn't pleased. Normally, this would mean you'd be 
stripped of your rank, but she has a new assignment for you. The Dragon 
Knights are also looking for Amurita. The cook in the Dragon Guild's 
Haratama supposedly knows where she is. However, the Dragon Knights and 
the Haratama people don't get along. She wants you to go there and find 
out where Amurita is.

--D. Dragon Guild

Go south from the Dragon Knight base. There are two caves there. The one 
on the left should be open now. Inside is a blue Tao leading to the 
Tavoloka Dragon Guild.

However, the Dragon Knights have taken over this HQ, and all but shut it 
down. If you want to increase your rank, talk to the clerk in the 2nd 
floor library. You can be promoted to Mahar Dragonrider.

The Haratama vendor says that Amurita has already gone to the next world. 
Thanks to the oppression by the Dragon Knights, many Dragonriders have 
sided with her.

Go tell the Captain. She'll tell you it's time for you to see the king. 
However, you can't use the Tao here, a they've deactivated it to keep 
invaders from the palace. You'll have to go through the cave to the south.

--E. Palace

Go south to the two caves. The one on the right should be open now. Take 
the blue Tao to the palace.

There is a barrier around the palace that prevents dragons from entering. 
You'll have to leave them by the Tao.

One of the maids on the second floor is the nurse from Alta Hospital who 
supervised the birth of Amurita's dragon.

The king is in the center of the second floor. He wants you to join his 
harem. You wouldn't refuse such kindness, right? Especially since refusing 
means being banished from the kingdom. Go ahead and join. You'll be 
transported to the harem quarters.

Apparently, the king likes his girls young. But according to the girls, he 
just likes to look. THey live in a room filled with treasure. Although it 
looks nice, it's hard to walk on. It seems you're the 13th addition to the 

The blue Tao in the center leads to the back rooms of the palace, and the 
treasure rooms. You can get to the throne room via the red door.

When you get tired of pretending to be a harem girl, talk to the king and 
tell him you want to quit. He'll banish you from the palace, and you'll 
end up in the Haratama near the Training Grounds. The shop manager from 
Taj Mahal is there. He says that some Dragonriders and some of his buddies 
from Taj Mahal, including the former president, have been causing a stir. 
They've overrun the Dragon Knights and are heading for the palace.

The Tao there leads to the Training Center. All the Dragon Knights are 

Go to the Dragon Knight HQ. The Knights are gone from there, too. And all 
the doors to the chests are open. Loot the place! One of the chests will 
set off a switch revealing a staircase to (empty for now) Haratama.

The Captain is still waiting upstairs. According to her, a band of 
Dragonriders suddenly stormed the place. The Dragon Knights all ran away. 
However, she's not letting you by without a fight. And what's in that 
chest she's guarding? A Haratama Gauntlet! Strange taste.

Items in Dragon Knight HQ: Kaibataihotou (4), Mandrake Root (2), Indoanko 
Sphere (2), Seirogan (4), Electric Capsule (4), Silver Hairpin, Silver 
Bracelet, Ruby Hairpin, Ruby Necklace, Cooking Oil (4), Watercat Catnip 
(3), Sleeping Cape (4), Ring Shield, Immortal Armor, Haratama Helmet, Higo 
Halberd, Lindblum Arrow (8), Lhasa Water (4), Box Lunch (4), Sorrow of 
Oiran (4), Ikketsu Charm (4), Haratama Gauntlet, 9800 megarupees

You can now get to the Tao leading to the palace. Finish looting the 
palace. All the doors are now unlocked, so you can get to the third floor.

The Haratama vendor on the third floor is actually a double agent. He was 
sent to spy on the royal family and report back to the Haratama 
headquarters. The king has run away, but is probably hiding in the harem 

Go to the harem room and talk to the girls. Remember that there are 
supposed to be 12. Most will give you what number they are (and #10 will 
tell you she's really a boy!). The king is hiding with #8, in the SE 

Remember that the harem is covered with treasure. Search the floor to find 
lots of megarupees. Some squares have 1000 megarupees on them.

After finding the king and talking to all the girls, talk to the girl in 
the NE corner. She'll admit to being the priest's wife, and give you the 
Secret Key. The keyhole is on the corner of #8's room. Use the key there 
and a staircase will appear.

Items in the palace: Akama Bug (2), Mandrake Root (2), Indoanko Sphere 
(3), Sleeping Cape (3), Seirogan (2), Electric Capsule (3), Immortal 
Armor, Panzer Armor, 16000 megarupees

--F. Ganesha Temple

The blue Tao in the Haratama leads to Ganesha Temple.

The Guildmaster from Ryuen is waiting by the door. He says that at first, 
Amurita was simply the Guild's problem, but no more. Now, if you don't 
stop her, the whole world could eventually disappear.

Al Sinha is inside. He says Amurita is heading for the top of the world.

Items in Ganesha Temple: Indoanko Sphere, Tamasa Armor

---7. World 7 (Satiyaloka)

The Ganesha Temple's Tao leads to the middle of Satiyaloka. Here, the 
various memories of the worlds you passed through are kept at the 
Haratamas. The chief chef of each world has a counter here. Go through and 
talk to each of them.

The second counter is manned by the head chef from Ryuen. He says that 
right after you left, Ryuen's world was cut off from the others and fell 
into darkness. It seems that Ryuen's elder foresaw what would happen, but 
didn't tell anyone.

The third counter is Buvarloka's counter. After you left, no more dragon 
eggs were born. The hospital was abandoned and fell into ruin almost 
immediately. All the land turned to desert and everything was buried under 
the sand.

The fourth counter is Suvarloka's counter. As soon as you left, the 
dragons of the earth breathed fired and scorched the sky, the ground, and 
everything in it. All was turned to ash.

The fifth counter is Maharloka's counter. After you left, the water and 
the monsters in it flooded the land. After the flood, everything from 
Varshana to the Water Gate was under the sea. Only the temple was still 

The sixth counter is Janaloka's counter. After you left, the world was 
attacked by hoardes of monsters. The soldiers tried to fight back, but 
were outnumbered. First Nishada was lost, then Vayu, then the entire world.

The seventh counter is from Tavoloka and the palace. The Dragonriders put 
an end to the royal family's reign. However, the Dragonriders were fated 
to disappear with it. Kings, priests, Dragon Knights, Dragonriders, even 
the dragons themselves- none are safe from the coming darkness.

The next Haratama vendor asks you if you REALLY been to all the previous 
Haratamas. The blue Tao doesn't work. Hmm, maybe there's something you 

Go back to Tavoloka's Haratama. Amurita is there, talking to the vendor. 
She says that having no memory is an awful thing. Even though she doesn't 
remember anything, she keeps acquiring more items. How did she get them? 
Why can't she remember? It happens so often. There's something she needs 
to find out, but she doesn't really want to know. Finally, she says 
goodbye to the vendor. She has to keep going, because she has nowhere to 
return to.

Keep going to Janaloka's Haratama. Amurita is there again. What will 
become of a Dragonrider who can't comprehend dragons? What if what she 
fears is true- that there is some connection between her dragon and the 
destrution of the world? If that is true, what should she do?

Go back to Maharloka's Haratama. Amurita is there. What if she's been 
wrong this whole time? What if the Guild was right in trying to destroy 
her dragon? She suspects that there is something evil about her dragon. 
Perhaps it shouldn't be allowed to exist. Many times, she contempleted 
killing it, but couldn't do it. A Dragonrider can't kill a dragon they 
raised, no matter what kind of dragon it is.

Go to Suvarloka's Haratama. Amurita is there. People say that it was her 
who destroyed the Dragonrider helmets and stole the Vaccine from the 
hospital. But it was really the Guild's doing! She can't forgive them for 
framing her for their crimes. But more than that, they knew a dragon like 
hers would one day be born, and they tried to hide the truth and prevent 
it from being born. After that, they tried to destroy it. And as if that 
weren't enough, they sent you, her dear friend, to chase her. After all 
that, she truly cannot forgive the Guild.

Go to Buvarloka's Harama. Amurita is there. She says that she's never seen 
a dragon like hers before. When it was born, she was afraid of it. But she 
ignored her fear, and took the baby from the hospital. She doesn't 
understand why she did it. Perhaps finding the answer to that was why she 
continued her journey.

go to Ryuen's Haratama. Amurita is there again. Even though they've 
probably even sent people to the Haratama to search for her, she must 
continue. She was happy until she noticed a small seed of doubt growing 
inside her. Now she considers discovering the truth her duty as a 
Dragonrider. Her only regret is that she left Ryuen without telling you 

Now go back to Haratama #56. The chef there is the head of Haratama, Al 
Jinba. He has a message from Amurita:
First, she thanks the Haratama vendors for keeping her memories until now. 
Up ahead is the "Dragon's Lair", where everything will finally be settled. 
Whether you follow her or not is up to you.

The chef asks you if you still intend to follow her. Talk to him again to 
get stamp #56.

----8. World 8 (Dragon's Lair)
---A. Statue Tower

The blue Tao leads to a Haratama. There is a armor vendor there.

Go north from the Haratama to the tower. Inside are several large statues. 
There are holes in them, as if something were supposed to be set in them. 
Go to the corners of the room and get the Green Jewel, Red Jewel and Blue 
Jewel. Use the Blue Jewel on the northern statue. Use the Green Jewel on 
the center statue. Use the Red Jewel on the southern statue. After that, a 
staircase will appear where the center statue was.

---B. Minotaur Maze

Go through the blue Tao to Haratama #58, then go up the stairs in the back.

The floor in Minotaur Maze is dark. If you take a wrong turn, you'll fall 
through the floor into the Haratama. Searching the minotaur statues will 
illuminate the area for a few seconds.

The exit is in the north.

Items in Minotaur Maze: Kaibataihotou (3)

---C. Door Maze

Here you have to get through the doors. Only 1 door per row is a normal 
door. The others lead to secret rooms, or back to the Haratama.

Items in Maze of Doors: Mandala Whip, Asura Sword, Assassin's Katarrh

---D. Tao Maze

Here, you have to navigate through the Taos. Stepping on the center of a 
Tao teleports you to another part of the maze. If you get lost, falling 
through a hole in the floor will bring you back to the Haratama (in the 

Beware the Vritras (the triceratops-like dragons)! They can do 2000+ 
points of damage!

Items in Maze of Taos: Immortal Armor (2)

---E. Trap Maze

There is an armor vendor in the Haratama.

The doors by the guns are trapped, and will do damage if you try to go 

Some of the chests have buttons in them. Press them to release some of the 

Talk to the monkey statue in the SW corner. It says that "Amurita" is a 
word meaning "gentle dew".

The minotaur statues are like the ones in Asura's Dungeon. Fight it and it 
will clear the way.

Items in Trap Maze: Sorrow of Oiran, Fallcap, Indoanko Sphere, Box Lunch, 
Kaibataihotou (2), Haratama Gauntlets, Haratama Sandals, Rudra Cape, Shiva 

---F. Invisible Maze

The floor here is invisible. To make it visible, try to step on a square. 
If there's no path there, nothing will happen. If there is, it will appear.

Items in Invisible Maze: Wooden Sword

---G. Twilight Zone

No monsters or traps here. Just Amurita waiting for you by the blue Tao.

She asks you what the most important thing to a Dragonrider is. Their 
dragon, of course. For the sake of her dragon, she can't let you through.

Now you finally fight Amurita. She can do 1000+ points of damage with the 
right hit, so make sure you have good stuff equipped.

She congradulates you on your victory, and on raising such a fine dragon. 
Unfortunately, what she feared is true- her dragon is fated to become the 
strongest and most evil of the dragons, a Chaos Dragon. That dragon is 
responsible for the destruction of the world. She climbed through the 
worlds trying to escape the effect. She'd even tried to kill it, but 
couldn't bring herself to do it. After all, what Dragonrider can kill 
their own dragon? She asks you to kill it for her and disappears.

Before you go, get the Haratama Armor out of the chest behind the red door.

---H. Chaos Dragon Lair

Stop at the Haratama for the final stamp, and get your prize. I'd 
recommend getting the Haratama Shield, as you probably already have one of 
everything else. Save your game there and equip the best stuff you have. 
Then go up the stairs to the Chaos Dragon Lair.

Amurita's dragon is lying at the northern end. When you approach, it cries 
and calls for Amurita. Something... hatches... from inside it. This thing 
is the Chaos Dragon.

The Chaos Dragon has 8 heads, and you must defeat each of them. Only one 
head will attack at a time. They can both use breath attacks and cast 
spells. I'd recommend having your dragons attack, while you heal them 
(with the Kuriko or Kurikora staffs, if you have them).

As you defeat each head, your dragon will tell you a little more. She is 
the Final Dragon Al Sinha spoke of. Amurita's job was to lead you to the 
top of the world, so that your dragon and the Chaos Dragon would meet.  
After you defeat the sixth head, your dragon thanks you for bringing her 
this far, and sacrifices herself to kill the seventh. You'll have to fight 
the eighth without her. I hope you brought lots of healing items.

---I. Ryuen (epilogue)

After you defeat the eighth head, the black dragon cries out for Amurita 
one more time, and everything crumbles and disappears.

Suddenly, you find yourself back in Ryuen. Or do you? Check your status 
screen, and you'll see that "your" name is the name you gave your white 
dragon. The man tells you that the elder has called for you, calling you 
by your dragon's name.

A woman in the pool says she heard an interesting legend about a 
Dragonrider and a white dragon. The vendor there says you look like a 
powerful Dragonrider he met while travelling.

A woman by the side of the pyramid says she saw a bright blue star in the 
eastern sky, and it might be an omen.

A nurse on the west side says she dreamed that your dragon will one day 
bear twins. That's strange, considering that you don't even have a dragon, 

The cow in the SW corner says his name is Al Sinha.

The Haratama vendor in the back tells you that Haratama has branches all 
over the world. He's surprised that you already know that. Perhaps you 
have some memories left from a previous life.

The clerk in the back thinks she was a dragon in a previous life. She 
thinks her name was one of the ones you gave your young dragons.

Go to the western side of the pyramid and you'll find... Amurita! She says 
that Samsara is like a turning wheel, with everyone reincarnating over and 
over. In a previous life, you could have been her, or she could have been 

When you've talked to everyone, go see the elder. He tells you that the 
egg you were clutching when you were found has started to hatch. He moves 
aside. Go see your egg. A white dragon hatches from it- with your name. 
And the cycle begins again, for such is the world of Samsara.

...and the credits roll. "See you again!"

Congratulations! You have finished Samsara Naga 2!

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