How to perform character's special moves?

  1. Hey everyone.

    I'm at a loss as to how to perform each of the characters special moves, especially Queen Bee. Any info on how to perform each of the special moves for the characters?

    The moves I'm referring to is the shockwave special for Galivan, the Gatling gun special for MetalHawk, and that dropkick special that Queen Bee has (I hope you know what I'm referring to here?).

    Any help is appreciated.

    User Info: BillyWitchDr

    BillyWitchDr - 2 years ago
  2. I've had played this game and didn't know about special moves :0
    As far I remember...

    User Info: Ramon_Player1

    Ramon_Player1 - 2 years ago
  3. I only know galivan shock wave special move: hold skill button and up down left right punch.if you find another special move pls tell me.

    User Info: Hyunkel

    Hyunkel - 1 year ago

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