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"International Tennis Tour", with a world championship of over 200 tournaments, a Nations' Cup and its different training modes and game levels, is undoubtedly the most complete and realistic game simulation available today.

- With "International Tennis Tour" you will experience the excitement of the most prestigious competitionswhether on grass, clay, hard or indoor surfaces, in singles or doubles, with 1 or 2 players.
- Throughout the season you will confront the world's 64 best players on the professional circuit. Make up your own timetable for matches and training courses depending on your performanceand your budget!
- You can play at your own level and perfect your technique through training and improvement sessions, whether you are a professional, an amateur or a simple beginner.
- The original and clear menu provides easy access to multiple options which make "International Tennis Tour" the most complete and realistic game simulation available today.

While the players are concentrating on the court, an enthusiastic public is getting ready to witness one of the most important meetings in the World Championship. According to tradition, the judge has just decided who will serve first by the toss of a coin : Now it's up to you to play!

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