• Puzzle Mode Passwords

    If you're unfamiliar with Japanese characters, consult a hiragana chart while entering a password. Enter any of the following passwords after selecting Password in 100 Puzzle Mode:

    Stage 001su ta a to
    Stage 002o ha na mi
    Stage 003ke shi te ne
    Stage 004i chi re tsu
    Stage 005o mo i yo
    Stage 006ki ho n
    Stage 007i re te ne
    Stage 008so u ka i
    Stage 009ha n ta i
    Stage 010so re yu ke
    Stage 011yo sa ku ra
    Stage 012ra i n
    Stage 013ha sa ma ri
    Stage 014e e wa a
    Stage 015u me te ne
    Stage 016ta ka i ne
    Stage 017ra i to
    Stage 018to no sa ma
    Stage 019yo ku mi te
    Stage 020ma wa shi te
    Stage 021ka ta i yo
    Stage 022tsu yu a ke
    Stage 023na tsu ya ne
    Stage 024hi ma wa ri
    Stage 025so ro u yo
    Stage 026o ki ka ta
    Stage 027o ke ra
    Stage 028u shi no hi
    Stage 029ho u ko u
    Stage 030shi ra na mi
    Stage 031u i te ru
    Stage 032sa ka mi chi
    Stage 033ta n ku
    Stage 034so u me n
    Stage 035to ra
    Stage 036yu u ya ke
    Stage 037wa ka re me
    Stage 038sa shi te ne
    Stage 039ka mi na ri
    Stage 040ra mu ne
    Stage 041ka n ke ri
    Stage 042ho ta ru
    Stage 043me ro n
    Stage 044fu ro tsu hi
    Stage 045su na ha ma
    Stage 046ka
    Stage 047su mi tsu ko
    Stage 048na ka yo shi
    Stage 049ta n ke n
    Stage 050yo ku ki ta
    Stage 051a ki ha re
    Stage 052e n so ku
    Stage 053ta wa a
    Stage 054ko u yo u
    Stage 055ka re ha
    Stage 056ta i fu u
    Stage 057ka ri i re
    Stage 058ma n na ka
    Stage 059i re mo no
    Stage 060o te ra
    Stage 061o tsu ki mi
    Stage 062sa n ma
    Stage 063ke i ro u
    Stage 064ka ki
    Stage 065ma tsu mu shi
    Stage 066i no shi shi
    Stage 067ma tsu ta ke
    Stage 068a ki na su
    Stage 069su i i to
    Stage 070su i ka
    Stage 071ha tsu yu ki
    Stage 072to u mi n
    Stage 073a n ma n
    Stage 074yu ki n ko
    Stage 075mi ka n
    Stage 076ya ki i mo
    Stage 077ko ri n to
    Stage 078e tsu ku su
    Stage 079ri ta a n
    Stage 080su ke e to
    Stage 081ka ma ku ra
    Stage 082sa n ta
    Stage 083mo chi tsu ki
    Stage 084ko ta tsu
    Stage 085to shi ko shi
    Stage 086o se chi
    Stage 087ma me ma ki
    Stage 088ta i ya ki
    Stage 089re ru he n
    Stage 090chi yo u
    Stage 091yu ki to ke
    Stage 092to ri i
    Stage 093ke i chi tsu
    Stage 094u ra ra ka
    Stage 095ni ra
    Stage 096na no ha na
    Stage 097ha te na
    Stage 098ha ru sa me
    Stage 099chi yu n
    Stage 100o tsu ka re
    Unlock Versus Mode DXta i se n

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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