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Ancient Greece. An era when the heavenly world where the gods live and the human world are not so far apart.

The protagonist loses his memory, but meets a fellow who has the same dream. Each of them will travel together in order to find out who they are.

Around the same time, various parts of the world were hit by unprecedented natural disasters; land suddenly collapsing, monsters boiling from holes leading to the underworld...Something was about to happen throughout the world as the scale of the incident expanded day by day.

Immortal companions who have lost their memory. Their past is the key to solving the mystery of natural disasters...

Since the release of the first work "Glory of Heracles" in 1987, this is a popular RPG series that has spun a story with a lot of hardware, and this work is famous as the best scenario in the series.

The story is independent of the other series and can be enjoyed alone.

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