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Reviewed: 01/28/15

The last undiscovered gem... and one of the rarest SNES games!


Puzzle'n desu is a puzzle game, and more precisely a block pushing game. It has been made and distributed by Nichibutsu, the same editor which had failed to market Nightmare Busters which was expected to get the number 16. Puzzle'n desu has the number 17. Very scarce and belonging to an overlooked genre, the game has fallen in deep obscurity. Justice has to be made by revealing the existence of this forgotten masterpiece! Let's go!

Gameplay: 10/10

The light-hearted hero is very pleasant to control and it is a matter of seconds before you become attached to him. Challenge is high (you often have to make 5 blocks disappear at the same time) but the gameplay is pretty solid. Along the stages, new elements such as teleporters, arrows, dice, ice blocks, bombs etc appear. The way they are used is very intelligent so that you never feel discouraged and pleasure proves intact. The musics are obscurely yet cheerfully nice... They nicely participate in the particuliar appealing soul of the game.

Puzzle'n desu is very challenging at times but when you succeed, you get a feeling of exaltation and proudness that is rare among other puzzle games which rather give you a headache! Only one thing may bother you though : you sometimes have to push blocks that are in movement and the game is set so that you have to be overly precise to do so; it is a matter of milliseconds...and millimeters! Fortunately, these situations are few and pleasure remains.The game is very hard at times but never impossible. If you feel desperate, an option allows to remove the time meter.

The best 4 players SNES game: the multiplayer mode here proposes various "arenas" corresponding to the ten stages of the first player mode. The goal here is to push blocks in order to crush the other players. Simple as it may seem, it proves diabolically addictive and fun! Blocks are moving in all directions, teleporters, arrows, ice blocks, bombs, conveyer belts (etc) are very very misleading and you often happen to make terrific, yet imprevisible murderous moves!!!
Creation mode : the game also offer to build and save your own stages! It is well-made and cool.
The main story can be played up to 4 players too!: it is cool too. Be careful though, coordination is required to go further otherwise you'll end in a family dispute!


A peaceful people is living on a remote island. They are tiny, dressed in colorful clothes, wearing pointed hats. A simplistic style yet very kawai at the same time. One day, the neighbour Demon King casts a spell on the entire island, throwing thousands of colour blocks everywhere. All the inhabitants becomes dizzy, unable to do anything, except a green dressed little guy. From what he understands, he is the only hope to save the island: to do so, he has to destroy all the coloured blocks which have to be gathered by 3 at least. Let's destroy the Demon King and remove the curse!

Graphics & Sound : 8/10 & 10/10

The graphics are simplistic but cool. The design is very kawai and so are the various sound effects. Musics never give you any headache like so many games of the genre do. They are obscure (very) but paradoxically very cheerful. You will surely surprise yourself whistling them again and again. When you have finished the game, you'll inevitably want to listen to the musics. The game offers to listen to them. No ost has ever been released, so it proves a good opportunity.

Play Time/Replayability: 10/10

Expect a week to finish it. Friends can even join to help you in the main story! The multiplayer mode is one of the most addictive on the SNES, so you will surely play to Puzzle'n desu again and again.

Final Recommendation: 10/10
Puzzle'n desu is a praiseworthy diamond in the rough. If you ever find the game, you are very lucky! Don't hesitate any second and buy it because no other opportinity may occur...

Rating: 10

Product Release: Puzzle'N Desu! (JP, 04/14/95)

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