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Reviewed: 05/19/02 | Updated: 05/19/02

A neat anime/manga rpg that is buried below.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game has a very unique battle system. From the outside, it seemed like another turn-based rpg. However, this system is a bit superior than that. Besides the usual physical attacks and magical spells, this game also introduced the power of the mind. In order to use this power, the player must train the character and earn respective moves from several different categories including strength, soul, sun, happiness, breath (chi), and several others. Different categories present different skills to be learned. gaining in these skills will provide a drastic increase in the battle ability of characters.

Story: 9/10
Since this game is based on anime/manga, the storyline is (from what I've played) and should be fairly appealing. You start as a kid going on a trip but then find yourself discovering a strange stone. Then aliens came from the sky and destroyed your home. Sounds just like Earthbound? Wrong. This game is actually far superior to Earthbound by a lot. The only drawback of the story is that it's in jap and high jap reading skill is required to fully understand the story.

Graphics: 9/10
For a turn-based rpg, the graphics of the game is relatively good. High quality special effects in battle animations (SNES/SFC wise, it's high quality), neat little tricks in exploring mode (you can move doors and such, for example, the front door inside a hotel you can not only enter it but if you push on the doors sideways you can actually make the doors go sideways and make the door a bigger opening), enlarged size during battles (no more tiny FF characters nor the unseeable characters in Earthbound), and several others that still need to be discovered.

Sound: 8/10
Nice music, lots of changes between town and such. Really good battle music, proper sound effects, and a few others. I won't comment too much on this topic because it depends on different opinions.

Replayability: Don't Know
Currently, I'm still trying to beat the game. However, this game, since it's in japanese, requires more than one time of play to fully understand the story. I would suggest playing this game through at least two or three times to understand some plots.

Buy or Rent: Buy
Obviously, I don't think you can rent this. But since it's an rpg, there's no point renting it when you know you can't finish it. If you really want to play this, buy it. It's good for collection anyways.

Rating: 9

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