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Guide and Walkthrough by Asplagis

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 12/29/2006
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2002

Demon of LaPlace/Diable de LaPlace/LaPlace no Ma FAQ/Walkthrough
By Asplagis (aka Zettaijin)
e-mail: asplagis@yahoo.com

Version 2.6 (December 29th, 2006)

(Version 1.0 was completed on June 12th, 2002)


I)Version history



IV)Game Mechanics
                   i)3/4 view
                   ii)Battle view
                   iii)Status conditions

V)Skills, classes and attributes

                   i)Main characters
                   ii)Non-player characters (NPC)
                   iii)Supporting cast

VII)Suggestions, hints and tricks
                   i)Balanced party
                   ii)Suggestions and explanations regarding experience and 
                   iii)The infamous level-up technique

VIII)Town guide


| Part I - The Manor |
I)First steps
II)Manor walkthrough

| Part II - The Castle |
I)Mandatory steps/foreword
II)Entering the Castle

            i)Servant's Area
            ii)Moldiv's Area
            iii)Ruvan's Area
            iv)The Dungeon

IV)First Floor
            i)Statue's Hall
            ii)Lower Area

V)Second Floor
            i)Forest Area
            ii)Mirror Maze
            iii)Pentagram Area
            iv)Upper Area

VII)Third Floor
            i)Western Island
            ii)Central Island
            iii)Eastern Island
            iv)Witch's Abode
            vii)Cassandra's Room

VIII)Fourth Floor 

IX)End Game

X)Mysteries & Various Issues

XI)Bestiarium (almost complete)


XIII)Acknowledgements & Copyrights

                V  E  R  S  I  O  N     H  I  S  T  O  R  Y

Version 1.0:

-First version

Version 2.0:

First actual update of this guide, and a major one at that.

Among other things: 

-Fixed the overall editing.
-Multiple grammar/spelling mistakes corrected.
-Added Azel's recent contributions. These include the addition
 of later psychic powers as well as some of Kusakabe's own powers.
-Mysteries section updated.
-Some walkthrough changes made, more specifically the trigger for the end
 game in Newcam.
-Added the adamantium spirit machine part and associated powers and location.
 (Thanks to Azel for this)

Version 2.1:

Second revamping of this guide to correct a few mistakes and add a few bits 
of information. Don't expect updates for a long while.

-I placed Azel's findings regarding the last spirit machine part in the End 
 Game section seeing as that's where it belongs. Sorry for the confusion. No,
 you cannot get the adamantium until the End Game is initiated.
 -Fixed the editing of the tables and of a few sentences.

-Added the location of the last spell books to the quick FAQ section as well
 as in the actual walkthrough.

-Although it is somewhat obvious, I made to sure to mention that the shotgun
 uses Bullet S(hotgun) and not Bullet P(istol).

Version 2.2:

This is the third, and hopefully last, minor update of this FAQ/walkthough. 
 This one was originally supposed to feature a few modifications/clarifications 
 but Azel found more stuff for me to add.

-By request, Azel Lacrimator shall now be known as Azel. Why? That's for me to 
 know and you to find out.

-Just so you know, Bullet S are only found in Janbon's shop.

-Added a mystery at the end of the Mysteries section.

-Added some information on the Zoo and its critters.

-The Bestiary section was updated to include almost every possible monster. No 
 plans to make this a full monster guide yet.

-Added the location of all the spells found in the Castle outside of Suffocate
 (which I can't find anymore) in the FAQ section.

-For the sake of being completely clear, I also added a note that you can't
 find Wrath of God until you've brought Janbon back to the Witch's abode. 
 You have to finish his quest since he must absolutely tell you where to find 
 it before it becomes available.

-A 9999 EXP after each battle PAR code was added. Thanks go to Azel for the 

-Oh yeah, changed the damn header so that it no longer reads Version 1.0 -
 that was dumb, I know.

-Added some credits to the folks at AGTP for their hard work at bringing us 
 this game in English.

Version 2.3:

-Azel, arguably the most valuable contributor to this FAQ/Walkthrough, has 
 come through for us again by cracking the rom open and feasting on the gooey
 inside! Ok, not really, but Azel did hack the rom in order to explore some
 of the remaining mysteries of this game. Check the appropriate section for 
 more information.

-Put in the location of every spell, including Suffocate (you receive it
 with the 4th floor Castle map). Yes, I feel dumb now.

-Bestiary now called Bestiarium by special request from Azel. Considering 
 Azel's efforts, it's only natural that I'd listen.

-Changed the last part of the introduction.

-Added some information on Benedict and his special attack in his profile.

-Added a question to the FAQ regarding use of healing items and the healing

-Fixed up some typos here and there including Gideon Zhi's name. Gomen ne!

Version 2.4

This is probably one of the last updates to the FAQ/Walkthrough - honest!

-Fixed some typos yet again.

-Removed the reference to a non-existing Bugs section in Joanna's profile.

-Added some new monsters to the Bestiarium's Dark Dimension list.

-New entries in the Mysteries section which really should be called "Bugs,
 unimplemented stuff and stupid mistakes".

Version 2.5

Dang, first update in almost 2 years...

-Fixed some typos, as usual, along with some slight reformating here
 and there. Some of it as requested by Azel a long time ago (bet he 
 doesn't even remember asking for these changes!).

-Added some comments from Azel which I unearthed from my e-mail 
 communications with him back in 2004. Stuff about the game's overall
 crappy programming and PAR code problems.

-Various little odds and ends in the Mysteries section which is now
 renamed the Mysteries & Various Issues section.

-By Horgh! A new infinite crystal ring glitch! Thanks go out to Johnsen R.
 for this one.

-Updated the acknowledgement section with even more thanks for Azel who
 has proven himself an invaluable help in understanding this horrible
 mistake of a game. If you're out there, Azel, take a bow, you deserve it!

 Oh and go see his work at 

Version 2.6

After over a year we get another update!

Thanks out to Wei Xiang Goh for extra information on various aspects 
of the game, including: 

-A very cool trick to make the Skeletal Knight battle a breeze! You have 
 to see it to believe it!

-A list of spell books by Manor floor (I was too lazy to make one, but
 I went ahead and expanded upon the info provided with locations taken 
 from my actual walkthrough).

-Info on the default stats "rolls" for the various NPC.

-Janbon's spell books costing 1000$ despite their listed price (a glitch, 
 in this game???).

-And a bit of info I overlooked regarding the PsiCndns (you can get as 
 many as you have Holy oils).

                       I N T R O D U C T I O N

LaPlace no Ma is little known RPG for the SNES in the same vein as the highly
touted Sweet Home for the NES. Both share a "horror" theme and place you in 
the setting of a haunted house where a group of characters must investigate 
some strange events. But while Sweet Home placed you in the haunted mansion 
and left you stranded there for the whole game, LaPlace no Ma (Demon/Devil of 
LaPlace) allows you (until late in the game) to return to a sleepy town on the 
outskirts of Boston by the name of Newcam. In fact, you begin your 
investigation in the town itself by recruiting fellow would be adventurers in 
order to solve the case of missing explorers and murdered children found near 
the foreboding Weathertop Manor. The game thus takes on a true RPG feel by 
allowing you to go back and forth from the "dungeon" (the Manor and later a 
castle) to the town.

It was translated in full by a group known as Aeon Genesis, alas the first
version of the patch leaves many bugs and problems but at least the 
translation of the text itself was finished. Still, the game has yet to catch 
on with American audiences and as you can see this is the first full 
FAQ/Walkthrough outside of Lockescythe's small beginners' guide.

To say this game is groundbreaking or even very original would be going a bit
far. Whereas Sweet Home tried to challenge you with puzzles where different
characters must use their unique skills to solve each one, Demon of LaPlace is
more of a standard walk and talk RPG where you spend most of your time finding
characters/items to reach other characters/items all the while battling or
evading countless encounters with monsters of various kinds.

Truth be told, multiple gaming sessions prove fatal to this game as its core
weaknesses are uncovered but the first time through isn't so bad actually. 
It's a good game to try, however, you won't be coming back for seconds once 
its completed.

Now then the story puts you before the mystery of the Weathertop manor - the
classic haunted house that you'll find in countless horror movies and chilling
tales. Children were found murdered near the Manor and now some explorers are
also missing. The explorers were members of a search party out to find a 
little girl who had followed some boys into the Manor. Intrigued, your 
character takes the case and find others who have their own interests in this 

The characters and settings bear a strong feeling of déjà vu - it feels as if
you've seen all of this somewhere before... While the characters offer little
in the way of personality (you don't get that much dialogue with most
characters, including your own party members), their portraits do speak 
volumes. Every cliché in the book has been used in the making of this game and
then some. No, really! You have the unshaven P.I., nerdy scientist, perky
journalist, stuffy dilettante and mysterious psychic... Add to this a brave
knight, a forbidden love story, a katana wielding Japanese medium, an evil
wizard, a ruler who feels the ends justify the means... Quite a cast of
stereotypes wouldn't you say?

Oh and for the curious LaPlace refers to 18th century French mathematician/
astronomer Pierre Simon Marquis de LaPlace who did in fact present a theory
featuring a "Demon" (or rather, a devil to be precise), but this game takes 
his theory a bit too literally...

In any case, this game is short by RPG standards as level building won't take 
that long and you'll be out in a jiffy if you follow my walkthrough.

In the end this is an enjoyable way to kill some time, just don't expect a
classic RPG. As major contributor Azel suggests, the folks at Vic Tokai were
either lazy or in a rush to complete the game as there are countless dead ends
and unimplemented/unfinished quests.

Of course, this FAQ/walkthrough is now almost in its final stage but feel free 
to send me comments/suggestions/ideas/discoveries/questions/money if you feel 
like it. All are welcome to contact me on the matter of this FAQ. Also, check 
out my Hokuto no Ken II walkthrough for the NES (Aaaaa-tatatatatatatatatata!)

                                 F   A   Q

This section is intended for those gamers who either:

a)already played this game a bit and seek answers to specific questions
b)players who don't want to read too many spoilers
c)lazy gamers who don't want to read a full walkthrough

Whether you're a, b or c (or a combination of them) you should find answers to
the more commonly asked questions regarding the game. As for who asked these
questions, I'd say most came from the Demon of LaPlace message board on 
GameFAQs and on RPG Classics (Daria's now inactive RPG Classics by the way) as
well as my own self when first starting out.

Q: My initial stats suck! What can I do to remedy that situation?

A: Get stat boosting rings from the merchant in the Castle (3rd floor, eastern
island, need 6+ in Parley and plenty of money) or re-roll them by refusing the
character you're given at the start (simply say no when asked if everything is 
ok at the stats screen, make your life easier by saving beforehand).

Q: What are good stats to begin with?

A: In truth, you'll notice that the scores seem to be pre-rolled and 
eventually "loop". I suggest you pick the one with the highest rating in Will, 
Resistance and Evade since those attribute seem to affect MP/HP growth (Will 
is confirmed, the others are not).

Q: There are bodies in the manor and LockeScythe tells me I should bring them
back to town for a reward. However, I can't carry them back! What gives? Do I
need a bodybag?

A: No, you need nothing to carry them back. The one found on the first floor
(with the pendant) is linked to a small quest, thus you can't carry him back
right away. Try finding the maniac or other bodies on the second floor or 
basement first. Examine the corpse and you'll be asked if you want to go back
to town.

Q: I found some pentagram what it's good for?

A: If you mean a pentagram on the floor then you've just found one of the
essential elements of the Manor. You need to meet up with one of the Manor's
numerous friendly spirits who resides in the upper part of the first floor
(room right above the Demon Door, check the bed) - she'll tell you what you
need to do with those pentagrams.

If you meant a pentagram item found on a shelf in the Castle, that's an item
you can equip. It gives you +1 in physical protection (it is also sold by the
merchant and Janbon later on).

Q: Water is blocking my way in the Manor, how do I get rid of it?

A: Well, find the room below this one and drain the water! Just examine the
statue in the basement's equivalent of this room.

Q: OK, I'm stuck! I apparently haven't found every pentagram, help!

A: That's not a question you know. I guess we'll see what we can do here...

1st floor: In the room with water, drain the water and go down the path that
opens up.

Basement: 1)Take the stairs you reach from the main hallway on the first 
floor. Go left, then up until you reach the place with a body. One of the 
rooms has the pentagram (you get a message as you enter). It's protected by a 
spirit, so make sure you have some sacred salts! 

2) In a complicated sequence of events, you need to open Benedict's study and
find the secret passage to the cemetery. Before the cemetery, take the passage
to the left and up the door, following the path into a previously barred area
of the first floor. Take the stairs down and search for a pentagram in one of
the adjacent rooms.

2nd floor: The room on the far lower right, the greenhouse, has a pentagram
protected by Manplants.

There's a fifth pentagram used as a warp zone between the Manor and the 

Q: Help! These spirits are invincible!

A: Depends on which spirit you mean... The pentagram spirit is vulnerable to
the sacred salts and other spirits are weak against MP attacks (psychic powers
and silver weapons) only.

Q: I'm still on level 2! Ack! Can't I gain more levels?

A: The maximum level is 10 and, no, gaining EXP in this game is not easy, in
fact, it's almost impossible to level up with battles alone! The only solution
is to perform every quest and, if you feel cheap, abuse the infamous level up
technique. But you don't need to go much further than level 6 to be more than
powerful enough to defeat the last boss.

Q: What's the technique?

A: It has its own section, but long story short it's a way to use the
emulator's turbo option to gain levels quickly by battling a regenerating foe.
Think of it as a more contemporary version of an old bug (see Zelda 2 and
countless others). Thanks to Wei Xiang Goh, this is now easier than ever!

Q: Where's the bible?

A: Under the butler's bed.

Q: How do you purify the maniac?

A: No clue, it's in the Mysteries section.

Q: The bell won't ring!

A: Have you saved Benedict's mother (well, her spirit anyhow) and destroyed 
all four pentagrams?

Q: How do I cross the gap in the forest/cave area of the Castle?

A: Use the deceased finger you got from the old alchemist on the second floor.

Q: Can I save more than one NPC at a time?

A: No, and don't even try as you're reducing your EXP rewards by letting an 
NPC go without solving his/her quest. Take out one at a time, starting with 
Adolph, then Beyond, Kusakabe and the others in any order you please.

Q: No one wants to talk to me! They keep running away when I approach them!

A: Have you checked your breath? Seriously, gain more Parley skill first. Some
characters/creatures require a higher level than others.

Q: Where's that iron heart thingy monsters keep talking about?

A: On a table in the Master Servant's room - the table is right next to the

Q: OK, I found the heart, used it on the statue near the waterway... now what?

A: The water in the basement will have dropped, allowing you to pass right
through. Remember the small patch of dry land with a statue in the basement?
Try passing through there.

Q: Can I do anything for those poor aristocrats' spirits?

A: At this point this is still a mystery. As far as me and Azel are concerned 
it's probably an unimplemented/unfinished quest.

Q: What's this about a secret mechanism in a statue?

A: One statue outside the first floor's gate requires the iron heart to drain
water from the basement. The other, in the first floor's statue hall, must be
examined and then use holy oils (bought at the store) on it to reveal a Spirit
Machine part. You can use the oils on the statue multiple times to get as many
parts as needed (although why you'd want to do that is beyond me).

Q: The store doesn't carry holy oils!

A: Have you tried visiting after checking out the castle's second floor? They
will sell new items.

Q: Can I do anything with the second maniac?

A: Again, another unsolved mystery.

Q: What does the Holy cup do?

A: It replaces the Talisman as a means to be rid of the Skeletal Knight.

Q: I have Joanna in my party and the game bugs when I use her psychic powers!

A: Must be something wrong with the patch, but it's normal so don't worry
about it. I suggest you avoid keeping Joanna too long and solve her quest as
soon as possible. If you're in the market for a good medium, I suggest you
stick with Kusakabe.

Q: How can I heal that hunter?

A: Remember that plant you found in the Manor's greenhouse (far right room on
the 2nd floor)? Otherwise, try the Beezo Stone found on a table in Adolph's 
room. You may need 6+ in clue to find it though.

Q: The spirit of the boatman tells me about a secret room, where is it?

A: In the mirror maze find the mirror that doesn't teleport you and use a
mirror (the item) on it. Go outside the pentagram room and into the maid's
room. You should be able to find it in the back room.

Q: The merchant refuses to sell me anything!

A: As I said, you need at least a skill level of 6 in Parley!

Q: How do those skill boosting items work?

A: The charm glass, eye ring and Spirit Machine power all give you a skill
level according to your actual level. So, a level 6 dilettante has a level 6
clue skill with the eye ring equipped, and a level 4 scientist with Translator
has level 4 in Parley (even if he usually has no Parley skill).

Q: I keep dropping the items I find on tables!

A: Strange as it sounds, high levels/luck make you more prone to dropping
items it seems. Oh and you can drop and break stones for some reason.

Q: Can't heal in battles, what gives?

A: Use spells (Restore, Heal, Treat) or items such as Heal Medecine 
(HealMeds), medical kits won't work in battle.

Q: Why do some characters make better use of healing items? My P.I. can't seem
to heal more than 1-4 HP using medium healing items!

A: The higher the Healing skill, the more HP you'll heal when using an item.
Remember, it affects the act of using medecine on someone, not the effects it 
has on you. The same goes for the Psychic skill and MP recovery items.

Q: Too many encounters... must... try... to... stay alive! Ugghhh...

A: Urr yeah, well in the unlikely event that Mr. Shatner is reading this, I'll
give it to you in Shatner speak: must... find... crystal... pole... for...
Spirit Machine... on the fourth floor. Or, you could just try that emotion
control spell - it seems to reduce encounters... I think...

Q: Is there a map to the third floor of the Castle?

A: Yes there is, but they got tricky and hid it on the first floor! Find the
bottom left room and search the servant's chambers.

Q: While you're at it, where are all the maps in the game located?

A: Manor
Basement map found on body of explorer
1st floor map in the lower right most room
2nd floor map in Benedict's father's room (up from the stairs and turn left)

Basement map in one of the apprentice's rooms (first door up and right)
1st floor map in the bottom right room of the Statue Hall
2nd floor map gained after you talk to old alchemist twice
3rd floor map in bottom left room of 1st floor
4th floor map from old lady who spins yarn

Q: Guns or melee weapon?

A: For a lone P.I., combat is good due to the Holy Sword's usefulness, but 
with the machine gun found late in the game, it becomes a difficult choice. 
For dilettantes - or in case you have a second P.I. - it's up to you to
decide. Think of it this way: you won't get the better melee weapons until
the second half of the game while guns are superior up until you find the
Holy Sword. But, you find some powerful guns very late in the game. Remember
that the most powerful gun can only be equipped by a P.I., but the Holy Sword
can be used by anyone - just decide according to what best suits your party
and playing style.

Q: How do I kill Ruvan???

A: If this is your first battle with him, there's nothing you can do but wait
until he steals your mistletoe wand, the battle will end after three or four
rounds. During your second encounter use the ring LaPlace gave you.

Q: I'm told the Witch sells stuff - why won't she sell anything to me?

A: Janbon will sell stuff much, much later on in the game...

Q: I've searched everywhere but can't find the damn books for the last spells!

A: Again, once the end game is initiated, speak to Janbon on the 3rd floor.
Pick the option "Books" and you'll find that you can buy the last spells at
100$ a pop! Or rather, that's what he claims. He'll take a nice 1000$ out of
your wallet despite the advertised price. That little bastard... Oh and by 
the way, the book for Wrath of God was lost in the haystack so look for it 
there after completing Janbon's quest.

Q: While you're at it, where can I find every other spell in the game?

A: Most of the spells are easy to find so long as you search every room with
a high clue skill. Most are noted in the walkthrough but for the record, you 
can find the following spells in the Castle. Manor spells are very easy to
find and you'll eventually bump into every one of them, but I've listed
their names and floor so you know what to expect:

Manor 1st Floor - Flame (in the room above the lower right one) 
		  Magic Endow (in Benedict's study which can only be opened
		  with the Iron Key)

Manor 2nd Floor - DefCloud aka Protection Cloud (check the room with stagnant 
		  air to the right of the stairs)
 		  Corrode & Terror (in the "middle" room just down/right of
		  the stairs)

Manor Basement - Blind (in the room under the left lower room with the ghost)

Castle Basement - Night Demon (in Adolph's actual room and not his cell)
                  Demon Beast (in one of the rooms to the left of the stairs
                  near a small patch of land surrounded by water in the lower
                  half of the basement)
                  Destroy (Ruvan's room)

1st Floor - Electric Attack aka Shock (use upper exit in 4 statues room, check
            the room on the left)
            Holify (use lower exit in 4 statues room, check room on the left)

2nd Floor - Plague (kill off the griffon as per the thief's quest)

3rd Floor - Medical Treatment aka Heal (in upper left room of middle island)
            Emotion Cloud (right above the merchant in the east island)

This leaves us with Suffocate which can be obtained easily on the 4th floor. 
Just talk to the old lady who spins yarn a first time to get the 4th floor 
map, she'll give you Suffocate along with it. Mind you it rarely works and 
tends to be rather useless for strong parties.

Death's Scythe, Full Heal, Revive and Explode are of course all bought from

Q: How do I navigate through the maze with invisible walls?

A: Make your way up and right - did notice how your characters huddle when
hugging a wall and regain their spread formation if there's an open space? Use
this to guide yourself and remember to never go too far left and down, always
go back right and up as soon as you've passed the obstacle. Or just do as Azel 
suggests and use ZSNES to disable BG layer 3. However, this will not reveal
everything in the maze, it will simply allow certain walls to be visible and
give you an idea of where you're heading. If you see a grey/black wall of some
kind then you'll know you're getting close.

Q: The cut scene with Benedict and Cassandra is garbled!

A: Again a problem related to the patch. Try keeping a Japanese rom image and 
restoring a saved state to see the scene in question.

                G  A  M  E      M  E  C  H  A  N  I  C  S

This section is devoted to issues of game control, menus and overall gameplay.
Seeing as the game isn't too complicated, I'm simply going to mention those
aspects of the game which might need a little explanation.

First off, the game has three modes: town map, inside a building and battle. 
The Town Map view offers little to do outside choosing the building you want
to enter by placing the cursor over it and pressing A, so we'll skip it.

### 3/4  view ###

In a building, you press the A to talk/search/examine - it's your action 
button. B allows you to dash, X brings up the menu screen and Y allows you to
view a map of the Manor/Castle floor you're on (granted you've found the map
in question).

R/L have no apparent functions and neither does the select button.

### Battle view ###

In battle, everything is menu based. You start off by being prompted to either
Fight, Run or Talk.

You choose your option and press A. If you change your mind, press B to go
back one screen.

Talking will result in establishing contact with whomever or whatever is
standing before you, but to work, you need to have at least some skill in

Running seems to depend upon your Luck attribute.

Fighting puts you in a new, glitchy screen. Your choices are as follow:

Fight       Magic
Defend      Item
Special     Status (invisible)

The Fight commands makes your character use whatever he/she has in his hands
at the time. Thus a Scientist would be prompted to choose one of two Spirit
Machine functions while the Journalist would take a picture (if they had a
weapon, then they'd attack with it)

Defending reduces damage, of course, but at the cost of your turn for the

Magic allows you to cast a spell or use a psychic power. Joanna will be given
a choice between Exorcising an immaterial undead and using a psychic power,
while Kusakabe has a choice between regular powers and special powers
available only to him.

Special isn't available until the meter under your stats (HP/MP) reaches MAX
either by fighting, getting hit or being surprised. Once it does, you're given
the option to use it and as soon as you do, the meter goes back down. Think of
it as this game's equivalent of Limit Breaks.

Item brings up your item list and Status shows the character's current status
(what he/she has equipped, overall status, HP/MP etc.) - pretty simple and 
self-explanatory stuff.

### Status Conditions ###

While exploring you might find traps or merely spooky events (a piano playing
by itself, an eerie voice coming out of a cabinet) that scare your characters
or might poison them (insects lurking in beds). You might also suffer from
these status ailments in battle, not to mention how you risk being paralysed
or confused.

Scared: Brings down your max HP/MP total until you get rest at the Hotel or
use a stun dart on a character. You often get scared when surprised by enemies
or when you run into unsuspected danger.

Paralysed: Character can't move, very rare. Use an item to heal.

Confused: You're berserk and end up losing control of the character's actions.
He/she might attack the enemy or him/herself. A hit by the enemy cures this

Poisoned: You gradually lose HP as you walk. Antidotes can cure this.

Dead: Your character appears in a bodybag when exploring the manor/Castle/
Town, how cute! Seriously though, either use a Sage Stone or go to the
Hospital for a treatment (300$)

C  L  A  S  S  E  S,    S  K  I  L L S    &    A  T  T  R  I  B  U  T  E  S 

The first thing you're asked to do is create a character. After choosing the
sex, you're given the option of choosing one of five distinct classes for this 
character: the detective/P.I., medium/psychic, scientist, journalist or 
dilettante. Each time you choose a class, you're given a set of scores for 
each statistic which you can re-roll, if you will, by refusing and trying 
again. I suggest you do this to get a good distribution according to the 
class you've chosen (i.e. good strength score for a detective/dilettante, a 
good will score for medium/dilettante), and remember, the sets of scores 
seem pre-determined and eventually "loop" so don't try to get perfect
scores - take whatever offers the best in terms of Will/Resistance/Evade if 

### Classes ###

Detective (or P.I.): Gifted with a good distribution of high statistic 
scores (though it can sometimes be low) and capable of becoming a very 
potent fighter, the detective makes a great choice for first time players. 
He's capable of using every weapon and armour in the game, making him the 
backbone of your party when it's crunch time. Just wait until you see him do 
3 hits with that Holy Sword or 4 with a machine gun! His biggest drawback is 
a lack of magic. Fighters are more or less the Castle universe's answer to 
this class.

Starting skills : Combat (3), Clue (2), Guns(3), Parley(2)
Special: Pummel - a single physical attack which causes some damage but
nothing to write home about.

Medium (or Psychic): Unable to equip many weapons and armour, the medium must
rely upon his psychic powers to get the job done. Unlike the dilettante, the
medium does not gain spells by finding books, he already has a good number of
psychic powers at his disposition right from the very start and stands to gain
more with time. Take note that the powers used often inflict mental damage
rather than physical damage, which makes the medium the perfect ghost busting
machine but of less use outside of such battles. Both Joanna and Kenichirou
have special extra powers - while Joanna has the exorcism power, Kusakabe can
use an extra set of psychic powers.

Starting skills : Combat(3), Psychic(3), Spirit(3) 
Special: Mental Bolt - a bolt deals some mental damage on every enemy (note:
Kusakabe has his own special attack. Instead of Mental Bolt, he has Truth,
which deals good physical damage to all enemies)

Name		Cost	Description					Notes
Astral Fist	 02	"MP DMG with mental fist."			
Supply MP	 04	"Give MP to allies."				
Treat		 04	"Raise hands and heal."			
Shift MP	 00	"Receive MP from allies."
Sleep		 04	"Calm, causes sleep."			
Astral Knife     06	"MP DMG with mental blade."
Psy Shield	 06	"Protect VS mental DMG."
Recover	         06	"Cures poison."
Enchant	         06	"Weapons do mental DMG."
Ether Knife	 08	"HP DMG with mental blade."
Aura Shield	 08	"Protect VS physical DMG."
Confuse	         08	"Confuses the enemy."
Dispel	         08	"Destroys undead."
Emotion Cloud    10	"-Not sure-"				Attracts monsters?
Ether Arrow	 12	"HP DMG with mental arrow."
Cure		 12	"Raise hands and heal."
Hold		 12	"Halts one enemy."
Astral Sword     14	"MP DMG with mental sword."
Psy Barrier	 14	"Protect VS mental DMG."		Targets all allies.
Exorcism	 14	"Better than Dispel."
Ether Sword	 16	"HP DMG with mental sword."
Aura Barrier     16	"Protect VS physical DMG."		Targets all allies.
Heal		 16	"Heal wounds completely."
Gungnir	 	 18	"MP DMG with mental spear."
Aegis		 18	"Protect VS Mental DMG."
Longinus	 20	"HP DMG with mental spear."
Jigult	 	 20	"Protect VS physical DMG"
Elixir	 	 20	"Fully revives."
Banish	 	 20	"Burn to a crisp."			Instant Kill

Note: Kusakabe has a few extra psychic powers that regular medium don't get.

Scientist: This brainy class, like the medium, cannot wear every piece of
armour or use every weapon, thus making him something of a weak link in the
party's fights. The Spirit Machine used by the scientist has its usefulness
though - especially when you get some of the better parts later on. At the
start of the game, only the scientist and the medium can successfully attack
the ghosts (as in immaterial undead) haunting the manor (the medium has powers
that damage the MP, while the scientist has the Magnetline attack). Still, the
scientist remains an iffy addition - good at the start and at the end, but not
great for the middle. Recent findings make the scientist a much better class
than previously thought as he can single handedly take down a very powerful
foe later on in the game (see the secret technique section).

Starting skills: Combat(3), Machine(3), Medic(3)
Special: Miracle Barrier - puts up a magic/physical barrier on the party
(raise dodge/resistance)

Machine Powers list:

Name		 Description			Parts			Notes
WeirdBeam	 "Beam attack."			None			
MagnetLine	 "Attacks the mind."	    	FrcCoil
ManaShield	 "Create a mana shield."	FrcCoil+PsiCndns		
Scanner	         "Scans enemy stats."	        FrcCoil+AstrlAmp
Searcher	 "Lowers hit rate."		FrcCoil+PwrStone
Security	 "Fewer encounters."		FrcCoil+CrsPole
ForceShield	 "Blocks attacks."		PwrStone
ShockWave	 "Shock wave attack."	        PwrStone+PsiCndns
HighFreqWave     "Attacks the mind."		PwrStone+AstrlAmp
PrismBeam	 "Multicolor Beam."		PwrStone+CrsPole   Targets all enemies
Detector	 "Clue skill up."		PsiCndns
Disruptor	 "Exorcise undead."		PsiCndns+AstrlAmp	
ForceBeam	 "Protects allies."		PsiCndns+CrsPole
Translator	 "Connection skill up."		AstrlAmp           Parley skill up
E-MagWave	 "Attacks the mind."		AstrlAmp+CrsPole   Targets all enemies
PowerAmp	 "Mechanical DMG up."		CrsPole
EtherHeat	 "Ether beam attack."		Adamant		  
AstralBeam	 "Attacks the mind."		Adamant+ForceCoil  Much better MagnetLine
Eraser	         "Toss enemy in a vortex."	Adamant+PsiCndns   Ultimate
MindBlast	 "Attacks the mind"		Adamant+AstralAmp  Attacks all
SmartBomb	 "Causes huge explosions"	Adamant+PowrStone  Attacks all
ManaBarri	 "Create a mana barrier"	Adamant+CrystPole  ManaShield for all

Journalist: The camera using journalist is your cash cow. The photos taken can
be sold at the hotel for various sums, depending on the quality of the picture
(blurry or clear) and the rarity/toughness of the monster. The best so far
seem to be around 600$ for a single clear picture of the Skeletal Knight,
though I guess you could get more from taking pictures of LaPlace. Outside of
the photo skill, the journalist is average to weak at best outside of
perception and charisma. Not a specialist of hand to hand combat or guns (not
that its known for its strength anyway), this class lacks fighting power. Then
again, most of your time is going to be spent taking photographs.

Yet, Azel comes in to defend the journalist:

"Two things actually. First, I don't think that the Journalist is a weak
fighter and can only effectively be used for taking photographs. You
see, when I played through the game for the first time, I didn't revive
Kasakube and thus did not have any character skilled enough to wield
the Holy Sword, as my main character -Detective- was using the Machine
Gun and my Dilettante was using the Shotgun. So I just maxed out Morgan's
Combat Stat to 10 and voila, she was doing just fine. 50+ damage for
every hit. Later, when I was playing with Kusakabe and had given him
the holy sword and he also had 10 Combat Skill, he did not do much more
damage... So... Second, you are wrong about the Journalist's Special.
It is only "Flash" as long as you're using a Camera as weapon. For a gun
it becomes "Shoot" and for a melee weapon "Cut", if I remember correctly.
Both are just stronger versions of the regular attack."

Perhaps so, but other classes have better skills and the detective can wear
any armour as well as use every weapon. The journalist just doesn't compare
favourably to his/her comrades later on.

Starting skills: Combat(2), Guns(2), Photos(2), Clue(2), Parley(2), Medic(2)
Special: Flash - Causes blindness (when equipped with a camera)
	 Cut - Stronger melee attack (when equipped with a melee weapon)
	 Shoot - Stronger firearm attack (when equipped with a firearm)

Dilettante: The classic "average" class with good, well rounded scores, many
skills, thus capable of doing a lot but ultimately fails to be very good at
anything. The main attraction of this class is the magic. Alas, you don't have
that much MP so you seem to be a little short-handed if you try to specialise
in magic (some later spells can cost a bundle of MP). If you don't have a good
Will score, then you'd better get cracking on finding some red rings to boost
your Will or else you'll be in trouble later on. To make matters worse, the
dilettante has to FIND spells rather than having an already established

On the upside, the dilettante can handle firearms and weapons just fine, but
won't match the detective or scientist (using the weird beam for example) in
terms of damage per hit since you're likely to try and give her some levels in
the Magic skill. At least some of the later party oriented spells can come in
very handy, but don't expect magic to do wonders on your foes. Once powered-up
with maximum scores (via rings) and skills (through the secret level-up
technique discussed later on), the dilettante quickly becomes the most
powerful class in the game. But you'll make him/her your designated healer
more often than not, thus limiting his/her fighting potential.

Starting skills: Combat(2), Guns(2), Clue(2), Psychic(2), Magic(2), Parley(2)
Special: Flames of Hell - attacks every enemy with a potent fire magic spell

Magical spells list:

Name		Cost	Description					Notes
Flame		 02	"Fireballs an enemy."
Def Cloud	 07	"Protect VS physical DMG."		Is Protection Cloud.
Restore	 	 02	"Raise hands and heal."
Magic Endow	 07	"Give MP to allies."
Corrode	 	 04	"Rots enemy's body."
Terror	 	 04	"Paralyze in terror."
Blind		 04	"Lowers hit rate."
Shock		 06	"Electrical attack."			Targets all enemies.
Holify	 	 06	"Weapons do mental DMG."
Destroy	 	 06	"Exorcises undead."
Demon Beast	 08	"Steals HP from enemies."
Night Demon	 08	"Steals MP from enemies."
Plague	 	 10	"Poisons an enemy."
Emotion C	 10	"Calms you down."
Suffocate	 12	"Halves enemy HP."
Heal		 12	"Raise hands and heal."
Wrath of God     14	"Fireball an enemy."			Targets all enemies.
Death's Scythe   16	"Might kill one foe."			Instant Kill (duh!).
Full Heal	 18	"Fully heal all wounds."
Revive	 	 20	"Revives."
Explosion	 20	"Eats enemy from inside."

### Skills ###

Each individual skill can be raised up to a maximum level of 10 by exchanging
experience points at the Spirit research centre. Now, don't worry, you're
not going to lose actual experience point - you're merely spending a mirror 
amount. You gain 100 EXP, that means you also earn 100 EXP to use at the 
research centre.

There are three types of skill in this game - battle, adventure and recovery.

Battle skills include Magic, Guns, Combat and Spirit.
Adventure skills include Parley and Clue.
Recovery skills include Psychic and Medic.

Battle skills obviously affect the damage done within a single attack/spell
and are always useful for your characters, outside of the journalist who
should be the designated "adventure" character early on.

Adventure skills are most useful when you arrive in the Castle. The Manor
holds only very few enemies you can talk to without a high Parley skill/
Charisma score (in fact, I'd say almost none) and hosts only a few well hidden
items which require a high Clue skill score to find (which aren't that
important anyway). As stated, those two skills become essential in the Castle
since you need to engage in discussions very often and many of the people you
encounter are frightened by your presence. More importantly, a number of very
good items are found in cabinets, tables and shelves - ranging from score
boosting rings to strong magic spells. Until you gain at least a few good
levels in either skill (up to around level 5 or 6), you'll find that exploring
the Castle doesn't yield very interesting results.

Recovery skills play a part in how fast you can heal yourself and others using
items and spells with Psychic for MP and Medic for HP. It doesn't seem to have
an effect on natural rest-based healing. You'll notice, for example, that a 
P.I. just doesn't manage to heal that much damage even with better healing 
items. This is due to his lack of healing skills. The higher the level of the 
skill the better. However, seeing as you're likely to avoid combat you might
not find these skills to be THAT helpful in the long run.

### Attributes ###

6 in all with a maximum levels of 10 in each. Without an instruction manual,
it's hard to tell what does what, but I think I got a vague idea of the actual
function of each one...

Power: How much damage can you cause with that big sword of yours?

Resistance: Your ability to resist magical attacks (make them ineffective) and
apparently affects your initial HP level and its growth

Evade: Your ability to dodge attacks and also effects your HP level as above.

Perception: As far as I can tell it might have something to do with the Clue
skill or perhaps marksmanship/hit rate.

Will: More will means more MP per level up and at the start - might affect
magic/psychic powers in other ways as well (makes them more effective?)

Charisma: Ability to persuade certain creatures to talk to you, I think.

Luck: I presume it has something to do with running away from battle. Oddly
enough, characters with high luck tend to drop items when searching and
sometimes get more encounters/traps as well! Weird!

                      C  H  A  R  A  C  T  E  R  S

I divided this section into three distinct sub-sections: main characters
(those who are part of your four character limit), non-player characters (NPC
for short, representing those characters who take up the 5th slot and stay for
a brief time) and, lastly, supporting cast (characters whom you can interact
with but aren't playable - I only include the characters from the Manor/Castle
and not the townspeople).

Wei Xiang Goh chimes in with a reminder about the NPC who join in your quest:

"Just a minor note, it seems that all characters that can join your main 
party roll the same stats everytime you start. Also, it seems that the 
character(s) with the highest stat potential are Morgan and Kenichiro. After 
increasing their stats using the rings and the old gold coin, they both hit 
a total of 63. In addition, Morgan is the only character with potential to 
reach maximum in five stats, since she starts with 10 Evade, and can 
increase her Power, Perception, Will and Luck to 10."

M  a  i  n     C  h  a  r  a  c  t  e  r  s

Name: Any 6 letter name you choose
Class: P.I., Psychic, Scientist, Journalist or Dilettante

Notes : This is your initial character and as such you choose his/her sex,
class and name. Obviously, the P.I. and Dilettante are very good starting
classes, with the P.I. edgeing out the Dilettante (but only barely). The three
other classes should be taken by those in search of greater challenge. The sex
of the character has apparently no effect on the game itself, so between the
choice of a snooty looking fellow or a cute girl, I say go for the cute girl.
And again, feel free to re-roll your scores for better results.

Name: Alex Quinn
Class: P.I.

Notes: Good old reliable Alex. Big, strong and exuding rugged manliness with
his dirty, unshaven recovering alcoholic look - a classic hardboiled detective
if I ever saw one. Like everyone else he's interested in investigating those
mysterious murders and suggests you talk to the mother of Amy, the little girl
who disappeared around the same time. All in all, an excellent addition to
your group if using the dilettante or any classes other than the detective.
Just be careful he doesn't drown his sorrows in typical hardboiled fashion...

Name: Dick August
Class: Medium

Notes: The tall, dark and mysterious Dick is a card carrying member of the
psychic friends network and is thus allowed to summon the fiendish powers of
infomercials and Dionne Warwick. In all seriousness Dick isn't that bad a
character, but, as with all psychics (besides Kusakabe) and magic users, he
tends to be a weak link. At least he has more MP than the dilettante. His
raison d'être is the destruction of evil spirits in the Manor. He does tend to
make ghost busting a breeze in the early going.

Name: Lamont Blackwood
Class: Dilettante

Notes: This stuffy old codger is a specialist of the occult and a man of many
talents (he can hold three billard balls in his mouth at one time!) He finds
the stories of occult forces within the manor to be fascinating and seeks to
explore them in more detail. A well rounded fellow who starts off with average
to good scores but quickly gets overshadowed by the other characters as time
goes on. Note that he has a gun skill of 3, rather then a player character
dilettante's 2.

Name: Morgan Dylan
Class: Journalist

Notes: This cute little damsel seems a bit young to be hanging around a seedy
bar, but who am I to judge parenting in the 20's? This perky journalist wants
to see for herself what's happening in the Manor, but the stories of ghosts
and ghouls scare her (I myself thought Ghost and Goblins was a real nightmare)
Obviously, you'll be needing her special skill unless you plan on playing a
journalist yourself. I guess she's the little firebrand who's just as perky as
she is tenacious.

Name: Vincent Hoffman
Class: Scientist

Notes: A nerdy fellow with glasses and unkempt hair who just happens to enjoy
tinkering with machines and various contraptions - oh and he looks like Bill
Gates a bit. To round up our bunch of archetypes, Vincent brings along his
spirit machine to test the mettle of science against those supernatural
critters - which also scare him half to death. Rumours have it that Vincent's
family would leave us with a long list of nerdy heroes with glasses from the
nerd in Maniac Mansion to Lester the Unlikely to Harry Potter.

Name: Kenichirou Kusakabe
Class: Medium
Found: The castle's dungeon, large cell with acid pool

Notes: What's a good Japanese RPG without at least one moody katana wielding
hero? Kusakabe looks cool (see Mysteries section for more on this) and quickly
becomes one of your more powerful party members. Though, he's not exactly in 
great shape when you meet him for the first time - as a matter of fact, he's 
dead! His soul will thank you for freeing him, but asks that you bring some 
holy water to revive his corpse. 

May I take a moment to reiterate the fact that this over the counter holy
water is VERY powerful stuff - maybe Vincent could host a show called "Amazing
discoveries" or something... In any case, with his body revived, Kusakabe
offers to join your team, bringing along his own special Japanese sword and
accompanying special psychic powers unique to him. Needless to say, you want
him for the final battle - despite the fact that his heroic dialogue which
borders on the corny. You can safely take out the journalist and put him in
charge of kicking ass alongside the detective of your party. As a bonus
feature, Kusakabe can equip every armour in the game! Think of him as a
dilettante with psychic powers and a cool unique special attack called Truth.

Kenichirou's special powers list:

Name		Cost	Description					Notes
Attack	 	 02	"HP DMG with mental fist."
Sleep		 04	"Calm, causes sleep."
Cut		 06	"MP DMG with mental blade."
Violent	 	 08	"Confuses enemies."				
Slash		 10	"Attacks all enemies."
Tie		 12	"Halts an enemy."
Pure		 14	"Purifies undead."
Heal		 16	"Heals all allies HP."
Kill		 18	"HP, MP DMG VS all."			May kill instantly.
Destroy		 20	"Certain kill."				Attacks all/Instant

Name: Joanna Sullivan
Class: Nut case, I mean medium
Found: Castle's dungeon, first lower single cell you find.

Notes: Where to begin? First, she's an American, thus, like Kenichirou she can
be brought out of the castle. Second, while she's an NPC when you first meet
her, you can make her a permanent addition to the party if you take care to
avoid the one encounter that will trigger her departure. But before you make
plans to include her in your final party, I must warn you that using her magic
may lead to some serious bugs in the game. If you don't feel like messing up 
your game and want to make the most out of this average medium (she's not 
really better than Dick August, but a lot prettier to look at and has the 
Exorcism power to go along with her psychic powers), then you need to complete 
her quest instead.

Joanna's quest: You have to reunite her with her long lost lover, Richard
Upton Pickman. Richard can be found on the third floor, but the thing is, he
isn't human anymore... The two have a violent dispute in which Richard makes
it clear that he doesn't love her, or rather, he loved her but she couldn't
love anyone but herself. Joanna answers to your group that Richard is just a
moody, artsy type and runs off after her now ghoulish ex... This is one of the
more twisted stories I've heard in a while, which is a shame they never go
beyond what we see in that cut-scene.

N  o  n   -  P  l  a  y  e  r    C  h  a  r  a  c  t  e  r  s

Name: Adolph
Class: Wizard
Found: Castle's dungeon, upper right cell block

Notes: Little more than a one shot wonder, Adolph is apparently a fairly
powerful wizard which goes to show what those dumb servants know. Not
particularly powerful nor useful, he does provide you with an extra healer and
Flame magic user for your battle against Moldiv. Adolph's really bland and
could be considered the "wizened old man" of your average fantasy story. He'll
make a brief cameo later on in the game.

Adolph's quest: Adolph is hopping mad and he's not gonna take it anymore!
Moldiv has gone too far! Although considering how he's an escape artist, one
might surmise he could do more than lounge around in his cell all day (see the
Mysteries section), but who am I to complain? Adolph asks you to take him to
Moldiv so he can kick his butt... with your generous help of course. Beat him
up (the evil Wizard Moldiv, not Adolph) and you get an eye ring for your
troubles (with experience points too).

Name: Beyond
Class: Knight
Found: 1st encounter - Castle's dungeon, lower right cell; 
       2nd encounter - Castle's third floor, central island, right hand cell;
       3rd encounter - Castle's second floor, along the way to the third floor

Notes: Beyond is an important character who comes back for a second and third
run as an NPC and he's also a cheap bastard who won't give you any experience
points for his first quest (finding Kusakabe who's next door). Looking like an
extra from Wolfenstein 3-D, this bruiser is all muscles as well as fiercely
loyal to Princess Cassandra LaPlace. As an NPC, he can't escape the castle's
walls and offers little besides his power. His second quest involves finding
and rescuing the Princess (can this game get any cornier?), only this time he
pays up in experience (about time!).

Beyond's quests: First, he'll ask you to take him to Kusakabe who is held
captive in the next lower cell block. Once this is done he goes off in search
of Cassandra and turns up on the third floor to ask for your help again. This
time you need to go to the small prison island on the north western side of
the floor and defeat a tricky Succubus to release the Princess from captivity.
He will be around for one final quest, as your bodyguard once you're trapped
inside the Castle.

Name: Janbon
Class: Thief
Found: Castle's dungeon, cell right above that of Ryan

Notes: Janbon has a funny name. In French, it sounds a lot like Jambon - Ham
in English. I guess his parents wanted to play a trick on him or something.
He's the bright, perky and annoying kid who's cuteness is supposed to be
endearing but grates your nerves like an Olsen twins special. I shudder to
think at what Moldiv wanted this runt for, especially considering his name...

Janbon's quest: To grandmother's house we go! He wants you to bring him back
to the sanctity of the Witch's house so he can stop playing prison b**** for
the guards and Moldiv (and I presume a Lizard Man or two).

Name: Jerman
Class: Thief
Found: Castle's dungeon, upper left cell

Notes: Well, he's a sneaky, ugly and probably stinky thief. The kind of guy
who'd steal money from his dear old mum's purse if she were still alive.
Somewhat slimy and pushy, he begs you to help him off some griffon guarding a
fantabulous - no not just fantastic or fabulous - but fantabulous treasure.

Jerman's quest: Find the griffon, kill it and share the booty... errr... the
treasure. He takes the bag of jewels (compact discs?) and leaves you with the
rest of the junk... err fantabulous treasure. I said he was slimy and greedy,
but at least he got that bunch of Jewels' CDs which I'm sure he likes for her
music and artistic talent only... Don't worry, the jewels would have been of
little help to you anyhow - XP is always better than money in this game.

Name: Ryan
Class: Fighter
Found: Castle's dungeon, lower left cell

Notes: Well this country bumpkin lost his sister to the evils of the castle.
Forced to work against her will, she's now held captive somewhere. Apparently,
some well dressed city clod took her there and Ryan's so angry he can't play
his banjo like he used to anymore. So he gets captured and now that you've
freed him he wants to find his sister. His (non-incestuous, I hope...) love
for his sister Anita makes him the vengeful big brother of lore.

Ryan's quest: Just find Anita who's behind the door protected by Joanna's ex,
Richard. They live somewhere safe afterwards. Pretty straightforward and dull
compared to Joanna's perplexing little cut scene.

Name: Shuu
Class: Fighter
Found: Zoo on the third floor, last upper cell.

Notes: Only recently discovered, Shuu the lizard man is one of the creatures
at the zoo and he asks to join if you have enough parleying skill (7+). He
seeks freedom but his quest is mysterious - no one hints of anything regarding
this character and we're still trying to find out if he even has a quest (he
says something about meeting his friend if you rescue Benedict with him). In
any case, he's a fighter and can only use melee weapons, but due to his
impressive endurance and might, he makes a fair replacement for Beyond.

Azel suggests that Shuu's quest was perhaps another unimplemented/unfinished
part of the game or that Shuu is merely an extra NPC to help deal with the
creatures of the Castle. The first theory sounds more probable.

Name: Benedict Weathertop
Class: Wizard
Special attack: Blizzard of Death
Found: Prison island near the bottom/centre of the third floor

Notes: Well, he's the owner of the Manor and started all these supernatural
hi-jinx when trying to revive his dead mother thus proving that he was no
horror movie buff. You only get to use him as an NPC once you rescue him from
his cell on the third floor. He's nothing to sneeze at with good stats and
high skill levels, but he's also not going to stick around for long since
you're supposed to get him back to town as soon as possible. Saving him gets
you 3000EXP. Might want to try him in at least one encounter just to see his
unique Blizzard of Death special attack.

Also, by the time you find him, you should know everything about his shady
dealings with the dark side. Seems he and cool, evil looking bishounen wizard
Ruvan were cooking up some pretty evil schemes until Kusakabe came in and put
a wrench in their plans, thus explaining why he was so brutally tortured and
killed. Benedict was imprisoned by one Pierre Simon Marquis de LaPlace, to
whom the Castle belongs, and who doesn't take too lightly to the idea of
people attempting to steal his all powerful demon beast gods (with naughty
hentai tentacles!). Benedict is in fact a mere tool for Ruvan's ultimate

Name: Cassandra LaPlace
Class: Princess
Found: Witch's abode after you fight Ruvan while leaving the fourth floor  

Notes: Bubbly and useless, the pretty blonde princess is your typical "damsel
in distress who finds courage at unexpected moments" - but you still have to
save her first. Loving daughter of Pierre Simon LaPlace, she defied her
father's wishes and tried to exorcise the Demon, thus, she was kept captive on
a secluded island of the third floor. Once freed, she becomes an essential
part of the game and a recurring character, much like Beyond, and will hang
around the Witch's abode. 

When you first rescue her and visit the witch's abode afterwards, she'll reward 
you with a crystal ring. If you haven't rescued Janbon yet, you can sell the
ring and come back for more! Where exactly did she hide all those crystal rings
is anyone's guess, but at 600 bucks a pop, I'm not complaining. Fun glitch 
courtesy of Johnsen R., albeit an annoying one, might want to stick with taking
pictures of the Skeletal Knight or the Demon Door.

She eventually joins your party, seeing as the stone guardian refuses to let 
anyone pass besides members of the LaPlace family and you must reach her 
father's throne room. As an NPC, she's little more than a gifted healer (good
levels in Psychic and Medic) with limited fighting abilities (Combat only and
average Power score) and no magic (use items to heal) - but she doesn't stay
with you for very long so it's not very important.

S  u  p  p  o  r  t  i  n  g      C  a  s  t

Alchemist: Residing on the second floor, this pushy and grumpy man demands
that you bring him gold water in exchange for a neat item (the deceased
finger) and, if you talk to him twice he gives you a map of the floor. Not
particularly patient or friendly.

Amy: The little girl with the golden locks who's been missing ever since the
two boys were murdered. You find her somewhat late in the game on the fourth
floor, in the sacrificial room at the upper left. Bringing her back to her
mother will net you a cool 5000 EXP and 1200$ - but beware, the fourth floor
creatures are very dangerous.

Anita: Sister of Ryan, forced to work as a maid despite her wishes and locked
up in some room for good measure. You'll find her on the third floor, behind
the ghouls guarding a couple of doors (including Richard Pickman).

Apprentice mages: Moldiv's apprentices reside in their respective chambers in
the basement. They remain oblivious of their master's death and offer clues to
the more charismatic explorers and reveal more story elements.

Boatman's ghost: Up on the second floor, you'll find the boatman's room.
According to the man who resides just below this room, moaning and wailing
keep him up all night and so he suffers from a lack of sleep. The cause of
this racket is the restless ghost of the boatman imprisoned in his room for
helping out Princess Cassandra. He gives you a hint as to where his precious
bow statue was taken. He doesn't always appear - especially when you've
already found the statue and other times as well for reasons unknown. If you
see him with both the statue and old compass, he'll ask you to take him to the
cemetery on the third floor where he wishes to be buried (thus explaining the
hole). This good action is rewarded with 3000 EXP.

Castle guards: Found in random and set encounters, the guards of the Castle
yield much information - if you're able to persuade them to talk that is. Be
careful, some have neither the time nor the patience to deal with strangers
and those guarding the dungeon will not relinquish the keys to he jail cells
without a fight. But still, try and gain more skill in Parley if a guard
refuses to talk.

Dancing aristocrats: Mindless and thoughtless, they danced their lives away
and even in undeath they refuse to cease dancing. A cruel and à propos
critique of bourgeois nonchalance, they left their bodies to rot as Moldiv
gave their souls eternal life by way of his dark magical experiments. Guards
met in random encounters ask you if anything can be done to help them and this
remains one of the great mysteries of the game. (see Mysteries section)

Ghosts of the manor's servants: Apart from the butler, most are merely
apparitions who give you a few hints but remain nameless/functionless. You can
find them in various rooms of the manor, usually by searching their bed. They
ask you to release them from their misery by ringing the bell.

Ghosts of Benedict's parents: Richard and Janet Weathertop continue to haunt
the family estate, seeking to be freed from their tormented existence through
your help. Benedict's father can be found within a painting of himself in the
drawing room, but only after you've spoken to the butler, otherwise you get
spooked. His wife was the object of Benedict's failed attempt at a dark ritual
to bring her back to life, the same one which opened the gate to the "Castle
brimming with magic", as Benedict puts it. Her body can be found in her room
with evil spirits (two banshees) keeping her soul prisoner. She's the only one
who can break the spell keeping you from ringing the bell and end their

Hunters : You meet two of those forest dwelling men lurking about the Castle.
One waits outside the second floor to tell you about the lair of the Griffon
while the other injured himself in the mirror maze, asking to be helped (you
get a sage stone in return for a henruda plant found in the manor's greenhouse).

Insane individuals: Three individuals in this game are obviously a little
"touched in the head" as they say. The first is a maniac on the second floor
of the manor who can be either purified with sacred salts (apparently, never
managed to do it myself, see Mysteries section for notes on all three insane
individuals) or talked to in order to cure his insanity. He remembers little
about how he came to be mad, but he does remember an Asian man being captured
and found a notebook which belonged to him.

The second maniac is a bit of a mystery himself. Found on the second floor of
the castle, he's a bit more aggressive than the first one and cryptic to say
the least. His insistence that darkness is upon us and that the great demon
will devour us all (a giant monster covered with eyes he says) leads to a
sudden attack on his part.

The third individual to be touched by madness is a young woman who seems
perfectly normal when you first find her hanging around the lower area of the
Castle's second floor. Though her dialogue suggests she's a little off her
rocker, it's nothing to be too worried about, until later, when she screams
and runs off in a fit of insanity. But she's back to normal once you're
trapped in the castle. Weird girl...

The Lake Witch: The diminutive old woman lives by the lake on the third floor,
awaiting the return of her pupil Janbon. A practitioner of magic herself, she
may be able to offer a magical trinket or two in thanks for your help. Being a
kindly old woman, she's a boon to any weary traveller and promises to keep the
Princess safe after you rescue her. Later on, she asks Janbon to sell some of
her wares so you may be better equipped to face the Demon.

Pierre Simon Marquis de LaPlace: He who would be Emperor of all Europe through
his pact with the Demon. He was actually a French intellectual from the 18th
century who dabbled in astronomy and mathematics. Through his findings he
conjures forth a Demon who gave him the power to see the future, however, his
ability to see the future made him lose all hope for humanity and seeks to
rectify this situation by way of the Demon.

The Castle is his domain and all who inhabit it are incapable of escaping his
all seeing eye, except for your characters who, as outsiders, are immune to
this. This makes them invaluable to those who would seek to stop the
machinations of LaPlace.

The Marquis is an old and powerful wizard and can be found sitting on his
throne in the upper room of the Castle's fourth floor, guarded by two arenas
(wisdom and strength) as well as the family guardian - a large, invincible
stone statue. By the time you reach him, his grip on sanity will be greatly
diminished and you'll be warned to take precautions when approaching the
reclusive man.

Old lady who spins yarn: The sweet old woman lives on the fourth floor and is
crucial to your progress after you return from your first fight with LaPlace.
She too worries about LaPlace's sanity and is curious as to why he would take
such drastic measures as putting Cassandra in jail. She offers a fourth floor
map and then offers you a potent magical artifact on your second visit later

Lizard Man: In the room next to the merchant servant, you find a lone lizard
man who tells you about the dreaded Skeletal Knight guarding the third floor
prison. By the time you are stuck within the Castle's walls you find that he
changes his message and has a Shuu-like portrait added. (see Mysteries)

Master servant and the Castle's servants and maids: Led by a man who's soul
has been tainted by evil magic, the Castle's contingent of servants and maids
continue to work despite the increasing number of wandering spirits and
beasts. They are instructed to avoid talking to strangers and only through
glibness of tongue will you break their silence. Be wary though, some will
call upon the guards in a panicked state, others will run and some will avoid
answering your questions altogether. 

On the third floor, a servant holds a small shop south of the Witch's abode.
He sells expensive wares including powerful protection items and stat boosting
rings - it would be wise to carry someone capable of parleying (level 6+

The Master servant holds keys to some of the basement floor's doors, however,
he refuses to talk no matter what. It's best to leave him be and get the iron
heart in his room instead or kill him off if you feel like it.

Moldiv: Apparently, the wizard who corrupted Benedict's soul with his dark
ways thereby introducing the inheritor of the Weathertop name to the secrets
of the occult. Lurking in the depths of the Castle's basement, he oversees the 
Castle's dungeon as well as performing gruesome experiments such as the
perpetually dancing ghosts of dead aristocrats found on the first floor and 
crossing animals with men. His cruelty unmatched, he will dispose of any and 
all intruders with his formidable magic. Adolph has an axe to grind with him, 
stating he's responsible for LaPlace's change in attitude...

Richard Upton Pickman: A strange man who once loved Joanna Sullivan but now 
wishes to live in an another world, far from any and all humans. Joanna and 
Richard share a twisted past and it would seem they don't quite agree on the 
details of their failed romance. While Joanna claims he never loved anyone and 
his dabbling in the occult led him to this, he says he loved her, but she 
never loved anyone but herself. Sadly, he runs away before we can learn more 
of his tragic tale of love and deception. If you talk to him without Joanna in 
the party, he steps aside from the door saying he couldn't stand the girl's 
(Anita's) constant screaming and crying.

Ruvan: This bishounen would likely break quite a few hearts amongst female 
shoujo manga fans, but as with all dark suspicious bishounen he's also 
eeeeeevil. The first time you meet him, in his chambers located at the 
basement floor of the castle, he asks if you're a friend of Benedict and 
reveals to you the proper way of saving his associate. It so falls out Ruvan 
is behind everything and will make your life miserable later in the game when 
he is revealed as the dark ambitions that grew within LaPlace's heart and took 
shape as a demon spawn...

Sage (first floor): A resident of the first floor, the kindly old sage feels a 
bit lonely and would enjoy having dinner in your company. He asks about Joanna 
and wonders about LaPlace's well being: he's been playing hermit as of late 
and the Sage wonders what might be wrong with the master of the Castle.

Sage (fourth floor): This friendly old man also worries about LaPlace's 
behaviour (don't they all?) and tells you the story behind the oft mentioned 
Demon of LaPlace and how the Marquis sought to understand the very fabric of 
the Universe through complex mathematical equations. He offers you the Crystal 
Rod for your scientist's Spirit Machine in hopes that this will help you in 
your quest to meet LaPlace.

Well dressed men: Two well dressed men appear in the Castle - one worries 
about Anita (found on the top left corner of the first floor, see Mysteries) 
and the other mentions something about the boat man's missing statue (middle 
portion of second floor).

Zoo creatures: According to the caretaker, these creatures are all unique 
(then why is it we find them in random encounters all the time?) and those 
with proper skill, can seek to tame the wild beasts and perhaps gain knowledge
from them. The lone lizard man at the end is a puzzling creature indeed and he 
will join your cause if you have enough skill in parleying (7+)

  S  U  G  G  E  S  T  I  O  N  S,   H  I  N  T  S   & T  R  I  C  K  S

### Balanced party ###

To make a well balanced team for the start of the game, you need the 

-A journalist
-Someone to take care of ghosts/spirits (scientist with magnet line or medium)
-Someone to fight physically with guns/swords (Dilettante or P.I.)

The LockeScythe guide suggests a journalist, a P.I., a Dilettante and either a
scientist or medium and I agree that this makes for a balanced party, 
although, a medium could be substituted for the dilettante for a little more 
challenge/diversity in my opinion. Alternatively, a good party could also 
consist of two dilettantes, a scientist/medium and a journalist.

You see, the main use of the dilettante is to cover the lack of HP recovery 
during battles via items when you first begin your quest. Until you reach the 
castle, healing medicine is practically non-existent and they are one of the 
few items that allow you to regain HP during a battle - which is a 
considerable disadvantage given the low HP totals for your first few levels. 
Then again, while the medium can also restore HP, he can't wear the better 
armour you find later in the game and nor can he do much without his psychic 
powers due to a limited choice of weapon. Also, since you find a very good 
medium later on in the game, one who lacks the usual weaknesses of his class, 
the medium would have to be Dick and not your main character. So until you 
find our mystery psychic friend, it might not be such a bad idea to include 
Dick August for a few romps through the Manor - I know of one inevitable fight 
which could be much easier with Dick around.

Once in the castle, the dilettante will seem that much more useful since 
you'll find better magic books and the adventure skills the class starts with 
come in handy once boosted. But you'll be forced to make a choice between 
magic and fighting, since a score of 5 in either one is not enough for the 
final confrontations. Of course, you could get cheap and use the secret level 
building technique of doom...(see the Infamous level up technique). In fact, a 
two dilettante party might be forced to use this tactic to gain more potency.

Going at it without a P.I. isn't so difficult during your exploration of the 
Manor since he doesn't hit that hard yet. But then, once you reach the Castle 
and gain access to better weapons and score boosting items, you'll be thinking 
twice about that decision you just made. Then again, the level up trick can 
make any dilettante into a much more formidable power house than the P.I.

The scientist is expendable. Lockescythe already mentions this, but his 
problem lies more in the long stretch between the end of the Manor and the 
later portions of the Castle where he's of little use. He doesn't have his 
better machine parts yet and it'll take a while before he collects the more 
useful pieces hidden within the Castle. Also, some of his adventure skill 
boosting machine effects are based on your level. A level 2-4 scientist is 
thus of little use to you. However, as stated before, one of his machine
attacks is of great use in one mandatory boss battle and may make the level
up trick a much more painless experience.

The journalist is mostly a utility character - you're bound to use her for her
adventure skills and photos more than anything else. She's a bit too weak to 
use as a fighter and doesn't have psychic powers/magic at her disposal. You 
could boost her scores, but she wouldn't add much to the team. Still, as I 
said, she's useless in combat unless you put some serious effort into her, 
thus you can feel free to boost her Parley or Clue skills. The level up trick 
might make her useful for collecting a bundle of money.

Again, Azel contends that a journalist is at least as good as Kusakabe combat 
wise but I find that her lack of interesting combat related powers/skills make 
her a weak link for the later portions of the game. Although Morgan can reach
a higher potential skill-wise than her peers.

### Suggestions & explanations regarding experience and skills ###

Battles yield no money, you've probably already figured this by now due to the 
brief mentions of the journalist being your cash cow. But they also dole out 
very little in the way of experience. For example, one measly Ghoul is worth a 
total of 20 EXP according to the victory message, BUT, this experience is then 
divided amongst your party members thus leaving you with 5 EXP each. Your 
first level up occurs approximately at the 1000 EXP mark. A quick calculation 
brings you to the conclusion that you require a nice total of: 200 ghouls to 
level up. Understand that Ghouls are amongst the more generous beasties in the 
Manor and that your subsequent level ups are even MORE difficult to achieve. 
How does 12,000 EXP sound to you?

Seeing as high EXP rewards by way of completing quests are very limited as is 
and the sole regenerating boss of the Manor offers barely enough EXP to raise 
a skill by one level after a fair number of tedious battles, one should choose 
wisely. On the other hand, the Castle has one regenerating boss of its own 
which offers better potential for cheap level ups (again refer to the Infamous
level up technique).

But let's go back to the original purpose of this section. We've already said 
that the adventurer skills are essential for exploring the Castle, but we've 
also made it clear that your speciality should come first. But, if you've been 
paying attention, you'll also notice that we mentioned how the journalist 
should be the designated adventurer due to her being a non-factor in combat 
and how you really don't need that much photography skill to make good photos 
(level 5-6 is more than enough for the door trick). So there's your answer. 
One person per adventurer skill is enough. 

But if you plan on being slightly tricky about it, there's a simple strategy 
that can make it even easier: quest experience transfers to the folk at the 
hotel, thus, the two you don't plan on using can make very good adventure 
skill only characters with either a high parley or high clue score. You then 
take one out and place them in the party, do what you need to do and voilà... 
This way you needn't sacrifice precious experience points on adventure skills 
until you've made a great battle character.

Speaking of which, detectives and dilettantes are given a choice between Guns 
and Combat for attack purposes. So which one should you choose? Well, guns can 
fire up to four shots in one attack once you reach higher levels (compared to 
three slashes with a melee weapon), making them more powerful than most melee 
weapons of equivalent power (for example, a simple pistol can't compare with a 
bastard sword, but a riffle can). They also cost less money to buy - though 
bullets become an issue. Melee weapons have a higher initial cost, but need no 
expendable items like guns do. So, for now, guns are winning but the battle 
isn't over yet! 

The most powerful melee weapon in the game is the Holy Sword. Though guns 
might do a little bit more physical damage on certain monsters, they can't 
inflict mental damage. Also, the last boss is particularly weak against the 
Holy sword making it an invaluable weapon for the final battle. BUT, just when 
guns look as if they're defeated, they make a comeback with the super powerful 
shotgun and machine gun! However, both of these are available just as you're 
ready to initiate the End Game and the machine gun is for the P.I. only. 

The verdict? It's up to you. The Holy Sword serves you very well for a very 
long time, whereas the more powerful guns are available only at the end. Of 
course, the level up technique makes this debate a moot point...

Lastly, the recovery skills have yet to prove useful enough to warrant 
sustained attention and so you should avoid putting too many EXP points into 
them. Level 3-4 Psychic should be more than enough for any magic user/psychic 
and even then, you should wait until later, when simple resting isn't enough 
and the battles get much tougher.

### The infamous level up technique ###

Tired of waiting to become powerful? You feel you're a powerhouse trapped in a 
weakling's body? Annoyed at the small EXP rewards given by defeated monsters? 
Two "bosses" in this game regenerate. The first is the Demon Door guarding the 
way to the butler's ghost, the second is the immortal Skeletal Knight. 

The first boss offers 400 EXP and 300$ per perfect photo, so that means 100 
EXP per characters. You can rack up to a good 1000 EXP per characters before 
getting tired of this scheme, but early on, a few hundred EXP can make the 
difference between a level 2 and a level 3 skill - oh and it helps for those 
annoying "need just 100-200" EXP to level up cases. The problem however is 
that the door regenerates only AFTER you've exited the Manor or gone up or 
down a floor. Granted there's a door and a set of stairs not too far from the 
boss, it's still somewhat out of your way. Making money off of
the door is easier than trying to collect EXP from it. All you need to do is 
spend all of your films in one battle, finish it off and exit before 

The second boss is the third floor's Skeletal Knight, a creature which guards 
Benedict and a stairway up to the fourth floor. This boss ALWAYS regenerates 
before your eyes until you use the Talisman or Holy Cup on him during a 
battle. Doing so will result in his immediate destruction. Before you do 
something drastic like that, you'd be better off learning how to maximise 
everything through his generous 1000 EXP reward (200 for a 5 character party). 
Since he regenerates and isn't too hard too beat (if you've taken the time to 
boost your skills a little with quest experience and your score with Demon 
Door money) you can finish it off in a few rounds just by holding down the
A button and putting the emulator in fast forward mode. Unless of course you
decide to simply exorcise the foul undead creature. Yep, instant kill city
and this makes the whole racket that much more efficient. Wei Xiang Goh came
up with the idea to use the scientist's Disruptor Beam to eradicate the
undead knight, and I assume (although I haven't tested it yet) that any other 
attack that could dispel undead foes would also work. Either way, thank you
for making the life of power gamers that much easier.

Resting after every battle gives you back most of your lost health and helps 
to prolong the life of your healing items at the same time. The only thing 
that keeps you from doing this for hours at a time is the lack of film.

You see, his photos are worth 600$! Do the math for a moment: 20*600=12,000! 
Impressive huh? Sure you may never touch that amount with a poor Photography 
skill, but a blurry picture is still 300$ and half of 12,000$ remains 6000$, 
nothing to sneeze at I'd say. For less than an hour's work, you can get your 
characters up a few levels and have enough EXP for many skill level ups. 
Kusakabe and a P.I. with 10 in strength and 10 in combat/guns spell doom for 
anything dumb enough to cross your path.

                        T  O  W  N     G  U  I  D  E

The town of Newcam, Massachusetts, 1924...

Your quest begins in the quiet town of Newcam, a place you'll be visiting 
often during your game. This said, you might as well get familiar with the 
surroundings and take the time to explore each buildings.

Bar: "A place where everybody knows your name..." Well, not really, but they 
soon will! If Cheers taught us anything about bars is that you'll find 
barflies - people who live, eat and in some cases sleep in the bar itself. The 
bar in DoL is also a place where one can find countless barflies who not only 
dress alike, but constantly repeat themselves. Heh, you know, that doesn't 
sound too far from reality... 

Be that as it may, the friendly neighbourhood bartender (call him Sam and 
don't mock his hairpiece) is somewhat helpful -  at first. Alas, even he 
succumbs to the dreaded looping dialogue syndrome soon enough. His only real 
use is giving you money and experience for carrying dead bodies with you. No 
better way to stir up business than by bringing in dead people into a bar! 
It's almost like "Children shouldn't play with dead things", only in a bar. 
Fortunately, none of the deceased are named Orville.

It's in the bar that you'll first meet your band of merry men and merry women 
- one of each profession as a matter of fact. See the list of characters for 
more details on whom you meet.

The hospital: Do you watch E.R. and Chicago Hope? I don't and neither should 
you. This game doesn't exactly give the hospital much of a role, outside of 
providing a nice resting place for various injured NPC and resurrecting your 
dead allies. Careful though, resurrection cost a pretty penny in the 20's (300 
big ones!) - but they furnish lovely complimentary bodybags to lug the dead 
carcasses back to the hospital. Jesus used to give it out for free, but like 
free internet, that fad went the way of the dodo mighty quick...

The library: If American television and Hollywood movies taught us anything, 
it's that libraries are known for two things. The first are cranky old 
librarians who "shush" you. The second, sexy young female librarians who, for 
some inexplicable reason, tend to lose their clothing rapidly while ending up 
using the Xerox machine for rather unusual purposes. Oh yeah, and you find 
books too, but not in this game. In this game it's up to YOU to find your own 
damn books to read. In other words, you can read whatever  reading material 
you find on your journey, but that's the end of it. Seeing as you read books, 
notes and memos when you find them, the usefulness of the library escapes me.
Well, there's one exception, but you'll find out about it rather quickly once 
you get there.

Spirit research centre: Arguably the second most visited place in town, the 
research centre allows you the chance to boost your skills with the experience 
you've gained in battle and through completing quests. Although that's the 
only service you'll find, it's a very important one.

Hotel : Now THIS is more like it. Got scared and peed your pants? Feeling a 
little low on maximum mental points? 10$ a person per night and you'll feel 
like a brand new you!

Also, this is where you can trade in your naked zombie pictorials for cold 
hard cash. Seriously though, photos taken by the journalist will be sold here, 
thus allowing you to live out your future dream, which it just so happens is a 
shopping spree! (spot THAT reference!)

If that weren't enough, the save option allows you to, get this, save your 
game! And the change command allows you to mix and match your party members 
(up to three allies can follow you), thus making the Hotel THE most visited 
location on the town map.

Fortune teller: For 10$ she'll give you a clue - must avoid cheesy joke, must 
avoid cheesy joke... She can also give you an idea of just how many experience 
points are needed before you can raise your level - an invaluable option were 
it not for the fact that gaining experience is next to impossible (more on 
this later).

The Weathertop Manor: The town's exclusive tourist attraction and leading 
cause of death amongst intrepid explorer and ghost hunters. Voted top Haunted 
House three years in a row, this place will give you the creeps thanks to its 
assortment of undead creatures (material and immaterial), as well as mutated 
plants, mutant monsters, evil insects and the requisite rodents of fear. 
Obviously, the first part of your game will revolve around solving the secrets 
of this Manor and getting out alive. The second will lead you to the castle 
which must be accessed via the Manor.

 Dry goods shop: As opposed to wet goods shop? Seriously though, since when is 
holy water "dry"? Jokes aside, this place is far more important than the other 
locations mentioned up to this point. First, this is where you'll replenish 
your supplies of batteries (for the spirit machine), film (for the camera - 
*snorts* duuuh...) and bullets (provided you use guns) as well as buy weapons 
and defensive items. 

The counter on the right offers some everyday items such as shovels and holy 
water. I must once again remind you that this over the counter holy water is 
potent stuff indeed. I'm not sure how the clergy feels about stores selling 
holy wares though... Seeing as churches are conspicuously missing in this 
game, I guess you have to assume that the church went bankrupt and was bought 
by those cheeky corporate suit and tie guys (cue the D.R.I. song).

(Before visiting the Castle's second floor)

Weapon shop

		Cost	Description					Notes
Knife		60	"It's weak."
Dagger		100	"Not for magic users."
Hand Axe	120	"Physical attack."
Axe		200	"Physical attack."
Saber		220	"Not for magic-users."
Rapier		300	"Stronger than sabers."
Pistol		100	"Not for magic users."
Deringer	180	"Physical Attack."
Bullet P	2	"Bullets for a gun."			Buy by the singles.
Leather Vest	40	"Low def rating."
Cap		24	"Low def rating."
Camera1		1800	"For taking pictures."
Battery		2	"Powers an S.Machine."			Buy by the singles.
Film		2	"Film for a camera."			Buy by the singles.

Item Shop

		Cost	Description					Notes
Shovel		20	"You can dig with it."
Mirror		360	"Scares away enemies."
Compass		200	"Shows you on maps."
Holy Water	60	"Damage to the undead."
Healkit1	10	"Restores a little HP."			Can't use in battle.
Star Amulet	10	"Restores a little MP."
Stimulant	10	"Cures paralysis."
Stun Dart	200	"Restores 10 Max MP."
Antidote	10	"Cures poison."

(After visiting the Castle's second floor)

Weapon shop

		Cost	Description					Notes
Knife		60	"It's weak."
Dagger		100	"Not for magic users."
Short Sword	320	"Not for magic users."
Sword		500	"Stronger than short sword."
Pistol		100	"Not for magic users."
Revolver	300	"For PIs."
Deringer	180	"Physical Attack."			(That's Dillinger)
Government	450	"For PIs."
Rifle		800	"For PIs."
Bullet P	2	"Bullets for a gun."			Buy by the singles.
Silver Bullet	6	"Boost gun damage."			Buy by the singles.
Leather Vest	40	"Low def rating."
Kevlar Vest	200	"Not for Psychics, Scientists."
Cap		24	"Low def rating."
Helmet		130	"Not for Psychics, Scientists."
Camera2		2500	"A very good camera."		
Camera3		5000	"The best camera."
Battery		2	"Powers an S.Machine."			Buy by the singles.
Film		2	"Film for a camera."			Buy by the singles.

Item shop

		Cost	Description					Notes
Shovel		20	"You can dig with it."
Mirror		360	"Scares away monsters."
Compass		200	"Shows you on maps."
Holy Water	60	"Damages undead."
Holy Oil	200	"Drop enemy hit rate."
Healkit2	20	"Restores some HP."			Can't use in battles
Healkit3	50	"Restores a lot of HP"			Can't use in battles
Moon Amulet	20	"Restores some MP."
Sun Amulet	50	"Restores a lot of MP."
Stimulant	10	"Cures paralysis."
Sage Stone	1000	"Allows action."			Revives an ally from 0HP.
Stun Dart	200	"Restores 10 Max MP."
Circlet		400	"Warp to Pentagram."			From last pentagram used

### The dry goods store shopping list ###

Now that you've built a balanced party and have some clue as to what to do 
with them, it's time for a shopping list. So we'll go visit our friend on the 
left for weapons and armour.

A scientist needs batteries, a journalist needs film and Alex needs his bottle 
of scotch... err... that is to say the P.I. and dilettante need better weapons 
and bullets if you choose a gun. Speaking of which, I suggest a nice faithful 
blade - possibly a rapier - for your detective. One of the strongest weapons 
in the game is a blade and you find it early on, thus, building up his combat 
skill would be wise - unless you have someone else in mind. Though you can 
find some moderately powerful melee weapons in the Castle besides the 
aforementioned blade, guns tend to be better than them.

I suggest you buy a good 50 or so batteries for the spirit machine (if you 
have a scientist), max out on film (only 20 to reach the max) and get a rapier 
for the detective. The dilettante is up to you. I guess a Derringer 
could be nice if you have Lamont in your group or if your main character is a 
dilettante. If so, buy around 50 bullets - double if you have another gun 
user. The psychic doesn't have use for weapons, but you might check out some 
of the melee weapons offered if you have the money to spare after your next 
shopping spree. Journalists probably won't have much use for weapons and they 
get the second best camera early in the game.

The next vendor - the guy on the right and his items shop - warns you of the 
dangers of the Manor, but you and the Scooby gang aren't afraid! So he agrees 
to sell you some useful items, which means you should buy: a shovel, a vial of 
holy water, a compass and perhaps some restorative items if you have the money 
to spare.

Thus equipped, you can now consider yourself ready to embark upon a first 
visit to the Manor.

W  a  l  k  t  h  r  o  u  g  h   -   P  a  r  t   I

T  H  E    M  A  N  O  R

Obviously, the monsters here are weak and you shouldn't count on them to level 
up your characters. In fact, use them to familiarise yourself with the combat 
system. Speaking of which, in case you haven't noticed (well, that would be 
difficult) the battle menu looks glitchy. For the sake of those who never saw 
the read me file included with the patch or my little blurb about controls in 
this game, here they are again:

Fight       Magic/Psychic
Defend      Item
Special     Status

Once you're comfortable with the controls (X for the menu, Y for a map if 
available, B to dash and A for actions) and the menus, explore the Manor with 
the very basic walkthrough I'll provide. It's simple because the Manor isn't 
that large (compared to the Castle) and rather straightforward in that you 
need to do things in a somewhat specific order if you wish to advance.

### First steps ###

Obviously explore the first floor and get the map as soon as possible. It 
should be located in the far lower right room. Try pressing A (searching) when 
you're standing before shelves and drawers. There's nothing else of note here, 
so exit and go to the room right above this one. Along the way, take pictures 
of monsters, especially zombies which are worth 80$ a pop for a good picture. 
But avoid Banshees at all cost, in fact, use save states if you have to, that 
is, unless you have a psychic.

In this next room, you'll find a mirror, a book and your first offensive magic 
spell in the shelves and desk. Once you're done, exit and now you have a 
choice. Armed with your first offensive spell, you can either attack the Demon 
Door or gain some experience first. I suggest gaining experience first. For 
that purpose, go to the far left room of the first floor, it should be to the 
left after the first intersection (inverted L shaped room) where you find a 
body with a pendant. Examine it and go back out through the entrance you used 
to come in.

So now it's time to haul some cadavers! Well, actually, the maniac (Gordon) is 
a better idea. Use the stairs for the second floor and head up after the 
stairs and left to the end of the small corridor and into the lower door. This 
is Benedict's father's room and contains the map to this floor in the shelf. 
Now you should be able to go around without making useless detours. You also 
find the very important copper key in a drawer. 

Head down for the middle door (first one down and a little to the right after 
the stairs) to gain two new spells (Corrode and Terror) as well as some sacred 
salts. You could go into the room with stagnant air (to the right of the 
stairs) and get the 200$ from the drawer as well as the Protection Cloud magic 
from the bookshelves. The bed has a werewolf to fight. 

Now you can get that maniac who resides in the far left room (after the locked 
one). You have two choices, use the salts to purify his mind or talk to him. I 
say search the room, then talk to him since I never managed to use the salts 
on him. One way or another you end up back in town and the bartender offers 
you a silver knife as a reward for bringing back the body. He also tells you 
to visit him at the hospital. Talk to the man while he's resting at the 
Hospital to recover a notebook belonging to "some Asian man" and get a few 
hints about the Manor.

Go see the barman and he should now ask you to recover the bodies of the 
missing explorers and a man in blue should be standing near a table. Talk to 
him to initiate a quest for a missing friend of his and you'll receive a brand 
new Camera 2 for your troubles once you complete it. Seeing as the explorer in 
question is easy to find, agree and prepare for another romp through the 
Manor. But first, make sure you use your experience and replenish your stock 
of bullets/batteries/film (if need be).

Back in the manor, you need to find the explorer with the engraved pendant 
again.  Nothing too difficult as he's still in the same room on the far left 
side of the first floor. Once you've recovered his body, you gain experience 
and your new camera. Things are picking up!

You're going to be stuck at lower levels for a while, so you might as well 
explore a bit before going for the Demon Door. First thing you'll need is to 
find some more dead bodies - a dirty job but someone's got to do it! Your 
first cadaver is in the basement, just use the stairs right of the main 
hallway on the first floor and go up the first door you see. Examine the room 
before the body for some sacred salts and you get your 500 EXP and 300$ once 
you're back in town. This means a new level! Congratulations!

Now those who had a level 3 skill level should be able to boost it to 4. Get 
some supplies if you need and get cracking on that manor exploration. Go back 
to the basement via the stairs on the first floor and go to the left and up 
the passageway until you find a second corpse, one with a basement map this 
time! Same as above: 500 EXP and 300$ in town and boost your skill levels and 
get supplies if you have to.

Again in the basement, explore the rooms around the emplacement of the last 
body you've found. The left lower door contains a ghost in the bed who shall 
give you hints and a lovely brooch worth 500$ (use unknown). The room under it 
contains the Blind magic spell book. The upper right room contains a machine 
part (Power Stone) and a ghost.

The room above these two contains your first pentagram, but you need to talk 
to the butler's ghost and do a few other things before being allowed to 
destroy the pentagrams. So go back to the first floor, seeing as that copper 
key isn't of use right now. Go through the door close to the basement stairs 
and continue up until you find the two rooms on the right. Take the upper door 
to get some important hints from a ghost who gives away what you must do in 
this manor: destroy the four pentagrams and ring the bell. Obviously, the bell 
requires that you talk to the mother of Benedict. Before you go, pick up a 
Star Amulet in the drawer.

The lower one has the fearsome Demon Door boss. At this point, you have no 
choice but to face it. You need the bible and iron key which are locked away 
behind the monstrous guardian. If you're fully healed, take a crack at it.

Demon Door boss: No strategy needed here - just attack and hope it doesn't 
scream too often. A few rounds should be needed to dispose of this menace, but 
it isn't too tough. The rewards are 100 EXP per character and 300$ a photo. 
For now, this is your sure fire way to make money.

Behind it, you find a drawer with the butler's spirit. He tells you more about 
the manor and its inhabitants, but more importantly, he asks you to talk to 
the portrait of Benedict's father in the drawing room. He gives you the iron 
key and you can find a bible under his bed. This item will be very important 
later on.

Now that you know all this, you can return to town if you got hurt too badly 
or run from some encounters and rest afterwards. You have more choices now - 
you have to find the four pentagrams, but the order in which to attack them is
up to you. I'll give you the locations and you need but to choose the one you 
feel like doing first. Armed with the iron key, you'll be able to access 
previously locked areas - beware, a strong boss monster also lurks in that 
area and one door requires the silver key (which is obtained during the 
pentagram hunt)..

However, fist and foremost, you should go and talk to the painting in the 
drawing room on the first floor (first room on the right) and try messing with 
the fireplace. The Will-o-Wisp is worth 80$ a picture and can be defeated 
though combat but will regenerate unless you use holy water. Do so and 
collect your prize - a silver ring! 

With the iron key, open the door to Benedict's study and collect the Magic 
Endow book, a memo by Benedict and a hidden door behind the right most 
bookshelf. This passage leads to the second basement stairs and previously 
unreachable areas.

Now the pentagram hunt!

First, you can return to the basement near the place where you found a corpse. 
If you recall, I told you to avoid the pentagram room. Now you can go and find 
it but to do so to you'll need to use sacred salts in battle to defeat the 
restless flame spirit which protects the seal. Stepping on the pentagram 
allows you the option to break it, do so and you're one step closer towards 
your goal.

Now, while you're at it, go back down the long passageway and use the lower 
door. The first door you see leads to a room with a memo. Once you've got the 
memo, go out and down to the next room. In it you need to find the small trail 
leading to the statue. Examine the statue and pull the lever to lower the 
water level in the room right above this one on the first floor. On the first 
floor, find that room with the water and statue (it's right above, use the 
maps to see it) and now that the water has been drained, you can pass without 
a hitch. In fact, you should follow the path down to the stairs and then to 
the pentagram.

On the second floor, go to the lower far right door and enter the garden room. 
In it you find a henruda (which can be picked up as an item and regenerates 
every time you exit the manor) and to the left a pentagram! You need to defeat 
two Manplants (worth 120$ each) before being allowed to erase it. Once you're 
done, you are now ready to try your luck with the chapel.

Right above this room is a door opened by the copper key. Inside, you find a 
chapel and by the time you've reached the last rows of chairs, the rooms 
begins to attack your mind, so cut through the middle before the room attacks 
you. Use save states and run from combat, resting after each battle to regain 
some health. Once you're in front of the altar, use the bible from your 
inventory and you will bring the room back to normal. Examine the altar to 
open a secret passage leading to some stairs to the first floor's family 

In the cemetery the top centre grave can be dug up after being examined to 
find a Memento Ring. If you haven't found every pentagram yet, the other door 
can lead you to a shortcut through the first floor and access to a previously 
inaccessible area, including a pentagram. If you take the door next to the one 
leading to the cemetery, you'll find yourself in a small corridor with stairs 
going to the basement. In this part of the basement you find two doors, one to 
the right leading to a pentagram and one down leading to a torture room and 
the silver key.

The reason I urge you to get the silver key without deeming it mandatory is 
that it merely offers a shortcut which will be very useful later on, you won't 
find anything else of importance down here besides it. In any case, it opens 
the left most door of the basement area you arrive in using the stairs behind 
Benedict's study. The room you open via the key has stairs for the first floor 
pentagram which leads you to the Castle, and, more importantly, you can unbar 
the door from inside so you can reach it from the first floor without using 
the basement.

The other door in that basement area leads to a small passageway in which 
you'll meet up with the dangerous and unique Land Crawler creature. Take a 
picture for posterity since it won't regenerate like the Demon Door. Again, 
just attack using each person's speciality and you should be fine if you've 
made sure to be at the best level possible at this point. The path leads to 
two doors - both of which are for the wine cellars.

The rightmost room has a saber in the lower left corner, the other one seems 
empty. Pretty much a bust I'd say. Go back up to the first floor and find 
Benedict's mum!

The uppermost room on the right (the one with statues) has a small room 
underneath it with stairs leading to the second floor. The only room you can 
access is blocked by magic, fortunately you have the Memento Ring now! This is 
the key to the room of Benedict's mother and you'll soon see that there's a 
person lying in the bed. What a surprise! Benedict's mother is still in her 
room and is being haunted by two Banshees! A psychic will make short work of 
those two, otherwise a scientist and someone armed with a silver knife (say a 
P.I.) will have to do the job. You can heal and protect with the dilettante's 
magic, but don't bother using flame or any magic on them. Nothing too 
difficult for a 2nd level party with 3-4 in combat skills/machine.

The corpse reveals that it is Janet Weathertop, mother of Benedict, and 
explains why her body still laid in bed. Apparently sonny boy's been up to no 
good ever since he tried to revive her - exploring dark magic, playing 
dungeons and dragons and listening to heavy metal and all that sort of stuff. 
She begs you to ring the bell and free the spirits from the Manor's evil 
spell. She gives you the power to ring the bell as well as a hint, that 
Benedict might have hidden something useful in the room (an Amegeist which 
restores everything to a party member). You can return her corpse to the
graveyard to gain 1000 EXP and now the quest for the bell begins.

With the corpse buried, the door held fast by the mysterious force is now open 
and you can follow the corridor until you reach the bell room. Ringing the 
bell puts an end to the Manor's hold on the spirits of its inhabitants, 
letting them rest in pace for all eternity. In other words, no more monsters 
(besides the Demon Door and the servants' spirits)! Thus, you should make sure 
you got photos of every monster in the place if you're looking for a complete 
set. Here are some unique ones:

-Will-o-Wisp (fireplace in drawing room)
-Werewolf (bed on second floor's stagnant room)
-Land Crawler (basement area lading to wine cellars)
-Plates and utensils (very long dinner table on the first floor)
-Bed (second floor, one of the lower left rooms)
-Demon Door (continues to exist even after you've rung the bell)

Many lower level monsters will become more difficult to capture in pictures 
later on due to the rarity factor (skeletons, spiders, flying daggers, souls 
and dolls come to mind as well as ghosts and white wraiths).

Once you're done and you've rung the bell, you can check some rooms you may 
have missed but there shouldn't be much to find right now. The fifth pentagram 
in the small room on the right on the first floor leads to the Castle and the 
second half of the game.

W  a  l  k  t  h  r  o  u  g  h   -   P  a  r  t   II 

T  H  E    C  A  S  T  L  E

The Castle isn't quite as linear as the Manor was, be that as it may, you're 
still required to accomplish certain tasks before you can access every area, 
item or character. This said, I'll give you a run down of the mandatory steps:

-Capture the bundle of keys from the Master Servant or take the iron heart 
from the table (fight a doll to get it) and place it within the statue found 
on the second floor, near the waterway.

-Defeat Moldiv and get his Crystal Rod to open certain first floor doors and 
access the second floor.

-Defeat the Catoblepas (Talisman) in the basement or Griffon (Holy Cup) in the 
forest to gain an item with which to destroy the Skeletal Knight.

-Get the bow statue and buy an old compass from the merchant in the eastern 
island on the third floor. You need 6 in Parley for this, so you might have to 
find some way of gaining such a score with one of the less useful characters 
like the Journalist.

-Rescue the Princess Cassandra from her prison in the north west corner of the 
third floor (unsure if this is mandatory, I presume it must be, but the game 
might free her automatically if you fail to do so). Save her before completing 
Janbon's quest and you can get infinite crystal rings. Just make sure you sell 
the one she gives you before seeing her again and don't complete Janbon's quest 
before you're done exploiting her stash.

-Defeat the Skeletal Knight and rescue Benedict.

-Defeat LaPlace and trigger a chain of events concerning Cassandra, Benedict, 
Ruvan, Beyond and the party.

-Go back to town and learn that Benedict is nowhere to be found and the police 
are looking for him at the Hospital. This is your last chance to visit Newcam, 
do whatever you need to before speaking to anyone who usually mentions 
Benedict to initiate the last part of the game (the Hospital folks are 
obviously your best choice, but anyone will do).

-Return to the Manor's pentagram, warp to the Castle after a battle and go up 
to the second floor. Adolph sends you on your way but the pentagrams no longer 
work. You must go to the third floor via the eastern stairs, you are joined by 

-Talk to Cassandra to gain the letter and perform the usual steps to reach the 
final battle with the Demon.

Those steps cannot be overlooked, but everything else is optional and, outside 
of a few "do step A before step B", most quests/secrets/events can be followed 
at your leisure. So instead of giving you a step by step guide I'll give you a 
general rundown of each floor and I'll refer you to the characters section to 
know more about the NPC quests which make up a large part of the Castle's fun.

Before we begin, note that I am not jotting down every item you can find in 
the various rooms. I'm only mentioning the important ones and those who might 
happen to be located near important ones. In the future, I'll have a detailed 
description of where to find every item in the game along with maps of all the 
floors. At this point, Blank supplied me with maps for the Basement, 1st and 
2nd floor of the Castle which is where you'll find most items. Again, every 
time you reach a higher clue level, search around places that seemed to have 
nothing and save beforehand in case you drop a useful item. However most of 
these can be bought from the merchant on the third floor.

### Entering the Castle ###

You begin in a room with a pentagram and two exits. One exit leads to the 
statue near the waterway, keep this in mind since you might want to come back 
later. The other gives you two sets of stairs - one goes up to the second 
floor and the other leads down. Go up, then go back down and through the 
pentagram warp to the Manor and then the town. Our friends the clerks at the 
dry goods shop have new items for you now that you've explored the Castle a 
little bit. Stock up on new weapons and armours as well as taking some of the 
newer items for sale if you have the money. A second vial of Holy Water, a 
Mirror and some Holy Oil are necessary for some puzzles you'll encounter.

Go back to the Castle and go to the basement floor, seeing as both the first 
and second floors are of no use right now.

B  a  s  e  m  e  n  t     F  l  o  o  r

The basement floor is home to the Castle's dungeon as well as being the 
residence of Moldiv, an evil mage who introduced Benedict Weathertop to the 
dark arts. You'll also find a strange and mysterious wizard named Ruvan who 
claims to be a friend of Benedict and asks that you save him.

Now then, the basement itself is divided into four sections: the Servants 
Area, Ruvan's Area, Moldiv's Area and the Dungeon. The basement's Servants 
Area is the only place you can visit for now and it is named as such for there 
are many servants hiding in the rooms and guards roaming the perimeter. The 
first door you find on the upper wall leads to a room which holds the entrance 
to another room where you will find Adolph once you've rescued him. In the 
meantime, check to see if you can find the Night Demon spell book in his room. 
Other rooms also contain items, but your clue skill needs to be higher. 

This portion of the floor is also the home of the Master Servant who lives in 
the last room of the corridor (upper door) and you're given a choice of 
sparing his life and going at it without his keys or kill him and take off 
with the bundle of keys. You don't have to kill him seeing as you can get the 
Iron Heart sitting on the table when you first enter his room. You must defeat 
a Doll (a weak monster - might want to take a picture, you'll rarely find them 
in this place) to get it.

The Heart will allow you to drain some water in the basement, giving you a 
chance to cross over to Moldiv's Area directly. To do so, simply go back to 
the first floor and take the exit which leads outside. Look at the statue and 
then use the Iron Heart on it - it'll move and drain water from the basement. 
Now you can take the lower door you find when you first enter the basement and 
follow the path down to the second part of the floor, including a set of 
stairs to the middle of the first floor. You can go up and get some items and 
magic from the first floor is you so desire, if so, check out the section 
appropriate for the first floor.

Assuming you're ready to continue, I might as well explain what doors the 
bundle of keys can open if you take them along with you. First, the second 
door on the upper wall is locked and, when opened, gives you a set of stairs 
to the first floor. The last lower door leads to a room which give you access 
to Ruvan's Area. But you can reach the first floor and access Ruvan's Area via 
Moldiv's portion of the floor. So the key bundle is certainly not necessary 
and in fact, it's more trouble than it's worth and the Iron Heart makes your 
life a lot easier overall.

We're now ready to visit one of the three other portions of the floor, I 
suggest you tackle Moldiv's Area first then Ruvan's Area, but you can forgo 
Ruvan in favour of the Dungeon. 

|Moldiv's Area| : This is where you'll find the chambers of Moldiv's and his
apprentices as well as his pet Catoblepas residing in one of the southern 
rooms (after a long series of smaller rooms, you know you're close when you 
can smell the creature). Before reaching Moldiv, you'll pass through his odd 
trophy room where some of the trophies attack if you search them (the lizard 
man, wolfman and troll). 

However, as the character section suggests, it might be wise to at least get 
Adolph before fighting Moldiv. Moreover, your Parley skill might need some 
boosting before the Apprentices on the east side rooms talk to you.

If you've just got here from the Servant's Area, just grab the Basement Map 
from the room on the right (enter from the bottom) and leave to explore the 
Dungeon or Ruvan's Area.

|Ruvan's Area|: Ruvan's Area isn't large as it's composed of a series of large 
upper western rooms with little outside of a few items (need good clue skill) 
and some guards to talk to. The real attraction is Ruvan, the lone wizard who 
lives at the bottom left of the area (no matter where you've entered from, the 
room is at the absolute left). In his chambers, the wizard asks that you free 
Benedict if you truly are his friends and to seek the "monstrous" pet of 
Moldiv if you want to rescue him for it holds a special item. You can find a 
Magic Book on the table in his room if your clue skill is high enough (or if 
the game feels like it). Your next stop should be the Dungeon which is found 
when you take the other lower door and cross the small bridge.

|Dungeon|: You know you're in the dungeon when you enter a well lit room with 
brown, rocky walls. Two guards await you, one in front and one in the adjacent 
room. The one in front holds the important Jail Key, needed to open the 
Dungeon's actual door and reach the jailed NPCs. He won't just give them to 
you, so you'll need to knock some sense into him first.

The Dungeon is fairly large and takes up most of the southern area of the 
floor. You'll find some important characters here and you'll be making 
frequent trips. The characters section of the walkthrough is very useful to 
know who's who and who's where in this place, so refer to it often. The first 
NPC you should get is Adolph, or, the Knight Beyond. If you chose Adolph 
(upper right cell), then go and defeat Moldiv right away or explore the 
basement for items (especially Ruvan's chambers in Ruvan's Area). If you'd 
rather free Kusakabe, get Beyond (lower right cell) and then enter the large
cell blocks near the entrance.

In here you'll find iron maidens and chairs, I'd avoid checking them unless 
you feel like having an encounter with a phantom creature or get spooked. And 
in the other room, the water is acid, so don't try anything. The third room 
has Kusakabe and the characters section tell you what you need to know about 
this fellow. Make sure you have holy water with you and agree to go back to 
town when he asks.

The other NPC you can find are Joanna (next to the Kusakabe cell blocks), Ryan 
(far left cell), Janbon (upper cells, lower door) and Jerman (upper cells, 
upper door). Each one has his or her own entry in the characters section, so I 
suggest you take a look there. For the sake of quick reference, make sure you 
don't accidentally talk to Anita on the third floor unless Ryan is with you. 
And almost each NPC might be required to spend some time with you unless 
you've already cleared certain tasks.

The Dungeons holds nothing more and you're free to explore the other areas or 
attack Moldiv if you have Adolph with you.

F  i  r  s  t     F  l  o  o  r

You arrive on the first floor when you first enter the Castle, alas, the 
actual way is blocked by a river of some sort, so you're forced to go down to 
the basement or up the stairs to the forest area of the second floor.

Once you've acquired the Iron Heart or Key bundle in the basement, you can go 
up some stairs to reach the actual rooms of the first floor. The stairs in the 
Moldiv's Area portion of the Basement lead you to the middle of the first 
floor, while the room with the locked door has stairs for the other side of 
the riverbank which you follow into the lower section of the floor. All in 
all, the stairs in Moldiv's area offer a better deal since you're capable of 
quickly reaching the map for the floor, some potent items and useful magic.

|Statues' Hall|:  If you take the aforementioned stairs, you reach a small, 
closed room with nothing but a door. Exit and you find yourself in the vast 
Hall of Statues. In this hall there are five rooms in total and two exits - 
one at the bottom, one at the top, and four statues can be examined. The top 
left statue of a man with fiery hair seems suspicious when you examine it. 
Indeed, use Holy Oils to reveal a secret Psy Condenser for your Scientist's 
Spirit Machine.

The first room to explore is the one at the bottom right. It has a few beds, 
one of which contains a blue ring (strength power up) and a First Floor Map! 
Not a bad deal, I'd say. This will make reading this walkthrough a lot easier 
and a lot less confusing. Now, try your luck with the upper left room or a 
yellow ring (Perception up) and check the family portrait in the library 
(lower left door, right underneath the upper one) for a brief dialogue. No 
need to rush over to the library, do so when you need to go back to town. Just 
so you know, the information gleaned if of little consequence outside of 
slight plot elements and might be useful much later on in the wisdom arena.
Once you have the map though, you're ready to venture outside the Hall.

The upper door of the Hall leads to a series of rooms: the Dancing Aristocrats 
on the right (see the respective Characters and Mysteries sections for more 
information); then, after going up, an Electrical Attack magic book (need clue 
level 3+ sometimes) on the left. The upper door leads to the throne room and 
you can also continue to the left for more rooms to explore (Sage and armoury 
at the bottom, well dressed man and stairs going up to the second and 
eventually to the third floor at the upper left).

You can find out more about the well dressed man and sage in the Characters 
section and the armoury has some defensive items and weapons (including a 
silver sword) but you need to fight a guard and only someone with a clue level 
4-5+ will find everything that's in the room. Be careful, guards appear often 
when you search.

The Throne Room doesn't seem to have any secrets, though you'll find a throne 
obviously, in the centre of the room. The lower left room is locked, requiring 
the use of the crystal rod and leads to the upper part of the second floor.
You can find a silver bracelet in the far right room if you have enough clue 
skill. I strongly suggest you use the stairs here to reach the second floor 
since it'll allow you to get the map more easily.

|Lower Area|: The bottom door leads to the lower section where you can find 
the Holify magic spell (first door on the lower left), the map for the third 
floor in the servant's room (next door, use the crystal rod to open the second 
door inside) as well as stairs for the second floor's Mirror Maze.

Apart from all of this, there is a section which you can only reach from the 
second floor and leads to a set of stairs for a previously inaccessible part 
of the basement and some items. Also, the haystack at the back of the room on 
the right is useless until you've rescued Janbon and completed his quest so
don't bother until then (you know the drill, Characters section).

S  e  c  o  n  d     F  l  o  o  r

The second floor is divided into four sections, the bottom area is the mirror 
maze, the top left running diagonally towards the lower right holds the main 
area, the upper right has the forest area and the spot between the main area 
and western mirror maze is the pentagram area.

|Forest Area|: You first find the forest area by climbing the stairs up near 
the first floor pentagram. While a hunter here gives you some hints about a 
treasure guarded by a griffon, you won't be able to do much until you have a 
deceased finger. It wouldn't hurt to tag Jerman along either. By the way, 
right after you arrive in this part of the second floor, there's a large room 
with a wide cabinet inside. It takes a high level in Clue to find it, but 
inside there's a Red Diary written by Benedict. It gives you more information 
on the fateful meeting between Ruvan, Kusakabe and himself. It's the last 
"book" you'll find and reveals just about every bit of obscure plot left.

If you at least have the finger, then go up along the forest path and your 
characters will notice how time and space are being distorted. Nothing to 
worry about, it just means the programmers didn't have enough time/
patience/money/resources to create a better world outside the Castle walls. 
Though this would have made the game far more interesting, let's move on. You 
follow the path and reach a fissure filled with creatures - no way in Hell 
you're jumping this gorge! Instead, use the finger and offend someone... 
kidding, a bone bridge is formed and you can now cross safely. On the other 
side you have to continue running around until you get to the griffon who
awaits you in his lair. 

Jerman notices the treasure and asks that you help him defeat it. Don't worry, 
this griffon is your run of the mill random encounter griffon. Of course, a 
weak party might have some troubles with the creature's attacks which hurt the 
whole party. Nevertheless, it isn't really a boss and you shouldn't have too 
much trouble with it. Once it kicks the bucket, you take the treasure or split 
it with Jerman. You get: phantom bracers, Plague magic book, a Trident, a Bag 
of Jewels and a Holy Cup. Jerman will take the Bag of Jewels (which seemingly 
don't register when you sell them anyway). There's nothing else left to do 
here besides returning to the Castle for more exploration.

|Mirror Maze|: The Mirror Maze isn't a maze at all, well, not a very 
convincing one in any case. You arrive here via the first floor's lower left 
stairs and you soon find mirrors hung on some of the walls. These mirrors, 
except for one, teleport you to another mirror on the opposite side. While 
this could have been confusing, it's very simple in fact, even more so if you 
have a map of the floor. The two sections of the maze are more or less 
identical, so, each mirror has a double on the other side. This way, you know 
exactly where you're going to land with each mirror and you can guess which 
one is the false mirror.

So what's in it for me, you ask? Well there are three things to do here: get 
the gold water to exchange for a deceased finger, get a sage stone from a 
hunter and, last but certainly not least, find the second floor pentagram.

The goldwater is in the middle right part of the eastern side of the maze and 
can be easily located by the large white mirror-like thing hung on a wall. 
Just examine the white spot and get the gold water. 

From there, go as far left as you can and then down. Loop around the second 
passage to find the injured hunter who exchanges a henruda/beezo stone for 
sage stone. 

You can now exit the maze in one of three ways: the stairs down in this 
eastern part (to inaccessible areas of first floor and basement), the door in 
the upper right corner or go back to the other half of the maze to teleport 
into the pentagram room.

|Pentagram Area|: The Pentagam area designates those rooms which can only be 
accessed by way of the pantagram room. The door to this room is hidden behind 
a mirror in the mirror room, the upper left one in the eastern half to be 
exact. You know you've found the right mirror when it doesn't teleport you 
anywhere - this is your cue to use a mirror from your inventory to pass 
through to the other side and into the pentagram room. Obviously, you can save 
and warp to other floors or the Manor if you wish. But you can also explore 
the aforementioned rooms, well, two actually. A large empty room and two 
smaller adjacent ones. The room on the right has stairs to the third floor's
central island and the one on the left leads to a maid and a not so secret 
room. In this "secret" room, a bow statue can be found - this item will let 
you control the boat you find on the next floor manually once you buy the old 

|Upper Area|: The upper area is by far the most interesting one seeing as it 
holds the most items, including the most powerful weapon in the game! It takes 
up a good diagonal portion of the floor reaching from the upper left to the 
middle of the second floor. You find two sets of stairs that go to the third 
floor and two sets of stairs for the second floor.

If you came here by using the stairs near the well dressed man, then you need 
to go down two doors and enter the very large room with the stairs. If you 
took the middle stairs near the throne room, then you should already be here. 
You can get an antidote in the first room on the right, but the second one is 
far more important. You met the old alchemist there and he requests that you 
find him some gold water. Talk to him a second time and you get the map for 
the floor. If you already have the water he'll give you a deceased finger.

Once this is done you can explore the other rooms of this area by going 
through the bottom exit. Here you have a choice go right to find a stairway to 
the third floor's eastern island and a way into the mirror maze, or, go down 
and left to find some more interesting stuff.

Going down and left, you'll reach a first door going up that leads to the 
second maniac in the game (see Characters and Mysteries sections 
respectively). Going down, you can find the young woman with the fragile mind 
(again, same as above) and a doorway leading to three rooms linked by a 

The first one has a well dressed man and a table which holds infinite healing 
medicine if you have enough Clue skill to find it. The second holds the most 
powerful melee weapon in the game - the Holy Sword! This baby slices, dices 
and best of all, attacks both body and mind at the same time! A good way to 
make your game a lot easier and the final battle into a cakewalk is to equip 
this sword on someone with 10 in strength and level 10 in their Combat skill. 

Lastly, the far left room can be opened using the Jail Key and hosts the body 
of the Boatman (see Characters section). His spirit might or might not talk to 
you, in any case, come back to talk to him once you have both the old compass 
and boat statue so he may rest in peace.

T  h  i  r  d     F  l  o  o  r

Ahh yes, the infamous third floor, how confusing and bizarre it is - until you 
find the map that is. If you're smart, you'll get the map on the first floor 
of the Castle before coming here, otherwise, you might be taken back by the 
oddity of this level.

In truth, it's rather simple: you have a certain number of islands all linked 
by a  mysterious ferry, which, at first, allows you to reach pre-determined 
destinations based on a cardinal point (North, South, East, West) and the 
central island.

|Western Island|: You can reach this island from the second floor by way of 
the staircase found after a long, narrow corridor heading south (a servant 
offers to unlock the door for you in the small room prior to the corridor). 
Otherwise, you'll arrive at the pier and need to go up and through the door to 
enter the premises. Once inside, you'll find a couple of doors to the left of 
the stairs going down.

The lower door is unguarded and leads to the cemetary. You'll find many ghouls 
and zombies roaming in this place and one of the four graves remains open (top 
left hole) so that you may bury the boatman (see Characters section). Nothing 
else to be found/done in here it would seem, so you might as well go up.

The upper door is guarded by a ghoul, an easy foe in the manor made much 
easier by your new arsenal and levels. Once defeated, the ghoul leaves and 
you're free to talk to the ghoul in the next room. Unless you have Joanna in 
your party, this fellow won't reveal much about himself and he only offers to 
talk to you. You have no option to fight him. Obviously this is Joanna's ex-
boyfriend turned flesh eater and part time kidnapper, Richard Upton Pickman 
(see Characters section). Even if you don't have Joanna, he'll let you pass so 
you can rescue the maid (Anita, see Characters section) held prisoner in the 
room behind him. 

After rescuing her (hope you had Ryan along, otherwise you're missing some 
easy EXP), you'll find nothing more to do on this floor so you can either hop 
on the ferry for a new island cruise or, go back to the second floor and 
possibly grab a new NPC from the dungeon.

|Central Island|: You'll find your way to this island by one of three routes - 
the ferry, the stairs or the pentagram. Yes, this is where the third floor 
pentagram is hidden, but to access it, you need to visit the merchant residing 
on the next island to the East. The stairs you find link you to the second 
floor's Pentagram Area and the ferry is self-explanatory I'd say.

Inside the building you find little outside of a few guards to talk to and, of 
course, Beyond who's looking for Cassandra as always. But being a clueless 
dolt he couldn't find her. The room above this one is locked and the key to 
the door is a Golden Scarab which you may buy from the aforementioned 
merchant. Inside you'll be able to access the stairs to the fourth floor as 
well as the third floor pentagram. If you have enough Clue skill you'll find a 
Medical Treatment spell book in the upper left room. The fourth floor has 
little interest until save Benedict but if you so desire you may go and save 
Amy for some always welcome EXP and (for once) money!

|Eastern Island|: Ah the infamous Eastern Island, the place to be for power 
mongers young and old! Once you've reached this place via the ferry or eastern 
second floor stairs (near he mirror maze) you'll find that two individuals 
inhabit this place. On the right is a Lizard Man (see Characters section) who 
warns you about the guardian of Benedict's cell, and, on the left we have the 
merchant. Unless you have excellent parleying skill (6+) he'll refuse to sell 
anything to you. By now you've probably read how to handle this situation, so 
I'll avoid going into details.

For the sake of reference, here's what he sells:

Castle Merchant

		Cost	Description					Notes
Amulet		1000	"Mind damage to an enemy."
Ruby		1000	"Physical damage to an enemy."
Crystal Ring	1200	"Damage to all enemies."
Crystal     	680	"Banishes one enemy."
Silver Bell	300	"Confuses an enemy."
Pearl		1000	"Hold to all enemies."
Mandrake	460	"Can escape from battle."
Red Ring	1000	"Will Power up."			One use per ring.
Blue Ring	1000	"Strength up."				One use per ring.
Yellow Ring	1000	"Acuity up."				Acuity = Perception.
Old Gold Coin	1000	"Luck up."
Wand		400	"Mind def up all allies."
Staff		400	"MP def up all allies."
Rod		400	"Resist up all allies."
Pentagram	1000	"Physical def 1."			An accessory.
Def. Ring	1200	"Physical def 2."			An accessory.
Hexagram	900	"Mental def 1."				An accessory.
Horus Eye	1100	"Mental def 2."				An accessory.
PhantBrac	1500	"Dodge Rate up 10."			An accessory.
PhantMant	2600	"Dodge Rate up 20."			An accessory.
TranqRune	1000	"Resistance up 10."			An accessory.
BraveRune	1500	"Resistance up 20."			An accessory.
EyeRing		2000	"Clue Skill up."			An accessory.
CharmGlass	2000	"Connection Skill up."			Connection = Parley
SkullMedal	200	"Attracts enemies."			An accessory
Gold Scarab	1000	"Opens a door on 3F."			
Compass		1000	"It's old, but it works."		For ship.
KrisKnife	350	"Allows mind attacks."		

The rings are by far the most useful buys and the old compass may be left for 
later if you wish to limit your exploration to the usual islands. While you're 
at it, there's an Emotion Control spell book near the merchant.

You can go back to the second floor, take a ferry or go out the northern exit 
for a shortcut to the Witch's Abode.

|Witch's Abode|: North of the merchant's building and due East of the North 
pier is the Witch's Abode. Inside is the Witch (see Characters section) who 
doesn't do or say much for now, however, this place will become more important 
late in the game. For now, you can bring Janbon (see Characters section) to 
complete his quest and gain access to the hidden spell book. Cassandra will 
hide here once she's rescued and offer you a crystal ring. If Janbon's not 
rescued yet, you can sell the ring and come back for more. Cassandra will beg 
you to help her father, Marquis LaPlace, and reveals more story elements to you 
as she goes along. You'll return here after your visit to LaPlace and Cassandra 
will then give you a letter for her father. The third time you need to see her 
she'll join the party.

|South (Zoo)|: This is the LaPlace Zoo where rare and exotic creatures are 
found. You need to speak with the servant before the door is opened for you. 
He asks that you be careful as these creatures will not regenerate after being 
killed. There's little to be found here outside of unique hints given out by 
the creatures and, of course, the NPC Shuu (see Characters section). I'd avoid 
this place until you've gained excellent parleying skills (at least 7+), 
otherwise you won't gain much information. Besides, most will mention 
Cassandra's whereabouts and issue a few warnings about the place ("There's a 
monster who wields strange magic"). Others will air their frustrations 
regarding Moldiv's experiments of which they are the result.

There's one very unique creature found in the Zoo, besides Shuu of course, and
that's the Cockatrice. You won't find another anywhere else so if you're into 
collecting pictures, make sure to drop by. It will always attack if you try to
talk to it, much like the trifid in the upper right cell. Other monsters can
be found anywhere else on the floor.

|Prison|: Not too far from the Zoo and the eastern island, there's an island 
that you're unable to reach without manually controlling the boat. Once you're 
capable of navigating the waters of the third floor, you'll reach this place 
by going southward from the eastern island (or eastward from the Zoo). Inside, 
both doors are locked and one knightly figure stands in between both. This is 
the Skeletal Knight, guardian of Benedict's cell and YOUR ticket to infinite 
experience points and fast money! Of course, you know you can't complete the 
game without offing this gaunt fellow, however, before you do, read the 
comments regarding this encounter in the secret technique section.

For the record, the creature is considered undead and thus vulnerable to
exorcism, although it will regenerate forcing you to use either the Holy Cup
or the Talisman to get rid of it once and for all no matter how you kill it.

Once defeated, you gain the skull key which releases Benedict from his cell 
and opens the door to fourth floor stairs. These stairs will take you near the 
fourth floor pentagram room so you might as well make a brief stop before 
bringing Benedict back to town.

|Cassandra's room|: In the north western corner of the floor (above the 
western island) you'll find yet another pier that requires manual control of 
the boat in order to be reached. Locked away in this odd little dungeon is 
Princess Cassandra (see Characters section), or so it seems. While Beyond is 
grateful to see the Princess alive and well (even if the cut scene seems to 
show a startled Alex Quinn, the P.I.), the dialogue takes a turn for the 
weird... The lovely Princess makes passes at your main character and claims 
she's unable to stand up. Before you know it, the Princess turns into a
seductive Succubus - a foul temptress demon who steals the "essence" of men as 
they sleep (or engage in other nightly activities ahem...)

This sultry creature is no more difficult than her fourth floor brethren and 
once defeated, you're able to rescue the real Princess in the next room. After 
a brief dialogue with Beyond and Kusakabe, she informs you of her intentions 
to stay at the Witch's abode for the time being and invites you to go and see 
her as soon as you can.

|The Falls|: Apart from the islands, there's the mysterious falls on the west 
side of the floor which pull you down to the mirror maze with considerable 
damage done to each member of the party. Is there any purpose to these falls? 
Guess it's another mystery to be solved. Azel assures me that the falls are 
nothing more than a trap and have no other meaning. Guess that's solves this 

F  o  u  r  t  h    F  l  o  o  r

Perhaps the most straightforward floor in all the game, the fourth floor 
offers challenging monsters like Demons and Succubi who can do a number on 
your party. But it offers little else in the way of difficulties and has only 
two entrances - in the south east near the pentagram and near the middle of 
the floor.

Either way, you're stuck within the lower half of the floor until you rescue 
Benedict and make your way back to town with the devious son of Richard and 
Janet Weathertop. Benedict's emerald statue is the key to unlocking the door 
that seals off the upper half of the floor where LaPlace resides.

Before going too far, you may want to know that you can free poor little Amy 
from the sacrifice room at the top of the eastern corridor of rooms (a series 
of narrow corridors with a door to another narrow corridor and another, 
eventually leading to Amy). 

Besides Amy, you find two useful characters who help you out. They are the old 
lady and the sage, each one residing in his/her room on each side of the stone 
guardian. Visit either one you want first and collect hints, story elements 
and an item from both. The lady gives you the map for the floor as well as 
the Suffocate spell book while the old sage offers a Crystal Pole for your 
scientist's Spirit Machine.

To the right of the old lady's room and the left of the sage's room are doors 
leading to what Cassandra called the arenas. The left one is the Wisdom Arena, 
where your knowledge of game related trivia is tested. Each room has a 
creature asking a riddle with three possible answers, only one, of course, is 
right. Each riddle is tougher than the next, although you'll find all the 
answers in the game itself until the last three or four rooms. For example, 
one creature asks you the name of the knight who pledged his allegiance to 
Cassandra and another will ask LaPlace's first name. The last questions deal 
with more general knowledge, but again, nothing obscure outside of the last 
one ("what does the tarot card named the Tower represent?" - tha answer is 

In case you're lazy, here are the answers in order: 1 3 1 2 3 1 3

The right one will test your battle skills, as the Strength Arena gives you a 
series of increasingly difficult battles with a chance to heal your HP or MP 
after a certain number of battles. As all roads lead to Rome, both arenas lead 
to LaPlace's throne room behind the stone guardian.
You're now face to face with the owner of this Castle, Pierre Simon Marquis de 
LaPlace (see Characters section duuuhhh) and the old man isn't about to cut 
you some slack. Surprised that you made it this far (aren't arch villains 
tired of saying that all the time?), he doesn't feel like dealing with you and 
your kind. However, if he must, then he'll make a deal: beat him and your 
world is safe from his invasion. However, if you were to lose, then you'll be 
fed to the Demon in order to give it access to your world. Talkative fellow 
that he is, fighting him results in a brief in-battle dialogue regarding the 
Demon, destiny and his thoughts about you. 

In the end, he will fight you and a good, strong party shouldn't have too much 
trouble. Just be careful, as he can cast some pretty good spells that hurt the 
whole party and some which bring down your total of HP very quickly (Suffocate 
chops it in half, Night Demon drains you/heals him). Casting effect spells on 
him isn't going to do you much good and you're best sticking to some hand to 
hand combat assisted by magic healing and the scientist can use his machine to 
protect the party. By defeating him you obtain 4000 Quest EXP and 1550 for the 
battle, not bad if I do say so myself!

Impressed, LaPlace agrees to talk a little more but tells you that he doesn't 
really think the Demon is all that dangerous - well not too much in any case. 
Long story short: destiny is destiny, the Demon decides everything and the 
Marquis is tired. Seeing as you've won, he agrees to seal the portal and will 
refrain from invading your world. You're not very convincing on your own and 
so it's best to try and get someone who can reason with him - his daughter. 
But first, you might as well do as he says and return home... for now.

E  n  d     G  a  m  e

Now begins the end game if you will. Once you decide to go and see Cassandra a 
second time (after going back to Newcam once you've defeated LaPlace), you're 
pretty much kissing your freedom goodbye as the pentagrams will be sealed off 
(as LaPlace told you) and therefore you're forced you to stay inside the 
Castle. At that point many possible events and quests are nullified and you 
can only explore the castle via the stairways. This said, the rest of the 
Walkthrough assumes you've done everything you wanted and that your level in 
each skill satisfies you as there will soon be no turning back.

Now then, you've defeated LaPlace and you realised that he won't listen to 
reason unless someone gives him a stern talking to. He suggests you return to 
your world and I concur that this is a good idea as this will possibly be your 
last visit to Newcam. You could always go and talk to Cassandra, but the 
Princess won't do much more than offer her gratitude and state that at least 
he's not going to conquer America. 

In Newcam, make sure you have the end game party you want (bring Kusakabe, you 
won't regret having his help) and go to the dry goods shop. If Kusakabe is 
with you, you'll have a nice surprise: a shotgun, machine gun and shotgun 
bullets are all waiting for you at the left counter, best of all, they're 
free!!! Both the shotgun and machine gun are very powerful weapons. Point in 
case, the shotgun is capable of hitting ALL the enemies on screen for very 
good damage. Be careful though, the shotgun requires special shotgun bullets
(Bullet S for Bullet Shotgun instead of Bullet P for Bullet Pistol) which you
can buy only at Janbon's store.

Stock up on healing items for both MP and HP, bullets and batteries. Circlets 
are worthless now, might as well sell them for money. When you're done, talk 
to people at the Hotel and Bar to learn that Benedict has escaped and the 
police are chasing after him, then the Hospital will reveal that he was 
heading for the Manor. Once again, Azel informs me that these are ALL triggers 
for the end game, meaning you can go around the Castle and use the pentagrams 
so long as you haven't learned about Benedict from the people in town.

Once you're ready, save the game (it'll be a while until you can do this 
again) and prepare for the final trek into the Weathertop Manor by learning 
more about Benedict's sudden disappearance act at the Hospital. The end game 
triggered, you need to go to the Castle again.

Once inside you try to use the pentagram but you're faced with a few problems.
Benedict was here before you and is ready to get some revenge. A group of 
guards attack you the instant you arrive at the Castle's first floor and find 
yourself forced into battle! An easy victory at this point, but guards are all 
over the place now! They're even preventing you from reaching the underground 
dwelling of Ruvan! So it's up to the second floor, where you meet your old 
friend Adolph.

Adolph is inside the room next to the stairs and exchanges a few words with 
you to explain the situation at hand. After this he sends you on your way 
using a spell and you end up at the bottom of the floor near the insane girl 
(who's now quite sane oddly enough). The madman is no longer in his room and 
neither are most characters so there's little for you to do other than try to 
go to the third floor and find Cassandra. Along the way, you're joined by 
another companion, Beyond, who was sent as an escort by orders of Cassandra 
herself. Together you return to the Witch's abode and meet up with your 

The Witch explains that she's willing to do what she can to help, offering 
your a place to rest and also mentions that Janbon will gladly sell you some 
magical wares of some potency. He also buys your pictures and items and allows
you to buy the poweful magic books containing the last spells in the game. 
Each book is a mere 100$ (but actually registers as 1000$) and remember that 
he lost one of them in a haystack somewhere in the Castle - hope you found it
before the end game!

Janbon's Tool Shop

Cost	Description							Notes
Knife		60	"It's weak."
KrisKnife	350	"Allows mind attacks." 
Long Sword	450	"Physical attack."
Bastard Sword	600	"For PIs and Kusakabe."
Bullet P	2	"Bullets for a gun."			Buy by the singles.
Bullet S	2	"Bullets for a shotgun."		Buy by the singles.
Silver Bullet	6	"Boosts gun damage."			Buy by the singles.
Leather Armor	40	"Low def rating."			Buy by the singles.
Platemail	200	"Not for Psychic, Scientist."
Cap		24	"Low def rating."
Helmet		150	"Not for Psychic, Scientist."
Battery		2	"Powers an S.Machine."			Buy by the singles.
Film		2	"Film for a camera."			Buy by the singles.
Healkit2	20	"Restores some HP."
Healkit3	50	"Restores a lot of HP."
Moon Amulet	20	"Restores some MP."
Sun Amulet	50	"Restores a lot of MP."
Stimulant	10	"Cures paralysis."
Sage Stone	1000	"Allows action."
Stun Dart	200	"Restores 10 Max MP."
Circlet		400	"Warp to Pentagram."
Heal Medicine	50	"Heals HP in battle."
Amegist		800	"Restores MP completely."
Cactus Ext	1600	"Restores all HP and MP."
Antidote	10	"Cures poison."
Astral Amp	1000	"S.Machine parts."		
Antidote	10	"Cures poison."

Then, go talk to Cassandra. She gives you a letter for dear old dad and hopes 
you'll reach him in time.

You might want to take a moment and buy whatever you may need from the 
merchant, but if you don't need anything, make your way to the boat and off to
the middle island to get one last piece of equipement.

Azel comes in again to add something I never found before, the location of the
last and most powerful spirit machine piece, adamantium:

"Ah, finally I get my chance again and can add something you completely
forgot. Or maybe didn't even find. Hehe. There is one final part for
the Spirit Machine of the Scientist. And using this he even becomes
quite a decent offensive character. It's located in the only place in
the whole game I actually suspected to have another item after the
first was taken. I'm talking about that single cute treasure box in 2F.
The same one we got the bow statue from. As you can't reach it through
the mirror maze anymore, I suggest that as soon as you are back on 3F
you should go the central island and down the stairs there. Then one
room south and two north and you're done."

There you go, now Vincent becomes all powerful.

Next up is the prison island in order to get to the fourth floor. Once you've 
arrived, guards block the stairs - a battle ensues and, after you've gained 
victory, go up and meet with the old lady who spins yarn. She gives you a 
powerful item - the Mistletoe Wand - however you can't really use it... You 
should visit the stone guardian now.

As expected, he won't let you pass. To make matters worse the arenas have 
closed shop. Annoying indeed! So you must retrace your steps to the stairs... 
but, what's this? Ruvan and Benedict ambush you! Benedict is eager to finish 
you off as any good right hand man would, but Ruvan tells his to keep his 
cool. He offers you two choices: surrender now and go back to your world, or, 
fight him.

You could end the game with the bad ending at this point by saying yes, you 
want to leave for your world - but we're brave adventurers out to save the 
world so obviously you respond with an affirmative NO leaving Ruvan with no 
choice but to attack you.

Face it, you can't win this one. Ruvan CANNOT be attacked by anything and you 
must endure three rounds of attacks before he steals your precious wand and 
initiates a little dialogue with Beyond. Beyond sacrifices his life for you, 
charging Ruvan with his sword while knowing full well the consequences of his 
act. You flee down the stairs in a hurry and regroup at the Witch's abode.

Cassandra is saddened by the death of Beyond and admits that this was all too 
foolish of her as she knew very well what could happen but was too scared. So 
now she has to take responsibility into her own hands and end this madness 
once and for all! She joins you as an NPC in order to talk to the stone 
guardian blocking the way; being of LaPlace blood she can order it to let you 
pass. Rest up, buy stuff if you must, and head back up the stairs to get by 
that guardian this will be your last chance to do all this as the way to the
3rd floor will be blocked. I think this might be an oversight on the part of
the programmers.

Within the throne room you find a confused LaPlace who fails to understand 
what his daughter plans to do. As you try to talk sense into him, Benedict 
appears from out of nowhere to attack the Marquis! The wand given to you by 
the old woman is a secret weapon destined to weaken LaPlace, with it, she 
thought, you could possibly change his mind. However, it has fallen into 
Ruvan's hands and is now working against you!

Benedict gloats as he assassinates the master of the Castle and snatches his 
daughter away from your protection as well, only to leave by means of his 
magic. LaPlace isn't dead yet and with his dying breath offers you advice as 
well as two items to help you defeat Ruvan: his crown and ring are now yours. 
The crown shall be used to discover the hidden passageway leading to your foe 
and the ring will reveal Ruvan's true form, allowing you to destroy him! He 
dies on his throne as you head out to meet with the dark side of LaPlace...

The secret passage is next to the door leading into the Sacrifice Room's 
corridor. You'll notice a black crack in the wall, just press A and enter the 
passage way.

From now on you'll be meeting a lot of these invisible passages and the best 
way to navigate through them is to notice your party characters and how they 
tend to huddle when there's a wall and regain their original walking formation 
if there's a free space. This is your way of spotting invisible intersections. 
But, as Azel suggests, you could simply turn off a background layer (the third 
to be precise) by way of your emulator which might help you navigate the maze.

Now then, this current secret passage is easy enough to follow. You just need 
to go up, then left, and then loop down to reach the portion of the map that 
was previously unreachable. The entrance is on the right side of the room.

Inside, you meet with none other than our friend Benedict who plans on 
sacrificing LaPlace's daughter in order to release the seal of the LaPlace 
family and reach the Demon with hopes of using it for his own malevolent 
purposes. Note that the cut scene is severely garbled and, though you can see 
the text, the image won't make much sense. This is a problem related to the 
patch and not due to your rom image or emulator. As a matter of fact, I 
suggest you keep a Japanese version of the rom handy and use save states to 
view the cut scene as it was meant to be.

You fail to stop Benedict who proceeds to slay Cassandra thereby opening the 
portal to the Demon's dimension. The dimension rift now open, you're faced 
with a choice - do you step in or don't you? If you agree to continue, then 
you're given a chance to save your game one last time before the final 

The dark dimension you enter is plunged in darkness and you can't see the 
walls, only your characters are visible. You have to guide yourself using the 
technique described above with hopes that you don't meet too many monsters 
along the way. Ah yes, I forgot to add that the monsters here are by far your 
toughest customers in the game. With a high Parley skill (8-9+), you're able 
to gain some information but nothing you don't already know by now. Battling 
them won't bring you much closer to a new level and it may be wiser to run 
than to stick around and waste healing items (not to mention your time!). 

There's no map to be found, but I can give you a few general guidelines: hug 
the right wall and try to go up. You'll often get blocked, when you are, just
try going back down, hugging the left wall to spot an open passage. But when 
given a choice, always go up and right as far as you can before going left or 
down. It shouldn't be too hard to find your way through the room and you'll 
know you've reached your destination once you find a slightly different wall 
with an opening. Of course, disabling layer #3 might help a bit.

Stepping inside you're again plunged in darkness, but there are no walls to 
impede your progress this time until you come face to face with your arch 
nemesis Ruvan! I suggest you take the time to heal up and prepare yourself 
before going too far into the room. Merely approaching Ruvan will cause an 
instant battle/dialogue with him.

Ruvan will mock your attempts at stopping the Demon of LaPlace and Benedict's 
ambitions and he's in no mood to play. However, this time you have the ring of 
Pierre LaPlace and with it (when used in combat) you can finally reveal 
Ruvan's true form: a winged snake with a human head!

Ruvan's no different from LaPlace combat wise, except he deals more damage 
with each blow. He'll use more or less the same spells (well he is the "dark 
side" of LaPlace in a way) and has a fair amount of HP (I'd go with 500 or 
so). If your party features a P.I. and Kusakabe with a score of 10 in 
strength, 10 in Combat skill and the Holy sword, then you'll make short work 
of the demonic bishounen by striking for around 100HP per round. Have your 
dilettante heal and fight with weapons or magic (God's Wrath or use the silver 
bullets) while your scientist uses his party protecting barrier as soon as he 
can (useless to do this twice so make sure he can fight too) or, in the case 
of a psychic, use high level protective powers on the party.

With Ruvan out of the way, heal and prepare to meet an old friend in the next 

The power mad Benedict gloats, claiming he has control over the Demon now that 
the LaPlace family has been eliminated, however, the Demon interrupts this 
little reunion of yours... and eats Benedict alive!

Well that was short and to the point.

Your characters discuss their strategy - obviously this Demon is bad news, but 
what can you do against it? You reach the conclusion that it might be best to 
seal it up in this dimension by destroying the portal. The goal is to get some 
distance between you and the Demon first and then destroy the seal for good.

In order to do so, you must battle the Demon of LaPlace itself!

This giant brain with an eyeball has a certain Cthulu mythos feel to it, but 
it's not too hard to dispose of it with a strong party. Again, most of its 
attacks are similar to spells used by Ruvan and LaPlace (incidentally, as well 
as your dilettante) and does only slightly more damage than Ruvan. Even though 
he has quite a few more HP than any other boss so far, he's a pushover. As the 
kidz say, your party 0wNZ his ass or whatever. His 800+ HP go down quickly to 
repeated attacks, but be careful, he might try and drain some of your 
characters. Use items if you feel a need to do so, but magic and fighting 
should be enough.

Once you win, there's a cut scene where you destroy the pentagram after 
reaching the Manor. After the cut scene, enjoy the end sequence (which I won't 
spoil for you, not that it's anything special).

The ending sequence is slightly different if you don't have Kusakabe with you.

           M  Y  S  T  E  R  I  E  S   & 

                   V  A  R  I  O  U  S    I  S  S  U  E  S

Believe it or not, there are still mysteries we've yet to unravel in this 
game. Scattered throughout the Castle are characters and events which seem to 
have a special purpose but no one seems to know what those purposes might be. 
Also, because we're lazy, some things were left untested and we kept them here 
in case anyone tried it out at some point or another.

The dancing aristocrats: Odd and spooky, but why would the guards tell us 
about them if there was nothing we could do? They give precious little 
information and are seemingly unaffected by Moldiv's death. One couple floats 
through the air and outside the room when you come back later on, is this a 
glitch or a clue? We've tried every item and still no result. This is probably 
an unfinished/unimplemented quest left out of the final product.

Rom hacking by Azel reveals that our suspicions were right on the money! This
is the first of many quests left unfinished by the lazy folks at Vic Tokai.

The lizard men: Shuu joins your party if your Parley skill is at least 7 for 
one character, however, he gives out no clue about his possible quest. He does 
mention something about finding his friend when you drop him for Benedict, but 
the lizard men you find in the trophy room and merchant building have nothing 
to say to you regarding Shuu (the lizard man in the trophy room still attacks 
you even with Shuu in the party). To make things even more interesting, the 
lizard man residing near the merchant also happens to have a small avatar/ 
picture like Shuu's when you meet him again after you're trapped in the 
Castle. Is he Shuu's friend? Then why would he not react to Shuu's presence? 

Again, Azel's rom hacking reveals this to be yet ANOTHER unfinished quest as 
there is no text nor are there any other flags for Shuu or the other lizard 
man on the 3rd floor outside those already found.

The insane: The first oddity is the sacred salts. How do you purify a madman 
with sacred salts? You get two of those, one for the spirit guarding a 
pentagram and the second for a madman we presume. This said, the first maniac 
answers you when you talk to him, but the second maniac just attacks you. Any 
possible way to purify him? Also, the young woman on the second floor (the one 
who talks about the water growing black) seems insane, any chance to purify 
her? She does come to her senses once the trapped inside the Castle, but 
before then, can she be helped? Can we do anything for these people?

Guess what? This quest is also unfinished! Seems Vic Tokai got lazy and forgot
about the madmen (and madwoman) as there's nothing in the rom to suggest that
there are potential alternate fates for these three.

Two, count em' two ways to beat a Knight: You can choose between the Holy cup 
and the Talisman in order to beat the Skeletal Knight, but why doesn't anyone 
tell you about the powers of the Holy Cup? Why get two items? Strangely, this
is also the case with the Henruda and Beezo Stone which both cure the poisoned
hunter in the mirror maze.

Beating the game with Kusakabe still dead: I've never had the heart to do 
this, but can you get a different ending if Kusakabe isn't brought back to 

Well, Azel being the cruel and heartless sort did it, and here are the 

"Perhaps the most interesting part. To be short, it is possible to end
the game without resurrecting Kusakabe. Or without having him in the
endgame party, which interestingly has the same result. [And makes me
think even more that the game was quite rushed...] If you do either of
these two options, here are the differences:

-No chit-chat between Kusakabe and Beyond when Beyond joins the party
on floor 2.
-All dialogue parts which are spoken by Kusakabe if he is in the endgame
party are spoken by the person who is the second slot character. If you
have the main character in the second slot, it will be the first slot
character who speaks Kusakabe's lines.
-If you get the bad ending, there'll only be one sentence missing.
"But Kenichiro stayed in the town."
-If you get the good ending, you won't see the scene where he says he'll
stay a little longer and tells your main character they might meet again
someday. Not that much of a loss if you ask me... 

What is most interesting about this, if you ask me, is the fact that it makes 
absolutely no difference if you leave Kusakabe alone and don't use the holy 
water on him or if you revive him, but don't have him in the final party. 
Makes sense, but in a weird way."

Blondes have more fun: "Getting back to normal. ;) Only one thing is still 
quite bugging me. Why the heck is Kusakabe's hair blonde in the torture 
chamber cut scene and brown/dark/black later? ...doesn't make any sense. 
...not that this would be unusual in this game..."

Maybe undeath will do that to a guy...

Speaking of undeath, Azel, much like myself, feel that he bears an uncanny
resemblance to popular singer Robert Smith of The Cure.

Joey JoJo Shabadoo: "And is this entry for "Tomononnojouyukihasa" in the
credits serious or just made up? Hmm... Mysteries, ain't it? ;)"

Not a mystery, but still fun: Azel suggests that there is one instance of the 
name Jambon being used in the rom instead of Janbon. No clue whether it's 
because of the translation team or not.

Master Servant, my friend: You can go through the Castle's basement and off 
Moldiv without laying a hand on the Master Servant. Does this mean you can 
talk to him later on? 

Azel says no. The Master Servant is a bastard right until the end, refusing to 
discuss anything with you. So you might as well kill him.

Reappearing characters: Some guards and the Master Servant appear after their 
death. You can't talk to them, but they're there. Anyone know what they might 
be holding back from us while they were alive? Or is this yet another one of 
"Vic Tokai's Glaring Oversights" (patent pending)?

Azel's findings suggest it might be a bug as the folks behind the game 
obviously made many mistakes, left things unfinished and seemed generally
incompetent (see the final rant at the end of the section).

The waterfall: Near the western outside wall of the Castle's third floor, 
there's a waterfall that brings you down into the Mirror Maze at the cost of 
severe damage. Any purpose to this unnatural phenomenon?

Azel once again says no. If we both agree that there's no purpose to the 
waterfall, then I guess there's probably nothing more to it.

"Is Anita alright?": You save her with Ryan and he still asks you... any way 
to convince the well dressed man who led her here that she's now safe?

And for my next trick...: Adolph is found inside a jail cell, right? But the 
first time I went through the game, I didn't go to the jail right away, 
instead, I killed off Moldiv and dealt with many puzzles of the second floor. 
I returned to the basement to find someone new in the first room. It was
Adolph! I then went into the jail and... there's Adolph again! This is why I 
say we should call Adolph an escape artist - he could have easily busted 
himself out of the jail had he not been so lazy. Granted this is more of a 
glitch than anything else, I felt like mentioning it.

More insanity!: Azel brings us another example of insanity running loose in 

"-There are many bugs to be found. You mentioned the one with Adolph and
this is a rather harmless one, if I might say so. For example, once I
was talking to the shop clerk in the Dry Goods Store and he just ran
away at an incredible speed. Right into -right THROUGH the wall. Crazy." 

|33t skillz: Azel found two apparently unimplemented skills, but why don't I
let him explain it to you:

"As you seem to have found out, "Blizzard of Death" is the special attack of
Benedict. This lead me to the idea that "Sorrow of Tears" and "Sword Dance"
perhaps also are "hidden" special attacks. ...though I wonder whose it could
be... As all other NPCs do have quite "normal" special attacks, right? ...the
only one whose special attack I don't really recall is Shuu. "Sword Dance"
sounds somewhat fitting for a Lizardman, doesn't it? Though I need to leave
the exploration of this to you as I've got no savestate or normal save left
in which I can recruit Shuu any more. In my opinion, "Sorrow of Tears" would
fit about perfectly for Joanna AFTER the little cut scene with Richard, but
as she leaves the party right then... To conclude this paragraph, if the
missing two "skills" are not special attacks of any known character and 
NOT used by any known enemy, they definitely are unimplemented skills.

Later, Azel would add a much larger list of unimplemented skills:

Tears of Sorrow
Sword Dance
Violent Slice
Divide Cut
Back Attack
Sword Tornado 

If anyone knows about these, please feel free to contact me.

Duality: Azel pondered a very important question which somehow evaded me due
to the fact that it was not of any great concern. Both the Talisman and Holy
Cup perform the same function, much like the Beezostone and Henruda. But why
is that? Why wouldn't the game say anything about this?

"Why is it possible to use either the Holy Cup or the Talisman to destroy the
Skeletal Knight? And the Henruda or the Beezostone to heal the wounded hunter?
One word: Bug. If you ask me, they probably created the Holy Cup and the
Beezostone first, but simply forgot about them later and thus created the 
Talisman and Henruda and some clues about them. And so Holy Cup and Beezostone
ARE there and CAN be used, but are never explicitly mentioned in the game
itself. It makes a scary kind of sense, doesn't it? (*whispering:* rushed
development...) Perhaps I should mention that something like this very, very
seldom happens if a game is at least somewhat well tested as it is quite
obvious. Alas, they didn't have me as beta tester and now here we are,
contemplating on the meaning behind this stupid bug. *SIGH*"

Hang in there, Azel, things are bound to pick up eventually, right?

"What'chu talkin' 'bout?": Once more, Azel steps in with this little oversight 
on the part of the folks behind this game...

"And I also met monsters in the dark dimension who were talking about
Moldiv and Ruvan living on this very floor. Weird."

DoL's answer to the paladin ring?: From Azel - "Also I did find a strange item 
in my inventory. It was called "remove" and I could infinitely use it, but 
nothing ever happened when using it. Also funny: the strange item called 
"Restores HP/MP all", which mysteriously appeared in my inventory. Not just 
one piece, but 255!"

Dummied items? Who would have thunk it? 

In keeping with the previous entry...: Azel found some monster names which
seem odd and unfamiliar to veteran players of this game. While I think the
Jabberwock(y) - Lewis Caroll reference anyone? - is found in the Dark
Dimension, I can't say for sure if it is the case or not.

From Azel: 

"And just who're you?: There are some weird enemies -or at the very least 
enemy names- to be found by the curious...


are somewhat crazy, but still acceptable, but check these out:


A Final Fantasy enemy reference and a totally wacky name...
Any idea where THOSE enemies could be found? ...or, *sigh*, are these the
unimplemented MONSTERS...?"

Seems as if further testing proved that almost all the above monsters are 
found in the Dark Dimension with, apparently, Entity being the odd monster 

Further testing on the part of Azel reveals the following monster names/

Entity        Castle Floor 2
Vampire Tree  Castle Floor 3
Medusa Tree   Castle Floor 3
Knight Ghost  Castle Floor 3 (/Floor 2?)
Ent           Castle Floor 3
Ra            Castle Floor 3
Jabberwock    Castle Floor 4/Floor 3 (definitely not in the Dark Dimension)
Mushufushu    Castle Floor 4/Floor 3

I've yet to encounter any of these monsters during my many trips through this 
game. However, if you or someone you know has found any of them, I'd be very 
grateful if anyone you could provide me with the screenshots. Might be my 
imagination, but I think I've seen Entity somewhere before...

On a last note, Azel also reminds me of a little oversight...

You see, there is another Dark Passage where you meet up with the Dark 
Dimension monsters. Remember the passage opened by way of Laplace's crown? 
Well, there are Dark Dimension monsters there. However, you can't go back to 
the third floor abode of the witch due to guards blocking the stairway. But 
what of you had the crown BEFORE the end game?

Azel might (one day) find a code for the item, but until then it's pure 
speculation as to what would happen. Perhaps the game will refuse to accept 
the pictures (sort of like the fish monster on the 3rd floor) or the end game 
sequence might be initiated earlier. Either way, we simply can't know what 
will happen unless we bump into such a code.

"Stay, even for a little while": "And lastly, something connected to Shuu. 
Just one time when I talked to him, his textbox did not disappear, but stayed 
on the screen all the time. I got a real nice screenshot of this phenomenon... 
:/ Luckily it went back to normal after the next battle." - Azel yet again.

Emotion C(loud), what's it good for?: When you use the Emotion C(loud) spell, 
the small screen says that you've "baited the enemy". Nice, but what does that
mean? The actual encounter rate doesn't seem higher or lower at all, in fact,
it doesn't seem to change at all! Perhaps it reduces the risks of surprise
attacks? It might explain why the effect description says "Calms you down".

Then again, I never felt that Vincent's own encounter rate lowering power was
all that effective so perhaps the game simply doesn't change the encounter 
rate variable much. Azel's rom hacking hasn't given any results yet so it 
might be a useless spell or a mistake on the part of Vic Tokai.

And now for... uhhh... LINE!: Rom hacking yields many surprises, like this 
bit of apparently unimplemented text! Again, I leave you to Azel...

"But this..: ...might just be our occasional unimple...well, you know the
deal. *sigh* Fact is I absolutely don't remember seeing this line in the 
whole game. It goes like this: "Less haste, more speed."

...if my assumptions about the placement of the text blocks are correct,
this would have be to be something read in the manor right after the
beginning, but shortly before finding the copper key. If you don't remember
this line as well, we might have found another mystery... Yay for ...er,

"Abandon all hope ye who enter": "I stumbled upon this by accident when I was
hunting down the last missing enemies some time ago and went into "Ruvan's
chamber" in the Dark Dimension. I thought that maybe the really hard to find
enemies might be somewhat "hidden" in there but after some time I realized
that the enemies were exactly the same as outside of this "room". I decided to 
return to the entrance of the Dark Dimension and see if some of the dead ends
in the Dark Dimension perhaps contained the missing enemies, but as soon as I 
had left "Ruvan's chamber", I was in for a surprise. Although I had LEFT the 
room, Ruvan was giving me his usual speech -which NORMALLY ONLY is initiated 
if you APPROACH Ruvan out front. ...what's the meaning of this? Well, I guess 
it shows us quite well that the guys at Vic Tokai didn't just leave quests
unfinished, created items that can be used but aren't supposed to be used and
came up with the most senseless storyline EVER, they even DID NOT KNOW
how_to_put_a_simple_"switch" (or "flag")_at_the_right_place... Can it get ANY

Now, Azel, you know very well the answer to THAT question...

Crazy...: "...*sigh*, I was keeping a shiny little ray of hope in my heart up 
until this moment, but I fear everything is lost now. The hordes of insanity 
are drawing closer and closer and what little sense was existing has been 
lost. There is one bug as major as one can be and as major as you won't find 
any in many "fan-made" games. It's a real shame, Vic Tokai. What did you do 
with this game? Develop it in two weeks? ...but let me relate the sad tale to 
you right from the painful beginning. As you probably know, right before the 
end of the game the only place in the castle you can still roam around before 
entering the Dark Dimension is 4F. Well, I was doing this and incidentally 
ended up in front of the door to the throne room. I thought that perhaps 
something interesting could be found there now and opened the door... Oh, if 
only I'd never opened that door... ...because right after that Princess 
Cassandra (who was already DEAD at this moment) asked her father to open the 
locked door.

Argh. Right after THAT Emperor Laplace (who was also LONG DEAD at this
moment) opened the door and talked to the party. My head hurts. Then Benedict
(DEAD DEAD DEAD!) appeared out of nowhere and killed Laplace, despite the fact
that both he and Laplace already were dead -but who am I to question the non-
existing logic of this game... Of course, this "o n l y" is the very same cut
scene you've seen before, but the problem is...you can see it ANYTIME after
the first time. You can just reenter the throne room after Benedict abducts
Cassandra and see him abduct Cassandra again. And you can do this until the
end of time as the "§()()§$ game never actually gets THAT THE DARNED CUT SCENE
ROOM... And thus starts it again and again and again and again...

Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to kill myself... 

Perhaps you should sue Vic Tokai for psychological damage, Azel...

Burn, infidels!: From Azel (again) "I just thought it might be interesting
what kind of comments I thought of when seeing the -mostly nonsensical as
always- messages the monsters in the Dark Dimension give when you try to talk
to them. Of course it's mainly my little revenge on Vic Tokai for creating
this bug...er..game but hey, it's also quite funny I guess. :)

-"Since Laplace stays sealed in the room, the entire castle is in confusion."
...Since Laplace is DEAD, the entire castle is DOOMED. Muahahaha. Have a nice 

-"Benedict is hidden with Ruvan in the castle underground. Just what are they
...well, the usual big bad boy stuff, you know? Destroying Laplace's world, 
conquering our world, ordering a pepperoni pizza... Oh, I forgot the 

-"I hear Cassandra is with the witch of the lake. If it's not dangerous, 
please rescue her."
...let me see. Cassandra is dead. The Lake Witch is probably dead as well by 
now. So it's not only dangerous, but also useless to rescue Cassandra. Do it 
yourself. :P ...on the other hand, if I'd only brought a spare Holy Water with
me, this little death would be no problem at all...

-"Only orders from Laplace work on the stone statue."
...just why am I feeling this strange urge to turn these stupid monsters to

-"It appears Laplace is frightened because Benedict came."
...it appears Laplace is DEAD because Benedict KILLED him. How's this? Just
the right kind of phrase to sing while this big black hole behind you sucks
you in...

-"The inside of the castle is full of guards. Make sure not to be spotted."
...well, the inside of the castle has probably ceased existing because of 
Laplace's death by now... What luck. I doubt I could ever stand a SEQUEL to 
THIS game...

-"Just what is happening? Is the world going to end soon?"
...who cares about the world? Is THIS GAME going to end soon? Oh pretty

-"You can't return to the original world now. Give it all you got."
...wait, does this mean I'm stuck in this gruesome, buggy-as-hell game for all
of eternity? ...noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... "

While certainly not a mystery, it doesn't fit anywhere else so I end this 
section with a rant on the part of Azel. It might explain the reason
why so many things in the game were left unimplemented/unfinished...

"My concluding thoughts:

One. You wouldn't believe how crappy this game is actually coded if you
didn't see for yourself. It shows a lot in the game itself, but when you
take a look at the rom, you begin to realize the dimension of this
madness. About -at least- 10% of the space in the rom is completely_
and_ utterly_unused. Nothing there but tons of FF bytes. Which means
either there was a hell of text that was planned to put in but wasn't put
in in the end or the guys at Vic Tokai just didn't know how to program
SNES games at that time.

Two. Amazingly enough, even with this many blank space, there are parts
of the in-game text stored multiple times in the rom. One of the endings
is in there three or four times and many normal dialogue blocks are there
two times as well. The meaning of this? No idea, as there's nothing implying 
that different instances of a text block are being displayed at random (not 
that it'd make much sense at all even if there was, as the text itself is the 
very same anyway...) so at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the text in the rom is USELESS.
This doesn't seem to be an issue with the translation patch, as it is true
with the Japanese rom as well.

Three. There IS one issue with the translated rom that is quite weird.
About the last readable thing in the rom is this line: "WINDOWS SYSTEM 
MSMFCNT.DLL" ...and no, it's not there in the Japanese version. What was 
Gideon thinking...?"

Just when you thought Azel was finished ranting, he rants some more!

"On a side note, I've recently discovered a role-playing game where you can
also "talk" to people/monster you encounter. It's the game "Miracle Warriors",
released in 1988 (!) for the Sega Master System. And heck, even in this game,
which most likely is five or more years older than LnM, they get DIFFERENT
TEXT after you complete a quest or something. It's incredible what they've
done in LnM, really... Like some more texts would be that much to ask for...

"Laplace no Ma was released on the 14th of July in 1995, only two weeks after
games such as Granhistoria or Der Langrisser and only two weeks before the
masterpiece Emerald Dragon was released by Mediaworks.

Did you ever think that LnM was developed in 1995? I mean, it looks more like 
a game from 1993 or something... Plus, probably Vic Tokai HAD some kind of 
monetary problem, as LnM is the second to last game they released for the SFC. 
(The last is of course Shinseiki Odysselya II.) Funny though that they
released a puzzle game roughly to be called "Best Farmer Harvest" and a
shooter called "Dion" sometime before. Looks like they were one of the
companies that couldn't make the cut and develop good 16Bit games the way 
they could develop good 8Bit games. Though they developed Columns 3 and
several other cool MD/GEN games, hmm...

Well, anyway, what I wanted to mention is that it's about impossible that the
guys at Vic Tokai didn't know how to program a SFC game in 1995. Thus the way
the text is stored and how many things were left out in Laplace no Ma most
likely is due to it being quite a rushed game. (...or maybe they programmed
all their SFC games in such a crappy way...?)

[Side note: In the official name of the game Laplace is written La Place.
Strange, no? The encyclopedia I use lists it clearly as "Pierre Simon Marquis
de Laplace (1749-1827)"...]

[Side note #2: If they released the PC Engine version in 1995 also, it most
likely is at least a SCD-2 game -which means it simply MUST have way better
graphics than the SFC version and maybe even voice acting.]"

Now THAT was a rant!

                        B  E  S  T  I  A  R  I  U  M

In this section, you'll find the names of the possible encounters in each 
portion of the game and how much their photos are worth (if applicable). At 
this point, only the Manor is anywhere close to completion, but considering 
how you're likely to stick with the more lucrative photos of the Demon Door 
and Skeletal Knight, I don't see why this would be THAT helpful...

Also, the library tends to organize your pictures in an odd way. For example,
I took a picture of a Knight in the basement and it showed up in the 1st
floor category. Just remember that Castle monsters from lower levels can be
found dwelling in the upper ones except for the 4th floor where LaPlace
himself resides. The 4th floor is where you'll find some of the most powerful
monsters in the game, surpassed only by those in the dark dimension.

Oh, and of course some monsters are mini-bosses on the lower levels but
become common in the upper ones (griffon, succubus, werewolf...) so don't
expect to encounter any succubi outside the fourth floor (besides the third
floor mini-boss). I don't always mention redundant monsters like Lizardmen, 
Troll and their ilk as they appear on almost every floor but some are there if
I felt like it.

Another strange thing I noticed: the fish-like monsters found alongside  
mermen never once appear in your photo album.

No, I don't expect to do a full, detailed entry for each monster. As I said
before, combat in this game becomes futile later on and the monsters get so
annoyingly powerful that it's best to talk or run. Oh and photographs of the
dark dimension monsters are useless as you cannot go back to Janbon in order 
to sell them. I can't say whether this is a bug in the game or simply
a small oversight on the part of the programming team.

### Manor ###

Bat 20
Banshee 120
Bed 80
Dagger 80
Doll 40
Door 300
Ghoul 80
LandCrawler 300
Maniac 120
Manplant 120
Rat 8
Skeleton 40
Slime 40
Soul 100
Spider 20
Spirit 80
Tableware 80
Undead Arm 40
Vampire 160 Will-O-Wisp 80
Wolfman 200
Wraith 120
Zombie 80

### Castle ### 

Apprentice 0
Catoblepas 240
Doll 40
Gargoyle 200
Giant 240
Guard 80
Knight 100
Leprechaun 160
Lizardman 160
Magician 80
Master servant 80
Moldiv 400
Priest 80
Robber 80
Torturer 80
Troll 200
Wight 160

(1st Floor)
Apprentice Soldier 60
Bat 20
Demon Eye 120
Giant Rat 60
Giant Spider 60
Ghost 120
Golem 160
Mummy 160
Vampire 160
Wolf 60

(2nd Floor)
Behemoth 200
Catoblepas 240
Earth Elemental 200
Evil Seed 200
Fire Elemental 200
Griffon 280
Lizardman 160
Maniac 160
Mold 200
Priest 80
Troll 200
Water Elemental 200
Wind Elemental 200

(3rd Floor)
Cockatrice 240
Cyclops 280
Dryad 160
Goblin 160
Fish 200
Harpy 200
Kobold 120
Killer Turtle 280
Kraken 280
Merman 240
Orge 200
Shell Tail 240
Skull Knight 600
Succubus 280
Trifid 240
Troll 200
Unicorn 240
Witch 120

(4th Floor)
Basilisk 320
Daemon 360
Fairy 280
Fire 320
Ghost 120
Hidora 360
Incubus 280
LaPlace 800
Manitou 320
Minotaurus 320
Ruvan 600
Shadow 280
Succubus 280
Wraith 180

(Dark Dimension) 

Note: their pictures cannot be sold

Black Anise

                        P  A  R    C  O  D  E  S


Azel comes through for me again with these codes for extra experience. Input
both of them and you should receive 9999 EXP with every battle, including
those in the Manor! Obviously you only go up one level per battle at the most
but seeing as the highest level is 10, it's not exactly a big deal.
Remember that you share this experience with all party members, thus the final
tally is 2000 or so per character for a 5 member party or around 2500 if you
take out the special 5th character - still, nothing to sneeze at in the early 
going. Also, be careful not to go up too many levels as HP and MP are affected
by certain statistics and increase more with each level if these stats are
high. Until you reach the Castle merchant on the 3rd floor it might be wise to
hold back on the level building. This said, this could be used in conjunction
with the Skeletal Knight trick to gain levels even faster!


Now what about that code to get a Crown in your inventory?

"PS: Alright, I give up. I have been trying for over two hours now to get that
dang Get Crown PAR code to work, but it just won't work out. Mind you, I HAVE
found out where the items are stored, I DO know how to refer to the Crown, I
even managed to get 255 Crowns by means of a code I created, BUT the game once
again shows how crappy it is coded by seemingly not_having_permanent_values
for everything. For example, if I activate the Get 255 Crowns code say, while 
being in the Dark Dimension, I WILL have 255 Crowns there. But if I activate
the same code while being in the dark passage, it might not work. Even more 
funny is that it WILL work most of the time *AFTER* you've gained the Crown
in the "Laplace dies" cut scene, but about NEVER before that.

Seems like some heavily encrypted kind of switch (aside from the "regular"
gained item switch) that is about impossible to find. Of course, one might try
out every single one of the ~130000 possible locations of this switch, but
well, I don't have the time for this type of thing... ;) I also noticed that 
the items are quite buggy anyway. We already know about those "remove" and
"restore HP/MP all" dummy items, but very likely there are even more to be 
found. If using any Crown related PAR code near the beginning of the game, 
you'll most likely get one of the dummy items. Using any Crown related PAR 
code just before talking to the dying Laplace and receiving Crown and Ring 
made me ALWAYS get the "remove" item once. Even if the value I had originally 
entered was 99 or 255.

Concluding thought: It's close to impossible to code a game buggy enough for
even PAR codes to not work stable and properly, but Vic Tokai has actually
done it in this case. *_* The most interesting thing I discovered was the fact 
that the game itself sometimes gives you different amounts of key items such
as Crown and Ring. While trying to get the Code to work properly, I initiated 
the mentioned "Laplace dies" cut scene several times and acquired Crown and 
Ring each time. But when I checked the inventory afterwards, I sometimes had 
two or three of one or even both. (!) And no, I did not not have ANY PAR code 
activated at all. It was all the game's doing. How much can you mess up a 
game? ...probably not much more than Vic Tokai messed up Laplace no Ma..."

             A  C  K  N  O  W  L  E  D  G  E  M  E  N  T  S
                     C  O  P  Y  R  I  G  H  T  S

First off, a big thank you to Blank from the now inactive RPG Classics message
board for all his help with this game. Also, I'd like to thank him for the
Castle maps he offered me. Once each floor has been done, I'll be sure to find
some way of adding them to GameFAQS. He, of course, is also responsible for
the list of items sold in the various shops as well as the magic/psychic
powers list. In short, a Hell of a contributor!

Another Hell of a contributor award goes to Azel for going above and beyond 
the call of duty in regards to this FAQ/Walkthrough. From correcting mistakes, 
finding new items to helping out with the mysteries sections, Azel has done 
more than anyone (besides Blank) to help me better this guide.

As of the latest update (version 2.5), I would like to extend my eternal
gratitude to Azel yet again. I simply could not thank you enough for all the
time and efforts you've put into helping me, at the detriment of your own 
projects and for no reason at all. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

Many thanks go to Gideon Zhi of AGTP and Tomato for their hard work in 
bringing this game to us in English. Yeah, the patch is still buggy, but it's
still a lot of hard work that must be recognized by us players.

Thanks also go to thisisnonexistent, who, while always looking for my help to 
solve some problems concerning this game, provided me with many questions for 
the FAQ section.

Same goes for Y2G who also provided some FAQ questions inadvertently.

Oh and let's not forget Lockescythe for his primer to this game! Sorry for
overshadowing you like this... -_-;

Thanks now go to Johnsen R. for his infinite crystal ring trick.

Wei Xiang Goh deserves a rounf of applause for finding out about the Skeletal
Knight's weakness to exorcism (at least the science skill version) as well as
extra info about stats for the NPC.

Also, my thanks to Drunky... I mean, RefinedMechGirl for setting herself on 
fire during the making of this FAQ/Walkthrough (she's such a little trooper 
*rushes for the extinguisher*)

Of course, big thanks to the cast and crew of the Heroes of the Lance GameFAQs 
message board, as well as to Sturm and his moustache of pure AWESOMENESS~~~~~ 
Their tales of heroic glory have been a major inspiration in my life. Remember 
to never let those damn naked midgets kick you in the shins.

While we're at it, thanks go out to Hokuto no Ken's Kenshirou, who would like 
you to know that you are all already dead! Aaatatatatatatatatatatatatata!!!

Oh and how could I forget HORGH, former skinsman for Immortal. Remember, if
a man has grown tired of Horgh's nipples, he has grown tired of life itself.

Copyrights issues :

Of course, I, Asplagis aka Zettaijin, made this FAQ/Walkthrough. I don't mind 
seeing this thing on anyone's personal page, so long as you tell me beforehand 
and give me proper credit for my work. If you don't, then Kenshirou will 
explode your head! Aaaa-tatatatatatatatata!!!!

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